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									                                     LAKE JACKSON SOCCER CLUB
                                       Thursday, November 3, 2005

Attendees: Kevin Kirkpatrick, Lonnie Rathbun, Holli Jaromin, Debbie Comneck, Kevin Romero, Skip Rabuse,
Irena Garpetian, Dan White

The meeting was called to order at 8:02 p.m. by Kevin Romero. The minutes were distributed. There were no
changes to the minute. The minutes were accepted and approved.


Vice President, Boys – Lonnie Rathbun reported that the Clute and Freeport U6 teams are not showing up to
games. This has happened way too many times. Lonnie feels we’ve given them a chance this year to play with
us but we will need to assess the situation for next year. U6 goals and nets are installed. Kevin Romero said he
has received several compliments about the goals. They look good. U8 goals are sitting at Dunbar Park and
need to be installed. Lonnie said this has been the worst year as far as help goes. He and Mark Mehl worked on
the U6 goals until 7:30 p.m. Lonnie said the coaches are quick to complain but slow to shop up. He feels the
U8 goals will have to be a project for next year. Kevin Romero said the U8 goals will need to be installed prior
to September since this is part of the Dow grant. Lonnie mentioned that he has a few receipts for
reimbursement. Kevin Romero said we need to spend the Dow grant or we will lose it. The storage containers
need to be installed at Dunbar. Lonnie will check into a few options and Kevin Romero will talk to the city
about laying slab for the container.

Vice President, Girls – not in attendance.

Treasurer– Holli Jaromin deposited the Dow grant. So far we have spent about $2,200 of the Dow grant. (See
attached report.)

Field Manager – Kevin Kirkpatrick said everything is going great. The grass is short due to the weather.

Registrar – Kelly Rathbun said things are calm right now. She registered one more player this week. The total
enrollment is 889 players. This is way down from previous years.

Equipment Manager – position still available. Kevin reported the paint is in the lockers in the storage shed at

Past President – Skip Rabuse had a few items to mention. He reminded the Board about the upcoming General
Board Meeting in Houston scheduled in February. He was wondering if there were any plans to do field work
during the off season. He also brought up that the referees have been receiving their money in a timely fashion.
He has not heard much about the quality of the referees and he is willing to take feedback from anyone. Skip
mentioned that we started the season with about 60 referees and now we have about 20-30 referees.

President, Kevin Romero – Kevin said Picture Day went well. The only complaint that he heard was that some
people did not like the choice of picture packages or the prices. Kevin made a suggestion that next year we
will create our own picture packages ahead of time. Kelly said the scheduling took a while but the
photographer made the phone calls to the teams and scheduled each team’s times. There was no wait on picture
day and things seem to have moved along well. Pictures should arrive in a week or so. Make up day did not
go so well. The photographer was at the wrong pavilion.
Kevin has heard a few rumors about problems with coaches but has not received anything in writing from
anyone. As of now, this information is hear say. We can not take any action until the complaints are given in

Kevin brought up the refund policy. Jack Jaromin is working on modifying the refund policy. If a player
practices one time, STYSA will keep their fee. Kevin will create a form for refunds. This form will be
available on the website. We may need two deadlines; one for competitive and one for recreation.


Kevin Romero would like to host the U10 and up boys BYSA Championship. He sent an email out to the
President of all the Clubs asking who is hosting what. He asked for feedback by Friday. The following is the
number of teams that committed to the BYSA championships and Eastern District:

         Boys                                                Girls
       Age Group             # of Teams                    Age Group             # of Teams
         U9                       5                          U9                        1
         U10                      7                          U10                       3
         U11                     11                          U11                      11
         U12                       3                         U12                        5
         U13                      2                          U13                       0
         U14                       4                         U14                       4

A motion was made by Holli Jaromin to adjourn the meeting. Jack Jaromin second the motion. The meeting
was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Debbie Comneck

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