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Name: Karen Romano                        Grade/ Subject : Honors A&P – Junior/Senior

                                      Lesson Plans for the Week of October 4-October 8, 2010 – Week 9

GPS Standard and brief description
        Monday                        Tuesday                  Wednesday                    Thursday                      Friday
SAP 2                          Same                     Same                        Same                        Same
-Students will analyze the
interdependence of the
integumentary, skeletal,
and muscular systems as
they relate to the
protection, support, and
movement of the human
-Students will explain how
skeletal structures provide
support and protection to
tissue and function with the
muscular system to make
movement possible.
                                                        Lesson Essential Question

How does the muscular          Same                     Same                        Same                        Same
system work with the other
organ systems to provide

                                                               Instructional Plan
                                                 See bottom for activator/summarizer examples
           (Bold any part of lesson which integrates or supports SSP focus of expository writing and mathematical number sense)
Lesson Agenda-               Lesson Agenda-               Lesson Agenda-              Lesson Agenda-            Lesson Agenda-
Teacher will show students Teacher will provide           Teacher will provide a      Teacher will provide      Teacher will assign a
a video on the muscular      students notes via power     handout for practice on     students notes via power  muscular system project for
system. Teacher will         point lecture, graphic       labeling muscles. Teacher point lecture, graphic      student to identify the
provide students notes via   organizer, modeling,         will give class time for    organizer, modeling,      muscles used with its

power point lecture,               question and answer on the student to complete             question and answer on the     appropriate action. Student
graphic organizer,                 muscular system. Teacher exercise booklet.                 muscular system. Teacher       will have the choice of
modeling, question and             will give verbal and written                               will assess student            working independently or
answer on the muscular             directions on an exercise                                  understanding on ROM           with a partner.
system. Teacher will               booklet the student will                                   during presentation and
provide a handout on ROM           create. Student will have                                  evaluation of exercise
and instruct and model             the choice of working with                                 booklet. Student will lead
ROM. Teacher will assess           a partner or independently.                                the class on exercises in
student understanding by                                                                      their booklet. As practice
checking answers on                                                                           of naming muscles with
handout. Teacher will lead                                                                    their appropriate ROM,
the class in “Simon Says”                                                                     teacher will provide
of ROM while modeling                                                                         student with a cartoon for
and providing verbal cues.                                                                    student to label.

                                                             Research based Effective Strategies
                                       What strategies are incorporated to support student mastery of the standards?
Highlight the day that the strategy is being implemented.

Compare/Contrast       M   T   W   T   F    Generating and testing hypotheses           M T W T F   Summarizing            M T W T F
Note taking            M   T   W   T    F    Vocabulary development                     M T W T F     Problem solving       M T W T F
Activators             M   T   W   T   F    Graphic Organizers                          M T W T F    Games                 M T W T F
Cooperative Learning   M   T   W   T   F    Pre-assessment                              M T W T F   Inquiry/Research       M T W T F
Error Analysis         M   T   W   T   F    Homework/Practice                           M T W T F   Reinforcement          M T W T F
Simulation             M   T   W   T   F    Setting objectives and providing feedback   M T W T F   Deductive reasoning    M T W T F
Classifying            M   T   W   T   F    Guided practice                             M T W T F    Inductive reasoning    M T W T F

Other: Exercise booklet     MTWTF

                                              Did you differentiate by process, product or content and How?
                                                            (Use the examples listed as a guide)
Content:                           Content:                     Content:                     Content:                        Content:
Presenting info in varied          Flexible grouping            Flexible grouping            Peer tutoring                   Peer tutoring

modalities (movie)              Peer tutoring                 Peer tutoring                Process:                      Flexible grouping
Process:                        Small group instruction       Small group instruction      Questioning levels            Small group instruction
Questioning levels              Process:                      Process:                     Cartoon activity              Process:
Graphic Organizers              Graphic organizer             Choice of working            Product:                      Project activity
Labeling activity               Choice of working             alone/group                  Presentation                  Product:
“Simon Says” activity           alone/group                   Exercise activity                                          Student generated product
                                Exercise activity             Product:                                                   choice
                                Product:                      Student generated product
                                Student generated product     choice
Use these as a guide to enrich and remediate instruction for varying levels of learners.

       Content                                         Process                                                  Product
Acceleration                            Questioning levels (vary Bloom’s levels)                          Choice boards/Activity Menu
Interest grouping                       Manipulatives                                                     Rubrics
Curriculum compacting                   Graphic Organizers                                                RAFTs
Flexible Grouping                       Tiered Assignments                                                Presentation
Experiential Learning                   Lab/Centers/Stations                                              Journal prompts
Previewing                              Anchor Activities                                                 Student generated product choice
Peer tutoring                           Varied amount of time for task completion
Small group instruction                 Learning styles/Multiple Intelligences
Presenting info. in varied modalities   Choice of working alone/group
    (audio, visual)
Multiple texts
                                                          Assessment (formative/ summative)
ROM labeling                    Exercise booklet              Labeling muscles          Presentations                    Observation
Questioning/probing             Questioning/probing           Questioning/probing       Labeling muscles and             Questioning/probing
“Simon Says” responses          Observation                   Exercise booklet          actions cartoon                  Project

Assessment Examples: Use these as a guide to formatively assess learning

Quiz                              Questioning/Probing                     3,2,1               Cooperative Structures (Numbered Heads)
Ticket Out the Door               Summary Writing                         Short Answer        Collaborative Sort Cards
Lab Report                        Observation                             Quick Write         Error Analysis
Student Self-Reflection           Active Response System                  Interactive Writing
RAFT                              Use of Individual White Boards          Multiple Choice

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