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									      The HangOVER Micro Business

The hangover is..... OVER!          The hang
If HangOVER has worked for you then you qualify to become a distributor and share in the company’s profits.

THE OPPORTUNITY: HangOVER is an Ocean vegetable called Marine Phytoplankton. This strain and recipe is
exclusive to HangOVER. It is all natural and is as safe as Spinach.

Its success rate is approximately 80% of preventing a HangOVER, and making a HangOVER go away a lot faster if
you are hung over the next morning.

Its nutritional properties give the liver what it needs to process and discard the alcohol. The product is also
highly nutritious and is also generally good for you like a multi vitamin.

The end result is you sober up faster. This happens no matter if you are sleeping or when you are awake.

The product is priced at $5.00 and once people try it and it works it becomes a staple for when they are going
out to party.

Through word of mouth and the product’s effectiveness, it is anticipated that the demand for the product will
reach epic proportions. Would you like to be part of this opportunity?

On a person to person level this product is easy to sell. When people hear about it they want to try it. As a
distributor your job is to just tell people about its existence, the product sells itself.

When you become a distributor the package comes with catchy shirts for you to wear that make people ask
about it. This makes it that much easier. Just make sure you always have a few packages on hand for people who
want some after you tell them about it.

Direct people to the Facebook Fan Club page and tell them about shares in the company. If together we sell all
the 250,000 shares and the people wear the shirts, and tell their friends we will all become successful by natural
expansion of the company.

HangOVER is going to help promote HangOVER using the power of music.

HangOVER is going to scout out and sponsor Canada’s top and up and coming working bands focusing on Rock
and Roll. These bands will promote HangOVER at their concerts and give away free samples, driving people to
the Fan Club Page and website. Also when the people take the product and it works they will be customers.

Through this joint effort we will be working with you to spread the awareness and sales thus creating more
profits to share in.

HangOVER is going to release 250,000 profit shares to an anticipated 2000-2500 people during the year 2010 –
2011 to people across North America through our launch starting in Moncton, NB and Amherst, NS. These shares
will represent 25% of the company’s profits that will then be redistributed back to the distributors.

These shares are not “ownership shares”, they are not part of a stock exchange or government program. They are
simply a company promise to pay you profits on a quarterly basis (starting in January 2011) relative to the profits
and how many shares you have.
The goal is by making this a truly collective effort company the product and company will be lifted off the
ground, and it’s effectiveness will carry the product to global proportions, and everyone in the beginning will
reap the long term financial rewards.

How to become a HangOVER distributor and share in the profits.

Buy a minimum of 100 HangOVER units @ $2.75 each (including shipping) = $275.00

Buy a minimum of 2 HangOVER shirts for $25.00 each = $50.00

Minimum Total Investment - $325.00

For every HangOVER unit you buy you will receive 1 FREE Profit Share in the company and receive a certificate.

In order to make the company stronger, each shareholder will be asked to buy 20 units ($55.00) on October 1st
of every year starting on October 1st 2011.

A reminder notice will be sent out 2 months before this date. The money collected will be used for advertising,
band sponsorships, and expanding into other countries. In other words the money will be used to initiate efforts
to make your dividend cheques higher.

This program is not mandatory and will not be enforced. The intention to this is once you see dividend cheques
coming in you will understand a collective cash infusion to the company will help grow your dividend cheques
for the following year.

#1 – Wear your shirt as much as possible
#2 – Give out 50 out of your 100 as free samples. In lieu of the free product invite the people to join the Facebook
     Fan Club and share their testimonial.

            HangOVER worked on me fanclub
#3 – Talk about it in general conversation. You will be amazed how people are genuinely interested in the topic
     and a large portion will respond “How do I get it?”
#4 – Carry a few around with you wherever you go. Suggested Retail Price is $5.00.
#5 – Invite friends to visit the Facebook Fan Club Page and check out our website.
#6 – Talk to people in the entertainment business such as DJ’s and Wedding Planners.

If you refer someone to the HangOVER Micro Business we will send you $40 plus 10 HangOVER pills.

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