Pesticide Treatments for the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle that

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					Pesticide Treatments for the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle that can
be Applied to the Exterior of the Home Homeowner Options

Efficacy and residual effect tests were conducted on some of the pyrethroid pesticides
(lambda-cyhalothrin, deltamethrin cyfluthrin, cypermethrin and bifenthrin) to help
homeowners with their choice of which chemical to use. During the test the lady
beetles were exposed at various time intervals to petri dish size white vinyl siding
disks that had been treated with the different insecticides. After 16-hours over 80%
of the beetles were dead or dying in all the treatments. So all of these chemicals give
good immediate control. However, the results from the long-term efficacy test showed
some clear differences. After 78 hours the lambda-cyhalothrin and deltamethrin
treatments were the best with over 95% of the beetles either dead or dying. The
bifenthrin treatment was next with 84% and statistically the same as the deltamethrin
treatment. Cyfluthrin and cypermethrin killed only about 50% of the beetles at this time.
So if your timing is good, that is you get the pesticide on your home just before the
beetles arrive all of the chemicals tested should work well. However if you want to put a
pesticide on early to make sure that you are covered the chemicals lambda-cyhalothrin
(can only be applied by a professional pest control operator), deltamethrin and bifenthrin
appear to be your best bet.

Home Defense Indoor & Outdoor Insect Killer
Home Defense Indoor & Outdoor Insect Killer 3
KGRO RTU Home Pest Insect Control
Ortho Home Defense Indoor & Outdoor Insect Killer

Bonide Household Insect Control RTU Termite & Carpenter Ant RTU
Clipper Spider Kill II Marine & Household Insects
ZEP Commercial RTU Pest Control III Enforcer Home Pest Control XII
Enforcer Ant Kill Home Pest Control
Annhilator Insecticide Premise Spray

CyfluthrinBayer Advanced Lawn & Garden Multi-Insecticide
Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower Insecticide
Bayer Advanced Home Pest Control Indoor/Outdoor Ready
Raid Yard Guard Lawn Insecticide
Raid Yard Guard Ant & Roach Home Barrier
Raid Yard Guard Mosquito
Raid Yard Guard Wasp & Hornet Nozzle
Cylence Pour-On Insecticide

Saga Multi-Purpose Residual Spray Insecticide
Vikor Home & Yard Insect Control
Rid-A-Bug Home Insect Killer
Ace Home Insect Control
Do It Best Home Insect Control
Rid Home Insect Killer Ready to Use
No-Pest Home Insect Control
Agway Home Insect Control
Hot Shot Rid-a-Bug Home Insect Killer
Hot Shot Home Insect Control
Spectracide Bug Stop Indoor & Outdoor Home Insecticide
Spectracide Ant Shield 1 and 2
No-Pest Home Insect Control 2
Green Thumb RTU Home Insect Killer
Conquer Home Insect Control
KGRO Home Pest Insect Control 3
Real-Kill Home Insect Control 2, 3 and 4

Ortho Roach, Ant & Spider Killer and Ortho Bug-B-Gone Multi-Purpose Insect Control
Evercide Intermediate 2527
Concentrate Bug-B-Gone Multi Purpose Insect Killer
Yard Spray Concentrate
Adams Yard Spray
Defy Yard & Kennel Spray

*These pyrethroid chemicals were not included in the efficacy and residual effect tests.

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