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									       Research Fair Committee                  The Graduate and Professional Student
     Liz Shockey, Committee Chair               Government at the University of North
    Sarah Khan, Vice Chair of Judges                Carolina at Charlotte presents
 Jennifer McGee, Vice Chair of Logistics
  Paul McDaniel, Vice Chair of Sessions
Mohamed Saad, Vice Chair of Technology
                                                         The 11th Annual
  Bethany Salyers, Vice Chair of Posters
Adrianna Coley, Vice Chair of Marketing

         Administrative Support
  Katherine Hall-Hertel, GPSG Advisor
  Casey Hurst, SAFC Business Manager
   Coren O’Hara, The Graduate School
  Karla Stanchina, The Graduate School

     Kashif Sharif, GPSG President
Jerome Stewart, Graduate School Assistant

              Our Sponsors:
                                                      Saturday, February 26, 2011
                                                University of North Carolina at Charlotte
                                                              Atkins Library

A very special thanks to Keihly Moore for her
 design of the Graduate Research Fair logo.
Notes      The Graduate Research Fair
                     At UNC Charlotte

        Each year, the Vice President of the Graduate
        and Professional Student Government at UNC
        Charlotte is responsible for the planning and
        implementation of the annual Graduate
        Research Fair.
        The Research Fair is a cross disciplinary spring
        event intended to showcase the work of UNC
        Charlotte’s finest graduate students.
        This year, I have been blessed with an
        extraordinarily competent and motivated
        committee. The result has been a Research Fair
        of unprecedented success. It is my hope that
        Research Fairs in coming years will build upon
        this year’s successes to accommodate UNC
        Charlotte’s talented and growing body of
        graduate student researchers.

        Elizabeth Shockey
        Research Fair Committee Chair
        GPSG Vice President
        M.A. Candidate, Urban/Regional Analysis
                                                                             Schedule of Events

                                                                Registration Opens            10:00

                                                                Session I                     10:30-11:30

                                                                Poster Judging Session        11:00-12:40

                                                                Session II                    11:40-12:40

                                                                Lunch                         12:40-1:20

                                                                Session III                   1:20-2:20

                                                                Session IV                    2:30-4:00

                                                                Cocktail Hour                 3:30-4:20
           UNC Charlotte Student Volunteers
Registration               Poster Competition                   Awards Ceremony               4:30-5:30
Cathy Howell               Ashley Farley
Huifang Zuo                Anna Bawtinhimer
Joyden McKiver             Jasmine Patterson
Monique Bryant                                                  Reception                     5:30-6:30
Caitlin Vaverek            Directional Assistance
Elizabeth Unruh            Ray Atkinson (lead)
Jane Shumski               Lauren Slawsky   Jay Fullenwider
                           Rosie Maltba     Christine Edwards
Liaisons to Technician     Tara Bengle      Ame Esterline
Autumn Clanton             Krupal Amin      Ashleigh Anthony
Ryan James                 Judith Walsh
                                                          Awards Ceremony
                                                           Library Main Atrium

          Prize Categories
1st and 2nd Place Prizes Awarded in Each
                                           Welcome                                Liz Shockey
                                           Acknowledgements                GPSG Vice President
                Biology                                               Research Committee Chair

          Nanoscale Science                Keynote Address                    Dr. Brett Tempest
                                                                Asst Professor, Civil Engineering
 Public Policy/Organizational Science
                                           Awards                               Dr. Joan Lorden
          Computer Science                 Presentation                                  Provost

            Health Sciences                                                 Dr. Tom Reynolds
                                                                     Dean, The Graduate School
                                                                           Dr. Robert Wilhelm
  Physical Geography/Earth Sciences                                          Executive Director,
                                                                     Charlotte Research Institute
          Human Geography
                                                                                 Stanley Wilder
           Multidisciplinary                                                 University Librarian
                                           Adjournment                            Kashif Sharif
     Posters: Biology/Chemistry                                                  GPSG President

      Posters: Multidisciplinary
                                                                                           Session I
A Special Thank You to Our Poster Competition Judges
               Dr. Sandraluz Lara-Cinisomo
                      Dr. Paul Fitchett
                    Dr. Nancy Gutierrez
                    Dr. Susan McCarter
                                                              Biology I                                                    Room 271
                      Dr. Clifton Scott
           Stanley Wilder, University Librarian
                                                              Rita Bagwe: Effect of cadmium and seasonality on critical    10:30-10:50
                                                              temperatures of aerobic metabolism in eastern oysters

        Cocktail Hour                  3:30-4:30              Samantha Furr:: Novel cytosolic viral sensor DAI mediates    10:50-11:10
                                                              inflammatory glial responses to HSV-1
        Reception                      5:30-6:30
                                                              Nirav Shah: Ribavirin against negative strand RNA viruses:   11:10-11:30
         You must show proof of age                           mechanisms of action
            to consume alcohol.                               Judged By: Dr. Banita Brown, Dr. Didier Dreau, Dr.
                                                              Mathew Parrow

                                                              Moderated By: Maka Tsulukidze, Hualiu Yang
               Keynote Speaker
                 Dr. Brett Tempest
Dr. Brett Tempest is an Assistant Professor in the Depart-
ment of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Uni-       Nanoscale Science I                                          Room 273
versity of North Carolina at Charlotte. His research inter-
ests include sustainable construction materials, concrete     Ryan Hefti: Tracking Molecular Motors by Fast Scanning       10:30-10:50
material properties, geopolymer cement concretes and          Confocal Microscopy
green building systems. Dr. Tempest received his under-
graduate degree from UNC Chapel Hill and graduate de-         Kevin Major: Fluorescence quenching of CdSe quantum          10:50-11:10
                                                              dots via palladium nanoparticles
grees in engineering from UNC Charlotte. Prior to begin-
ning doctoral study he spent two years in the AmeriCorps      Judged By: Dr. Ian Ferguson, Dr. Marguerite Doman
National Civilian Community Corps as a corpsmember and
team leader. Following this national service, he worked as    Moderated By: Yudo Anggoro, Judith Gamboa
construction manager in South India where he coordinated
the construction of housing for people affected by the 2004
Indian Ocean Tsunami. Dr. Tempest is active in the local
community and currently manages the Irwin Creek Com-
munity Garden in West Charlotte.
                                   Session I                                                             Poster Competition
                                  10:30-11:30                                                          Open for Viewing at 1:00
                                                                                        All posters displayed in Main Library Gallery

Education I                                                           Room 124      Poster Session B: Multidisciplinary

Ryan Welsh: Brave New Worlds of Pedagogical Possibilities             10:30-10:50   Frank Bates: Implications of Vertical Farming within the           Architecture
in Theory and Practice                                                              Urban Food Network

Christopher Rivera: Teaching English vocabulary to culturally         10:50-11:10
and linguistically diverse students with low incidence disabilities                 Terry Floyd: Culture of (dis)placement: intangible and             Architecture
                                                                                    tangible transformations of the Japanese American built
Christie Sullivan: A Synthesis of the Movement toward                 11:10-11:30   environment
Single-Sex Education in Public Schools
                                                                                    Brandon Blue: Evaluation of Urban Stream Temperature Dy-           Earth
Judged By: Dr. Lynn Ahlgrim-Delzell, Dr. Cynthia Wolf-                              namics in Response to the Spatial Arrangement of Impervious        Sciences
                                                                                    Surfaces Within Catchments Located in the City of Winston-Salem
Johnson, Dr. Wei Zhao

Moderated By: Whalen Dillon, Monica Dorning                                         Melissa Hudson: Using Shared Story Reading and Biog-    Special
                                                                                    raphies to Promote Comprehension for Students with Mod- Education
                                                                                    erate and Severe Developmental Disabilities

                                                                                    Jenni Cease-Cook: Effects of classroom simulation using static     Special
                                                                                    picture prompts on teaching students with disabilities to make a   Education
                                                                                    purchase with a debit card and track their expenses
Engineering I                                                         Room 125
                                                                                    Elisabeth Grim: Thermodynamic Structure of Vertically              Earth Sciences
Prasanna Kusan: Development of a Methodology to Esti-                 10:30-10:50   Sheared Tropical Cyclones
mate Link Level Travel based on Spatial Gravity Principles

Ipsita Acharya: Fault-Tolerant Dense Sensor Arrays for                10:50-11:10   Seth Brazell: Timing of Post-LGM deglaciation of the Cen- Geology
Continuous Monitoring and Stimulation of the Human Brain                            tral Conejos River Valley, Southern San Juan Mountains,
Muhammed Safeer Khan: On Modeling Acoustic Propaga-                   11:10-11:30
tion in Underground Conduits                                                        Jessica Groleau: The Role of Centrality of Events in Post-         Health
                                                                                    traumatic Distress and Posttraumatic Growth                        Psychology
Judged By: Dr. Tsing-Hua Her, Dr. Richard Jew, Dr.
Ronald E. Smelser
                                                                                    Simone Wilson Salandy: Career Phase of Board Certified Health Services
Moderated By: Tomas Vaclavik, Ramon Concepcion                                      General Surgeons: Workload Composition and Outcomes Research

                                                                                    Sarah Khan: Framing and Narrow Framing Effects in IT               Information
                                                                                    Investment Decisions: The Case of IT Real Options                  Technology

                                                                                    Christy Hicks: Teaching Students with Intellectual Dis-            Special
                                                                                    abilities to Use and Respond to Prepositions                       Education
                  Poster Competition                                                                      Session I
                Open for Viewing at 1:00                                                                 10:30-11:30
    All posters displayed in Main Library Gallery

Poster Session A: Biology and Chemistry                                   Physical Geography/Earth Sciences I                              Room 126

Dahlia Besmer: Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma               Biology     Sarah Haas: Landscape epidemiology of species diversity          10:30-10:50
(PDA) mice lacking Mucin 1 have a profound defect in                      effects on disease risk in a multihost plant pathogen invasion
tumor growth and metastasis
                                                                          Alexander Hohl: Go with the flow: Hydrological connec-           10:50-11:10
Brett Froelich: High Salinity-induced loss of Vibrio vulni-   Biology     tivity influences the dispersal of an invasive forest pathogen
ficus populations in North Carolina oysters
                                                                          Judged By: Dr. Tammy Beck, Dr, Suzanne Boyd, Dr.
                                                                          Shelley Listwan
Elizabeth Warner: Ethanol promotes diethylnitrosamine-        Biology
initiated hepatocarcinogenesis in male but not female                     Moderated By: Melissa Duscha, Pilar Zuber

Ryan Fawcett: Phylogeny and Chloroplast Loss in the           Biology
Dinoflagellate Esoptrodinium sp., previously reported
only in Europe

Krista Ricci: Hypoxia inducing factor alpha expression        Biology
and breast cancer cell migration
                                                                          Human Geography I                                                Room 143
Amritha Kidiyoor: Pancreatic tumor cells that develop         Biology
within Muc1 knock-out mice generate less immunosup-                       Ryan James: Where is the South? Using beta Convergence           10:30-10:50
pressive MDSCs in vitro                                                   to Define a Fuzzy Region

Sritama Nath: Oncogenic role of MUC1 in context of TGF-       Biology     Tara Bengle: The Efficacy of Community Gardens to Foster         10:50-11:10
946; production and signaling in pancreatic cancer                        Sustainable Neighborhoods

                                                                          Laura Coppola: Concentrated Poverty and the Effect it has on     11:10-11:30
Shawn Ridlen: Synthesis and Characterization of               Chemistry   Student Achievement on North Carolina Standardized Tests
Charged Dinuclear Ruthenium Coordination Complexes
                                                                          Judged By: Dr. Janet Levy, Dr. James McGavran, Dr. Lisa
Tiffany Meyers: Synthesis and characterization of gly-        Chemistry
coluril8722;derived molecular tweezers with fluorinated                   Moderated By: Derek Morrell, Karen Okhoya
naphthalene pincer sidewalls

Jessica Hanley: Synthesis and reactivity of a new mixed-      Chemistry
donor ligand

Sebastian Iarion: Hydrogen sulfide is an important me-        Chemistry
diator of hepatic vascular response in endotoxemia

Jonathon Maner: Coordination chemistry of functional-         Chemistry
ized mercaptoimidazoles
                            Session II                                                                   Session IV
                            11:40-12:40                                                                     2:30-3:50

Biology II                                                      Room 271      Public Policy/Organizational Science II                        Room 126

Kaveh Daneshvar: Various levels of gene regulation by           11:40-12:00   Alexandra Tsvetkova: Local effects of innovation on firm       2:30-2:50
Myc                                                                           survival: evidence from health care services, computer and
                                                                              electronic product manufacturing, and motion picture, video,
Bhawana Bariar: A novel study to demonstrate the direct         12:00-12:20   and sound recording industry
correlation between the chemotherapeutic drug etoposide
and an illegitimate genome rearrangement common in ther-                      Petra Porter: Whose Death Is It Anyway? Health Care Ex-        2:50-3:10
apy-related leukemia                                                          penditures, Do Not Resuscitate and Religiosity

Joshua Stokell: Metagenomic Analysis of Microbiota in           12:20-12:40   Jason Giersch: Evidence of State Teachers' Unions Losing       3:10-3:30
Response to Antibiotics in Cystic Fibrosis                                    Ground

Judged By: Dr. Banita Brown, Dr. Didier Dreau, Dr.                            Holly Whisman: Protest Participation and its Determinants      3:30-3:50
Mathew Parrow

Moderated By: Maka Tsulukidze, Hulaliu Yang                                   Judged By: Dr. Lynn Ahlgrim-Delzell, Dr. Cynthia Wolf-
                                                                              Johnson, Dr. Wei Zhao

                                                                              Moderated By: Jerome Stewart, Laura Coppola
Nanoscale Science II                                            Room 273

Michael Forney: The effect of surface stresses when fabri-      11:40-12:00
cating carbon nanotube based NEMS actuators and sensors
                                                                              Biology III                                                    Room 143
Jeffrey Alston: Isothermal titration calorimetry: A technique   12:00-12:20
for probing the binding interactions of nanomaterials
                                                                              Omera Mattoo: Temperature dependent activity of car-           2:30-2:50
                                                                              bonic anhydrase in tissues of three marine bivalves
Sharonda Johnston: Excited State Dynamics of Nanocrystals       12:20-12:40
under an Applied Electric Field
                                                                              Stephen Rego: Breast tumor microenvironment soluble            2:50-3:10
                                                                              TNFR concentrations alter the migration of M2 macrophages
Judged By: Dr. Ian Ferguson, Dr, Marguerite Doman
                                                                              Whitney Ellefson: Androgenization Increases Alcohol-           3:10-3:30
                                                                              Induced Liver Injury and is Abrogated by Estrogen
Moderated By: Yudo Anggora, Judith Gamboa
                                                                              Gregory Benedetto: The role of pif-1 protein during repair     3:30-3:50
                                                                              of DNA damage and genomic stability

                                                                              Judged By: Dr. Banita Brown, Dr. Didier Dreau, Dr.
                                                                              Mathew Parrow

                                                                              Moderated By: Derek Morrell, Pilar Zuber
                           Session IV                                                                  Session II
                              2:30-3:50                                                                11:40-12:40

Multidisciplinary III                                         Room 124    Education II                                                     Room 124

Mary Ann Ralph: Information Communication Technology          2:30-2:50   Jennifer McGee: Guiding Teachers in the use of a Stan-           11:40-12:00
Use Within State Social Welfare Programs                                  dards-Based Mathematics Curriculum: Teacher Perceptions
                                                                          and Subsequent Instructional Practices after an Intensive
Rachel Austin: The Sexualization of Jordanian Culture: Ver-   2:50-3:10   Professional Development Program
bal & Non-verbal Expression of Sexuality in Online Commu-
nities and in the media                                                   Shannon Alpert: Managing Research Projects: An Examina-          12:00-12:20
                                                                          tion of Assistant Professors' Practices
Judged By: Dr. Jan Hinson, Dr. Alan Rauch, Dr. Liyaun
Cao                                                                       Laura Hart: Sugar and Spice, Snake and Snails: Using Gen-        12:20-12:40
                                                                          der Based Learning Strategies for Effective Teaching
Moderated By: Tomas Vaclavik, Ramon Concepcion
                                                                          Judged By: Dr. Lynn Ahlgrim-Delzell, Dr. Cynthia Wolf-
                                                                          Johnson, Dr. Wei Zhao

                                                                          Moderated By: Whalen Dillon, Monica Dorning

Engineering III                                               Room 125    Multidisciplinary I                                              Room 125

Kushal Datta: Design Space Exploration of Power-Efficient     2:30-2:50   Brian Richards: Wait, I just signed up for what job?: using      11:40-12:00
Embedded Heterogeneous Multi-Threading Many-core Proc-                    strategic ambiguity, building value, and the sunk cost effect
essor Architect                                                           to recruit workers for less desirable jobs

Elisa Hurwitz: Thermopower Study of GaN-Based Materials       2:50-3:10   Morgan Smalls: Is he Praying for Patriarchy?: A Feminist         12:00-12:20
for Next-Generation Thermoelectric Devices and Applica-                   Critique of Jaron and The Long Road to Love’s “Pray for You"
Gavarthi Moorthy: Electrical properties of conductive         3:10-3:30
                                                                          Jeffrey Scott: Digital Feedback Ecologies: Ecological Intelli-   12:20-12:40
                                                                          gence as Responsive Design
metal/ insulating shell nanocluster array

Judged By: Dr. Tsing-Hua Her, Dr. Richard Jew, Dr.                        Judged By: Dr. Jan Hinson, Dr. Alan Rauch, Dr. Lijuan
Ronald E. Smelser

Moderated By: Maka Tsulukidze, Amos Gong                                  Moderated By: Tomas Vaclavik, Ramon Concepcion
                              Session II                                                                     Session IV
                              11:40-12:40                                                                       2:30-3:50

Physical Geography/Earth Sciences II                                Room 126      Health Sciences II                                           Room 271

Brian Hays: Offshore environmental Differences Between              11:40-12:00   Samuel Baker: Strategies to Remedy the Shortage of Physi-    2:30-2:50
Tornadic and Non-Tornadic Tropical Cyclones                                       cians in Rural Areas

Olanrewaju Sanusi: Leaching of oxyanion forming ele-                12:00-12:20   Zhanna David: The effects of brief yogic breathing in        2:50-3:10
ments from fly ash based geopolymer                                               stress, fatigue, and cognition

Judged By: Dr. Tammy Beck, Dr. Suzanne Boyd, Dr.                                  Eboni Winford: Affect and Religious Coping among Reli-       3:10-3:30
Shelley Listwan                                                                   gious Individuals: Is the Emphasis Appropriately Placed?

Moderated By: Melissa Duscha, Pilar Zuber                                         Linda McWhorter: The Effects of Brief Relaxation on Needle

                                                                                  Judged By: Dr. Tammy Beck, Dr. Suzanne Boyd, Dr.
                                                                                  Shelley Listwan

                                                                                  Moderated By: Thad Dixon, Alexander Hohl

Human Geography II                                                  Room 143      Computer Science II                                          Room 125

Elizabeth Delmelle: Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Urban               11:40-12:00   Scott Spurlock: Combining Automated and Interactive Vis-     2:30-2:50
Neighborhood Quality of Life Dynamics                                             ual Analysis of Biomechanical Motion Data

Kailas Venkitasubramanian: Modeling Container Port                  12:00-12:20   Nhat Nguyen: Tracking Colliding Cells in Vivo Microscopy     2:50-3:10
Selection in Developing Economies: Advancing a Condi-                             Video
tional Logit Approach
                                                                                  Carl Arrington: Using a Virtual Game Show to Improve         3:10-3:30
                                                                                  Performance and Retention in Computer Science
Amr Ali: The Influences of Urban Forms on The Energy Consump-       12:20-12:40
tion: A Demand-Side Forecasting Method for Housing Energy Scenar-
ios                                                                               Kieran Jordine: Detecting Elements of Culture Bias through   3:30-3:50
                                                                                  Situational Simulations with Virtual Humans

Judged By: Dr. Janey Levy, Dr. James McGavran, Dr. Lisa                           Judged By: Dr. Ian Ferguson, Dr. Marguerite Doman

Moderated By: Derek Morrell, Karen Okhoya                                         Moderated By: Whalen Dillon, Elizabeth Delmelle
                            Session III                                                         Lunch
                               1:20-2:20                                                      12:40-1:20

Public Policy/Organizational Science I                          Room 126

Daniel Bonilla: The Buffering Effects of Volunteerism: Re-      1:20-1:40               The following campus
ducing Depression and Anxiety
                                                                                       vendors are open today:
Kate Frear: Volunteering While Unemployed: Can Working          1:40-2:00
for Free Help Buffer the Stress of Unemployment?                            In Atkins:
David Askay: If You Can’t Say Anything Nice: Material Fea-      2:00-2:20      Library Café (on the ground floor)
tures of Technology Contributing to a Spiral of Silence in an               Coffee, tea, soups, sandwiches.
Online Feedback System

Judged By: Dr. Lynn Ahlgrim-Delzell, Dr. Cynthia Wolf-                      In the Student Union:
Johnson, Dr. Wei Zhao                                                           Wendy’s
Moderated By: Jerome Stewart, Laura Coppola                                 Burgers, chicken, fries.
                                                                            Coffee, pastries.
                                                                                Crown Commons (2nd floor)
Human Geography III                                             Room 143    All-you-can eat with salad, soups, pizza, subs.
Monica Dorning: Simulating Land Change Scenarios To             1:20-1:40
Resolve Urbanization-Conservation Conflicts At The Edge of

Kunwar Singh: Fusion of liDAR and landsat Imagery for Re-       1:40-2:00
gional Analysis of Land Use along Urban-Rural Gradients

Onyewuchi Obirieze: Multidimensional Analyses of Urban          2:00-2:20
Sprawl in Mecklenburg County

Judged By: Dr. Janet Levy, Dr. James McGavran, Dr. Lisa

Moderated By: Derek Morrell, Pilar Zuber
                            Session III                                                                  Session III
                               1:20-2:20                                                                    1:20-2:20

Health Sciences I                                                Room 271    Multidisciplinary II                                            Room 124

Elizabeth Radcliff: Opportunities to Improve Quality of          1:20-1:40   Hilary Miller: Finding the "shortest and best connection of     1:20-1:40
Care for Children with Spina Bifida                                          practical grounds": the National Road and Washington

Taylor Yhenneko: Associations between access to primary          1:40-2:00   Judith Gamboa: The Victorian Discovery of Buddhism: The         1:40-2:00
health care and socioeconomic disparities in infant mortality:               Role and Impact of T. W. and C. A. F. Rhys Davids
An evidence review
                                                                             Kristin Connor: Maritornes and Questions of sex, eroticism      2:00-2:20
Judged By: Dr. Tammy Beck, Dr. Suzsanne Boyd, Dr.                            and representation in Don Quixote
Shelley Listwan
                                                                             Judged By: Dr. Jan Hinson, Dr. Alan Rauch, Dr. Lijaun
Moderated By: Thad Dixon, Alexander Hohl                                     Cao

                                                                             Moderated By: Tomas Vaclavik, Ramon Concepcion

Computer Science I                                               Room 273    Engineering II                                                  Room 125

Michael Eagle: Data-Driven Methods for Understanding             1:20-1:40   Vyahriti Joshi: A Journey from Fast-Track to Smart-Track        1:20-1:40
and Evaluating Human Learning                                                Process (Emergency Department Process Improvement in
                                                                             Healthcare Industry)
Eve Powell: Towards Using Mobile/Pervasive Technologies          1:40-2:00
to Promote Imaginative Game Play
                                                                             Gengbei Shi: The Use of Artificial Blood Strategies for Liver   1:40-2:00
Raghavi Sakpal: Virtual Indian Patient                           2:00-2:20
                                                                             Karthik Mahadevan Muthuraman Lives and times of a               2:00-2:20
                                                                             Rayleigh Taylor Bubble
Judged By: Dr. Ian Ferguson, Dr. Marguerite Doman
                                                                             Judged By: Dr. Tsing-Hua Her, Dr. Richard Jew, Dr.
Moderated By: Whalen Dillon, Elizabeth Delmelle                              Ronald E. Smelser

                                                                             Moderated By: Maka Tsulukidze, Amos Gong

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