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					Tara spafford

 Task 3d – ict in the community

In this task I am going to explain how ict is used by the local
community and what is in Wickersley and Rotherham and if they
use ict in shops e.t.c.

Wickersley is located in Rotherham south Yorkshire. We are very
close to the motorway (m18) and there are lots of local shops
around , subway, mc Donald’s , sir jacks , tan yard, butchers,
Morrison’s, pharmacies, 3 doctor surgeries5 primary schools and
1 comprehensive school. We have buses every 15 min to the town
centre and every 1hour to Sheffield meadow hall major shopping
centre. We have lots of other journeys as well to different

Rotherham has lots of unemployed, elderly, teenagers, adults and
children; Rotherham has a town centre which mostly everyone
visits every Saturday. in Rotherham there are lots to do there
are lots of activity places such as leisure centres at herring
Thorpe big playing fields in herring Thorpe loads of parks
including Clifton park, valley park , thrybergh country park ,
harrys game and brad gate park .public transport is very good in
Rotherham because of the Rotherham interchange. Buses travel
to most areas Inc Derbyshire Aston Sheffield. And also you could
take the train and go to London or Leeds. There is one motorway
in Rotherham (m18/m1) which can take you to most destinations
via coach or car/taxi. There are lots of clubs and pubs for people
to go to in Rotherham town centre and around and cafes for you
to stop off at. (Inc a few internet café)


When I did research for the town centre I found out about what
ict devices were available for the community in Rotherham and

Internet café
CCTV cameras
Atm Machines
Sensors on doors
Pocket pc
Electronic books
Computers in library
Machines that tell you about shops
Machines that tell you about train times and bus times
Text for a bus time
Burglar alarms
Wrist bands for elderly when in trouble
Personal attack alarm
Training courses
Tills for when paying
Check and reserve self service till
Self service till
Self service petrol stations
Traffic lights
Speed cameras
Self service coffee and tea machine
Pay phones
Pay kiosks for parking
Photo copiers
Passport photo kiosks
Police speed cameras
Police cameras in the cars
Big screen televisions (in town centre)

Lots of people live in Wickersley, elderly, teenagers, adults and
children, Wickersley is a very popular are with lots of hosing and
schools in it. The number of unemployed people is rising but at
the same time lowering. it is lowering because Rotherham as a
while has lots of shops and businesses which mean that the
community are able to get jobs as long as they are able to use the
technology that is based in that business.
Although the number of unemployed people is rising, this is
because people are being made redundant or leaving work because
of not being able to use technology or stress. We also have
unemployed people because they have retired this is not there
fault that they are not working , they have had a choice weather
they want to carry on working or stop because they have worked
helping the community for more than 65 years.


CCTV is used at many place throughout Rotherham , cctv is used
outside shops, banks, schools, libarys, problem areas, streets,
fields, outside houses, around the town centre, in the bus
interchange , casinos, airports, military installations, convenience
stores and many other places. Cctv works by a camera stood on a
high pole looking down on to the street or place, the cctv camera
records what has happened in the day on to a tape or to a control
room where people sit in front of a screen and if any trouble
happens they contact the police.
Lots of different ages need cctv for different needs, there are
the elderly , the shopkeepers who are many ages, and young
people .
The group that cctv meets there needs the most are the elderly ,
the elderly use cctv so that they can get out and about, they use
cctv because they are afraid of the dangers , at night and day
Cctv has its benefits and its disadvantages its benefits are :

   The cctv camera allows the control rooms to retrieve
    relevant information without looking through hours of tape.
   You can receive and send stored data across towns and even
    over the world
   When you use digital cctv you don’t have to use tapes
   The cctv camera work in light and darkness (any weather
   Reduces the fear of crime
     Stops antisocial behaviour
     Provides evidence for crime
     Assist emergency services
     Provides instant imaging information to the police
     Encourages people to visit town centre
     Helps people think they are safe

Cctv disadvantages

   People think that cctv is a bit like bigbrother
   When you put a cctv camera in a problem area they will know
    that the camera is there and instead of making problems
    they start making problems in another area .

  Atm machines

  Atm machines are used throughout Rotherham , atm machines
  are found on the wall outside every bank which you can
  withdraw money for free, around the town centre which you
  can withdraw your money free and petrol stations and shops .
  Many different age groups use atms but the main age group is
  adulthood and teenagers as they don’t like to talk to some one
  withdrawing there money. Atms work by money in the back of
  the machine and people putting there credit card in and
  withdrawing there money .

  Advantages of atms :

     They are quick and easy to use
     Not big ques
     Withdraw money free at most places
     You can withdraw money
   You can find out how much is in your bank
   Can withdraw up to £350

  Disadvantages of atms :

         You have to pay to use atms some times
         Allot of fraud happens through atms
         Elderly like to talk to some one and they cant with an atm
         Cant withdraw more than£350
         Cant put a cheque in to atms except some but not many
          around .
         Don’t always work

Gps :

Gps helps you because it tells you where to go and where streets
are , gps talks to you telling you the route and what street to
turn down .
Gps is used by many age groups mainly younger people. , gps is
used in emergency service vehicles , lorry’s , delivery vans ,
community cars, taxis and lots more.

Gps helps the community , it helps the community because when
they need help from an emergency service they can get the help
they require faster. Gps helps the community as well because if
they want a taxi the nearest taxi would come and pick you and you
wouldn’t be waiting as long.

Advantages of gps:

Emergency services are quicker
   They can tell you rotes
   You can get around more and visit new places
   Improves customer service
   Pinpoint exact locations
   Monitors employees driving habits and activities

Disadvantages of gps :

     Weather affects the signal
     Because the information is delayed the information is
     You can get sent to the wrong place
     If you are underground you cant receive the signal so you
      get sent to the wrong place

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