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									                    I & A Shares | Second Quarter 2011

                    Large Cap Growth
                    Stock Fund
                    Subadviser                                              Performance Update – Benchmark and Fund

                    Silvant Capital Management LLC - a growth equity        The major issues that drove the stock market returns for the second quarter were primarily geopolitical events that
                    manager based in Atlanta, Georgia.                      centered on questions of sovereign debt. Greece’s financial condition became news again as investors worried that
                                                                            the country might default on its debt obligations and contagion would cause major turmoil. Political leaders in the
                    Quarterly Return (%)           Fund       Benchmark*    United States wrangled over raising the debt ceiling, putting additional pressure on financial markets. Furthermore,
                                                                            the uncertain impact related to the Federal Reserve ending the Quantitative Easing (QE2) program and whether any
                     I Shares                     1.13           0.76       additional measures would be taken to support the economy also weighed on investors. Market pundits fretted
                     A Shares (w/load)           -4.76           0.76       about a slowdown in China and the global economic and environmental impact of the earthquake in Japan. These
                                                                            factors as well as others raised concerns about the possibility of a mild recession (a double dip) and equity markets
                    Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
                                                                            reacted negatively in May and June.
                                                                            After three quarters in a row where all major economic sectors of the Russell 1000 Growth Index gained in value, the
                    Sector Weights (%)             Fund       Benchmark*    Energy, Financials, Industrials and Technology sectors declined during the second quarter. However, growth stocks
                    Consumer Discretionary         16.77          14.02     across the market capitalization spectrum as measured by the Russell Indices continue to out-pace value stocks.
                                                                            Specifically, large capitalization stocks as measured by the Russell 1000 Growth Index gained 0.76% during the
                    Consumer Staples                8.52          11.83     quarter. The RidgeWorth Large Cap Growth Stock Fund I Shares returned 1.13% exceeding the performance of its
                    Energy                         10.32          11.57     benchmark index by 37 basis points.
                    Financial Services              4.41           3.98
                    Health Care                    10.41          10.93     Contributors to Performance
                    Industrials                    16.04          13.48     The Fund had positive stock selection in four major economic sectors and also benefited from 14 stocks in various
                    Information Technology         29.19          26.97     industries that increased in value by more than 10% during the quarter. Stock selection was especially good
                                                                            within Consumer Staples for the second quarter in a row. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters continued adding
                    Materials                       4.35           5.99     value rising by more than 35%. When the company reported its first quarter financial results in May the earnings
                    Telecom Services                0.00           1.15     growth exceeded investor expectations by 27% because of continued growth of K-cups and Brewer sales. The year-
                    Utilities                       0.00           0.08     over-year earnings growth increased 140%. In addition, the Fund’s aerospace stocks performed well as backlogs
                                                                            increased and investors began to anticipate an upturn in this late cycle business.
                    *Russell 1000 Growth
                    Overweight / Underweight / Neutral                      Detractors from Performance
                    Portfolio composition is subject to change.
                                                                            Stock selection within the Energy, Financials and Technology sectors hindered relative performance during
                                                                            the quarter. The Fund’s Energy stocks lagged the broader Russell Energy sector for company-specific reasons.
                    Biggest Contributors                                    Peabody Energy, a coal producer, disappointed investors when they reported quarterly earnings. The shortfall in
                                                                            earnings resulted from production problems and flooding in their Australian mines. The Fund continues to hold
                    Hansen Natural Corporation                              Peabody Energy because of strong asian metallurgical coal and thermal coal demand. Its coal assets in Australia
                    Coach Incorporated                                      and the U.S should bode well for the company as demand continues.
                    Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Incorporated
                    Visa Incorporated                                       Performance Attribution
                    Bed Bath & Beyond Incorporated                                                                                    Sector Weight        Stock Selection          Total
                                                                            (In Percents Positive / Negative)                            Impact                Impact              Impact
                    Biggest Detractors                                      Consumer Discretionary                                         0.08                 0.37                 0.46
                                                                            Consumer Staples                                              -0.05                 0.63                 0.58
                    Juniper Networks Incorporated
                    Peabody Energy Corporation                              Energy                                                         0.06                -0.18                -0.12
                    Google Inc. Cl A                                        Financials                                                    -0.00                -0.26                -0.26
                    Cameron International Corporation                       Health Care                                                    0.02                 0.27                 0.28
                    ASML Holding N.V.                                       Industrials                                                   -0.02                 0.31                 0.28
                                                                            Information Technology                                         0.01                -0.61                -0.60
                                                                            Materials                                                     -0.01                -0.08                -0.09
                                                                            Telecom Services                                               0.00                   --                 0.00
                                                                            Utilities                                                     -0.01                   --                -0.01
                                                                            Total                                                          0.08                 0.45                 0.53
                                                                           Performance attribution does not incorporate the effects of cash, unclassified securities or expenses. The total impact
                                                                           may not equal the difference between Fund and Benchmark returns.
                    I & A Shares | Second Quarter 2011                                                                                                                                        Page 2

                    Large Cap Growth
                    Stock Fund
                    Performance vs. Benchmark and Peers (%) As of 6/30/11                                                   QTD            1 year           3 year           5 year          10 year

                    Large Cap Growth Stock Fund – I Shares*                                                              1.13           40.42            5.62            5.62             2.09
                    Large Cap Growth Stock Fund – A Shares* (w/ 5.75% load)                                             -4.76           31.99            3.25            4.08             1.04
                    Russell 1000 Growth Index                                                                            0.76           35.01            5.01            5.33            2.24
                    Morningstar Large Growth Funds                                                                       0.10           33.08            3.02            4.07            2.24
                     * I shares inception date is 7/1/92. A shares inception date is 6/9/92.
                    Because equity markets may be volatile in the short-term, resulting in unusually high or low performance, investors should evaluate long-term performance before making an
                     The Morningstar Mutual Funds Average is an equally weighted average of the mutual funds within their respective investment objectives, adjusted for the reinvestment of capital
                     gains distributions and income dividends.
                     Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The performance quoted represents past performance and current returns may be higher or lower. The investment return
                     and net asset value will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than the original cost. To obtain RidgeWorth Funds performance
                     information current to the most recent month end, visit
                     The expense ratios for the I and A Shares are 1.04% and 1.34% respectively. Investment performance reflects voluntary fee waivers which may be discontinued at any time.
                     Without these fee waivers, performance would have been lower.

                    Strategy and Outlook

                    The investment team continues to focus on stocks that best fit our investment criteria: those with high earnings quality and positive fundamental trends that lead to rising earnings,
                    efficiently managed capital structures and reasonable valuations. The team attempts to derive the majority of outperformance through stock selection, minimizing the potential
                    impact of unintended style bias and macroeconomic risk. This bottom-up stock selection coupled with disciplined risk management is cornerstone to our investment process.

                    Important Information and Investment Concerns

                    Securities mentioned (% of portfolio): Hansen Natural Corporation (1.59), Coach Incorporated (2.09), Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Incorporated (1.25) Visa Incorporated
                    (2.73), Bed Bath & Beyond Incorporated (1.62), Juniper Networks Incorporated (1.31), Peabody Energy Corporation (1.17), Google Incorporated Cl A (3.01), Cameron International
                    Corporation (1.50), ASML Holding N.V. (0.92).
                    Stocks may be more volatile and carry more risk and return potential than other forms of investments. Mutual fund investing involves risk,including the possible loss of principal.
                    A basis point is equal to 0.01%.
                    The Russell 1000 Growth Index is an unmanaged index composed of securities in the Russell 1000® Index, with higher than average price-to-book ratios and higher than average
                    forecasted growth values. Investors cannot invest directly in an index.
                    The views expressed by the Fund’s managers are as of the quarter-end specified. This information is subject to change without notice as market conditions change, and is not
                    intended to predict the performance of any individual security, market sector, or RidgeWorth Fund.

                    Past performance does not guarantee future results.

                    An investor should consider the fund’s investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses carefully before investing or sending money. This and other important
                    information about the RidgeWorth Funds can be found in the fund’s prospectus. To obtain a prospectus, please call 1-888-784-3863 or visit Please read
                    the prospectus carefully before investing.
                    ®2011 RidgeWorth Funds. RidgeWorth Funds are distributed by RidgeWorth Distributors LLC. RidgeWorth Investments is the trade name for RidgeWorth Capital Management, Inc.,
                    the adviser to the RidgeWorth Funds, and is not affiliated with the distributor.

                          • Not FDIC Insured • No Bank Guarantee • May Lose Value


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