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					                  DCSLA History Update, 1991-2005
                  Compiled by Anne Caputo, Susan Fifer Canby

                    Note: Additions and corrections welcome.

                          2005-2006—Shirley Loo
                          2004-2005—Sheryl Rosenthal
                               -2004---Susan Fifer Canby
                          2002-2003—Anne Caputo
                               -2002—Sue O'Neill Johnson
                               -2001—David Shumaker
                               -2000—Nancy Minter
                               -1999—Daille Pettit
                               -1998—Ellie Briscoe
                            996-1997—Paula Lovas
                          1995-1996—Eileen Rourke
                          1994-1995—Ellen Lytton
                          1993-1994—Lyle Minter
                               -1993—Marilyn Bromley
                          1991-1992---Lynne McKay
                          1990-1991—Roger Haley

6/90-6/91 – Membership 1,016
President: Roger Haley
President-Elect: Lynne K. McKay
Immediate Past President: Karen Patrias
Treasurer: Elsie Cerutti
Director: Marilyn Bromley
Director: Marcie Stone

     50 Anniversary: The Chapter celebrated its fiftieth birthday by sponsoring a day-long

       workshop and evening gala banquet which featured SLA President Ruth Seidman, as
       well as an exhibit of the Chapter’s history and reminiscences of long-time Chapter
     Publications: The Association published A Sampler of Forms for Special Libraries
       based on the work of the DC Chapter.

National: National awards honored Charles Missar for the Hall of Fame and Joseph Becker
was made an Honorary Member.

Popular Programs:
    ―Dressing for Success‖ Kaycee Hale, Fashion Institute
    Emerging democracies of Eastern Europe, Don Hausrath, USIA; Joe Ross, CRS
    White House Conference on Library and Information Services: Peter Young, Chairman
       of CLIS, and Sandy Morton, SLA
    Annual Banquet featured John Cole, Director for the Center for the Book, Library of
6/91-6/92 Membership 1,100
President: Lynne K. McKay
Vice-President, President Elect: Marilyn Bromley
Immediate Past President: Roger Haley
Treasurer: Carol Jacobson
Director: Lyle Minter

     Student Chapter: Established a student chapter of SLA at the University of Maryland.
     Business and Finance group formed and approved by the Board.
     Planning: Reviewed Long Range Planning Committee report; concentrated on
       networking, membership and member services, public relations, publications, student
       affiliation, positive action and chapter finances. Did a membership preferences survey.
     Holiday Party: Held first DC/SLA and DCLA holiday party.
     Publications: Secured agreement from other groups to update the Directory of Libraries
       and Information Centers in the Washington DC Area.

Chapter: Board of Directors Award recognizes Michael Kolakowski, Cheri Allen, Joan Bow,
Peggy Garvin, Sommers Pierce and William Neff (deceased), editors of the Sampler of Forms
for Special Libraries. Member of the Year Award:

Popular Programs:
    ―Am I moving in the right Direction?‖
    ―Winning Communication: Strategies for Operating Successfully in your work
    Breakfast meeting on Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and impact on libraries.
    Planning to Assure Lifestyle in Retirement
    New Member Reception held at SLA Headquarters
    Maximizing Customer Satisfaction with DCLA
    Recruitment Strategies from Guy St. Clair
    Joint Spring Workshop: Moving Toward the Year 2000: Emerging Information Policies
       in the Electronic Age
    Annual Banquet with Dr. Richard Ernst, President of Northern Virginia Community

6/92-6/93 - Membership 1,115
President: Marilyn Bromley
Immediate Past President: Lynne McCay
Vice President/President-Elect: Lyle Minter
Treasurer: Carol Jacobson
Second Vice President: Michael Kolakowski
Recording Secretary: Jennifer Little
Corresponding Secretary: Myra Weinberg
Director: Jeanne Bohlen
Director: Katy DuGarm

     Publications: Washington Area Library Directory published in January 1993 in consort
       with the DC Library Association, and the Law Librarians. In four months 600 copies were
       sold. David Schumacher led the charge.
     B&G: Chapter bylaws of the Business and Finance Group approved, the ninth Chapter
      Recognition program for 50 Chapter members begun. 50 year members invited free for
       the Holiday reception; 45 year members invited free for New Member reception.
      Two student loans of $1000 each made.
      Students: New student chapter begun at the University of Maryland.
      Chapter manual and bylaws revision begun.
      Sponsorship: Policy on meeting sponsorship established.
      Logo: New chapter logo designed and chapter stationary printed.
      Microform: Project to microfilm 50 years of Chapter Notes begun; to be housed at
      Finances: Consolidated chapter finances and bank accounts to be able to use Quicken

Board of Director’s Award: Penny Heavner, Mary Nell Bryant, Peggy Garvin, Jeanne
Hamilton, Chapter Notes staff.
Member of the Year: Mary Feldman for longtime service to DCSLA.

Popular Programs:
    Programs: Strategic Planning for Libraries; Expanding Library Services through
       Outsourcing with Mary Ellen Bates; Copyright of Electronic Information
    Joint Holiday Reception with DCLA
    Outreach: Chapter participated in local PBS TV station fundraising in March 1993 to
       raise over $25,000 since it was also the Blizzard of 93 and people were housebound
       listening to their radios.
    Art Auction Fundraiser: Attracted 130 people to raise about $7000 for the Chapter’s
       Student Loan Fund at the Heisman Fine Arts Gallery. By 1996-1997 loans would be
    New Member Reception at the SLA Headquarters with 45 new members coming free
       and the Chapter Executive Board and Advisory Council proving the home made food.
    Joint Spring Workshop ―Maximizing User Satisfaction.
    Annual banquet with Washington Post writer, Sarah Booth Conroy at Embassy Suites

6/93-6/94 Membership
President: Lyle Minter

     Chapter Directory revision begun; Chapter bylaws revisions begun.
     Policy on meeting sponsorship established.
     1992 Membership survey tabulated
     Student Loan Officer created
     Spend a Day with a Special Librarian-initiated.

Popular Programs
    Art Auction: Fundraiser at Northern Virginia Community College, 130 people attended,
       $10,000 worth of art sold, net $7,000.
    Outsourcing: Mary Ellen Bates describes using an Information Broker.
    Holiday Reception
    Annual Meeting:

6/94-6/95 Membership
President: Ellen Lytton
President: Eileen Rourke

Chapter: Member of the Year: Ellie Briscoe for Chapter Directory work.

6/96-6/97 – Membership 1,140
President: Paula Lovas
Vice President, President-Elect: Ellie Briscoe
Past President: Eileen Rourke
Treasurer: Marilyn Bromley

     Advertising: The cost of doing Chapter Notes now exceeds the annual allotment from
       SLA, so supplementary revenue is sought from advertisers to keep the Chapter
       financially stable.
     Career Day Begins: The Chapter initiates a Career day at Catholic University to attract
       student members from Catholic and the University of Maryland and to support practicing
     Spend a Day with a Special Librarian: 20 students participate at 12 different
     Listserv: The Chapter looks ahead to establishing a listserv and web page and to
       continue to encourage new members.
     Student Loans: The Chapter has three loans outstanding from its Student Loan Fund
       and is no longer making these loans.

    National: Donna Scheeder, Lyle Minter and Karen Holloway are candidates for
       Association-wide elective office. SLA select the following for recognition: Joan Gervino
       and Wilda Newman as Fellows of SLA; Laurie Stackpole for Innovations in Technology
       and Catherine B. Jones (In Memoriam) for the SLA Hall of Fame.

      Chapter: Member of the Year: Mary Ellen Bates for her article in Information Outlook,
       January 1997. Board of Directors Award: Estelle Alexander for her tireless work as
       Chapter Hospitality chair.

   Susan M Hill, former President DCSLA, Librarian of the National Association of
     Broadcasters who helped establish the News Division of SLA retires.
   Roger K. Haley, former President of DCSLA, Librarian of the Senate retires after a
     distinguished career.

Popular Programs:
    First Career Day is organized by Eileen Rourke at Catholic University and it becomes an
       annual event.
    Meetings: ―Electronic Journals‖
    Tours: Dumbarton Oaks; Old guard Museum
    Joint Spring Workshop ―Partnering with Information Systems – Us vs. Them‖
    Computers in Libraries
    Annual Banquet: Embassy Suites Hotel, Shelly Foote, costume historian from the
       National Museum of American History talks about the image of a librarian.
President: Ellie Briscoe
Past President: Paul Lovas (the chapter mourns her passing of cancer in November, after
serving the chapter as President the previous year.) Former President (1993-1994) Lyle Minter
kindly steps back into the role of past president.)
President-Elect, Program Chair: Daile G. Pettit
Second Vice-President Christine "Kee" Malesky
Corresponding Secretary: Gail Kouril
Recording Secretary Kay Dorko
Treasurer Marilyn Bromley
Director Myra Engers Weinberg
Director Michele Crecca


        Onto the Web: Nov 1997 launches a Chapter Listserv and a Chapter Webpage
         (, hosted by SLA. In March, the listserv has 264
         subscribers (about 20 percent of our members, 810 of whom list email addresses with
         SLA), and the website receives 1,314 hits. Highest use of the Web page was made in
         January, when the Winter Meeting support information was available with 3384 hits.
        Global Outlook: Established an ad-hoc International Projects committee with the
         immediate goal of raising funds to sponsor one or more librarians from developing
         nations to attend Global 2000 conference in Brighton, England. The first event was a
         benefit Global Village Cultural Festival at the World Bank on April 22.
        Chapter Manual Revised: Updated descriptions for each officer and committee chair.
         Our second vice-president is charged with maintaining the manual, and this year she
         bravely coordinated this task. The manual is over 100 pages long, and includes sample
         forms as well as our bylaws and job descriptions. Plans are made to post to the Web.
        Strategic Planning Committee: Briscoe appoints a committee to survey the
         membership preliminary to updating the last strategic plan done in 1990.


        National Awards: Two Chapter members received Association awards: Donna
         Scheeder was made a Fellow, and Winifred Sewell was inducted into the SLA Hall of
        Chapter Awards: We presented our local Chapter awards: Mary Hay Glass won
         Member of the Year, and her name was added to a plaque which hangs at SLA
         Headquarters; and the Internet Committee and Winter Meeting Committee members won
         the Board of Directors' Award.
        Student: The nature of the student support evolves from a loan fund to a scholarship
         fund. Plans call for one $2000 (funded by Telesec Corestaff) and one $1000 grant
         (funded by the chapter in the name of past president, Cathy Jones) each year. Students
         were encouraged to attend meetings at half-price. Nancy Matthes accepts her $2,000
         TeleSec CORESTAFF/Special Library Association Scholarship Award.

Popular programs:

        Web: ―Reference on the Web‖ with a panel of local experts.
        Competencies for Special Librarians in the 21st Century, with Barbara Spiegelman.
        Workshops “Conflict Management‖ with Martha Johns; Professional Development
         Workshop: "Tap Dancing with Sparklers: promotion activities for your Library" with Chris
      Tours: Naval Observatory.
      Career Day at University of Maryland, held on a Saturday and designed for working
       professionals looking to change jobs, as well as students;


President: Daile Pettit
First Vice President/President-Elect: Nancy Minter
Immediate Past President: Ellen D. Briscoe
Treasurer: Marilyn Bromley
Second Vice President: Karen Mark
Corresponding Secretary: Gail Kouril
Recording Secretary: Laura Foy
Director: Michael Kolakowski
Director Michele Crecca


      International Fundraising: The highlight of the chapter year is fundraising on behalf of
       Global 2000, SLA's international conference to be held October, 2000, in Brighton,
       England. DC/SLA's goal is to raise $15,000 to send 5-7 librarians from developing
       countries to the conference. The chapter is two-thirds of the way to that goal.


National: Although no nominees receive national awards.

Chapter: Local chapter awards are presented to Greta Ober-Beauchesne, Member of the Year
Award, for her work as listserv manager, Mandy Baldridge, also Member of the Year, for her
hard work as hospitality chair. The Board of Directors' Award is presented to Mary Feldman in
recognition of her many years of service to the chapter.

Student Scholarship:: $2000 Telesec Scholarship goes to Amy Pass, MLS student at Catholic
University; $1000 DC/SLA Chapter Scholarship goes to Christina Prendiville, University of
Maryland MLS student.

Popular Programming:

      "Global Village Performing Arts Fest," is held in April 1998; Kickoff at the Freedom
       Forum in November of 1998. A raffle took place at the holiday party in December. On
       April 30, a Global 2000 Benefits Concert with the American Chamber Players featuring
       Miles Hoffman took place at the IFC Auditorium in Washington.
      Workshops: ―Managing your priorities," facilitated by Dr. Phyllis Farrish.
      Funding: The Foundation Center Library conducted a program, "Navigating the Funding
       Maze: The Smart Librarian's Guide to Foundation Center Resources."
      Career Day focused on "Alternative Careers for Librarians," with keynote speaker Mary
       Dzurinko, at Catholic University.
      GPO: Superintendent of Documents, Fran Buckley, gave an overview on "GPO into the
       Next Millennium."
      Joint Spring Workshop: was organized around the topic of "Managing Web Access in

President: Nancy Minter
First Vice President/President-Elect: David Shumaker
Immediate Past President: Daile Pettit
Second Vice President: Karen Mark
Treasurer: Catherine Kitchell
Corresponding Secretary: Linda Smith
Director: Michael Kolakowski
Director: Anne Caputo


       Freedom Forum: Librarians take research skills, training to journalists and students in
        six countries. The Freedom Forum and the Special Libraries Association partner to send
        Janet Dombrowski from the National Geographic Society to develop resources for
        journalists in England, Romania and Hungary and Sylvia Piggott from the joint library of
        the World Bank develops resources for journalists in South Africa.
       Sponsorship Policy: Implemented a new sponsorship policy delineating the specific
        terms for levels of vendor support of Chapter programs.
       First Student Memberships are awarded in the Fall of 1999. The goal of the award is to
        increase awareness of SLA and DC/SLA on campus and to encourage students to
        become active in professional societies. One award goes to a Catholic Univ. MLS
        student, and the second to a Univ. of Maryland CLIS student. The chapter pays for
        student dues to SLA for one year and offers free attendance at three DC/SLA chapter
        events. Winners are selected on the basis of a short essay, based on a topic approved by
        the DC/SLA board of directors. The first student membership award goes to Loren
       100 Year Site: The Chapter is notified that SLA's Board of Directors has selected
        Washington, DC as the site for the 2009 annual conference, to celebrate the 100th
        anniversary of the association!
       International Fundraising Completed: The work on Global 2000 fundraising comes to a
        close with nearly $51,000 for fellowships for the Global 2000 Conference!! That figure is
        comprised of more than $18,000 sent from other Chapters and $16,000 sent from SLA
        Divisions, which joins monies raised by the Chapter.
       Strategic Planning Gets Back Underway: Past President Ellie Briscoe agrees to serve
        as chair to update the previous plan (1990) and gathers a new committee to get this
        project underway.
       Mentoring Initiative Begins: Minter appoints a Mentoring Coordinators onto the
        Advisory Committee: Barbara Folensbee and Rhea Austin. They begin by identifying
        some individuals who are willing to be mentors and some that seek mentors.
       Chapter Notes is published 10 times this year -- more than any other SLA Chapter's
        newsletter. The cost of Chapter Notes continues to be an issue, although there is no
        shortage of information to share. Finding an editor proves problematic. Three co-editors
        agree to share the job: Joanie Cornwell, Amy Pass and Eileen Deegan.



Chapter: The Member-of-the-Year award is presented to Sue O'Neill Johnson for her excellent
work in coordinating the efforts of the International Projects (IP) Committee and its fundraising
efforts for the SLA Global 2000 Conference. The Board-of-Directors award is given to a group of
ten members of the IP Committee who have made outstanding contributions over a two-year
period: John Latham, Rhea Austin, Mandy Baldridge, Liz Farley, Sharon Lenius, Daille
Pettit, Sylvia Piggott, Renny Ponvert, Margarita Studemeister, and Barbara Vandegrift.
Special Recognition Certificates are presented to sixteen members who have made a major
contribution of time and effort to one or more aspects of the project: Marilyn Bromley, Mary Nell
Bryant, Elizabeth Cline, Joanie Cornwell, Terri Fritz, Catherine Kitchell, Michael
Kolakowski, Karen Lee, Kristina Lively, Zeina Mansour, Greta Ober-Beauchesne, Allen
Overland, Kenlee Ray, Donna Scheeder, Jeff Stickle, and Nancy Minter.

Popular Programming:

       Panels: "Real Knowledge Management" is handled by a panel of leading practitioners
        from our Chapter who describe real area practices; SLA President-Elect Donna Scheeder
        moderates a panel of local library school deans who look at how library schools are
        preparing students for the real world.
       Speakers: Mary Dzurinko persuades an audience that "All Systems Are Not Created
        Equal," offering a system for comparing vendors' offerings when purchasing an integrated
        library system; SLA's John Crosby discussed a variety of government relations issues,
        not the least of which was the potential NTIS closing. Some of the association-wide
        officers and candidates attending the SLA Board meeting attended.
       Technology Day: Co-sponsored Technology Day 2000 with the Maryland Chapter. The
        day-long event addresses a wide variety of emerging technology topics, from intelligent
        agents to enterprise portals.
       DineArounds: The second annual Neighborhood Dinners program ―DineArounds‖, a
        series of hosted dinners is held around the metro area.
       Holiday Party: Members exchange holiday greetings at the December reception held at
        the Arts Club of Washington.
       The New Member Reception is held at SLA headquarters in February.
       Annual Banquet: How to Think Funny: Yogi Berra's Lessons for Librarians" by John Jay


President: Dave Shumaker
President-Elect, Program Chair: Sue ONeill Johnson
Past President: Nancy Minter
Treasurer: Catherine Kitchell
Second Vice President: Mandy Baldridge
Recording Secretary: Erin Clougherty
Corresponding Secretary: Frederik Heller
Director: Anne Caputo
Director: Anna McGowan


       Executive Director David Bender: David Bender retires at the June conference in San
        Antonio, after more than 29 years as Executive Director. DCSLA donates $3,000, and is
        one of the first SLA units to support the new David Bender Endowment Fund to support
        SLA to increase its international focus.
       Focus on Member Communications: The cost of Chapter Notes, the chapter
        newsletter, continues to escalate as printing and postal costs increase. The editors
        commission articles on a variety of topics including reports of Chapter programs. The
        editors initiate stronger links between the printed newsletter and the Chapter website,
        often running abbreviated information in the newsletter with links to full details on the
        website, to encourage members to use the new website.
       Recruiting Younger Members: The Student Affiliation Committee strengthens ties with
        students at Catholic University and the University of Maryland. The Student Membership
        Award winner, Carolyn Birken, writes an essay that attracts national attention.
       Global 2000 Conference unites 22 Fellows with DC/SLA Mentors and Sponsors for an
        "Amazing Experience" Sue O'Neill Johnson. Twenty-two special librarians from
        developing countries attend the October Global 2000 Conference in Brighton, England as
        Global 2000 Fellows. This event culminates three years of work by DC/SLA to raise
        money and select the best candidates from more than 400 applicants.


National: Capping the Chapter's work to strengthen ties with library-school students, DC/SLA
wins the Association's 2001 second-place "Certificate of Merit for Chapters/Divisions Dedicated to
the Support of Student Groups."

Susan Fifer Canby, Director of Libraries and Indexing at the National Geographic Society,
receives the ―Innovations in Technology Award.‖ The July 2001 issue of Library Journal contains
a "Focus on Special Libraries", and features Fifer Canby on the cover.
Roger Haley, retired from the U.S. Senate Library, is added to the SLA Hall of Fame.
Anna McGowan, one of DC/SLA's directors, receives the 2001 Distinguished Member Award of
SLA's Biomedical and Life Sciences Division.
Cassandra Shieh recognized with a Diversity Award and free attendance at the SLA conference.
Susan O'Neill Johnson, DC/SLA's new President, receives the SLA President's Award for her
international work

Members of the Year: Eileen Deegan and Amy Pass
Board of Directors' Award: Lynne McCay , for starting the new Book Club program.

Student Stipend Award: Marcelle Saint-Arnaud is selected to provide $1500 to attend the SLA
conference in June.

Popular Programs

       Outreach: DC/SLA members attend the Chapter’s Fall Membership Kickoff to donate
        $323.50 toward support of the Ckokwe Village Library, a part of Mozambique’s national
        library system.
       Knowledge Sharing: ―How Cool Information Professionals Can Take the Lead‖ is the
        focus for Sylvia Piggott. Mary Ellen Bates asks: "You Want Me to Do WHAT? The Skills
        You Need Today."
       Military Librarians Group: sponsors an evening program of Marine Corps lore.
       Holiday Party is held at the Arts Club of DC.
       Electronic Collections: ―Understanding Their Value to Users‖ with Judy Luther and
        Denise Davis; "One Dot Shopping: The Best International Business Sites" by Iris W.
        Anderson and Ann R. Sweeney
       Career Day: “All in a Day's Work: DC/SLA Members Discuss Jobs, Offer Advice‖ is the
        theme at Catholic University.
       Joint Spring Workshop: “Renewed, Spring-Cleaned and Ready for Change‖ is the topic
        of the Joint Spring Workshop, where LLSDC is the lead.
       Annual Banquet: Eleanor Clift reports on the White House and presidential politics at
        the Doubletree Hotel.

President: Sue O’Neill Johnson
First Vice President/President-Elect: Anne Caputo
Immediate Past President: David Schumaker
Second Vice President: Mandy Baldridge
Corresponding Secretary: Estelle Alexander
Recording Secretary: Erin Clougherty
Treasurer: Catherine Kitchell
Director: Anna McGowan
Director: Kenlee Ray

      Association Executive Director: After an extensive search to replace David Bender,
       who stepped down in 2000, the Executive Board recruits Roberta Shaffer, new SLA
       Executive Director to assume her new duties on September 4, 2001. Roberta resigns
       within a few months of accepting the position. Another search for an executive director
      September 11, 2001: The Pentagon and the Pentagon Library are struck in a terrorist
       attack that rocks the United States. It is one of three targets that include the Twin Towers
       in New York City.
      Closing in on the Web: O’Neill Johnson encourages Chapter Notes editors to begin also
       distributing the July-August newsletter via the web in HTML and PDF to test acceptance
      Book Club: As a result of Peter Drucker’s admonition at the June SLA conference, ―to
       read widely outside our fields,‖ Lynne McCay starts a professional reading Book Club.
      Focus on Innovators in our Midst: O’Neill Johnson interviews and writes about a few
       of the most innovative members in the DC Chapter. Her column, called "Innovators in our
       Midst," shares these innovators' approaches and strategies. These "innovators" include:
       Jerry Mansfield, Susan Fifer Canby, Gary Price, Jim Madigan, the DC/SLA Executive
       Board, Eileen Abels, and Sheryl Rosenthal.
      Our International Projects Committee Chairs, Becky Milton and Marcelle Saint -
       Arnaud initiated a "Twinning Program" for SLA Chapters, Divisions and individuals to
       support ninety-percent of the cost of a member from a developing country for two years.
       The Committee selects the DC Chapter "Twin".
      International Work Wins Recognition: Chapter member, Marcelle Saint-Arnaud,
       reactivates the nearly defunct International Exchange Caucus, and creates a
       clearinghouse for SLA of all international activities. The website includes follow-up
       information of the 25 Global 2000 Fellows, a project created by the Chapter. It contains
       links to information, particularly for librarians in developing countries, such as on free
       training opportunities, travel grants, relevant discussion lists, and more.
       (, discussion list: SLA-


      Leadership: As the second largest of 58 Chapters in SLA, the Washington D.C. Chapter
       has a history of leadership in the Association. Three past presidents of the Association in
       the last ten years are active members of the Chapter: Kitty Scott, Sylvia Piggott, and
       Donna Scheeder. Three current SLA board members, Daille Pettit (also a past
       president of the Chapter), Donna Scheeder, and Christine Kline, are DC Chapter
      Dr. Elizabeth Stone, Dean Emerita of Catholic University, former President of SLA and
       ALA, dies on March 6, 2002. She is remembered for her leadership in literacy, continuing
       education and training of librarians serving persons with disabilities.
        Professional Associations:       Honors Received Include:

        Library Association (1981-       Lecture" and Loan Fund at The Catholic
        1982)                            University of America (1990)

        Library Week Committee           Spofford Award "for outstanding
        (1983-1985)                      contributions to library service in the
                                         Washington Metropolitan Area" (1990)
        National Partnership
        Program (1985-1987)              Catholic University of America
                                                                      oll of the ALA
        Association of American          Washington Office (1996)
        Library Schools (1974)
           President, District of        District of Columbia Library Association
        Columbia Library                 (1992-1994)
        Association (1966-1967)
                                         Library Association (1994)
        the Special Libraries
        Association (1972/3)             Library Association (1986)
               -Chair and Project
        Manager of the First World       Notable Achievement in Librarianship (1986)
        Conference on Continuing
        Education for the Library and    Libraries Association (1988)
        Information Science
        Professions Professional         Library Association (1984)
        Education of the                                       for Distinguished
        International Federation of      Service to The Catholic University of
        Library Associations and         America (1982)
        Institutions (IFLA).
                                         Columbia (1980)


National Awards:

      Mary Ellen Bates, consultant, is honored with the SLA Professional Award.
      Lynne K. McCay, CRS,LOC, is honored as a new Fellow of the Association.
      Gary Price, consultant, is honored with the SLA Innovations in Technology Award.
       ( Information Today, Inc published Gary's new book
       titled, The Invisible Web; Uncovering Information Sources Search Engines Can't.
      Karen Huffman, NGS, is the 2002 1st Place Winner of the Mid-Atlantic Regional
       Archives Conference Fredric M. Miller Finding Aid Award for an Oral History Finding Aid
       created during her internship at the Martin Luther King Library, Washington, DC.
      Farah Gheiss, DC student Chapter member wins SLA Scholarship.

Chapter Awards:

      Chapter Member of the Year: Kristina Lively for building the beautiful new website
      Board of Directors Awards to Barbara Folensbee Moore and Catherine Kitchell
       respectively for hospitality and treasurer’s work to modernize payment and credit card
      Jennifer Klimas, a CLIS U of Maryland student, is awarded the Catherine A. Jones
       Memorial Scholarship. Sandra Denise Ware, a Catholic University of America student,
       receives the InfoCurrent Scholarship.

Popular Programs:

      The Military Librarians Group provides a provocative panel discussion on "Knowledge
       Management: Communities of Practice." They also sponsor a tour of the Freedom Forum
       Library and a visit to the Newseum's "War Stories" exhibit. They feature Jean Ebbert &
       Marie-Beth Hall, authors of Crossed Currents: Navy Women in a Century of Change and
       the book, The First, the Few, the Forgotten, the story of the Yeomen (F) of World War I
       "Flying Upside Down: True Tales of an Antarctic Pilot" at a dinner.
      Learning Sessions: Mary Ellen Bates presents ―What Went Right: Notes on Library
       Closings and Other Life Lessons Learned.‖ ―Documents and Technological Resources
       for Researchers in International Law" include panelists Rubens Medina, Law Librarian of
       Congress and Director, Library of Congress Law Library and Patrick Daillier, Professor of
       Law, University of Paris; ―Inspiring Tales from the Pentagon's Librarians and Their
       Supporters, after 9/11‖ is the focus of a News Group program.
      Joint Spring Workshop: ―Fast…Cheap…Accurate… Get All You Can Out of Web
       Searching‖ with Gary Price.
      Annual Banquet: ―Voice of America: America's Message in the Wired World‖ is the topic
       at the Annual Business Meeting and Banquet featuring Robert R. Reilly, recently
       appointed as the 25th director of the Voice of America.

6/2002-6/2003 Membership 1,010

President: Anne Caputo
President-Elect, Program Chair: Susan Fifer Canby
Past President: Sue O’Neill Johnson
Second Vice President: Estelle Alexander
Treasurer: Erin Clougherty
Director: Kenlee Ray
Director: Joan Gervino
Corresponding Secretary: Bill Turner
Recording Secretary: Susan Fournier


      New Executive Director: Janice LaChance is selected as the new executive director.
       Although not a librarian, she has extensive government and management experience. All
       are hopeful for a better match.
      Communication: Chapter Notes goes Digital. The Chapter has been edging toward
       an e-Chapter Notes for a year or so, but Anne Caputo does the numbers and reports: ―In
       analyzing the cost of producing and mailing Chapter Notes, currently about $16,600 per
       year, we have realized a revenue loss in the range of more than $5,700 this year and
       more than $13, 600 last year after advertising support has been deducted. Advertising
       revenue is on a significant rise, but the actual cost of the publications is still our single
       largest Chapter expense.‖ She nudges the Chapter to begin distributing Chapter Notes
       electronically via our website with a prompt from e-mail to the chapter listserv to enable
       us to use our funds for more varied programs. Cynthia Holt is the editor who builds the
       template for future e-editors.
      Community Outreach: Under the leadership of director Kenlee Ray, DCSLA embarks
       on a great community project: the John Philip Sousa Middle School project which
       reaches out to a school at Ely Place in SE Washington. This community with its 400
       students, has a library filled with outdated books and very few of the books on the
       recommended reading list for middle school students in the District of Columbia. Further,
       the library has only a single computer and printer. All this exists within a few blocks of
       where many of us live and work. The Chapter and Kenlee will be recognized by the
       Association for this effort in 2004.
      Diversity with Programming: There is a renewed effort to encourage all members to
       share in the benefits of joining such an energetic and active chapter, including special
       attention to the Young Professionals. The President-Elect maintains metrics to evaluate
       program attendance trends and to assist in identifying future leaders for the chapter.

SLA National Awards:

Chapter Awards:

    Board of Director's award
   Mandy Baldridge
   Kenlee Ray

    Member of the Year for developing Young Professionals Group
   Karen Huffman

    InfoCurrent scholarship
   Ethel Leslie

    CA Jones scholarship
   Megan McShea

Programs Increase Participation
Working with many including an active young professionals group, the military and news groups,
Program Chair Susan Fifer Canby coordinated more than 60 programs (13 business meetings;
9 meetings that involved other area groups; 2 fundraising events; 15 learning opportunities; 15
networking events; 6 social events; and 5 tours.) We engaged more than 30% [305 to be exact] of
our 1,010 members and more than 200 colleagues from other local organizations.

 10 Board meetings [averaged 18 per meeting] National Geographic Society Library.
 Summer Planning Breakfast [36] President’s Home
 Branding Discussion by Stephen Abram at the Computers and Libraries Meeting
 Annual Banquet at the Mariott Metro Hotel with Anne Mintz ― ―Lies, Damn Lies, and the
   Internet‖ $40
 Marching for Sousa [41] $1,800 and books donated to Sousa Middle School Library.
 Young Professionals’ MS Walk [ 9 ] Donated $1015 for Multiple Sclerosis.
 How to find your Library’s value and sell it to Management with reception at the National
   Geographic Society with Barbara Ferry, Renee Braden, Danna Bell-Russel, Marilyn Bromley,
   and Robyn Frank. [73] $22
 Teleworking: the World of Virtual Work Continental Breakfast at Sumner School with Linda
   White, Alex Kramer, Monica Martinez, Julie Arnold [15] $10
 Presentation Skills: Seizing the Moment by Quinn Koller [15 ] $12
 Life Planning: NOW what do I do? Continental breakfast at the World Resources Institute with
   Mary Ellen Bates and Mel Briscoe [30] $5
  Catalogers’ Forecast: Metadata, Taxonomies and Trends and reception at Morgan Lewis
   Bockius by Rebecca Guenther, Denise Bedford, and Suzanne Pilsk. [86] $12
 The New Knowledge Worker Luncheon by Guy St. Clair at the Renaissance Hotel [40] $35
 Centennial of Flight (Military Librarians) at the Naval Heritage Center.
 Book Club Meetings (4): Essential Drucker (Drucker); Tipping Point (Gladwell); Good to Great
   (Collins) Web of Deception (Mintz) [averaged 10 each time]
 International Special Librarian’s Day: Library and Literacy Issues in Africa at Kiplinger with
   Jane Meyers, Philomena Amoako and Duncan Omole. [54] $5.
 Joint Spring Workshop: Ownership of Media (DCSLA/DCLA/FLICC/LLSDC) $45
 Technology Day (DCSLA and MDSLA) [33] $175 [heavily sponsored]
 Wireless Technology at the Defense Technical Information Center $12 (Military Librarians)
 12 Dine Arounds – 6 neighborhoods in MD, DC, VA (Fall, Spring) [averaged 12 per dine
 Job Hunting for Librarians in the Current Market [33] Free
 Career Day at Catholic University with 16 speakers [48] $9 students; $13 members
 Spend the Day with a Special Librarian with 36 libraries willing [6 students] Free
 New Members’ Reception at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace that included
   visiting SLA Board members [72 paid; 12 new]
 Holiday Party at the Washington Arts Club (DCLA/ASS&T, DCSLA) [86] $27
 Wine and Cheese Reception for volunteers at the Army Navy Club [120] Free to volunteers
 Young Professionals Happy Hours (Fall, Winter, Spring) [averaged 7 each time]
 Scottish Dance Night at the Army Navy Club (Young Professionals) [10] $25
 Scrabble Tournament/Pizza (DCSLA/LLSDC) - two sessions [25 each time] Free
 Duck Tour (Young Professionals) [28] $30
 USA Today (News Group) [12] Free
 Octoberfest and 3 library tours (Military Librarians)
 Folger Library (Young Professionals) [15] Free
 World & I (DCSLA/DCLA) [20 ] Free

6/2003-6/2004 Membership 1,050
President: Susan Fifer Canby
President-Elect, Program Chair: Sheryl Rosenthal
Immediate Past President: Anne Caputo
Second Vice President: Kristina Lively
Treasurer: Erin Clougherty
Recording Secretary: Susan Fournier
Corresponding Secretary: Georgeann Higgins
Director: Kenlee Ray
Director: Joan Gervino
Webmaster: Cassandra Shieh
Chapter Notes: Barbara Ferry


       Focus: Survey membership and develop a new three-year strategic plan; maintain
        metrics to evaluate impact of diverse programming; update the manual and bylaws and
        post to the web; involve as many members as possible to encourage future leadership.
       Washington Area Library Directory: This valuable resource is published in cooperation
        with DCLA and through Eileen Deegan's three-year persistence and leadership.
      Membership Stable: DC/SLA membership has remained stable at about 1,050 over the
       past ten years while national SLA has seen a declining membership, thanks in large part
       to the breadth and depth of programming.
      Website Enhanced and Traffic Increases: Webmaster Cassandra Shieh worked with
       various chairs to enhance the content on the website by adding new pages, more photos,
       updating content, tracking the usage through metrics, adding finding aids, and
       reorganizing the front page. As a result of these efforts, we averaged 3,721 visits per
       month and 45,153 hits. The number of visits increased by 8% this year and hits increased
      Chapter Manual and Bylaws Updated, Webified: 2nd Vice President Kristina Lively
       and member Estelle Alexander, with assistance from chairs and the Board, reviewed and
       revised the DC/SLA Chapter Manual and add to the website to include a Table of
       Contents page and JavaScript menu to assist in navigating through the Manual. Kristina
       Lively incorporates an "auto-update" script to the pages that will record when a page last
       changed. At the recommendation of SLA, Kristina replaces our Bylaws with a new
       Governing Document.
      Strategic Planning: Director Joan Gervino and her committee of Jean Tatalias and
       Anne Caputo surveyed the Chapter and developed a strategic plan for the next few
      Finances Stable: In the past two years the Chapter reached firmer financial footing that
       delivered more for membership dues. Under Past President Anne Caputo's leadership
       and that of Chapter Notes editor Cynthia Holt, we reduced Chapter Notes expenses by
       65% by delivering the newsletter electronically. Kelley Weber secured the ads and
       managed our listserv. Now we can provide more programming and more outreach with
       the money saved. Treasurer Erin Clougherty introduces PayPal as a payment method
       for programs, reducing bank expenses by 50% or $30 a month. She consolidates savings
       accounts to earn higher interest, while improving the financial reports to the Board.
       Director Joan Gervino raises more than $6,000 from our generous information vendors,
       Factiva and Lexis-Nexis. These savings and grants finance five SLA Virtual Seminars
       free to members as well as offsetting costs for the New Member Reception and the
       Annual Banquet.
      Mentoring Initiative: Working with Director Alphonse Vinh, the Mentoring Committee,
       co-chaired by Cassandra Harper and Mykie Howard, attracted 22 participants into the
       program and work with 30 libraries that have agreed to participate in "Spend a Day with a
       Special Librarian."
      Community Outreach with Sousa: The Chapter's community project for 2002-2004 is
       the Sousa Middle School Library in SE Washington. Under the leadership of Kenlee Rae,
       activities focus on soliciting funds and book donations and providing technical assistance.
       Since the Sousa library usually receives from zero to $500 from the local school budget
       each year, DC/SLA contributions and donations of more than $2,000 make a noticeable
       difference during these years. She also testifies before the DC Council, but despite these
       valiant efforts, in 2004 Sousa loses funding for its librarian and the future of this library
       appears dim.
      Past President, Sue O'Neill Johnson features some of our distinguished senior members
       in Chapter Notes - Kitty Scott, Mary Feldman, and Roger Haley.
      Young Professionals and Military Librarians Active: Part of the chapter's vitality is
       directly attributable to the Young Professionals, chaired by Elena Howell and Aidan
       Hoyal. The YPs had another active year of networking, socializing, scrabbling, bowling,
       and touring together. The Military Librarians hosted a national conference and many
       successful programs this year.

National Awards:

      Lyle Minter is named Fellow of the Special Libraries Association.
      Wilda Newman is added to the SLA Hall of Fame.
      Anne Caputo wins the Rose L. Vormelker Award for her contributions to teaching
      Kenlee Ray is honored with a Member Achievement award for her outreach work with
      Donna Scheeder earns the John Cotton Dana Award.
      Jill Konieczko receives The H.W. Wilson Company Award.

Chapter Awards:

      Cynthia Holt, Chapter Notes editor-extraordinaire, was honored as DC/SLA's Member of
       the Year.
      The Board of Directors Award goes to the amazing Military Librarians Steering Group
       of Pat Alderman, Wendy Hill, Sharon Lenius, Lily McGovern, Victor Monti, Carala
       Pomager, Dianne Schnurrpusch and Connie Wiley for their impressive program

Student Awards:

      Sheri Massey, a PhD student at the College of Information Studies at the University of
       Maryland, is the recipient of the Catherine A. Jones Memorial Scholarship for graduate
       study and receives a check for $1500.
      The recipient of the InfoCurrent Scholarship for graduate study, in the amount of $2000,
       goes to Marie Folk, an MLS student at Catholic University.

Programs Continue to Increase Participation: Program chair Sheryl Rosenthal In particular,
working closely with Hospitality Chair of the past five years Barbara Folensbee-Moore,
Membership Chair Jill Konieczko, Corresponding Secretary GeorgeAnn Higgins, Director
Alphonse Vinh, Joint Spring Workshop representative Anne Marie Houppert, Career Transition
Day planner Alison Ince, the fantastic Military librarians, and colleagues from the Young
Professionals attracted 350 (up 9% over last year) members to 63 programs. Frederik Heller
maintained the events calendar ( .

Business Meetings
 Eleven DC/SLA board meetings at National Geographic Society Library (averaged 15
   attendees per meeting).
 Summer Planning Breakfast – Goal setting and planning (29 attended).
 Annual Banquet at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel with Dr. Bernadine Healy, senior writer
   for US News and World Report. (5/18/04).

Learning Opportunities
 Covering the War in Iraq: Getting Information out Quickly and Accurately, with
   reception co-sponsored by DC/SLA News Group and Military Librarians, with Alex Neill,
   Managing Editor, Army Times, Margot Williams, Research Editor, The Washington Post,
   and Pentagon press spokeswoman Lt. Colonel Cynthia Scott-Johnson (9/29/03 - 44
 Book Club meetings: Alexander the Great’s Art of Strategy (10/02/03); Nothing to Fear:
   Lessons in Leadership (11/13/03); When Generations Collide: Who They Are. Why They
   Clash. How to Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work, (01/22/04); Why Don’t You Want What
   I Want? How to Win Support for Your Ideas Without Hard Sell, Manipulation, or Power Plays
   (10/23/04); Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down
   Culture and Control Creativity (05/13/0) (5 meetings - averaged 6-10 attendees each).
 Copyright and Acquiring Permissions, with Georgeann Higgins, copyright SME at the
   National Academies, Larry Guthrie, ILL Librarian for the law firm of Covington & Burling and
   former editor of "Copyright Corner," SLA's monthly copyright column and David D. Davis Jr.,
   CI Manager at Copyright Clearance Center (10/09/03 - 44 attendees).
   An Evening with Gary Francis Powers, Jr. with dinner, sponsored by Military Librarians
    Group (10/30/03 - 37 attendees)
   Database Creation and Design and reception sponsored by Factiva with Charlotte Spinner,
    Effective Systems Solutions LLC, and Sheila Thalhimer, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University
    (1/20/04 - 27 attendees).
   Five SLA Virtual Seminars, provided free for members at various locations in DC and MD,
    sponsored by LexisNexis (1/20, 2/18, 3/17, 4/21, 5/19/04 - averaged 30 attendees each).
   Imaging 101 Brown Bag Lunch Series: A Primer for Librarians, Records Managers,
    and Vendors, co-sponsored by NCC-AIIM, DC/SLA, Fairfax/Northern Virginia Chapter of
    ARMA, and the U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS)
    (with coffee and dessert) (3 meetings, 2/19, 3/18, 4/14/04).
   Competitive Intelligence: Exploring the Integrated World of CI and Information
    Management with reception co-sponsored by DC/SLA and the Society of Information
    Professionals (SCIP), Barbie Kaiser (2/26/04 - 30 attendees)
   Taxonomy Tuesdays - Open Lunch Discussions at the World Bank, co-sponsored by (Working Group of the Federal CIO Council). DC/SLA and ASIST/PVC (alternate
    Tuesdays beginning 03/02/0 thru end of May, 2004).
   Taxonomies for NASA and Homeland Security, sponsored by the Military Librarians
    Group, (3/08/04 - 95 attendees)
   International Special Librarians’ Day: 360 Degrees of Information Literacy : Under the
    direction of Barbie Keiser, the International Relations Committee (IRC) develops International
    Special Librarians Day (ISDL), held April 22, 2004, with the theme "360 Degrees of
    Information Literacy: Information Literacy around the World." The Committee collects
    donations for the purchase of the archival supplies necessary for the restoration of the
    National Library and Archives of Iraq. It also collects library and related journals, including a
    windfall from SLA Headquarters, to send to library schools in Zimbabwe and Cuba. With
    Giselle Foss's encouragement, as a Chapter we "twin" with a Bulgarian librarian, Toshka
   Information Literacy Around the World, presented by the International Relations
    Committee. (4/22/04 - xx attendees).

   Database Design and Creation, Part 2: a Practical Guide to DIY Databases, sponsored
    by Factiva, with Charlotte Spinner, Effective Systems Solution, LLC (5/12/04)
   Joint Spring Workshop - The USA Patriot Act: What it Means for Your Library, What it
    Means for You, co-sponsored by LLSDC, DC/SLA, and FLICC, at the Library of Congress.
    Speakers include Representative Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Professor David Cole, Georgetown
    University Law Center, Mr. Chuck Rosenberg, Chief of Staff, Office of the Deputy Attorney
    General, and Ms. Lara Flint, Staff Counsel, Center for Democracy and Technology (5/18/04 -
    85 attendees).

Networking Opportunities
 Neighborhood Dine-Arounds - 6 neighborhoods in September 2003 and 7 neighborhoods
   in March 2004 in Maryland, DC, and Virginia (averaged 65 per dine-around).
 Applications, Smapplications - Applying for an Information Professional Job,
   sponsored by the Military Librarians Group of DC/SLA with support from InfoCurrent (3/02/04
   - 63 attendees).
 Career Transition Day at Sumner School from 8 to 11:30 AM. The morning included two
   panel sessions and a breakout session where event attendees could talk with panelists in
   smaller groups. InfoCurrent provided resume critiques in 10 minute increments throughout
   the event (03/23/04 - 42 attendees).
 Spend the Day with a Special Librarian - (30 libraries, 4-5/04).

Social Events
 New Members Reception at the City Museum of Washington, included visiting SLA Board
   members (10/22/03 - 86 attendees)
   Holiday party at the Washington Arts Club with DCLA and ASIST/PVC (12/08/03 - 85
   Wine and cheese reception for volunteers at the Army Navy Club (5/25/04 - 50 attendees)
   Young Professionals Happy Hours (8/22/03 and 2/24/04 - averaged 20 attendees)
   Young Professionals Night at Strike Bethesda (11/06/03 - 12 attendees)
   4th Multistage Librarian Scrabble Tournament and Game Night with DC/SLA, Maryland
    SLA, LLSDC, & DCLA, with pizza, sodas and beer sponsored by LexisNexis and Westlaw
    (11/20/03 - 44 attendees).

 International Spy Museum with no-host dinner afterwards, co-sponsored by the Military
   Librarians Group and the Young Professionals of DC/SLA (9/12/03 - 99 attendees)
 National Academies Library and Intranet with demonstrations by Factiva, Elseveir
   (Science Direct), Ebsco, LexisNexis, and STN. (10/15/03 - 22 attendees)
 Tour of National Library of Medicine and Demonstration of Toxseek, co-sponsored by
   DC/SLA and the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of MLA, with Dr. Tamas Doszkocs (11/12/03 - 11
 Tour of National Geographic’s Imaging System, (11/18/03 - 14 attendees).
 Tour of the U.S. Supreme Court and Library, sponsored by CUA SLA Student Chapter
   (11/25/03 - 20 attendees).
 Tour of NOAA Library by Doria Grimes (3/10/044 - 14 attendees).
 Tour of AARP’s Information Research Center (3/25/04).


President: Sheryl Rosenthal
First Vice-President/President-Elect: Shirley Loo
Past President: Susan Fifer Canby
Second Vice President: Eileen Deegan
Treasurer: Erin Clougherty
Recording Secretary: Georgeann Higgins
Corresponding Secretary: Michael White
Director: Alphonse Vinh
Director: Gail Kouril
Webmaster: Cassandra Shieh
Chapter Notes: Barbara Ferry
Elections: Ellie Briscoe
Hospitality: Lorraine Bell


       E-Election: Ellie Briscoe managed the first e-election using Survey Monkey and wrote a
        best practices document for Headquarters. More than 381 votes were counted, which
        was an increase of nearly 100% (201 to 381).
       Focus: 72 diverse programs, getting the vote out for the SLA Elections, and tackling
        new initiatives including encouraging more volunteer opportunities.

Awards and Honors

       National Officers: Anne Caputo, SLA Board

       Judy Russell (GPO): Professional Award
       Susan Fifer Canby (National Geographic Society): Factiva Leadership Award for
        embodying competencies of the 21 century librarian.
       Barbie Keiser: SLA President’s Award for outreach in developing nations.
       Susan Tarr (Fedlink): Honorary Member, on her retirement for her work on behalf of
        federal librarians.
       U.S. Department of Defense Technical Information Center
        The information professional staff of this U.S. government agency have a record for
        consistent innovation through the use of technology to efficiently serve the needs of their
        clients in the American defense community
       John Latham (SLA): John guided the creation and evolution of the SLA Web site's
        taxonomy system - a quantum leap for SLA that has dramatically improved the search


       Board of Directors Award:
       Member of the Year:
       Student: Leigh Ann Palmer – InfoCurrent; Alexa Hackbarth CA Jones Scholarship;
        Ginger Richards SLA Conference Stipend Award

Popular Programs:

Shirley Loo planned 72 events which included library tours, virtual seminars, dine-arounds, book
club meetings, networking opportunities, Chapter Board meetings, and other professional
development events. This Chapter saw participation in one or more events from 381 members.
Hospitality Chair Lorraine Bell also did an outstanding job, locating venues.

       Speakers: ―Creating an Elevator Talk‖ with Anne Caputo; ―Three Pillars: Managing Your
        Library, Archives and Records‖ with Pamela Tripp-Melby, Chief of Information Services at
        the International Monetary Fund; Susan Fifer Canby, Vice President at the National
        Geographic Society; and Kevin Manion, Associate Director at Consumers Union.
       Tours: Naval Observatory organized by the Military Group; US Senate.
       Young Professionals: Bastille Day with wine; Artful Evenings at the Phillips Collection,
        Happy Hour at Buffalo Billiards, Oktoberfest on Capitol Hill.
       Outreach: On April 15, DC/SLA Bach Consort committee members, led by Sue O’Neill
        Johnson, were honored at a reception and signing ceremony for work in initiating the
        agreement between the Bach Consort and the Library of Congress which gives LC
        reproduction rights to the entire Bach Consort archive.
       SLA Seminars: Evaluating Strengths and Further Learning; Becoming a great web
        searcher; Fundamentals for Info Pros; Negotiating Strategies; competitive Intelligence;
        Identifying Client Needs
       Social activities: Fall and spring Dine-arounds, Holiday Party at the University Club;
        Movie ―Desk Set‖; brown bag luncheon series on Digital Rights Management
        Joint Spring Workshop: ―Information Organization for the 21 Century: Taxonomies,
        Ontologies, an the Semantic Web‖ with more than 135 (DC/SLA the lead – Anne Marie
       Annual Banquet: Anthony S. Pitch, author of many books including ―The Burning of
        Washington: The British Invasion of 1814‖. Mr. Pitch, a noted lecturer and recipient of
        numerous awards, presented a program on ―Lincoln and 9/11: Symbolic Parallels‖. May
        24, Capital Hilton.

       President – Shirley Loo
       President Elect - Susan Fournier
       Treasurer - Erin Clougherty
       Second Vice-President - Suzanne Pilsk
       Director - Gail Kouril
       Director - Kristina Lively
       Recording Secretary - Georgeanne Higgins
       Corresponding Secretary - Jenny Wood
       Hospitality – Lorraine Bell
       Chapter Notes: Barbara Ferry

Popular Programs

Susan Fournier planned, with support from Hospitality Chair Lorraine Bell, xx events that
attracted xxx members.

       SLA Seminars:
       Holiday Party:
       Joint Spring Workshop
       Annual Banquet: