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									KSD Software
KSD Software is one of the worlds leading software developers for traders in the field of External
Logistics with a focus and specialization in automated customs clearance solutions (CWW) as well as for
the transportation, forwarding and logistics industry for traders.

Its origins dates back to 1976 and the company have in the later years experienced a rapid growth.
Today KSD Software is characterized by knowledge intensive organization, filled with highly
specialized individuals from the fields of IT, customs and transportation industry

Headquartered in Oslo, the group has regional offices throughout Europe, in addition to its offices in 9
cities in the Nordic countries.

The company enjoys a sound financial status with operating profits and annual turnover growing
steadily. KSD Software has an AAA credit rating from Dun & Bradstreet.
KSD Software International consists of a regional competence centre and direct sales organization
located in The Netherlands with strategic partnerships all over Europe and North America in order to
provide international support to our customers

KSD CWW- The World Wide Customs Clearance Solution
KSD CWW is a modern and flexible software solution which includes modules for different Customs
procedures (and other business related working and transport processes). The application itself may be
automated as a black box solution and/or the users can make manual Customs declarations or exchange
interfaced information in the application.
Working process is a central conception in the application; meaning that KSD CWW is adaptable to the
business processes and how clients are dealing with their daily working routines.
The solution is module based with modules as: Import/Export/NCTS/ Bonded Warehouse/
Invoicing/Licenses/ Tariff Books/ Documents

KSD CWW is interfaced towards most major ERP/WMS systems.
KSD Software has references as IKEA, Adidas, Dohle, DHL, Volvo, Maersk Logistics, Toyota.

There are also other solutions as Transport Logistics Administration.

For further information look at our website: www.ksdsoftware.com

Or contact:
KSD Software International BV
Gildenveld 24
3892 DG Zeewolde
The Netherlands
PO Box 1285
3890 BB Zeewolde
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 36 5234405
Fax : +31 36 5236004
E-Mail: Info.nl@ksdsoftware.com

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