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					                                                          CFI ISSUES
                                                     Trucking Hours of Service

   CFI is seeking a li mi ted exe m p ti o n f r o m Transp o r t Canada for i ts Com m ercial Vehicle
     Hours of Service Regulations for t he delivery of liquid fer tilizer and anhyd r o us am m o nia
     w i t hi n t he p r ovinces of Mani t o ba, Saskatche w an, and Alber ta.
   Curren t regula tio ns seriously cons t rain drivers in t heir effo r ts to fulfil the heavy
     fer tilizer deman ds and req uire men ts of far mer s durin g t h e busy spring and fall seedin g
     and fer tilizer application seasons. All provinces are affec t ed by t he ho u rs of service
     reg ula tio ns h o wever, Mani t o ba, Saskatche wan and Alber ta are m os t affec ted due t o t he
     in teg ra ted na t u re of t h e prairie agricul t u ral sect o r, and t he grea ter distances travelled
     in wes ter n Canada.
   This exe m p t i o n w o uld o nly apply du rin g t he busy sprin g plan ti n g season be t ween April
     1 and June 20, as well as in t he fall season fr o m Sep te m b er 20 th r o u g h Nove m b er 1. The
     applicatio n req ues ts th at t he exe m p ti o n be valid star tin g April 1, 2011.
   Under t he pr o p osed exe m p ti o n, com m e rcial tr uck drivers m us t take at least 36
     consecu tive hou rs of off-d u ty ti me w i t hi n any 14-day period. This means a driver canno t
     accu m ula te mo re t han 12.5 consecu tive on-d u t y days in any 14-day period The
     applicatio n d oes no t req ues t t ha t d rivers opera te fo r m o re ho u rs per day than t he
     cur ren t rules stip ula te, b u t t o have m o re flexibili ty in t he days of driving over t he
     fer tilizer season.
   An i m p o r tan t con di tio n of t he exem p ti o n is to have the CFI’s carrier em ployees (i.e.
     d rivers, ship pers, dispat c hers, and managers) u n der g o a d river fa tigue managem e n t
     p r o g ra m. CFI has been w o rking wi t h Transpo r t Canada in developin g t his pro g ram fo r
     appr oval fro m t he Prairie Province’s Trucking Hours of Service Direc t o rs.
   Ano t her com p o nen t o f this exe m p t i o n is for t he CFI carrier co m panies to un derg o a
     tar ge te d facili ty audi t o f driving recor ds for t he fall 2011 and spring 2012 seasons.
   CFI has indicated t ha t it may apply t o have the exe m p ti o n ex ten ded t o also include dry
     fer tilizer pro d uc ts.

            QUICK FACTS

             Contributes $12 billion annually to the Canadian economy and employs 12,000
             Has farm gate sales valued at about $3 billion a year
             Supplies fertilizer materials to over 50 countries
  Spring Seeding
  Every spring there is a dramatic but temporary increase in the transportation of fertilizer to
  farms. Up to 70 per cent of all fertilizers consumed in Canada are transported to the farm
  over the course of about 6 weeks. Current hours of service rules seriously constrain
  drivers in their efforts to fulfill this heavy demand to meet farmers’ requirements. There is
  growing concern that farmers will not be able to receive their fertilizer shipments in time for
  the 2011 planting season. Similar constraints are faced in the shorter fall fertilizer season.

What we need from the Government:
The Canadian Fertilizer industry is asking for your support for more flexibility in the
rules governing trucking hours of service for fertilizer delivery during the spring and fall
seasons. It is important to note that we are not asking that drivers be permitted to
operate for more hours per day than the current rules stipulate.

                                                                  CONTACT CFI:
                                                       350 Sparks Street, Suite 907
                                                             Ottawa, ON K1R 7S8
                                                               Tel (613) 230-2600

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