Doctor of Ministry in Christian Spirituality by samc


									Doctor of Ministry in Christian Spirituality
This program leads to a professional degree designed to help students develop advanced ministerial and leadership skills within the context of theological understanding and Christian Spirituality. The courses, the seminar and final project are directed toward the study of spirituality and its relationship to ministerial practice.

Curriculum Requirement
The curriculum requirement consists of 30 credits: 12 credits of required courses; 9 credits of elective courses; 3 credits for a seminar and 6 credits for the completed project paper. 24 credits must be completed within two and one-half years to achieve candidacy status for the degree. Courses include on-line and oncampus sessions over a four-month period. The on-campus session is an intensive two (2) week period totaling 30 contact-hours held in January and July. The on-line session is a two (2) month period that precedes the on-campus session during which preparatory reading lists and assignments are given and a two (2) month period that follows the on-campus session to complete all remaining assignments and receive a final grade. The following lists the courses (and options) in the sequence to be taken: SP857 Biblical Foundations of Spirituality (3) EH840 Christian Spirituality through the Ages (3) PS800 Pastoral Ministry and Spirituality (3) [planned] SP810 Francis and Clare of Assisi (3) [planned] or SP815 Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross (3) [planned] or SP820 Augustinian Spirituality (3) [planned] SP805 Method in Spirituality: Pastoral Implications (3) [planned] SP890 Seminar (3) SP807 Ignatian Spirituality (3) or SP825 Alphonsus Ligouri (3) [planned] or SP846 Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal (3) EH8xx Cosmic Christ for the 21st Century (3) [planned] or MO810 Social Justice and Public Worship (3) [planned] or SP830 Spirituality and the Arts (3) [planned] SP895 Thesis (6) TOTAL: 30 credits

Thesis Project Requirement
The thesis is a doctoral-level project of 150-200 pages that explores the nature and practice of ministry drawing upon the theological and spirituality studies represented in the curriculum and upon the student’s experiences in the practice of ministry. The project will consist of a theoretical component using the resources of theology, spirituality, the social sciences and a practical component detailing the particular ministerial focus of the project. It will incorporate the use of a credible evaluation tool, a summary of one’s ministerial identity, and, finally, a brief description of how the project will make a contribution to the field of ministry. The project concludes with an oral presentation of the final project paper. The project must be completed within five (5) years from completion of coursework.

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