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									Hideki Frazier Resides
     in California
A martial arts trainer by profession, Hideki Frazier
resides in La Habra, California. He graduated from
Ramsey High School in 1981 and advanced his
career in martial arts. Hideki Frazier opened his very
first martial arts school in 1982, and it was known as
the Tae Kwon Do Defense Academy. After opening
the school, his main focus was on developing karate,
jiu-jitsu and kickboxing tournament competitors. His
martial arts school became specialized in age-
specific training for children in 2000.
Hideki Frazier chose to teach martial arts to children
so that we can have better leaders in the community.
He specializes in providing martial arts classes to
kids 2 years and older and it also shows that people
of any age-group can learn the amazing self defense
techniques if they have a good trainer and will to
learn new things. Hideki Frazier himself started
learning martial arts at the age of 13 and fell in love
with this amazing sport.
Learning martial arts is a life long process and he is
dedicated to continue learning and imparting
knowledge to his students. Hideki Frazier's school is
the place where people belonging to any age group
can learn the art of self defense. The focus of this
school is primarily on character building and child
safety. Some of the services offered at this school
include fitness kickboxing classes, Thai Kickboxing
and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes.
Hideki Frazier also never misses an opportunity to
help the needy. He also donates his time and money
to various social causes and has done whatever he
could so to contribute to the development of society.
Frazier also provides free martial arts classes to
women and local teachers. His belief is that women
must learn self defense techniques to be able to
defend themselves if the need arises.

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