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            In the spring of 2003 (issue 33), Paranoia excerpted a pamphlet
            entitled Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, asking readers for any
            information they might have on the author of the work, which
            claimed to have been originally found in a surplus copy machine
            purchased in 1986 at McChord Air Force Base by a Boeing employee.
The following December, Paranoia received a letter, mailed from a federal
prison, from one Hartford Van Dyke, claiming to be the author of the work.
Being confident that he is the true author of Silent Weapons (SWFQW), we wish
to share letters from Hartford Van Dyke wherein he exposes the circumstances
surrounding his authorship of this infamous pamphlet.

Dear Paranoia,

I will begin my response to your December 8, 2003 letter with comments about your
article, and then give a biographical account.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opening statements in your magazine article about Silent
Weapons for Quiet Wars (SWFQW). It had a Sherlock Holmes flavor to it. An
analysis of your article would be an interesting way to start this response, therefore so
be it.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars did not have a "preface," so it did not make what
would have been a "bizarre claim" to have been "found in a surplus IBM copy
machine in 1986 by a Boeing Aircraft employee…" That claim about the SWFQW
book being found in the copy machine was made in an 8-1/2 by 11 inch news
release/advertisement published in November 1986 by the America's Promise
Newsletter (APN) of Phoenix, Arizona, and in their publication of SWFQW, of which
you have either a copy or some derivative writing. [Ed. This is what we have.]

If you have a copy of the original APN news release/advertisement, then you would
know that William Cooper's 1991 publication was not the first SWFQW publishing
event. The original America's Promise Newsletter of November 1986 stated that the
said copy machine was purchased at auction from the McChord Air Force Base
(located near Fort Lewis) in Washington State.

SWFQW is an "elite blueprint." There is nothing "dubious" about it. The Protocols of
the Learned Elders of Zion was not used as a reference source for SWFQW. In the
end of your first paragraph, you home-in on the technical essence of the SWFQW
book, similar to the APN November 1986 news release/advertisement. [Problem >

Your second paragraph suggested that you are unaware of the APN [article] The
comment [by Joan d'Arc] that SWFQW is a "paranoid manifesto" is not an accurate
description of the book, as is clear from a reading of that section of sub-titled
Descriptive Introduction of the Silent Weapon on page eight of SWFQW. (And the
second paragraph of your quotation of that section is not accurate, which suggests that
you do not have an accurate copy of SWFQW.)

Also psychology and psychoanalysis are not exact sciences, meaning here that the
terms used in those so-called "sciences" are all perspective sensitive, i.e., dependent
upon who uses the terms, the level of the food chain that the user occupies, and the
level in the food chain of the person or persons to whom the term is applied. For
example, if a prisoner at Auschwitz was complaining that the smell of burning flesh
meant that the prisoners were being killed and cremated, then the guards might have
been told to react by saying that the prisoner was "paranoid."

SWFQW is not a "paranoid manifesto;" it is a politically biased technical instruction
manual on how to justify, and how to selectively survive, human animal husbandry
before the need for animal husbandry becomes unstably critical. [(Note: Historical
Introduction - SWFQW, page five, states that a "system was necessary which could
race ahead of society and predict when society would arrive for capitulation." [Ed.
surrender, submission, defeat!]

Cooper might have read SWFQW in a "Naval Intelligence Majority Twelve File."
Delamar Duverus of the American Sunbeam made a similar claim. And families of
the upper class and their organizations did make contributions to the Leontief
economics project, (e.g., Rockefeller (1948) - SWFQW, page 5).

You state that you have had an undated SWFQW pamphlet in your collection since
approximately 1993. Yet your article quotes the end of the SWFQW section entitled
Welcome Aboard (SWFQW page 4), as May 1979.

Also #74-1120 is an anagram of the date of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, 41-
12-07.The forerunner of SWFQW, complete with sources, equations, my signature,
and my address, was published on or about 74-12-07. My book on the Japanese attack
on Pearl Harbor was published at the end of August 1973.

You [Joan d'Arc] state that, "The economic analysis implicated in Silent Weapons
could only have been made by someone with an advanced understanding of complex
socio-economic systems." Sir Isaac Newton said that he was able to see far ahead
because he "stood on the shoulders of giants," The best parts of SWFQW were from
the economic giants of our time. That is one of the reasons why SWFQW has a lasting

Your analysis of Cooper's capacity to understand economics and present economic
arguments is an interesting piece of detective work. It is important to note that the
references to the "patriot movement," to "patriot leanings," or to the "Illuminati"
blueprint have absolutely no significance in reference to SWFQW as a scientific
textbook of mathematical and economic warfare. Every past method of human
conquest by mere physical warfare has been made obsolete by the Silent Weapons
technology, except for the mechanics of implementing the use of the Silent Weapons

Once it becomes recognized that every problem, especially every mathematical
problem, contains its own sufficient solution, it also becomes clear that "an error
uncovered is two-thirds destroyed," and the remaining one-third is destroyed by
division of the house from within. Therefore, SWFQW states the problem and the
solution, which gives it an "ambiguous" character. It is not a "hoax" any more than
any other presentation of a scientific process could be deemed a hoax merely because
it was not presented with the endorsement of its original discoverer. SWFQW has
many authors.

War is "sociopathic" from the viewpoint of the prey. If the predator is victorious, then
the war "is" and "beneficial" and "self-nobling" as the predator chooses to politically
justify it.


                                         In 1979 it was necessary for me to take a low
                                                profile with respect to the government
                                            because I still had much work to do. I have
                                             completed that work and it is all published
                                                  and released into the public domain.
                                         It has made the government angry enough to
                                                                           imprison me.

I am now returning to your letter, and the subject of authorship of SWFQW. In the
first place, you request evidence that I am the author of SWFQW. You need to
understand that my objective is to inform you about the SWFQW subject matter and
its origins for the purpose of educating you and whomever you choose to share this
information with. You are free to print whatever I send to you. You do not have to pay
                                     me for anything or ask my permission. I am a
                                     public servant, and have been since 1967.

                                     One of the people who helped me do the final
                                     publication work on SWFQW became concerned
                                     about the book becoming disinformation and
                                     asked me to reveal my authorship of the work in
                                     1996, which I did by announcing it on a radio
                                     talk show. Otherwise, it would still be an
                                     anonymous work.

                                       In 1979, it was necessary for me to take a low
profile position with respect to the government because I still had much work to do. I
have completed that work and it is all published and released into the public domain
and may be reproduced for a profit. It has made the operations of the government
angry enough to imprison me. Even then it took them five and one-half years to put
me into prison, which was done by accusing me of being a party to someone else's
insufficient doing and wrongdoing. I obey the law strictly. I was imprisoned for
enforcing the law.

I will tell you my sources for SWFQW so that you can expand your knowledge of the
subject and inform your readers if you so choose. I am providing you with a sufficient
sample of my material so that you can have the language structure compared with

Introduction - Works
My given name is Lyle Hartford Van Dyke, Jr. My father went by the name Lyle Van
Dyke. I have gone by the name Hartford Van Dyke all of my life, with only legal
exceptions. Because of the similarity of our names, some of the information about us
has gotten mixed together on the internet by other people, some of it deliberately, and
then misused in court. Several of my writings are available on the internet, including
the following:

      The Skeleton in Uncle Sam's Closet (1973) Subject: The Attack on Pearl
       Harbor, December 7, 1941
      Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (1979)
      My Commercial Law Manual (1993 - Present).
      How to Create Currencies for Local Communities (2001-2002)
The Skeleton in Uncle Sam's Closet

                                           Roosevelt had Knox, Forrestal, and Powell
                                                put under military guard and held at
                                          gunpoint until after the Pearl Harbor attack
                                                   for which there had been 66 hours

I was born June 4, 1940, at Honolulu, Hawaii. My father's uncle, Gerald Mason Van
Dyke (Mason), in G-2 intelligence, sent the warning message about the impending
Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Thursday afternoon, 2 PM, December 4, 1941, from
Honolulu, Hawaii. The message was received by Rear Admiral Paulus Prince Powell
in Washington, D. C. Powell relayed the message to Knox and Forrestal, who then
wanted to get the ships (U.S. fleet) out of Pearl Harbor and put a defense perimeter
around the Hawaiian Islands. Knox told Stimson. Stimson told Roosevelt.

Roosevelt had Knox, Forrestal, and Powell put under military guard and held at
gunpoint until after the Pearl Harbor attack (for which there had been 66 hours
forewarning). The detailed story is contained in my book The Skeleton in Uncle
Sam's Closet. I sent a quality paperback copy of this book to each of the 435 U.S.
representatives, and to each of the 100 U.S. senators, in Washington, D. C.

My next book was the forerunner of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. It was titled
Warning - Surprise Attack Imminent! It was published in the period of November 30
to December 7, 1941. A copy was sent to every U. S. Representative and Senator at
that time. It contained the I-O (input-output) shock test equations that appeared later
in SWFQW, but it did not have the electronic diagrams at the time. The original
publication was 8-1/2 x 14 at 5 pages in length. It did give the source information, and
I did sign the work, and provide a reply address.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

                                          SWFQW starts out as a logical sociopathic
                                          work and ends as an emotional sociopathic
                                          work. Being about ongoing war, the subject
                                            matter never ceases to be sociopathic, and
                                           neither does out nation's current system of
                                                foreign or domestic political behavior.

Four years later, in 1978, I was able to obtain enough funding to research, compile,
write, and publish the book SWFQW. The SWFQW project ran from about October
1978 to December 1979, approximately one year's work. The subject is war, so the
book is about the sociopathic attitude of those who promote war, and have contempt
for the common man. The basic premise of the book is contained under the
subheading ENERGY (page 7).

"…a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than
animals who do not have intelligence. Such a people are beasts of burden and steaks
on the table by choice and consent." The last paragraph of the book is an echo of this
premise under the heading FACTOR VI - CATTLE) page 56 SWFQW) "Those who
will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this
mindless school of jellyfish, father, mother, son, and daughter, become useful beasts
of burden or trainers of the same."

It has been said that the fundamental principle of hypnosis is "in the battle between
logic and imagination, imagination always wins." Imagination is often closely
connected with emotion. SWFQW starts out as a very logical sociopathic work and
ends as an emotional sociopathic work. But being about war, and especially an
ongoing war, the subject matter never ceases to be sociopathic, and neither does out
nation's current system of foreign or domestic political behavior. The book SWFQW
is like a gold mining operation. With the gold at one end of the process, and the
tailings (refuse or dross) at the other end of the process.

SWFQW is a collage, an overlay and paste-up of the works and words of many
authors. I was the author only in the sense that I compiled and linked the gems of
other writers. The book is not a hoax. Wassily W. Leontief proved the content of
SWFQW by his article in the September 1980 issue of Scientific American, entitled
"the world Economy in the Year 2000." Leontief was the father of the Silent Weapons
System, and was awarded the 1973 Nobel Prize in Economics long after his creation
(1948) became recognized by the elite to be a weapon (1965).

Years passing do not change the invariant truths of science, not even of economic
science. The elite were never fully named in SWFQW. It was not necessary to name
them specifically. They are always among us, and they always will be among us.

SWFQW was a study in human nature; of motivation, psychological impulse and
momentum, and force of habit; of control of social energy by influence, suggestion,
and hypnosis; of the use of sociopathic processes to induce paranoid behavior; and so
on. That is enough description of the theme and conceptual content of SWFQW. We
now move on to a presentation of information sources.

A Partial List of Sources
      The cover design of SWFQW was taken from a military training manual
       because many of the sources are military or military oriented think-tank-like
      "Operation Research" was suggested by A Report from Iron Mountain On the
       possibility and desirability of peace by Leonard C. Levin (c1967), hereafter
       referred to as The Report. The Report was the basis of the section subtitled
       "Security" on page 3 of SWFQW.
      On page 4 of SWFQW, 74-1120" is my signature as author of The Skeleton in
       Uncle Sam's Closet, an anagram of 41-12-07, the date of the Japanese attack
       on Pearl Harbor.
      On page 5 of SWFQW we have samples from Operation Research by Hamdy
       M. Taha.
      Page 5, ¶ 3 has a phrase from Studies in the Structure of the American
       Economy by Wassily Leontief (1953).
      Page 5, ¶ 4 - Encyclopedia
      Page 5, ¶ 5 - The Report
      Page 5, ¶ 6 - Many Sources
      Page 5, ¶ 8 - Studies in the Structure…
      Page 6, ¶ 1 - Studies in the Structure…
      Page 6, ¶ 3 - Scientific Sources - Maser Research
      Page 6, ¶ 6 - Reference to The Report
      Page 7, - The Report and Studies in the Structure, etc.
      Page 8, - Many sources besides systems logic and systems analogs
      Page 8, 9, - Descriptive Introduction of the Silent Weapon - The Psychotic use
       of a sociopathic weapon to induce paranoia, achieved by economic subversion
       of the means of survival, which also works to brainwash individuals.

Economic Theory Applications: Shock Testing

A very telling phrase exists in the preface to Studies in the Structure of the American
Economy by Wassily Leontief. It is a long dangling sentence, giving a series of
objectives of the Harvard Economic Research Project of 1948, and it passes to the
future use with something like "and the forces which make for changes in the
structure of the economy."

It is the way in which it is stated that reveals the ulterior purposes of the Project.
When this phrase is understood in relation to the phrases presented before and after it,
it suggests a group of interrelated mathematical relationships and equations, which
when integrated yield the actual expression of the cause and effect factors. It is this
relationship to which Earl Ubell referred, and which caused the USAF to withdraw its
funding from Leontief's project during the Eisenhower Administration.
Let us now move from references to surrounding events. Silent Weapons for Quiet
Wars contains a timeless, eternal message to human civilization to be eternally
vigilant, to be well informed, to accept responsibility for the conditions of the world,
to be sovereign, to appreciate the inner workings and thinking of Nature and Nature's
God, to listen for that "still small voice," and to know that "Divine Mind always has
met and always will meet every human need." (M.B.E.)

How SWFQW came to be

In about October 1967, I asked my father about a vague memory of something I had
heard him say about an aircraft being shot down in our neighborhood in Honolulu. As
he told me about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, he broke
down in grief. I don't recall ever seeing my father cry before that incident. I was

My father needed some kind of release from the mental burden he was carrying. I told
him that I wanted to publish something about the Pearl Harbor attack with respect to
what he had just told me. But he asked me to not publish anything about it because his
uncle, Mason Van Dyke, was still getting a pension and medical benefits and the
release of the information to the public might jeopardize Mason's benefits. My father
had promised Mason he would not publish anything about the Pearl Harbor incident
until Mason had died.

I obeyed my father for two years, but when the Mi Lai massacre in Vietnam occurred,
and our government officials began lying about what happened, I decided to publish
the Pearl Harbor story, to expose and end at least some of the lying and the damage
that lying causes. I immediately put a writing together about the Pearl Harbor attack
and sent it to the US House of Representatives and the US Senate (535 copies). Then I
wondered how accurate it was and if I could get the story again. I connected a tape
recorder to the telephone line and called my father after providing to him a copy of
what I had sent to the Congress, House and Senate. I asked my father to criticize my
work, which he did. As a result of that conversation I got a tape recording for posterity
about the real history of the Pearl Harbor attack.

I then sent a corrected printed copy of the story to Congress, House and Senate,
another 535 copies. I attempted to confirm my father's story by calling people he had
mentioned. After recording those conversations, I made copies of my father's
conversation and sent them through the mail.

In late October 1972, I met a man who gave me a copy of the book None Dare Call It
Conspiracy, by Gary Allen. The book inspired me to write my own book about Pearl
Harbor entitled The Skeleton in Uncle Sam's Closet, published in August, 1973. I
sent a copy of the book to each US Representative and Senator, including Senator
Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii. During the last phases of the book's production, I began
reading a book called Report from Iron Mountain (on the possibility and desirability
of peace) by Leonard C. Lewin (1967). I got about half way through that book before
other things got more demanding and I laid the Report aside.

I set up a school in downtown Vancouver, WA, for high school students called the
Technical Training Club, in late September or early October of 1973, and by spring of
1974 it was moved to a house at 8105 NE St. Johns Blvd., where I then lived and

In the winter of 1974, I was going through some math books while researching a math
problem (I think a problem on cubic equations), when I referred to my old college
textbook College Algebra, by Lyman M. Kells of the US Naval Academy (1956 or
1958). I came across the footnote in that book and noticed that they exactly
corresponded to the ideas in Report from Iron Mountain. I had discovered the
mathematical methodology of the Silent Weapons System, and I had the key to
finding more information on the subject. I located Studies in the Structure of the
American Economy at the Multnomah County library in Portland, Oregon.

The Rockefeller Foundation had financed Wassily Leontief's Harvard Economic
Project with a grant of $100,000 (in 1948), and Nelson Rockefeller was trying to
become vice president of the United States. So I again sent a warning message to
every member of Congress and Senate trying to warn them of the Rockefeller's
ulterior motives. This writing was titled, Warning, Surprise Attack Imminent! It was
sent on or about December 7, 1974.

I did not know at that time that American Biography of 1967 under the subject
"Leontief, Wassily (W.)" had already carried an article about this ulterior motive. The
USAF had financed Leontief's Harvard economics project beginning in 1949, but quit
the financing "during the Eisenhower administration because, according to Earl Ubell
in the New York Herald Tribune (May 9, 1965), some officials felt that the technique
smacked too much of a planned economy." The Silent Weapons System is the central
control system of the New World Order.

Publication of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

The work on SWFQW began about October 1978 and was published in December
1979. Initially, about 65 copies of the book were sent out to various people and
organizations. I do not know what happened to most of the copies, but I can fairly
well account for one of them, which was given out by hand in early 1980. It was given
to a military person, who was late for duty (or was going to be late), at McChord AFB
in the state of Washington. He was hitchhiking through Vancouver on I-5 in uniform.
Even though I was traveling in my own locality, I drove him to McChord (a two hour
trip each way). On the way, I told him about the book SWFQW, and when he stepped
out of the car to go onto the base I handed him a copy. I did not make any further
general effort to publicize SWFQW until after 1986. I did give out copies to local
friends between 1979 and 1986.

About America's Promise Newsletter

In November 1986, the America's Promise Newsletter (APN) ran an advertisement
for SWFQW. It claimed that a Boeing Aircraft employee bought a surplus copy
machine at auction from McChord AFB and inside it he found a copy of SWFQW. It
was very probably the copy that I gave to the hitchhiker. The Boeing employee passed
the book along to the APN of Phoenix, AZ. From that time on SWFQW got the
attention it deserved. It was a wake-up call to America, and perhaps even the world, if
we can believe Leontief's Scientific American (Sept. 1980) article, "The World
Economy in the Year 2000", wherein he says that by the year 1973, the year he
received the Nobel Prize in Economics, sixty nations were already using his system to
analyze their economies.

I am very grateful to William Cooper and APN for giving Silent Weapons for Quiet
Wars to the world.

Hartford Van Dyke
December 17, 2003


Dear Ms. Olinger,

My name is Hartford Van Dyke. My father was the Lyle H. Van Dyke
that is cited in almost every federal brief written against so-
called "common law liens".

My father's uncle Gerald Mason Van Dyke was the man in the intel-
ligence department in the Hawaiian Islands that sent the warning
message to Washington D.C. Thursday afternoon December 4th 1941
at 2:00 pm Hawaiian time (7:00pm Washington D.C. time) warning
the U.S. government U.S. Naval intelligence of the impending
attack on Pearl Harbor Sunday Dec. 7th 1941. His message was
received in Naval Intelligence sixty-six hours before the Pearl
Harbor attack by Rear Admiral Paulis Prince Powell and relayed to
Secretary of Navy Knox and Under Secretary of the Navy James
Vincent Forrestal. Knox and Forrestal wanted to get the ships out
of Pearl Harbor and put a defense perimeter around the Hawaiian
Islands, but Secretary of War Stimpson discovered what they were
planning to do and alerted President Roosevelt of the plan,
whereupon Roosevelt had Knox, Forrestal, and Powell placed under
arrest at gun point to prevent them from warning the Hawaiian
military commanders Admiral Kimmel and General Short, who had to
receive their information through channels instead of directly
from Mason Van Dyke.

I wrote and published a paperback book on this subject entitled
The Skeleton in Uncle Sam's Closet (1973) and supplied a copy to
each and every U.S. Congressman, 535 representatives and senators
at that time. The book is out of print. In 1975 I published the
highlights of this book as a newspaper and distributed about
20,000 copies worldwide, mostly in the U.S.. I have a short form
of this newspaper available and a few copies of the 1975 color
front issue ( now a collectors item). I released the newspaper
into the public domain in 1975. Anyone having a copy of it may
reprint and sell it for a profit. The 1975 newspaper contained a
notice of the public domain release of copyright.

My father volunteered as a mortician at the Williams Mortuary in
Honolulu immediately after the Pearl Harbor attack and prepared
many of our Navy servicemen for burial. The trucks transporting
the bodies were lined up for blocks and the bodies were stacked
in the mortuary like chord wood.

The government claims that the 4000 liens that my father filed in
protest against IRS agents and Judges were mere harassment. His
lien filing fees alone were $25,000. My father did not understand
the great difference between a common law lien and a commercial
lien. Judges cannot tamper with or release a consensual commercial
lien because it is a commercial affidavit of obligation sworn to
true, correct, and complete, and truth is sovereign in commerce.

My father hated what the Roosevelt government, the IRS, the
Federal Reserve Corporation, and the Banking House of Rothchild
had done to this country and fought them until his dying day. The
IRS literally stole his $250,000 house with their unsworn non-
commercial counterfeit paperwork, Notices of Tax Liens passed off
as Tax Liens by the county recorder entering Notice of Tax Liens
on a Tax Lien Index. For example, see RCW 60.68, in the revised
code of Washington.

My father told me about the Pearl Harbor attack in 1967. It
changed the course of my life completely to total service for God
and Country, and that total service became my way of life. I set
aside all dreams of ever using my gifts and talents for personal
gain, became a lawyer (not an attorney), ended up in jail more
times than I can remember for refusing to back down when judges
used unreasonable force instead of logic against my clients to
quash due process, and finally came to realize that their was no
hope within the current judicial sphere for any justice.

The only justice resides in commercial law which is based com-
pletely upon eternal maxims and upon affidavits. There is no case
law citation in commercial proceedings. Everything is done by
affidavits sworn to true, correct and complete on the spot.
Failure to be sworn in, failure to argue or failure to rebut an
affidavit (written testimony) with a categorical point-for-
point rebutting affidavit sworn to true, correct, and complete,
are all grounds for a commercial default judgement. Because com-
merce is the ultimate legal system and its current application by
the general public would put most attorneys and every corrupt
judge out of business, judges and attorneys are extremely jealous
of it and rebellious and destructive toward it and anyone who
tries to use it. The U.S. Constitution is a commercial instru-
ment, hence it is also a target of destruction by corrupt judi-
cial officers.

After 27 years of practicing law, I can say with reasonable
certainty that the problems in the courts, county recorder's
office, and sheriff's offices, will not be remedied until the
counterfeiting of money and securities (conveyances--recording of
a Notice of Tax Lien on a Tax Lien Index), which you have de-
scribed as being done by attorneys, judges, IRS agents, county
recorders and sheriffs, is punished by the execution of a few
counterfeiters, tried and punished like horse thieves. The citi-
zens will never get these counterfeiters prosecuted by or in
today's ordinary courts of law, and so the public will have to
establish businessmen's commercial courts which operate with the
same powers as the Jewish commercial courts which are conducted
as rabbinical tribunals in American Synagogues.

All commerce is based upon maxims clearly stated as early as
Exodus of the Holy Bible. Our civilization is based upon the
Mosaic-Hebrew/Jewish Commercial Code. In America, the only real
commercial courts are conducted by and for the elite Jews and
that is done in private in the Synagogues before the Rabbis.
Jews, unlike Gentiles, do not air their dirty linen in public.

The unfortunate result is that the laws of New York and the
Uniform Commercial Code regulate the U.s. even more than the U.S.
Constitution does. The elite Jewish Commercial System operates
the Gentile court system which metes out justice based on a non-
commercial set rules of parliamentary procedure. commercial
justice, which is thew most uniform justice system of law in the
world, is reserved for the elite Jews of the world. Both the
North and the South in the Civil War were financed by the House
of Rothchild. Then the Bar association was established in 1878 to
guarantee and reserve thew commercial self-help processes, namely,
affidavits, liens, distresses, and criminal complaints for the
elite Jewish community, its governments and the IRS, and to
prevent the Gentile public and Gentile law schools from gaining a
knowledge of or using any of the self-help processes of commerce.
This knowledge has been denied to the Gentile public and to the
Gentile law schools for so long (115 years) that even the attor-
neys and judges, who are mercenaries of the Gentile legal system,
often do not understand the commercial process when they first
encounter it. They find it difficult to believe that a simpler
system underlies all of the case law garbage that they are sell-
ing to, and imposing upon their clients. Therefore, you must
understand that although you have made your point in commerce, and
although every commercially knowledgeable Jew in this country
knows your are commercially in the right, your incar-
ceration/imprisonment by stupid, ignorant, misinformed, and/or greedy
Gentiles, and, pursuant to the natural law of survival of the
fittest, non-commercial Gentiles (goyem = cattle) are regarded
as lawful prey of the commercially enlightened Jews. It is merely
a matter of survival of the fittest. Commerce will always prevail
over non-commerce. You have chosen the path of commercial
right, and therefore you will prevail. You might perhaps sit in
jail as part of the job of realizing your commercial
advantage, but if you are persistent you will bankrupt the Boulder
County Municipal Corporation and even the Government of the State
of Colorado. I was told that you are a chiropractor. I believe
that you will become a famous chiropractor, for there could be no
better adjustment of the human spine than the one you are deliv-
ering to the American Court System right now in the State of
Colorado. This spinal adjustment is worth millions to you, and
will be of great benefit to all honest Americans.

I don't know exactly how you will prevail, but I do know that
every commercial problem contains its own solution because com-
merce is a mathematically exact science, and mathematical prob-
lems always have exact solutions and exacting solutions. There
are a lot of intelligent Americans working on the problem. It is
just a matter of time now until one or more of them somewhere
stumbles onto the answer, and the personal sacrifice which you
are making may prove to be the key to that answer.

Sincerely yours, Hartford Van Dyke

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