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Google co Citi Citibank in New York recently, MasterCard MasterCard, First Data and payment site operator Sprint released a mobile phone with NFC mobile payment approach communication technology products Google Wallet. Google Wallet and purse, like a real, which is not only a credit card, also include membership cards, discount cards, shopping cards. In the future, boarding pass, ticket, identity and even the key can be stored in digital form inside the Google Wallet, reducing the burden for you to go out of the bag.

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June 2011
Report in a Nutshell
Mobile banking refers to a client-server system that is specifically designed for mobile devices, allowing banking customers to
use handheld devices to access their accounts, pay bills, authorize fund transfers, or perform other activities. Like many other m-
commerce services, mobile banking services can be challenging and no single company has all the expertise required to develop
and deliver compelling services on its own.

This report evaluates the mobile banking ecosystem and mobile banking solutions including mobile payments, provides a SWOT
analysis for Visa and competitors, analyzes solutions for Visa's weak points, discusses mobile banking implementation, and eval-
uates the market, applications, and methods.

Companies in Report
   AT&T Wireless Services Inc
   BankAmericard
   Citibank
   CYBS
   Durbin
   First Data
   Google
   GCash
   Master Card
   Monitise
   MPesa
   Nordea
   NTT DoCoMo
   PayPal
   PlaySpan
   Sprint
   Visa
   Zynga

Target Audience
   Mobile network operators
   M-Banking application developers
   Mobile commerce application suppliers
   Infrastructure suppliers and service providers
Companies in Report
Mobile Banking. 4                                          Opportunities. 30
Introduction. 4                                            Threats. 31
M Banking Devices. 5                                       Solutions to Overcome the Security Issues. 31
The Role of Mobile Operators In M-Banking. 5               STRATEGY AND PLANNING.. 32
Banks Role in M-Banking. 6                                 Risk Management. 32
Mobile Banking Technologies. 7                             Visa Competitors. 33
Future of M-Banking. 7                                     Conclusion. 34
Advantages and Disadvantages for the Delivery Modes. 8 BankedAmericard. 34
Visa Teams With Monitise to Launch Mobile Banking So-      BankedAmericard SWOT. 35
lutions. 10                                                Other Bank Systems
Introduction. 10
M-Banking Evolution. 13
M-banking Benefits. 14
E-Marketing and M-banking. 15
M-Banking Challenges. 15
Management Challenge. 15
Nordea's WAP Solo Mobile Banking Service. 18
Google Wallet 19
Google Wallet Benefits. 19
Google Wallet Partners. 20
Current Market Segment. 21
M banking Interactions. 22
Visa. 22
Visa SWOT Analysis. 23
                                                  To order, visit:
Customer Reaction. 27
Conclusion. 28                                    or call +1 703 281 3525 (in the US, 1 888 364 6442)
Strength. 28
Weakness. 29

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