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agencies attending Project Homeless Connect

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									City Prosecutor                                          Marty Conboy
SNAP Outreach Specialist Food Bank for the Heartland     Kelly Dunlap
Council Bluffs Public Library                            Lynn
United Way 211                                           Lena Thompson
Metro Community College Director of Adult Education      Debbie Flower

                                                         Glasnapp, Sherry
Douglas County Community Mental Health Center            L (CMHC)

Wells Fargo                                              Anita L. Johnson

                                                         Jessica Jones,
Program Director Together, Inc                           MSW
Health and Human Services

Heartland Family Service Emergency Service Coordinator   Leann Quiroz
                                                         Dennis Snook,
Director MASS Program, The Salvation Army                MPA
                                                         Nickie Slater,
                                                         CSW, PLMHP,
Catholic Charities, Omaha Campus for Hope                PCMSW
SOAR Project Supervisor                                  Stacy Ring
Legal Aid                                                Patrick Ford

Ameristar Casino                                         Heather Hersom

Salvation Army Emergency Community Support Program       Darsey Zwiener

Veterans Affairs Regional Office                         Morehead, Coach

Veterans Affairs, Fiduciary and Public Contact Teams     Michael Johnson
Social Security                                          Marsha Bartholomew

ENCAP                                                    Nancy Livingston, MS


OHA                                         Trudy Zimmerman

Mercy Housing / TimberCreek Apartments      Beverly Wagner
Community Alliance Homeless program         JoAnn Strong

Bethlehem House                             Gina Freimuth

Open Door Mission                           Charity Watts
MOHM'S Place and Timothy House              Harry Waller

The Salvation Army                          Lisa Vukov, BA
                                            Mike Saklar, Rod
Sienna Francis House                        Bauer
                                            Mala Thomas,
Catholic Charities, Omaha Campus for Hope   Supervisor
The Stephens Center                         Michael Krell
Y.E.S.                                      Cindy Goodin
HOPWA                                        Judy Anderson
                                             Melissa Sewick,
Douglas County Dept. of General Assistance   Liaison
                                             Sara Rounds,
Heartland Family Service                     Jody Jackson
Williams Prepared Place                      Pastor Pat Williams

                                             Jody Jackson,
Heartland Family Services                    Sara Rounds
MICAH House                                  Bobbi Nielson;;

Nancy Livingston
Mental Health

Banking Services
Services we will provide: ID/Birth Certificate assistance Rent/Deposit assistance
Medication Assistance (high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, thyroid, & heart
medication only) Eye glass & exam Information on how to get pantries, free
clothing/furniture, bus passes

Heartland Family Service North office offeres a once a year medication assistance
program called GEMS. This program is designed for folks that have no insurance or co-
pays to get help with life threating medications such as HIV/AIDS, High Blood Pressure,
Diabetes, Asthma and so on. What I can't help with is pain or mental health medications.

Prevention, gas, pantry, rent.

"substance abuse/mental health/case management"

Legal Aid does not provide housing but we will participate by providing legal advise & representation

Education and job search
case management program for individuals that have a mental health disorder. Our
housing programs have requested a table

1.Type of housing we provide for qualified veterans Grant and Per diem,  or hud –vash

The Family Development Services Department offers: Free tax prep, emergency financial assistance, pantry,
employability skills training, community resource information, computer lab, afterschool program for teens
and a summer volunteer work experience for teens.The Behavioral Health Department offers: psychological
testing, medication management, counseling for mental health and substance abuse, anger management,
and family reunification.
homeless prevention assistance and transitional housing assistance in the forms of direct
financial assistance, housing advocacy, and tenant education. FHAS also provides tax
returns, financial incentives in education and tenant education and credit repair reviews.

Mercy Housing’s mission is to “create stable, vibrant and healthy communities by
developing, financing and operating affordable, program-enriched housing for families,
seniors and people with special needs who lack the economic resources to access quality,
safe housing opportunities.”
Housing and Mental Health

Bethlehem House. Transitional supportive housing for pregnant homeless women.
Must 19 years of age, no other children living with Mom at this time. (we can only
accommodate pregnant Mom and baby during and after her pregnancy). And, Veterans
Village, permanent and transitional supportive housing for homeless Veterans. Will not
be open until possibly 2012.
Emergency Shelter, Transitional house and Permanent Supportive Housing to men,
women and children.

three transitional housing programs, 37th Street Program, THRU, and Scattered
Site/Harrington Homes. We will also be available to talk about our new permanent
supportive housing program, the HOME Program. All of these programs offer housing for
single adults (male or female), families, and couples. For the transitional housing
programs, the applicants must be homeless based on HUD's definition for transitional
housing (emergency shelter, streets/other place not meant for habitation, fleeing
domestic violence, or being evicted), be at least 19 years of age, have 30 days of sobriety,
and have 30 days of medication compliance. THRU and Scattered Site/Harrington
Homes also require a full-time, structured activity at the time of application and have
income parameters. For the HOME Program, applicants must meet HUD's definition of
homelessness for permanent supportive housing (living on the streets, in emergency
shelter, or timing out of transitional housing-but after previously living on the streets or
in emergency shelter), must have a disabling condition, and be at least 19 years of age.


Community Support/Recovery Peer Support for substance abuse would like to come
again and do what we did last year. Also do Chemical evaluations.
Youth Shelters
AIDS Housing

We can provide assistance with rent and utilities and we also have a Primary Health Care

Housing 402.991.3948

ise & representation

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