Muscles of the pharynx Head and Neck by MikeJenny


									62                                     Head and Neck

                    Lateral plate                                                                      Zygomatic bone
            of pterygoid process                                                                       (cut surface)

                                                                                                       Orbicularis oculi muscle
                 Zygomatic arch                                                                        (cut surface)

                                                                                                       Body of maxilla

      Tensor veli palatini muscle

                                                                                                       Levator labii superioris muscle

       External acoustic opening

     Levator veli palatini muscle

              Pterygoid hamulus
                                                                                                       Zygomaticus minor
                  Styloid process                                                                      and major muscles
               of temporal bone
                                                                                                       Parotid duct
     Superior constrictor muscle                                                                       (STENSEN)
        Pterygopharyngeal part –
         Buccopharyngeal part –                                                                        Buccinator muscle
           Mylopharyngeal part –
         Glossopharyngeal part –
                                                                                                       Pterygomandibular raphe

                                                                                                       Depressor anguli oris muscle

                                                                                                       Body of mandible
         Stylopharyngeus muscle                                                                        (cut surface)
                    (cut surface)
                                                                                                       Styloglossus muscle
                                                                        Anterior belly                 (cut surface)
                                                                        of digastric muscle
                                                                        (cut surface)
      Middle constrictor muscle
      Chondropharyngeal part –                                          Genioglossus muscle
       Ceratopharyngeal part –
                                                                        Geniohyoid muscle

                                                                        Hyoglossus muscle
         Thyrohyoid membrane,
          Thyrohyoid foramen                                            Mylohyoid muscle
                                                                        (cut margin)

                                                                        Body of hyoid bone

      Inferior constrictor muscle                                       Median thyrohyoid ligament
          Thyropharyngeal part –
          Cricopharyngeal part –
                                                                        Thyrohyoid muscle

                                                                        Thyroid cartilage

            Cricothyroid muscle

                                                                        Median cricothyroid ligament

                      Esophagus                                         Trachea,
                                                                        Tracheal cartilages

                                    62 Muscles of the pharynx   (75%)
                                       Right lateral aspect

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