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					                               GREAT LAKES GOLDEN RETRIEVER RESCUE
                                     VOLUNTEER QUESTIONNAIRE

Welcome to the Great Lakes Golden Retriever Rescue! We are a 501(c)3 organization that relies on volunteers at all levels
throughout the State of Michigan.

After completing and submitting this form, a GLGRR representative will contact you. Thank you for your interest!


Address_______________________________________ City/Zip Code

HomePh#________________________________________Work Ph#


TRANSPORT        Pick up dog from shelter, transfer dog to veterinary office or a foster home, transport to a different region

                 I am available to transport during these hours/days __________________________________________

OTHER            (1)      Fund raising
                 (2)      Check for „free to good home‟ advertisements, check shelters in your area
                 (3)      Legal services
                 (4)      Newsletter/Mailings
                 (5)      Other skills? Please tell us more______________________________________________________

Provide care for a Golden in your home, either on a short-term or long-term basis. Bathe, groom, teach house manners,
observe for behavioral problems. Visitations at your home by potential adoptive families, complete paperwork and phone com-
munications with coordinator. Complete the following section if you will be a full service foster home.

___Own ___Rent ___House ___Condo/Townhome ___Apartment/Duplex/Triplex ___Mobile Home___Farm/Ranch ___Other
LOCATION           ___corner ___cul de sac ___mid-block ___near busy street/freeway ___dead end
INSURANCE          ___Homeowners umbrella policy ___Renters policy
CITY/COUNTY How many dogs does your city / county allow? _____
YARD ______full fence - Is fenced area attached to house?_______ If not, how will dog get to fenced area? _____________
___partial fence ___padlocks ___tie out/trolley ___how long? ___underground fence ___kennel ___small fenced run
___no fence but I am able to confine a dog to my property by_____________________________________________________
Can strangers gain access from the street?___________________________________________________________________
How will you contain your Golden in the front yard when gardening or chatting with neighbors?
If you were to go away for a short time on a nice day, where would the foster Golden be?
GARAGE             ___insulated ___heated ___attached ___not attached
BASEMENT           ___yes ___no

_____ cable tie-out __________________ how long? _______crate
_____ baby gate _____box fan ____halter-type collar ____choke chain ____prong collar ___other (_____________________)
What type of toys and chew toys would you give your foster Golden?
What would you not give your foster Golden?

What foods are toxic to dogs?
What are some common health problems in Goldens?
Name and location of nearest 24-hour vet emergency clinic
Name/Address/Phone of your Veterinarian

How many hours will the foster Golden be alone during the day/night?
Have you fostered a dog before?
What obedience schools would you recommend in your area?
What would you do if your housetrained adult foster dog suddenly started having accidents in the house?

Does your spouse/life partner like dogs, support your involvement?
How many children are living at home?_______Names, ages
Ages of grandchildren or small children visiting
Besides your immediate family, are there others residing in your home?
Is anyone allergic to animals?_________________Have asthma?
Do friends or relatives visit you with their dogs?
What are your limitations in fostering Goldens?

___full time ___part time           I can be reached at work________________
Work hours:       ___traditional ___afternoons ___midnights     How many hours away from home?

How many dogs do you have now?__________Cat(s)________Other
Are any of these dogs aggressive toward humans or other dogs?
How many dogs have you owned as an adult?_______How did they die, and, at what age(s)?

Spayed/neutered________________Heartworm tested annually_________Type of preventative
Up to date on all shots?___________Licensed annually________________
Where do your dogs sleep at night?
Where would a rescue Golden sleep at night?

Do you prefer to foster a certain type of Golden, i.e., seniors, puppies, adolescents, males or females?

We don‟t always get to foster the perfect Golden. Fostering requires some level of experience with dogs and training, a sense
of adventure, perseverance, patience, communication, and a healthy sense of humor. Please describe your dog training style,
obedience training , books read, seminars you‟ve attended, personal philosophies on dogs and training.

One of the greatest needs a rescue organization has throughout the year is a separate area for dogs who have acquired “kennel
cough” (Bordatella) from shelters, or bitches in season. Kennel cough is a highly contagious airborne virus that is transmitted
from dog to dog. It has no impact on humans or cats. Dogs need to be isolated for approximately two weeks. Immunizing your
dog is strongly recommended. However with any immunization, it does not provide 100% protection. Please discuss this with
your veterinarian if you have further questions.

Isolation may be defined as a separate air space from your dog. It could be a heated garage, a laundry room or basement with
direct outdoor access. Other helpful things for an isolation area would be a portable radio, lamp, x-pen, crate and appropriate
bedding to ensure warmth or a fan to cool. Dealing with an isolation Golden adds a little work variation to your daily routine but
it is not difficult to do. If you have questions about how this could work at your home, contact your coordinator.

Yes, I can provide isolation with the following home set-up


Personal References (not related to you)



How did you hear about Great Lakes Golden Retriever Rescue and volunteering?

Please email your completed form to: or by mail to: GLGRR, PO Box 1455, Grand Rapids, MI 49501.


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