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					                     The Game of Life: A Budgeting Project

You are now 25 years old, single, no kids, living alone or with roommates (but not
with your parents). Your assignment is to create a monthly budget to
demonstrate how you manage your money. You will keep track of your bills and
expenses, write checks, and balance your checking account using the forms
provided. You will start off with $300.00 on your bank account.

Start by filling out a job application (make up information) for the job title that
starts with your first initial. Example: if your name is Ana you will be an Architect.
NO you cannot change your fate! =)

Initial   Profession                   Income
  A       Architect                    $49,000.00
  B       Banker                       $36,000.00
  C       Cashier                      $18,000.00
  D       Dental Hygienist             $57,000.00
  E       Embalmer                     $27,000.00
  F       Firefighter                  $30,000.00
  G       Geologist                    $38,000.00
  H       Hotel Desk Clerk             $19,000.00
   I      Interior Designer            $30,000.00
  J       Jeweler                      $28,000.00
  K       Kindergarten Teacher         $31,000.00
  L       Legal Secretary              $36,000.00
  M       Mail Carrier                 $35,000.00
  N       Nail Manicurist              $17,000.00
  O       Optometrist                  $97,000.00
  P       Pharmacist                   $99,000.00
  Q       Quilting Artist              $25,000.00
  R       Registered Nurse             $55,000.00
  S       Social Worker                $40,000.00
  T       Taxi Driver                  $25,000.00
  U       Upholster                    $33,000.00
  V       Veterinarian                 $53,000.00
  W       Welder                       $36,000.00
  X       X-Ray Technician             $45,000.00
  Y       Yard Maintenance Worker      $25,000.00
  Z       Zoologist                    $51,000.00
Some forms will be provided at the class download section of our website.
Others, you will have to get from your parents or create them yourself.

STEP 1: Job Application (provided)

Now that you have a job, let’s figure out your monthly budget.

STEP 2: Monthly Budget Calculation

Name: ____________________________________
Job: ______________________________________
Job description: ___________________________________________________

Yearly Salary: __________________
Divide by 4: ____________________
Multiply by 3: ___________________
Divide by 12: ___________________        (This is your monthly income)

This final number will be the actual amount of money you will bring home after
taxes. This is the amount you will have deposited in your checking account and it
will be available for your monthly budget, plus the $300,00 you already had at the

Fill out the Deposit Slip (get one from your parents’ bank or create one) so the
money can be credited to your account.

STEP 3: Budget Expense Sheet (provided)

STEP 4: Check Book Register (provided) and Check (create one)

Fill out your check book account register form and write a check to pay your rent.

A checking register is a page where you keep track of how much money you
have in your checking account and how much is going towards bills and
expenses. Nowadays you can do all this with online banking or software like
Microsoft Money or Excel. But let’s do it the old fashion way so you’ll learn.

STEP 5: Reflection Essay – we’ll do it in class together.
The Game of Life Checklist

You packet needs to have the following content:

   1. Job Application (provided)

   2. Monthly Budget Calculation (provided)

   3. Deposit Slip (get one or create one)

   4. Budget Expense Sheet (provided)

   5. Check Register (provided)

   6. Check (get one or create one)

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