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strategies by cuiliqing


									Implemented Strategies
      2009-10 School Year
    East Ridge High School
  Special Education Department
• Read and Write Gold          • Revisit all
  Technology                     accommodations for each
• Proficient use of              student.
  calculator by all students   • Assistive technology
• Professional development       considered first
• Implementation of            • Prompting/cueing a must
  services in regular            for some students
  education and resource       • Administrative support of
  room                           program
      Read and Write Gold
Read and Write Gold on every computer in
• Students access the regular curriculum
  through e-mail accounts , electronic
  reading of books,
• Joe accessible books
• 3. Helps students create word documents
  with prediction, spelling, thesaurus.
• 4. Possible to train R/W to recognize
  student voice so that the program is the
  scribe for the student.
• Proficiency is a must with calculator use
• Practice, practice, practice
• Use of procedure prompts so that students
  get use to the repetition of steps.
• Modeling appropriate use of calculators
• Allow students to download and link
  calculators with formulas, etc. to help them
  meet success.
 Professional Development
1. Insist on inclusion of PD with regular
   education curriculum.
2. Insures you are as educated as your
   collaborative teacher about changes in
   the field of study you are assigned to
3. Don’t take NO for an answer.

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