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					Silverlight Introduction

           In this article I am going to brief you all about the introduction of Microsoft silverlight 4.0. I am a beginner
to silverlight learning but have good hands on experience on the web development.

          So, especially my assumption is that this article will help you all to think out of ASP.NET development in to
new era of silverlight 4.0. The whole article discussed about the silverlight 4.0 version. This article only includes the
basic introduction of silverlight and no any practice session.

          Following are some of the points I will cover in this article. Let’s first get out of and think for the
silverlight application.

         (1) Difference between ASP.NET & Silverlight
         (2) What is silverlight 4.0 & Its Browser/OS support
         (3) Prerequisite of silverlight 4.0

    (1) Difference between ASP.NET & Silverlight 4.0
           Lets first understand what is Stateless and State page process request. All the web application is
            hosted on server and is accessed by multiple clients. Now in case of ASP.NET as shown in Figure
            1, the point 1.0: First the client when hits the url leads to send a page request to IIS were the web
            application is hosted.
           Point 2.0: The IIS identify the page request it process that page
           Point 3.0: It return the HTML and CSS script back as response to client to render the page.
           The whole process is called as stateless means for any page request the process of the page
            always take place at the server side.
           In case of silverlight, as shown in the figure 2, it does the same way and behaves in the same
            manner but only once when the first time the silverlight application request is made to the server
            after that all the major process of page request are done at the client site.
            In later part I will cover the .XAP package return by the server to the client which includes all the
            required pages (silverlight pages in form of XAML) which are installed on your client machine
            with the help of your silver light browser plug-in. So next time when any page required it first
            check in the client .XAP if the request is fulfilled it want make round trip to server for the page
           So the silver light application is stateless and application is not because all process takes
            place at server side.
           Silverlight 4.0 application is faster than application because it does not make the round
            trip to server for each page request. All the silver light controls are in pre-compiled form. So, with
            in no time it renders the controls on the client browser. All the process takes place at client side
            in silverlight which increase the performance.

(2) What Is Silverlight 4.0 & Browse/OS support

   Microsoft has launched silverlight 4.0 in the April-2010 as the competitor of ADOBE flash application as a
    business prospects.
   The silverlight is mainly used to develop the RIA that is Rich interactive UI web application for the day
    today business growth. The silverlight application provides cross browser and cross platform application.
   The silverlight 4.0 are mainly used to develop the graphics, animation and media based web application.
         Following are the browser and platform support of silver light 4.0 applications.

         Operating        IE 9       IE 8          IE 7         IE 6          Firefox 3+    Safari 3+     Chrome 4+
         Windows 7        YES        YES           NO           NO            YES           NO            YES
         Windows          YES        YES           YES          YES           YES           NO            YES
         Windows XP       NO         YES           YES          YES           YES           NO            YES
         Windows          NO                       NO           NO            NO            NO            NO
         2000 SP4+
         Windows          YES        YES           NO           NO            NO            NO            YES
         Server 2008
         Windows          YES        YES           YES          YES           YES           NO            YES
         Server 2008
         Windows          NO         YES           YES          YES           YES           NO            YES
         Server 2003
         Macintosh        NO         NO            NO           NO            YES           YES           NO
         OS X 10.4.11+
         (Intel based)

                 Reach Application:
                      o The web applications are hosted on the server and the entire different client accesses it
                           from the same. So, the applications are reachable to all the clients
                 Rich Application
                      o Rich applications mean the application which is developed with the rich UI controls.
                 The silver light 4.0 application provide both the rich and reach features.

    (3) Prerequisite of silverlight 4.0

Following are some of the list of prerequisite required for the development of silverlight 4.0 application.

    (1) You required the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. With the help of any version of 2010 you can develop the
        silverlight application that is either enterprise edition or express edition. Make sure ASP.NET 2010 is
        installed because the silverlight 4.0 applications are not compatible with MS Visual Studio 2005 or 2008
(2) You can directly download the express version from

(3) Make sure that ASP.NET 4.0 frame work is installed. It will get installed with studio 2010 itself.
(4) You required the Silver light 4.0 SDK Tool Kit for the reach UI controls added to the Tool box of you VS-
    2010 environment for the application development.
    (5) You can download it from
    (6) When you first time executes the silverlight application and if the browser plug-in is not installed on the
        machine it will get it installed from the Microsoft Silverlight web site. So you required Browser Plug-in to
        run the silverlight application.
    (7) If you required making any animation or graphics usage of controls in your application you can download
        Microsoft Expression Blend from

So, this are the prerequisite required for the start of silverlight 4.0 application development.

In my next article I will explain some of the key points related to silverlight. So by the end of reading this article you
are quite aware with the basic difference between silverlight and application and its page request
execution, what is silverlight and why it is used and prerequisites required for the silverlight application