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From Customer: Christopher A Walters                 Bus Ticket From Eugene, Oregon
Email:                            To Greensboro, North Carolina
C/o 930 N Patterson                                  Purchase Date March 2, 2009
Winston Salem, NC 27101                              Cost $251.00
Date: Friday March 27th, 2009                        Confirmation # 43239000801

Addressed Too:                                       CC: Bank of America
Greyhound Disability Services                        Claims Services
P.O. Box 660691, MS 470                              Phoenix, Arizona
Dallas, TX 75266-0691

Dear Sirs:

          I had purchased a full fare greyhound bus ticket from Eugene, Oregon to Greensboro, North
Carolina for $251.00 and would like to briefly explain why I asked Bank of America claims services
to challenge payment based on failure to provide the agreed service and hospitalization due to
negligence. In order to assist resolution of this matter I am providing some information for your
staff to review

                         Circumstances of Travel As a Greyhound Customer

As a person with a major disability and long time Greyhound patron I usually purchase your full
fare ticket which means I can stop along the way and have the ticket reissued under your existing
policy as medical needs arise. My medical conditions include loss of bowel control and poor
circulation in the legs. Within the guidelines of your policy for full fare tickets for instance I make
stops and ask your various bus terminals to reissue the ticket so as to walk around for hours and
avoid what my doctors describe as blood clots in legs.

                           Persons I spoke To Resolve This Issue Previously

Prior to asking Bank of America to cancel payment on your service I spoke personally to the bus
driver driving from Charlotte, NC to my destination of Greensboro, NC who explained she could not
be bothered. I also spoke to your terminal manager at Winston Salem, NC and spoke on March 26 th,
2009 to your disability specialist on the toll free line. Your disability specialist explained if I wished
to pay for a ticket back to Charlotte, NC I could pick up a ticket from that point to Greensboro
rather than your issuing the ticket where I am currently located in Winston Salem, NC.

                 Description of the Problem and American Disabilities Act Questions

Although your company policy plainly posts and states that passengers with disabilities will be given
the front seats (which have extra leg room) it appears most of your drivers prefer to use the front
seats as a de facto luggage rack. Many of the drivers are quite honest in stating ADA nor your
company policy merits no respect. It also appears that Greyhound management has in the not too
distant past increased the number of seats in the bus to increase profits by decreasing leg room for
passengers. One of your station managers actually explained he believes the company is in the
process of taking out some of the seats so as to give passengers adequate leg room.

In February, 2009 I purchased a $237.00 full fare ticket from Lakeland, Florida to Roseburg, Oregon
and as a result of not having adequate leg room, the bus being full of illegal aliens, and driver
indifference I reached San Antonio Texas where I was hospitalized for 8 days for “deep vein
thrombosis”. As the doctors explained sitting for a day or so without adequate room to move around
caused my circulation problems to create a life threatening problem.
In March, 2009 I purchased a $251.00 full fare ticket from Eugene, Oregon to Greensboro, North
Carolina. I was hospitalized and had to break my normal travel routine in Charlotte, North
Carolina and was told I had more “deep vein thrombosis” because I had spent too much time on a
bus without adequate room to move my legs. When I re boarded the bus the driver indicated I
could not continue the trip and couldn’t be bothered to either sign the unused portion of the ticket or
have the agent reissue the ticket. As I often observe Greyhound Corporate policies are often not
view by drivers as company guidelines to be followed by as a matter of personnel discretion to be
adhered too if the driver feels like it. Greyhound’s existing policy states the full fare ticket is
purchased and provides that I can make a stop as need requires and either ask to have the ticket
reissued or your driver can simply write off at such and such a destination.

                     Question Of Culpable Negligence On the Part of Greyhound

Your staff is no doubt aware that I am not the only passenger with circulation or medical problems
who requires adequate leg room between the seats to avoid life threatening circumstances. If we
have to resolve this matter in a court of law I believe the Court will view your firm as negligence and
in least ORDER Greyhound or it’s parent firm to pay my 9 days of hospital bills and other damages
directly cause by your driver’s refusal to adhere to your posted policies that disabled persons have a
legal and absolute right to the first two rows of seats in the front of the bus.

                                 Possible Fair and Equitable Solution

The recommendation by your disabilities services that I purchase a ticket from Winston Salem, NC
to travel to Charlotte, NC to pickup the ticket is not realistic. The suggestion of your local agent that
I purchase a full fare ticket from Winston Salem, NC to Greensboro, NC is outside your established

If I had a long time regular passenger and were in your position I would mail them a ticket from
Winston Salem, NC to Greensboro, NC to fulfill my service agreement. Your station management
has already explained to me during my last trip seat spacing is too close and explained more leg
room is being made available in the future which suggest this problem is being solved. Drivers who
can’t adhere to Greyhound ADA policies could easily be transferred to a professional trucking
company and be given an opportunity to transport a truck full of rubber dog shit out of Los Angeles
as I believe the movie actor explained in the movie. Your firm might consider a 1-800 customer
complaint line so as to address problems without losing customers or getting sued.

Respectfully Submitted By
Passenger Chris Walters
C/o 930 N Patterson
Winston Salem, NC 27101
March 27th, 2009

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