Community Policing Newsletter May 2011 by liuqingyan


                                                                                                          MAy 2011, VolUMe #2 ISSUe #5

JusT half a mark
alberta C.O.P.s.
                                             enhance public interest in         students came in second to Mount
                                             policing as a career.              Royal students by just half a mark.
                                                Winners locally received a        The outstanding skills the students
                                             $1,000 budget to refine their      put forward demonstrate the quality
                                             plan and present it to various     education that Keyano College
                                             Alberta policing agencies.         provides and the high caliber of
                                             Throughout this process, Cst.      students Fort McMurray has.
                                             Curtis Winand and Cst. Dustin        By example, they showed that
                                             Greig assisted the Keyano          you don’t have to live in a major
                                             College students by sharing        centre to get a superior education.
                                             their ideas, knowledge of          These students were excellent
                                             policing in Alberta, feedback,     ambassadors for Fort McMurray and
                                             and real life stories.             the Wood Buffalo RCMP would like
                                                The students made their final   to congratulate laura, Tiffany, Jillian,
                                             local presentations on April       Mark and olivier on their hard work!
                                             7 and, subsequently, on April
With the guidance and support           16, laura Towle, Tiffany Thomas,
of Wood Buffalo rCmP, a team
                                        Jillian Hopkins, Mark Dicks, and           May 2011, Volume #2 Issue #5
of keyano students showcased
                                        olivier Naud represented their                 The Royal Canadian
their police recruiting program
in Calgary and, with just a             team in Calgary. The students did                Mounted Police
half a mark separating them             the entire 20-minute presentation           Wood Buffalo Detachment
from the winning mount royal            from memory and demonstrated                   Fort McMurray, AB
students, their performance was         they talked to the target group and         In This Issue
exceptional.                            balanced a budget.                          National Victims of Crime.........2
   Students enrolled at Keyano             The Keyano team blew away the
                                                                                    May Traffic Safety Plan..............3
College’s marketing program last        judges that represented the Alberta
                                                                                    When I Grow Up .......................4
semester participated in a Provincial   Solicitor General’s office, RCMP,
initiative aimed at hiring more         Calgary City Police, and edmonton           RCMP Career ............................4

police officers in Alberta. Multiple    City Police.                                Jail and Bail ..............................5
colleges and universities throughout       However, despite their                   RCMP Attendance ....................5
Alberta competed locally to create      outstanding presentation, ideas,            SPCA ........................................6
a marketing plan that would             and knowledge, the Keyano                   Alert Gang Hotline ...................6
                                                                                    Family Safety Day .....................7
                                                                                    Report a Drug House................8

            Royal Canadian
            Mounted Police
many VOICes, many PaThs
national Victims of Crime awareness Week
                                                                               to attend the future dedication as
                                                                               the tree will stand as a symbol of
                                                                               strength for victims and a symbol of
                                                                               support from a strong community
                                                                                  Victim Services extends
                                                                               their sincere thanks to the rural
                                                                               communities for their hospitality
                                                                               and participation. Residents were
                                                                               provided with a complimentary
                                                                               luncheon and an afternoon
                                                                               information forum with community
                                                                                  Such events wouldn’t be possible
                                                                               without community collaboration
                                                                               and partnership. We extend our
                                                                               sincere thanks and appreciation
                                                                               to the sponsoring communities
mayor melissa Blake officially          which provided a great opportunity     and the following businesses and
proclaimed april 10 – 17 as             to bring valuable information and      agencies:
national Victims of Crime               resources to residents across the      •	 Department	of	Justice,	
awareness Week in the regional          entire region and to recognize             Government of Canada
municipality of Wood Buffalo.           the volunteer advocates for their      •	 Alberta	Solicitor	General	and	
  This year’s theme, Many Voices,       countless hours and dedication to          Public Security
Many Paths reflected our region’s       the Victim Services Unit.              •	 AMA	Alberta	Motor	Association
great diversity – a wide range of          The week’s events began             •	 Regional	Municipality	of	Wood	
cultures and languages brought          in Conklin and ended in Fort               Buffalo
together to build the future as a       McMurray. The Fort McMurray            •	 Sobeys
safe community in Wood Buffalo.         event hosted a blessing of the         •	 Premium	Meats
  To ensure all voices could be         ground for the site of a spring tree   •	 MAC’s	Store	–	Timberlea
heard, Victim Services included rural   dedication which will take place in    •	 SaveOn	Foods
communities in their event planning,    June. The community will be invited    •	 M&M	Meats

alberta Traffic safety Plan
rCmP TO fOCus On yOung DrIVers
ThIs may

Did you know that one in every          Reasons for these statistics vary       These are facts that the RCMP
five new drivers is involved in a    from incident to incident. Common       are all too familiar with. As a result,
collision with in their first two    reasons are driver inexperience,        May 2011 is being themed “young
years of driving? In fact, during    overconfidence behind the wheel         Driver Month”. Wood Buffalo RCMP
the five year period from 2004 to    and risk-taking, having friends, cell   Detachment will be using this
2008, 257 young drivers (ages 14-    phones, or other distractions on        month to focus on youth oriented
24) were killed and 18,174 young     board, and of course alcohol and        enforcement and education
drivers were injured in              drug consumption before driving.        initiatives.
alberta alone.                       Possibly the most disturbing factor        The RCMP would like to remind
   young drivers represent the       contributing to loss of life in young   all drivers to slow down and be
smallest demographic of drivers in   drivers is the driver’s neglecting      careful on our roads. only you, the
the province, yet have the highest   to buckle up. over 33% of young         driver, can truly prevent collisions
casualty rate when compared to any   driver’s killed on the road die as a    and senseless loss of life.
other group.                         result of not wearing a seatbelt.

When I grOW uP
                    The Connect newspaper recently
                    sponsored a colouring contest for
                    students, who were to submit a
                    picture of what they wanted to be
                    when they grew up.
                        In response to the overwhelming
                    amount of kids who submitted
                    pictures of a police officer, Cst.
                    Dustin Greig stopped in at one
                    of the Kindergarten Classes at St.
                    Anne School.
                        Cst. Greig told the children what
                    it is like to be a police officer and
                    gave out some goody bags.

a Career nOWhere near OrDInary
                    By enforcing the law and
                    investigating crime, rCmP
                    members play an important role in
                    ensuring the safety and security of
                    those in the community
                    they serve.
                      Regular Members are role models
                    and leaders in their communities
                    and they provide advice and
                    guidance to people from all walks
                    of life.
                      Make a difference in your
                    community and in your country.
                    Join the more than 19,000 RCMP
                    members and build on the RCMP’s
                    137-year legacy.
                      For more information on this
                    exciting and rewarding career visit
           or contact us at

JaIl anD BaIl BenefITs unITy hOuse

On march 30, students from fort mcmurray Composite high school
participated in a “Jail and Bail” fundraiser for unity house.
   Students were handcuffed by Cst. Dustin Greig and they were not
released until they raised a predetermined amount
of money.
   The cash was then donated to the Unity House women’s shelter.
   A total of $1,700.00 was raised by the students.

neW Way TO geT rCmP TO aTTenD
yOur eVenT!!!
Would you like to have an rCmP
member provide a presentation
for class, group, or organization?
  Do you want an RCMP member to
attend your event in Red Serge?
  Would you like Monty the Bear to
brighten your event?
  All requests for RCMP members
or Monty the Bear are now being
received through e-mail. Just send
an e-mail to fort_mcmurray_cpvs@ and detail your
request. Make sure you leave a
name and a phone number that you
can be reached at during normal
business hours.
  In order to meet the high demand
of community requests, please
contact us at least two to three
weeks in advance with
your request.

COmmunITy POlICIng gIVes TO
anImals In neeD
The Community Policing unit
proudly donated another $103.00
to the fort mcmurray sPCa this
past month.
   over the last year, Wood Buffalo
Detachment has contributed
approximately $1200.00 to the
SPCA through the collection of
Canadian Tire money and through
our Recycling Committee’s bottle
refunds. our donations have
helped support the SPCA in
their efforts to treat animals that
may be sick, injured, or simply
awaiting adoption. Members of
the Community Policing Unit got
to hang out with “Gooey”, a very
playful puppy who is recovering
from a broken hind leg.

alerT’s gang hOTlIne
The alberta law enforcement           CFSeU-Wood Buffalo. “We felt it           team investigates, disrupts and
response Teams (alerT) is             was important and imperative for          dismantles serious criminal activity,
seeking the public’s assistance       us to do what we can to encourage         such as drug trafficking networks
in their crackdown on gang and        those people to come forward.             and marijuana grow operations.
organized crime activity in the       We are hopeful that this hotline          They also target street-level gang
fort mcmurray area.                   will help us with current and future      activity and probe larger organized
   AleRT’s Combined Forces Special    investigations so we can create a         crime groups operating both inside
enforcement Unit (CFSeU) in the       safer community for our residents.”       and outside Alberta’s borders.
Wood Buffalo region launched a           Those with organized crime or          AleRT is an umbrella organization
gang information hotline a few        gang information can call 780.788.        established by the Government
months ago. CFSeU hopes the           GANG or 780.788.4264. Callers             of Alberta to bring together the
hotline will engage the public and    will be asked to leave a recorded         province’s most sophisticated law
encourage people with information     message. If they choose to provide        enforcement resources to tackle
about organized crime groups to       a name and phone number, an               serious and organized crime. Close
come forward. “We know there are      investigator will return the call. The    to 400 municipal police, RCMP
good citizens in the community        call will be kept strictly confidential   and sheriffs work collaboratively for
who have information to share         and the caller’s identity will be         AleRT. For more information about
with police but who may be fearful    protected. The AleRT CFSeU has            AleRT, please visit:
to do so without some form of         been operating in Fort McMurray 
anonymity,” said Sgt. Irv Heide of    since April 2010. The CFSeU

    13th Annual

                                                                  Saturday, MAY 7
                                                                             11am- 3pm
                                                                     Casman Centre

                                                                 RMWB Bylaw Bike Rodeo & Bike ID
                                                             Regional Emergency Services Helmet Fitting
                                                           Sports Wise Source for Sports Bike Inspections
                                                               RCMP Child Fingerprinting Ident-i-kit
                                                           St. John Ambulance Teddy Bear First Aid Post
                                                           Fire truck, Fire Safety House, Ambulance
                                                                  Sheriff, RCMP, Bylaw vehicles
                                                           Roll Over Simulator, Fatal Vision Goggles
                                                             ATCO Electricity Display, Car Seat Info
               For more details:
                                                                        Transit Tour & Ride                                   Interactive Games and Displays
                                                                         School bus safety
                                                                         Door prizes… and so much more!
       or phone 780-743-0006

                    SPONSORED BY:                                                      HOSTED BY: 
                                                                              THE CHILDHOOD INJURY PREVENTION COMMITTEE 
    AMBASSADOR SPONSORS ($20,000 +)              EVENT SPONSORS                                

                 Mix 103.7                    Canadian Society of Safety                      Alberta Brain Injury Network 
                                                                                              Alberta Health Services 
    Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo                                                     Be Fit for Life, Keyano College 
             Suncor Energy Inc.              Casman Group of Companies                        Block Parents 
            Syncrude Canada Ltd.              Diversified Transportation 
                                                                                              Child Development Dayhomes 
                                              Fort McMurray Oil Barons                        Emergency Services 
                                                                                              RCMP & Sheriff’s 
    BUILDER SPONSORS ($5,000 ‐$9,999)            H. Wilson Industries 
                                                                                              Regional Municipality Wood Buffalo 
                    AMA                       Northland Forest Products                       Safe Community Wood Buffalo 
                                                                                              St. John Ambulance 
                 Mammoet                     Sportswise Source for Sports 

                       NEED YOUR HELP!!!
                     Drug House in
    If you suspect a                  e
                     – Call the Polic                                                          Keep an eye out for indicators in your
    your community                                                                            neighborhood, on your commute to work,
                        your community
       A drug house in               of living.
                                                                                              and when you’re completing your normal
                          ur quality
        greatly affect yo                                                                                    activities.
                                                 g a house
                              chances of havin
       It can increase the                                                                      Indicators of a Drug House may include,
                           rho od burn down
       in your neighbo                                                                                     but are not limited to:
                                electricity in your
        Inc  rease the cost of
                borhood                                                                         Residences with blacked out windows
                                                 health of
                              g to the general                                                  Unusual strong odours coming from the residence
         It can be damagin             rhood
         residents   in your neighbo                                                            Same lights coming on at the exact same time every
                                violence in your                                                day, but no one appears to be home
          It can increase the
          neighborho    od                                                                      The same person/vehicle stopping by multiple times
                                                                                                a day for only a few moments at a time
                                                                                                Excessive moisture build up around windows and
                                                                                                presence of mould
                                                                                                Mail and newspapers built up at the residence
                                                                                                High volume of vehicle and foot traffic at all hours
                                                                                                of the day


                                                                                                Excessive garbage around property
                                   9        3

                                       6            6
                                                                                                Propane tanks with bluish/green brass valves
                                                             Blacked out windows
       Piled up mail
                                   Timed lights
                                                                                               Excessive build up of cold remedies, chemicals,
                                                                                               and solvents
                                                                                               Vents where windows once were
                                                                                               Extra ventilation in residence
                                                                                               An absence of snow on the roof and a lack of snow
                             E   ssive moistu e b ild up
                                   iv   oistur build-up
                                                  i d-u
                             Excessive moi t re bui
                                                             Absence of snow on roof
                                                             A                                 removal on property during winter months
     Unusual strong odour

                                                                                                     ***No single indicator alone suggests a drug house.
                                                                                                The presence of more than one indicator with other suspicious
                                                                                                   activity can suggest a drug house, or other illegal activity

        Excessive garbage
           on property
                                  Propane tanks with
                                  bluish/green values
                                                                   High volume of
                                                                 vehicle & foot traffic                                                                  If you would like a poster to put
                                                                                                                                                         up in your apartment building,
                                                                                                                                                         business, etc. Please contact
                                                                                          If you suspect a drug house
                                                                                          call police immediately at                                     Community Policing at


                                                                                          and tell the operator you
                                                                                          want to report a drug house.


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