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    in Training
Special “Groundhog Job Shadow Day” Issue                                                       Winter/Spring 2004

                          Industry Leadership Celebrates Job Corps’ Finest
                      The industry’s highest training awards were presented before a capacity crowd of nearly 3,000 industry
 leaders at the starting session of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Home Builders during the
 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. Pictured are Alan Lafferman, U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Job Corps;
 Patrick Fullen, HBI plumbing instructor at the Grafton Job Corps Center, mentored and nominated Starr Delgado,
 recipient of the Shirley Wiseman Lach for Exceptional Promise; former NAHB President and HBI Trustee Shirley
 Wiseman Lach; HBI 2003 Student of the Year Lenord Fobb, Jr., with his HBI instructor at the North Texas
 Job Corps Center, Rick Oberlin; and HBI 2004 Chairman of the Board of Trustees, James A. Sattler.
 (Story begins on page 4)
            From the Chairman                                            HBI B.I.N.
                                     When I was asked to draft           (Building Industry Networks)
                                   this column as the new chair-         DOL Taps NAHB/HBI to Promote Industry Careers
                                   man of the Board of Trustees, I
                                   was pleased to have the oppor-                                                  “Skills     to
                                   tunity to share some thoughts                                                 B u i l d
                                   about what we do in Job Corps                                                 A m e r i c a ’s
                                   on this, the 30th anniversary of                                              Future” is an
                                   HBI’s partnership with the pro-                                               initiative
                                   gram and the Department of                                                    announced by
                                   Labor.                                                                        Secretary of
                                                                                                                 Labor Elaine
              I have been involved in NAHB for many years, and                                                   Chao to pro-
            aware of HBI's activities training Job Corps students        mote careers in the skill trades, and help alleviate the
            for some time. I recently visited the Long Beach Job         industry’s shortage of workers.
            Corps center where I was once again reminded of the
            significance of this program not only to the NAHB              NAHB President and HBI Trustee Bobby Rayburn
            membership, but to the youth we train.                       (pictured to right of Assistant Secretary for
                                                                         Employment and Training Administration Emily
              True, skills are essential and will get them far if they   DeRocco) and NAHB Executive Vice President Jerry
            apply themselves. But good training is only part of the      Howard (visible across from Rayburn), were among
            picture. Self-respect, self-esteem and hope are also         the select group invited to the event. In addition to
            developed in Job Corps. When matched with the state-         NAHB/HBI, primary partners in the initiative are the
            of-the-art workplace and trade skills, the result is a       Construction Industry Roundtable and the National
            motivated, qualified person and an ideal employee.           Heavy and Highway Alliance trade unions.
              These results do not come overnight and are not               Helping to reinforce the 30 years of HBI collabora-
            guaranteed. Sometimes, even when it all comes togeth-        tion with the Department, Rayburn took this oppor-
            er for a young graduate, it is not enough. Money to          tunity to discuss his experience with Job Corps, and
            make the transition from Job Corps to work can at            reassert NAHB’s commitment to the program. “The
            times make the difference between a job and a back-          Department of Labor has identified construction as an
            ward slide to a young person. This is why support            industry that offers excellent employment opportuni-
            from NAHB members such as Lowe’s Home                        ties, and we are working to strengthen this partnership
            Improvement is essential. Just this month, Lowe’s            even more,” he said.
            donated $50,000 toward the HBI Lowe’s Building
            Careers Scholarship Fund to help graduates in need
            overcome financial barriers.                                 HBI’s Happy Plumbers Help Habitat
               I am proud to be part of an organization with mem-          HBI students enrolled in Mike Giardina’s plumbing
            bers that share this kind of commitment to a program         class at the Cassadaga Job Corps Center are partner-
            like Job Corps. I look forward to working with my fel-       ing with the Buffalo Niagara Builders Association
            low trustees and membership to make our partnership          (BNBA) and Habitat for Humanity to rehabilitate
            with Job Corps even better.                                  homes for area families. The students have been busy
                                                                         on a number
                                                                         of projects in
                                                                         recent months
                                                                         and their work
                                                                         was featured
            Sincerely,                                                   in the Buffalo
            James A. Sattler                                             Evening News
            2004 Chairman of the Board of Trustees                       in February.

2   Teamwork in Training
HBI’s Job Corps Road Show                                                     products and services available to the industry. This
                                                                              year, HBI’s instructor at the Department of Labor’s
  Representatives of the Home Builders Institute’s Job                        Francis Perkins Building, Steve Cousins, Dave Henn,
Corps programs have been on a whirlwind tour                                  Regional Program Manager, George Furtado, carpen-
recently as they’ve traveled to various home                                  try instructor at the Woodstock JCC and his students
builder     association                                                                     Victoria Bodmer and Toraun Williams
(HBA) shows in an                                                                                                    were invited
effort to help members                                                                                               to participate.
address their need for                                                                                               In addition to
employees with HBI’s                                                                                                 the HBAM’s
Job Corps graduates.                                                                                                 invitation, the
   HBI began its con-                                                                                                HBA has also
centrated, member-                                                                                                   incorporated
by-member outreach                                                                                     a “Job Postings” section on
initiative in February                                                                                 its website exclusively for
at the Northeast                                                                                       HBI’s Job Corps graduates.
Construction Expo in
                                                                                                      Job Corps was also front
Worcester, Mass. This
                                                                                                    and center at the 25th
year, HBI’s Job Corps
                                                                                                    Annual Building Industry
programs and students
                                                                                                    Association of Northern
were featured at the show courtesy of the Rhode
                                                                              Pennsylvania’s Home Show.
Island Builders Association, providing members from
Connecticut to Maine the chance to learn about HBI’s                            Meanwhile, at the Atlantic Builders Conference in
training in Job Corps.                                                        Atlantic City, NJ, the HBI exhibit was visited by
                                                                              countless members of the industry including a special
  In March, it was time for Builder Mart, a one-day
                                                                              visit by Leonard R. Sendelsky, newly elected to the
marketplace event sponsored by the Home Builders
                                                                              National Housing Hall of Fame.
Association of Maryland (HBAM) where over 8,000
building industry professionals gather to see the latest

Red Rock Brick in Brick News
  Joseph Entiero’s masonry students had their work
featured in the December 2003 issue of Brick News, a
monthly publication of the Brick Industry
Association. The Red Rock Job Corps Center stu-
dents created an American flag using glazed brick,
with white, blue and red mortar. s

        Teamwork in Training

     Teamwork in Training is published by Home Builders Institute, the workforce development arm of the National Association of Home
     Builders (NAHB). It is designed to provide Job Corps training professionals, members of the building industry and others, with informa-
     tion on HBI’s Job Corps programs.

     James A. Sattler, Chairman of the Board of Trustees                                   Frederick N. Humphreys, President and CEO

                                                                                                                                         Home Builders Institute   3
          International Builders’ Show 2004
            Standing Ovation for HBI                                                     Texas…” The father of two sons,
            Job Corps Graduates at                                                       Fobb also serves as Assistant
                                                                                         Minister at the Greater Stone
            International Builders’ Show                                                 Baptist Church.
              In an emotion-filled event, the
                                                                                           Starr Delgado, 26, enrolled in
            industry’s highest training achieve-
                                                                                         HBI’s plumbing program at the
            ment awards were presented to
                                                                                         Grafton Job Corps Center in
            two HBI plumbing graduates at
                                                                                         North Grafton, Mass. During her
            the International Builders Show
                                                                                         twelve months in Job Corps, she
            held in Las Vegas on January 20,         Delgado was not alone in her
                                                                                         was elected president of the Student
            2004.                                  efforts to restrain her emotions.
                                                                                         Government, worked as a staff
                                                   Many in the capacity-filled room
              The ceremony was held at the                                               assistant and was featured as a ‘ris-
                                                   were also overwhelmed as Fobb
            NAHB Board of Directors meeting                                              ing star’ in the local newspaper.
                                                   and Delgado saw their hardships
            at which NAHB President Kent           acknowledged and their sheer will
            Conine presented the “HBI              to overcome and to succeed, recog-
            Student of the Year” award to          nized by the industry’s leadership.
            Lenord Fobb, Jr., owner of Fobb’s
            Affordable Plumbing Service in           Lenord Fobb, Jr., 25, enrolled in
            Garland, TX, a business he runs        the HBI plumbing program at the
            with his wife Travona. Fobb            North Texas Job Corps Center in
            expressed his gratitude to Job         McKinney, Texas in April of 1997.
            Corps and NAHB, “I am very             In only eight months, Lenord was
            blessed,” he said to a crowd of        noted as the “Most Improved
                                                                                           She is back with HBI as a plumb-
            nearly 3,000 NAHB members who          Plumber of the Month,” and later
                                                                                         ing instructor at the Westover Job
            rose in unison to congratulate         acknowledged as the “Most
                                                                                         Corps Center, sharing her craft
            Fobb during the presentation.          Outstanding Plumber of the
                                                                                         with other young people also look-
                                                                                         ing for a second chance. Mother of
                                                                                         a four-year-old daughter, Tyocka
                                                                                         and engaged to be married, she
                                                                                         continues to attend evening classes
                                                                                         for her Journeyman level license.

              Former NAHB President Shirley
            Wiseman Lach presented the
            “Shirley Wiseman Lach Award for          Today, he is a master plumber
            Exceptional Promise” to Starr          with his own business and in an
            Delgado, HBI plumbing instructor       interview in the Dallas Morning
            at the Westover Job Corps Center       News he said, “I take pride in the
            in Worcester, Mass. Delgado            quality of service that we offer…     HBI 2004 Chair Jim Sattler; Lenord Fobb, Jr; former
            fought back tears as she thanked       When we get more business, I will     NAHB President and HBI Trustee Shirley Wiseman
            the NAHB membership, HBI and           hire more people. I see this busi-    Lach; Starr Delgado and 2003 NAHB President Kent
            Job Corps for the role they played     ness as being one of the largest in
            in her success.

4   Teamwork in Training
International Builders’ Show 2004
Booth Botox?                                              • Joseph Bergamo    Whitney Young JCC
                                                            Carpentry, Thomas Scott, Instructor
  Well, not quite, but the HBI Skills Exhibit and
Employment Booth did get a facelift this year as the      • Markie Bloomfield Flatwoods JCC
space was reconfigured into individual trade areas for      Plumbing, Jeffery Bolling, Instructor
the students to show off their skills, members to         • Jeremy Crane       Weber Basin JCC
observe their work and to talk with them about their        Brick Masonry, Jason Talbot, Instructor
training. The nail driving contest was center stage and
a constant attraction, but offsetting this floorshow,     • Andrew Dale         Golconda JCC
was a quiet area for staff and NAHB members to talk         Electrical, John Gaddis, Instructor
about hiring HBI graduates.
                                                          • Patrick Peterson   Weber Basin JCC
                                                            Brick Masonry, Jason Talbot, Instructor
Stars of the Show Floor…
                                                          • Anna Rios            North Texas JCC
  As always, the stars of the show floor were the eight     Facilities Maintenance, James Henderson, Instructor
student ambassadors that represented HBI’s Job Corps
                                                          • Claudine Simon      Woodlands JCC
trades to the more than 100,000 NAHB members and
                                                            Facilities Maintenance, Aleta Haynes, Instructor
press that crowded into the Las Vegas Convention
Center. Although friendly competitions among the stu-     • Jermaine Smith      Cleveland JCC
dents abounded, the most touching was one on which          Painting, Dennis Kirby, Instructor s
one had the best instructor – all were positive their
HBI instructor was the best. Teamwork called it a tie.
Our thanks to the student ambassadors and to their

                                                                                                      Home Builders Institute   5
                                        GROUNDHOG JOB SHADOW DAY
            H    BI programs on sixteen Job Corps centers joined countless others in participating in the seventh annual
                 Groundhog Job Shadow Day on February 2. The event is a coordinated effort by America’s Promise, Junior
            Achievement, as well as the U.S. Departments of Labor and Education. HBI Job Corps students spent the day
            shadowing industry professionals and getting a taste of the residential construction industry. Following are details
            of the student and mentor experiences…

             Cascades JCC                                                                         tour of the plant and were able to ask company own-
                                                                                                  ers about hiring, job qualifications, educational
             Sedro-Wooley, WA
                                                                                                  backgrounds, pay scales and other benefits of com-
               Grady Baker’s facilities maintenance students                                      pany employment.
             worked alongside two Job Corps graduates for their
             Groundhog Day experience. Baker’s former students
             were happy to mentor the next generation of mainte-
             nance professionals. Ahmud Sanura mentored JJ
             Nahiman at Nettleton Apartments in Seattle where he
             has been employed since graduation five years ago.

                                                                                                  Michael Giardina’s plumbing students Joe Langman and Feliciano Rivera worked with
                                                                                                  Fredonia State College’s plumbing staff to repair a frozen manhole and pipe backup.

                                                                                                  Connecticut JCC
                                                                                                  Westville, CT
             Jamie Metzler helped another HBI Job Corps graduate, Matt Lauro, put the finishing     Facilities maintenance students in James Bailey’s
             touches on an apartment in Anchor Village located in Mukilteo, where Lauro has       class spent their Groundhog Job Shadow Day on a
             worked for nearly a year.                                                            tour of the Foxwoods Indian Casino, one of the
                                                                                                  area’s largest employers. The class received a com-
             Cassadaga JCC                                                                        prehensive tour of the facility including the mechani-
             Cassadaga, New York                                                                  cal rooms, kitchens, gaming rooms and luxury suites
                                                                                                  not to mention a free lunch in the staff cafeteria.
               Cassadaga JCC painting, electrical, and carpentry
             students made the most of their Groundhog Job
             Shadow Day as they spread across to mentors at the
                                                                                                  Dayton JCC
             Chautauqua County Home, an elderly assistance                                        Dayton, OH
             facility; NRG, a generating plant; a local furniture
                                                                                                     Drees Homes’
             manufacturer; a local college, and the Cassadaga
                                                                                                  Dave      Pinkerton
             JCC’s maintenance department. The groups later
                                                                                                  provided carpentry
             compared their experiences while reflecting on the
                                                                                                  students        from
             day’s events.
                                                                                                  R o b e r t
               Carpentry students in Gretchen Cantali’s class,                                    Copenhaver’s class
             HBI’s 2003 Instructor of the Year, took a class trip to                              the opportunity to
             Artone Manufacturing Company in Jamestown                                            visit a real jobsite.
             where the group saw the construction of laminated                                    The cold, snow-covered lots let these groundhogs expe-
             furniture, all the while getting the chance to man                                   rience one inescapable reality in the world of home build-
             some of the workstations. Students were given a full                                 ing – the great outdoors.

6   Teamwork in Training
from Coast to Coast!
Golconda JCC                                                Keystone JCC
Golconda, IL                                                Drums, PA
   Eight electrical students in John Gaddis’ class got a       Keystone JCC stu-
first-rate tour of the Joppa Power Plant. Students          dents in the electri-
were entertained by a video detailing the 50-year his-      cal, plumbing and
tory of the plant, hosted by the facility’s Jim Hamm.       carpentry trades did-
Hamm provided a detailed explanation and answered           n’t have to go far to
questions on the processes involved in producing elec-      find a job mentor this
tricity at this coal-burning facility, including how they   Groundhog         Job
step up the voltage to 345,000 volts to send it off over    Shadow Day. The
the high voltage lines.                                     students shadowed
                                                            several contractors
                                                            building new dorms on the Keystone campus. Walter
                                                            Gonzales worked with Peter Top, an HBI plumbing
                                                            graduate now with Linco Construction. Juan
                                                            Serrano, pictured below, spent the day with employ-
                                                            ees of Walsh Electrical, and carpentry’s Nile Dowling
                                                            spent his day alongside the project’s general contractor.

                                                              Tips and Tools of the Trade
                                                              Power Tool Safety Training
Hawaii JCC
                                                                Many occupational injuries are caused by the improper
Waimanalo, HI                                                 setup, use and/or maintenance of power tools and equip-
  Facilities maintenance                                      ment. Power tools of the same type that are manufactured
student       Macarther                                       by different companies may differ in the way they are pre-
Peanar headed to S & G                                        pared for use and operated.
Construction, a steel-                                          For instance, circular saws manufactured by different
framing        company,                                       companies have various ways for adjusting the blade
where he saw the                                              height and angle, while drills may have different types of
process involved in the                                       switches for reversing direction.
manufacturing of steel-
framing products for the                                        Students operating more than one variation of any
construction industry.                                        given power tool learn the importance of referring to the
                                                              manufacturer’s manual for the setup and safe operation
                                                              of the tool. It is therefore important that the manufactur-
Inland Empire JCC
                                                              er’s manual is used when providing instructions on all
San Bernadino, CA                                             phases of a tool’s operation.
   Electrical students Rosemarie Byrd, Allen Brown,             If you have a power tool and cannot locate the manu-
Miguel Rivera and David Varnado shadowed jour-                facturer’s manual, it may be possible to download a copy
neymen electricians at California State University San        from the manufacturer’s website. Type the manufacturer’s
Bernardino. The students are in Walt Ridgeway’s elec-         name in an Internet search window such as “Yahoo” or
trical class.                                                 “Google”. When the manufacturer’s website is identified,
                                                              look for the appropriate power tool and manual link and
                                                              follow directions for downloading. Some website
                                                              addresses of power tool manufacturers are:
                                                                                                       continued on page 11

                                                                                                           Home Builders Institute   7
                               GROUNDHOG JOB SHADOW DAY
            Long Beach JCC                                            Barre. James Buck and Jared Collier spent the day at
            Long Beach, CA                                            the local Home Depot where Jerry Gronchik, board
                                                                      member of the Building Industry Association of
              Fourteen trainees from Allen Pritchard’s landscap-      Northeastern Pennsylvania, planned the schedule so
            ing class visited the Santa Ana branch of Tru Green       each student could spend an hour in each department
            ChemLawn. Hosted by Greg Gill, Human Resources            accompanied by a sales associate. Masonry students
            Manager, the group was introduced to staff, and           Francisco Martinez and Anna Young were among the
            toured the facility while Gill gave a history of the      groundhogs featured in The Sullivan Review.
            company and its importance to the landscaping
            efforts of Southern California.

              The day ended with a brief quiz by Gill who award-
            ed calculators and organizers. The students felt they
            learned a great deal about their chosen trade -
            Rahmonn Wiley cited the crew’s teamwork and unity
            and credited the experience with spurring his interest
            to graduate and go to work.

            Loring JCC
            Limestone, ME
            Grivois and
            R o b e r t
            Adkins, both
            painting stu-
            dents in Bruce
            Smith’s class,
            spent     their
            Job Shadow
            Day at Sherwin Williams in nearby Caribou where           Roswell JCC
            they assisted employees with work orders and freight.     Roswell, NM
            The students’ experiences were highlighted in an arti-
            cle published in The Aroostook Republican.                  Facilities maintenance
                                                                      students enrolled in Chris
                                                                      Smith’s class shadowed
            Red Rock JCC                                              employees of the Roswell
            Lopez, PA                                                 City Water Department
                                                                      checking water meters,
              Paul Drake, plumbing instructor, had three students
                                                                      leaks, and water mains
            participate in this year’s event. Will Cave worked with
                                                                      around town.
            sales associates and helped General Manager Marty
            Jordan at RJ Walkers Plumbing Supply in Wilkes-

8   Teamwork in Training
from Coast to Coast!
Talking Leaves JCC                                          Treasure Island JCC
Tahlequah, OK                                               San Francisco, CA
  Electrical instructor Jerry Caviness arranged for five      Twelve students from Bob Christensen’s electrical
of his students to shadow professionals for                 class were divided among three Cole Hardware stores
Groundhog Day. Dason Holmes and Derrick Goad                around town where they were paired with employees
pulled conduit, and installed switches and receptacles      from different areas of the store, including, stocking,
with HBI graduate Bradley Harris who has been               pricing, accounting, mixing paint, merchandise, gar-
employed with Kelly Grant Electrical for four years.        dening and of course customer service. Cole
The trio performed their tasks as part of a renovation      Hardware was so pleased with the event, it published
project at Northeastern State University.                   a story on the company’s website.

  Meanwhile Derrick Birdsong installed HID lighting
on the outside and fluorescent lighting on the inside
of an area Pizza Hut with a Kelly Grant Electrical
crew. Chris Casey worked at the Cherokee Nation
Tribal Complex with another former Talking Leaves
electrical graduate, Mitchell Star. Kevin Lane and
Kenneth West replaced fluorescent lamps and ballast
around the center as they shadowed Gary Gillum,
Talking Leaves JCC maintenance manager.

Tongue Point JCC
Astoria, OR
                                                            Treasure Island’s groundhogs ready to roll to Cole Hardware.
  Instructors Joyce Capehart, electrical, and Doug
West, facilities maintenance, led a group of students       Treasure Lake JCC
to Camp Rilea, an Oregon Army National Guard                Indiahoma, OK
Training Site for the seventh year in a row. Here, the
students worked in teams installing sections of 4”            Plumbing students from Treasure Lake JCC took to
plastic conduit. Rotating positions, one team cleaned       the working world on Groundhog Day. Hurlon
out the ditch, another was busy installing the conduit      Hamilton accompanied a crew from Gordon
and the third team toured the camp. The project is          Plumbing to a new homes’ site where he watched the
part of an underground utilities upgrade that will          installation of a whirlpool tub. The Treasure Lake
eventually allow the replacement of buried electrical       JCC’s shadow experiences were a feature article in
cable, phone lines, and the installation of fiber optics.   “The Shadow Knows”, in the The Lawton Constitution.
                                                                                                                       Treasure Lake’s plumb-
                                                                                                                       ing crew on Groundhog
                                                                                                                       Job Shadow Day: Joseph
                                                                                                                       Cain, Ricky Cervantes,
                                                                                                                       Ricardo Martinez, Ryan
                                                                                                                       Saunders, Ashton Couture,
                                                                                                                       Brett Dunn and Hurlon
                                                                                                                       Hamilton. s

                                                                                                                                 Home Builders Institute   9
                                           Community Ties
            The Gift of Giving Never Gets Old       Meanwhile, several carpentry          Clearfield JCC Students Back to
                                                  students in Martin’s class recently     Paint Your Community Connection
              Matthew McLean recently vol-        built and donated 23 wood boxes
            unteered his services to give back    to be used as duck nests by the           For several years, students
            to an organization that once          Maine Department of Inland              enrolled in Monte Moss’ facilities
            helped him, Literacy Volunteers of    Fisheries and Wildlife.                 maintenance class have practiced
            Bangor, group that provides litera-                                           their skills at Your Community
            cy services to children of recently                                           Connection (YCC) in Ogden. The
            homeless families. Using the skills                                           facility now has nicely painted
            he has learned in Mark Martin’s                                               rooms on the second floor thanks
            carpentry class at the Penobscot                                              to the students who patched,
            JCC, McLean built a children’s                                                prepped and painted nine rooms
            coat, hat and boot storage unit,                                              over three days. Sharon Harris,
            two bookshelves and a window                                                  executive director of YCC, said the
            seat for this community-based                                                 “young men are dedicated and car-
            organization.                                                                 ing about the work they do.” s
              Mary Marin Lyon, Executive
            Director of Literacy Volunteers       Grafton JCC Students Assist
            contacted Martin to ask for help
            with the project. When he pro-
                                                  Community Member In Need
            posed the idea to his students,         Grafton JCC plumbing students
            McLean jumped at the chance to        in Patrick Fullen’s class were called
            help the organization that once       on to help a new home owner in
            taught him how to read. In a letter   the Worcester area. Sima Schwartz
            thanking McLean and Martin,           bought a three-story house with
            Lyon wrote, “we feel very fortu-      the plan to occupy one floor and
            nate that this organization was       rent the other two. Bad luck struck
            available to make a difference in     Schwartz and after a series of poor
            your life and we’re very proud of     tenants and a winter storm caused
            how you’ve chosen to build off the    extensive damage to her property,       Annual Gathering Takes Its Toll
            skills that you acquired.”            she was in dire need of repairs she
                                                  could not afford.                          Each year around the holidays,
                                                                                          five HBI staff members get togeth-
                                                    That’s when Grafton JCC stu-          er. This year, they added up the
                                                  dents came to save the day. The         number of years each had been
                                                  Affordable Housing Connection, a        involved in Job Corps… the result
                                                  non-profit helping landlords age        stunned them all – 104 years! The
                                                  55 and older, put Schwartz in           group includes: Garry George, Red
                                                  touch with Job Corps. In no time        Rock JCC electrical – 20 years;
                                                  the students were out to repair the     Tim McNulty, Keystone JCC elec-
                                                  plumbing in the apartment The           trical – 27 years; Joe Gorolis,
                                                  activities drew the attention of the    Keystone JCC carpentryl – 16
                                                  local media and the Worcester           years; Keith Albright, HBI VP for
                                                  Diary covered the story on              Job Corps Operationsl – 23 years;
                                                  February 18.                            and Jack Pape, Keystone JCC
                                                                                          plumbing – 18 years. s

10   Teamwork in Training
                                 CENTER NEWS
Indiana/Purdue and HBI Partner        March. Bastien won Bronze in the
                                      Post Secondary competition. Jones
at Atterbury JCC
                                      competed in the Secondary
                                      Carpentry     competition,    and
                                      Andrade represented HBI and
                                      Penobscot in the Knowledge Bowl
                                      where his team was awarded the
                                      bronze medal. Way to go
                                      Penobscot carpentry!

                                                                             storage shed thanks to Daryl
                                      Talking Leaves JCC Students Give       Martinez’s facilities maintenance
                                      Back to Center                         class. Pictured above are Jonathan
                                                                             Ratliff and Sarah Oglesby finishing
                                        The Talking Leaves JCC now
                                                                             up the last course of roofing and
                                      has a 20’ x 44’ tractor/equipment
                                                                             trim on the structure. s

   HBI facilities maintenance stu-     Power Tool Safety Training                ry safety training guidelines for most
dent Terron Allen was among the        continued from page 7                     power tools, they do direct employers
group joining HBI instructor Scott                                               to follow some basic rules in CFR
Forbes in a visit to Indiana           DeWalt               1926 subpart I, by stating “All wood-
University-Purdue        University    Ryobi           working tools and machinery shall
Indianapolis (IUPUI) in prepara-       Senco                meet other applicable requirements of
tion for the newly created work        Skil                 American       National     Standards
based-learning site partnership.       Stanley         Institute (ANSI), 01.1-1961, Safety
                                       Makita               Code for Woodworking Machinery.”
                                       Porter Cable
Three Penobscot JCC Students           Milwaukee             HBI employees may obtain this
Participate in SkillsUSA/VICA          Delta        www.deltawoodworking         ANSI standard, as well as many other
                                                    .com                         excellent safety-training materials
Competition                            Bosch           through the HBI Resource Library
                                                                                 (Azeb Samuel-Britton, 800-959-0052
                                          The HBI Safety Handbook contains       ext. 8943). OSHA has also created
                                       a prescribed outline for training stu-    some non-mandatory safety training
                                       dents in the use of power tools. The      guidelines for employers, which may
                                       outline covers orientation, demon-        be found on their web site
                                       stration, examination, student opera-
                                       tion, and documentation of student
                                       qualifications. The examination, as          Remember to always examine
                                       with all other aspects of safety train-   power tools and equipment before
                                       ing on a tool or piece of equipment,      and after each use to ensure that they
                                       should be based on the manufactur-        are free of any defects that would
  Devitto Bastien, James Jones,                                                  prohibit their safe operation Frayed
                                       er’s instructions and recommenda-
and Matthew Andrade, all                                                         or split power cords cannot be spliced
Penobscot carpentry students,                                                    or taped, they must be repaired to a
competed in the Maine State              Although the Occupational Safety        ‘like new’ condition. Plugs, switches
SkillsUSA/VICA competition in          and Health Administration (OSHA)          and guards must also operate and be
                                       remains reluctant to create mandato-      in good condition. s

                                                                                                       Home Builders Institute   11
HBI Trustees Visit Job Corps on
30th Anniversary
  This year marks the 30th
anniversary of HBI’s part-
nership with Job Corps. As
we look back, it was 1974
when HBI began its first
carpentry program on the
Woodstock Job Corps
Center in Maryland. This
past February, the Board of
Trustees visited the Long
Beach Job Corps Center to
see what has made this col-
laboration such a success.

  The students spent time
talking with the trustees
about their goals and rea-
sons for enrolling in the
program. “Job Corps stu-
dents, for the most part,
have not found the answer
through the traditional
educational system,” said
Jim Sattler, HBI Board
Chair. “Listening to these
young people can be an inspiration,” he added, “they
are looking to HBI to train them and help them
overcome countless obstacles to one day do what we     April 28- May 2
do every day.” s                                       NAHB Spring Board Meetings, Washington, D.C.
                                                       July 5-9
                                                       Job Corps Instructor Conference, Nashville, Tennessee
                                                       August 5-7
                                                       Southeast Builders Conference, Orlando, Florida


1201 15th Street, N.W.
Sixth Floor
Washington, DC 20005

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