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					Bella Terra Liaison Committee Meeting
December 10, 2008

Present at the meeting:
From Titan Development: Martin Teuscher, Catina D’Achille, Matt Reynolds,
Heather Copsey
From Bella Terra: Lyn Norman, Jim Norman, Roger Coil, Matt McCalla, Shannon
Reid, Jamie Adamson, and Stephanie Condeluci

        Catina began the meeting by having everyone at the table introduce
themselves. The first topic of discussion was an explanation of the purpose of the
liaison committee and the expectations and goals. The liaison committee was
created to encourage positive communication between the homeowner’s of Bella
Terra and the developer. The goal is to open the lines of communication so that
people in the neighborhood feel they have a place to go with their questions,
issues and concerns so that they can be addressed. The goal is to eliminate
enragement and frustration within the neighborhood. The developer is open to
any questions and encourages people to ask anything they feel is important for
the neighborhood. One point that Catina did stress was that if at any point the
members of the committee were asked to pass along information, possibly door-
to-door, to homeowners that they remain unbiased when passing along the
information, regardless of what their personal opinion might be. The committee’s
goal is to accurately disseminate the information learned in the meetings to their
neighbors, not create rumors and tension with inaccurate information. The
developer also asks that if there is anything going on at all that any neighbor
thinks might be an issue; please contact the developer so that we can take care of
it as soon as possible. Unless the developer is notified of a specific problem, it
cannot be fixed.

The next issues were updates on various topics:
   • A neighborhood directory was created in order to facilitate better
      communication throughout the neighborhood and this directory will be
      emailed out to the neighborhood
   • Development drive-thrus are done bi-monthly by Titan Development in
      order to see any development problems and also to uphold the CC&Rs for
      Bella Terra. So far, there have been very few violations in the
      neighborhood, but Titan Development is committed to upholding the
      CC&Rs in order to maintain home values in the neighborhood.
   •   If you do receive a letter stating that you have violated the Covenants and
       Restrictions, please contact the Titan office so that we can discuss a
       resolution to the problem. We are more that happy to work with you on
       getting it fixed, but can only do this if you contact the office.

The next topic of discussion was the finances and expenses for the HOA.
   • Martin explained to everyone that the HOA dues are used only for
      maintenance and never for improvements to the neighborhood.
   • Currently there is no solid expense projection yet for 2009, because Bella
      Terra was so new and only started paying many of their bills midway
      through the year.
   • Landscape is part of the HOA’s expenses for the year, but only the
      maintenance, such as mowing and weeding, never the initial cost to install.
   • The areas that the HOA is responsible for would be the common areas
      (pool, playground, soccer field, both entrances and areas by the fence and
   • With more homeowners coming in, dues will soon be substantial enough
      to cover all expenses and save for future road repairs
   • Landscaping is the largest HOA expense. Titan asks for two bids from
      landscape companies and takes the most competitive bid. Anyone who
      has a company that would like to bid, please feel free. Titan can provide
      the contract specifications to any company who would like to bid. The
      current landscape company is Enviro Landscape. This information must be
      submitted no later than March 1, 2009.

The next discussion topic was Phase I and Phase II plat maps.
   • Total lots with both phases will be approximately 182.
   • 30 lots remain in Phase I (Why start Phase II with all those left?) The
      remaining 30 lots are “C” lots which are more difficult to sell. So, the
      developer opens up Phase II which is all “A” lots and makes the availability
      of those lots to builders contingent on the sale of the lots in Phase I.
   • Currently builders are holding back and being more cautious. But,
      homebuilders will always need to build and sell homes so lots will be sold.
      Right now banks are being more cautious and financing is more difficult to
      acquire. Things are moving more slowly in the current economic climate,
      but the market will turn around and builders will be able to build more
      aggressively soon.
   • The goal is to have Phase I I open and available by the middle of 2009
   • Construction traffic will be heavy for the next 3 – 4 years and there is no
      access to create a construction entrance off Waterloo.
   •   A big concern of the committee was the wear and tear on the roads by the
       large construction vehicles. Martin assured everyone that currently the
       HOA does not pay to maintain the roads and any damage to the roads
       that is found to be caused by any construction or builder vehicle will
       always be repaired at the developer’s cost.
   •   Asphalt roads are being patched by concrete – concern of the group was
       that this is not aesthetically pleasing with the white patches standing out
       sharply from the black asphalt. The reason for this is that asphalt is much
       cheaper for paving the entire roads, but when it comes to patching and
       repairing, concrete is much stronger, more solid and better for the road.
       While it might not be perfectly aesthetic, it is structurally much better to
       patch with concrete.

The final discussion was a review of the topics that various homeowners had
submitted for review at the meeting:
   • When will developer hand over road repair costs and the entire HOA to be
                     This will occur when a quorum of 70% homeowners is
                     reached for both phases of Bella Terra. The attorney who
                     wrote the CC&Rs for the neighborhood will help with the
   • What is happening with the road repair throughout Bella Terra?
                     There was a problem with the paving company who used to
                     do the asphalt in Bella Terra. A change of leadership
                     occurred and they did an unacceptable job with warranty
                     repairs. Titan Development is now working to fix and patch
                     any areas that need work throughout the neighborhood but
                     this is always weather-dependant and most likely will not
                     occur in the winter.
   • Who is responsible for the repair of broken curbs?
                     If it is the builder’s subcontractors whose trucks drive over
                     and break the curbs, then the builder is responsible for the
                     repair of the curbs.
   • Water wells – information
                     Several people had expressed interest in putting in second
                     water wells on their property. If so they can contact Titan
                     Development to get more information.
                     The water district for Bella Terra is Rural Water District 1. If
                     anyone has concerns they should get involved and go to the
                     meetings and sit on the board. Every homeowner has a
                   membership to the water district and any concerns can be
                   addressed through involvement. You may contact Alma or
                   Buddy at Rural Water (282-0746) for meetings times, dates
                   and location.
                   The two entrances have their own water wells so they do not
                   run off of Rural Water Dist. 1
•   Gate Pricing
                    Information included in the packet – Quote from one
                    company, Psi Security. They stated that a rough estimate for
                    gating the two entrances would be around $38,000.00.
                    Currently the HOA does not have the funds to do this, but it
                    could be done in the future. The pool and clubhouse could
                    also be used as leverage for a loan if the HOA decides to
                    fund a project in the future.
                    The liaison committee members said they would be
                    interested in finding out how the entire neighborhood feels
                    about having a gated community. They said that many would
                    probably be for it but would not want to pay for it.
                    It was also agreed that gates give a false sense of security
•   Construction Dumping – what can be done?
                    If any person sees a truck dumping trash or concrete, the
                    best thing to do is to write down the company and to get a
                    truck number and the date and time that the incident
                    occurred, if possible. Without information on who is doing
                    the dumping it is nearly impossible to stop it from
                    happening. With information and truck numbers, Titan can
                    call the company and report the incident and action can be
                    taken to stop it from happening again.
                    If anyone sees specific builders’ subcontractors dumping
                    trash or engaging in any inappropriate behavior, please
                    contact the Titan office and we are more than happy to
                    inform the builder about their subcontractors’ behavior.
•   What can be done about loud noise and hooliganism?
                    The only recourse for loud noise or parties is to call the
                    Logan County Sherriff’s office.
•   Is it possible to sand the roads during bad weather?
                    Nothing is currently set up for putting sand/salt down if
                    there is an ice storm. The motor grader can be used to
                    scrape snow off roads, but that would only be in extreme
                    cases because the motor grader can be very hard on the
                  roads. There is really no way to put sand/salt the
                  neighborhood roads.
•   Can we get a key to lock the clubhouse in the winter so it is not left open?
                  The group decided that the keypad lock is sufficient and
                  enables everyone to have access. People need to please
                  make a point to be responsible and take care of their
                  resources and turn lights off and lock up when they are done
                  using the clubhouse.
•   Soccer Field:
                  Goals will be installed soon and it is accessible for anyone to
                  use. If anyone knows soccer teams who need a place to
                  practice they are more than welcome to use the Bella Terra
                  soccer field.

•   What is happening with the Summit house on the corner of Rivanna Way
    and Bella Terra Way?
                  It is not finished, Matt Reynolds has been calling Summit
                  continually to try and get the area improved. There has been
                  some mowing and progress which is good. The problem is
                  that the house was poorly build and Summit will probably
                  have a hard time selling it. Currently no one is sure if Summit
                  is officially bankrupt or not. The bank cannot disclose much
                  information. The next step is to hope for foreclosure and
                  then purchase from the bank to finish out the house and sell.
                  This process is slow and could take up to a year or more.
                  Craig Hill’s house on Bella Sera Drive is in mortgage
                  foreclosure and was purchased at auction, most likely by the
                  bank. It should be for sale soon.
•   The entrance fountains leak, can this be fixed?
                  The fountains are not really leaking, but they are set to
                  automatically fill up every day to cover evaporation, but if it
                  doesn’t evaporate, it will overflow and that is why it appears
                  to leak.
                  In the summer there is an algae problem in the fountain
                  water – can they try to fix? This duty will be added to the
                  2009 maintenance contract.
•   Erosion control problems, especially in the spring.
                  Silt fence is a constant problem and especially in the spring.
                  It is a never ending battle. If there is a spot that is particularly
                  bad or the silt fencing has been torn down from
                 construction, please call and Titan can help with additional
                 erosion control.
•   What are the lot prices for Phase II?
                 Lots will start at $50k, which is an increase from Phase I.
                 Builders from Phase I will have the option to go in to Phase
                 II. A small, solid group will be in Phase II because this keeps
                 accountability high. Some builders who have showed interest
                 are Mark Abel and Bart Everett.
                 If anyone has friends who are interested in building in Bella
                 Terra with a builder who currently is not an approved builder,
                 the developer is open to any new builders, pending a review.
•   What can be done about speeders throughout the neighborhood?
                 Stop signs can be put in strategic places, especially on Bella
                 Terra Way to discourage speeders. We would like input from
                 the homeowners on where they think stop signs would be
                 effective. Once that is determined the development company
                 would work with the homeowner to determine placement of
                 the sign in the road easement of the yard.
                 The elementary school bus is especially bad about speeding
                 through the neighborhood – Catina volunteered to talk to
                 the Edmond Public School’s bus barn to discourage the
                 speeding driver.
•   Website:
                 Titan Development’s website: has a section
                 for Bella Terra and the Bella Terra HOA. If anyone has
                 suggestions or ideas for this area of the website please
                 contact Heather. This area could be utilized for many
                 different purposes.

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