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									THE PROVINCIAL NEWSLETTER FOR ALBERTA PRO-LIFE ALLIANCE ASSOCIATION                                                                                              JUNE 2004

                       Saving babies
                  and mothers, one at a time
                                              By Anne Arseneau

Robert Hinchey was keynote speaker at this year’s                God calls ordinary people to do extraordinary
provincial pro-life conference sponsored by Alberta Pro-
Life. Mr. Hinchey became somewhat famous in pro-life
                                                                 Robert Hinchey lives in Toronto. In 1984, Robert
                                                                                                                             Send your MLA
circles in 2003 when he was pepper-sprayed in a
medical clinic in downtown Toronto by a woman who
                                                           was an insurance underwriter planning to go on a holi-
                                                           day. A private abortion clinic was opening and causing
                                                           quite a stir in the city. Urged by the Holy Spirit to go
                                                                                                                               a postcard
worked at a Toronto women’s shelter. Mr. Hinchey was       down and be counted against this evil, Robert was
                                                                                                                           lberta Pro-Life and local groups across the province
accompanying a teenager to the doctor’s office because
she had changed her mind about having an abortion. Mr.
                                                           frightened but he went to Henry Morgentaler’s clinic
                                                           anyway. “I ended up picketing and I didn’t go on vaca-      A   have picked up a project launched earlier this year
                                                                                                                       by Lethbridge and District Pro-Life.We have produced
Hinchey’s assailant was charged but given an absolute      tion.”
                                                                                                                       10,000 postcards asking MLAs to stop using tax dollars
                                                                 Campaign Life Coalition was holding sidewalk
discharge. Mr. Hinchey spoke at the conference about                                                                   to pay for abortion.The cards will be sent to local
                                                           counseling workshops. “I was reticent about attending
his work as a sidewalk counselor at Aid to Women,                                                                      groups this month and we urge you to pick one up and
                                                           but I wanted to give God honor by saving his little
which is adjacent to the Cabbagetown Women’s Clinic.                                                                   send it off to your local MLA. If you’d like to order some
                                                           ones. I thought I’d give it a try and found myself in the   for your church, give us a call and we’ll send them to
Here is a report of his presentation.                      back alley behind the abortuary – a strategic location      you.
                                                           to save babies at the 11th hour.” Counselors confront             As you know, we have been targeting MLAs for the
                                                           women with love and truth,“Abortion will hurt you           past couple of years on this issue.There will probably
                                                           and kill your baby”.This reminder of reality and morali-    be an election next spring and your MLA needs to hear
                                                           ty is often enough to make them turn away.                  from hundreds of constituents on tax-funded abortion.
                                                                 Last month, Robert had lunch with Alexander.          We plan to do a survey of MLAs before the election but
                                                           Alexander is 17 years old. They meet twice a year usu-      in the meantime, they need to hear from you.
                                                           ally. Robert approached Alexander’s mother at the           Remember that taxpayers pay for over 10,000 abortions
                                                           back alley of the abortion clinic seventeen years ago.      every year in Alberta and almost 40% of those are
                                                           “When you step out in faith and in prayer and are pres-     repeat abortions.The government says it pays only for
                                                           ent in places where babies are being killed, you get to     medically necessary abortions. So, not only is a woman’s
                                                           witness miracles. You can be an answer to prayer.”          first abortion medically necessary, but according to
                                                                 The year Alexander’s life was saved, Aid To Women     Alberta Health and your MLA, so are the second, third,
                                                           opened up a counseling office right next door to a          fourth and more.
                                                           busy abortion clinic. During those 17 years, 1500 lives           We urge you to send the postcard but you should
                                                           have been saved from the evil of abortion. Robert           also try to arrange a personal visit with your MLA over
                                                           Hinchey claims he is not a leader by nature but             the summer. It is very important that MLAs feel some
                                                           reminds us with these rescue stories that Christ chal-      pressure from constituents on this subject.Talk to your
                                                           lenges His followers to “bring light into the situation.”   MLA whether he or she supports deinsuring or not. If
                                                                 A Vietnamese woman, who spoke little English,         you are nervous, take a friend and you can both ask
                                                           found herself pregnant and desperate. As a boat             your MLA his or her opinion. If you talk to your MLA,
                                                           refugee from Hong Kong, she had no money and felt           please let us know, either by email
                                                           lonely and abandoned here in Canada. Robert proceed-        (, phone, 1-877-880-5433, or let-
                                                           ed to help her, providing her with clothing, finances       ter.We’d like to keep track of who has been visited. It
                                                           and accommodation. There was no question that this          would be great to have people visit every MLA in the
                                                           woman was facing a very difficult life. She did contin-     province over the summer on this topic.
Robert Hinchey: Prayerful and present at places            Continued page 2                                                  So, have a great summer and drop your MLA a line.
where babies are being killed.

                                                                                                                       MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS
                                                                                                                If your membership is close to expiring (check expiry
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                John Harder
                APL’s new president
    embers of Alberta Pro-Life elected a new board of directors at the group’s annual
M   general meeting in Red Deer on May 1st. At the board meeting shortly after the
AGM, John Harder of Calgary was elected president to replace Joanne Byfield whose
                                                                                                                                           By Joanne Byfield

term on the board expired this year. Mr. Harder has served as APL’s treasurer for the                            s many of you may know, I have stepped down from the board of
past two years. Staying on as vice-chair of the group is Henny van der Gugten of
Spruce Grove. Corry Morcos of Edmonton remains secretary and Kevin Layton of                                  A  Alberta Pro-Life as of May 1. Under our by-laws, passed in 1998, board
Taber is treasurer.                                                                                           members can serve a maximum of 6 years. I have been on the board
     New board members include Irene Vanderveen of Edmonton, Joanne Pollack of                                since 1997 so it was time to move on.This is good for the organization,
Millarville, Jill Cahoon of Tofield,Alie Vogelzang of Barrhead, Neil Kinderwater of                           since it allows and encourages new people and new ideas to spring up.
Stettler,Tristan Bauer of Calgary.                                                                            The new APL board, elected at the May 1 AGM, includes some familiar
     Leaving the board this year are Bonnie Bredo of Red Deer, Anne Pinkoski of
Drayton Valley,Val Sealy of Huxley, Ron Gordon of Athabasca, Paula Rebstock of
                                                                                                              faces and several new ones, including three members of Rock for Life.
Edmonton, and Peter Tapuska of Calgary.We thank all of them for their contributions                           That puts the board’s youth contingent at four.
over the past years.                                                                                               I have taken a contract position with APL as Research and Education
     A complete list of the new Alberta Pro-Life board is at the bottom of this page.                         director. Among other things, I will be producing The Rose. I invite
                                                                                                              your suggestions and comments for story ideas or letters to the editor.
                                                                                                              Our readers must have opinions oN some of the stories and columns

Letters to the editor                                                                                         we run, and we’d love to hear from you whether you agree or disagree.
                                                                                                              Send any comments or suggestions to, or fax
                                                                                                              them to 780-421-7749 or mail them to us. Please indicate that it is for
On Saturday, May 8, about 20 pro-life people gathered at the Devon Peace Cemetery                             The Rose. I look forward to hearing from you.
for a memorial service for aborted babies. Rev. Dave McKenzie led a very meaningful
service. He spoke about the number of abortions in Canada and the effect abortion
has on our society. He then led us in prayer followed by a prayer walk around the
cemetery 7 times. During the walk, Rev. McKenzie blew the shofar, the Jewish ram’s
horn that Joshua used in the Old Testament in the battle of Jericho.This was to sym-                          Continued from page 1
bolize that the battle for abortion can be won only through prayer. Alberta Pro-Life
board members Neil Kinderwater and myself attended this very moving and inspira-                              Saving babies and mothers, one at a time
tional event. I would strongly encourage other groups to include this kind of event in
their struggle against abortion.
                                            Henny van der Gugten – Spruce Grove,AB                            ue with the pregnancy        think of you people (Aid      abortion is none of your
                                                                                                              and named her child          to Women). I needed a         business. You won’t hear
                                                                                                              “Kara”. The mother           better job and rent for       about people like Robert
                                                                                                              stayed in touch with         my girlfriend and it was      Hinchey who are out on
                                                                                                              Robert by phone calls        provided.”                    the streets reaching God’s
                                                                                                              and cards and once said,           Robert met a couple     people with truth. “We
  What is Alberta Pro-Life?                                                                                   “Kara is the greatest joy    from Trinidad that had        are called to be a crown
                                                                                                              of my life.”                 made their way to             of Christ,” says Robert.
                                                                                                                   A young man and         Toronto. They lived in a      “This is a spiritual battle.
  Alberta Pro-Life represents the pro-life position at the provincial level. We inform citizens,
  lobby politicians and work with local and national groups to effect change in our society.                  his girlfriend who was       rat-infested apartment        Satan would like to kill
  Our members include individuals who have joined Alberta Pro-Life and local groups                           several months pregnant      and did not want a child      God so he tries to kill the
  throughout the province who are either affiliates or amalgamated with us.                                   encountered Robert at        to live in such squalor.      image of God. There is a
  If you wish to become a member or would like more information                                               the clinic.They were         They were given $900 to       business here unlike any
  about our activities, call our office at:                                                                   next in line for the abor-   cover first and last          other business in this
  Phone (780) 421-7747 Fax (780) 421-7749                                                                     tion appointment.            month’s rent for a better     community – it is
  or toll free at: 1-877-880-5433                                                                             Robert challenged the        place to live. The child’s    obscene. Garbage trucks
                                                                                                              man with “ a real man        life was spared. Fourteen     pick up boxes of body
                                                                                                              looks after his partner      years later that man came     parts weekly.”
                                                                                                              and child.” He counseled     to the door of Aid to               We are called to be a
                                                                                                              the couple and found         Women and repaid the          witness to the sanctity of
                                                                                                              out what they really         $900 loan.                    life – to give honor to the
 Executive of                                 Directors of                                                    needed to continue with            These are the stories   baby and its life. Pray for
 Alberta Pro-Life                             Alberta Pro-Life                                                the pregnancy. After the     you’ll never read about in    the conversion of heart
                                                                                                              birth of their child, the    the newspapers.               for abortionists, mothers
 President – John Harder                      Mark Smith                          Alie Vogelzang
                                                                                                              man told Robert,“Every       Mainstream media per-         and fathers. And it is
 Calgary                                      Drayton Valley                      Barrhead                                                                                            time I look at my baby, I    petuates the myth that        important to remember
                                                                                  Nadine McCusker                                                                        we are asked to some-
 Vice-President – Henny van der Gugten        Gerrit Top                          Edmonton                                                                               times “fast from com-
 Spruce Grove                                 High River                                                                              forts.” It is uncomfortable                                                          m
                                              Trina van Straten                                                                                                          to openly express pro-life
 Treasurer – Kevin Layton                     Stettler                            Joanne Pollock                                                                         and pro-family views, it is
 Taber                                               Millarville                                                                            uncomfortable to speak                                                 
                                              Irene Vanderveen                                                                                                           face-to-face with politi-
 Secretary – Corry Morcos                     Edmonton                            Neil Kinderwater                                                                       cians or write letters to
 Edmonton                                            Stettler                                                                               our lawmakers, it is                                                                                                                  uncomfortable to deal
                                              Jill Cahoon
                                              Tofield                             Tristan Bauer                                                                          with women and unwant-
                                                  Calgary                                                                                ed pregnancies, it is
                                                                                                                                               uncomfortable to be a
                                                                                                                                                                         Christian in action.
                                                                                                            THE ROSE, JUNE 2004, PAGE 3

          They fight                                                    Abortion
         our battles.                                                and the election
                                                                                               By Joanne Byfield

       We should help                                            Y   ellowhead MP Rob
                                                                     Merrifield told a
                                                                 Globe and Mail reporter
                                                                                               on abortion and that
                                                                                               such matters were
                                                                                                                                  A week after the
                                                                                                                             debate started, Calgary

                                                                                               provincial responsibility.    Bishop Fred Henry
                                                                 in the second week of         Mr. Harper refused to dis-    issued a pastoral letter to
                                                                 the national election         cipline or fire Mr.           be read in all the church-
                                                                 campaign, that he             Merrifield as health critic   es in the Calgary Roman
                                                                 thought independent           for the party. He said his    Catholic diocese.The
In 1999 pro-life students at UBC displayed an exhibit            counselling would be          members could express         bishop said that Mr.
                                                                 “valuable” for women
about abortion, known as the “Genocide Awareness                 seeking abortion.That is,
                                                                                               their own views on these      Martin’s position on
Project” (GAP). The display compares abortion to other                                         issues. He pointed out        abortion and same sex
                                                                 he thought someone
                                                                                               that many Liberal MPs         unions (he supports
atrocities and stimulates important thought and dialogue         other than an abortionist
                                                                                               also held pro-life views.     them) “is a source of
on this controversial issue. Spreading the truth often           should be giving women
                                                                                                    The media jumped         scandal in the Catholic
                                                                 information about abor-
comes with a price tag: persecution. A few hours into            tion’s health effects and     on the abortion debate.       community and reflects
displaying the signs at UBC, 3 student leaders from the          fetal development before      Prime Minister Martin         a fundamental moral
                                                                 they decide to have an        and the Liberals warned       incoherence… No
Alma Mater Society (AMS - UBC’s student society) trashed                                       that the Conservatives        Catholic can responsibly
our display, ripping signs and turning over tables. I am               Mr. Merrifield, who     would take away               take a 'pro-choice' stand
writing you about this because I desperately need your           is the Conservative           women’s right to abor-        when the 'choice' in
help. Besides the destruction of the display, the AMS has        Party’s health critic, told   tion and even launched        question involves the tak-
                                                                 reporter Jill Mahoney         TV ads showing crying         ing of innocent life.”
and continues to treat the pro-life club unfairly; they have,                                  pregnant women. Mr.                By the end of week
                                                                 that,“I would think that
for example, censored any images from the GAP display            they (women) should           Martin, who is described      three of the campaign,
(even small photos) from being displayed in the student          have all of the informa-      as a devout Catholic, said    the Conservatives and
union building. Several years ago Athena Macapagal (now          tion in front of them. I      his party would never         Liberals were tied in the
                                                                 think [with] any proce-       support restrictions on       polls and the Globe and
Sister Antoniana), Michele Laroya (now Nix), and I                                             abortion and slammed          Mail reported that
                                                                 dure that’s a valuable
launched a lawsuit against the attackers and the student         thing for them to have.”      Mr. Harper for saying he      women’s support for the
society. Last June the judge rendered a decision. Although             Planned Parenthood      would allow his mem-          Conservatives was rising.
we won the case against the attackers, we lost against the       and the Canadian              bers a free vote if the       It appeared that the
                                                                 Abortion Rights Action        issue came to parliament.     focus on abortion was
student society. That means we have a debt of $34,000 in                                       Mr. Martin said even if       not hurting the
                                                                 League both suggested
legal fees to pay off. Yes, that is a lot of money, but if you   that this was an insult to    parliament passed such        Conservative campaign
can chip in something, you will greatly ease this massive        women and “an attempt         legislation, he, as Prime     but of course, the only
burden In the 21st chapter of Luke there is a poor woman         to put up a barrier to        Minister, would not           poll that counts is the
                                                                 women to access abor-         implement it.                 vote itself on June 28.
who puts 2 coins into the treasury and the rich who put in
                                                                 tion.” Former Health
more. But Jesus declares that the poor woman gave more.          Minister Anne McLellan
Why? Because it’s not what we give that matters. It’s what       said the comments were
we hold back. Regardless of what amount you give, we             “patronizing” to women
would be extremely grateful that you give something.             and said Stephen Harper
                                                                 should fire his health
                   Stephanie Gray,                                     For his part,
         Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform                   Conservative leader
                                                                 Harper said that Mr.
                                                                 Merrifield’s comments
   Cheques can be made payable to “PSDF” ( Pro-life              were his personal opin-
      Student Defense Fund) and mailed care of:                  ion and did not reflect
                4705 West 6th Avenue                             party policy. Mr. Harper
               Vancouver, BC V6T 1C4                             said a Conservative gov-
                                                                 ernment would not
                      Canada                                     bring in any legislation

                LifeCanada                                                                      U of A students
                   Update                                                                      mount GAP display
                                                                                                                      By Camille Leussink
                              By Joanne Byfield
                                                                                             On March 17, members of the U of A Campus ProLife joined seven other
   anada’s national educational pro-life group, LifeCanada, ran a full-page ad in the
C  National Post newspaper on May 14th.The ad, shown below, focused on tax-fund-
ed abortion and urged people to go to the website
                                                                                           universities and colleges across Canada to educate their fellow students on
                                                                                          abortion. The campus groups held a Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) display,
to send letters to provincial and federal politicians.The ad and the website contained     which consists of very large pictures of Holocaust victims, black slaves and
information on the legal and political aspects of abortion funding and the website          other similar persecuted groups and compares their experience to that of
includes information on each province with the number of abortions performed in            aborted babies. The GAP displays are always controversial and lead to much
that province and whether the province funds them. By the end of May, 1,750 people           public discussion about the tactics, but more importantly, the reality of
had sent letters to their politicians. In total, 112,000 emails were sent to elected       abortion. At the University of Alberta, the administration refused to allow the
politicians across Canada. If you did not see the ad or did not sign on to the site and   group to mount the display on campus, a decision that the group is appealing.
send your letters (it only takes five minutes), please do it today.These messages could
be very effective right now while we are in the midst of a very tight election cam-                                                                 caust victims thus com-
paign.                                                                                          We set up on           us saying that they had
                                                                                          Saskatchewan Drive,          had an abortion, some        pares women who
                                                                                          across from the HUB          indignant that we            have had an abortion
                                                                                          Mall, just across cam-       would show these pic-        to the Nazi soldiers in
                                                                                          pus boundaries.The           tures and call it killing,   Germany. Our
                                                                                          University had stated        others regretful and         response: the display
                                                                                          that to bring the dis-       astonished that they         compares the victims,
                                                                                          play onto campus             didn’t know or hadn’t        and not the perpetra-
                                                                                          without their permis-        heard or seen the pro-       tors, of genocide. In no
                                                                                          sion could result in         life position before         way does the display
                                                                                          academic probation, a        making their decision.       say that women as indi-
                                                                                          letter of reprimand,              Our appeal was          viduals are comparable
                                                                                          and possibly expul-          submitted on May 18.         to murderers.
                                                                                          sion. Any display on         The University will               The University also
                                                                                          campus that directly         appoint students and         states that the signs
                                                                                          compared abortion to         faculty representatives      may be harassment and
                                                                                          murder would be met          to a hearing commit-         cause undue harm if
                                                                                          with the same fate.          tee before the end of        prominently displayed
                                                                                          There were 12 pro-life       June.The decision will       in a high traffic area.
                                                                                          people (acting as indi-      be final and binding         Our response:The loca-
                                                                                          viduals) involved in         and is not open to the       tion we have chosen
                                                                                          the display, about 50        public or the student        does not block the
                                                                                          persons crossed the          body.                        pathway of any stu-
                                                                                          street to engage in dis-          Our appeal will         dents, we as individuals
                                                                                          cussion, and some            address the following        will be behind barriers
                                                                                          stood across the street      objection raised by the      and have signed
                                                                                          or drove by to look.A        university.The adminis-      waivers stating in no
                                                                                          small group of about         tration believes the dis-    way will we harass
                                                                                          20 pro-choice persons        play will disrupt the        passerby (with either
                                                                                          stood across the street      life of university stu-      literature or words).
                                                                                          to speak to people           dents, based on the          There will be warning
                                                                                          after they had spoken        uproars that have            signs posted at all
                                                                                          to us, but few of them       occurred on other            access points to the
                                                                                          crossed the street or        campuses. Our                display. University stu-
                                                                                          confronted us.               response: although           dents, if they choose to
                                                                                                The consensus          there have been distur-      do so, are more than
                                                                                          among people man-            bances on other cam-         capable of looking the
                                                                                          ning the display was         puses, other universi-       other way.
                                                                                          that it just felt good to    ties have allowed the             The group hopes
                                                                                          do something, but at         display anyway and           to mount another dis-
                                                                                          the same time it was         most of the distur-          play next year and
                                                                                          shocking and eye             bances involved per-         needs financial help. If
                                                                                          opening.Who knew             sons protesting the dis-     you can help support
                                                                                          how many people              play, not the GAP vol-       the Campus ProLife
                                                                                          would even admit that        unteers.                     group, please contact
                                                                                          yes, they agreed that             The University          them at: U of A Campus
                                                                                          the fetus was most           says the display dis-        ProLife, Box 80,
                                                                                          likely a living and          criminates against           Student’s Union Bldg.,
                                                                                          innocent human               women who have had           University of Alberta,
                                                                                          being, but that they         abortions and may            Edmonton,AB,T6G 2J7,
                                                                                          still felt they had the      encourage harassment         or email prolife101@hot-
                                                                                          right to kill it without     against them, that plac-
                                                                                          any justification? Many      ing pictures of aborted
                                                                                          women approached             fetuses next to holo-
                                                                                                                                           THE ROSE, JUNE 2004, PAGE 5

        life digest
March for Life: Great crowd, no media                          feeding tube be reinserted. It is unclear what will hap-
The annual March for Life, which marks the anniver-            pen now that the law has been declared unconstitution-
sary of the decriminalization of abortion in 1969, was a       al.
great success this year, drawing a crowd at the Ottawa
event of 3,500 people.There were more than a dozen             Let’s support Curves
MPs and many religious leaders including Bruce                 A columnist with the San Francisco Chronicle, Ruth
Clemenger of the Evangelcial Fellowship of Canada,             Rosen, has called for a boycott of Curves, the women-
Rabbi Reuven Bulka and Roman Catholic Bishops                  only weight fitness centres because the chain’s owner,
Marcel Gervais and Richard Smith.The march itself was          Gary Heavin, has donated $5 million to crisis pregnancy
foolowed by the first public demonstration by the              centres. Rosen describes the pregnancy crisis centres as
newly-formed Canada Silent No More Awareness                   “some of the most militant anti-abortion groups in the
Campaign, in which post-abortion women share their             country.” The writer thinks women should take their
personal witness of their struggle with abortion.              fitness business elsewhere.We’d suggest that any
Despite the large crowd, almost no media covered the           women who are looking for a good fitness centre
event.The Sun newspapers did cover the Silent No               check out Curves and know that your money will be
More event.Two weeks earlier, a pro-abortion demon-            going to good pro-life causes.
stration in Ottawa attended by about 100 people was
widely covered in the national and local media. One            Manitoba medical student will graduate
Canadian Press editor, when asked why the March for            Earlier this year a medical student at the University of
Life was not covered, said it was not newsworthy.Who           Manitoba, who wishes not to be identified, was told he
says there is media bias?                                      would not be allowed to graduate because he refused
                                                               to participate in any abortion-related activities nor
Terri Schiavo’s latest battle                                  would he agree to refer patients for abortions.The stu-
Terri Schiavo, whose parents have spent years fighting         dent was given a failing grade in Obstetrics and
to get therapy for their severely disabled daughter            Gynecology because of this refusal. His predicament
against the wishes of her husband, was finally allowed         was publicized last year and resulted in many protests
a visit from her parents in late May. Her estranged hus-       to the university, letters to the editor and a radio station
band, Michael Schiavo, who is living with another              poll. In April, the university’s medical school reversed
woman with whom he has two children, still has                 its decision and now will allow the student to graduate.
power of attorney over his wife’s affairs and had              Oregon has highest rate ever of legal assisted suicides
banned his in-laws from visiting her at the facility           Forty-two people in Oregon were given and took drugs
where she lives. He had accused them of harming her            to kill themselves in 2003.Assisted suicide was legalized
during a visit in March.A police investigation cleared         in the state six years ago. Under the law, doctors can
Bob and Mary Schindler of any wrongdoing. Earlier in           prescribe lethal drugs to patients who have six months
May, County Circuit Court Judge Douglas Baird ruled            or less to live. Opponents of the law point out that two
that a law passed by the Florida legislature to save           of the 42 who died took drugs prescribed in 2002 and
Terri’s life was unconstitutional. Michael Schiavo had         one person died using a prescription from 2001.All
told his wife’s caregivers to remove a feeding tube,           three obviously lived more than six months. Only 5% of
which was keeping her alive.Terri lived for six days           the patients received psychological counselling before
without food or water, until the lawmakers, encouraged         getting the drugs. Counselling is recommended but left
by Governor Jeb Bush, passed the law ordering the              to the discretion of the physician.

Abortion pill to be available                                                                                                               Canada's only
                                                                                                                                         pro-life Federal Party
            from pharmacists                                                                                                  The Christian Heritage Party believes that it is our duty to protect
                                                                                                                               innocent human life, from conception to natural death. At the
                                                                                                                                  same time, compassion demands that women facing an
                                                By Joanne Byfield                                                              unanticipated pregnancy should have all the help they need to
                                                                                                                                         enable them to find a non-lethal solution.

   ealth Canada announced on May 18 that it will               easier access to Plan B will reduce abortions because
H  amend the Food and Drug regulations to allow the
drug, Levonogestrel, also known as the morning after
                                                               they have redefined pregnancy as beginning with
                                                               implantation into the uterus instead of at conception,
pill (MAP), to be available at pharmacies without a pre-       the point at which new human life begins.
scription.The MAP, which Health Canada describes as                  The new policy means that young women and
“emergency contraception”, can work in three ways: it          teens will be able to get the MAP without seeing a doc-        CHP POLICY HIGHLIGHTS
may prevent ovulation, or it may impede sperm from             tor. Pharmacists will dispense the drug to women with-         • Respect the sanctity of life and the traditional family
uniting with the egg, but it definitely alters the lining of   out knowing whether they are pregnant. It does not             • Practice sensible stewardship to preserve the environment
the uterus so that an embryo cannot implant. MAP, mar-         protect against sexually transmitted diseases and there        • Reform election financing
keted under the brand name, Plan B, must be used               is no way to prevent women, especially young women,            • Protect democracy in Canada
within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. The pill                                                                          • Base criminal justice on restitution and public safety
                                                               from taking this double dose hormone repeatedly.
causes severe cramps and bleeding.                                                                                            • Reform health care, including more emphasis on prevention
                                                                     In early May the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
      Health Canada says it is important that the MAP be                                                                      • Negotiation, mediation and arbitration for labour peace
                                                               rejected a request to make Plan B available without a
available to women all the time,“especially during
                                                               prescription.The FDA said the drug company, Barr
weekends and holidays” when access to doctors and
                                                               Pharmaceuticals, did not prove that the pill was safe for
                                                                                                                                         For more information
prescriptions is restricted.The Society of Obstetricians                                                                        Call 1-888-VOTE-CHP (1-888-868-3247)
                                                               teens without a doctor’s supervision. Health Canada
and Gynecologists of Canada, the Canadian Pharmacists                                                                                     or visit
                                                               apparently does not care.
Association and the Alberta College of Physicians and
                                                                                                                                    Sponsored by the Lethbridge Riding - Christian Heritage Party
Surgeons all support the change.All three claim that

                                                         And, the
                                                         winners are…
    Courage to Serve
     Award 2004                                          Alberta Pro-Life has just awarded $1,200 in cash
                                                         prizes to the winners of our annual student essay
                                                                                                                   JUNIOR HIGH:
                                                                                                                   1st Place – Derek Remus,
                             Denise Mountenay            This year’s question was a tough one: “Do you think       Coaldale, Alberta
                              Morinville resident and    women might change their minds about abortion if
                              author, Denise             they were fully informed before they give consent for
                              Mountenay, was given       the procedure? What information should be included        2nd Place – Karla Bienert,
                              the Courage to Serve       and should the law require such information be given      Wanham, Alberta
                              award by Alberta Pro-      to abortion-minded women?”
                              Life at last month’s
                              provincial conference.     First place winners in each category receive $300;        3rd Place – Michelle Phillips
                              Denise wrote “Forgiven     second place receives $200 and third place, $100.         Edmonton, Alberta
                              of Murder”, the story of
                              her experience with        Our congratulations to all our winners and our thanks
 abortion. Denise has been a tireless witness to the     to all the students who entered the contest. We urge      HIGH SCHOOL:
 evils of abortion. Denise travels the country shar-     you to try again next year. We will publish the
 ing her story with Canadians. She founded Canada        winning essays in the fall issue of The Rose.             1st Place – Joelle Rebke
 Silent No More, an organization that seeks to help                                                                Onoway, Alberta
 women speak out about their abortions and to            We would also like to thank our judges for this year,
 warn others about the consequences of the               Liz Stolee, a retired Edmonton teacher, and Joanne
 choice to have an abortion. In that role, she has       Byfield, a freelance writer and former president of       2nd Place – Mark Isinger
 placed newspaper ads across Western Canada, urg-        APL. They received copies of the essays with all          Sherwood Park, Alberta
 ing women to come forward. She has collected            personal information removed. Each judge reads and
 affidavits from women testifying to the complica-       scores each essay and then in the case of conflicts,
 tions and difficulties they have experienced as a       the judges discuss their marking and reach a final        3rd Place – Crystal Oostra
 result of abortion. She has also been a sidewalk        decision.                                                 Three Hills, Alberta
 counselor.APL secretary, Corry Morcos, who nomi-
 nated Denise for the award, did the presentation.
 Congratulations Denise!

       Hosted by League for
       Life in Manitoba Inc.
       Sponsored by
                                            LIFE 2004 – ALIVE AND LOVING IT
       Campaign Life                                                             October 14-16, 2004 – Winnipeg, Manitoba
       Coalition and

                                                         *                                              *
                                                                  SPEAKERS INCLUDE:                              KEYNOTE SPEAKERS:
                                                                  Christina Alarcon, Ian Dowbiggan,              Ewa and Lech Kowalewski, Co-founders
                                                                  Ian Gentles, Dr. Stephen Genuis, Fr.           and members of the Board of Directors of
                                                                  Tom Lynch, Rob Merrifield MP, Rev.             the Polish Federation of Pro-Life
                                                                  Scott Miller, Denise Mountenay, Dr.            Movements
                                                                  Janice Mulder, and many more.

                                                                                 *           Email: • Phone: (204) 233-8047
                                                                                             Check out their website for full conference information
                                                                                             and be sure to take advantage of the “early bird”

                                                                                                                                 THE ROSE, JUNE 2004, PAGE 7

                   Connecting Communities:
                           Annual provincial conference
                                                            Alberta Pro-Life hosted its provincial
                                                          conference May 1 in Red Deer. Speakers
                                                             reflected the theme of “Connecting
                                                        Communities” to show that there are many
                                                      different ways and places in which people can
                                                           effect change and bring their pro-life
                                                                   principles into practice.

                                                            Our political panel included speakers from three lev-
                                                      els of government. Mary Anne Jablonski is a provincial
                                                      MLA from Red Deer, Cathy Smith is a municipal councillor
Robert Hinchey: Witnessing miracles                   in Medicine Hat and Therese Gervais is a school trustee         Joanne Byfield: Polls and media can advance life
                                                      for the Sturgeon School Division north of Edmonton.             issues
                                                            Mrs. Jablonski talked about her introduction to public
                                                      life as a military wife advocating family-friendly policies
                                                      for Armed Forces personnel. Her public life is guided by
                                                      her principles and beliefs. She advised us that she thinks
                                                      life issues can be broached in the public square but those
                                                      advances will happen incrementally and will take time.
                                                            Mrs. Smith, formerly president of Medicine Hat Pro-
                                                      Life and an active community campaigner against
                                                      Planned Parenthood, never hides her pro-life convictions.
                                                      She urged people to be aware of what is going on in the
                                                      community. She pointed out that many charities now sup-
                                                      port embryonic stem cell research, which kills developing
                                                      embryos. She advised everyone to learn more about the           Retiring APL board member Anne Pinkoski: Handing
Therese Gervais: Influence your school culture
                                                      groups they are involved in and what activities and princi-     the torch to Youth
                                                      ples they support.
                                                            Mrs. Gervais is with a public school board and point-
                                                      ed out that voters pay little attention to school board elec-
                                                      tions and issues. Parental and community involvement in
                                                      schools is declining, she said, and schools are poorer for
                                                      it. Schools should reflect the values of the community
                                                      they serve and she urged parents and taxpayers to get
                                                      involved in school issues.
                                                            All three women encouraged pro-lifers to be active in
                                                      politics, either running for office at whatever level or
                                                      seeking out good candidates to run. Elected officials with
                                                      strong pro-life, pro-family values can affect our public
                                                      culture and direction.
Mrs. Mary Jablonski: Pro-Life initiatives take time         Retiring APL President Joanne Byfield addressed the       We hope they are filling out evaluation forms!
                                                      conference on several issues. She spoke about the impor-
                                                      tance of polling and presented results of last fall’s Leger
                                                      poll which found strong support across Canada on several
                                                      life issues, including legal protection for the unborn,
                                                      informed and parental consent and tax-funded abortion.
                                                      She also announced that LifeCanada, the national educa-
                                                      tional group, would be running a full-page ad in the
                                                      National Post newspaper to educate Canadians about tax-
                                                      funded abortion and to encourage them to write to their
                                                      politicians on the subject.
                                                            Our keynote speaker, Robert Hinchey, moved many
                                                      listeners to tears with his uplifting account of his work as
                                                      a sidewalk counselor at a downtown Toronto abortion
Cathy Smith: Be vigilant and pro-active               clinic (see story, page 1).                                     Robert Hinchey and Calgary’s Rock for Life: What a
                                                                                                                      role model

      Rock for Life
     Calgary Update            By Joanne Pollock

Here’s what RFL Calgary’s been up to this spring.
   rom February 13-16, youth representing RFL from all over Alberta joined us for the
F  first ever Canadian RFL training and activism weekend. Our schedule was packed
with training sessions, prayer and planning for the upcoming year, praise and wor-
ship, prayer at Kensington abortion clinic, and RFL tables at VBCI’s Ignite confer-
ence/Starfield concert, and the Bishop’s Cup.
      The second week in March, Michael Chiasson, lead guitar player for the band
one80, joined Joanne and the RFL team to speak at Koinonia Christian school and the
Catholic youth group in Olds, Notre Dame Collegiate in High River, and Calgary
Christian school in Calgary. Mike also spoke on RFL at Theology on Tap, and we had a
chapter meeting in Calgary, where Mike and our band led music.We also spent some
time talking about RFL and our goals, and then Mike gave a great talk.
                                                                                                          A.S.L.A.N. presents
      On the prayer front, we pray outside Kensington abortion clinic twice a month.
We also prayed outside a Planned Parenthood fund-raising dance in mid March, joined
the Stations of the Cross in different cities on Good Friday, and prayed on the day of
the March for Choice in April.
                                                                                                           "What's Life
      Many of our own chapter members and other pro-life supporters wore their pro-
life shirts around Calgary for national pro-life T-shirt day in April. Four chapter mem-
bers attended Alberta pro-life’s provincial conference in Red Deer.We also plan to be
at the Cochrane Crisis Pregnancy Center’s walk for life on June 5.We had a RFL table
                                                                                                           All About?"
                                                                                              A philosophical, dynamic approach to understanding issues of
at the AHEA conference in Red Deer with Alberta Pro-life, helped High River Pro-life
with their table at the High River Trade fair, and have upcoming RFL tables in Calgary       abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, transforming
at the Awakening Hope for Life conference, Recharge,Youth for Truth, and Jars of Clay.          the way people, especially youth, understand these issues.
      On May 15, the Calgary Herald did a very good article on Rock for Life, which
included interviews with Joanne Pollock, Jeremy Caspell, and Eric Whittington (co-
founder of RFL), and included a picture of RFL Calgary’s band. (see reprint on pg. 10)
       Finally, as our mission with RFL is to reach our generation with the pro-life mes-
                                                                                               The one-day conference will be held on
sage, please consider having our RFL team speak to schools or youth groups in your
area in the fall.To book our team, or for more info on RFL Calgary, please email
                                                                                             Saturday, October 30, 2004 in St. Anthony's
Joanne Pollock:                                                      School in Drayton Valley, Alberta, beginning
                                                                                                 at 9:00 am and ending at 4:30 pm.

  Rock for Life                                                                                                     Featured speakers:
Edmonton Update                                                                             NATALIE HUDSON, executive director of Toronto Right to Life offers a
                                                                                              unique message about the meaning of personhood and human
                                                                                              happiness, will be the speaker. Previously a ballerina with the
                                 By Mark Isinger
                                                                                               Royal Winnipeg Ballet, a high-school teacher, with a business
Up here in Edmonton, we at Rock for Life are trying to maintain a                             degree, she brings the message of life with grace, wisdom and
healthy rivalry with our counterparts, Calgary Rock for Life, seeing who                     clarity to youth, using a program developed by the Center for Life
can be the most effective for life.                                                                                       Principles.

  o far, they’ve been taking it right to us, from opposing a Planned Parenthood
S fundraiser in their city, to a surplus of school presentations, and even receiving
coverage in the Calgary Herald! I thank God for everything that’s happening in
                                                                                            KEN YASINSKI and Roadside Cry from Saskatoon will fill the spaces
                                                                                                 (and the rafters) with praise and worship sessions, and
                                                Calgary—even the Flames in the Stanley
                                                Cup Final— and I hope we can keep it              SUZIN PINKOSKI, chastity speaker, will direct it all as MC.
                                                up like they have been. Being in the
                                                pro-life movement often finds you seek-
                                                ing encouragement. It’s amazing what                                The cost will be $20.00 per student,
                                                forms it will take! I found some reassur-               $15.00 per chaperone and $25.00 for adults not chaperoning.
                                                ance the other day in, of all places, an
                                                Adidas’ shoe ad on the back of a maga-          This conference is age appropriate for students in grades 7 - 12 and beyond.
                                                zine:“Impossible is just a big word
                                                thrown around by small men who find            Alberta Students for a Life-Affirming Nation (A.S.L.A.N.) works to inspire and
                                                it easier to live in the world they’ve      encourage young people to take a vocal, active position for life and bring truth and a
                                                been given than to explore the power                                 culture of life back to our nation.
                                                they have to change it.” May God give us
                                                all the grace to be big people who treat
                                                impossible like a small word. Have a
                                                good summer. (See Calendar of Events            Registration will be available online at
                                                for Rock for Life activities.)
                                                                                                                                THE ROSE, JUNE 2004, PAGE 9

       Rock 'n' rollers speak
       out on abortion issue
             Movement grows by reaching youths through music
                                                                                                                            Delicatessen and Giftshop
This is an excerpt of a        Jeremy Caspell, 16, who        both science and persist-       child are "Size, Level of
story written by Joe           attends Cochrane               ence on its side.               development,
Woodard that appeared          Alliance Church.                     She's said she seeing     Environment and Degree          Jake and Tineke Vandervelde
May 15, 2004 in the                 "I've played for three    young evangelicals take         of dependency." But
Calgary Herald.                years in the group Jeremy      up a cause that used to         those are just differences            13036-82 Street
      They're ordinary
                               and the Insubordinates,        be identified as Catholic,      of degree, not differences         Edmonton, AB T5E 2T5
                               me, the bass and the           guessing they make up           in kind.
kids, practicing in a typi-
cal kids' garage band. But
                               drummer. But when we           the majority at Rock For             None of them dis-             Ph/Fax: (780) 475-5577
                               go into schools with           Life.                           qualify what is clearly a
their T-shirts bear abrupt
                               other Rock For Lifers, we            "The T-shirts are a big   biological individual from
and fairly unusual mes-
                               don't have a name.We           part of it, so people can       being a human being.
                               just do a couple of songs,     see you're pro-life. It's            Evangelicals have
      "You will not silence
                               then talk for about an         really neat. Some people        been slow to get up and
our message/ You will
                               hour, and then another         get angry, a lot of fingers,    moving on the issue --
not mock our God/ You
                               couple of songs."              a lot of swearing, but          "there's just not a lot of
will stop killing/ our gen-
                                    RFL Calgary presi-        some of them stick              emphasis, and it depends
eration," say the stark
                               dent Joanne Pollock, 18, a     around for a conversa-          on the individual church-
white words on one
                               homeschool grad, now           tion.And the good               es."
black shirt.
                               works as a piano and vio-      responses far outweigh               But he said he thinks
      Says another T-shirt:
                               lin teacher, which gives       the bad," Pollock said.         it should be a hotter
"I will stand up/ I will
                               her the flex-time needed             "We work and evan-        issue than gay marriage.
cry out/ Stop killing/ My
                               for youth activism.            gelize through music.                "Gay marriage might
                                    "We've given over         We've had tables at             not be pushed on people
      The front of a girl's
                               200 talks in the past two      maybe eight concerts in         themselves, but abortion
red hoodie reads simply,
                               years," Pollock said.          the last two years.             is more like slavery or
"I survived," while the
                                    "But it's not like two    Starfields, NYC, Jars of        the Holocaust. People
back carries the explana-
                               a week or anything; they       Clay.We haven't done any        have been dehumanized,"
tion: "Over a third of our
                               usually come in a block,       purely secular concerts         he said.
generation/ has been
                               so in a week, two or           yet, but if they'd let us in,        "Once you start tam-
wiped out/ Pray to end
                               three schools in the day-      it'd be a great opportuni-      pering with the defini-
                               time, and some youth           ty."                            tion of human beings, it
      This is Rock For Life,
                               groups in the evenings.              In the schools,           opens up a whole can of
a fast-growing but some-
                               We (Pollock and RFL            Caspell said, Rock For          worms. If you can kill lit-
what anarchic sign of
                               Edmonton president             Life teaches that "the          tle people, why not old
things to come. Begun at
                               Mark Isinger) actually         only issue is whether the       people? Why not the
an outdoor L.A. Christian
                               spoke at the National          unborn are human beings         handicapped?
rock concert 10 years
                               March for Life in              or not." They discuss the            "Baby boomers
ago, its first Canadian
                               Washington (D.C.), in          "SLED" principle: the only      should be worried,
chapter opened in
                               2002."                         things distinguishing an        because they're going to
Calgary in mid-2002.
                                    Pollock, a Catholic, is   unborn fetus from a born        grow old some day . . ."
Now RFL Edmonton has
                               convinced that the pro-
a satellite chapter in
                               life movement will even-
Westlock, and RFL
                               tually win out, having
Calgary has one in
Medicine Hat.
      Rock For Life
Calgary's membership is
quite informal. In south-
ern Alberta, it has a four-
person executive that
speaks at local schools
and to youth groups, a
five- or seven-piece band
without a name, three-
dozen kids who pray reg-
ularly outside the
Kensington abortion clin-
ic, a full weekend "train-
ing session" for 30 or 40
youths once or twice
yearly, and 100 or 200
young folks who show
up at the Rock For Life
table at Christian rock
      "I'm the vice-presi-
dent, because they need-
ed a title for the bank
account," says guitarist

                                                                                            GRANDE PRAIRIE VOICE         All in all, it was a very     Medicine Hat Pro-Life,

news from
                                                                                            FOR LIFE                     successful endeavor to        Medicine Hat Pregnancy
                                                                                            Ph: 780-538-3344             keep pro-life issues in the   Support Service and
                                                                                            public foreground and         Rachel’s House will be
                                                                                                                         again a huge thank you        participating.This has
                                                                                            It’s been an exciting        to Calgary Rock for Life      been a very effective

                                                                                            year! Education contin-      for their help.               activity in past years.
                                                                                            ues to be our main focus                                   Good news stories do
                                                                                            and we have presented        LAKELAND PRO-LIFE             come our way. Due to the
                                                                                            to approximately 2500        Ph: 780-639-3601              efforts of Medicine Hat
                                                                                            people this year.We are      Pro-Life, abortions have
                                                                                            still accepting resumes                                    not been available in
                                                                                            for the Community            LETHBRIDGE & DIST. PRO-       Medicine Hat for years.
                                                                                            Educator position to fill    LIFE                          This past year the local
                                                                                            a maternity leave. Phone     Ph: 403-320-5433              Planned Parenthood
                                                                                            780-538-3344 for details.              office has had to close its
                                                                                            Fundraising is still a                                     doors for a lack of funds.
                                                                                            major part of keeping us     In its efforts to educate     We also understand that
                                underway and looking          president. The position       running.We are pleased       the future of our nation,     abortions are no longer
                                very good.We hope to          of secretary is still open    to announce that the         Lethbridge and District       available in Brooks due to
Ph: 403-945-1016
                                have all legalities settled   and we welcome any            Rubber Chicken Guy           Pro-Life held its first       the retirement of the
                                this summer and the bill-     member of Edmonton            brought in about $800        Youth Pro-Life Boot           only abortionist there.
                                board in place by fall.       Prolife to join us in this    and we had more than         Camp. Seventeen young
                                Also contacts have been       capacity or as a director.    300 people attend! We        participants attended the     PEMBINA PRO-LIFE
Ph: 403-243-0691
                                made to have as much          A huge thank you went         had an awesome time!         Saturday, May 15th ses-       Ph: 780-674-2952
                                attendance as possible        to the board for all the      We’re looking forward to     sion and left better
                                from all denominations at     work that they had done       our Family Carnival in       equipped to share and
                                the Drayton Valley Youth      over the last year. Please    June and then the board      participate in a culture of   RED DEER PRO-LIFE
Ph: 780-672-7110
                                for Life conference this      call Edmonton Prolife at      is going to get a well-      life. Executive Director      Ph: 403-340-2229
                                fall.                         425-1637 if you would         deserved rest this sum-      Cheryl Boehr and Youth
                                      On May 21st, there      like information from the     mer as things start to       Liaison Dawna-Rae
Ph: 780-675-4442                                                                                                                                       We had our AGM and the
                                was a Prayer Vigil across     AGM or if you have any        wind down for us with        Schultz included a con-                                                                                                                                 new executive is as fol-
                                from the Edmonton             inquiries.                    the school year.             densed version of
Choose Life Athabasca                                                                                                    “Making Abortion              lows: President - Bonnie
                                Morgentaler Clinic from            Klondike days is just
has contacted local doc-                                                                    HIGH RIVER PRO-LIFE          Unthinkable” as well as a     Bredo,Vice-President -
                                12:30 to 13:30.Ten peo-       around the corner, July
tors to ask if they would                                                                   Ph: 403-395-2106             segment on how to help        Christine Moore,
                                ple attended.                 22 through July 31, and
consider referring                                                                      someone with an               Treasurer - Laura Kahl,
                                      Our June meeting        Edmonton Prolife is look-
women in crisis or                                                                                                       unplanned pregnancy.All       Recording Secretary -
                                will be the last before       ing for volunteers to man     High River had its trade
unplanned pregnancies                                                                                                    participants expressed a      Charmaine Rollings,
                                summer break, and we          their booth. Gate admis-      fair on April 24 and,
to a local woman in our                                                                                                  stronger understanding        Corresponding Secretary
                                will meet again in            sion is paid for the booth    thanks to our treasurer,
community who has vol-                                                                                                   of the pro-life message.      - Marie Ottosen,
                                September.This does           volunteers and it is a fun    our group had one of
unteered to counsel these                                                                                                Cheryl and Dawna-Rae          Membership - Ed Shields,
                                however not mean we           way that you can help to      the best locations among
women. She has a degree                                                                                                  will be fine tuning this      Pastoral Liaison - Donald
                                will be totally idle as we    get the pro-life message      the service clubs.
in psychology from                                                                                                       presentation so it can be     Ottosen .A big thank you
                                will be working on proj-      out. Please call the office   Everybody had to come
Trinity Western University                                                                                               available as a kit for use    goes to Adriana Lagrange
                                ects underway i.e. bill-      at 425-1637 if you would      past our exhibit to get to
and has done crisis preg-                                                                                                with other youth groups.      for her almost 20 years of
                                board.                        like to volunteer.            the trade fair.
nancy counselling.We                                                                                                     We are excited that           service to Red Deer and
                                                                                            We had Rock for Life vol-    Dawna-Rae has been            District Pro-Life. She is
have found our doctors
                                                                                            unteers at all times at      invited to speak to vari-     taking a well-deserved
to be very supportive.
                                                                                            our booth alongside our      ous youth in the area         break from doing the
One even offered to get
                                                                                            own members.We great-        including pastors, school     education for our group.
involved in organizing
                                                                                            ly appreciated having        groups, family and teen       Thank you very much
private adoptions for
                                                                                            these teenagers come         camps. Discussions fol-       Adriana. If anyone out
women in crisis pregnan-
                                                                                            from Calgary to help us      lowing her presentations      there has a desire to help
cies.This has been a
                                                                                            and to put a young face      have been both stimulat-      us out in the area of edu-
rewarding project.
                                                                                            on the local pro-life        ing and informative.          cation please give us a
More challenging for us
                                                                                            movement. By the way, a      By mid-June, L&DPL will       call for more information.
have been our attempts
                                                                         Edmonton           group of local teens is      have distributed 7000         We had radio ads on
to distribute the CD
“Truth Unmasked” to                                                      Pro-Life’s         starting up a Rock for       postcards to be sent to       105.5 for 10 days regard-
                                                                         Vigil              Life chapter in High         MLAs expressing the           ing defunding abortion.
teens in our local high
                                                                                            River. Hallelujah!           desire that abortions be      If anyone has any feed-
schools.This is a real spir-
                                                                                            The public always            deinsured (see story page     back with respect to
itual battle that, as yet, we                                      Do you like to knit      admires the fetal models     1).                           these ads, please give us a
have not won.                   EDMONTON PROLIFE              or crochet? Edmonton          on exhibit.We handed                                       call.
                                Ph: 780-425-1637              Prolife collects new          out many pro-life bal-
C.H.I.L.D.                                                                                                               MEDICINE HAT PRO-LIFE         We will put an ad in the
                                 booties and hats for new-     loons to kids who wan-
Citizen’s Helping in Life’s                                                                                              Ph: 403-527-7434              Red Deer College
                             born babies.The items         dered around the trade
Defense                                                                                                                Handbook again this year.
                                                              are donated to the Royal      fair with the balloons on
Ph: 780-962-8108                Edmonton Prolife held its                                                                                              Also, we will also have a
                                                              Alex hospital where they      their wrists.This year       Our Hike for Life was           Annual General Meeting                                                                                                 booth at the Westerner
                                                              are put to good use for       our exhibit included a       held on May 8.Thank you
                                on Tuesday, May 18, with                                                                                               Days in Red Deer from
                                                              keeping the newborns          crib with 30 dolls, the      to all those who came
DRAYTON VALLEY RESPECT          guest speaker Jill Cahoon                                                                                              July 21 - 25th.
                                                              warm after birth, and as a    number of children           out to support us and
FOR LIFE                        of REAL Women. Jill
                                                              memorial outfit for those     aborted daily in Alberta.    raise funds.
Ph: 780-542-7546                spoke of her involvement                                                                                               TABER PRO-LIFE
                                                              families who suffer the       We held a draw to guess      Rachel’s House project                with the World Congress                                                                                                Ph: 403-223-8452
                                                              loss of their precious        the right number of          held a very successful
                                of Families. She highlight-                                                                                  
On May 16th we had our                                        baby during childbirth.       dolls in the crib. Prizes    Mother’s Day Dinner on
                                ed the close connection
first walkathon as a                                          Patterns and information      awarded were pizza           May 7 and received a
                                between the undermin-                                                                                                  WAINWRIGHT LIFE
fundraiser.We were very                                       on other useful items can     from Pizza 5200 and          super surprise that
                                ing of the traditional fam-                                                                                            MATTERS
pleased with the atten-                                       be obtained by calling        hamburgers from the          evening.A house was
                                ily and the incidence of                                                                                               Ph: 780-842-6135
dance, as there were a lot                                    the pro-life office at 425-   Hitching Post (both out-     donated for their use free
                                abortion. A new board                                                                                        
of other events going on                                      1637.                         lets are known as among      of charge to begin their
                                was elected: Corry
in our town.The funds                                                                       the best in the West).       work.Thank you so much        Thank you to Doreen
                                Morcos as president,
are mainly to help erect a                                    FORT McMURRAY PRO-LIFE        Above all, these respect-    to our very generous          Connelly for all her hard
                                Glenn Woolger as treasur-
permanent billboard at                                        Ph: 780-791-0306              ed local outlets donated     donor.We will again have      work and dedication to
                                er,Anita Greenways,Anne
the south entrance of                                           the prizes and we thank      a booth at the Medicine       our Life Matters
                                Wansink, Denise
town. Negotiations with                                                                     them very much for           Hat Stampede, July 28-31      Carnation Drive. She is
                                Fedoruk, as directors, and
the property owners are                                                                     their support.               to promote ‘Life’.            greatly appreciated.
                                Paula Rebstock as past
                                                                                                                                 THE ROSE, JUNE 2004, PAGE 11

                Do you know what your                                                                                  after infertility procedures and therapeutic abortions
                                                                                                                       will be used.”
                                                                                                                             Some charities do not have a policy.This is hard to

                charity is supporting?                                                                                 fathom based on the fact that researchers who jump to
                                                                                                                       their organization for funding may be using aborted
                                                                                                                       fetuses and the charity would not know if they have no
                                               By Cathy Smith                                                                The organization that I really feel deserves to be
                                                                                                                       questioned is Amnesty International.This is a human
                                                                                                                       rights watchdog organization and they state:“As for the
                                                                                                                       question of abortion, the organization has no stance on
     A few years ago I wrote an article about Planned      has yet to be brought forward that such cures are           it one way or the other.” So then they would not consid-
Parenthood and its connections with other organiza-        likely with embryos. To date, embryonic stem cell           er it a human rights violation in Third World Countries
tions.Well, now, with advances in research that use        research has produced no cures in human beings.             when a woman is forced to abort her baby in order to
reproductive technologies, we have to worry about               The charities to which most of us contribute at        get food for her other children.We know this happens
other recognised charities as well as Planned              various times of the year refuse to take this information   in Africa and some South American countries.What a
Parenthood. It is important to know what you are sup-      seriously.Are you prepared to support these organiza-       disgrace!
porting when you make your charitable donations.           tions when they are using test tubes babies and abort-            [Editor’s Note: The Bishop of the Roman Catholic
     All of us have for years participated in various      ed fetuses to do their research? It is time to take a       Diocese of London, Ontario, Bishop Ronald Fabbro
fundraisers for our favourite charities; Canadian Cancer   stand. Charities only understand one thing: when the        has warned students who raise money for the
Society, Heart and Stroke, Canadian Diabetes, and oth-     cheque is not written they will have to change their        Canadian Cancer Society at Catholic schools in his
ers.                                                       ways!                                                       diocese to ensure that their donations are not used
     Do you know that many of these organizations               I have copies of letters from Canadian Cancer          for destructive embryonic stem cell research.“We
support destructive embryonic stem cell research?          Society which say, “they will ensure that human             should take the opportunity to witness to the organi-
These groups used to support research using adult          embryonic stem cell research takes place in a               zation our convictions as Catholics: that we value the
stem cells, which does not destroy human life. Now the     responsible, ethical and accountable manner.”               life of every human person and judge the destruction
researchers have decided to use embryonic stem cells,      How could killing a baby ever be ethical?                   of embryos for stem cell research a violation of their
sometimes taken from aborted fetuses.                           The letter from Heart and Stroke Foundation            fundamental right to life,” Bishop Fabbro wrote. The
     A team of American and Argentinean researchers        states, “The Foundation will fund research that             Canadian Cancer Society says it has no difficulty
have proven that adult stem cells can significantly        derives stem cells from: i) existing human                  “redirecting students’ donations to community servic-
improve damaged heart tissue.This breakthrough fol-        embryos or, ii) human fetal material resulting              es or other kinds of research.” The problem with that
lows a long history of successful experimental and         from elective abortions.”                                   approach, of course, is that the additional money
therapeutic treatments with adult stem cells, or cells          The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada has a simi-   allows the society to continue with its destructive
taken from the patient’s own body. Though many in          lar statement relating to embryonic stem cells left over    research by simply shifting money from one area to
the research community continue to insist on the           from in vitro fertilization procedures.The Parkinson        another. The charity suffers no overall loss of funding
necessity of embryonic stem cells, no evidence             Society Canada states “only those embryos that remain       under such conditions.]

CALENDAR OF                                                                                          Election 2004
events                                                                                                   – Make It Matter
                                                                                                    This is an important election.We cannot be
                                                                                                    responsible citizens if we do not inform ourselves
                                                                                                    about the issues and candidates. Here are some
                                                                                                    useful websites for pro-life, pro-family people to
July 1-4 Rock for Life Booth
                                                 September 18 Edmonton Prolife Walkathon            help sort out who stands for what. Please cast
sponsored by Alberta Pro-Life, at the Catholic                                                      your ballot on June 28 or register with Elections
Family Life Conference at Lac Ste.Anne,          with Honorary Chair Graham Hicks of the            Canada,, and do a mail-in ballot.
attended by 1500-2000 people.                    Edmonton Sun. The walkathon will be held at        You must be registered before June 22, 2004 to do
                                                 Rundle Park. For pledge sheets or to sponsor       a mail-in ballot.
July 21-25 Westerner Days                        Graham Hicks, please contact the office at
Red Deer Pro-Life will have a booth at           425-1637.                                          Political Parties
Westerner Days.                                                                                     Christian Heritage Party
                                                 October 3 International Life Chain.                Conservative Party of Canada
July 22- July 31 Klondike Days                   This annual prayer witness to the sanctity of
                                                                                                    Green Party of Canada
Edmonton Prolife will have a booth at            all human life will be held in communities         Liberal Party of Canada
Klondike Days. Rock for Life Edmonton will       throughout Alberta.We will have more infor-        New Democratic Party
be helping out. Call EPL to volunteer to man     mation on times and places in our September
the booth, 425-1690, or stop by while you are    issue.                                             Pro-Life sites:
enjoying K-Days for a visit.                                                              
                                                 October 14-16 Annual National Pro-Life   
July 28-31 Medicine Hat Stampede
Medicine Hat Pro-Life will be at the Medicine    “Alive and Loving It” in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
                                                 Hosted by League for Life Manitoba Inc. and        Media Election Sites
Hat Stampede with their booth.                                                                      CBC
                                                 co-sponsored by Campaign Life Coalition and        CTV
August 7 – Canada Silent No More Music           LifeCanada. For more information see ad on         Canwest/Global
Benefit Concert                                  page or call 204-233-8047 or email                 tures/decisioncanada/index.html
In Hawrelak Park, Edmonton in the amphithe-                                       Globe and Mail
atre from noon to 3 p.m. Musicians will
include Mark Mallett, Debbie Seburn, Rock for    October 30 Drayton Valley Youth for Life
Life and more. For information and tickets,      Conference.
call Denise Mountenay at 780-939-5714.           Guest speaker is Natalie Hudson of Toronto
                                                 Right to Life. For more information. See ad on
September 11-12 Harvest Moon Music Festival      page 8.
Edmonton Rock for Life Booth at Harvest
Moon 2004, the largest Christian Music festi-    TBA: 24-hour famine
val in Western Canada.                           Edmonton Rock for Life Chapter member will
                                                 hold a 24-hour famine to raise money for the
                                                 local Pregnancy Crisis Center. Stay tuned for

                                                          I would like to receive
                                                          a complimentary feet                       ... I would like to sign up to become
                                                          pin for my donation of                                a monthly donor!
                                                          $35 or more.
                                                                                                         Option #1 – Monthly Debit from your
                                                                                                         Bank Account
                                                                                                         I give permission to Alberta Pro-Life to withdraw
                                                                                                         $________ (min. $5) from my bank account on
                                                                                                         the 5th day of each month. Enclosed is a copy of
                                                                                                         a voided cheque.

                                                                                                         Option #2 – Monthly Credit Card
                                                                                                         I give permission to Alberta Pro-Life to process a
                                                                                                         donation of $________ (min. $10) on my credit
                                                                                                         card on the 15th day of each month.

                                                             Please make cheque payable to:
                                                                                                         TOTAL ENCLOSED $__________
                                                           Alberta Pro-Life Alliance Association,    Alberta Pro-Life is not a registered charity and cannot
                                                           Box 11479, Edmonton, AB T5J 3K5           issue tax receipts for donations.

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