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									                                  PROPOSAL ADDENDUM


Bid Number: 30-DVR-303-11               Bid Opening Date/Time: August 19, 2011

                       Description: Transportation Services, Burke County

                                       Addendum Number: 1

                                  Addendum Date: August 5, 2011


   1) Return one properly executed copy of this addendum with bid response or prior to the Bid Opening
      Date/Time listed above.

   2) Attached is the response to questions submitted regarding the above referenced Invitation for Bid.


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1)   Question: What information should be included in the contractors annual audit report?
      Answer: A copy of the CPA opinion audit.
2)   Question: At various times, federal, state and local governments consider laws, rules and
     regulations which require an increase to the minimum wages or benefits mandated for the
     employees that will be employed under this contract. If such an event occurs during the
     term of the agreement, how will the agency respond for an application for increased
     compensation? For example, in the state of Massachusetts recently passed a law requiring
     employers to provide a certain level of health insurance. California is considering similar
     legislation. Since these events cannot be anticipated and the costs are so significant, we
     need to understand the risk associated with such laws, rules or regulations.
       Answer: The Contractor would be responsible for the monetary management
     of the employees of their company to perform the transportation services as set
     forth in the contract. It would not be the Division’s responsibility to cover the
     cost increase in payment to the contractor’s staff for their services.
3)   Question: Please verify that there is no Disadvantaged Business Enterprise goal
     established for this contract and that a good faith effort is not required.
      Answer: The State encourages Disadvantaged Business vendors to participate;
     however, it is not considered in the evaluation of the bid.
4)   Question: Please clarify if the contractor is responsible for all licensing, permits and
       Answer: Yes, the Contractor is responsible for all of their licensing, permits and
5)   Question: Please clarify that the firm experience/qualification requirement is for the
     bidding entity and not the individuals within the entity or the proposed management team
      Answer: Experience/qualification requirements are for the bidding entity.
6)   Question: Does 5333(b) of Title 49, regarding Transit Labor Protection (formerly Section
     13(c) applies to this contract?
       Answer: The vendor shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local
     laws, statutes, regulations, rulings and/or enactments.
7)   Question: Please provide the revenue service hour definition for the service contemplated
     in the RFP.
      Answer: The service requested through the IFB is for a portal to portal service.
     The vendor should define the billing unit for services rendered, based on their
     proposed cost allocation method. The method could realistically be based on cost
     per mile/per rider, hourly rate, or some other derivation.
8)   Question: Please clarify billable time is based on gate to gate operations or first customer
     drop off.
      Answer: The vendor should define the billing unit for services rendered, based
     on their proposed cost allocation method. The method could realistically be
     based on cost per mile, hourly rate, or some other derivation.
9)   Question: Please describe the City's desired fare procedures to include reporting,
     collection and accounting.
      Answer: Not applicable for the city of Morganton. There is no established

      transportation service in the town.
10)   Question: The RFP states that the Division reserves the right to require performance
      bond or other acceptable alternative guarantees from successful bidder without expense to
      the Division. Please clarify that there is no Performance Bond required for BID NO. 30-
       Answer: BID NO. 30-DVR-303-11 does not require a Performance Bond.
11)   Question: Will the Division require drivers and employees be in uniform during service
       Answer: Uniforms are not required. However, it is expected that drivers and
      employees will dress in clean, appropriate work attire.
12)   Question: What are the performance standards and/or any other aspects of performance
      which will be used for measuring the Contractor's performance under the new contract?
       Answer: Performance measures are evaluated via actual data of the services
      provided. Performance areas will be monitored on a monthly basis by the
      Division. Measures are outlined in the IFB, Section: Project Evaluation.
         1. Transportation is provided to trainees in a safe and timely manner to all of
            Burke County as determined through programmatic and fiscal audits.
         2. Responsiveness to requests for adjustments/improvements will be
            evaluated by Division staff making those requests.
         3. Timeliness and accuracy of reporting and documentation.
         4. Transportation services occurring on an ongoing basis.
         5. 100% of the Contractor’s reporting and documentation will be complete,
            accurate, address the required subject and be submitted as scheduled.

13)   Question: Please specify the number of telephone lines required and specify the kind of
      data lines (T-1, TDD, dial-up, etc.) required, if any.
        Answer: There must be a line for Trainees and the Division staff to call the
      Contractor to obtain and/or provide any information related to schedule
      changes, new rider requests, other program related requests, complaints, etc.
      This line should also be an accessible line for customers who are hearing
      impaired as per the ADA guidelines telecommunication act.
14)   Question: Please clarify if the Division will take reservations and schedule trips for
        Answer: The Division will submit rider requests to the Contractor. It is the
      Contractor’s responsibility to arrange those rider requests by trips, location,
      schedules, etc. in relation to the vehicle and staff availability of the Contractor.
      Please note that the Contractor will assure that the coverage area will be for all
      of Burke County.
15)   Question: Does the Division have any requirements or specifications regarding any
      specific age, model or fuel requirement or preferences for vehicles to be used in the service?
       Answer: No – The vehicles should be maintained and in good working order as
      well as safe vehicles. At least one vehicle in the Contractor’s fleet must have the
      capability to be wheelchair accessible per the ADA guidelines.
16)   Question: Given recent volatility of fuel costs, will the Division include a fuel escalator
      clause in the contract?
       Answer: No
17)   Question: Please specify if the Division will have any vehicle cleaning requirements?
       Answer: No - The Contractor’s vehicles used for the provision of transportation
      services shall be clean at all times.
18)   Question: Please provide the address of the two training centers.
       Answer: There is only one training center applicable to this IFB, WorkSource
      West, with an address of 200 Enola Road, Morganton, North Carolina 28655.
19)   Question: Please indicate the anticipated start-up date of the contract.
       Answer: Start up will begin upon successful award of the IFB and execution of
      a fully signed contract. The earliest start date could possibly be September 2011.
20)   Question: Is there an anticipated number of miles or hours the vehicles will travel
       Answer: No – That amount depends on the riders over the year and their home
      locations and time spent in the WorkSource West training program.
21)   Question: Is there a living wage ordinance in Morganton, NC?
       Answer: Federal minimum wage would be the lowest wage permitted.
22)   Question: Does the Division anticipate vehicles being in service during all hours of
      operation once the vehicle leaves the contractor facility? In other gate to gate.
       Answer: No. The decision of hours of operation would be at the discretion of the
      Contractor once the portal to portal delivery requirements of the contract is
23)   Question: The RFP states that Transportation services will include morning, noon and
      afternoon time routes to address the AM and PM trainee work schedules. Please specify the
      Divisions hours of operation?
       Answer: The Division hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am
      to 5:00 pm.
24)   Question: Can the Division provide the anticipated budget for this project?
       Answer: The budget will be based on the proposal awarded.
25)   Question: Page 7 of the bid document states that “The Contractor shall provide
      brochures, fact sheets or other supporting documentation of their established business
      practices and customer satisfaction with those services. These documents shall include but
      are not limited to the following:
      a. Annual report of the Contractor’s accident rate
      b. Copy of the Contractor’s Policies and Procedures manual
      c. Copy of the Contractor’s annual audit report
      d. Copy of the Contractor’s listing of vehicles in their fleet
      e. Copy of the Contractor’s staff driving records
      f. Copy of references of the Contractor”

      As a National provider, MV operates over 7,500 vehicles daily. Providing this level of detail
      for all of the above categories will take an extensive amount of time and increase the
      overall size of our proposal. Is it correct that these items are required of the contractor
      after contract award and not with the bid submittal package?
       Answer: Items a. through f. are required after the contract is awarded.

26)   Question: Are your trainees currently calling in to make reservations to be picked up and
      transported to the Division? Or is it DHHS’ vision to have the new transportation system
      operate as a shuttle service, making continuous runs from picking up passengers at various
      points in Burke County taking them to 200 Enola Road in Morganton?
       Answer: The intent of the contract is for the Contractor to transport clients to
      and from WorkSource West located at 200 Enola Road on a daily basis for their
      participation in the employment training program. A designated person at
      WorkSource West will contact the Contractor to make rider
      requests/reservations for all clients. The training program has predetermined
      uniform start and end times (shifts). It will not be necessary for the vehicles to
      remain in wait or be subject to on demand requests between shifts.


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