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									00- Once you see all animals, you should feel better.
01- I need to fix my car as soon as possible.
02- I hope it snows all day long tomorrow.
03- Can I get you anything?
04- How many apples did you eat today?
05- If it is possible, I’d like to have a Diet Coke.
06- Whose cellular phone is this anyway?
07- Richard, what are you doing up there?
08- Who is that? To tell the trouth, I don’t like him that much.
09- One should keep one’s promise; otherwise no one will trust him or her.

10- Speaking of the tennis match, this is John’s last one of the season.
11- Do you know how to cook this?
12- I feel sick to stomach.
13- Feel free to call me, whenever you want to play tennis.
14- I have two sisters, and both of them are sick. To make matters worse,
        they have to take their final exams this week.
15- How come you are not wearing a yellow uniform today?
16- I have to make a decision by 10:30
17- How often do you play tennis?
18- Do you mind if I give you some advise on that?
    It is very important tip on how to use the court.
19- You are much better than me.

20- I can’t believe this is the last summer camp that I am attending with you guys.
21- There’s some food on the table. Help yourself, but please don’t feed the dog.
    We are trying to cut down the food cost.
22- Is there a drudstore around here?
23- Don’t tell me you can’t go there
24- You should call the doctor right away.
25- Would you bring more batteries for me?
26- May I ask you where I can find those batteries?
     I looked around everywhere but I couldn’t find them.
     Where did you put them?
27- What is going on down there?
28- I had a hard time controlling the boat.
29- Please forgive me this time. I will make sure it won’t happen again.
30- On a day like this, I would do anything for a cold drink.
31- What are you looking at?
32- I heard you are moving to New York. Is that right?
33- Is this ring you are looking for?
34- How much did you pay for that?
35- How do you open this door?
36- I hate this. This kind of thing makes me really angry.
37- We are very sorry for all trouble we’ve caused you,
     but that’s the way it is around here. Take it or leave it.
38- Excuse me. How long will it take to fix it?
39- Oh my gosh! What a mess! What happened here?

40- John promised to vist Paul’s office before he leaves for Egypt.
41- Let me know when she comes in.
42- Why don’t you give her a call and remind her that I’ll stop by around 9?
43- I wonder if this pears necklace will make her happy.
44- Are you surprised at the news?
45- Do you want me to verify that for you?
46- It was here on the table this morning, but it’s gone now.
47- It’s obvious he failed the exam twice before he became a broadcaster.
48- The reason why he failed the exam was that he simply
   didn’t study hard.
49- If he studies hard, he will pass the exam. That’s for sure.

50- They have been married for 50years. John’s grandpa used to be a loyer bu
      he retired last year
51- I hate to admit it, but it’s true. I am a vegetation.
52- Be sure to call me as soon as you get to tykyo, will you? You promise?
53- It’s not easy for me to learn English and Japanese at same time.
54- Thank’s for coming. Hope to see you again soon.
55- Would you mind opening the door?
56- I am so tired, and I don’t feel like going out tonight.
57- Will you have him deliver it to my office?
58- Thanks a lot. Wait a minute. Before I go, why don’t I take a picture of
      the sleeping puppy?.
59- Having done that, I guss I can go home now. Is there anything else I have to
    do before I hit the road?
60- It turned out that they were struck by lightning.
61- Be carefull! You are as bad as my ex-boyfriend.
62- -here you are. This is better than the other one.
63- No one is wore than ex-boyfriend.
64- I guess he must have gallen from the roof.
65- You finally work up, huh? What have you done today?
66- Nothing much. I have been watching TV set since 2o’clock this afternoon.
67- By the time I got there, the office was closed. I am I messed up. I don’t know
    what else to say.
68- I don’t think so. Actually, I am not feeling well and I’d rather stay home
69- How about Jimmy? Is he working today?

70- It seems to me he does’t care about anything anymore.
71- What do you think of the security guard who is sleeping while he’s on duty?
72- Jerry! Is it all right if I borrow your cellular phone for a minute?
73- That’s why he is still around here even though he keeps messing up like this.
74- Do you know the reason why he did that? You wouldn’t believe this, but he
    said, “There was nothing to do.”
75- When they asked his name, he refused to answer.
76- No wonder he didn’t want to give his name.
77- Which do you like better, the red one the yellow one? You prefer the red one,
    don’t you?
78- You know what? I have’t met a man as indecisive as you before. You’re the
    manager of this place. Aren’t you the person who is supposed to make
    decision around here?
79- Sorry. We are out of red tape. What if we use the yellow tape instead?
    Ask her, will you?

80- She didn’t realize what she was talking about untill teacher asked the
81- I don’t know why you say that. What makes you say that?
82- You look awfully tired and exhausted. I think you need a vaction. All you
    have to do is fill out this regust form. Why don’t you take a couple pf days
83- Don’t get me wrong. Whatever you decide to do doesn’t make any difference
    to me.
84- Both Peter and his friend like her. That makes Peter worried.
85- No matter how hard I study, I am not getting any better. I think I am in big
86- When it comes to studying, Peter’s friend is much better than he is.
87- Peter, I want to tell you this, I am not going out with you. You know what?
    If I were you, I would ask someone else.
88- Oky. I will still go out with you even if it rains. Bus if it does, you’d better
    have an umbrella because I hate being wet.
89- While you may a point there, I don’t think there is anything to worry about.
    According to the weather forecast, there is no chance of rain for a while.

90- In spite of his young age, john became one of the best manager in the
91- Mr. Jung was so excited that the asked his personal assistant to buy everyone
    a drink. At that time, no one realized that it was a fatal mistake.
92- Can I help you? Who are you looking for? You’d better realized that there is
    no way that you can find anyone around here without my help.
93- Would it be possible for you to tell us how he is doing?
94- I am very sorry to tell you that Mr. Jung passed away last night. As far as I
    know, he died peasefully. I’d appreciate it if you would share this
    information with your friends. Would that be all right?
95- It may be true, but I can’t believe that
96- Ldies and gentleman, attention please!
     I am afraid that every one of you must leave this at once.
     Due to the flood in this region, we have to evacuate you to a safe area
     We need your cooperation.
97- Mr. Abduiiah said, “The more I thinkabout it, the more frustrated I get.
    Every year the government tells us how safe this is, but I don’t think they are
    telling us the truth.”
98- From what I can see, it appears that they are not doing their job at all.
    Am I right?
99- Now that all my children are college, I have a lot of free time to do this kind
    of thing.

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