The Jewish History of Israel by samc

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									The Jewish History of Israel
From Moses to Olmert

Maps of Israel srael_nbr90.jpg

Exodus (Very early, near the beginning of all history)
http://www.flholocau y_wing/antisemitism/ room1_timeline.cfm

Early History (Continued)

•King Judah (10th - 6th Century BCE) •First Temple of the Jews 826 BCE
BCE = Before Common Era

Early History

First Temple of the Jews, completed by Solomon on Mount Moriah, where Abraham, the first Jew bound Isaac as an offering to God, and the site of where David (who slew Goliath) founded Jerusalem. Original broad wall (3,000 years old, left), rendering on right.

First Temple (David’s)
After the revolt of Jews had been suppressed, Nebuchadnezzar’s forces sacked Jerusalem. The temple was stripped and burned. The structure, central to the Jewish people for 370 years, had been destroyed. The destruction of the temple marks the beginning of the Babylonian Captivity forcing Jews into the diaspora away from their homeland in Judea.

Second Temple

Destroyed in 73 CE by Romans, Jews banished from Holy Land

Second Temple: Today

Western Wall rs/2003/westwallarchaeology.htm

Second Temple: Tomorrow

Jewish Memory
2,500 years of Expulsions, murders, pogroms, And the Florida Holocaust Museum timeline and Museum maps

Modern History
• Increasing number of Pogroms late 19th early 20th Century - no place is safe • Zionism = a desire to return to the Jewish homeland, comes at a time of increasing nationalism around the globe • Considered Uganda, briefly • Holocaust - 1/3 of all Jews murdered

Hatikva Recording s%20About%20Israel/State/Th e%20State

Does this sound like a national anthem?

Hatikva - English Lyrics
• • • • • • • • • As long as deep in the heart, The soul of a Jew yearns, And forward to the East To Zion, an eye looks
 Our hope will not be lost,
 The hope of two thousand years,
 To be a free nation in our land,
 The land of Zion and Jerusalem.

Holocaust WW II
• U.S. troops watching cart of bodies leave Dachau concentration camp.

Lessons of the Holocaust
• Beginning with Pogroms and confirmed by the Holocaust, Jews concluded the world community would NOT come to their aid • During Holocaust world Jewish population was reduced from 18 million to 12 million.

U.N. Partition Plan 1947

Arab Invasion 1948

Armistice Lines 1948

Jews expelled 1948 - 1972

Arab Forces, May 1967

Cease Fire Lines, May 1967

First time Jews hold Jerusalem since 73 C.E.

Yom Kippur War

Check distances on these maps one and two.

Missile and Jet Distances

Less well known confrontations
• • • • • • First intifada, 1987 – 1993 Lebanon invasion 1982 Iraqi Nuclear Threat, 1982 Second intifada, 2000 – Iranian nuclear threat For additional maps and descriptions see Jewish Agency for Israel

Israeli War Casualties
Independence (1948) Sinai (1956)



231 776 2,688 1,216 103

Six Day War (1967) Yom Kippur (1973) Lebanon (1982-85)
First Intifada (19871992)

Constant Terror in the Background

Israeli land for peace
• Returns Sinai to Egypt, 1979 • Withdraws from Lebanon Security Zone, 2000, Followed by war with Hezbollah in summer 2007 • Withdraws from Gaza, 2005, continued shelling from Gaza, 2005 - today

• Jews and Israelis always under attack • Self-defense and eternal vigilance is highest priority • Arabs are the new Christians who hate the Jews (Christian Europeans still side with Arabs) • There are no reliable Arabs to negotiate with

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