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									F-TAG   Description
F-150   Definitions
F-151   Exercise of Rights
F-152   Residents Adjuged Incompetent/Legal Surrogate
F-153   Access To / Obtaining Copies of Medical Records
F-154   Informed of Health Status / Medical Condition
F-155   Refusal of Treatment / Research
F-156   Informed of Rights / Rules of Facility
F-157   Notification of Changes
F-158   Protection of Resident Funds
F-159   Management of Personal Funds
F-160   Conveyance of Personal Funds Upon Death of Resident
F-161   Assurance of Financial Security
F-162   Limitation on Charges to Personal Funds
F-163   Choosing a Personal Attending Physician
F-164   Privacy & Confidentiality of Personal & Clinical Records
F-165   Voice Grievances Without Discrimination or Reprisal
F-166   Prompt Effort to Resolve Grievances
F-167   Examination of Most Recent Survey Results and Plans of Correction
F-168   Receipt of Information From and Contacting Resident Advocates
F-169   Right/Refusal to Perform Services for the Facility
F-170   Sending and Receiving Unopened Mail
F-171   Access to Stationery, Postage, and Writing Implements
F-172   Access and Visitation Rights
F-173   Ombudsman Access to a Resident's Clinical Records
F-174   Access to Telephone / Personal Property
F-175   Married Couples
F-176   Self-Administration of Drugs
F-177   Refusal of Certain Transfers
F-201   Admission, Transfer, and Discharge Requirements
F-202   Documenting Resident Transfers and Discharges
F-203   Notification Requirements Before Transfer or Discharge of a Resident
F-204   Orientation for Transfer or Discharge
F-205   Notice of Bed-Hold Policy and Readmission
F-206   Readmision After Exceeding Bed-Hold Days
F-207   Equal Access to Quality Care
F-208   Admissions Policy
F-221   Physical Restraints
F-222   Chemical Restraints
F-223   Abuse Prevention
F-224   Mistreatment, Neglect, or Misappropriation of Resident Property
F-225   Employment of Individuals / Investigating and Reporting Abuse
F-226   Staff Treatment of Residents: Policies and Procedures
F-240   Quality of Life
F-241   Resident Dignity and Respect
F-242   Self Determination and Participation
F-243   Participation in Resident and Family Groups
F-244   Acting Upon Grievances and Recommendations of Residents and Families
F-245   Participation in Social, Religious, and Community Activities
F-246   Accommodation of Needs
F-247   Change of Room or Roommate
F-248   Activities Program
F-249   Activities Director
F-250   Medically-Related Social Services
F-251   Employment and Qualifications of a Social Worker
F-252   Safe, Clean, Comfortable and Homelike Environment
F-253   Housekeeping and Maintenance Services
F-254   Clean Bed and Bath Linens
F-255   Private Closet Space
F-256   Adequate and Comfortable Lighting Levels
F-257   Comfortable and Safe Temperature Levels
F-258   Comfortable Sound Levels
F-271   Admission Orders
F-272   Comprehensive Assessments
F-273   Assessment Frequency
F-274   Significant Change Assessment
F-275   Annual Resident Assessment
F-276    Quarterly Review Assessment
F-278   Accuracy of Assessment; (h)-Coordination; (i)-Certification; (j)-Penalty for Falsification
F-279   Comprehensive Care Plans
F-280   Care Planning and Comprehensive Care Plans
F-281   Professional Standards of Quality
F-282   Qualifications of Facility Staff
F-283   Discharge Summary
F-284   Post-Discharge Plan of Care
F-285   PASRR Program and Preadmission Screening
F-286   Assessment Data Maintained in the Resident's Active Clinical Record
F-287   MDS Transmission Requirement
F-309   Quality of Care
F-310   ADLs - Unavoidable Decline in Resident's ADLs
F-311   Maintenance and Restorative Programs
F-312   ADL Care for Dependent Residents
F-313   Vision and Hearing
F-314   Pressure Ulcers
F-315   Urinary Incontinence
F-317   Unavoidable Reduction in Range of Motion
F-318   Increase/Prevention of Further Decrease in Range of motion
F-319   Mental or Psychosocial Adjustment Difficulty
F-320   Decreased Social Interaction / Increased Withdrawn, Angry, Depressive Behaviors
F-321   Unavoidable Use of a Naso-Gastric Tube
F-322   Resident Fed by a Naso-Gastric or Gastrostomy Tube
F-323   Accidents and Supervision
F-325   Maintain Acceptable Parameters of Nutritional Status
F-326   Nutritional Problem
F-327   Hydration
F-328   Special Needs
F-329   Unnecessary Drugs
F-332   Medication Errors
F-334   Influenza and Pneumococcal Immunizations
F-353   Nursing Services
F-354   Registered Nurse
F-355   Nursing Waivers
F-356   Nurse Staffing Information
F-360   Dietary Services
F-361   Staffing
F-362   Staffing of Dietary Services
F-363   Menus and Nutritional Adequacy
F-364   Preparation and Serving of Food
F-365   Food: Meeting Individual Needs
F-366   Offering of Food Substitutes
F-367   Therapeutic Diets
F-368   Frequency of Meals
F-369   Assistive Devices
F-370   Food Procurement
F-371   Storage, Preparation, Distribution, and Serving Food Under Sanitary Conditions
F-372   Proper Disposal of Garbage and Refuse
F-373   Paid Feeding Assistants
F-385   Physician Supervision
F-386   Physician Visits
F-387   Frequency of Physician Visits
F-388   Personal and Alternating Physician Visits
F-389   Availability of Physicians for Emergency Care
F-390   Delegation/Performance of Physician Tasks in SNFs/NFs
F-406   Provision of Specialized Rehabilitative Services
F-407   Ordering/Qualifications of Personnel Providing Specialized Rehabilitative Services
F-411   Provision of Dental Services: SNFs
F-412   Provision of Dental Services: NFs
F-425   Pharmacy Services
F-428   Drug Regimen Review
F-431   Controlled Substances and Labeling/Storage of Drugs and Biologicals
F-441   Infection Control Program
F-442   Implementing Isolation Precautions
F-443   Preventing the Spread of Communicable Diseases from Employees to Residents
F-444   Handwashing
F-445   Handling, Storing, Processing & Transporting Linens
F-454   Physical Environment; Life Safety From Fire
F-455   Emergency Power; Space and Equipment
F-456   Maintaining Essential Mechanical, Electrical, and Patient Care Equipment
F-457   Resident Bedrooms
F-458   Square Footage of Resident Bedrooms
F-459   Resident Bedroom: Direct Access to Exit Corridor
F-460   Full Visual Privacy / Ceiling Suspended Curtains
F-461   Resident Bedroom: Windows, Bed/Bedding, Furniture, Closet Space, Room Variations
F-462   Resident Room: Toilet Facilities (F462)
F-463   Resident Call System
F-464   Designated Dining and Activity Room(s), Lighting, Ventilation, Furnishings, Space
F-465   Safe, Functional, Sanitary, Comfortable Environment
F-466   Water Availability: Loss of Normal Water Supply
F-467   Outside Ventilation
F-468   Corridor Handrails
F-469   Pest Control Program
F-490   Facility Administration
F-491   Facility Licensing
F-492   Facility Compliance with Laws, Codes, and Professional Standards and Principles
F-493   Governing Body / Required Training of Nursing Aides
F-494   Use of Individuals as a Nurse Aide
F-495   Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation Program
F-496   Nurse Aide Registry Verification and Retraining
F-497   Nurse Aide In-Service Education
F-498   Proficiency of Nurse Aides
F-499   Professional Staff Qualifications
F-500   Use of Outside Resources
F-501   Medical Director
F-502   Laboratory Services: Facility Responsibility to Provide/Obtain Lab Services
F-503   In-House Labs, Blood Banks, Specimen Referrals, Agreements
F-504   Ordering of Laboratory Services
F-505   Notifying Physician of Lab Results
F-506   Transportation To/From Offsite Lab Services
F-507   Filing of Lab Reports in Resident's Clinical Record
F-508   Radiology and Other Diagnostic Services
F-509   In-House Diagnostic Services / Diagnostic Service Agreement
F-510   Ordering of Radiology and Other Diagnostic Services
F-511   Notifying Physician of Diagnostic Test Results
F-512   Transportation Arrangements To/From Offsite Diagnostic Testing Services
F-513   Filing of Diagnostic Test Results
F-514   Maintaining/Content of Clinical Records
F-515   Retention of Clinical Records
F-516   Release of Resident Identifiable Information / Safeguarding Clinical Record Information
F-517   Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Plans
F-518   Training Staff in Emergency Procedures
F-519   Transfer Agreement
F-520   Quality Assessment and Assurance
F-522   Disclosure of Ownership
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                                                                Based on Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Memo S -09-05

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Most Recent Standard Survey
Complaint Surveys in 2008/09
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Complaint Surveys in 2008/2007
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Complaint Surveys in 2007/2006
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