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The Tango by MissPowerPoint

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The Tango!


by Samuel Sennott with Amir Shahsavari

• What it is for 3 • Language Hierarchy 4 • Other Features 11 • Accessibility Options 12 • Getting Started with Using the Tango! 13 • Getting Started with Programming 14 • Resources 15



What it is for device • A modern augmentative communication
that focuses first on the power of communication and the connection with communication partners.

• Meant to meet the communicative needs of
children with varying special needs such as autism and developmental disabilities.

• Utilizing terrific features like natural sounding
voice, digital photography, and phrase based communication.


Language Hierarchy

• Download the Language Hierarchy Map:


Language Structure
2,500 Phrase based talk topics 90 Core Words Topic based Word Lists

Camera for creating your own visuals

Photo Album s

Sequenced Stories for early communication, or for storing favorite stories


Talk Topics

Categories of Talk Topics


Inside a Talk Topic
1 2

Six pragmatically based options inside the Talk Topic

Nouns, Verbs, Modifiers, and a customized word list


Speak a Phrase

Words, Core, and Spelling
• There is access to 90 core words, topic based
word lists, customizable word lists, as well as letter by letter spelling with word prediction.


• ABC Keyboard Layout or Frequency Based
Keyboard Layouts

One touch to enter PopTalk!


• Quick and useful
phrases for greetings, asking questions, and commenting.

• Digital Camera • Voice Morphing:

Other Features


Recording and Adjusting, Whining, Whispering, or Scream

• Co-planned Sequenced Social Scripts • Custom Talk Topics • EZ Sets • TangoLab Editing Software • Teen Version Available, with Adult Up-Coming


Accessibility Options
• Direct Selection, Single Switch
Scanning, and Two Switch Step Scanning Options

• Direct Selection Accessibility Controls • Auditory Prompting for Scanning • Options for Beginner Level User Setups

Getting Started With Using the Tango!


• The Custom Topics for Bubbles, Coloring, and
Play-Doh are a great place to jump in. can be helpful in getting starting.

• Helping a user navigate to a relevant Talk Topic • Download Tango Lessons from Blink Twice:

Getting Started With Programming mode • Default for entry to programming
is press and hold the PopTalk! and ABC buttons.


• Adjusting the Scroll back features,
Hiding Buttons to simplify topics, and creating a custom talk topic are good places to start.

• Scanning features are easily accessed.

• • Download 30 Lessons for the Home, for
Therapists, and for School


• Try the Emulator • User Videos: • How To Videos: • Communication Modes Videos:


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