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Table of Contents - Seattle Glider Council


									 TOWLINE          December 2010 / January 2011

                                                                                        Photo by Bill Birney

End of an Era                Trusty old Towplane 75Bravo leaving Ephrata

                            Table of Contents
     SSA Admin Changes .................................................. 3
     Orville Wright’s C-Badge.......................................... 3
     The SGC Awards 2010 .............................................. 4
     ESI News .................................................................... 5
     The End of an Era...................................................... 6
     SCG Towplane Update .............................................. 7
     National Event/Contest Dates.................................... 7
     Misc Fly News ............................................................ 8
     2010 OLC Results ...................................................... 9
     Safety Ideas ................................................................ 9
     All about FLARM .................................................... 10
     SSA Conference in Philly......................................... 12
     Rent for Pre-World 2011 ......................................... 12
     Pilot's Checklist........................................................ 12
     Ephrata News ........................................................... 13
     Classifieds ................................................................. 14
Towline, December 2010 / January 2011

                                                     Page 2
   Towline, December 2010 / January 2011
                                                                 So, if you can see Rollin, say hi to him and be
   SSA Admin Changes                                          nice, you may need his help.

   New State Governor                                            Orville Wright’s C-Badge
   By Fred Hermanspann                                            Almost a century ago, on October 24, 1911 to be
   The SSA has confirmed Mark Nyberg as                       exact, Orville Wright soared for nine minutes and 45
Washington State governor, succeeding Bruce                   seconds, heralding the first extended soaring flight
Bullock, who resigned for private reasons. Bruce              and a flight that was intentionally planned to be a
was heavily involved in the negotiations with the             soaring activity.
Arlington airport management and the FAA which                    On the weekend of October 21 - 24, 2011 this
were successful in assuring continued glider                  flight (a record that lasted almost 10 years) will be
operations as currently in use (see page 40 of the            celebrated where it happened, on the Outer Banks.
October 2010 issue of SOARING). So, thank you                 Named SOARING100, the celebration is organized
Bruce!                                                        by the First Flight Foundation, by the Soaring
                                                              Society of America, by the United States Hang
   New State Record Keeper                                    Gliding and Paragliding Association, the National
    Together with Mark’s appointment, Fred                    Soaring Museum and by the Vintage Sailplane
Hermanspann was appointed as our State Record                 Association. Activities will commence on Friday
Keeper. Bruce held that job too. As Mark Nyberg               afternoon October 21 with the proposed dedication
wants to concentrate on public relations and since            of a National Landmark of Soaring and continue into
Fred had already been quite a bit involved in                 Monday October 24, with a ceremony at the Wright
updating the state record books, this was a great fit.        Memorial on the actual date of Orville’s landmark
Thank your Fred!                                              soaring flight. The sport and science of soaring will
    Fred says: There are still quite a few open spaces in     be showcased as an exciting aerial activity that is
the record books (i. e., no records claimed so far). I hope   ecologically kind using nature's air currents instead
to see an increasing number of record applications coming     of fuel.
in. And, as this season has amply shown, you can                  It is hard to believe that this flight happened
definitely set records on the West Side.                      nearly 100 years ago. We know that there were
                                                              soaring flights before Orville's 9 minute 45 second
   New SSA Badge and Record Guy                               flight. Lilienthal soared briefly in the 1890's during
    Fred Hermanspann                                          his thousands of glides. Chanute's pilots Avery and
    Ever since Judy Ruprecht resigned as the ―Badge           Herring soared momentarily in 1896 when wind
Lady‖, the SSA has been looking for a permanent               gusts pushed them up forty feet higher than their
replacement, while Cindy Brickner filled in. Now              starting points. The Wrights soared on the sands of
the SSA has found a replacement and it is Rollin              Kitty Hawk as they were learning to control their
Hasness, right from our state. Rollin is from                 1902 glider. What differentiated the 1911 flight was
Spokane and he flies gliders and towplanes out of             that Orville Wright and his associate Alec Ogilvie
Deer Park as a member of the Spokane Soaring                  went to Kitty Hawk with the specific intent to fly and
Society. He is a total aviation person and seems to           experiment without a motor. They were intending to
be full of enthusiasm.                                        soar. Their actual goals remain the province of
    As the Washington state record keeper I am                historical conjecture, but the fact that they soared for
looking forward to working with Rollin, even though           a longer time than required for the FAI "C" badge (a
he is at first just trying to get a handle on the badge       1920's development) remains.
approval. So our pending records (some 16 from
Noel Wade, a record in itself) may have to wait a
little for confirmation. Hopefully this will not take               Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years.
too long as this is the slow season for badges and                         Lots of Thermals for You
                                                                                                          Page 3
   Towline, December 2010 / January 2011
   The SGC Awards 2010                                       The Columbia Basin Soaring Association
                                                         Broken Leg Trophy (help!) for the longest flight in
    Fred Hermanspann
                                                         the Columbia Basin was won by Len Edvinson for a
    The annual SGC banquet took place on Nov. 6 at
                                                         flight of 355.42 miles for his May 9 flight from
Ivar’s Salmon House – as usual. This year’s banquet
again was a great success. Mike Newgard's
                                                             The Arnold Carson Memorial Award for the
cooperation with Ivars always produces and
                                                         greatest distance of a flight originating in the
outstanding affair. 47 members and friends of the
                                                         Northwest went to Richard VanGrunsven for his
SGC showed up to enjoy good food, and nice
                                                         May 8 flight of 470.99 miles from his Sunset OR
company. This was a good opportunity to say hello
to old soaring friends, catch up on the latest glider
                                                             The Joe Robertson Altitude Trophy for the
gossip and to
                                                                                                highest altitude
find out about
                                                                                                reached went to
who got what
                                                                                                Craig Funston
awards for
                                                                                                and Keith Purves
2010. The
                                                                                                together, both
awards were
                                                                                                reaching 17, 987
presented in
                                                                                                ft in their gliders
efficient and
                                                         on July 4.
                                                             The Cross-Cascade Acknowledgements went to
form by Ron
                                                         Dan Housler for his flight from AWO to Coeur
Bellamy the recipient of last year’s Honor Award,
                                                         d’Alene (also longest flight ever from AWO) and to
and by Chairman Mike Newgard. Both of them kept
                                                         Fred Hermanspann
the crowd amused with various and sundry stories
                                                         and Kathleen
during announcement of the Awards.
                                                         McCrary flying
     So here are the 2010 winners:
                                                         from AWO to
    The SGC Safety Award went to Neal Karman,
                                                         Ephrata, both on
Brian Hood and Bruce Bulloch in appreciation for
                                                         May 9.
their efforts, that succeeded in coming up with
Arlington operating rules that the FAA accepted and
                                                             The Cloyd Artmann Memorial Trophy for
that allows continuation of glider operations pretty
                                                         outstanding or pioneering flight efforts went to Paul
much as currently used. This was an effort that
                                                         Adriance for his Out and Return flight From AWO
involved a lot of other soaring pilots and it showed
                                                         to the south side of Mount Rainier on May 8.
also general acceptance of gliding as an integral part
                                                             The Towpilot of the Year Award went to Bill
of the AWO aviation community.
                                                         Birney, who made 148 tows and spent a lot of effort
    The Student Achievement Award went to Chris
                                                         in connection
Murray for getting his license after having put his
                                                         with the
personal interests so often behind just helping others
                                                         evaluation and
to fly.
                                                         acquisition of
    The Knight of the Open Field Award for the
                                                         the ―new‖ SGC
first off-field landing of a pilot on a cross-country
flight was earned by Gary Paulin for an off-field
landing near Soap Lake.
                                                           The Unsung
    The Triangle Speed Trophy (Roger Frank
                                                         Hero Award
Memorial Trophy) for the best handicapped speed
                                                         went to
over a 300+ km FAI triangle was given to Stu
                                                         Michael Moore for his daring aero-retrieve of the
Larimore, who made a 300 km triangle flight from
                                                         Chinook from a country road.
Mackey/ ID on Aug. 4 with a speed of 76.28 mph
(handicapped, may be updated).
                                                                                                      Page 4
   Towline, December 2010 / January 2011
   The SGC Expression of Appreciation went to                 ESI News
Jim Simmons.
                                                              ESI has converted to a e-Newsletter called
Steve Northcraft.
                                                           eGlidepath. This newsletter function has no single
Mike Newgard
                                                           publication date. It is just available and anyone can
and Bruce Bulloch
                                                           add to it. Some articles of interest are listed below.
for their
                                                           Look them up at
dedication and
effort given to our
sport.                                                      WBC 2010 - A Banner Year for Arlington
   And, last not least, the SGC Honor Award was             Winfred flies the Schempp-Hirth Arcus
bestowed on Heinz Gehlhaar for his outstanding              Fred Hermanspann reviews the electric version,
service to the soaring community.                             the ArcusE.
   So next year it will be Heinz to preside over the        Update of Washington State soaring records
awards presentation. Don’t miss it.                         Twisp 2010 Report

   AOPA Poll Results
                                     Even the powerplane guys might fly gliders.

                            But the answers are weird! A G103?? How about a DG-1000M?

   William Burhen Cup Note
       Fred Hermanspann writes
   As the unelected, unofficial and totally biased WBC record keeper I intend to use the OLC in its latest
version to determine rankings for the WBC 2011. That means that points are based on distance over up to 6
legs (w/o devaluation) plus .3 of the largest enclosed FAI triangle adjusted for the OLC handicap. The details
are on the OLC web site.
   The WBC 2011 started on October 12 and Ron Clark is currently leading. So don't go into hibernation (like
the rest of the Northwest pilots). The pressure is on!

       Good luck - Fred

                                                                                                       Page 5
   Towline, December 2010 / January 2011
                                                              And indeed, early on October 14, 2010, Bill
                                                           Birney sent our trusty Cub 75B off to Berlin, MD.

   The year ended with the “1960 Awards Gala
Affair”. Charbroiled steaks were on the menu at
the Bel Air Inn Bar and Banquet Room.
   Entertainment for the evening consisted of a
slideshow including pictures from Germany
courtesy of Capt. Len Trautman of Fort Lewis,
slides from the East side operations and the
contest from various SGC members, and photos
from France from new member Frank Brame.
“All agreed that this evening was the finest slide                                                Photo by Bill Birney

watching experience to date.” The Annual                             75Bravo, ready to leave EPH.
Awards had some high points : Rudy
Allemann’s 13,000 ft altitude gain from an auto
tow into wave conditions won the Boeing
Altitude Trophy. The Arnold Carson Memorial
Award for longest cross-country flight went to
Joe Richardson for a 98-mile flight.
   Technology had let down Al Wilson and his
170 mile flight, when he had re-smoked his
barograph trace since it was short of Gold-C.
The usual group of Knights of the Open Field
and Clodbusters were duly awarded.
   In an unfortunate turn of events, the Youth
Achievement Award was not granted in 1960
because “no Air Scout had exhibited a
performance worthy of the award.” The evening                                                     Photo by Bill Birney

was complete with Rudy Allemann’s                               There she goes. Last takeoff-from EPH
announcement of betrothal to Miss Mary Ann
Rands. The only sour note fell at the end of the               The good news is that 75B succeeded in making a
evening….the SGC went into the hole by $10 on              long cross-country flight under her own power,
the bar tab. “The Load Factor was                          without a hick-up, all the way to Berlin, MD which
underestimated but the Performance was good                is on the very East Coast of Maryland.
                                                               The new owner, Ocean City Aerial Ads, really
   The End of an Era                                       likes 75B: ―Best Cub we have in the fleet‖ 75B will
                                                           be used with several other planes for banner-towing
   On October 14 2010 early in the morning a little        service.
SGC history was made at EPH. Jim Simmons writes
to          Chairman          Mike            Newgard:
“The papers were signed yesterday to sell N6775B to
Ocean Aerial ADS, Inc. of Ocean City, MD. The check was
deposited in KeyBank today. 75B left Ephrata for Berlin,
MD early this morning.”

                                                                                                    Page 6
  Towline, December 2010 / January 2011
  SCG Towplane Update
   The SGC board has decided to equip both
towplanes with the new PowerFLARM. This will
make both towplanes visible to those of you who
have FLARM
   Our new Cessna 182 N3779D has seen a few tows
                                                             Our Pawnee, 78P is also in good shape for next
late in the season. She even got Heinz in the DG-
                                                          season. She too is in Annual.
1000 off on a training flight with 2 pilots in the
C182. Since then the new and bigger oilcooler has
been installed and a lot of the stuff which we do not
need for towing has been removed to lighten the
ship. The annual is also in work
   The next task would be to exchange the
Schweizer-hook with a Tost-hook; but we need to
find an existing Form 377 for that.

  National Event/Contest Dates
                    Date(s)                               Event                           Location
          3/13/2011 - 3/19/2011          Seniors Championship                     Clermont, FL
          4/18/2011 - 4/23/2011          Region 5 North                           Perry, SC
          5/3/2011 - 5/12/2011           Sports Class Nationals                   Benton, TN
          5/15/2011 - 5/21/2011          Region 2                                 Reedsville, PA
          5/31/2011 - 6/9/2011           World Class National                     Kendallville, IN
          6/1/2011 - 6/8/2011            1-26 Championship                        Kendallville, IN
          6/6/2011 - 6/11/2011           Region 5 South                           Cordele, GA
          6/7/2011 - 6/16/2011           Standard Class Nationals                 Cordele, GA
          6/19/2011 - 6/25/2011          Region 6 South                           Waynesville, OH
          6/21/2011 - 6/30/2011          18 Meter Nationals                       Hobbs, NM
          7/2/2011 - 7/8/2011            Region2 North                            Wurtsboro, NY
          7/18/2011 - 7/23/2011          Region 9                                 Logan, Utah
          7/19/2011 - 7/28/2011          15 Meter Nationals                       Logan, UT
          7/31/2011 - 8/6/2011           Region 3                                 Harris Hill, Elmira, NY
          8/6/2011 - 8/14/2011           18/15 M Super Regional                   Garner Field Uvalde, TX
          8/6/2011 - 8/14/2011           Open Class Nationals                     Uvalde, TX
          9/3/2011 - 9/11/2011           Region 5 West                            Benton, TN
          5/13/2012 - 5/22/2012          15 Meter Nationals                       Reedsville, PA

                                                                                                   Page 7
   Towline, December 2010 / January 2011
   Misc Fly News
   Freefall record attempt put on hold
The Red Bull Stratos freefall record attempt has been canceled until further notice because of a court case filed
in Los Angeles. Daniel Hogan claims the project was his idea, which he alleges Red Bull stole while assigning
skydiver Felix Baumgartner to break the record. It was to be a ―mission to the edge of space‖ to break the
freefall parachute jump record of 102,800 feet set in 1960 by Col. Joe Kittinger.

   Virgin Galactic ‘Enterprise’ completes glide test
The suborbital commercial tourist spaceship Enterprise—also known as SpaceShipTwo—owned by Richard
Branson’s Virgin Galactic company completed its first unpowered glide test Oct. 10. The spacecraft was
released from its launch aircraft, WhiteKnightTwo, at 45,000 feet and spent 11 minutes testing many systems,
making a practice approach at a high altitude, and landing at Mojave Air and Space Port in California.

   America’s Challenge gas balloon race result
In the fifteenth annual America’s Challenge gas balloon race, Albuquerque’s Barbara Fricke and Peter Cuneo
took first place with their 1,350-mile flight, which lasted about 57 hours and 30 minutes. They landed on the
east shore of the Detroit River in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The team won the America’s Challenge in 2001,
and finished second in 2003, 2005, and 2007.
Danielle Francoeur and American Linda Ellis won second place, landing southwest of Holland, Mich., after a
1,223-mile flight. Cheryl White and Mark Sullivan of the United States, who landed near Cedar Rapids, Iowa,
placed third.
Balloon Fiesta—and especially the America’s Challenge event—was dampened by the presumed loss of
American pilots Richard Abruzzo and Carol Rymer-Davis, whose gas balloon disappeared over the Adriatic
Sea, off the Italian coast, Sept. 29.

   New CEO for Museum of Flight
Douglas King, who ran a science center in St. Louis, has been named president and chief executive officer of
the Museum of Flight in Seattle.
He will head the Museum of Flight at a time when it is trying to get one of three retired space shuttles. The
museum is building a Space Gallery, which would hold the space shuttle, and is planning to build a gallery to
house Air Force One, a Concorde and the prototype Boeing 747.
He succeeds Michael Hallman, who was interim president and will return to serve as vice chairman of the
museum's board of trustees.
Former astronaut Bonnie Dunbar had been president and CEO for five years until July. She is executive
director of Wings Over Washington, an affiliate of the museum that works on educational initiatives. She is
also working on bringing a NASA space shuttle to Seattle....

   Museum of Flight Pathfinder Award
The Museum of Flight honors Pacific Northwest individuals who have made significant contributions to the
development of the aerospace industry with its annual Pathfinder Award. This year's honorees are
pilot/entrepreneur Clay Lacy, William Boeing Jr., and Suzanna Darcy-Hennemann, the first woman hired by
Boeing as a production test pilot.
The Pathfinder Award honorees are selected by the Museum of Flight Board of Trustees from among nominees
chosen by the Museum, the Pacific Northwest Section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and
Astronautics, and representatives of other aviation and aerospace organizations and companies throughout the

                                                                                                      Page 8
   Towline, December 2010 / January 2011

   2010 OLC Results
   Last year’s result from OLC put the EPH Airport at 5th place, based on Points as well as on Mileage.
                    #      Points                      Airfield                   km        Flights    Pilots
                    1     202,363.85      El Tiro (US / 9)                     226,995.51     936        64
                    2     152,322.37      Moriarty (US / 9)                    170,910.60     521        70
                    3     150,093.37      Parowan (US / 9)                     173,241.87     423        87
                    4      92,838.70      Warner Springs (US / 12)             104,244.86     366        37
                    5      86,961.93      Ephrata (US / 8)                     100,509.32     368        49
                    6      79,208.84      Truckee-Tahoe (US / 11)               93,128.77     220        22
                    7      77,664.58      Minden-Tahoe (US / 11)                87,474.42     231        42
                    8      68,861.27      Blairstown (US / 2)                   64,950.17     240        29
                    9      64,707.43      TSA (US / 10)                         74,705.94     368        28
                   10      52,843.26      California City (US / 12)             59,423.71     221        31

   And for Clubs the results are similar. The SCG placed 4th based on Points and Mileage.
                    #       Points                     Club                       km        Flights     Pilots
                    1      184,292.68     Tucson Soaring Club                  202,985.40     882         38
                    2      159,159.11     Albuquerque Soaring                  179,562.07     566         48
                    3      109,146.82     Warner Springs                       120,735.59     385         30
                    4      101,343.19     SGC Seattle Glider Council           117,684.33     405         35
                    5       87,659.94     TSA-Texas Soaring Association        102,261.59     452         28
                    6       76,891.97     Northern California Soaring           90,400.12     258         13
                    7       73,436.32     Tehachapi Soaring                     79,803.02     239         25
                    8       65,331.18     Willamette                            70,662.68     356         20
                    9       63,512.64     Caesar Creek                          75,263.88     288         14
                   10       63,003.33     Hole in the Wall                      71,754.42     202          8

   Since we are only operating about 5 month out of the year, this is a very good result.

                                                                      when pilots ask to fly with me for a critique or just
   Safety Ideas                                                       for fun. When I do this, I can't help but notice the
   by Heinz Gehlhaar                                                  procedures they use:
I am always looking for items relating to soaring safety. If you       A preflight inspection without using a checklist.
have any inputs please send them!                                         The result is not checking for important items
Here is my selection for this issue. While some of these items            which can, and do result in a serious accident.
are more in the area of FBO- and Training-operations, they             A takeoff proceeding without using a proper pre-
good reviews for all of us. Some of these ring a bell with me ---
Heinz                                                                     takeoff checklist.
   Tom Knauff writes: I have the opportunity to fly                    Using a zero altimeter setting. (Absolutely
with people on check rides, BFRs, and casual flying,                      illegal.)

                                                                                                                   Page 9
    Towline, December 2010 / January 2011
   Failing to announce the critical turn-around           portable PowerFLARM can run on either internal
    altitude in case of a towing emergency.                "AA" batteries or from external 12V aircraft power.
   Not knowing aero tow signals or how to perform         The brick-version of PowerFLARM will not have
    a boxing of the wake.                                  the "AA" battery feature; but it allows for direct
   Failing to use proper collision avoidance              power connection and communication with various
    scanning while flying.                                 flight computers, e.g. the ClearNav, ILEC SN-10, or
   Arriving in the landing pattern at an                  LX-8000. Several External Displays are available as
    inappropriate altitude and spacing.                    well.
   Using an inappropriate pattern airspeed.                   PowerFLARM includes an IGC-certified logger
                                                           suitable for badges, contests, and OLC and a serial
        ****** That’s all for now --******                 output, which can provide traffic enriched GPS data
             Fly safe out there, Heinz                     for a flight computer, PDA or transponder.
                                                               PowerFLARM provides a comprehensive
                                                           collision-avoidance system. It understands the flight
    All about FLARM                                        characteristics of gliders and includes warnings for
                                                           potential collisions with aircraft having mode C or S
    What is FLARM?
                                                           transponders or 1090ES ADS-B-Out systems.
    Heinz Gehlhaar                                             But PowerFLARM is not an ADS-B transmitter
    FLARM warns of impending collisions with               nor a transponder. If you want to be seen by Air
nearby FLARM-equipped aircraft. It also warns of           Traffic Controller, by commercial aircraft (jets)
any aircraft equipped with a transmitting                  pilots and their TCAS collision-avoidance systems,
transponder, including the new ADS-B.                      you need to couple PowerFLARM with a Mode S
    It only works with aircraft equipped with a            transponder with 1090ES (Mode C works but is no
FLARM. But FLARM understands the unique flight             longer recommended).
characteristics of gliders, and stays quiet unless there       More info at
is a real collision hazard. It also shows other nearby
FLARM-equipped gliders that are not a collision               FLARM BUY
                                                               By Nelson Funston
    Classic FLARM is widely used around the world,
                                                               The initial response has been better than expected.
including most countries in Europe, Australia, South
                                                               I have 'yes' responses from 26 individuals plus
Africa, Israel. Over 14,000 FLARM Classic and
                                                           the SGC for the Towplanes and the SGCSF for the
compatible devices by licensed manufacturers have
                                                           DG 1000, for a total of 34 units. This response (34
been installed in gliders, motorgliders, towplanes and
                                                           units), I believe, takes us well toward achieving
also rescue and air force helicopters and hanggliders.
                                                           critical mass at Ephrata and toward a significant
     However, Classic FLARM systems do not meet
                                                           percentage at some of the other sites we fly (on
US FCC requirements and should not be used in the
                                                           expeditions, at contests, etc.).
US or Canada.
                                                               I have been in communication about the purchase
    For the USA, an FCC-approved version of
                                                           with Rex Mayes of Williams Soaring. Williams
FLARM called PowerFLARM should be available
                                                           Soaring is one of four dealers of PowerFLARM in
in April 2011. PowerFLARM is based on the
                                                           the U.S. Some additional information follows:
Classic FLARM system, but contains a more
                                                               The price will be about $1350, based on purchase
powerful processor and a fully redesigned and higher
                                                           of 20 to 40 units. Some shipping expense shouldn't
range radio transceiver. It remains fully compatible
                                                           be much since Rex expects shipments in groups. All
with the Classic FLARM.
                                                           US dealers have the same price schedule, and the
    Two PowerFLARM versions are being
                                                           same discounts depends on size of the purchasing
developed: a portable system designed for mounting
                                                           group. No money is required now. Money will
on top of an instrument panel, and an internal
                                                           probably be required about the time of shipment in
mounted version (the brick) along with a separate
display for mounting in the instrument panel. The
                                                                                                     Page 10
    Towline, December 2010 / January 2011
April. Williams Soaring will accept credit card or            Even though I have had 'yes'-responses for a total
check.                                                    of 34 units, there have been a couple of negative
    I need to forward to Williams Soaring a list the      reasons expressed for getting PowerFLARM.
people who wish to purchase a unit(s). I need names           * The first is the fear that a better collision
and mailing/shipping addresses by December 15.            avoidance concept or implementation will become
The deadline for ordering for the "early bird"            available in a "couple of years‖ rendering the
discount is the end of December.                          PowerFLARM obsolete. While predictions of the
    Decisions about a few options are needed:             future is a fool's errand, I think obsolescence is
    1. You have a choice:                                 unlikely. The success history of PowerFLARM over
    •       of a "stand alone" portable unit with         the past five years in Europe, the fact that any new
internal batteries. Unit can be powered externally (10    implementation of the flight-path prediction software
to 30V DC aircraft power), or internally. It has an       would need to be backwards compatible, and the
internal battery charger for 6 interchangeable AA-        slowness of FAA implementation of ADS-B make
batteries (all types, including NiCad and NiMh with       any other economical implementation unlikely.
loading circuit & temperature monitoring). A battery      PowerFLARM implements ADS-B in, and will
set lasts up to 8h on one charge (depends on traffic      support ADS-B out, in combination with a Mode S
volume)                                                   transponder like the Trig TT21. PowerFLARM
    The stand-alone unit can be velcroed to the top of    currently has a PCAS implementation that can see
the glare shield or otherwise secured.                    other transponders when they are pinged by other
    •       an externally powered unit (brick model).     interrogators.
with a separate panel display. The brick-model has            * The other concern expressed about the
no internal battery supply.                               PowerFLARM is the problem with false alerts,
    The exact configuration of the panel display is       especially while thermalling. I have not flown with
still in a bit of flux.                                   FLARM, but those who have state that thermalling
    There is apparently no price reduction for a brick    false alarms are not a problem. False alarms are more
unit with no display.                                     of a problem with PCAS. The fact that
    It is also possible to get second party displays at   PowerFLARM alerts are based on analysis of
extra cost for the brick unit. The brick model has a      projected flight paths' intersection, (of other FLARM
USB interface, with cable for attachment to the           units) and not proximity alone, reduces the false
panel. The stand-alone model has a slot for an SD         alerts to a minimum. This is something that ADS-B
memory card for software updates and downloads.           will not be able to do unless specific glider software
    2. Engine Noise Level (ENL) recording                 is developed and adds a separate glider to glider
capability is an option available for an additional       transmitter which does the same thing as
$100. Motor gliders will probably want this option.       PowerFLARM.
    I understand there is an output port on both the
brick model and the stand-alone model which can              An additional PowerFLARM positive for me is
provide output to a third-party display devices (i.e.,    getting a data logger with a USB/SD card interface
ILEC SN-10, ClearNav, LX8000, or PDA with                 allowing me to retire my old Cambridge Model 20
SeeYou mobile). These third-party displays can give       with its serial interface and obsolete security
location, distance and climb rate for your flying         implementation. The Model 20 will be used as a
companions.                                               backup logger.
    There is a lot of information out on the Internet:       $1350 is still a lot of money even though it is
Specifically, see the Butterfly PowerFLARM                $350 less than an individual purchase will be after
website for more data and specifications.                 the end of December. The price is about the same as      a parachute, which nearly all of us have. Parachute-
hp?option=com_content&view=article&id=102&Ite             use attempts result in successful outcomes a
mid=174&lang=en                                           painfully low percentage of the time. I have heard
                                                          numbers like 50%, some think less, generally not
                                                          because of parachute failure, but because of failure to
                                                                                                          Page 11
   Towline, December 2010 / January 2011
egress or too low or a host of other reasons. Last            Pilot's Checklist
year, PowerFLARM would likely have prevented
                                                             By John Schamel
three fatalities that I know of, including one
                                                             A History about the development of Aviation
towplane pilot. (Towplanes are probably at as much
                                                           Checklists used in aircraft today.
risk as gliders, since they tow into the glider "house
thermal" repeatedly with gliders already there, and
                                                                                              October 30, 1935
they are in the pattern repeatedly each day.) It only
                                                                                     Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio
takes a little to go wrong before a backup safety
system pays large if undefined dividends.
                                                           The final phase of aircraft evaluations under U.S.
                                                           Army specification 98-201 (July 18, 1934) was to
   Join the majority!
                                                           begin. Three manufactures had submitted aircraft for
   Nelson Funston
                                                           testing. Martin submitted their Model 146; Douglas
                                                           submitted the DB-1; and Boeing submitted their
   206 232 9416
                                                           Model 299. Boeing, a producer of fighters for U.S.
                                                           Navy aircraft carriers, had little success in
   SSA Conference in Philly                                commercial airliners or bombers for the U.S. Army
   The festivities begin January 25-26 with the            Air Corps. Boeing's entry had swept all the
Soaring Safety Foundation hosting a CFIG                   evaluations, figuratively flying circles around the
Revalidation Clinic, followed by a Safety Seminar          competition. Many considered these final evaluations
on is on the evening of January 26. this is continued      mere formalities - talk was of an order for between
by three days of speakers, breakfasts, luncheons, and      185 and 220 aircraft. Boeing executives were excited
special events January 27-29. There will be a              - a major sale would save the company. At the
General Membership meeting, the Annual Awards              controls of the Model 299 this day were two Army
Banquet, and several groups are hosting meal               pilots. Major Ployer P. Hill (his first time flying the
functions. And OSTIV will be hosting a Thursday            299) sat in the left seat with Lieutenant Donald Putt
evening lecture and dinner.                                (the primary Army pilot for the previous evaluation
The Sheraton Society Hill is the host hotel. Call 215-     flights) as the co-pilot. With them was Leslie Tower
238-6638 and ask for the special SSA rate.                 (the Boeing Chief Test Pilot), C.W. Benton (a
                                                           Boeing mechanic), and Henry Igo (a representative
                                                           of Pratt and Whitney, the engine manufacturer). The
   Rent for Pre-World 2011                                 aircraft made a normal taxi and takeoff. It began a
   The Pre-World contest will be in Uvalde, Texas          smooth climb, but then suddenly stalled. The aircraft
during August 4-14, 2011.                                  turned on one wing and fell, bursting into flames
    Many International pilots are making plans to          upon impact. Putt, Benton, and Igo - although
attend, and would like to RENT gliders for the             seriously burned - were able to stagger out of the
contest. If you have a glider to offer for rent, please    wreckage to the arriving safety crews. Hill and
send your name, and type of glider to Linda Murray,        Tower were trapped in the wreckage but were
Contest Manager (              rescued by First Lieutenant Robert Giovannoli, who
Linda is making a list of available gliders.               made two trips into the burning aircraft to rescue
   She will provide the list to the International pilots   both men. Both men later died of their injuries, and
and they in turn will contact you for the specific         Lt. Giovannoli was awarded the Cheney Medal for
arrangements.                                              his heroism that day, but he died in an aircraft
                                                           accident before receiving it. The investigation found
                                                           "Pilot Error" as the cause. Hill, unfamiliar with the
                                                           aircraft, had neglected to release the elevator lock
                                                           prior to take off. Once airborne, Tower evidently
                                                           realized what was happening and tried to reach the
                                                           lock handle, but it was too late.
                                                                                                     Page 12
    Towline, December 2010 / January 2011
It appeared that the Model 299 was dead. Some                                 refrigerators are cleaned out
newspapers had dubbed it as 'too much plane for one                           and the floors are cleaned.
man to fly.' Most of the aircraft contracts went to the                       And the benches have gotten a
runner-up, the Douglas DB-1. Some serious pleading                            new coat of paint. The
and politicking by Air Corps officers gave Boeing a                           thermostats are set. The
chance to keep the Model 299 project alive, 13                                Clubhouse is put away and
aircraft were ordered for 'further testing'. Douglas,                         locked. Thanks to all for the
however, received contracts for 133 aircraft for                              hard work. Here are some
active squadron service. The DB-1 became the B-18.                            pictures of what went on:
Twelve of those Boeing aircraft were delivered to the
2nd Bombardment Group at Langley Field, Virginia,                             Bunkhouse Chief Vacuum Boss
by August, 1937. The 2nd Group's operations were
closely watched by Boeing, Congress, and the War                                                Grounds
Department.                                                                                     maintenance
Any further accidents or incidents with the Model                                               Crew is busy
299 would end its career.
Commanders made this quite clear to all the crews.
The pilots sat down and put their heads together.
What was needed was some way of making sure that
everything was done; that nothing was overlooked.
What resulted was a pilot's checklist. Actually, four
checklists were developed - takeoff, flight, before
landing, and after landing. The Model 299 was not
'too much airplane for one man to fly', it was simply
too complex for any one man's memory. These
checklists for the pilot and co-pilot made sure that
nothing was forgotten. With the checklists, careful        All the stuff
planning, and rigorous training, the twelve aircraft      got put away
managed to fly 1.8 million miles without a serious              for next
accident. The U.S. Army accepted the Model 299,                  season
and eventually ordered 12,731 of the aircraft they
numbered the B-17.
The idea of the pilot's checklist caught on. Other
checklists were developed for other crew members.
And checklists were developed for other aircraft in
the Air Corps inventory.

   Ephrata News
   The 2010 season came to a rapid end. The
weather changed almost overnight.
   On October 2nd, we held the Ephrata Facility
Winter Shutdown Work Party. And we had such a
large attendance that the required work got all done
long before the evening rolled around and most of us
                                                                  And here is what we do best: … Eat
went home early.
   So, … the bath-house is frost safe: it has its water
blown out of everywhere and is fully locked. The                Best wishes for the next season!
lawn is mowed and cleaned of old leaves, the
                                                                                                 Page 13
  Towline, December 2010 / January 2011

                                                          GROB 109 Motorglider for Sale
  Libelle for Sale                                     Dual NAV-COM’s: KX155 & KX165
Good condition. Fresh Annual                           KT76 Transponder
Fixed gear.                                            PS Engineering Audio Panel
Nelson Oxygen. Terra 760 channel radio.                Artificial Horizon
New Borgelt 400 audio Vario with T/E probe.            Engine: Recent factory overhaul
Mechanical Speed to Fly Vario. Compass. Turn             Limbach L2000EB1-AA
coordinator.                                           Propeller: Recent overhaul
2 wing stands. Tail dolly. Wing dolly.                 Re-finished wings
Very good towing enclosed aluminum trailer.            $54,900 OBO
Easy loading dollies.                                  Contact Chris Klix,
Asking $ 15,000                                                  Pacific AeroSport LLC,
   Gene Ogden                                                    360-474-9394
   Mount Vernon WA                                     
   (360) 848-9134

                                                          Standard Cirrus Co-Ownership
                                                         Co-ownership available in PY. Std. Cirrus
  Soaring Expo 2011 Change                               Standard class ship with water capabilities
Soaring Expo 2011 Date has changed! Expo now             Cockpit for tall or large person up to 242 lbs.,
will be will be held at the Museum of Flight on          ~35:1 glide ratio, gel in good shape
March 5 & 6. Move in date is Friday 3/4/11 after         Volkslogger/GlideNavII glide computer
5:00 PM.                                                 Schumann/Cambridge varios, more.
Please contact Doug Service (           Contact John Gilbert (,
if you will bring your glider, if you can help or of   Tel 206-283-4638 for details.
you have a program.

                                                          Will fly for Food
                                                       Contact Heinz

                                                          Wanted to Publish:
                                                       Wanted: great stories or cheap drivel to fill this newsletter.
                                                       Call Heinz. (But don't call him nasty names.)

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