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                                                              April 2010
    Note from the Pastor:                                                It will just make us feel aggravated - anxious - and resentful.
                                                                         We need to do much more than focus on the problems we
    "The Main Thing" (condensed from the morning message                 have. We need to focus on the solutions.
    March 21)
                                                                         Or as the United Methodist Bishop put it - on the "main
    I talked this morning about how we need to refocus, as a             thing".
    church and as individuals, on the Main Thing. It is very easy
    for us to become wrapped up in the business of church –              For us in the church - and indeed for us as we go beyond the
    attendance numbers, financial reports, new (and old)                 church we need to focus spiritual growth and nurture, on what
    programs, and membership numbers and so on. But ―church‖             Paul calls in today's epistle reading "the prize of the heavenly
    is not about numbers, meetings, reports and the latest               call of God in Jesus Christ." If we are focused on that - then if
    programs. It is about our relationship with God/Jesus.               the Bishop is correct - and I know he is - everything else will
                                                                         fall into place.
    A few years ago, a United Methodist Bishop offered a new
    paradigm for the church. Let’s not focus on problems but let         John Wesley used to ask his people on a regular basis: "What's
    us focus on "making sure that the main thing is the main             the state of your soul?"
    thing". The main thing for the church is spiritual growth,
    nurture, Bible reading; not meetings, money, membership, or          It is a great question - but it's not one we ask very much
    even doing justice. If we take care of the main thing, feeding       anymore. We can get so busy within the church going to
    people spiritually, then they will be able to take care of           meetings and worrying about money and about human
    everything else.                                                     resources that the "main thing" gets lost - and our behavior -
                                                                         our words and actions - can end up working against the main
    According to this paradigm, the important thing to understand        thing instead of for it.
    is the flow. The flow is circular. People come into the church
    where they ought to be fed and nurtured spiritually, through         And outside the church - in our homes - the main thing - is
    prayer, Bible study; and then they go out into the world to do       often virtually invisible. We not only don't walk the walk, we
    their ministry in the family and work place. Then they come          often don't even talk the talk - reserving it all, as it were to
    back to church bringing others with them and the cycle starts        Sunday mornings.
                                                                         Think about it.
    I think that the bishop is right. I think we in the church all too
    often focus on the wrong things - both in our life together as a     We talk more about who will win the Game (of whatever sport
    community or family of believers, and in our lives as                you follow) than we talk about where we are going in life.
    individuals within the larger world.                                 We focus more on the condition of our neighbors' back yard or
                                                                         whether or not we should get a new car - than we do on
    If we focus on what other people are doing or not doing to           seeking the mind of Christ and asking him what we should be
    make things work the way we think they should work; if we            about. We worry more about how our children will do on the
    focus on the problems that we have as a church, or the               local soccer or baseball team than we do on whether or not
    problems that we have as individuals, that will not fix the          they will grow up to be people who know the Lord and his
    problem.                                                             love in their lives and are able to show that love to others.

                                                                         A fondness for sports and a dedication to doing God's will are
                                                                         not necessarily contradictory. And our children most certainly
need to be encouraged to excel in physical things - while at the     Every athlete studies the techniques of those who are better
same time learning to live a deeply spiritual life.                  than him or her so that they might improve themselves.

The question is - what is the main thing in our lives? What do       Fourth - Continue in prayer. Confess your failings and open
we give priority to as part of the church of Christ Jesus? And       your life to the transforming power of God. Don't forget to
as individuals when we go home afterward?                            listen as well as to talk. In prayer face the reality of whose
                                                                     you are and learn to submit yourself to God's purpose for you.
Why do so many of feel so scattered? So overwhelmed?                 Let him show you the direction you should run in - the path
Could it be that we try to do too much? Or could it be that          you should take. Athletes have their coaches to show them
when we are doing things - we are approaching them from the          what to do and how to go about doing it. They don't ignore
wrong angle?                                                         them. Nor should we ignore ours.

Perhaps it is a little of both. Perhaps it is a question of focus,   And Fifth - Don't fear change. Change is the name of the
of knowing what the main thing is - and making it the main           game. We need to change. When we are open to God not
thing.                                                               only will we change – but things around us will change.
                                                                     Growth is a process of changing – and that process is not
Paul understood that when he talked about his background,            always pain free. If you notice in the middle of the word
and how blessed he had been by the cultural and religious            Growth is the word OW - There are some things we will have
standards of his day, and then said:                                 to give up. There are some people who will turn on us. Let it
                                                                     happen. What we will receive in their place is far better.
  "Yet whatever gain I had, these I have come to regard as
loss because of Christ. More than that, I regard everything as       My friends - what we regard here today in the church and in
loss because of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus         our personal lives as a problem is really an opportunity - a
my Lord."                                                            challenge - An opportunity to ask what our main thing is -
  This one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind, and              And a challenge to work towards it.
straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the
goal for the prize of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus"      May God bless us in the meeting of that challenge. Amen.
(Philippians 3:7&13)

Our problem is not physical - it's spiritual. We've lost our         Prayer for Today:
dreams and visions. How you feel about life is related to your       Gracious and life giving God - you who make all things new
sense of purpose. To what you consider the main thing. How           by your saving and creative love - you who redeem the lives
the church - how we - manage to deal with our problems also          of your servants and reach out to those who are lost -- descend
relates to our focus - to what we exert our efforts towards.         we pray upon us this day. Hallow us with your presence and
                                                                     implant within our hearts the seed of your living word so that
Five simple things can help us discipline our spiritual life -       we may grow fruit that is pleasing to you. Reveal to us the
and bring us closer to winning the prize of our calling in God.      things that you want us to see - show us what it is you would
Five things can help us meet our problems as a church and as         have us do - and strengthen us as we walk as pilgrims through
individuals from an entirely new angle - from an angle that          this world. We ask it in the name of Christ Jesus -- Amen.
focuses not on the problems - but on the great problem solver -
God.                                                                 Average Attendance last year: 57
First - Recognize your strengths and virtues - but resist
                                                                     Attendance average for 2010: 57
complacency. There is nothing positive in thinking that you
are devoid of good. But there is danger in being satisfied with
the degree of goodness and closeness you have with God               2010 Budget: $84,525                /$7044 per week
today. God can always make you more like Christ than you
are right now.
                                                                     February Receipts: $5579
Second - Accept the need to work and struggle spiritually.
Salvation is a free gift. But a vital, intimate relationship with
God does not come effortlessly. No relationship does.
Athletes know their abilities. They also know that they must
work to keep those abilities up to snuff - let alone to improve      District Workshops, Sat., April 17 at Mentor
them.                                                                UMC. See insert. We are asked to send 10% of our
                                                                     congregation to this event. We have been
Third - Study the Bible - especially the gospels. We can't be
                                                                     challenged internally to send two people to every on
more like Christ if we don't really know what he was like.
Meditate on how the scriptures show Jesus dealing with life.         of the 20 workshops! This is a great opportunity to
Pay attention to his priorities, to his conflicts, to his actions,   discover new ways of doing Church - Rethinking
and to his teachings. Let these things be used by God in your        Church. See Pastor Jim to register - all registrations
life to challenge your thinking - to test how you do things.         must be in by March 31.
                                                               J--- Jesus first
                                                               O--- Others second
          DON’T FORGET!!!!!!!!                                 Y --- Yourself last
                                                             Keep your priorities straight and God will give you the
Apr 02 BAMA Good Friday Service, at W.                       strength to resist the temptations awaiting you. He has
         Farmington UMC, Tennebrae Service with              stuck to his faith and beliefs and has made a good name
                                                             for himself. Praise God ! ! !
         Rev. Jim George coordinator.
The Sunday evening services begin at 6 p.m., and             Peace, Blessings more to come Caroljean
the Good Friday service at 7 p.m. Host churches                           Past, Present, Future
provide the worship service, special music, and
refreshments afterward. Good Friday Service will                  Walk in wisdom toward them that are without,
start with refreshments at 6:00pm with the service at                 redeeming the time---Colossians 4:5
                                                               The past is gone, never to return. The present is our
                                                             time of opportunity. The future is hidden from us, but if
                                                               we read and study the Bible, God reveals to us more
           UP-COMING GREETERS                                                     about the future.
                                                             Some people think they are forced to do things. Children
4/4    Bill & Joyce List                                     often feel they are forced to get up in the morning, milk
4/11   Rainbow Girls                                         the cows, or wash the dishes. When we accept Jesus as
4/18   Georgene & Dave Svoboda                               our Master, we don't have to do those things unwillingly.
4/25   Barb & Lloyd Adams                                    We want to do them because we love Jesus and want to
                                                                            do what is pleasing to Him.
Note: If you can not greet on the date requested, please      We want to use our time to the glory of God. The way
call Janie @ 330-889-2704                                      we use our precious moments of time now will largely
                                                             determine how we will "use" endless eternity. Don't fret
LAY SPEAKERS CLASSES #3 in series                               over what you do with time if you could live it over
                                                                   again. Get busy with the time you have left.
John Wesley believed that it was not enough to believe        "The mouth of fools poureth out foolishness" (Proverbs
and have faith, but that love and faith should be put into   15:2). This foolishness means useless talk. In our social
practice in our lives.                                          gatherings the talk is often about the weather, the
One main emphasis is grace: that undeserved,                  crops, the garden, the neighbors, the cars, the people,
unmerited, and loving action of God.                            clothing, etc. When our conversation is changed to
Kinds of grace-----                                          useful talk, we talk about heavenly things and about the
1) Prevenient-the grace that causes our first thoughts         coming of the Lord, which should be a comfort to us.
    of God and draws us to God.                               Revelation 10:6 tells us that sometime, time will be no
2) Justifying - the grace from God that is willing to                                  longer.
    accept us and forgive us, "just as if" we had never      "God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing
      sinned.                                                 to pray for you" (1 Samuel 12:23). We may be sinning
                                                              by not taking time to pray for our brethern or for those
3) Sanctifying - the grace that continues to nurture us                               in need.
    and to increase our knowledge so that we can
    more fully love God and our neighbor.                            Little drops of water, little grains of sand
Another main emphasis is faith and good works. This is            Makes the mighty ocean and the pleasant land.
seen when we join our hearts and hands in mission and             Thus the little minutes, humble though they be
service.                                                                  Make the mighty ages of eternity.
The mission of our church is one of nurture and                                       Julia A. Fletcher Carnly
outreach. Our faith is nurtured by the church through
our Christian fellowship and participating in a worshipful                       Eli A. Yoder-Stuarts Draft, Va.
We are blessed and strengthened as individuals when           What we do early in the morning shows what our main
we emphasize these principles in living out our faith.                            goal is in life.

A simple suggestion was the only bit of "sage" advice I
gave my son when he decided to enter the political
arena----I told him to always remember his Auntie Joy---
APRIL FLOWER: Sweet Pea, Daisy                                            Coming Events
                                                          Mark your Calendar
APRIL BIRTHSTONE: Diamond                                 1st Sun - Communion
                                                          2nd Sun - Special Collection for Bristol Area Food
April is National Humor Month. National                   Ministry (BAFM)
Humor month was founded in 1976 by best-                  3rd Sun -
                                                          4th Sun - Noisy Collection & Carry-In Luncheon
selling humorist Larry Wilde, Director of The             (We have a guest Speaker!)
Carmel Institute of Humor. It is designed to
heighten public awareness on how the joy and              Tuesdays - Windsor House Nursing Home Ministry,
therapeutic value of laughter can improve                 Champion, 10 am
health, boost morale, increase communication              Tuesdays - Bible Study discussion group – 7pm in
skills and enrich the quality of one's life.              the parsonage.
                                                          Wednesdays - Scripture Bible Study – 10am in the
              ANNOUNCEMENTS                               Apr 02 Good Friday Service at 7pm, refreshments at
                                                          Apr 03 Roast Beef Dinner 4-6:30pm
Tuesdays: Windsor House Nursing Home Ministry,
                                                          Apr 04 Early Easter Service at 8:30am followed by
10-11am in Champion. Sing old hymns, read
                                                                 breakfast, regular service at 10:30am.
scriptures, tell stories, and share your faith and love
of God with people who need to know that someone          Apr 05 Trustees meeting at 7pm and Church Council at
cares. See Carol Goddard to help.
                                                          Apr 14 United Methodist Women meeting – 10am at
Communion is always offered the first Sunday of                  the church
the month. If you are unable to attend worship and        Apr 17 District Workshops – registration due March
want to receive communion, please call the Pastor,               31. See Pastor Jim.
330-889-3345, and he will arrange to bring                Apr 25 Dave Scavuzzo, District Superintendent, will
communion to you that first week of the month.                   be our guest speaker for Worship. We will have
                                                                 our Carry-In luncheon afterwards instead of the
                                                                 3rd Sunday.
Prayer Chain – we are in continual need of
updating our prayer chain (phone calls and e-mails).
The power of prayer is immense whether as                                 Easter Egg Hunt
individuals or as a corporate church body. If you
want to be part of this network, please call the          Come to the village park on College Street on
Pastor, 330-889-3345, or drop him an e-mail               Saturday April 3rd at 2:00. The Easter Bunny will
(jgeorge004@neo.rr.com) and he will add you to            be present to visit with in the Shelter House. FUN!
the list.

Prayer List – Please let the Pastor know about any
prayer concerns that you would like the church to
pray about. Also, please help us stay up to date
with the status of individuals you may be familiar
with on the list.

Sunday School – Adult Sunday School 9:30am;
Children’s Sunday School during the service.
Nursery is available.

                                                        Tuesdays: Windsor House Nursing Home Ministry,
W. FARMINGTON UMC PRAYER MARKER                         10-11am in Champion. Sing old hymns, read
          March 21, 2010                                scriptures, tell stories, and share your faith and love
Card Showers:                                           of God with people who need to know someone
                                                        cares. See Carol Goddard to help.
Lyle Hickox                   Joannie Hickox
                                                        Communion is always offered the first Sunday of
2751 B Road                   2945 Estero Blvd.         the month. If you are unable to attend worship and
Grand Junction, Colo. 81501   Lot 48                    want to receive communion, please call the Pastor,
                              Fort Myers Beach          330-889-3345, and he will arrange to bring
Holly Fusselman Walker        Florida 33931             communion to you that first week of the month.
C/o: KC Fusselman
P.O. Box 33                                             Prayer Chain – we are in continual need of
                                                        updating our prayer chain (phone calls and e-mails).
West Farmington, Ohio 44491                             The power of prayer is immense whether as
                                                        individuals or as a corporate church body. If you
Recently Hospitalized: Richard Yocum (Cleve Clinic)     want to be part of this network, please call the
Remember our shut-ins:                                  Pastor, 330-889-3345, or drop him an e-mail
Dorothy Anthony -- Betty Klouda -- Marion Root          (jgeorge004@neo.rr.com) and he will add you to
Ann (Peg) Martin – Betty Stafford – Richard Petrick —
Marjorie Heil                                           the list.

Mary Beechy                   Jimmy Lang                -Tuesday Nights at 7:00pm at the parsonage. ―I
Andrius Biliunas              Betty Len                 Have Decided to Live Like a Believer‖ by Tony
Mary Ellen Blaha              Joe Len
                                                        Campolo through the end of February. This is a
Esther Burr                   Donna Long
Jeff Cape                     Max Mansfield             video and discussion series on how to live (deal)
Joan Chambers                 Blanche Marcello          with yourself, your spouse, your family, your
Ray Chambers                  Chase McCollum            community, and the world. Tony is a renowned
Matt Chandler                 Ellie Musial              evangelist who is a master of using humor to bring
Ed Cleer                      Rick Padavan              his message.
Michael Cleer                 Kim Park                  - Wednesday Morning Bible Study at 10:00AM
Michael Cross                 Kyle Quinn Jr.            Wednesday Night Bible Study has switched to
Ray Cross                     Kim Roseblossom           Wednesday MORNINGS at 10 am in the
Shirley Cross                 Ron Saxion                parsonage. ―The Minor Prophets‖ - the 12 Books at
Sherry Desenberg              Elise Sprong              the end of the Old Testament.
Haley Dorshock                Brenda Stauffer
                                                        What do specific passages mean, and how does the
Angela Foft                   Julie Sternagle
Adam Gilbert                  Jim VanDervort            Scripture relate to my life.
Jackie Gingerich              Holly Fusselman           We’ll also look at ancient customs, location of
Kathy Granados                Gary Watts                places, and the meanings of words.
Diane Greathouse              Chad Webb                 This week is the book of Amos.
Christine Hall                Brittany Williams         Adult Sunday School – For April the class
Joni Hickox                   Justin Woodworth          continues the study on ―Community.‖ The weekly
Evelyn Hinkle                 Kate Woodworth            lessons will cover the ―Pain and Joy (of
Margaret Klinger              Matt & Heather George     Community),‖ ―Love within the Community,‖
                                                        ―Connecting in the Community,‖ and ―Come on In
Please note we have started the prayer list over
                                                        (to the Community).‖ Scriptures will be from John,
for 2010. To ensure that any names you have
placed on the list are retained please let Pastor       1 John, Luke and Matthew. Come and join us on
Jim know their name, status/condition and your          Sunday mornings at 9:30am.
name. Cards are in the pews. You can also email
any prayer requests to jgeorge004@neo.rr.com            Tuesday Night Discussion Group - 7pm in the
                                                        parsonage. We are continuing with the video &
                                                        discussion series – ―He Chose the Nails‖ by Max
Lucado. This study looks at the primacy of the                 Goddard; Josh Hall; Philip Lancaster; Mark Mahon; Tammy
                                                               Rodriguez; Reed Sutliff; Justin Loza; Anthony Wojtonek;
Cross in our history and how we can more clearly
understand what the death of Jesus means.                      Kris Stribling: Tim Walker
                                                               Air Force:
Wednesday MORNING Bible Study, 10am in the                     Mychael Bulford; Grant & Hayley Crandall; Erik McIntosh; A.J.
parsonage, continues with the ―The Minor                       Musial; Brian Hray
Prophets‖ - the 12 Books at the end of the Old                 Marine:
Testament. What do specific passages mean, and                 Phil Rabadeux; Kris & Cory Reed; Daniel Nellis Jr.;
how does the Scripture relate to my life. We’ll also           Army Reserves:
                                                               Charles Cross;
look at ancient customs, location of places, and the
meanings of words. This month the class will cover             Marine Reserves:
                                                               Ryan Romack;
the Books of Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai,                      MI National Guard:
Zechariah, and Malachi. We meet at 10am in the                 Jim Richards Jr.;
parsonage.                                                     Coast Guard:
                                                               Alfonso Estades
            Adult Sunday School
                                                                           Things You Never Hear in Church
      Teachings of Jesus on Community                               1) Hey! It's my turn to sit in the front pew.

April 04 – Lesson 5   The Pain and the Joy (Easter)                 2) I was so enthralled; I never noticed your sermon
April 11 - Lesson 6   Love within the Community                        went 25 minutes over time.
April 18 – Lesson 7   Connecting in the Community
April 25 – Lesson 8   Come On In                                    3) Personally I find witnessing much more
                                                                       enjoyable than golf.

           APRIL ANNIVERSARIES                                      4) I've decided to give our church the $500 a month
                                                                       I used to send to TV evangelists.
April 5          John and Lisa Spelich
April 8          Paul David and Eilene Hurd                         5) I volunteer to be the permanent teacher for the
April 30         Robert and Roxanne Gorman                             Junior High Sunday School class.

                                                                    6) Forget the denominational minimum salary; let's
                                                                       pay our pastor so he can live like we do.

                                                                    7) I love it when we sing hymns I've never heard
             APRIL BIRTHDAYS                                           before!
April 6          Kyle Boyk
                                                                    8) Since we're all here, let's start the service early.
April 6          David Bontrager
April 7          Mya Sotera
                                                                    9) Pastor, we'd like to send you to this Bible
April 9          Shirley Williams
                                                                       seminar in the Bahamas.
April 12         Starr Spangler
April 14         Tim Mitton
                                                                    10) Nothing inspires me and strengthens my
April 17         Jane Bailey
                                                                        commitment like our annual stewardship
April 17         Nathaniel Metheny
April 20         Haley Spangler
April 23         Taylor Amato
April 24         Marilyn Young
April 28         Bill List
April 29         Betty Fluharty

            Active Military                                                         Poetry Corner
Mark         Adams; Josh Berg; Bill Stewart; Lindsey Romack
Canete; Felix Canete Jr.; Gregory Clisby; Isaac Ralston; Ken
If you have a favorite poem or would like to submit       passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered
                                                          Species acts. Sen. Nelson was awarded the Presidential
  a poem you wrote yourself please email me the           Medal of Freedom -- the highest honor given to civilians
      information to wfchurchnews@aol.com                 in the United States -- for his role as Earth Day founder.
                                                          Now, the fight for a clean environment continues. We
                                                          invite you to be a part of this history and a part of Earth
         I was shocked, confused, bewildered
             As I entered Heaven's door,                  Day. Discover energy you didn't even know you had.
               Not by the beauty of it all,               Feel it rumble through the grass roots under your feet
               Nor the lights or its decor.               and the technology at your fingertips. Channel it into
                                                          building a clean, healthy, diverse world for generations
             But it was the folks in Heaven               to come.
           Who made me sputter and gasp--
           The thieves, the liars, the sinners,           For more information on the history of Earth Day and
             The alcoholics and the trash.                Senator Gaylord Nelson, visit:

        There stood the kid from seventh grade            www.nelsonearthday.net
          Who swiped my lunch money twice.
           Next to him was my old neighbor
            Who never said anything nice.
              Herb, who I always thought
               Was rotting away in hell,
           Was sitting pretty on cloud nine,
                Looking incredibly well.
                                                          Bristol Area Ministerial Assoc. (BAMA) is
           I nudged Jesus, 'What's the deal?
             I would love to hear Your take.
                                                              sponsoring a computer (and anything
          How'd all these sinners get up here?             electronic – see below) recycling program
              God must've made a mistake.                 this spring through April 15. Each BAMA
            'And why is everyone so quiet,                 church is a short term collection point with
              So somber - give me a clue.'                West Farmington UMC being the final drop
       'Hush, child,' He said, 'they're all in shock.
         No one thought they'd be seeing you.'
                                                            off point. The items will then be taken to
                                                             RET3 Job Corp. in Cleveland who will
 Remember...Just going to church doesn't make you a       refurbish or dismantle and recycle all items.
Christian any more than standing in your garage makes
                      you a car.
                                                                 Hard drives removed
              Every saint has a PAST...                          Hard drives are wiped utilizing the US
             Every sinner has a FUTURE!                           Department of Defense (DOD3) drive wipe
                                     Author Unknown               program provided by Blancco that rewrites
                                                                  the drive three times (If the hard drive is
                                                                  defective it is disassembled and destroyed)
                                                                 100% of the donated equipment is Recycled
                                                                 Refurbished computers are donated on your
               History of Earth Day
                                                                  behalf to schools, non-profits in need, and
Earth Day is April 22. Each year marks the
                                                                  underprivileged families.
anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental             "No Landfill" Guarantee
movement in 1970. Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson,
then a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, proposed the first     RET3 is able to accept the following items for
nationwide environmental protest "to shake up the                            donation:
political establishment and force this issue onto the      Personal                 Scanners
national agenda.
                                                            computers                Copiers
                                                           Laptop computers         Printers
Earth Day 1970 achieved a rare political alignment,
enlisting support from Republicans and Democrats, rich     Servers & storage        Cables, wires,
and poor, city slickers and farmers, tycoons and labor      devices                     extension cords
leaders. The first Earth Day led to the creation of the    Mainframe                Digital cameras
United States Environmental Protection Agency and the
      equipment                  Cellular phones        Last October The Harkerode Foundation also started a
     Monitors (CRT              DVD players            clothing giveaway that was partnered with and held
                                                         at the West Farmington United Methodist church.
      and LCD)                   NO TV’s at this
     Docking stations            time, please
                                                         New and gently used clothing was dropped off at the
     Floppy drives                                      church where Vickie and Sharon, along with countless
     DVD/CD burners                                     volunteers, organized, folded, and sorted the clothes
     Circuit Boards                                     into a manageable system. The clothing “giveaway” days
                                                         were very fun! It was like a huge garage sale but it was
                                                         FREE! Many people came and took clothing for their
    Bring items to your church or to WFUMC by            kids, grandkids, husbands, mothers, and themselves.
                                                         This is a community event that should be viewed as a
                      April 15.
                                                         clothing trade as well! If you want to drop off clothes
                                                         that your kids have grown out of and come on the
Call 330-889-3345 with questions.                        giveaway days and pick up clothes that fit your kids then
                                                         please do so! Everyone is welcome to donate and to
              Church Rummage Sale                        “shop”! The left over clothes were picked up by the local
                                                         Girl Scout troop and donated to The Good Will for “Make
                                                         a Difference Day”. Cash donations were accepted and all
The West Farmington United Methodist Church
                                                         donations were used to towards the Share – A –
will be holding a Rummage Sale during the                Christmas program. There will be another clothing
Farmington community sales again this year!              giveaway this year! The event will probably take place in
They will be accepting donations for the                 October--So save your gently used clothes and we will
rummage sale. More information will be                   ensure that they are put to good use.
submitted next month such as dates and times
                                                         In addition to these previous things, The Harkelrode
that items can be dropped off at the church. All
                                                         Foundation has sponsored ball teams, sponsored kids to
items EXCEPT clothing will be taken.                     go to choir trips; she sponsored a cheerleader to go to
                                                         Florida. The foundation has sponsored kids in sports
                                                         with money for the pay to play. Recently the foundation
                                                         sponsored two teams in Warren to play in the
    HARKELRODE MEMORIAL FOUNDATION                       tournament at Harding in April. There have been
            4590 LAKEVIEW RD                             donations made for local families to help with medical
           WEST FARMINGTON, OH                           bills, donations to the festival in Farmington as well as
                44491-9766                               donations made to kids who are having medical
                                                         problems in the form of gifts. Nintendo Wii games,
                                                         telescopes, and the like are usually on the list!
 Motto: To Help Make Childrens Dreams
              Come True.                                 Vickie also speaks at numerous events such as Prom
                                                         Promises and anything that has to do with kids. She was
Vickie Harkelrode of West Farmington, started a          also nominated as parade marshal last year at the
scholarship foundation for high school seniors in        Farmington Festival.
honor of her two sons, who both died tragically at the
ages of 9 and 18.
                                                         The Harkelrode Foundation holds an annual golf
But the scholarship program is not the only thing that   outing in July and a basketball game the week of
The Harkelrode Foundation supports.                      Thanksgiving every year to raise funds for these
                                                         donations. So the next time you see an event going
For the last two years Vickie Harkelrode with her        on or have a few dollars to donate—Think
Harkelrode Foundation in conjunction with the West
Farmington United Methodist church has worked on the
annual Share – A – Christmas program; the two
have made it a huge success! The event was started
by the church but was limited to Farmington residents
only. After the first year, Vickie contacted Sharon
VanDervort and asked if her foundation could get
involved in the Share – A – Christmas program. Since
then, the program has expanded to include
Farmington, Bristol, and Southington families as well.

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