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					                    Products, Services, Discounts and Benefits for NRA Members
Your NRA membership entitles you to your choice of the best monthly firearms publications available, plus a wide
variety of benefits, discounts, and special offers from many national companies. Of course, you still receive your
NRA Shooter’s Cap and Membership Decals. ☺
If you have questions about specific membership benefits, please contact NRA at (800) 672-3888 or

                       $1,000.00 of ArmsCare, $10,000.00 of Accident Coverage, and much, much, more (included with your NRA Membership).
                    Optional NRA Endorsed Insurance Programs use the combined buying power of the NRA membership to negotiate desirable insurance plans
                    with competitive group rates. The Life Health and Accident plans are strictly reserved for Members and their families. Look at the NEW and
                    ENHANCED benefits before buying anywhere else.
                    Enroll online at or call Toll Free 1-877-NRA-3006 (1-877-672-3006.)
                    Take advantage of the Individual Property and Liability insurance plans available to NRA Members. Plans available include: ArmsCare Plus,
                    Excess Personal Liability, Self-Defense, Firearm Instructors Liability and Gun Collectors Insurance.

INSURANCE OPTIONS   Visit or call Toll Free 1-877-NRA-3006. Administered by Lockton Risk Services

                    Credit Card: Choose the only card that supports the NRA and our freedoms. It's your right! Apply for the NRA Platinum Edition Visa Card.
                    Call 1-866-NRA-VISA or click the card on the left to apply online. NRA CDs and Money Market Accounts are also available.
                    Student Loan: Meet the New Capital for Knowledge® program, brought to you by the National Rifle Association of America. The NRA
                    Student Loan program assists members with financing all education-related expenses. Call 800-416-8041 today to receive more information
                    and to apply!
                    Personal Bank Checks: Purchase checks at or call 1-888-331-6767 New Styles, New Vendor, More Choices!
                         Days Inn                Howard Johnson’s                Knight’s Inn                 Ramada                        Travelodge
                     1-800-268-2195              1-800-769-0939               1-800-682-1071              1-800-462-8035                 1-800-545-5545
                    NRA Benefits ID# 20661      NRA Benefits ID# 20661       NRA Benefits ID# 20661      NRA Benefits ID# 20661         NRA Benefits ID# 20661
                        Wingate Inn                Villager Lodge               AmeriHost Inn               Super 8 Motel              RCI Holiday Network
                     1-877-202-8814              1-888-821-5779               1-877-670-7088              1-800-889-9706                1-800-730-9981
                    NRA Benefits ID# 20661      NRA Benefits ID# 20661       NRA Benefits ID# 20661      NRA Benefits ID# 20661         NRA Benefits ID# 20661
                       Best Western                  HERTZ                         AVIS
                     1-800-441-1114              1-800-654-2200               1-800-225-7094                 Many more discounts are available to NRA
                    NRA Account # 0151840             CDP# 166609                AWD# A832100                members from businesses coast to coast!

                    Do you want to get involved with the NRA in your community? Do you really want to make a difference? Join your local Members’ Council!
                    Our purpose:
                        •   Promote NRA policies and programs
                        •   Build public awareness of the "Right to Keep and Bear Arms" as stated in the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution
                        •   Protect all citizens’ rights by stopping legislation that attacks our freedoms, and promoting legislation that enhances our rights
                        •   Provide Firearms Safety training to the local community --- Protect our Hunting Heritage --- Increase NRA membership
                    For more information, contact: (There is no cost for NRA Members to participate in the NRA Members’ Council Program)
                        •   NRA Members’ Councils of California ---
                        •   Phone: (909) 683-4NRA --- Fax: (909) 779-0740
                        •   Email:

   With your membership, you get all of this, and you are part of the largest and most
    effective effort to save our Second Amendment Freedoms in America! The NRA!