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					How To Get Rid Of Computer Viruses: A Step By Step Guide And Important

A computer virus could be the end of a wonderful day when in the middle
of a computer application, a virus starts eating up your files. Or you
slaved all week for a report and when you try to open the file, you can't
find it anywhere. In cases like these, what do you do?

The first thing to do is to unplug the modem wires and don't connect to
another computer. Just re-plug everything once the virus has been
eliminated. Second, look for a virus-scan software in your computer and
install updates via the internet. Once installed, you can run the
software. If the software can't remove the virus, there is a possibility
that it can identify it.

Third, browse the Web for any data about the virus affecting your
computer. Just type the name of your virus like Trojan Virus. If the Web
gives you specific instructions in getting rid of the virus, follow these
instructions carefully. Or you may try downloading and installing
programs from the Web that can get rid of the virus. Lastly, you may run
another virus scan to see if the virus was totally eliminated.

There are other things you should know about these viruses and what to do
as First Aid. To avoid spreading the virus to people in your contact
list, find out if the virus is spread through e-mail. If it is, contact
these people and tell them to avoid opening attachments and messages from
your email address temporarily until the virus has been dealt with.

To find out, open your address book and a new contact which is a phony
address. You may try !000 because this is the very first address that
will register in your address book and the first address where the virus
will send itself. Right there, it will stop sending itself because of the
phony address. The best thing to do is to get specific online procedure
to get rid of the virus.

If your computer contains many sensitive and personal files that
practically mean your life, it would probably be good if you invest in
software that virtually removes all kinds of viruses. Because even
reformatting can't get rid of all types of virus, it is very important
that you get one of these software's.

Knowing these   things about computer viruses is imperative. At least, when
you encounter   one, you will know what to do. Invest in a good virus-scan
software that   could take care of all sorts of virus. Or you could
download good   virus scans from the Web anytime for free.

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