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					           Avaya and Reseller/BusinessPartner Responsibilities for
                  Avaya IP Office and PARTNER® ACS
                           Three Year Warranty

The following document describes how Resellers/Avaya Authorized BusinessPartners implement
the three year warranty for Avaya IP Office and PARTNER® ACS*customers. Among other
things, it is intended to clarify differences between customers who do not acquire a service
agreement from the reseller versus those who do.

After viewing this document, Resellers will be able to clearly articulate to their customers what
their responsibilities are in supporting the warranty and the value of a service contract either from
the reseller or from Avaya.

* Available in North America only

Customer Registration Responsibilities and Requirements

If there is no Avaya Maintenance Contract in place or sold:

        Resellers are responsible for maintaining invoices (or other documentation) supporting
        the date of install at customer premises, as well as serial numbers of any covered
        equipment installed.
        There is no longer a registration requirement for the Avaya parts 3 year warranty on IP
        Office and PARTNER® ACS common components via the process outlined with the
        announcement of the warranty extension. Business Partners now simply need to
        save invoices or other material that can provide a serial number and/or installation date.
        This simplifies the process while still enabling Business Partners to provide a more
        extensive level of support to end user customers.

The three year parts warranty is based on the manufacturer date code, which is embedded in the
serial number of any Avaya manufactured equipment.

If there is an Avaya Maintenance Contract in place or sold:

        All customers must be registered to benefit from the warranty. The warranty period
        begins when the customer is registered with Avaya (and/or an Avaya Maintenance
             • Customers are registered by their ‘in service date’ which is when the reseller
                 turns the system over to the customer.
             • In cases where the timely registration of the product is in question the date the
                 reseller invoiced the customer will be used to validate the ‘in service date’.
        All entries on the Product Registration Tool must be completed.
             • The Avaya warranty is not valid if the customer name is not provided.
        If a customer adds equipment to their solution, they must register the additional
        equipment to benefit from the three year parts warranty.
             • The reseller is responsible for registering the additional equipment.

Customers without a service contract:

Avaya warrants IP Office and PARTNER ACS platforms to operate in all material aspects to the
specifications described in the respective products’ technical documentation. For common
equipment, as outlined in the Avaya Warranty statement, the Avaya parts warranty period is three
(3) years. For telephones, appliances, and other hardware items it is one (1) year and for software
it is ninety (90) days.

Customers may question what is covered as part of the IP Office and PARTNER ACS three year
parts warranty. In summary:
        Avaya will repair or replace any failed equipment and return it to the party making the
        Resellers are not required to provide a help desk, troubleshoot the customers’ issues,
        collect the failed component from the customer site or install the repaired equipment for
        Resellers may perform these services for a fee.
        Resellers are required, as part of their Avaya Master Reseller Agreement, to administer
        the warranty (receive failed parts, file return material authorization requests and ship the
        failed unit) to Avaya for repair or replacement using the defined process.

Customers who do not have a service agreement (such as an Avaya Maintenance Agreement) can
only require the reseller to return the failed equipment for repair and replacement to Avaya.

Avaya and Reseller Responsibilities:

The summary table below lists the responsibilities of Avaya and the reseller highlighting two
scenarios: (1) Customer has a service agreement (such as an Avaya Maintenance Contract) and
(2) Customer does not have a service agreement. The activities listed in the Service Contract
column are indicative of a typical service contract but may vary between providers.

                                 Parts Warranty Support Summary
 Activity                                                   No Service             Service Contract

 Maintain copies of invoices supporting installation date        Reseller             Reseller
 and serial numbers of all equipment installed on              Responsibility       Responsibility
 customer premises
 Registering customers with Avaya                              Not applicable         Reseller

 Providing and staffing a qualified help desk                Reseller option to        Inclusive
                                                                 charge *

 Troubleshooting customer issues                             Reseller option to        Inclusive
                                                                 charge *

 Onsite collection of faulty equipment                       Reseller option to        Inclusive
                                                                 charge *

 Return of in warranty faulty equipment to Avaya                 Reseller              Inclusive

 Repair or replacement of faulty equipment                   Covered by Avaya         Covered by
 Return of faulty equipment to Reseller /                    Covered by Avaya         Covered by

Installation of repaired / replaced equipment       Reseller option to    Inclusive
                                                        charge *

* Resellers can charge based on their own pricing schedule; engage with Avaya Global
Services or another service partner.

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