Russian Theater in the Early 20th Century

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                             Russian Theater in the Early 20th Century
                             Material from the National Library of Russia, St. Petersburg
                             Advisor: Pavel Dmitriev, St. Petersburg State Theatre Library

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              Russian Theater in the Early 20th Century                                                               Where to Order
                                                                   provincial Russian theater, and reflects the
                                                                   cultural life in Russia at the turn of the 20th    BRILL
                                                                   century. It includes small editions aimed at       P.O. Box 9000
                                                                   professionals and mass publications intended       2300 PA Leiden
                                                                   for a general audience. Their pages contain        The Netherlands
                                                                   sharp-tongued articles, reviews, theater           T +31 (0)71-53 53 500
                                                                   repertoires, librettos, documentary materials,     F +31 (0)71-53 17 532
                                                                   announcements and advertisements. The    
                                                                   publications did not limit themselves simply
                                                                   to covering social issues, but also dealt          BRILL
                  An article about Fyodor Stravinsky               with professional problems, such as the            153 Milk Street, Sixth Floor
                                                                   relationship between theaters and their            Boston, MA 02109
                                                                   sponsors, or the poor living conditions            USA
              The early years of the twentieth century             endured by provincial actors. This collection      T 1-617-263-2323
              saw the appearance of many new theaters              of theater periodicals is a unique source          F 1-617-263-2324
              in Russia, as well as an increase in theater         for a wide range of scholars in the fields of
              audiences and in the activities of professional      history, cultural studies, theater history and
              critics. In Moscow, the Studio opened as             sociology, and provides a unique opportunity
              part of the Moscow Art Theater, while in             to savor the distinctive atmosphere of the
              St. Petersburg the futurists produced their          period revered as Russia’s Silver Age.   
              first experimental performances. Theater
              collectives and experimental theaters                The magazines in this collection feature 
              flourished throughout Russia, inventing new           contributions from leading writers, poets,
              and highly individual expressive forms and           literary and artistic critics, such as
              bringing aesthetic elements of symbolism to          M. Voloshin, V. Meierkhol’d, V. Bryusov,
              the Russian stage.                                   L. Andreyev, A. Blok, F. Sologub, M. Kuz’min,
                                                                   A. Akhmatova, and N. Efros; and are
              This collection of theater periodicals provides      illustrated by famous artists such as A. Benois,
              a detailed picture of metropolitan and               K. Korovin, K. Somov, A. Golovin and L. Bakst.

                                 MAIN TOPIC S                               PRODUCT INFORMATION

                  • Russian culture at the turn                     • Medium: online and on microfiche
                    of the 20th century                             • Number of titles: 13
                  • Daily life and entertainment                    • Number of fiches: 617
                    in pre-revolutionary Russia                     • Marc21 records available
                  • Theater in capitals and in the provinces        • Part of the series Mass Culture
                  • Modernism                                         and Entertainment in Russia
                  • Futurism                                        • The collection is available in
                                                                      IDC’s Primary Sources Online at
                               SUBJECT ARE AS

                  • Slavic and Eurasian Studies
                  • Cultural Studies
                  • Art History                                    The IDC series Mass Culture
                  • Theater Studies
                  • Social Sciences                                & Entertainment in Russia
                                                                   The IDC series Mass Culture & Entertainment
                               RE L ATE D TITLE S
                                                                   in Russia comprises collections of extremely
                  • Early Russian Cinema. Part 1 and 2             rare, and often unique, materials that offer a
                  • Jewish Theater under Stalinism: Moscow         stunning insight into the dynamics of cultural
                  State Jewish Theater ( GOSET)                    and daily life in Imperial and Soviet Russia.
                  • History of Modern Russian and Ukrainian        The series is organized along six thematic
                    Art, 1907-1930. Part 1 and 2                   lines that together cover the full spectrum of
                  • Russian Avant-Garde, 1904-1946                 nineteenth- and twentieth century Russian
                  • Screen and Stage: The Russian                  culture, ranging from the penny press and
                    Cinematographic and Theater Press, 1889-1919   high-brow art journals in pre-Revolutionary
                  • The Year Book of the Imperial Theaters         Russia, to children’s magazines and
                    (seasons 1890 to 1919)                         publications on constructivist design in the
                                                                   early Soviet Union.

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