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Happy Belated Social Media Day 2011
           June 30, 2011
             Social Media Revolution Video
                  A Visualization Of The World’s Facebook Relationships
Source: Paul Butler,
                      A Global Map Of Social Networking 2011
Source: GlobalWebIndex,
         Facebook Developers Tools For Your Website
Social Plugins
“The easiest way to share any contents anywhere on the Web.
Using embeddable <iframe> tag, personalized for logged in users.”

1. Like Button
              “When the user clicks the Like button on your site/content, a story appears in the
              user's Profile and user’s friends' News Feed with a link back to your website/content.”
              * More powerful with Open Graph protocol:
               * More versatile with XFBML (req.JavaScript SDK):

2. Send Button
    “Allows users to send content to Facebook friends, groups, or email addresses.”

3. Comments Button
   “Comments on any contents and have an option to post to Facebook.”
                                                                             (UK Alumni Association Page ID 84792920050)
        Facebook Developers Tools For Your Website

4. Activity Feed
   “Shows friends and users who have liked/recommended your Website/content and
   commented on your Website/content.” Example:

5. Recommendations
   “Gives users personalized suggestions for pages they might like.” Example:

6. Like Box
   “Enables users to like your Facebook Page and views its stream directly from your
   Website.” Example:

                                                         (UK Alumni Association Page ID 84792920050)
       Facebook Developers Tools For Your Website

7. Login Button
   “Shows profile pictures of the developer’s friends who have already signed
   up for your site in addition to a login button.”

8. Registration
   “Allows users to sign up for your Website with their Facebook accounts.”

9. Facepile:
   “Displays profile pictures of users who have liked your page.” Example:
        Facebook Developers Tools For Your Website
10. Live Stream
    “Let users share activity and comments in real-time as they interact using a
   live event.”

Graph API
See the following video for explanation. Very powerful tools for personalization
but requires technical knowledge and programming skills.
      Facebook Developers Tools For Your Website
Analytics: Facebook Insights
“Detailed statistics about your Facebook pages, users’ demographics and
sharing on your Website.”

Profile/Page Badges
Create Profile, Photo, Like, Page Badges for your Website

*Bonus Tips:
Secure Login and HTTPS Account Settings - Account Security
Download Your History Account Settings – Download Your Information
Select A Username

Other Resources
All Other Samples:
Facebook Mobile:
Facebook Chat:
Facebook Credits:
Facebook SDKs:
Facebook Open Source:
       Facebook Developers Tools For Your Page
Official Facebook-Approved Apps
Major apps: Twitter, Photos, Video, Events, Links, Notes, Questions, Deals,
Games, Pages, Apps, Messages

Third Party Apps (two free basic apps): Twitter, YouTube, Static HTML, RSS
Feed, Flickr, Scribd, Photo Gallery, Get Satisfaction (customer service), Klout
Coupon, Signup, Poll, Coupons, Welcome Tab, Promotion Gallery, Badges,
Gifts, Social Quiz, Contest, Music Player, Flash Embed, Store Locator, Social
Catalog, Stories, Leaderboard, Ratings & Reviews, etc. (free widgets, must login with Facebook account): RSS,
Promotions, Flickr, Images, Voting, FourSquare, SoundCloud, Custom Forms,
Countdown, Products, Contact, Polls, Text/HTML, Links, Google Maps, Code,
Comments, Friend Inviter, Twitter, iFrame Embed, Like Button, Flash, Wordnik
(dictionary), etc.

Others?, etc.
        Facebook Developers Tools For Your Page
Facebook Questions
Adding Poll to your page

Facebook Deals
Incentives, offers, membership premiums, etc. See Groupon? LivingSocial?
ScoutMob? SocialBuy? Facebook Deals Are Currently Only Available In: San
Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, San Diego, Charlotte, St. Louis and

Facebook Places
Claim it first for your institution! Can also offer deals when checking in. See

Facebook Profile Photo Stream (unofficial, at your own risk)
Google keyword: “facebook profile photo stream”

*Bonus Tip: Default Landing Tab
Edit Page – Manage Permissions – Default Landing Tab
Facebook Profile Photo Stream Example
               Other Social Media Discussion
When Twitter allows location claim, do it first for your institution!
Fancy background: 1681 x 1100 pixels, add URLs
Use hash tag all the time! #kentuckyalumni
Tweets and re-tweets
Follows and be followed
Twitter Web Intents
Tweet Button Goodies Page – Tweet Button
Follow Button
Share Bookmarklet
Twitter Developer Page:
API and other documentations:
Developer Mailing Lists:
Any success with Twitter List? Tweet Location? Tweet Media? Tweet Privacy?
Direct Messages? Mentions and replies? Marked as favorites? Design ideas?
Applications (Twitter for Facebook, Facebook, Google)? TwitPic? Yfrog? Socialcam?
Viddy? Screenr? Developers: create and register your Twitter apps?
LinkedIn Developer Network:
Social Plugins:
LinkedIn Share Button, Member Profile, Company Insider, Full Member Profile,
Recommend Button, Sign In Button.
Social Media Resume:
Questions for others: Any success with apps, etc.? Recommendations?

Fancy Background: Same as Twitter’s specifications
YouTube Skin/Widget for your Website:
Developer Tools:
YouTube Video Editor:
CaptionTube/Create Video Caption:
Questions for others: Any success with Modules (comments, moderator,
subscribers,event dates, other channels, subscriptions, friends, recent activity),
etc.? Settings? Themes? Recommendations?
Wordpress and Foursquare
We are still new at this.
Claim your location for your institution!
UK Alumni Association Blog:
UK Alumni Association Venue:
Questions to others: Anything to share and recommend?

Other Major Social Media Talk

Google+ (Cheat Sheet), Photovine Refer people now 
Bonus: Infographics (visualizations):
                          Web Talk
Mobile Website & iPhone Inclusion
UK Alumni Association Mobile Website:
Mobile Website Inclusion In University of Kentucky’s iPhone App:
Android and Blackberry Available Soon:

*Bonus Tip: Mobile Web as App on iPhone Demo (Add to Home Screen)

iPhone Apps Discussion: AppMakr and MobiFlex
Other platforms: iPad, Microsoft Phone (Windows Mobile), Palm, J2ME, etc.

Google Analytics
Now tracking tweets, likes, and +1s: Click here

Google Subscribed Links
Keyword system:
                      Web Talk
Online Magazine
pageturnpro? myvirtualpaper?
iPhone App?
iPad? (Angeleno)
Suggestions/Recommendations? Experience?

Personalized Tags
Microsoft Tag:
QR Tags
Creative Bar Codes:
Suggestions/Recommendations? Experience?

Sharing Widgets
Wibiya Web Toolbar:
Others? Suggestions/Recommendations/Experience?
                                      Web Talk
Permanent Alumni Email
Microsoft Live@Edu:
Google Apps for Education:,

New Top Level Domains
.car, .sports, .bank, (.alumni?, .university?, .institution?)
$185,000 to apply
Creating a short, memorable name/URL
Buy when affordable in the future

Google Map With Street View and

Web 2.0 “social-networking sites, blogs, wikis, video-sharing sites, hosted services,
web applications, mashups and folksonomies.” (

Web 3.0 (Semantic Web):
Personalization, drag and drop mashups,,
Video on, More information at
                      Web Talk
Web 4.0 (Symbiotic Web)
Web 3.0 + Artificial Intelligence, Network taking initiatives,,
                      Web Talk
Adding <video>, <audio>, <canvas>, <section>, <article>, etc.
Canvas, geolocation, local storage, multimedia (video, audio), offline.

Fun Stuff
Upcoming Social Media and Tech Events:


UK Alumni Association:
UK Alumni Association Facebook:
UK Alumni Association Twitter:
UK Alumni Association LinkedIn:
UK Alumni Association YouTube:
UK Alumni Association Blog/Wordpress:
UK Alumni Association Social Media: and

Social Media Books:
                                Some Facebook/Social Media Marketing Strategies

1. Facebook Ads (Creating, Reports, Tracking)
2. Facebook Challenge To 10,000
3. Facebook Shout Out
4. Facebook Favorite Pages/Page Likes
5. Facebook Tagging - @username
6. Facebook/Twitter Trivia (via Mississippi State University Alumni Association)
7. (Campus) Celebrity Effect
8. Links and referrals
9. Staff Personal Profile Posting
10. Web Site Spotlights
11. Like Buttons/Other Social Plugins on Web Site
12. E-mail Broadcasts and other electronic marketing
13. Printed marketing – magazine, buy newspaper ad, poster, business cards, event invitations, club fliers, etc.
14. Premium gifts or offers – Rewards:
15. Suggest to Friends Feature (Facebook) and Following/Follower Listings and Group Listings.
16. Utilize video service such as YouTube, Vimeo, U Stream, FlixWagon, Animoto, etc.
17. Promote URLs on each medium or cross-platform: Twitter background contains Facebook and YouTube links,
YouTube background contains Facebook and Twitter links, etc.
18. Promote on e-mail signatures, end of presentation files, etc.  Branding
19. Twitter Hash Tag
20. Utilize Sharing service on the Web –, RSS Feed, Video RSS, etc.
21. Ask colleges, departments, club volunteers, board members, constituents, affinities and partners to share links to
promote social media. A Central Page for All Social Media Links:
22. Wildcats Everywhere – (via University of Florida Alumni Association’s Gators Are Everywhere), any success with
picture or video sharing/submissions?
23. Word of mouth
24. Your ideas?

For Alumni Association: Goal at the end of the day: Membership! Membership! Membership!  Full membership
module on Facebook and other social media.

      Thank You 
                                Just In
                 July 7, 2011: Facebook Video Calling

                     Facebook Group Chat:

    July 8: Mobile Payments Helping Future Alumni Membership?

               July 11: How People Are Using LinkedIn?

July 12: Foursquare To Offer Daily Deals From Groupon, Gilt & Others

BO.LT: Like It, Share It, Buy From It – “Remix Web Pages On The Fly”

                     Phone text message system?

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