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Aarkstore Enterprise || Molecular Diagnostics Market: Trends and Opportunities


Molecular diagnostics or the analysis of DNA and RNA at the molecular level - is a fast-growing market, driven by the growing understanding of the human genome.

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Molecular Diagnostics Market: Trends and Opportunities

Molecular diagnostics or the analysis of DNA and RNA at the molecular level - is a fast-growing
market, driven by the growing understanding of the human genome. Although a small part of the In-
Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) market, molecular diagnostics market is one of the two growth drivers of the
IVD industry.

In the decision making process of healthcare experts, diagnostics tests have a major influence.
Diagnostics tests are a very small percentage cost of medical expenditures but generally accounts for
60-70% of all treatment decisions. And with the advent of molecular diagnostics, there is a growing
focus on diagnostics for early detection of diseases.

Molecular diagnostics holds immense business potential as it is based on the intention of identifying
viruses and infectious diseases more accurately at an earlier stage than currently possible. Molecular
diagnostics has also emerged as a potential business opportunity as diagnostics businesses generally
fetch higher returns of investment than pharmaceutical and other biotech businesses.

The molecular diagnostics industry is growing on the path of continuous innovation and changing
technological base and this is creating new opportunities and applications. The major factors that will
drive the growth of this industry includes the increasing incidences of various chronic diseases,
increasing number of cases of hepatitis B and tuberculosis and the availability of various molecular
diagnostics tests. Molecular diagnostics or MDx is the fastest growing segment of the IVD market, also
because of the innovation in the industry resulting in the advent of new technologies for genetic
testing, faster screening and more precise detection.

The report titled “Molecular Diagnostics Industry: Trends and Opportunities” analyzes the molecular
diagnostics segment of IVD industry. The study explores the potential business opportunities that exist
in the molecular diagnostics industry. Further, factors that are driving the growth of the industry have
been assessed. Also, major industry trends have been outlined. The report analyzes the level of
competition in the molecular diagnostics industry and also profiles the leading players underlining their
sales and business strategies.

Further, we have predicted the future growth of the molecular diagnostics industry by combining SPSS
Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings. We employed various
significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS to
determine the future direction of the industry.

Table of Contents :
1. Molecular Diagnostics: An Overview

1.1 An Introduction to Molecular Diagnostics
1.2 Industry Background
1.3 IVD Market: An Analysis

2. Molecular Diagnostics: Market Analysis

2.1 Market Size and Growth
2.2 Segment Analysis

3. Market Opportunities

HPV – a potential growth opportunity
India – an emerging market for molecular diagnostics
HCV segment – a major contributor to MDx growth

4. Growth Drivers

High returns on investment (ROI)
Growth in US cancer molecular diagnostics market
Macro-environment favoring genetic testing industry
Applied Testing Market
Growth potential in sepsis diagnosis

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