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  over $900                                        celebrated
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 Vol. LXXXIV        No. 1   Published by the students at South Kent School as a forum for the SKS Community                              Oct. 16, 2009

‘The Perch’ opens as school snack shop

     Last year, a snack shop was run in
Garfield by the Third Form and students
loved it. However, this year the Entrepre-
neurial class, led by Mr. Phil Darrin, has
developed a new way to provide snacks to
     The motivation for making the new
class came from the school’s desire to
teach students to become entrepreneurs.
     “Following Mr. Vadnais’ call for the
Innovation/Entrepreneurship Center, Mr.
Chavka and Mr. Garcia came up with the
idea of the Economics class running The
Perch,” Mr. Darrin said. “It works very
well with the lessons learned in the Econ
class as well. What better way to learn sup-
ply and demand than to run a shop?”
                                                                                                                                   Pigtail Photo/ Leo Qixiang Fan
     The class created a new snack shop
in the Dining Hall selling drinks, cereals,      Some of the offerings at the weeknight snack shop, The Perch.
French fries, cookies, and special menus                                                               said.
                                                 leading students of the Entrepreneurial
every weekday. Almost every student in                                                                     Even with these successes, some stu-
the school visits it, and it had been recently                                                         dents have shown their dissatisfaction.
                                                     “I like it because I can actually learn
named “The Perch.”
                                                 economy by working on The Perch,” he                                            Continued on Page 2
     Sixth Former Ji Hoon Wi is one of the

Some express concern over campus security cameras
       BY JI HOON WI • STAFF REPORTER            machine.                                                  “If we start have the security cameras
                                                     The camera at the driveway is set up              [everywhere] on the Hillside, can [it be]
     South Kent has decided to have secu-        to monitor traffic entering and leaving the            possible to have the CCTV (close circuit
rity cameras installed this year. Students       campus.                                               television) in the dormitory like a prison?”
have been told that the new cameras will             “It’s great because we’ve got secruity            asked SeongHoon Cheon, a Third For-
help protect them from crime.                    and we can know who has come to our                   mer. “This camera will spread all over the
     Unfortunately, the campus has suffered      school,” said Mr. Gonzalo Garcia-Pedroso,             school like a flu.”
two major thefts already this year. State        the Dean of Students. “It may be great                    Some of returning boys thought these
Police were called in to investigate the         evidence to catch thiefs.”                            cameras at South Kent symbolize a dis-
thefts.                                              While some may feel more protected,               trust.
     There is a camera installed at the entry    there are some students who feel this moni-               Hillside boys have always been broth-
driveway and there are also cameras to           toring may be used to invade the personal             ers by the trust-bond with each other. But
monitor the new snack shop and the ATM           space of students.                                                               Continued on Page 3
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Editorial & Opinion
Security cameras needed
     When is it acceptable to break the carefully assembled bound-
ary of civil liberty to preserve the existence of a society? On the
other hand, when do private rights and privileges contaminate the
responsibilities within a community? When the trust is breached?
     Seeing cameras on South Kent’s campus is something we are
still getting used to; both in presence and concept. Admittedly,
when the topic of the security-cameras arose, much of the student
body was immediately in strong opposition. Nobody has the right
to oversee the lives of each and every member of a community
through some tinted, fish-eye lens. What’s next, mail-checks and
                                                                                                                                       Pigtail Photo/ Leo Qixiang Fan
     However, in light of the recent theft-issue, it has become clear
that we have not yet achieved a passing mark in human decency                    Colors of Fall
and trustworthiness to where we can have a camera-free school.                   A scenic view of Fall color on campus.
How can we even begin to campaign for more generous privileges
in privacy when we can’t go to the bathroom without locking our
rooms behind us? How, as a community, do we deserve the re-
moval of cameras when sleeping with an unlocked door has now                   Dress Down Day raises over $900
become a theft liability?
                                                                                                  BY ANDREW JANSEN • STAFF REPORTER
     In fact, some students, now less in possession due to the
recent series of theft, wish only for more cameras, better angles,
                                                                                    The Dress Down Day on Oct. 8 was successful in raising over
etc. When the honor of thieves runs so thick on campus to where
                                                                               $900, which went to help support a cherished South Kent com-
only a State Cop with flashing lights can cause the scurrying of
                                                                               munity member, Administrative Assistant Cathy Boyle, whose
parasites from the deadwood, what exactly is our major concern?
                                                                               husband recently passed away in September.
The question should not be “should there or not be security-cam-
                                                                                    Not only did the South Kent students and Ms. Boyle benefit
eras on campus”, but instead, why have we allowed ourselves to
                                                                               from the day, but the community benefited as well – both faculty
get to a point where cameras are even an option?
                                                                               and students were brought closer together and worked as a team
                                                                               to support a member of the community who was affected by an
       The Pigtail welcomes letters to the editor and submissions for          unfortunate loss.
   publication. The editors reserve the right to edit all pieces submitted.         “After hearing about the deplorable situation that Ms.Boyle
                                                                               was suddenly faced with, I felt that the South Kent community
                                                                               really needed to step in and help her,” explained Prefect Doug
                                                                               McLean. “Though many of us are not yet acquainted with every-
                                                                               one, this selfless act by the community has served as a reminder,
                                                                               showing that no matter how big or how small our role is in the
    Oct. 16, 2009                    Vol. LXXXIV                 No. 1         community, we will all work together as one to help pick up a
                    40 Bull’s Bridge Rd., South Kent, CT 06785
                                                                               fallen member off the ground.”

                                                                               Snack Shop opens for business
   The Pigtail is published by students of South Kent School, South
   Kent, CT. “Pigtail” was a nickname for the town of South Kent in
   the early 1900’s.
                                                                               Continued from Page 1

    Editor in Chief ____________________________ Patrick Fleming                    “The people that work for             snack shop of the school.
                                                                               The Perch are not very kind.                    Each of the forms are
                                                                               They don’t say ‘thank you,                 assigned specific times each
    Reporters and Photographers ____________________ Jake Cho
                                                                               have a good day,’ ” said An-               weeknight to go to The Perch.
    Sean Byung Gue Kim, Daniel Seong Hoon Cheon, David Jung                    drew Bonetti, a Fourth Former.             Third and Fourth Formers 9:30-
    Hyuk Lee, John Seunghwan Jin, Yun Suk Park, Tae Hoon Kim,                  “And the price is sometimes                10:00; Fifth Formers 10:00-
    Evan Haoyun Zhou, Leo Qixiang Fan, Andrew Jansen, Hyundo Im                extreme.”                                  10:30; Sixth Formers and PGs
    Sam Sang Won Chung, Alan Donghwi Jin, JJ Moore, Ji-Hoon Wi                      However, The Perch is                 10:30-11:00.
                                                                               settling in as the main evening
              Faculty Adviser Ms. Lynn Mellis Worthington
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China’s Mid- Autumn Festival celebrated

     Most of the Chinese
students, and a small number
of Korean boys, started their
celebration of the Mid-Autumn
Festival Oct. 3 for the first time
since students joined the com-
munity of South Kent School
with the support of Father
Steve Klots and Mrs. Susan Bo-
nis, who drove everyone to the
Panda Empire restaurant.
     Students had a great time
at the dinner because Panda
Empire prepared authentic food
and even served traditional
     As one of the new Chinese
students, Fifth Former Leo Fan
joined the celebration of the
Mid- Autumn Festival.
     “It is my first time to feel                                                                                                        Pigtail Photo/ Leo Qixiang Fan

the character of Chinese culture    The group of students, joined by Mrs. Bonis and Father Klots, celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival.
since I came to the United
States,” Leo said. “I really        perfect-circle moon comes out,           of the Mid-Autumn Festival in             could not let the day go by
enjoy the delicious Chinese         people will go to the yard while         China. I think it was Yucheng             without finding some way to
food, which I have not eaten for    eating mooncakes.                        Cao and Danqing Xie, both of              celebrate it as a school.”
a long time.”                           Father Klots, who orga-              whom graduated last year, who                 His support has really given
     In China, the Mid-Au-          nized the dinner with several            first told me about it,” he said.          the Chinese students an abso-
tumn Festival is always in the      students, wanted to recognize            “Because we have such a large             lutely different feeling while
“Fifteenth of the Eighth Moon”      the importance of the day.               group of students from all parts          they are in a foreign country. It
every year, and all the fam-            “In the last few years,              of China – Hong Kong, Taiwan,             also will encourage the commu-
ily members meet together to        I’ve learned from our Chinese            and the PRC – I decided we                nication between two different
have a formal meal. When the        students about the importance                                                      cultures.

ATM machine offers quick money
                                                                              Security cameras concern some
        BY BYUNG GUE KIM                This new machine may                  Continued from Page 1
         STAFF REPORTER             make student lives a little
                                    easier and it may also help
                                    protect them from theft. If a
                                                                               theft on the Hillside starts             “This camera will
     Students now have access                                                  to melt down those bonds.
to an ATM machine near the          student keeps money in his                 Students have expressed sad-            spread all over the
entrance to the Dining Hall.        room, someone may steal it. If             ness at these changes, but they          school like a flu.”
The new machine was put in to       the money is in the bank until
help people who need money          needed, large amounts of cash
                                                                               have to learn to take care of
                                                                               their own items.
                                                                                                                          Seong Hoon
really quickly.                     don’t need to be kept in rooms.                Everyone has been en-                  Cheon, Third
     Jake Cho, a Third Former,      Students can take money when
                                    they need to or can get cash to
                                                                               couraged to make use of the                   Former
is enjoying using the machine.                                                 room safes.
     “It is so comfortable to use   pay for items.                                 Mr. Garcia said that the
ATM machine, because it is              However, there are also                cameras will not be used in
in front of the Dining Hall,”       problems with the new machine              students’ personal space.
he said. “If I get out from         running out of money.
the school I can take money             “I have a discontent from the
                                    ATM machine,” said Seong Hoon
                                    Cheon, a Third Former.
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Three new teachers join SKS faculty this fall

                        Pigtail Photo/ Leo Qixiang Fan                                   Pigtail Photo/JJ Moore                           Pigtail Photo/Seong Hoon Cheon

Mr. Scott Farley                                          Mr. Alex Woodhouse                                      Mr. Dan Kupper

    Mr. Scott Farley is a new math teacher                    One of the new teaching interns is also                   Mr. Dan Kupper joined the South Kent
who started this fall at South Kent. He is a             a former high school and college basket-                 faculty this fall, after graduating from Trin-
graduate of Stanford University, where he                ball player. Mr. Alex Woodhouse began                    ity college in Hartford, CT, in the spring of
earned his undergraduate degree in Eco-                  working at South Kent this fall.                         2009. He played soccer at Trinity and he
nomics and his MBA (Master of Business                        As a young man he felt that basketball              was a captain of the soccer team during his
Administration). He has taught in many                   would be something he’d be interested in.                senior year.
other schools.                                           When he attended Hay Field High School,                        Mr. Kupper graduated from Wethers-
    “Unlike other schools, I am much more                he played basketball for all four years. He              field High school in Wethersfield, CT, as a
interested in South Kent School because                  was offered a full scholarship to Colgate.               member of the Class of 2005. His soccer
students in this school can make anything                He played power forward and was known                    team won two state championships.
happen,” he said.                                        as a leader on the court. He ended up stay-                    When Mr. Kupper decided to go to
    SKS has many academic opportunities                  ing there five years due to a shoulder injury             college, he chose Trinity because he was
for students and its reputation is very good,            and he tore his ACL twice. During his                    attracted to the soccer program and the
he added. Mr. Farley is now experiencing                 recovery, he really focused on his academ-               high quality academics.
the real rounded society at SKS, and has                 ics and finished his college career with a                      “Trinity is very small college (with)
found both students and staff to be very                 degree in African Studies and a minor in                 small classes, however, we have very high
friendly.                                                Sociology.                                               quality of academics and students..(like)
    “People I’ve met at SKS are differ-                       At SKS, Mr. Woodhouse is teaching                   South Kent School. That’s why I decide
ent in that they have such big ideas,” he                African History and is an assistant coach                to come to South Kent,” he said. “This is
said. “A lot of things are going on at this              for the Prep Basketball team.                            very familiar to me like the college where I
school.” As he has experienced only a                         “It is fun and interesting coaching. It is          graduated from.”
small part of SKS so far, he applauds what               completely different from being a player,”                     He coached a summer soccer camp for
he has seen to this point.                               Mr. Woodhouse said. He has found coach-                  five years. These experiences enabled him
    He lives with his wife and 5-year-old                ing to be rewarding and he enjoys helping                to serve as an assistant soccer coach for
son, Patrick, in Ridgefield, CT, and com-                 others get better, rather than just working              the Cardinal Varsity Soccer. He is also a
mutes into school each day. He likes to                  on his own game. He noted that one person                teaching inter and will fill in for Mrs. Kelli
watch movies and build robots with his                   he looked up to while growing up was his                 Darrin when she is on maternity leave this
son, but they both hate to watch TV.                     uncle.                                                   fall.
                                                              “He always pushed me to succeed and
                                                         work hard,” Mr. Woodhouse noted.
                                                              His love of the sport is total. When
                                                         asked to pinpoint one thing that he loves
                                                         about basketball, he replied, “Everything!”
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Third Form
settles into
new year

     The school year began with 17 new
students in the Third Form. Students met
Third Form Dean Mr. Jeff Galusha for
the first time Sept. 9 and had a good time
introducing each other.
     Third Formers were a little perplexed
at first when they arrived on campus –as
there was a lot of change facing them.                                                                                              Photo courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Brown
Adapting to a new environment is not easy.      Mr. Woody Brown, far left, enjoys China with other teachers, along with Mrs. Pixie Brown (second from right).
They started to memorize students’ and
teachers’ names. The campus layout and
buildings were also difficult at first. Just
navigating where they were on campus
                                                Browns teaching in China
sometimes made students late to class in          BY HAOYUN (EVAN) ZHOU • STAFF REPORTER   wonderful cards that were effusive in their
the beginning of the year. Third Formers                                                   expressions of gratitude to their teachers,”
all live in Garfield Dorm, which is located           Mr. Woody Brown, one of South Kent he wrote. The Browns are really enjoying
in the southern part of campus.                 School faculty members, is serving in an   their time in China.
     Mr. Galusha, who also lives in Garfield     exchange program in China. He is teaching      Students here are keeping track of what
is in charge of the Third Form. Even the        at the Chinese Shanghai Guang Ming High    the exchange teachers are doing.
teachers face challenges with the beginning     School with his wife, Mrs. Pixie Brown, as     “I am really jealous right now because
of the year.                                    foreign language teachers.                 I missed the opportunity of having such ex-
     “It is certainly a challenge, working           When they arrived in Shanghai in late cellent English teachers, who are the native
with boys from all over the world, learn-       August, Rongxin Wang, a Fifth Former       English speakers,” Rongxin commented.
ing to live together in a new setting,” Mr.     from Shanghai, as well as other students       The exchange program will not only
Galusha noted. “This year is particularly       from Guang Ming High School, served as     increase the communication between dif-
interesting as we are one half day stu-         tour guides in the one of the most famous  ferent cultures, but also could bring advan-
dents.”                                         cities in China.                           tages to students, who would like to learn a
     After the first month of school, now             They have joined the celebration of   foreign language from both of the schools.
almost all of the Third Formers have ac-        the 60 National Day, the Teacher’s Day
                                                       th                                      The Browns will stay in China until
climated to many of the new aspects to          and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mr. Brown     December. There will be a Chinese teacher
school.                                         wrote in his blog about the feeling of the coming to South Kent School in the Winter
     Mr. Galusha believes this year’s Third     Teacher’s Day.                             Term.
Formers are progressing well in their                “Each class’s monitor appeared in the     Whoever is interested in the journey
development.                                    office with a small gift from the class: a  of Mr. Brown and Mrs. Brown, there is a
     “They are a good group of students,        hanging Chinese knot, some hand soap, a    way to visit their online blog, woodpix.
who can be among the most dedicated I           pair of chopsticks [yea!], a small silk-   wordpress.com.
have seen yet. There are times when they        covered notebook, some air freshener and
need some reminding that they are here
for studying, but all in all they seem to be
a good group of young men,” he said. His
hope is that they will all become dedicated
students and in four years will be leaders in
                                                         The Pigtail welcomes new staff members.
the school community.
     Third Form students, Mr. Galusha and
                                                     Talk to Editor Pat Fleming if you’d like to be a part
Mr. Derek Richardson traveled Sept. 20 on                         of this student publication.
a trip to rural Pennsylvania for three days
and two nights. They stayed in cabins in
the forest, and went to museums.
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Varsity                                                                                                             “My first
                                                                                                                  goal for this

Soccer sails                                                                                                      year cannot
                                                                                                                  be anything
                                                                                                                   other than
through                                                                                                          New England
                                                                                                                  Champs. It
undefeated                                                                                                          would be
                                                                                                                 really good to
season                                                                                                           win the second
                                                                                                                  time in two
 BY JONGHYUK (DAVID) LEE • STAFF REPORTER                                                                            years.”
                                                                                                                   – Captain
    The South Kent Varsity Soccer team
has begun a great season with an unde-
                                                                                                                 Fabio Pereira
feated record of 9-0-1. Last year, Varsity
Soccer won the 2008 New England Class
B Championship.
    As of now, the Varsity Soccer team is
ranked number 1 by the WNEPSSA (West-
ern New England Prep School Soccer As-
sociation). Several new players have joined
the team from Bermuda and Brazil.                                                                               Varsity Captain Fabio Pereira
    Coach Owen Finberg said the team’s                                                                          launches the ball during a
                                                                                                                recent match.
goals don’t vary.
    “Our goals are always the same from                                                                         Pigtail Photo/ Leo Qixiang Fan
year to year. At school, we want our
players to be respected members of the             He has a lot of confidence in this year’s Hamden Hall at home on Saturday for
community and to be good students,” said       team.                                        Fall Family Weekend.
Coach Finberg. “On the field, we want our           “We have a strong and solid team this         The game results this season are:
team and players to continually improve        year.”                                       vs. St. Luke’s, 3-1 W
and to win championships, while handling           The team is aiming for a championship vs. Kent, 1-1 T
                                                                                            vs. Greens Farms, 2-1 W
themselves with class.”                        win again this year.                         vs. Hotchkiss, 2-0 W
     The most recent big match they had            “My first goal for this year cannot       vs. Trinity-Pawling, 4-0 W
                                                                                            vs. Northfield Mt Hermon, 3-1 W
was against Kent School on Oct. 3, when        be anything other than New England           vs. Suffield, 3-0 W
they tied 1-1. Both South Kent and Kent        Champs,” Fabio said. “It would be really     vs. Lawrenceville, 3-1 W
Varsity soccer teams had really good sea-      good to win the second time in two years.” vs. Peddie School, 3-0 W
sons last year, and rival each other in same       Next, the Varsity soccer team will face vs. New Canaan, Exhibition
                                                                                             vs. Trinity College, Exhibition
town, so the game was really important to
both teams.
    Captain Fabio Pereira said the Kent
                                               JV Soccer also enjoying undefeated season
                                               Continued from Page 7
game was important.
     “The game against Kent was a kind         Rasmus converted from the spot with an unstoppable low drive to the left to give the
of special for me. I was here last year, and   Cardinal the win.
playing against them in our field, I saw            “These kind of games makes me want to coach”, said Coach Pereira after the
them leave with 3-1 on the board. That was     remarkable game. “We showed great spirit to come from behind and grab the win. I
so bad,” he said. “The game against Kent       thoroughly enjoyed watching the game.”
school mixed a lot with me. I wanted to            Now, the squad is working hard to keep their perfect record with a victory against
win not only for myself, but to honor the      Hamden Hall in front of their own fans on Saturday. Should they get the win, the
school, and all the fans that were there.”     Cardinal can celebrate a total of eight wins, which is more than half of the season’s 15
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Football team aims for win against Forman
                   BY SAM CHUNG • STAFF REPORTER

     The Football team has had a number of changes from last
year. With new coaches and new players, they are trying hard to
be a great team and trying to come together.
     “The Football team has a very interesting make up this year.
Everyone is trying to figure out what their assignment is on the
team, but some of new players are very young and inexperienced.
But we are getting together (as a) unit,” said Head Coach Ray
     This year’s captains are McKinnon Tompkins, Brandon
Oglesby, and Nate Zaccara. All three captains had same feeling
about leading the team.
     “It is good to be a captain, but it is very challenging,” they
     Tom Conover was injured and has become helper for the
     “It is an interesting change (to go from) student player to                                                                       Pigtail Photo/ Leo Qixiang Fan
                                                                            Paul Armstrong carries the ball through the Dalton line.
student coach. It is different feeling standing on the sideline and
watch player playing.”                                                      got injured.
     Coach Pennucci became the new head coach, taking over                       “Injury always happen during games. It is sad thing when
from Mr. Kevin Vining.                                                      player’s season is over,” noted Coach Pennucci.
     “It was dream of mine to be head coach in football,” he said.              The team has been preparing hard for the game this weekend
“It is lots of hard work and I’m glad to have opportunity to do it          against Forman.
here at SKS, because I really enjoy all of the students and staff               “We practice to win and prepare to win,” said Coach Pen-
members here on the Hillside.”                                              nucci. “And, we’ll have a chance (to win) for sure.”
     The captains and the coaches shared some of their thoughts                 The captains expressed their belief in the team’s winning
on the team’s strengths and weaknesses. The team’s strengths are            chances.
in that players are playing hard, in good shape, having fun enjoy-              “We always have chance depending on how hard we work,”
ing football, and practicing good teamwork. There are a number              said McKinnon. “If we play our positions right, we will win for
of strong starting players.                                                 sure.”
     Some of their weakness are that there are some with inexperi-              McKinnon asked a favor of every student at SKS.
ence, and a small number of players on the team. Individuals need                “We will do better if we have more fan support, so please
to share enthusiasm, focus on game, and need to get better at their         come and watch our game. It will be fun,” he said.
own assignment. At the beginning of the season, lots of players

JV Soccer team enjoys success with four new coaches
         BY DONGHWI JIN • STAFF REPORTER                                                             of the game, scoring minutes after the kickoff
                                                                                                     through an indirect free-kick. The Cardi-
    It has been a great beginning for South                                                          nal promptly equalized when Alec Edelson
Kent soccer with the JV Soccer team following                                                        scored from outside the box after the Kent
the trail of the Varsity team with five straight                                                      goalkeeper pushed away Rasmus Reijola’s
wins. This year Coach Lou Pereira has volun-                                                         close-range effort. South Kent looked much
teered to coach the team, along with Coach Jon                                                       better after the equalizer and managed to gain
Bellonio, Coach Franck Traore, and Coach Paul                                                        the lead for the first time when Tri-Captain
Mirabito.                                                                                            Jimmy Gabrione received a 70-yard pass
    Coach Pereira, who previously played 10                                                          from sweeper Andonis Vassiliadis and clev-
years on a Portuguese-American soccer team                                                           erly chipped the ball over the goalkeeper.
and has been coaching for 20 years, said that he                                                          Kent had a couple of chances on goal,
                                                                     Pigtail Photo/Seong Hoon Cheon
simply likes to coach young men and see them                                                        but the Cardinal Goalie Shane Gostisbehere
make progress.                                                        was solid in front of goal, producing some remarkable saves. Kent
    “The team has made fantastic progress from the day I first met did get their equalizer, when their striker, unmarked, blasted a
them,” said Coach Pereira.                                            shot from the corner of the box that bounced off Shane’s gloves
    The most notable game was against bitter rivals Kent School       and went in. However, South Kent was to have the last laugh as
on Oct. 7 at home, when the Cardinal came out with a hard-fought they earned a penalty kick after the ball hit a Kent defender’s arm;
3-2 victory. It was Kent who took the initiative in the early stages                                                               Continued on Page 6
Page 8                                                         THE PIGTAIL                                                             OCT. 16, 2009

                                                                                                                    Rong Xin Wang, Junghyuk
                                                                                                                    Lee, Andrew Jansen,
                                                                                                                    Ray Vincent, Ryan Clark,
                                                                                                                    Haodong Guo during the
                                                                                                                    start of the Canterbury
                                                                                                                    Pigtail Photo/ Leo Qixiang Fan

Cross Country improves with each race
                                                                                              exemplifying the improvement of the team.
                                              “I personally hope we will
                                                                                              On Wednesday, SKS beat NYMA. NYMA
     This year the Cross Country team has       finish as one of the top                       is hosting the HVAL Championships, so
                                                                                              it was important for the team to check out
started its season with runners in good
condition and continues to challenge other
                                               two teams in the HVAL                          that course.
teams in many races, and runners are see-          Championships.”
                                                                                                  Cross Country results so far this sea-
ing good results from their efforts.             – Father Steve Klots                         son:
     Father Steve Klots and Mr. John Funk
are the coaches, with Fifth Formers An-                                                           NYMA 1/2
drew Jansen and Rong Xin Wang leading         Rong Xin, Junghyuk Lee, King Lau, and               Christian Heritage Invitational 3/7
the team as captains.                         Ryan Clark.                                         Cheshire Invitational 7/12
     Because Cross Country is about endur-        “Cross Country running is a tedious             Marianapolis Invitational 6-15
ance and challenging oneself during a long    sport, but I feel that if we continue to work       Canterbury Invitational 13/20
period of time, Father Klots wants the team   hard and stay positive, I’m certain that we         Oakwood Invitational. 3 out of 8
to compete well and get good results.         will be a hard team to compete against,”
     “I personally hope we will finish as      said Andrew Jansen.
one of the top two teams in the HVAL              He said that he is impressed with Cross     “Cross Country running is
Championships. Winning the title is not
out of the question, but we will have to
                                              Country team this year, and their team           a tedious sport, but I feel
                                              is very consistent in terms of running.
work hard. The New England Champion-          Also, he mentioned that he is focusing on       that if we continue to work
ships are a much more difficult competi-       improving his time in every race and focus         hard and stay positive,
tion, but I hope we can finish in the top      less on the external distractions around
five or six teams out of about 30,” Father     him, so he will be successful come the
                                                                                              I’m certain that we will be
Klots said.                                   HVAL’s and New England’s Championship             a hard team to compete
     He would also like to see Andrew earn
All-New England status, which means he
                                              race.                                                    against.”
                                                  At the beginning of the season, South
would have to finish as one of the top 15      Kent lost to Chase by 40 points, NYMA            – Captain Andrew Jansen
runners in the New England Champion-          (New York Military Academy by 20 points,
ships. The team’s top seven runners are       but in the most recent race, lost to Chase
competing well – Andrew, Ray Vincent,         by only 20 points and NYMA by 10 points,

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