There Are Things More Critical Than Saving Money by bernyanyi


									There Are Things More Critical Than Saving Money
When you start your business, you have quite a lot to think about. One of your most significant concerns
is what kind of money everything is going to cost you. Your website is going to cost money. Buying
promotion should cost money. Hiring someone to help you manage things will cost even more money.
You might even be a little tempted to cut corners. It is more than likely that you are planning to be
trying to figure out at least a few different ways that you can cut costs but sometimes doing this can
hurt you. You could easily get very hurt. Your biggest risk comes if you let yourself violate the laws that
surround and protect copyright and intellectual property. Here are some good examples.

Taking another person's website designs. It is one thing to get a totally free theme for your website as
well as to work with a free website builder. Totally stealing another individual's layout, on the other
hand, is a seriously bad idea. Obviously the net is a giant place and it isn't very likely that the original
developer is ever going to be made aware of your theft but that doesn't mean that you should take the
chance. If you genuinely love the design and would like to use it for yourself, just contact the designer or
the owner of the website and ask for permission to either employ that design on your own site or blog
or ask the designer if he or she could put together a new design for you (be sure to ask for the price).

Using photos and graphics without permission. Just because a Yahoo and google image search presents
a graphic or photo doesn't mean that the photo or graphic is part of the public domain. Google indexes
graphics and links to the first internet site that displays it. There's no issue with this. Using the artwork
or picture on your site without obtaining permission from the creator or owner, however, is a violation
of copyright law. If the owner discovers this, you might get sued. You would be wise to obtain
permission to use the graphic before you actually put it up. You may be charged some money but it is
bound to be less than you would have to pay after getting sued. If your finances are low, you can always
look for free images or images published with the Creative Commons licenses that allow people to use
images commercially. Those are absolutely fine for the public to use.

Stealing another person's authored content. If you wish to make use of content that is not your own on
your website, you need to make sure that you give credit to the original creator of the content. If you
copy the content from another internet site, it is important to link back to that site. This will let you get
the original writer to like you. If you never put up links or offer credit to the original creator, you will get
in major trouble for copyright infringement as well as intellectual property theft. These cost a lot more
than you'd pay an individual to create original content for you or the links from your site to the original.

When you are developing your business, it is usually better to be cautious. Sure you would like to spend
less but ensure that you are using legal means for those savings. If you don’t the charge to your bottom
line is going to be much harsher than it would have been otherwise.|When you don't, the cost you will
be experiencing will be far more than it would have been otherwise.|If you don't then you certainly may
just be facing a significantly larger cost than you would have otherwise.

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