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      Service to be recovered: Commissioning – priority high (including acute, primary care, community and mental health
          Lead: Sam Hepplewhite
BCM Issue                Pre Incident   Within One Hour         Within One         Within One         Within Two        Within One
                                                                    Day               Week               Weeks             Month
Estates – total        Use contact list Confirm with         Continue to        Evaluate what      Ensure that      Commissioned
loss of a              to inform        commissioned         monitor the        effect the loss of essential        services and
building e.g. due      practices, and   services the         impact of the      the building has commissioned       service delivery
to damage,             other            position and the     loss has on        had on service     services are     should be running
forced                 commissioned     escalation           service delivery. delivery and        being delivered to pre incident
exclusion.             services of      process. Confirm                        whether            and resolve any levels
                       potential        communication                           services can       operational
                       disruption.      plans.                                  continue with      difficulties.
                       Inform them of                                           existing
                       contact details                                          resources.
                       and advise
                       them to initiate
                       their BCPs
                                        Ensure that          Continue to        Work with          Consider         Ensure that any
                                        monitoring           monitor the        commissioned       resuming any     patients that have
                                        processes are in     commissioned       services to        non- essential   had treatment
                                        place and            services that      ensure that they services that      suspended have
                                        actioned with        have been          have adequate      were suspended been re-booked
                                        agreed               affected by the    resources to       and determine    and back log of
                                        mechanisms for       loss.              continue           where these      patients waiting
                                        exception                               providing          services will be for treatment has
                                        reporting                               services.          operated from    been removed.

                          Ensure that any         Make sure all            Ensure that                              All service users
                          commissioned            PCT colleagues,          service users                            to be informed of
                          service                 commissioned             are being kept                           medium to long
         Version 3/April 09                                                                                                Page 1
         Corporate Services Team
                 currently               services and             up to date with                                            term plan of
                 providing               partnership              alternative                                                where services
                 services from           organizations are        arrangements.                                              will be provided.
                 the building (ie        aware of the
                 PCC) are aware          situation.
                 of the situation.
                 Work with them
                 to ensure
                 continuity plans
                 have been

                 Identify which          Ensure that any          Start scoping      Begin to            If services         Services now fully
                 commissioned            commissioned             alternative        establish the       moved to new        established in
                 services the            services currently       accommodation      length of time      accommodation.      temporary
                 accommodation           providing from the       with the           the building will   Ensure that staff   accommodation.
                 is the PCTs             lost building are in     commissioned       be unavailable      patients and        Medium to long
                 responsibility.         a position to            service –          and if necessary    media are made      term plans for
                 Scope whether           continue                 depending on       move service        aware of new        recovery of
                 service is              providing the            the length of      and                 arrangements        building or re-
                 essential – if it       service.                 time that the      commissioned        and timescales      build to determine
                 is then                                          building will be   services into       involved as part    when services
                 contingency             Consider what            unavailable.       alternative         of                  can move to
                 plans should be         elements of the                             accommodation.      communication       permanent
                 developed now           services are                                                    strategy            accommodation.
                 to identify             essential and
                 alternative             what could be
                 accommodation           suspended.
                 if necessary

                 Ensure that    Ensure that
                 communications communications
Version 3/April 09                                                                                                                  Page 2
Corporate Services Team
                 strategy is in strategy is in
                 place and has  place and
                 been actioned. implemented
                 Work with
                 team to ensure
                 message is
                 distributed as
                 widely as

                 Ensure that
                 related services
                 are aware of the
                 change in
                 service delivery
                 and location.

                 Explore                 Confirm with
                 possibilities of        individual staff
                 joint working           members working
                 arrangements            arrangements.
                 with other

                                                                  Review whether     Staff to have
                 Consider what           To put in place          staff who have     resumed normal
                 local                   alternative              been working at    working
                 arrangements            working                  home or on         arrangements at
                 can be made to          arrangements             weekends can       temporary
                 ensure                  such as home             return to normal   accommodation.
Version 3/April 09                                                                         Page 3
Corporate Services Team
                          individuals can         working, working                           working
                          continue to             evenings &                                 arrangements
                          work. For               weekends and
                          example home            cancellation of
                          working, using          leave would
                          alternative sites,      require HR
                          etc                     involvement.

Utilities – loss          Use contact list        Confirm with             Continue to       N/A            N/A   N/A
of gas, water or          to inform               commissioned             communicate
electricity.              commissioned            services the             updates and
                          services of             position and the         timescales of
                          potential               escalation               disruption if
                          disruption and          process.                 provided.
                          advise of temp
                          arrangements            Confirm                  Consider
                                                  communication            alternative
                                                  plans.                   working
                                                  Ensure                   for service
                                                  commissioned             delivery i.e.
                                                  services have            home working
                                                  BCPs and initiate
                                                  the monitoring of        Establish
                                                  service delivery         whether any
                                                  during the loss.         alternative
                                                                           premises can be
                                                  Agree all services       used for
                                                  that are essential       commissioned
                                                  and that must be         services if
                                                  provided and             disruption
                                                  other services           continues
                                                  that could be
         Version 3/April 09                                                                                             Page 4
         Corporate Services Team
                                                  temporarily              Suspend any
                                                  suspended.               non-essential
I.T. Loss of IT           Use off site            Using mobile                             N/A   N/A   N/A
capability –              contact list to         technology initiate
Hardware,                 inform                  cascade of
software, stored          practices, and          information to
information.              other                   commissioned
                          commissioned            services.
                          services of
                          potential               Determine
                          disruption.             whether
                          Inform them of          commissioned
                          contact details         services have
                          and advise              been affected by
                          them to initiate        loss.
                          their BCPs
                                                  Ensure that risk         Address risks
                                                  assessment has
                                                  been carried out.
                                                  Understand what
                                                  the implications
                                                  are to others and
                                                  other services as
                                                  a consequence.

                                                  Ensure that all
                                                  departments in
                                                  the PCT have
                                                  been notified of

         Version 3/April 09                                                                                  Page 5
         Corporate Services Team
                                                  Contact IT to
                                                  arrangements, if
                                                  appropriate for

                                                  Ensure that as
                                                  much as possible
                                                  business as usual

Personnel –               Prioritise the          Allocate                 Continually         N/A   N/A   N/A
key personnel             work of                 workloads to the         review and re-
unavailable due           remaining               remaining                evaluate &
to illness,               personnel.              personnel.               action as
accident, death.          Establish ‘must                                  necessary.
                          dos’ and the            Monitor situation
                          timescales.             and determine
                          Inform                  whether
                          commissioned            temporary staff
                          services, PCT           need to be
                          colleagues and          employed or staff
                          partnership             seconded from
                          organizations of        other areas.
                          arrangements.           Cancellation of
                                                  leave and working
                                                  from other sites
Excess                    Arrange                 Monitor situation        Consider                        N/A
demand –                  meetings with           to assess whether        diverting
unusually high            commissioned            contingency plans        patients to other
level of demand           services to             are sufficient to        service
on the service            discuss                 meet demand.             providers or re-
         Version 3/April 09                                                                                      Page 6
         Corporate Services Team
results in over-          contingency                                      deploying staff
stretching and            plans for                                        to support
risk of collapse.         service delivery.                                service.
                          Undertake a
                          risk                                             Consider          Review &           Establish a
                          assessment,                                      temporary         Monitor            likely end date.
                          which includes                                   suspension of
                          financial, legal,                                new bookings
                          clinical,                                        and re-arrange
                          organizational                                   non-urgents
                                                                           until back-log
Flu Pandemic              Prioritise the          Consider whether         Reduce            Monitor &          N/A                N/A
(1)                       work of                 alternative              workloads of      review situation
Your regular              remaining               working                  remaining staff
staffing levels           personnel.              arrangements i.e.        to essential      Review work &
drop below                Establish ‘must         working from             duties            shift patterns
critical levels           dos’ and the            home would be
                          timescales.             advisable in order       Communicate       Ensure regular
                          Inform                  to reduce chance         with              communication
                          commissioned            of remaining staff       commissioned      with service
                          services, PCT           contracting flu.         services that     providers.
                          colleagues and                                   there may be
                          partnership                                      disruption.
                          organizations of
Flu Pandemic              N/A                     N/A                      N/A               N/A                N/A                N/A
(If applicable)
the supplies
(clinical or
         Version 3/April 09                                                                                                              Page 7
         Corporate Services Team
other) you use
to provide
services or
activities start to
run out

Other (please

          Version 3/April 09                                                Page 8
          Corporate Services Team

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