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					                                            dream. Most people will want to help. they
                                            will share a sense a pride that you are repre-
                                                                                                                Make The List
                                            senting them. Remember, to ask supportive
                                            sponsors for any suggestions or names of                            Personal Targets
                                                                                                                Family and Friends

                                            others who may want to support you.
                                                                                                                Aunts and Uncles
                                         Step Six                                                               Cousins
                                         The thank you letter and post card.
                                                                                                                Family Friends
                                         For each sponsor, it is highly recommended                             Parents’ Co-Workers
                                         that you follow up with a thank you note and                           Community Members
                                         post card or letter following the completion
                                         of your trip. this will reflect positively on you                      Business Targets
                                         as a leader and good citizen.
                                                                                                                Lawyers/Law Firms
                                         Sponsorships                                                           Real Estate Agents/Firms
                                                                                                                Insurance Agents/Companies
                                                                                                                Financial Advisors/Firms
                                         A Sample Letter                                                        Accounting Firms
                                                                                                                Vision Care Firms

                                                                                                                Automobile Dealers
                                                                                                                  Car Repair Shops
                                                                                                                  Hair Salons
                                                                                                                Animal Care Providers
Dear Sir,
                                                                                                                Construction Companies
                                                                                    m Johnson High
                                                           de student-athlete fro                               Maintenance: Heating, Air, Plumbing

                                s, and I am an 11th gra                                   ticipate in the
My    name is Jason Thoma                                      d from our State to par
                                      I was recently selecte                                       have
           in Plymouth, Georgia.                                      ated in Switzerland. We
School                                     and Training Camp loc                                                retail
NIKE Swiss        All-Star Tournament                in this special Inte  rnational Showcase for
                            ent the United States                                                               Retail Stores: Clothing, Furniture, etc.
been invited to repres                                rld.
youth basketball tea      ms from all over the wo

                                                                                                                                                                SoccEr VollEyball baSkEtball
                                                                  cess by the Program Sel                       REStAURANtS AND FASt FooD
                                        owing an extensive pro                                     with
 I was sele   cted for this honor foll                                  pate in a training camp
                                            the opportunity to partici                                          Ice Cream Parlor
 Committee.      I will be provided with                  the NIKE Swiss     All-Star Tournament,
                               al coaches, compete in                               the host country. I         Coffee Shop
 collegiate and profession                               historical attractions of
                             ign athletes and tour the                                  different countries
  interact with other fore                                 eriences with youth from                             Bagel Shop

                                                                                                                                                                      training acadEmy
                                    nity to exchange exp
  inte  nd to utilize this opportu                                                                 ,
                                                                        g camp, transportation                  Grocery Stores
                                              ich includes the trainin
   The Program      Tuition is $2,850, wh                In order to partici  pate in this once in a
                              most associated costs.                                  nsorship from
   accommodations and                                    ntly, I am requesting spo                              HealtH
                             I need your help. Curre
   lifetime opportunity,                                the fina ncial cost.                                    Pharmacy Stores
                               sses to help alleviate
   individuals and busine
                                                 following benefits to
                                                                          you:                                  Health Clubs
                                providing the
    As a sponsor, I will be                                           izing your participation
                                                                                                   as an
                                                                                                                Sports Complexes
                                          local newspaper recogn
    • Your    name will appear in the
        official sponsor.                                                                    Switzerland
                                                                   eive a souvenir NIKE                         non-ProFit organizations
                                      g $150 or more will rec
     • Eve  ry sponsor contributin                                                                              Church or Synagogue
        T-Shirt                                                                      contributors so they
                                                           n my return for all my                               Rotary, optimists, Jaycees
                                  nk you reception upo                                   l of traveling to
      I also plan to host a tha                                hard to obtain my goa
      can  share my experiences.
      Switze   rland this summer, and
       sponsors. I
                                      I am willing to work

                    hope that you will be
                                           will participate in a Sho
                                               willing to give my req
                                   payable to 365 Sports.
                                                                       ot-a-thon to recognize
                                                                                                  all of my
                                                                            t serious consideration
                                                                                                       . All    media
                                                                                                                Newspapers                                                 Fundraising
       checks should be made                                                                with you. I thank   Radio and television
                                                                 unity in greater detail
                                      s to discuss this opport
       I wil l stop by in a few day                             and sup  port.
                                   r gracious consideration
        you in advance for you                                                                                  Each business organization has an interest in
      Sincerely,                                                                                                promoting their support for community activi-
                                                                                                                ties that will transcend into positive public
      Jason Thomas
                                                                                                                relations. Be prepared to offer an additional
      (999) 555-1212
                                                                                                                photo with press release for display.
                                                                                                                                                                      make your dreams a reality!
                                                                                                       person may be a teacher, coach, pastor, or        Step Two
MAkE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY!                                                                            family friend.
                                                                                                                                                         Create your target list of sponsors.
                                                                                                     Step Three                                          Brainstorm with your family members and

                                    hile we realize that this is the opportunity of a lifetime,      make your plan and build your fundraising           fundraising team to make a list of those
                                    we recognize that not every participant has the financial        budget.                                             people and businesses that may be potential
                                    resources to afford the program cost.                              Any successful venture begins with a plan.        contributors. It is recommended that you
                         that is why we have provided this guide to fundraising. We strongly           once you’ve decided your course of action,        divide your list between personal prospects
                         believe that with the ideas found in this guide, dedication and a little      make a plan and share it with your team.          (family members and those of personal
                         ingenuity – you can raise the funds to pay for the program and even           once you have a plan, make a budget.. A           acquaintance) and business relationships
                         appreciate your experience that much more.                                    sample is included in this guide. this will be    (those organizations that you and your family
                                                                                                       your scorecard. It puts all the pieces togeth-    currently support and maintain a customer/
                         While fundraising is hard work – it is not difficult. Don’t be afraid. It     er, laying out the path to success.               business activity). Most businesses have a
                         takes drive, devotion, motivation and enthusiasm. As a young leader                                                             budget for philanthropy and are always look-
                         – you possess these qualities. Your achievements on the field and in        THE SIx STEPS                                       ing for ways to support their community. A
                         the classroom are testaments to your capabilities.                          TO SUCCESS                                          sample list has been enclosed.

                                                   port of your parents/guardians and must be        We have found that appealing to sponsors
ON THE ROAD TO                                     within the guidelines set forth by your state.    who will directly subsidize the cost of your is
                                                                                                                                                         Step Three
SUCCESS WITH                                       Most states have guidelines that govern           the most effective method of fundraising. You       Assemble your materials.
TEAM USA                                           fundraising activities. You should check with     have been provided all the tools necessary to       Each participant who applies will receive
                                                                                                     have a successful sponsorship drive. All that       twenty (20) complimentary sponsorship
Before we begin our journey, here are some         the state attorney general’s office for details
                                                                                                                                                         brochures to aid in the fund raising campaign.

                                                   on any restrictions.                              is required is your hard work and dedication.
important things to remember                                                                                                                             the brochures provide an overview of the
                                                   the size of your community does not impact
 365 Sports is not a fundraising company.                                                            Step One                                            organization, programs and benefits available
 We provide this guide for your benefit.           the success of your fundraising campaign.
                                                                                                     Write your fundraising letter.                      to the Sponsor. these materials will arrive in
 While we can offer guidance and support,          We have had past students from very small
                                                                                                     In order to approach potential sponsors or          your Welcome Kit. Additional brochures are
 we cannot be directly involved in your            communities be as successful as those
                                                                                                     those who will help you fundraise, a fund-          available at a minimal fee.
 fundraising.                                      students from large metropolitan areas.
                                                                                                     raising letter is vital. this letter, a sample of   Your materials should include:
 Every participant is provided with a per-                                                           which has been included lets people know              A personalized fund raising letter
 sonal account to track progress toward          THE JOURNEY:                                        who are and what you are fundraising for.
                                                                                                                                                           A sponsorship brochure
 reaching your financial goal and all periodic   STEP BY STEP                                        Your letter should be flexible in terms of
 payments are credited accordingly.                                                                  sponsorship requests. You may request a               A copy of the press release or application

                                                 Step One                                                                                                  acceptance
 Each fundraising check is credited directly                                                         larger donation from a business than from a
                                                 talk with mom and dad – determine your goals!
 to you. It is not shared with other mem-                                                            family member. It is very important that your
                                                   talk to your parents and decide how much                                                              Step Four
 bers of your team. therefore, every dollar                                                          letter state the dollar amount you would like
                                                   money will need to be raised. Your par-                                                               Make appointments with potential
 you raise goes entirely toward your per-                                                            them to consider. Hopefully, every sponsor
                                                   ents will be your greatest supporters. But                                                            sponsors.
 sonal financial requirements.                                                                       will donate a significant amount, but remem-
                                                   remember, you, and only you, are respon-                                                              Start immediately and don’t be discouraged
 All checks should be made payable to 365                                                            ber every dollar counts!
                                                   sible for your fundraising. You can do it.                                                            by busy schedules. take the letter to those
 Sports, with the appropriate athlete name                                                           Make sure your letter includes:
                                                 Step Two                                                                                                businesses and individuals on your list… in
 (beneficiary) listed in the memo section.
                                                 assemble your team and get suggestions.             1. Personal information about you and your          person. A mailing is often received as imper-
 All payments should be collected by the

                                                   Don’t try to go it alone. Support is very            goals                                            sonal.
 athlete and mailed to our Program Head-
                                                   important. So is diversity. Look outside the      2. What you hope to gain from this experi-
 quarters by the applicable due date.
                                                   family to supportive teachers with creative          ence                                             Step Five
 Your name will be listed on the team USA
                                                   ideas, extended family and well-respected         3. our official trip manifest website URL,          Meet with your sponsor.
 travel manifest: 365 Sports tour Athletes
                                                   community business people.                           verifying that you are participating             1. Be prepared for appointments. Dress nicely.
 – www.365sports.org/manifest. this will al-
                                                                                                        www.365sports.org/manifest                          Have a copy of your fundraising letter,
 low potential sponsors to verify your status      Finally, find a person, outside of the family,
                                                                                                                                                            brochure and press release for your sponsor
 as a tour participant and representative of       who may have ideas and more importantly,          4. A brief summary of your trip itinerary
 the United States delegation.                     may know people who can help you. this            5. Your photograph. this adds a personal
 Without exception, fundraising should only        is someone, whose opinion you trust and              touch.                                           2. Don’t be afraid. People will be HoNoRED
 be executed with the approval and sup-            who can give you honest feedback. this                                                                   that you are asking them to support your

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