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Helena Fuller
Chief Operating Officer

When the unique concept of NHS         Working with hospitals and             publication our latest figures show
procurers working with a Regional      Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), local      that spend with suppliers within
Development Agency became a            businesses, regional networks and      Yorkshire and Humber has
reality, I viewed it as a genuine      business advisers, NHS CPC has         increased by 7.88%. We have
opportunity to help redirect more      helped to develop local networks       delivered training to more than
NHS spend to small and medium          and encourage SMEs to bid for          400 businesses from across the
enterprises (SMEs) and other           NHS contracts on their doorstep.       region and over 80 NHS staff.
businesses within the region.                                                 Despite us more than meeting the
                                       Through a combination of
The aims of the ‘Growing the           processes we have helped to break      output targets this project was not
Regions Businesses with NHS            down some of the preconceptions        just about delivering numbers. It
Investment’ project were to            that both bidders and purchasers       was about changing the way that
increase the amount of money           have about the NHS and procuring       we think about how the NHS
spent with suppliers based in          locally, in particular the view that   procures in the region and I truly
Yorkshire and the Humber, and to       buying from smaller, local             believe we have achieved that.
deliver training to both suppliers     businesses is more expensive. We       Through a series of case studies
and NHS employees in order to          have also integrated the regional      featuring the organisations and
improve the chances of success of      thinking across the organisation       individuals that the project has had
regional businesses tendering for      and now every employee is              a direct impact on, this booklet
NHS work.                              conscious of the need to               documents the legacy of the
                                       encourage regional involvement in      project and it’s achievements.
Yorkshire and the Humber spends
                                       the work that they undertake
more than £1.8bn a year on                                                    The project with Yorkshire Forward
                                       whenever this is possible and legal.
buying goods and services.                                                    may have come to an end but the
Sourcing these services and            Reflecting on the overall project I    principle aims and legacy of
products locally helps support the     feel very proud of the                 ‘Growing the Regions Businesses
local economy, secure and create       achievements and tangible              with NHS Investment’ will continue
job opportunities, develop skills,     benefits that NHS CPC has              for years to come.
and ultimately benefit the health      delivered. The project has
of local people by directing savings   exceeded our orginal target to
back into the health service and       redirect 1% of spend back within
driving up local wealth.               the region and at the time of

                                                                                                                     The Yorkshire Forward team at NHS CPC
Enterprise Europe
“ helps to demystify the
processes of selling to the NHS”

Background                                We work with Business Link to            explaining why it is complex in its
                                          organise these events. I involve         structure and how it purchases. It is
The Enterprise Europe Network is a
                                          representatives from the public          also useful to help delegates
business support organisation that
                                          sector organisations because I feel      understand the range of products
helps companies in Yorkshire on all
                                          the information carries more weight      and services the NHS buys; it’s
aspects of doing business in Europe.
                                          if the delegates hear directly from      surprising how many don’t think of
The organisation undertakes
                                          the buyer. In the feedback I receive     things beyond bandages!
numerous activities supporting firms
                                          that’s routinely mentioned as the
that are already trading in Europe or                                              I have received a great deal of
                                          most valuable aspect of the event. I
wish to expand their marketplace.                                                  positive feedback following NHS
                                          try to involve at least two public
As part of the EU market many                                                      CPC’s input; firms have told me they
                                          sector organisations because even if
products sold in the UK have to                                                    have sent off for their first PQQ, a
                                          there’s overlap it reinforces the
meet EU standards so the Enterprise                                                number of firms have felt
                                          message. There are slight differences
Europe Network keeps firms up to                                                   encouraged to have a go that
                                          when implementing legislation and
date with legislation. One of the                                                  otherwise wouldn’t have, or the
                                          they need to know the difference
many ways the Enterprise Europe                                                    confidence to persevere when
                                          between the organisations. It also
Network in Yorkshire delivers this                                                 they’ve been unsuccessful in the
                                          provides different perspectives and
support is to run seminars on how                                                  past. The sessions also advise them
                                          makes the event more interesting.
procurement works. Caroline                                                        where to look to find contract
Carter-Smith, Project Manager for         Having guest speakers from the           opportunities in the first place and
the Yorkshire Forward project, has        public sector also combines a            offer a contact point. Caroline
regularly represented the NHS at a        training session with a meet the         receives a lot of contact from
number of Enterprise Europe and           buyer type event because it’s a great    delegates after the event who find
Business Link regional supplier           opportunity to ask questions,            NHS CPC a useful way in to find out
events entitled, ‘Selling to the public   network with key buyers and make         about opportunities available in the
sector’, delivering training to around    useful contacts. The advantage of        region and to receive further
700 businesses to date on how the         inviting NHS CPC is that they have a     guidance.
NHS buys goods and services.              strong regional overview of selling to
                                                                                   I can’t emphasise enough how
                                          the NHS, which is particularly
                                                                                   important it is to deliver information
                                          valuable to the participants. Caroline
                                                                                   like this. 730 delegates have
Selling to the public sector              Carter-Smith, from NHS CPC, is also
                                                                                   attended our sessions. Even if they
Jenny Lawson, Manager of the              a very good anchor speaker.
                                                                                   subsequently decide not to bid
Enterprise Europe Network in              NHS CPC has attended 31 of these         because it’s not right for them, it’s a
Yorkshire, believes running these are     events, 16 in 2009 and 15 in 2010.       valuable experience which has saved
invaluable to support regional            NHS CPC’s advice and information         them time. We already have events
businesses; “These events are really      helps the delegates understand the       booked in with NHS CPC in 2011.
important. A lot of companies see         nature of the NHS and its                At a time of such change I think it’s
selling into public sector as a huge      commercial structure as separate         incredibly positive that these events
bureaucratic hurdle and they need         businesses. Caroline is expert at        are continuing.”
help to understand why certain            explaining all the documentation
questions are being asked and to          involved and helps to demystify the
understand the process.                   processes of selling to the NHS,

                                                                                                                             Jenny Lawson
Voluntary Action
“...organisations came away from the training
believing they could bid for public sector work.”

Background                                 them. I requested that we could be      become more widespread. I believe
                                           involved in the PQQ                     that in the future we will need to
Voluntary Action Rotherham (VAR)
                                           (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire)       adapt and work more closely and
is an organisation that exists to
                                           and tendering training that the NHS     flexibly across councils, the NHS and
support a range of voluntary and
                                           CPC was delivering in conjunction       voluntary groups to establish new
community groups across the
                                           with Yorkshire Forward to give the      ways to deliver existing and new
borough. They include social
                                           organisations the confidence to bid     services in a time of financial
enterprises that work with
                                           for public sector contracts. This       difficulty. We all need to work
vulnerable groups such as the
                                           would also help me to understand        together to help voluntary
elderly, disabled and children with
                                           the process to better advise others.    organisations to bid for and deliver
specific needs. They are also the key
                                                                                   work in the future.
link between those voluntary               The training was bespoke and used
organisations and Government               the actual NHS CPC Bravo                The Yorkshire Forward backed NHS
organisations in Rotherham and the         application form (electronic            CPC training gave us the
surrounding areas.                         tendering tool) used by many            opportunity to have a conversation,
                                           organisations including NHS             to be able to ask questions, clarify
Nikky Wilson, Voluntary and
                                           Rotherham as a template. This           procedures and processes and learn
Community Voices Network
                                           helped us to better understand how      how procurement really works.
Coordinator at VAR, has found the
                                           the tendering process works and         Individuals from organisations I
training organised by NHS CPC and
                                           how to achieve the best results. The    work with came away from the
Yorkshire Forward to be a great
                                           training was a fantastic opportunity    training not only believing that they
benefit to VAR and their associated
                                           to ask questions and clarify the        could bid for public sector work but
organisations; “We have been
                                           intricacies of the tendering process.   that by offering their local option
fortunate to have strong links with
                                           Being able to find out the definitive   they were in an excellent position to
Yorkshire Forward, their funding
                                           answers from experts who manage         win contracts. The input from NHS
was critical in our ability to build the
                                           procurement processes daily was         CPC representatives Caroline
VAR headquarters in Rotherham,
                                           invaluable. Even organisations that     Carter-Smith and Mark Algar, was
which acts as a valuable resource for
                                           had completed formal tenders            vital and having someone they
voluntary groups.”
                                           before found the advice and             could contact in the future for
                                           guidance helpful.                       advice has given them, and me, far
                                                                                   more confidence.
NHS CPC Training                           Looking back at the work we have
                                           done this year, the Yorkshire           The training events were very much
“We identified that some of the
                                           Forward funded training makes a         a starting point for us to develop
organisations we work with were
                                           strong case for our continued role      further. It was reassuring and helpful
eligible and capable of bidding for
                                           as a link between voluntary             to open that line of communication
public sector contracts, but often
                                           organisations and those statutory       offering a positive outlook for those
felt intimidated about the amount
                                           organisations wanting to                organisations who themselves are
of paperwork that has to be
                                           commission services, particularly in    facing an uncertain future. It really
completed, or were concerned that
                                           the light of recent encouragement       helps the process to understand
they would be unable to
                                           from central government for ths to      where each party is coming from.”
understand all that was required of

                                                                                                                            Nikky Wilson
NHS Rotherham
Domiciliary Care

Background                               questions and discuss how the            of how best practice sharing can
                                         service would work in practice and       improve outcomes.
The Domiciliary Care contract is a
                                         how they could best tailor their
framework of six providers who                                                    Another outcome is the
                                         services to improve patient care in
have been commissioned by NHS                                                     establishment of a working group
Rotherham to deliver services for                                                 between RMBC and ourselves to
those receiving care at home. The                                                 look at potential benefits of closer
contract provides end of life care for   The procurement process                  working. For example, we are
individuals, but also includes                                                    looking at smoothing the way in
                                         The whole process was very
providing care to those who qualify                                               which service users’ care moves
                                         successful and it gave us the insight
for NHS continuing healthcare.                                                    between that of the RMBC providers
                                         to develop a very flexible
Domiciliary care providers go into                                                and NHS Rotherham’s in accordance
                                         procurement process. As a result of
patients’ homes where they provide                                                with funding and eligibility.
                                         the Meet the Buyer event we
care for those patients with an          developed the tender process to          Two of the providers on the
underlying healthcare need.              allow suppliers to present a range of    framework are from the region –
Cath Stamp, NHS Rotherham                rates dependent upon the number          Crossroads and Age Concern
Deputy Head of Procurement               of providers appointed to the            Doncaster, but all six have offices
explains; “We used to have informal      framework, and the ultimate              local to Rotherham and are
arrangements with two main               outcome was more choice of               employing staff from Rotherham
providers but the extension of           providers.                               and the local area. I think as long as
patient choice and other healthcare                                               it is legal and appropriate to do so
                                         Each successful supplier was
initiatives meant that we needed to                                               we will encourage local and regional
                                         awarded a standard NHS healthcare
revisit the way care is provided and                                              organisations to bid for services.
                                         contract but as each supplier’s bid
the way we commissioned these            was unique their contract had to be      Since the Domiciliary Care Meet the
services.                                negotiated separately and a phased       Buyer event we have gone on to run
When we became aware that the            uptake of the six suppliers took         other events like those for Mental
NHS CPC Yorkshire Forward                place between May and July 2010.         Health Advocacy, which again allow
partnership could provide some                                                    face to face meeting with potential
                                         The Yorkshire Forward backed Meet
funding to help us it was a simple                                                providers, helping them to
                                         the Buyer event enabled us to
choice to take them up on their                                                   understand patients’ needs and
                                         develop something that allows us
offer. In order to encourage suppliers                                            encouraging these suppliers to bid.
                                         and our suppliers to learn from each
to bid for the provision of these                                                 Knowing this formula works means
                                         other, improving practice in the way
services we held a Meet the Buyer                                                 that we plan to continue holding
                                         we procure complex services of this
event in Rotherham. The event was                                                 meet the buyer events in the future,
                                         kind. In addition we now hold a
a success with around 20 potential                                                with or without external funding.
                                         monthly Provider Forum where the
suppliers turning up in order to find    six providers meet to help resolve       NHS CPC has also run other events
out more about the services we           common problems. This is helping         which have been really useful, for
wanted to procure; the vast majority     them and us to develop the best          example, the legal seminars have
of these suppliers had offices within    possible service to meet patients’       been very beneficial in maintaining
the Yorkshire and Humber area. It        needs. We are raising the quality bar    our understanding of changes to the
gave them the opportunity to ask         all the time and it is a great example   legislative procurement landscape.”

                                                                                                                           Cath Stamp
Simply Delicious
Background                                The tender                               Contract award
It’s not often in life that you fit the   When the documents arrived for us        The next stage was a taste session
bill and are asked to think about a       to fill in I nearly died! The envelope   which hit the mark and Simply
new business venture – but that’s         was just full of booklets and sheets     Delicious was awarded the
what happened to a small                  of paper for us to complete. I was       contract.
sandwich making company in                warned that it might be a lot for us
                                                                                   Since Simply Delicious started
South Yorkshire. Simply Delicious         to fill in but on the first look
                                                                                   supplying the NHS in June 2008,
has been hand making sandwiches           through it I was a bit shocked as to
                                                                                   they have had enquiries as a
for cafes, corner shops and garages       how much there seemed to be“.
                                                                                   preferred supplier, from other NHS
for three years, but managing
                                          Support was on hand from NHS             organisations and local authorities
director Tanya Ellis grasped the
                                          CPC through its Yorkshire Forward        in the region. And would Tanya
opportunity when they were
                                          Project Manager, Caroline                encourage others to consider
approached by Kendray Hospital at
                                          Carter-Smith, who visited Tanya          supplying the NHS? “Absolutely
Barnsley to consider tendering to
                                          and explained the process and why        yes. I would recommend other
supply the hospital. “Our bread
                                          filling in the forms was vital. With     businesses to supply the NHS. You
supplier recommended us. We
                                          this advice in mind, Tanya and her       have nothing to lose, all it takes is
spoke to the NHS and explained
                                          team sat down and worked                 a little bit of time. Don’t be put off
what we did and how we do it and
                                          through the application.“It actually     by the paperwork, it’s not as bad as
then were asked to tender. I
                                          had a positive effect on us as it        it first looks. It does take a while to
personally would never have
                                          made us go back to basics. We            plough through but if you are
thought that small local businesses
                                          looked at all our systems that we        successful then it’s all been worth
would stand a chance against the
                                          already had in place and double          while”.
larger national companies, but
                                          checked what we were doing. I like
once it was explained to us about                                                  The experience for Tanya and her
                                          to think it made us have a spring
what the NHS was trying to do, to                                                  team has been positive; “My view
                                          clean and get our house in order”,
reduce the carbon footprint and                                                    is don’t be scared to try, don’t think
                                          Tanya explained.
encouraging local companies to                                                     that you are too small, be
get involved in the process, we                                                    confident and if you think that you
thought we’d give it a go.                                                         have something that the NHS could
                                                                                   use then go for it. You never know,
                                                                                   they might just need what you are

                                                                                                                             Tanya and the team at Simply Delicious
Barnsley Hospitals
NHS Foundation
Background                             the case in the private sector. It is   NHS CPC Training
                                       reassuring to know we’re doing
Martin Ball, Deputy Supplies                                                   The information and training I have
                                       something worthwhile, improving
Manager, Barnsley Hospitals NHS                                                received from NHS CPC has been
                                       the patient experience and saving
Foundation Trust, received training                                            invaluable, the free legal seminars
                                       the Trust £1m each year.
from NHS CPC on sustainable                                                    on the new remedies directive,
procurement. Martin believes                                                   which has changed the whole
sustainable procurement is             Sustainable procurement                 procurement landscape, was so
becoming increasingly important                                                useful. This Trust has saved £70k
                                       The training I received from NHS
within the NHS and found the                                                   on the Clinical Waste contract and
                                       CPC spurred me on to develop a
training incredibly worthwhile; “I                                             £500k on the Property Rates
                                       Sustainable Procurement Policy for
am a firm believer in sustainable                                              contract, both of which contribute
                                       us to implement across the whole
procurement and I’m on the Trust’s                                             to our sustainability agenda and
                                       Trust. The training also created an
Sustainability Committee.                                                      deliver savings we can invest back
                                       opportunity to share ideas with
Sustainability is high on any Trusts                                           into the Trust. I have received so
                                       other Trusts in the region, we can
agenda there are PR advantages,                                                much free advice and support from
                                       learn a lot from each other about
penalties if we don’t comply and                                               Caroline Carter-Smith, Yorkshire
                                       implementing sustainability.
most importantly significant                                                   Forward Project Manager at NHS
savings to be made.                    I believe the NHS has a                 CPC, and it’s so reassuring to know
                                       responsibility to procure goods and     I can draw on the knowledge and
Coming from a robust retail
                                       services locally whenever possible,     expertise of such a large team.”
background before joining the NHS
                                       NHS CPC Meet the Buyer days and
means I have the advantage of
                                       training sessions have really helped
insight from both perspectives. As
                                       to facilitate that. To establish a
procurement managers we’re not
                                       Sustainable Procurement Policy for
just supplying goods and services;
                                       the Trusts to adopt would be a
by achieving the best procurement
                                       great achievement for NHS CPC
outcomes we’re putting money
                                       and a huge benefit to the region.
back into the Trust and not just
answering to the board, as is often

“’s so reassuring to know I can draw on the
expertise and knowledge of such a large team”

                                                                                                                     Martin Ball
Mental Health
Background                             support of NHS CPC and Yorkshire         sustainable economic development
                                       Forward to ensure all interested         as specified in NHS CPC’s project
NHS CPC were asked to assist in the
                                       organisations understand the             with Yorkshire Forward.
procurement for Independent
                                       requirements and have access to
Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA)                                                   Cloverleaf Advocacy are based in
                                       sufficient information in order to bid
and Generic Mental Health                                                       West Yorkshire therefore supporting
                                       on a contract. The events
Advocacy Services for NHS                                                       the project aims to to redirect NHS
                                       incorporate information about the
Rotherham (Lead Commissioner for                                                spend back in to the local economy,
                                       procurement process, relevant
this service) working in partnership                                            secure and create job opportunities,
                                       documentation, the opportunity to
with NHS Doncaster, Rotherham                                                   develop skills and ultimately benefit
                                       meet the commissioning
Metropolitan Borough Council and                                                the health of local people by
                                       organisations and raise any
Doncaster Metropolitan Borough                                                  directing savings back into health
                                       questions to ensure all interested
Council to be implemented from 1st                                              services.
                                       parties can make an informed
October 2010.
                                       decision about bidding on the
Independent Mental Health              contract.                                A Trust’s Testimonial
Advocacy (IMHA) is a statutory
                                       Roger Milthorp at Cloverleaf was         Cath Stamp, Deputy Head of
service offered to all individuals
                                       extremely positive about the Bidder      Procurement at NHS Rotherham,
detained under specified sections of
                                       Information Day and the effect it        was pleased with the outcome of
the Mental Health Act (1983). The
                                       had on their bid, “The event was         this project; “This procurement is
Generic Mental Health Advocacy
                                       very well organised and provided us      another example of NHS and Local
service is to provide an independent
                                       with useful information which            Authority commissioning
professional advocacy service for
                                       informed our bid. It was also a          organisations working together
adults of working age with mental
                                       positive opportunity to network          collaboratively with NHS CPC to
health needs who are residents of
                                       with other advocacy services!”           achieve a mutually beneficial
Rotherham and Doncaster.
                                                                                outcome. NHS CPC objectively
                                                                                assisted us throughout the process
                                       Benefits to the Region                   and facilitated both the
The Winning Bidder
                                       Independent Mental Health                pre-qualification and final analytical
At the conclusion of the tendering
                                       Advocacy can deliver substantial         evaluation of the bids to ensure
process Cloverleaf Advocacy, based
                                       added benefits by helping to             probity and equity was observed;
in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire were
                                       promote and improve the quality of       one of our partner organisations has
awarded the contract.
                                       mental health services. The              since made use of the tender
Cloverleaf Advocacy had attended       successful provision of this statutory   analysis template that was produced
the Bidder Information Day             service builds on best practice and      by NHS CPC for this procurement.
arranged by NHS Rotherham and          provides a voice for people with         As a result of this collaboration we
run but Michelle Walker, Category      mental health needs in the region.       have a contract that will deliver
Specialist for Purchased Healthcare                                             outcomes at a reduced cost to the
                                       The implementation of this contract
at NHS CPC. Bidder Information                                                  NHS.”
                                       demonstrates the link between
Days are regularly run with the
                                       health improvements and regional

                                                                                                                         Michelle Walker
“NHS CPC Plus has given us an
opportunity that we would not
have known about otherwise”

Background                               presented their sample, explained its    Director of Operations, who
                                         relevance to the project and             explained how their modernisation
As part of the promotional work for
                                         engaged in collaborative discussions     and emerging technology was
their stakeholder engagement
                                         surrounding the options for the          working, Visualis spent a full day on
event, Yorkshire Ambulance Service
                                         YAS-PTS assignment.                      the road with ambulance staff while
(YAS) wanted to showcase various
                                                                                  they went about their job.
aspects of their Patient Transport       The company is based in the
Services (PTS) provision.                Management Suite at Meadowhall           Andrew Moore adds; “This provided
                                         in Sheffield where they manage the       us with the opportunity to get to
The objective was to demonstrate
                                         shopping centre’s video and film         know the staff – which resulted in
the level of sophisticated technology
                                         requirements, including the              them appearing much more natural
and systems that are required to
                                         operation of the massive screen in       in the completed film. We feel it is
facilitate such a complex and critical
                                         the Oasis. They also have a number       very important to communicate
service, and also to show the
                                         of large private sector clients, and     people’s personalities when that’s a
compassionate and caring nature of
                                         are well versed in working for NHS       big part of their job. A relaxed, but
their staff.
                                         organisations. They have previously      professional, approach is the only
The Corporate Communications             worked with Sheffield Children’s         way to achieve that. We feel our
team at YAS felt that the best way       Hospital, and with Bovis, the            completed film is a good mix of
to communicate that quickly and          construction contractors, to capture     professional and personal – it
effectively would be through the         the development of the new               combines the cold hard facts of
production of a short film.              Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax.    providing an efficient yet economical
The project was advertised through                                                service with the caring warm face of
NHS CPC Plus, the online market                                                   front line patient care.”
                                         NHS CPC Plus
place, inviting suitable suppliers to                                             Feedback from the stakeholders
tender for the work. NHS CPC Plus        Andrew Moore, Managing Director
                                                                                  during and after the event was very
was established by the NHS CPC on        at Visualis, was thrilled to work with
                                                                                  positive and Sarah Fatchett was also
behalf of the NHS Trusts around the      an NHS organisation again, he said;
                                                                                  delighted with the end product;
Yorkshire and the Humber region.         “NHS CPC Plus has given us an
                                                                                  “Visualis were a pleasure to work
                                         opportunity that we would not have
After the initial round of tendering,                                             with. It was clear from the outset
                                         known about otherwise. To work
YAS shortlisted three companies                                                   that they understood exactly what
                                         with YAS is great on two fronts, we
from the original twelve and invited                                              we were looking for. Their previous
                                         get to work with a prestigious client,
them to their offices in Wakefield for                                            experience in dealing with the NHS,
                                         and we are able to play a part in
a face-to-face pitch and                                                          and their impressive showreel, were
                                         helping the NHS help the millions of
presentation. Each was asked to                                                   big factors in our decision. Our
                                         people they serve. We look forward
present a single relevant and recent                                              confidence in their ability was totally
                                         to other similar opportunities in the
video sample.                                                                     vindicated…they did a great job!”
                                         Visualis worked closely with the PTS
Contract award                           management to identify the best
Visualis Video Productions were          people to interview and the best
chosen as the preferred supplier         locations to shoot in. After
after a very professional pitch. They    interviewing Sarah Fatchett, the PTS

                                                                                                                            A team member at Visualis
Buying within                                                                NHS CPC
the region                                                                   CREATIVE
Background                            sense from a logistics perspective      Buying from within the region
                                      where delivery to clients can be        helps to develop and maintain
NHS CPC Creative has built a
                                      achieved more quickly and               businesses and in turn foster
strong reputation for delivering
                                      efficiently. We regularly undertake     further regional spending.
communications and creative
                                      design and print projects at
services, as well as a number of                                              The amount that we might spend
                                      short-notice and to achieve a tight
short term projects for a range of                                            purchasing goods and services can
                                      turn around we need to use a local
NHS organisations across the                                                  vary from the cost of printing 200
                                      company who can print and deliver
region and the country. The team                                              business cards to a year-long
                                      on the same day.
provide everything from                                                       contract for a monthly 24-page
copywriting to website                In addition, many of our clients        magazine, I firmly believe that
development, and have successfully    want the reassurance that we are        every bit of business that can come
completed a number of projects        environmentally responsible and         in or stay within the region is
with organisations including YAS      using a printer or other contractor     valuable.”
PTS, NHS re:source and Sheffield      from within the region means that
Health and Social Care.               we can demonstrate that we are
                                      making efforts to work reduce our
                                      carbon footprint and source local
Buying locally                        where possibible.
NHS CPC Creative believe as a         We are involved with a number of
public sector organisation it has a   organisations across the region
responsibility to source services     supplying a range of services to us.
locally wherever possible. Head of    As well as long-established
Branding and Marketing at NHS         organisations such as printers
CPC Creative, Louise                  Northend, Mensa and Whites, all
Robertson-Rennard said, “It is        of which are based in and around
important to us to source any         Sheffield, we are also open to
services we need from                 approaches from new service
organisations within the Yorkshire    providers who may not have
and Humber region. Sourcing           supplied to the NHS before.
printing from the region makes

    “...every bit of business that can come in
    or stay within the region is valuable.”

                                                                                                                    Louise Robertson-Rennard
Clinical Waste
Saving the region’s Trusts
£1.7 million each year

Background                             tendering process Healthcare           the support and guidance provided
                                       Environmental Services (HES) were      by NHS CPC invaluable; “We have
Every year the NHS generates
                                       awarded the contract and have          been genuinely impressed with this
thousands of tonnes of clinical
                                       commenced a nine month                 contract which has come about as a
waste which has to be safely
                                       implementation period to ensure        result of the effective collaboration
transported and disposed of. Poor
                                       the smooth transfer on the 1st April   of the Trusts represented by the
segregation results in non-clinical
                                       2011, from the existing contractor.    Clinical Waste Consortium and the
mixing with clinical waste, leading
                                       HES also manage the clinical waste     NHS CPC.
to organisations paying the highest
                                       disposal for the whole of Scotland
disposal costs for ordinary domestic                                          By leaving no stone unturned and
                                       and this contract is now the largest
rubbish. In addition, there has been                                          ensuring all aspects of the
                                       outside of Scotland, bringing great
a historic reliance on incineration                                           procurement process were carefully
                                       opportunity to the region. During
which brings with it an unavoidable                                           applied we have achieved a new
                                       this nine month period HES are
environmental impact.                                                         contract that promises to deliver not
                                       establishing a new alternative heat
                                                                              only considerable cost savings, but a
NHS CPC worked with the Yorkshire      treatment plant in Normanton,
                                                                              local service providing significantly
and Humber Clinical Waste              West Yorkshire, which will become
                                                                              reduced carbon production and
Consortium using a competitive         their base for delivery of the
                                                                              recycling opportunities for plastic
dialogue process to establish a new    contract. In addition to bringing
                                                                              and steel. This contract is a perfect
contract to replace the existing       business to the region it also
                                                                              demonstration of what the NHS
contract which expires April 2011.     reduces transportation distances
                                                                              CPC is capable of and how they can
The competitive dialogue process       and recycling opportunities,
                                                                              help Trusts reduce costs as well as
allows bidders to make suggestions     therefore, contributing to Trusts
                                                                              improve services in the region.”
and present innovations that can       carbon reduction commitment.
offer those tendering for a service,   The successful solution involves a
alternatives that may not have                                                Award winning success
                                       significant new investment in the
previously been considered. The        region, supporting the local           In recognition of excellence in the
result is an innovative new contract   economy, securing and creating job     provision of healthcare facilities,
which embraces alternative             opportunities, devloping skills and    value for money and increased
treatment technology, delivers         ultimately benefitting the health of   efficiency through smarter
significantly improved outcomes        local people by directing savings      procurement practice, NHS CPC
and reduced costs for Trusts, and      back into the health service and       were delighted to be awarded the
brings great opportunity to the        driving up local wealth.               Hospital Procurement Award for the
region.                                                                       Clinical Waste contract at the 2010
                                                                              Health Business Awards.
                                       A Trust’s Testimonial
                                       Penny Lawrence Head of Facilities at
The contract benefits both the         York Hospitals NHS Foundations
economy and the environment in         Trusts and Chair of the Yorkshire
the region. At the conclusion of the   Clinical Waste Consortium, found

                                                                                                                      Gail Humphreys, Richard Taylor and Penny Lawrence
NHS Bradford &
“ has absolutely
improved patient pathways”
Background                             authority’s adult social services and   businesses and we received interest
                                       voluntary sector. The team have         from both but I think running the
Mick Young Head of Service
                                       achieved a great deal and recently      bidder information day broke down
Development and Louise Keighley,
                                       won the 2010 Health Services            the barrier between smaller
Clinical Quality Manager, from NHS
                                       Journal award for partnership           regional enterprises and the NHS,
Bradford and Airedale worked with
                                       working. The team also manage           which encouraged more local
Kath Bretton, Purchased Healthcare
                                       patients at home on a virtual ward      suppliers to bid. The contract was
Category Specialist at NHS CPC, to
                                       model, so we are continuously           awarded to Currergate Care Home
undertake the procurement of a
                                       developing and improving the            in Steeton and Troutbeck Care
Care Homes contract within the
                                       contract providing significant          Home in Ilkley.”
Aire and Wharfe Valley.
                                       savings and offering a better
                                                                               Neither Mick or Louise have a
The contract                           pathway of care.
                                                                               background in Procurement so
Mick felt the contract put in place                                            undertaking this project was a new
was a huge benefit to the Trust and    NHS CPC support                         challenge. Louise found it to be
the guidance from NHS CPC                                                      steep learning curve; “I learnt an
invaluable; “Before we had the         Kath Bretton was involved from the
                                                                               awful lot going through the
Care Homes contract people were        beginning of the procurement
                                                                               process, there was so much
going to hospital unnecessarily and    process and we couldn’t have done
                                                                               information to get to grips with
others were kept in hospital who       it without her support. Kath guided
                                                                               but with Kath’s support it all
could have been discharged but         us through the whole process,
                                                                               became very clear. I was involved
not well enough to go home             provided document templates and
                                                                               with the evaluation side of it and it
without support. The provision of      helped arrange the bidder
                                                                               was incredibly useful to help to get
‘step up and step down beds’ in        information day. The well-attended
                                                                               to know the providers and the
local Care Homes means we have         event was held at Millennium
                                                                               services they offer. The contract
intermediate care facilities between   Business Park in Steeton, it was
                                                                               went live in June and it continues
home and hospital. This important      incredibly helpful to meet potential
                                                                               to go from strength to strength.
service is preventing people from      bidders and answer any questions
                                                                               We’ve recently been able to
being taken into hospital and          they have. It was also a useful
                                                                               introduce teleconferencing facilities
ensuring they are discharged as        timesaving tool that enabled us to
                                                                               between hospitals and homes, so
soon as possible, supported by our     eliminate unsuitable bidders before
                                                                               the contract is continuing to grow
multidisciplinary Airedale             they undertook the process of
                                                                               and develop. We collate all the
Collaborative Care Team (ACCT).        submitting the bid.
                                                                               stats and performance figures,
Our outstanding Collaborative Care     The tender specified the service        regularly reviewing our progress
Team offers integrated care from       provision needed to be within the       and it has absolutely improved
teams in primary care, Bradford        specific postcode boundaries where      patient pathways.”
and Airedale Community Health          our GP’s work in order to deliver
Services (BACHS), Airedale NHS         the package of care. It was open to
Foundation Trust, the local            both national and regional

                                                                                                                       Mick Young and Louise Keighley
Care Home
“ was so useful to receive
so much help and advice”
Background                              of paperwork to get through to bid      achievement. Admissions and
                                        for the actual contract. I’m so glad    discharges is a new area for us and
Konrad Czajka, Managing Director
                                        we went along to the bidder             we’ve had to work closely with the
and Pamela Ward, Registered Nurse
                                        information day, it was really useful   PCT to get it right, we’re investing
Manager at Currergate Care Home
                                        to receive so much help with all the    a lot in our nursing skills training
in Steeton, Bradford. Currergate
                                        paperwork and advice about how          and I’m glad we are continuing to
Care Home is one of two local care
                                        to access the online tools like         develop our capabilities. Ten of our
homes in the Wharfe and Aire
                                        Bravo. Normally when we bid for         beds at Currergate Care Home are
valley to be awarded a contract for
                                        local authority tenders they invite     allocated to this contract, in a
‘step-up and step down beds’ to
                                        you to come along and discuss the       home of 38 beds that’s over a
provide intermediate care by NHS
                                        tender generally, but you don’t         quarter of our capacity.
Bradford and Airedale.
                                        receive the same level of support
                                                                                I think the bidder information day
Currergate Nursing Home is part of      and guidance with documentation
                                                                                was a fantastic tool to get local
a group of five care homes in           and all the processes involved as
                                                                                people involved, I think arranging
Yorkshire, it has an excellent 3 star   NHS CPC provided.“
                                                                                more than one day would also help
Care Quality Commission rating,
                                                                                to attract more local businesses. I
acquired by Czajka Care Group in
                                        The successful bid                      believe days like this are vitally
2003 it has been a home since the
                                                                                important to help break down the
mid 80’s. Czajka Care Group is a        Konrad found the support of
                                                                                barrier for local businesses selling
family run business employing 550       attending a bidder event to be a
                                                                                into the NHS, many may be
people in Yorkshire and Humber,         great help; “Submitting a bid to
                                                                                deterred by the amount time and
continuing to expand as they win        the NHS is very time consuming. At
                                                                                energy it takes to fill out a tender
contracts with the NHS and local        the start of the process it appears
                                                                                and good homes who could deliver
authorities including Leeds City        to take so much time and energy
                                                                                the service may well miss the
Council.                                that smaller local enterprises may
                                                                                opportunity. Running more bidder
Both Konrad and Pamela attended         decide not to even attempt it,
                                                                                information days will encourage
the Meet the Bidder day arranged        particularly when they know they
                                                                                more local businesses to go for it.
by NHS CPC for the NHS Bradford         may be competing with big
                                        national firms. The support offered      We work with a great team at
and Airedale Care Homes contract.
                                        by NHS CPC at the Meet the Bidder       NHS Bradford and Airedale, the
Currergate Care Home had already
                                        day and subsequently by using the       partnership working has been
won the pilot project for this
                                        Bravo system enabled us to ask          hugely successful and the
contract and the tender process
                                        questions, clarify exactly what was     experience overall has been very
had been quite straightforward,
                                        required from us and establish the      positive for us.”
Pamela found that when the
documentation for the actual            evaluation criteria.
project came through it was quite a     It has been a long learning process
different matter; “We were              but we successfully won the
genuinely shocked by the volume         contract and I’m delighted with our

                                                                                                                       Konrad Czajka and Pamela Ward
Humber NHS
Foundation Trust

Background                                  through the doorway, to help them        NHS CPC also provide access to
                                            understand the structure, our            useful online procurement tools
Humber NHS Foundation Trust
                                            requirements, and where regional         such as CPC Plus, which our
(formerly Humber Mental Health
                                            and national opportunities are           purchasing manager Andrew
Teaching NHS Trust) has been a
                                            available in order for them to pitch     Holland regularly uses. It enables us
member of NHS CPC since its
                                            their businesses. It’s our               to get quick quotations on low value
inception in 2007. Mark Turner is
                                            responsibility to offer support where    procurement activities where we
acting Head of Procurement for the
                                            we can and this benefits us by           don’t need a tender process but we
Trust and also provides services to
                                            increasing competition and brings        still need to get something out in
PCTs; NHS Hull, NHS East Riding of
                                            new ways of delivering services.”        the market quickly. If we want to
Yorkshire and also the provider side
                                                                                     get quotes and test the market we
of Hull City Healthcare Partnership.
                                                                                     can get results, it’s a window to
                                            Being a member of NHS CPC                suppliers and we have seen cost
                                                                                     reductions as a result of using it. It’s
Meet the Buyer Days                         “Increasingly, since the demise of
                                            NHS PASA, there is need for              also useful for regional suppliers and
NHS CPC regularly attend Meet the                                                    facilitates a way into NHS supplying.
                                            someone to help coordinate levels
Buyer events which invite regional                                                   There are no geographic restrictions
                                            of activity and provide advice and
businesses to meet the procurement                                                   with CPC Plus but it has increased
                                            support. The terms and conditions
specialists from within the NHS and                                                  visibility in our regional area, NHS
                                            previously held by NHS PASA are a
other public sector organisations.                                                   CPC are proactive in Yorkshire and
                                            perfect example of this. Access to
The events aim to break down the                                                     Humber to link providers up.
                                            the terms and conditions were
barriers between the public sector
                                            uncertain once NHS PASA                  We are also looking to expand the
and smaller private businesses, to
                                            disbanded, NHS CPC worked to get         use of Bravo, the online OJEU tool,
help them understand the
                                            them reissued and now hold the           within our Trust particularly to
procurement process, the Trusts’
                                            current terms and conditions for the     incorporate the Estates team. I did a
needs and requirements, and where
                                            provision of goods and services.         presentation to our Estates team last
opportunities will be advertised in
                                            Collectively where there are issues of   year about Bravo and CPC Plus,
order to be better placed to bid for
                                            concern we need someone to               demonstrating how to use these
NHS contracts.
                                            represent us.                            procurement tools. We are now
Mark attended a Meet the Buyer                                                       looking to utilise these electronic
                                            I know I have somewhere to go and
event in Scunthorpe; “These events                                                   resources where appropriate and
                                            talk about what should happen in
are a huge benefit to the suppliers                                                  streamline the whole process, no
                                            procurement regionally and that’s a
helping them to understand how to                                                    paperwork to get lost, everything
                                            really valuable resource because
get through the NHS maze of                                                          can be tracked, and we can get it
                                            nationally it has become very
people and processes. This is an                                                     out into the market more quickly
                                            confusing. We need people on the
essential tool for a procurement                                                     and effectively. CPC Plus does the
                                            ground understanding stakeholders
professional in public service, it’s part                                            same job but for low value
                                            requirements and bringing
of what we do to help people how                                                     opportunities. Both offer a slicker,
                                            opportunities to the table. The
to understand how to get in front of                                                 quicker and streamlined approach
                                            regular Steering Groups are also a
us, get into the market to provide                                                   for all of our procurement activity.”
                                            useful opportunity to get together
services to the NHS. The NHS is
                                            regionally to discuss issues and share
complicated and we have a
                                            ideas we can jointly benefit from.
responsibility to guide providers
Sheffield Teaching
Background                               the event was not specifically            how seriously the NHS is taking it. I
                                         targeted at smaller organisations it      would very much like to do a
Katarina McCartney, Sustainable
                                         seemed to naturally appeal to small       follow-up event to see everyone’s
Development Manager at Sheffield
                                         local businesses. I received a big        progress a year on, to see the impact
Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation
                                         response on the day and a huge            the event had.
Trust, organised the Be Green event
                                         amount of positive feedback
with the support of NHS CPC and
                                         subsequently. Many delegates found        Benefits from NHS CPC
the Yorkshire Forward “Growing the
                                         meeting other suppliers in the same       Overall I found the support from
Regions Businesses with NHS
                                         situation and learning about what         NHS CPC incredibly valuable,
Investment” project; “The Be Green
                                         they were doing has spurred them          particularly the National Sustainable
initiative is the communications side
                                         on to tackling their own                  Public Procurement Programme
of our sustainability development
                                         sustainability policy. Delegates also     (NSPPP) which was facilitiated by
programme. Be Green acts as a
                                         found the presentation on ‘selling to     NHS CPC and offered to its
forum in which to share information
                                         the public sector’ from Caroline          members before the rest of the NHS.
with staff and the community, to
                                         Carter-Smith, Yorkshire Forward           I didn’t know how procurement
provide advice and ensure ideas are
                                         Project Manager at NHS CPC,               worked a year ago. Working with
put into practice in order to help our
                                         particularly useful to help explain the   Caroline, combined with taking part
hospitals and offices operate in a
                                         structure of the NHS and how it           in the NSPPP programme has helped
more environmentally friendly way.
                                         purchases.                                me to understand the terms, the
We decided to run the Be Green
                                         It would have been a different event      processes involved in Procurement
event subtitled ‘Local roads to make
                                         without NHS CPC and Yorkshire             and also to marry it with
your business future-proof and
                                         Forward’s support. Caroline provided      sustainability and appreciate how
reduce your carbon footprint’, to
                                         lots of useful information about the      they work together. There was a lot
provide an opportunity for our
                                         regulations and procedures on             to take in, it’s a huge subject, I think
suppliers to find out about the
                                         running the event and the extra           both a Sustainability Manager and a
‘green’ guidance and support
                                         resources meant we could have             Contracts Manager from each Trust
available in both in Sheffield and
                                         greater promotional coverage,             would benefit from attending future
nationally. The event involved
                                         formal invites were designed and          training events to demonstrate the
training and presentations on how
                                         printed and we had a broader              two are so closely linked and can
to develop green projects and
                                         spectrum of contacts to invite. It also   work well together.
prosper in a low carbon economy
                                         meant we could hold the event at          I have definitely benefitted from the
and included contributions from
                                         St. Mary’s Church and Conference          training and it has helped me
local organisations such as CO2
                                         Centre in Sheffield so we could           understand the difficulties of
Sense Yorkshire. We also
                                         accommodate more delegates and            procurement and why it’s so
incorporated an exhibition so
                                         offer lunch which helped contribute       complicated. It has equipped me
delegates could make contact with
                                         to the event’s appeal.                    with enough information such as
organisations like the Manufacturing
Advisory Service and Carwood             There is a national drive across the      whole life costing and factoring in
Commodities Ltd and learn about          NHS to reduce carbon and operate          energy costs when procuring, which
the services they offer and to           more sustainably. I believe we have a     I have been able to pass onto our
encourage local partnerships.            responsibility not just to provide        procurement team so we can share
                                         Hospital care but also to play our        our skills and procure more
The event                                part in protecting the environment, I     sustainably. I want that to be my first
                                         recommend other Trusts run a              big project; to develop this link
Over 60 suppliers attended Be
                                         similar event in order to demonstrate     further and to have a big impact on
Green, 47 of which were based in
                                         the importance of sustainability and      our sustainability agenda.”
Yorkshire and the Humber. Although

                                                                                                                              Katarina McCartney

Background                              preferred suppliers for the vast       organisations, as well as working
                                        majority of the vehicles that people   with Trusts to help them to realise
NHS CPC Drive is a new scheme
                                        could order. Although vehicles may     that the expertise or ability to
helping organisations to better
                                        be manufactured outside of the         deliver a service could come from a
manage their grey fleet use by
                                        region or even the country the         local or regional supplier.
employees. The system integrates
                                        dealerships and many associated
salary sacrifice, electronic expenses                                          I am really pleased that through
                                        suppliers and contractors to the
and an online ordering and                                                     delivering a real benefit to Trusts
                                        dealerships are within the region.
management tool.                                                               and their employees that we might
                                        In a challenging economic climate
                                                                               also be helping to benefit regional
NHS CPC Drive                           the support of regional business
                                                                               businesses and their suppliers and
Head of Fleet Services at the NHS       through an initiative like NHS CPC
CPC Julian Clarke said, “The            Drive is a welcome boost.
original concept was to offer the       In total 16 dealerships across the
members of the NHS CPC a more           region are involved in supplying
effective way of managing the way       cars to the scheme. I was keen that
employees use their own vehicles        we use regional suppliers, it makes
for work, which was identified as a     more sense than cars being
significant cost for Trusts. The        transported from outside the
scheme delivers savings to              region and it also helps to support
organisations as well as offering       regional business, which is
employees the opportunity to drive      something that we have all
a brand new fully maintained            become more aware of during our
vehicle with the added benefit that     partnership with Yorkshire
the scheme encourages the use of        Forward. Since we became
vehicles with low CO2 emissions.        involved with Yorkshire Forward it
NHS CPC Drive has also delivered        has become the routine that we
additional benefits not specific to     think about how we can help
the NHS or the employees. In            regional organisations to offer
establishing the scheme regional        products and services which make
dealerships were specified as the       them appealing to NHS

“16 dealerships across the region are
involved in supplying cars to the scheme”

                                                                                                                     Julian Clarke
Redfern Travel
“Working with Redfern Travel
has delivered tangible
benefits to the Trust”
Background                              systems, that made Redfern’s           CPC. He said; “We had already
                                        proposition attractive to NHS CPC.     proved ourselves as a supplier to the
Redfern Travel, the York-based
                                        The systems they have in place give    public sector, particularly with the
Travel Management Company, are
                                        an added guarantee of the delivery     Environment Agency, and to now
now well into the third year of a
                                        of the required service level. For     have the chance to work with the
successful Service Level Agreement
                                        example, Redfern’s booking tools       NHS is a massive opportunity for us.
(SLA) with NHS Trusts based within
                                        provide real-time access to the        Our philosophy is to give the
the Yorkshire & Humber region, for
                                        inventories of the world’s leading     customer what they want, to offer
providing rail travel management
                                        travel providers to ensure they        the best available system, and the
and booking services.
                                        always offer the most competitive      easiest to use. We are often up
The Office of Government                rates available, and their fully       against the big national and global
Commerce had initially put together     automated systems allow clients the    brands, but our commitment to the
a framework for travel services, with   opportunity to maximise efficiencies   NHS, and our other clients, and
four approved suppliers being           when booking and administering         willingness to work with them,
included for each of three              travel bookings. The system            continues to be a critical part of our
categories. NHS CPC fine tuned this     prompts the user and suggests          success”.
framework to meet the exact             alternative cheaper fare options
requirements of their Stakeholders.     wherever possible. The system also
On this basis, the SLA included a                                              A Trust’s Testimonial
                                        questions the user if a more
range of rail travel management         expensive option has been selected.    Tony Cooper, Head of Procurement,
services.                                                                      from South West Yorkshire
                                        Furthermore, the management
The SLA continues to go from                                                   Partnership NHS Foundation Trust,
                                        information that can be extracted
strength to strength with 14 Trusts                                            was one of the first to subscribe to
                                        from the system offers excellent
across the region now signed up.                                               the SLA. The system has now been
                                        reporting material. For example, we
Overall, from the 12 months to                                                 rolled out to all the PA’s in the Trust.
                                        know how much has been spent,
August 2009, a saving of 19%, over                                             He said; “Working with Redfern
                                        how much has been saved and how
£92,000, has been seen across all                                              Travel has delivered tangible
                                        much in terms of potential savings
rail travel spend in the 14 Trusts                                             benefits to the Trust. As well as the
                                        has been missed. In addition, Trusts
covered by the SLA.                                                            substantial cost savings, we now
                                        can also be provided with Carbon
Redfern Travel pride themselves on                                             have more control of the process
                                        Emission details based on journey
high levels of customer service and                                            across the whole organisation. The
                                        length and type.
professionalism. These standards are                                           audit trails are extremely effective
underlined by their accreditations                                             and the system is very transparent”.
and affiliations which provide both     Working with the NHS                   He adds; “The management
peace of mind and assurance of                                                 information is accurate and because
                                        John Richmond, Contracts Manager,
service delivery.                                                              the system is so robust, it reduces
                                        from Redfern Travel was delighted
                                                                               the risk of abuse and demonstrates
It was credentials such as these, as    to secure the work and to establish
                                                                               good value for money”.
well as sophisticated booking           a working relationship with NHS
“...a slicker, quicker and
streamlined approach for
our procurement activity”

Background                                 Becoming a member of NHS CPC             NHS CPC Plus achieves a slicker,
                                           Plus enables suppliers to access         quicker and streamlined approach
Feedback from Trusts has shown
                                           online tools to help them promote        for all low value procurement
that it can be difficult to source
                                           their business, including a free full    opportunities.”
certain types of suppliers, let alone
                                           page advert in the Directory,
find the three quotes necessary for
                                           provding relevant information about
most governance arrangements.                                                       A Suppliers Testimonial
                                           their organisation. A link to this
NHS CPC Plus is a web-based                page is visible against every bid a      Suppliers like using NHS CPC Plus,
marketplace. The platform was              supplier submist.                        because it allows them to see
originally designed as a direct                                                     opportunities that they otherwise
                                           NHS CPC Plus provides ongoing
response to NHS CPC’s partnership                                                   might not have heard about. As part
                                           training and guidance documents
with Yorkshire Forward to bring                                                     of the promotional work for their
                                           for members to provide an insight
together Trusts and suppliers in the                                                stakeholder engagement event,
                                           into how an NHS Trust evaluates
Yorkshire and Humber region. As a                                                   Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS)
                                           and selects the winning bid.
result of the success of the system                                                 wanted to showcase various aspects
regionally and considerable interest                                                of their Patient Transport Services
from Trusts in other areas NHS CPC         A Trust’s Testimonial                    (PTS) provision. After the initial
has now decided to roll out the                                                     round of tendering, YAS shortlisted
concept on a national level.               Andrew Holland, Supplies Manager
                                                                                    three companies from the original
                                           and Mark Turner, acting Head of
NHS CPC Plus allows access to live                                                  twelve and invited them to their
                                           Procurement at Humber NHS
tenders and the opportunity to                                                      offices in Wakefield for a
                                           Foundation Trust, have been using
submit quotations. It enables Trusts                                                face-to-face pitch and presentation.
                                           NHS CPC Plus for over a year;
to access a vast pool of suppliers                                                  Visualis Video Productions were
and provides suppliers with the            "The system saves me valuable time,      chosen as the preferred supplier
opportunity to find out about the          as I only need to submit one request     after a very professional pitch.
lower value work within the NHS            instead of obtaining individual
                                                                                    Andrew Moore, Managing Director
that they may not have previously          quotes from numerous suppliers.
                                                                                    at Visualis, was thrilled to work with
been aware of.                             I have made savings in various           an NHS organisation again, he said;
                                           categories, in particular office         “NHS CPC Plus has given us an
                                           supplies and IT hardware. NHS CPC        opportunity that we would not have
                                           Plus also allows me to look back         known about otherwise. To work
NHS CPC Plus works to ensure               over past tenders, give feedback to      with YAS is great on two fronts, we
Trusts receive competitive quotations      suppliers as well as benchmark for       get to work with a prestigious client,
for their products and services. It will   future purchases.                        and we are able to play a part in
test the marketplace whilst                                                         helping the NHS help the millions of
                                           It’s useful for regional suppliers and
encouraging fair competition and                                                    people they serve. We look forward
                                           facilitates a way into NHS supplying.
competitive pricing and can be used                                                 to other similar opportunities in the
                                           There are no geographic restrictions
for everything below OJEU value.                                                    future”.
                                           with NHS CPC Plus but it has
A quotation request will go to an          increased visibility in our regional
array of suppliers within the              area, NHS CPC are proactive in
specified sector allowing the user to      Yorkshire and Humber to link
set the timescale and view all             providers up.
submitted bids at once.

                                                                                                                             Shafiq Rehman, NHS CPC Account Manager
Legal Seminars
“...this extra resource from
NHS CPC is invaluable”

Background                              a procurement process. The regular    something we need to pay for or if
                                        legal seminars run by NHS CPC         we can source it ourselves.
NHS CPC regularly runs legal
                                        provide relevant, valuable
seminars for members to attend                                                The seminars create a forum to
                                        information, which puts us in a
and receive specialist legal advice                                           discuss current issues, hot topics
                                        strong position to advise and
and support. Seminar subjects                                                 and share best practice, it’s a
                                        enable stakeholders to make
include; World Class                                                          fantastic opportunity to keep up to
                                        informed decisions, providing the
Commissioning and the NHS; The                                                date and network with
                                        best procurement outcomes and
NHS Constitution and Legal                                                    procurement colleagues across the
                                        minimising the risk of legal
Challenge; The post-Election NHS                                              region. Personally it has given me
Landscape; Where can                                                          access to training, which if we had
Procurement Go Wrong?;                  The advice is not only important to   to fund would have come at
Transparency and the                    my own Trust but particularly to      considerable cost. I keep a record
Commissioning Agenda for the            the PCTs in respect of their          of all the training I have received
NHS 2011.                               commissioning activity. The legal     from NHS CPC in my Personal
                                        advice is invaluable in order to      Development Record (PDR)
                                        establish if they need to go tender   because the training really does
A Trust’s Testimonial                   and outline the processes they        contribute to my professional
Mark Turner is acting Head of           need to go through etc. As a direct   development. In addition to the
Procurement at Humber NHS               result of the advice and guidance     importance of the information the
Foundation Trust. Within Mark’s         that has been disseminated            seminars provide they also provide
remit is the provision of services to   through NHS CPC legal seminars,       the opportunity for regional
PCTs; NHS Hull, NHS East Riding of      on subjects such as TUPE and the      contact and central point of
Yorkshire and also the provider         new Remedies Directive, I regularly   reference.”
side of Hull City Healthcare            amend and update the advice we
Partnership.                            give to stakeholders based on the
                                        knowledge I have gained.
Mark has attended several NHS
                                        Cascading the information down
CPC legal seminars and particularly
                                        to PCTs enables me to make the
values the advice and support they
                                        most of the training and I also
provide; “Independently accessing
                                        maintain a library of resources
training can be very expensive and
                                        collected at the seminars as a
this extra resource from NHS CPC
                                        repository of information for the
is invaluable. People frequently
                                        whole department to refer to. If
come to us for advice on legal
                                        we need further guidance I am
matters and how best to approach
                                        well placed to recognise if it’s

                                                                                                                    Mark Turner

Background                            therefore how valuable the
                                      training was. We also received
Mick Young Head of Service                                                 NHS CPC also made us aware of
                                      individual support from Kath
Development at NHS Bradford and                                            running events such as bidder
                                      Bretton, Purchased Healthcare
Airedale does not come from a                                              information days for contracts.
                                      Category Specialist at NHS CPC,
procurement background so                                                  These are an excellent tool to help
                                      and her guidance was particularly
undertook procurement training to                                          make local suppliers aware of the
                                      helpful with the care homes
rise to the challenge of their care                                        opportunities available for them
                                      project. Unfortunately we can’t
home project.                                                              within the NHS and also to make
                                      have Kath with us five days a week
                                                                           us aware of the services they can
                                      so I think we do need to invest
                                                                           provide. We are increasingly
The training                          more in our procurement skills
                                                                           working collaboratively with the
“Instead of creating a large                                               local councils on projects and
procurement team our Trust            The training and knowledge           sharing our knowledge base and
encourages each individual to get     acquired has changed our             buying power. In a Trust without a
involved as and when procurement      approach to procurement projects.    procurement team, access to the
work comes along. In order to         I have a better understanding of     individual support from NHS CPC is
equip me with the necessary skills    the processes involved and I can     great help but becoming involved
and knowledge to undertake            make an informed decision about      with the training equips us with
projects such as our care homes       whether we need to involve an        skills to manage the smaller
contract for intermediate care I      external party such as NHS CPC or    projects ourselves.”
attended a procurement training       whether we can manage it
event hosted by NHS CPC. I went       ourselves. The information I have
in there without any knowledge of     received has been a valuable tool
the procurement processes or          and I have gone on to achieve my
Pre-Qualification Questionnaires      PRINCE2 accreditation.
(PQQs) and the training I received    There are so many laws and
was excellent. It was quite intense   legislation surrounding
and I think it would be improved      procurement, the training helped
further if NHS CPC could extend it    me get to grips with it and I have
over a longer period of training.     maintained a library of all the
Some colleagues were                  documents I received as a resource
overwhelmed by the level of work      for the whole department to refer
involved and it made me realise       to and I encourage others to do
how important procurement is and      the same.

                                                                                                                 Mick Young
John Wallace
A unique perspective on NHS CPC and the
impact of the Yorkshire Forward project

Background                            When I moved to the NHS CPC the        Not only has the overriding
                                      difference was palpable. The whole     attitude that regional purchasing
John Wallace, Procurement Director
                                      organisation had a regional focus      has real benefits been embraced
at NHS CPC, wanted to share his
                                      which demonstrated itself in both      by NHS CPC employees and led to
experience of working in different
                                      obvious and less obvious ways.         an increase in the number of
regional procurement organisations
                                                                             regional suppliers who are, in turn,
and to discuss the impact the
                                                                             able to apply for NHS work, it has
Yorkshire Foward project has had      The Yorkshire Forward project          also meant that more suppliers
on NHS CPC and the procurement
                                      Yorkshire Forward Project Manager      have come into the market for the
processes within Yorkshire and
                                      at NHS CPC, Caroline                   supply of certain goods and
                                      Carter-Smith, was undertaking a        services. This has increased
“I joined NHS CPC towards the end     range of very visible activities to    competition and is therefore
of 2010 as the Yorkshire Forward      encourage regional and local           helping NHS organisations to save
project was entering its final few    suppliers to view bidding and          money on the items they need.
months of activity. Having            supplying to the NHS as something
previously worked for the East        that they were capable of
Midlands equivalent of the NHS        achieving. She was also talking to
                                                                             A culture change
CPC I have a rather unique            NHS employees about how they           The NHS has ten regional
perspective on the ways in which      could procure more locally and the     procurement organisations
buying locally has been viewed and    advantages that that could give to     nationally but Yorkshire and the
implemented across two                organisations. This work was a key     Humber has the only organisation
comparable organisations.             part of the project and was the        that is committed to helping and
Re:source-CPH, the East Midlands      tangible, practical and very real      supporting the drive for regional
NHS procurement organisation was      benefit that that was been             development. The NHS CPC and
roughly the same size as the NHS      delivered.                             Yorkshire Forward project has
CPC and provided procurement                                                 helped to foster a culture change
                                      The less obvious but equally as
services to NHS organisations. The                                           in which NHS CPC employees as
                                      important aspect of the project,
main driver for the organisation                                             well as NHS employees from across
                                      was the way in which the concept
was obviously to develop contracts                                           the region think more about where
                                      of buying regionally was
with suppliers that offered NHS                                              there goods and services come
                                      embedded in each employee’s
organisations the opportunity to                                             from, they factor in sustainability
                                      approach to their work. The
purchase goods and services at a                                             and environmental impact and the
                                      difference between NHS CPC and
cost they would struggle to achieve                                          importance of keeping NHS spend
                                      re:source on this issue materialised
on their own. Throughout my time                                             within the region. Sometimes
                                      in all sorts of ways. Although, as
there the concept of buying from                                             items do have to come from
                                      an organisation, we could not
within the region or making a                                                outside the region but a significant
                                      positively discriminate against
positive effort to encourage                                                 amount of the goods and services
                                      suppliers outside of the region, at
regional suppliers to bid for                                                needed to deliver quality
                                      all levels the procurement teams
contracts never got a mention.                                               healthcare are available through
                                      talked about how they could make
                                                                             regional suppliers.”
                                      it easier for and encourage
                                      regional suppliers to apply.

                                                                                                                    John Wallace

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