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					                           This summer we will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the opening of St
                      Leonard‟s Catholic School. Bishop Seamus will be joining us to celebrate Mass at 7pm on
                   Wednesday 20th July and we are also inviting past pupils, staff, governors, clergy and friends of
                the school to come to visit the school during the day.
            If you would like to visit school during the day on 20th July please contact Mrs J. Boyle on
        We are also gathering old photos and memorabilia for a display showing the history of the school. If
      you, or anyone you know, have any suitable artefacts please send them in or let us have copies for use in
     this way. Please mark them; “FAO Mr Campbell - 75th Anniversary Display”. Please write names and
    addresses on these items to ensure safe return.

   The school will also be holding a concert to celebrate the anniversary on Thursday 7th July at 7:30pm in the
  Sports Hall. Please see the poster in this newsletter for details of tickets.

 Mr Campbell

Climate Cops
Last July ten St Leonard‟s pupils entered nPower‟s Climate Cops SOS Competition. This national competition
was aimed at encouraging schools to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprints.
Hundreds of schools entered the competition from across the United Kingdom. Our team was short-
listed as a top 10 finalist with their „Every Drop Counts‟ idea. Their project was to install hand
sanitizers in school toilets to reduce energy and water wastage. The hand sanitizers were installed
during February half-term. Our team visited local primary schools to spread their message,
presented their ideas to the local MP and Northumbrian Water, and appeared in the
Northern Echo. They then created a film explaining how they brought their project
to life in school. They attended nPower‟s Finale Event in Birmingham on
Wednesday 4th May 2011 where they met Ben Fogle and were chosen
as runners up in the competition.
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This outstanding achievement was due to the team‟s hard work and remarkable commitment. Each pupil
won £150 worth of mountain bike vouchers and all had a fantastic day. We hope we have inspired others to
follow our example in living more sustainably and protecting our environment. I‟d like to congratulate the
following pupils on their exceptional achievement: Lakshmi Piette, Grace Coburn, Esther Bankroft, Caitlin
 McIlwraith, Collete Crilly, Christie Urwin, Kali Smith, Rhianna Sheen, Rebecca Gilling and Rebecca Turner. I‟d also
 like to thank Emily Robertshaw and Ben Casling for appearing in the final film. Special thanks go to Jamie Wilmore for
 his technical support in producing and directing the film.

 Mr Johnson

  Dates for your Diary                                                           EAR4U: ON LINE
  Year 7
   Internal Exams begin: 23rd May 2011
    Full Report to Parents: 1st July 2011
    Year 8
                                                                            You can contact EAR4U for confidential
     Internal Examinations begin: 23rd May 2011
                                                                              support and advice online. Use the
     Full Reports to Parents: 8th July 2011                                   STUDENT SUPPORT LINK on the
                                                                                      intranet or email:
      Year 9
       Internal Examinations begin: 6th June 2011
       Presentation Assembly: 6th July 2011                                 If you are having problems with friends
                                                                            or bullying drop us an email or call in to
        Full Reports to Parents: 18th July 2011                                         EN2 at lunchtime.
         Year 10
                                                                                We’re here to help
          External Exams: 8th/9th/13th/14th/22nd/23rd June 2011
           for some of the Year Group                                            End of Key Stage 4
            Internal Examinations begin: 13th June 2011                          Celebration Mass
              Work Experience: 11th July—15th July 2011
                                                                       Thank you to so many family members who
               Full Reports to Parents: 21st July 2011                 joined us on Friday 13th May to celebrate Mass
                 Year 11                                               with the Year 11 pupils. Our Mass celebrated
                                                                       the end of another stage in education and for
                    Leavers‟ Ball: Sunday 3rd July 2011                some students the end of school life. Good
                                                                       luck to all Year 11 pupils moving on to jobs,
                                                                       colleges and apprenticeships. Work hard in
                        Did you know that there is a Music
                                                                       your exams to make sure you get the grades
                             Theory Club each Tuesday
                                                                       you deserve and everything that you hope for
                             afternoon 3:15-4:45? See Mr
                                                                       in the future.
                                Grehan-Bradley for more
                                           details.                    Mrs Etherington
                             75th Anniversary Reunion Concert
                    with the Northern Sinfonia Strings
                              John Rutter’s

                    Gloria     with Brass Ensemble and a massed choir of
                                                 pupils past and present

Thursday 7th July                                     Tickets £7 / £5 (under 19s) including light refreshments

7.30pm                                                           Available from St Leonard‟s Catholic School

                                                                                         on 0191 384 85 75
Sports Hall

                        Guitar Extravaganza

                        On Thursday 14th April some of Mr Johnson‟s guitarists gave
                        a free lunchtime concert, demonstrating what they have been
                        learning in lessons.

                         Congratulations to the following students
                         on passing their Music Examinations!
                             Elise Brown Piano Grade 2
                             Emma Royal Piano Grade 3
                             Eleanor Carter Cornet Grade 4
                             Francis Tulip Trumpet Grade 5
                             Christopher McKeown French Horn Grade 4
                             Tom Hobbs Tuba Grade 6
                             Jake Stephens Piano Grade 3
                             Joanna Donaldson Flute Grade 2
                             Alex Potts Oboe Grade 4
                             Anna Smith Clarinet

The Art Department will proudly celebrate the work produced by their students by holding the fourth Art
Exhibition in the Main Hall on Thursday 30th June, 6-8pm. Fifty one students have studied GCSE Art and
 Design over a two year course, twelve sixth form students studied AS for one year and six A2 Art and
 Design students have worked for 2 years to complete the A level qualification.

  Our students have produced an astounding range of ideas and some fantastic work ranging
  from the weird to the wonderful! All students had to produce coursework and an exam
   portfolio and the work exhibited will showcase the best of each student‟s work. Each
    student has been encouraged to work independently with a range of materials and to
     study the works of other artists, designers and photographers.

        Come and see for yourself – all staff, students and families are welcome. It will be

               All newsletters are placed on our website at

                                 SMART CARDS
                       If you would prefer not to receive                    YEAR 11+13
                           them on paper, please inform
                               your child‟s tutor so we can    ALL MONEY ON THE CARD MUST BE
                                   save paper and printing.               SPENT.
                                                                 NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.
                                                            Year 7 Staff/Pupils Charity Quiz
                           Level Media
                  Studies Revision Day:                     If there is no air resistance which object would hit the floor
                                                            first from an 11 foot high drop – if dropped at the same time?
                     Get Carter!
                                                            A ping pong ball or a bowling bowl?
       On Friday 11th March 2011, the Upper Sixth
   Media Class voluntarily attended a Study Day hosted      The Dutch footballer Marco van Basten scored a spectacular
 by Tyneside Cinema, celebrating the 40th Anniversary       volley in the European Championships Final. Who were the
of the 1970s classic gangster film Get Carter directed by   opposition?
Mike Hodges and starring Michael Caine as the
notorious „Jack Carter; that rose from a modest hit, to
                                                            What was the label of Kate Middleton‟s wedding dress?
almost universal acclaim as one of the finest crime
thrillers to come from a UK director, and one of the
best British films of any genre ever made.                  These were just some of the questions that two brave teams
                                                            faced in the recent Year 7 staff/pupil quiz. The questions
The day started with an interesting introduction by         were compiled by Year 7 pupils and the teams were made
author of the definitive book on Get Carter, Steve          up of volunteers. In a closely fought battle the question
Chibnall, who explained the film‟s relationship with the    masters Ruby Hornsby and James Latham kept a very strict
North-East, being filmed in places such as Gateshead        control on both teams ensuring that there was no foul play.
                                                            At the end of the contest the staff team just emerged
and Belmont. He explained how this classic                  victorious to be awarded the Quiz Champion Cup of 2011.
differentiated from other Gangster films such as            Following the entertainment the pupils showed their
American-made crime films where gangsters were              generosity by holding a collection for Brandon‟s Bench.
glamorous and idolized.                                     The sum collected was £76.
After the introduction, the film started; straight away
being enigmatic, and plot-fuelled the majority of the
class enjoyed the film, notably for the twists in the
narrative, and the occasional comic-scene. However it
was not to everyone‟s taste as the violence and hard-
hitting nature were perhaps too strong for some.
However, I would definitely say it was worth the watch!
To conclude the day the director, Mike Hodges, gave us
an insight into the film, explaining how the 1970‟s
North-East streets proved a perfect setting for an epic
gangster film, with narrow alleys and isolated beaches.
Mike also held a Q&A session in which the audience
could ask questions such as, where Mike found his
inspiration, why he chose the North-East and how
famous actor Michael Caine came to be the iconic Jack
Overall the day was very enjoyable, as well as
informative, as the class were able to watch a great film
and learn key aspects of representation in preparation
for our exams. On behalf of my class, I thank Tyneside
Cinema, Steve Chibnall and Mike Hodges for an
extremely interesting, well organised day and of course
for showing us Get Carter a true North-East classic!
Ben Richardson
                                                                Emergency Relief
                                                             Year 12 BTec Business students felt strongly
                                                             when reading reports in relation to the recent
 Cathy Earley is the school social worker and counsellor.    disaster that the people of Japan were faced
  She offers confidential counselling to anyone in school
                      about anything
that is bothering or worrying them, that they haven‟t been   They approached members of the Business Studies
            able to sort out in their usual way.             department and asked if, for their unit of work
      You can arrange to see her by talking to your          Unit 19 Team Development, they could organise
   Tutor, Head of Year, Parent/carer or by calling in at     an emergency relief fund and carry out fund raising
                       lunchtime.                            appeals on behalf of the whole school community
  Your parents will need to know you are seeing Cathy        to send financial help to aid the recovery.
               but not what you talk about.                  The group made up of Jack Anderson, Matthew
                6th Formers may self refer.                  Henderson, Olivia Jackson, Liam McEldon, Lewis
  *confidential means no-one will be told anything about     McPhillips, Alex Plews, and Natalie Wilson
     what you talk about unless your safety or that of
   someone else is at risk. You will always be told who      released the following information to the school
      needs to know about your situation and why.*           community… “As the death toll mounts and the
                                                             crisis in Japan deepens from the devastating
                                                             earthquake and tsunami, we as a school
                                                             community are fund raising to send support in
                       “My only love sprung from             terms of food, medicine, blankets and other
                       my only hate!”                        essential items to the north eastern Japanese coast
                 St. Leonard‟s Drama Group                   where some officials have estimated casualties at
                 proudly presents William                    more than 10, 000. There is no electricity in many
                 Shakespeare‟s classic love story,           regions, the nights are cold and the suffering is
        Romeo and Juliet.                                    great. Evacuations over nuclear power concerns
                                                             have only compounded the problems.”
          Performances will be held on Wednesday
           22nd and Thursday 23rd June at                    This group of students then made a presentation
            7:00pm in St. Leonard’s Main Hall.               to the School Council to ask for their help with
             Doors open at 6:45pm.                           the fund raising appeal as well as going into and
                                                             delivering assemblies. For two school weeks the
                Tickets are available from Enquiries:
                                                             students worked on events including; collections, a
                  £5 adult; £3 concessions.
                                                             „one bounce‟ competition, an Easter egg raffle, and
                      All are welcome.                       car washing. Their hard work paid off and the
                          Miss Barrowcliff, Miss             group raised £800 to send to the emergency relief
                            Hudson and the Drama             fund on behalf of our school.
We are continually striving to bring the best to our students in order for them to achieve their
full potential. We are looking for people who are willing to give up a little of their time and
share their experiences with our students. Enterprise is an important part of learning and we
want to deliver 5 events per year, tailoring them to the needs of our students. As a Business
Ambassador, you would be part of the development in these enterprise events.

                                             What are we asking of you?
            Carry out mock interviews with students – 1-2days
            Take part in our Enterprise Days
            Could you offer a work placement for a student?

We aren‟t asking you to do everything only as much as you can commit to. The more business people we can get on
board the better it will be for our students. If interested please contact Mrs Mitchell at school or e-mail

Sixth Form students take part in research for Northumbria University.
Dr Nick Neave visited the school with his PhD student Kris McCarty and German colleagues Bettina Weege and Femke
Pfluger. 56 A Level students had the opportunity to participate in on-going research into what male and female dance
moves can tell us about attraction and health.
Students across all disciplines took part and it was a fantastic opportunity to take part in an active research project. Dr
Neave will contact the school once the results obtained have been analysed so watch this space! For further
information on the research project and to see the avatars in action visit the following website
Mrs Abbiss
                                                      Activities Week

         What is it? Activities Week will be exactly that a whole week off timetable and everyone taking part in a wide
                                           range of different events, trips and activities.
                             When? The week beginning Monday 11th July until Friday 15th July.
                Some year 9 pupils are already going to Germany and Weardale Outward Bound Centre
                                 All year 10 pupils will have Work Experience that week.

What will I be doing?
We have tried to put together a varied programme of events that hopefully will include something for everyone to
For example you could be involved in at least 4 or 5 of these activities: trips to Beamish Museum, Centre for Life,
Leeds Armoury, Discovery Museum, Durham Cathedral, Great North Hancock Museum, Sunderland Glass Centre or
Warkworth Castle. French / German conversations, business enterprise activities, Maths challenges, drama and film
reviews, careers advice, civil engineering and construction challenges, practical hands on and interactive STEM
activities, photography, and environmental science.
Visits from the police and fire brigade, some basic first aid and road safety awareness.
Army assault course, circus skills, climbing wall, Zumba, Irish dancing and Yoga.
Multicultural cooking road shows, Big bang technology exhibition and Go Motor sport presentations.

How much will it cost?
As you can appreciate, it does cost quite a lot to put together a package of activities, hire of equipment, outside
speakers, coaches and lectures, entrance fees and transport.
Parents will be asked for a one off voluntary contribution to cover all of the activities provided.

What next?
Your tutor will be able to give you the final details after half term and then we can start the detailed planning
and preparation.

More Free Stuff for School

Thank you to all those who have been collecting and counting Sainsbury‟s and Tesco
vouchers again this year. We have around 40,000 vouchers so far. Any last Tesco
vouchers must be handed in as soon as possible to meet the order deadline and
Sainsbury‟s will still be giving out vouchers until the end of May. We have not
quite reached the excellent 64,000 of last year, but we may get there. Thank
you again for your sterling effort.

Mr Creaghan
                                                      On Friday 15th April, thirty eight St Leonard‟s footballers
                                                      left school and made the ferry journey to Holland. The aim
                                                      of the educational visit was to experience some world class
                                                      coaching in top European training facilities and to pit our skills
                                                      and tactics against quality Dutch opposition. The training was
                                                      overseen by Feyenoord‟s academy chief and former Holland
international captain Ben Wijnstekers. On the Sunday the boys put what they had learnt into practice against local Dutch
opposition. All three teams put in great performances unlike Mr Bell‟s assistant refereeing. St Leonard‟s won one match,
 drew one match and were narrowly beaten in the final game. A special mention must go to Tom Crawley who scored
 with a clearance. Whilst in Rotterdam the boys also attended a Dutch Premier League match, Feyenoord V‟s Willem II.
 The match was a magnificent spectacle with the home side fighting back after conceding an early goal and going on to
  emphatically win 6-1. Despite choppy waters on the way back, we are pleased to report that nobody suffered from any
  seasickness. Mr Bell, Mr Gray and Mr Dunford would like to say congratulations and thanks to the boys for their
  superb behaviour and outstanding effort in training and during the matches.

   The Year 10 boys have enjoyed their season this year, playing some brilliant football, with an outstanding level of
   enthusiasm and team spirit on show. The highlight of the year was without a doubt reaching the cup final in which St
   Leonards narrowly missed out to Park View. The 3-2 result was naturally a disappointing result, but the boys
   certainly enjoyed the occasion and put in a cup final worthy performance. The team look forward to next year to
     improve on their league form and to hopefully build upon the cup form of this year .

                                                                                               P    W     D    L    Pts
       Between February half term and Easter there was an inter-form 5-a-side              E   7    6     1    0    19
       competition for all tutor groups in year 7. Each week saw three games where         O   7    5     0    2    15
        each tutor group was represented by both boys and girls. After some fiercely       A   7    4     0    3    12
                                                                                           D   7    3     3    1    12
         contested and very entertaining games, the competition was eventually won by
                                                                                           S   7    3     1    0    10
                                                                                           N   7    3     0    4     9
                                                                                           R   7    2     1    4     7
                                                                                           L   7    0     0    7     0

             On Wednesday 18th May the football season finally came to an end for the Year 7 boys. It has been a
              fantastic season for all concerned and everyone has played a vital role in the success that the boys have
                enjoyed. The team travelled to Oxclose for the cup final where Framwellgate provided the opposition.
                 In the league the team enjoyed a comfortable 6-0 victory but the cup final was always going to be
                   close. In a game spoiled by the wind St Leonard‟s raced in to a 3-0 half time lead with superb goals
                     and an even better 20 yard free kick. Framwellgate
                       scored early in the second half but a disciplined
                          performance ensured that the score remained the
                             same and the second piece of silverware was
                                heading back to school. Despite not
                                   progressing beyond the quarter finals of
                                         the County Cup, success on two
                                              fronts is a remarkable
                                                    achievement so well
                                                            done to all!
The English School Athletics competition took place at Monkton Stadium on Tuesday 17th May. It was the
responsibility of the St Leonard‟s P.E Dept. to organise the event this year and we are pleased to say it was
a huge success. As part of the year 12 BTEC course, 9 students have received a Level One Assistant
 Athletic Officials Award and these students were invaluable on the day as they took on roles such as
 timekeepers, field judges and track officials. 60 athletes from Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 took to the track in
 search of glory and faced fierce opposition from rival schools such as Park View, Durham Johnson and
  Emmanuel College. The P.E. Dept would like to thank all pupils who participated in the event and
   represented their school honourably.

    While the Cricket World Cup was taking place in India, there was another bigger cricket world cup
    taking place in the sports hall at St Leonards. Each tutor group was invited to enter a team in to the
     competition and each team was required to field at least one player from each year group (7,8&9).
      Despite some setbacks in completing fixtures the competition was eventually (and possibly the only
      time ever!) won by England (S). All of the players who played in the competition receive a free ticket
       to see Durham Dynamos in a T20 game at the Riverside later in the season thanks to Darren
        Brown our cricket coach. A big well done to all who took part!

            The Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 rounders teams have had their first fixtures this week. The girls
             all played very well with some excellent performances in the field. Some of the star
               performances came from Lucia Citrone and Beth Walker with excellent batting and fielding,
                 Alice Campbell and Charlotte Siddoway worked as an excellent team as back stop and
                   second base. The Year 8 team bowled all of Durham Johnson
                     team out but unfortunately did not score as many runs.
                         In the Year 9 team we had excellent performances from
                            Frances Cocker and Ellie Simpson. Again they fielded
                               really well, especially against Durham Johnson.
                                    Rounders practice is on a Tuesday after school
                                        and Thursday lunch time for anyone who
                                             would like to get involved. We still
                                                    have plenty of fixtures left.
                                       The U13 & U15 Girls‟ Tennis Teams have been entered into the Durham
                           Schools league and knock out events this year. So far we have played two matches
                   against Durham Johnston and Durham School. Despite being defeated in both matches 6 sets
             to 2, the scores really do not reflect the closeness of the individual games. Our next match is
         against Barnard Castle so hopefully we will redress the balance of defeats and chase our first win. Well
      done to all of the girls who have played so far; Lizzy Bradley, Catherine Laing, Rebecca Thomas, and Kate
    Bowman for the U15 team, and Alice Campbell, Sarah Baillie, Rebecca Smith, Caitlin Greaves and Harriet
  Gallagher for the U13 teams. A special mention must go to Lizzy Bradley who has managed to keep a clean
 sheet and win all of her matches.

For the past 10 weeks we have been fortunate enough to have had Tony Taylor from the ETTA coming in to
run a lunch time Table Tennis club that has regularly been attended by over 40 pupils from all year groups
who have all benefitted from Tony‟s expertise.

On Sunday 17th April Rebecca Hunt (Yr12) made
her long awaited debut for Sunderland Women’s
F.C. Rebecca came off the bench to replace last
season’s top scorer Natalie Gutteridge. The
League Champions beat Blackburn Rovers 2-0.
Rebecca and the squad were then Guests of
Honour at The Stadium of Light for Sunderland’s
home game vs. Wigan. SAFC Chairman Niall
Quinn greeted Rebecca and the ladies in the main
reception area and chatted about their successful
season. Just before kick off the team were escorted
onto the pitch and presented to the supporters as
Women’s Premier League Champions.

                                                               Congratulations to Sophie Eames,
Year 8 and other pupils have been pulling out all the          Rose Durcan and Charlotte Kelly
stops to raise money for a bench to be placed in               who will be receiving their
the school grounds in memory of Brandon Nugent                 Gold Award for the Duke of
who was so tragically killed on 21st March. Brandon            Edinburgh. They will be
is sadly missed and remains in our thoughts and                presented with their
prayers.                                                       certificates by the
                                                               Duke at St James‟
                                                               Palace later this
Miss Page
Daily Prayer, how are you keeping?
          Our faith is founded and built upon the word of God,
 and so, our school daily prayers tend to be scripturally based.    200 CLUB
 The difficulty for us though, is to align our prayers to current
    events and the mood of the school, for our prayer to be         It is time to renew your 200
                     relevant and meaningful.                       Club Membership for the next
               God knows us through and through, but the            academic year! All you need to do is
  interesting thing about prayer is that God wants us to know       send in £15 for your subscription along
               how we are feeling about ourselves!
                                                                    with your name, contact details and the name
            We would normally ask one another, by way of an
                                                                    and tutor group of your child for 2011-12.
introduction, whenever we met, „How are you today?‟ Mostly,
 we would say „fine‟ or, „OK‟ and then move on, but we would        Please send in to school marked FAO of Susan
 actually be stood there for ages if we said how we were truly      Laing.
feeling! People would eventually start avoiding us if we became     If you are not already a member, you are more than
           so honestly graphic in our everyday talking.
                                                                    welcome to join. We have a monthly draw with 1st
           The difference about prayer is that God wants us to
                                                                    prize at £40, 2nd prize £20 and 3rd prize £10.
   be honest with him, and with ourselves, so that our praying
will be relevant. We can‟t say to God that were „fine‟ or, „OK‟
 when we‟re not. He really wants to know how we are feeling!
                                                                            Holiday             Closing Date      Re-Open
   The starting point for effective prayer is, being honest with
                                                                      Spring Half Term 2011      Fri 27.05.11    Mon 06.06.11

              A prayer for everyone                                       Summer 2011            Thu 21.07.11   Wed 07.09.11

         It was you who created my inmost self,
       and put me together in my mother‟s womb;                      Autumn Half Term 2011       Thu 20.10.11    Mon 31.10.11
            for all these mysteries I thank you:
for the wonder of myself, for the wonder of your works.                  Christmas 2011          Fri 16.12.11   Wed 04.01.12

           You know me through and through,
        from having watched my bones take shape                      February Half Term 2012     Fri 10.02.12    Mon 20.02.12
            when I was being formed in secret,
        knitted together in the limbo of the womb.                         Easter 2012           Fri 30.03.12    Mon 16.04.12

          God, how hard it is to grasp your thoughts!               May Day Bank Holiday 2012    Fri 04.05.12    Tue 08.05.12
                How impossible to count them!
       I could no more count them than I could the sand,
          and suppose I could, you would still be with me.            Spring Half Term 2012      Fri 01.06.12    Mon 11.06.12

                     Psalm 139: 13-15,17-18.
                                                                          Summer 2012            Fri 20.07.12    To be advised

                                                                                GCE Results: Thursday 18th August 2011

                                                                             GCSE Results: Thursday 25th August 2011

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