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					DoveBid Online
by order of

Machine Tools
Surplus To
In Two Locations
Palmdale, CA and
Dallas, TX
(Grand Prairie)

Online Auction:
March 7, 2001
Beginning at 10am PT
Bidding Begins
                                        Horizontal Boring MIll and Jig Bores
Wednesday, March 7, 2001
Beginning at 10am                                                                  Shibaura Horizontal
                                                                                   4" Boring Mill, Model
ONLINE BIDDING ENDS                                                                BT-10B (P-2) 50T
March 7 at 6pm                                                                     taper/spindle Size,,
At various times starting at 6pm                                                   s/n 6910, 44" X 55"
                                                                                   Table,60" Vertical
local time (as a courtesy to bid-
ders with slower internet connec-
tions, auction closings will occur
after a 10 minute interval in
which no bidding activity has
The Preview
Tuesday, March 6, 2001
From 9am-4pm
Palmdale Preview
1011 Lockheed Way                                                                 Dixi Horizontal Jig
                                                                                  Borer, Type 750G,
Palmdale, CA 93599                                                                s/n 649, 3"
Tours conducted in groups                                                         Taper/Spindle size,
                                                                                  24" x 28" with built
Directions                                                                        in Rotary Table
From the Burbank Airport: Take
Hollywood Way going North to the
Golden State Freeway (5). Proceed
North ±8miles to Highway 14,
towards the Palmdale turn-off. Take
the 14 Freeway ±45 miles and exit at
Avenue P/Rancho Vista Blvd. Make
a right at the stop light and proceed
to Lockheed Way and make a left.
check in at the Visitors Control
Center before you go to the Guard
Station. All visitors must complete a                  Moore Jig Borer, Size #2, 4"
Buyers Notice Requirement Form.                        Taper/Spindle Size, s/n 5437,
                                                       26" x 20" Table
Texas Preview Location
By appointment only
Jack Scott 972-603-1065,
Joanna Firm    972.603.9200
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire
Control - Dallas
1401 West Marshall Dr.
Bldg. 38, North Lobby                                          For your appraisal needs,
Grand Prairie, TX 75051                                         please contact our fully
Note to buyer: All buyers who wish to                        staffed valuation department
preview assets must complete the form                              at 800.665.1043
found on Page 7 of this brochure.
                          CNC Machining Centers                                               Auctioneer’s Notice
                                                                                              We are pleased to announce
                                                                   Kearney & Trecker 3
                                                                   Axis Horizontal Mill,
                                                                                              the twenty-second auction
                                                                   Model 700,                 in a series on the behalf of
                                                                   s/n 1HGV5A-21, 50T         Lockheed Martin
                                                                   Taper/Spindle Size,
                                                                   63" x 23" Table,           Corporation. This sale will
                                                                   K & T C controller         Machine Tool Equipment
                                                                                              Surplus To Ongoing
                                                                                              Operations of two
                                                                                              Lockheed facilities. This
                                                                                              sale will feature machine
                                                                                              tool equipment including:

                                                                   Kearney & Trecker 4
                                                                                              • Horizontal Boring Mills
                                                                   Axis 2 Pallet, Model       • Jig Bores
                                                                   1015, Y-45 Tool            • CNC Machining Centers
                                                                   Changer Holders, 40t
                                                                   Taper/Spindle Size,        • Milling Machines
                                                                    s/n 8285119,              • Grinders
                                                                   24" x 24" x 24"capacity,
                                                                   “B” INF, Gemini D-17
                                                                                              • Drills
                                                                   Controller                 • Lathe
                                                                                              Please note that some
                                                                                              equipment is located in
                                                                                              Texas, so plan your preview
                                                                                              accordingly, and call for an
                                                                                              appointment. After preview
                                                                                              please see our website
                                                                                              March 7, 2001 at 10am to
                                                                                              bid on these items.

                                                                                              As a courtesy to our buyers, DoveBid
                                                                                              can provide contact information for
    Kearney & Trecker 4 Axis 2 Pallet, Model 180,   Cincinnati Vertical Profiler, Hydrotel    shipping companies that are scheduled
    Y-30 Tool Changer Holders, 50T Tape/Spindle     Retrofit, 50T Taper/Spindle Size          to attend this auction.
    Size, s/n 7180596, 20" x 20" Table,Gemini D-    s/n 79-4040939-1, 60" X 28" Table,
    17 Controller                                   Cinci Acramatic Big Blue Controller       For more information please visit the
                                                                                              DoveBid website at
                                                                                              or call Customer Care department at
    Also Available:                                                                           800.665.1042.
    • Kearney & Trecker , 3 Axis Bridge
      Mill, Model: 714-35-30, 50T Taper
      Spindle Size, s/n 2869713

                                                     Milling Machines

Kearney & Trecker Vertical Mill, Model
530TF20, 50T Taper /Spindle Sixe               Kearney & Trecker Horizontal Mill #2, 40T
s/n 3-9661, 54 x 19 x 26                       Taper/Spindle Size, 29" x 17" x 11"


Cincinnati Milacron Centerless Grinder,         Cincinnati Milacron Tool & Cutter             Cincinnati Milacron Tool & Cutter
NO-2 OM, s/n 2M2HIZ-335, 6" max                 Grinder with Surface Grinding                 Grinder with Surface Grinding
OD Stock                                        Attachments, Model 2,                         Attachments, Model 2,
                                                s/n 3252T5V-160, 48" x 12" Table              s/n ID2T65-208, 48" x 12" Table

                                                                 Upcoming DoveBid Auctions
                                                                 MARCH 6: GREAT LAKES PAPER COMPANY—(ON-LOCATION)
                                                                 Wallcovering and Lamp Shade Manufacturer. Clifton, NJ.
                                                                 MARCH 6: GKN AEROSPACE CORPORATION—(WEBCAST)
                                                                 Aerospace Equipment and Hot Presses. Carson, CA.
                                                                 MARCH 7: LOCKHEED MARTIN PALMDALE—(ONLINE) Jig Borers,
                                                                 Vertical Mills, Surface Grinders and Drills.
                                                                 MARCH 7: EQUIPMENT OF A CONSTRUCTION & DEMOLITION
                                                                 COMPANY—(ON-LOCATION) Well Maintained Equipment for the
                                                                 Demolition Industry. Redford, MI.
                                                                 MARCH 7: BY ORDER OF WEBVAN: SURPLUS ASSETS OF
                                                                 HOMEGROCER.COM—(WEBCAST) Plant Support, Material Handling
Cincinnati Universal Cyclindrical Grinder with I D               and Facility Equipment. Location Wilsonville, OR.
Attachments, 13" wheel, 12" x 40" Bed                            MARCH 7: PERSONAL COMPUTER EXCHANGE (PCX)—(ONLINE)
                                                                 New, Used, Factory and Refurbished Computer Equipment.
Some items subject to prior sale.
                                                                        For a complete list of auctions and liquidations

    DoAll Hydraulic Surface Grinder,            Excello Grinder,          Baldor Pedestal Grinder,
    Model D-10, s/n D103-4052112,               Model Center Lap          s/n W288
    30" x 10" Chuck

                                                 SPECIAL INTEREST
                                                                                              Also Available:
                                                                                              • Mayfran Chip Collector, Model:
                                                                                                33913-H, s/n 897256
                                                                                              • Downdraft Tables, 4’ x 8’, (Qty. 3)
                                                                                              • Farr Oil Mist Collector, Model:
                                                                                                D55348-304, s/n 9002

    Almco Large Tumble Burr, Model V-70,          RTC Dip Tank
    s/n J02170

                                    DRILLS                                                           LATHE

     Bickford Radial Drill Press,      Cleerman Tool Maker Drill Press,           Monarch Tool Room Lathe, 10" x 20",
     3' arm x 9" col.                  s/n T/43402                                s/n 35514

                               Bid on these items at
                                                SPECIAL INTEREST

                                                                                 DoveBid Webcast
                                                                                 Network Affiliates

Almco Small Tumble          Conrac End Finisher, Model 2CP,                  Broadcasting Auctions to Over 5
Burr, Model V-8             s/n 84604-452, 2" max OD Stock                   Million Buyers Around The World

Texas Preview Location
By appointment only                                                        
Call for appointment:
Jack Scott 972-603-1065,
Joanna Firm     972.603.9200
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire
Control - Dallas
1401 West Marshall Dr.
Bldg. 38, North Lobby
Grand Prairie, TX 75051                        Cincinnati Milacron Milling
                                               Machine, Model 5DTHP,
                                               s/n 4J5P1Z-16

        Buyer Notice
   Important Requirements:
 All buyers who wish to preview assets at
 the off-site locations must complete the
 approval form found on page 7 and fax or
 e-mail to:
   DoveBid, Attn: Shannon Watson
   Phone: 800.525.3683
   Fax: 714.374.7162
 All information is mandatory and
 must be received twenty four hours
 prior to viewing either Facility.            Colt Pratt Whitney Model 3B,
                                              Jig Bore, s/n N1695546652
 NOTICE: No foreign nationals will be
 allowed on site.
 Preview date for Palmdale:
 March 6, 2001
 9:00 am to 4:00pm
 Preview for Dallas Facility:
 By Appointment Only


     All buyers who wish to preview assets at the Lockheed Martin locations
          must complete the following form and fax or E-mail to dovebid:
                                          Attn: Shannon Watson
                                Fax: 714-374-7162 Phone: 800-525-3683

    All the following information is mandatory and must be received by close of business
                  March 6, Pacific Standard Time for Palmdale facility preview.

    For the Dallas facility, complete this form as soon as possible and submit to secure a preview appointment.


           Date of birth:__________________________________________________

           Drivers license #: _______________________________________________

           Us Citizen:        yes:__________                    no:______________

           Social Security : ________________________________________________

           Company & Address: ________________________________________________

           Phone #: __________________________              e-mail____________________________

                                             Special notice:
                              No foreign nationals will be allowed on sites

                   Preview times for Palmdale: March 6, 2001 (9:00am to 4:00pm)

                                  Preview for Dallas: By appointment only.
                         (Fill out attached form to secure a preview appointment)

                   Machine Tools Surplus To Ongoing Operations
                         In Two Locations: Palmdale, CA and Dallas, TX
                                        (Grand Prairie)