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Jam-Packed with Pirates


									                     Challenges and Goals                  ¡A su salud!                                                 Helping Neighbors
                     Chancellor Ballard                    Program Helps Health Care                                    Morrisʼ Efforts Benefit
                     Discusses ECUʼs Future, p. 2          Workers Learn Spanish, p. 7                                  ECU, Stokes Communities, p. 6

ECU Faculty and Staff Newspaper                                                September 1, 2006                        

 Harriot College
Honors Morrison                                      Jam-Packed with Pirates
       Robert C. Morrison was named
the 2006 distinguished professor of the
Harriot College of Arts and Sciences.
       A longtime professor of chemis-
try at East Carolina University, Morrison
received the honor at the collegeʼs annual
convocation Aug. 21.
       Morrison arrived at ECU in 1970
and has taught chemistry since 1972.
He is a past chair of the faculty and has
                       served on numerous
                       committees and uni-
                       versity task forces.
                             Alan White,
                       dean of Harriot
                       College, said that
                       Morrison has
                       received more than
                       $1 million in grants,
                       published 45 papers
                       in scholarly journals,
    Morrison           and given many pre-
                       sentations at national
and international meetings. Morrison            Mobbing ECUʼs Dowdy Student Stores on Aug. 21, scores            arriving on campus Aug. 17, followed by an influx of faculty.
studies the quantum theory of atoms and         of students patiently wait their turn to purchase their books    Faculty convocation and faculty meetings were held on
                                                and supplies for the fall semester. The students began           Aug. 21. (Photo by Joy Holster)
molecules, density functional theory and
photoionization. He has received grants
from the National Science Foundation,
the U.S. Department of Education,
and the Bureau of Education for the
                                                ECU Welcomes Back Students, Faculty
       In addition to his research,                 By Erica Plouffe Lazure                       Approximately 23,500 students        was 3,550. Final enrollment figures
Morrison was among the first to use com-                                                     are enrolled for the fall 2006 semester.   will be available after the close of the

puters to teach students with physical                 ast Carolina University wel-               In the faculty convocation Aug.      add/drop period for classes, Sept. 6.
disabilities, White said.                              comed back faculty and a             21, Chancellor Steve Ballard outlined            The new College Hill Suites
       “He was instrumental in bringing                record number of students as         the current state of the university as     Residence Hall, which opened this
                                                 the university prepares for its 100th      well as goals for the future that will     year, houses 488 upperclassmen. The
               continued on page 9               year.                                      ensure the universityʼs progress.          $31.5 million facility is a five-story,
                                                                                                  “Our stature as a national uni-      apartment-style residence hall. Each
                                                                                                                                       four-person suite includes amenities
 BOV Appoints
                                                                                            versity, our accomplishments and the
                                                                                            quality of work by our faculty are         such as Internet, cable TV, local phone
                                                                                            noteworthy,” he said.                      service, kitchenettes, a shared living
 New Members                                                                                      “In combination they create a
                                                                                            culture at ECU that enables us to think
                                                                                                                                       room space, and semi-private bath-
                                                                                            big as we design our future.”                    About 5,100 students are housed
      The East Carolina University Board                                                          Ballard encouraged the ECU           on campus this year, pushing the occu-
of Trustees on July 25 appointed nine                                                       community to take an active role in        pancy rate to 98 percent, said Todd
new members to the ECU Board of Visi-                                                       the universityʼs future.                   Johnson, associate vice chancellor for
tors.                                                                                             “Give us feedback on the strate-     housing and dining.
      They are: Gerald Arnold of Raleigh,                                                   gic directions of the university, let us         The on-campus housing demand
Bob Bird of Cary, Dr. Jim Galloway of                                                       know what weʼve missed, and help us        caused officials to reopen Belk
Greenville, Daniel Hardy of Southern                                                        articulate how we can achieve these        Residence Hall, which had been slat-
Shores, Mike Hughes of Raleigh, Rich-                                                       directions,” he said.                      ted to close to undergo evaluations for
ard Jones of Greenville, Steve Jones of                                                           “More importantly, take seri-        potential renovations.
Raleigh, Tom Morrow of Washington and                                                       ously the opportunity to define the               Other campus news for the fall
Terry Yeargan of Willow Spring.                                                             future of your own area.”                  semester includes:
      Members of the Board of Visitors           Among the new facilities in service              ECU officials predicted a record
advise and assist the university in devel-       this fall is the Allied Health Sciences    2006 enrollment for first-year
opmental activities and act as liaisons          building on the west campus. (Photo        students. Last yearʼs freshman class
                                                                                                                                                 continued on page 12
between the university and the commu-            by Cliff Hollis)

                                                                   East Carolina University
Page 2                                                                          Pieces of Eight                                                                 September 1, 2006

Ballard Identifies Challenges, Goals for ECU Future
Following are excerpts from the remarks given by East                                                                      a center for teaching and learning to support our faculty.
Carolina University Chancellor Steve Ballard at the                                                                               • On the East campus, our physical infrastruc-
2006 faculty convocation, held Aug. 21 in Wright                                                                           ture is the limiting factor in the growth of our programs.
Auditorium.                                                                                                                Among our biggest needs are a major academic building
                                                                                                                           and a performing arts center.
                                                                                                                           3. Diversity
         THE STATUS OF ECU IN 2006
                                                                                                                     A third major challenge for the year is to continue

         s we begin the academic year and look forward to                                                     our progress in institutional diversity. We have several
         the celebration of our Centennial, we should all                                                     challenges in this regard and I regret to report that last
         look to the future with great optimism, with pride                                                   year at the administrative level, we failed miserably at
at who we are, and with great aspirations for what we                                                         the two critical stages of the hiring process…we did not
can become. No university in this state is better poised                                                      succeed in building a diverse set of semi-finalists nor did
to make a difference…locally, regionally, and nationally.                                                     we achieve diversity in the selections we made. I promise
I spent my entire faculty career, about 22 years, think-                                                      that this level of failure will not happen in the future.
ing about the responsibility of the public university to its                                                         That said, our biggest challenge…and one that is
state and society; little did I know that ECU had already                                                     certainly true at the national level…is at the faculty level.
answered this question so well. I am pleased to be a part                                                     Our diversity ratio…the comparison of the percentage of
of that.                                                                                                      minority faculty to the percentage of minority students, is
       Let me start by recognizing something that is no                                                       next to last in the UNC system. We simply cannot allow
longer debatable…our stature as a major public uni-                                                           this to continue.
versity. While status, size, and reputation are of limited                                                           We must continue our partnership in the coming
value to me personally, and subject to wild exaggerations                                                     year with the faculty senate to ensure that progress con-
across the country… I do want to reinforce the point that                                                     tinues and becomes more rapid. In addition, my commit-
ECU is, without question, a national university and we                                                        ment includes these aspects:
should never, ever allow anyone to categorize us as any-                                                             • Diversity will be a core value at East Carolina
thing less.                                                                                                   University.
       Our stature as a national university, our accom-                                                              • We will provide more funds, through the
plishments and the quality of work by our faculty are                                                         Provostʼs office, to ensure that ECU is competitive in all
noteworthy. In combination they create a culture at ECU                                                       searches;
that enables us to think big as we design our future.          During the Aug. 21 faculty convocation, ECU           • The hiring process can be improved at all lev-
                                                               Chancellor Steve Ballard remarked on ECUʼs els and I have asked the Provostʼs office to ensure that all
                   CHALLENGES                                  challenges, commitments and future directions. searches have included aggressive outreach and that all
                                                               (Photo by Marc J. Kawanishi)                   pools have the appropriate level of diversity.
      I want to identify three of our challenges. We do
not yet have all the answers that will allow us to solve
these challenges. I figure if they are going to keep me up                                                                                       THE FUTURE
at night, you should at least be aware of them. I point out    2. Faculty Welfare
these challenges because they will not be solved by me                                                                             Let me close with a brief word about strategic plan-
                                                                   I am dismayed that we rank third from last in our       ning.
or by “the administration.” They are only fixable if we
                                                            peer group in average faculty salaries…in other words                 I am committed to developing a plan for ECU
work together to address them and if we make a long-
                                                            we are 14th out of 16 peer institutions in our ability to      that does make a difference and Iʼm confident that we
term commitment to their solution.
                                                            compensate our faculty. There is nothing more impor-           can make a difference if you help. We must identify the
1. Funding                                                  tant to our long term future than our ability to retain and    directions we want to go; we must develop an approach
                                                            reward our faculty.                                            for answering the vital questions about our future, and
       Our biggest challenge in my estimation is our cur-          There is some good news. Over a three-year period       we must communicate with those who care about us what
rent level of funding. This is not, in any manner, a criti- that includes the coming year, we have been able to pro-       we want to become and how we will get there.
cism of the legislature, the Board of Governors, or the     vide cumulative salary increases of 16 percent, and I                 Our strategic plan has two basic elements. One is
President. In fact, President Bowles has boldly stepped     believe that to be among the best in the country among         to define the strategic directions of the university…those
up to the inequities in the system and brought the data to public universities.                                            functions that we think most clearly identify us and dif-
the attention of all campuses. What Iʼm highlighting is an         Secondly, Iʼm pleased that faculty welfare is           ferentiate us from comparable institutions.
historical artifact that evolved over the last century.     among our top institutional priorities for the coming year.           The second element is to ask each division, each
       There are many ways to compare funding across        We have designated all of the funds from campus-based          college, and each department to define its own future.
the campuses; I wonʼt attempt a comprehensive analy-        tuition that can be used for faculty welfare to go directly    “All politics is local,” according to Tip OʼNeill and so it
sis today. But, if we had to choose one indicator of fund- towards reversing salary compression and other market           is with strategic planning.
ing equities, I think it should be state appropriations per inequities.                                                           Unless each department has the opportunity to
student.                                                           Thirdly, we appreciate the constructive role that the   identify what it does best, how it best contributes to the
       On this critical indicator, ECU, the third largest   Faculty Senate played last year and especially the data        broad goals of the university, and what changes it needs
institution of the 16 campuses, is 13th in funding. By      provided by Dr. Ken Wilson to help us understand the           to make for the future, then the planning process will
way of comparison, we receive about 70 cents for every      priorities of the faculty as we move forward. While the        have failed.
dollar that Chapel Hill and State receive. Again, I am not list is long, it is apparent that compensation is a “foun-             So, I ask you to participate in both of these pro-
interested in all the causes for this inequity.             dation” need that will help address many other issues          cesses. Give us feedback on the strategic directions of
       But, I am deeply interested in some of the con-      related to faculty welfare.                                    the university, let us know what weʼve missed, and help
sequences of this funding inequity, and especially the             But, our work has just begun. Among our goals,          us articulate how we can achieve these directions. More
impact it has on the ability of ECU to meet the financial    these four appear to be very important to the long-term        importantly, take seriously the opportunity to define the
needs of our students. Financial needs translate directly   quality of the institution:                                    future of your own area.
into access that prospective students have to ECU. We              • We must provide competitive starting salaries                East Carolina, during this academic year, will begin
have the largest number of students with demonstrated       and start up packages for all new faculty; this will be        its second century. Robert Wright would be amazed at
financial needs in the system…over 9,000 students…and doubly difficult because of the rapid growth of our                    how far weʼve come, but, no doubt, pleased that the
we are able to meet only about 60 percent of these needs. faculty.                                                         founding principle – “to serve” – has remained so
The funding inequity in the system prohibits us from pro-          • We must get to the midpoint of our peer group         constant.
viding the access to our campus that we desire and that     in average faculty salaries and I suggest that we deter-              It is up to us, as we plan our immediate and
is so desperately needed by the people of eastern North     mine to achieve this within the next 5 years;                  longer term future, to lay the foundation that will enable
Carolina.                                                          • Our infrastructure has not nearly kept pace with      our third century to have as good a beginning.
       Of course, funding deficiencies cause many other      the size of the faculty; we must provide more support                 It is truly an honor to be a part of the ECU com-
problems, especially related to faculty support, which is a services to ensure that we remain competitive. Infrastruc-     munity. I thank you for your hard work and your accom-
second significant challenge.                                ture needs include computing, information services, and        plishments, and I look forward to the coming year.

                                                                          East Carolina University
September 1, 2006                                                                              Pieces of Eight                                                                                 Page 3

                        News in Brief                                                                        Boyer Directs Library Services
                                                                                                                                                           ment Association, and the North Carolina
    Japanese Tea Ceremony Offered at ʻTaste of Japanʼ                                                              By Erica Plouffe Lazure                 Library Association. He earned a bach-
                                                                                                                                                           elorʼs degree in international relations
       East Carolina Universityʼs Japan Center East will bring to Greenville the Japanese                           East Carolina University has named     from UNC-Chapel
Tea Ceremony Sept. 20-21 at the Greenville Country Club. The second annual Taste                             Larry Boyer as director of Academic           Hill, a master of
of Japan will offer a 6 p.m. dinner prepared by Japanese Chef Rie Ishida. The event                          Library Services.                             arts in Latin Amer-
will feature the tea drinking ritual, developed by Sen-no-rikyu in the 16th Century. Tea                            Boyer, who comes from Appala-          ican studies from
masters Yoko Uda and Makiko Hoshikawa will lead the tea ceremonies for both ses-                             chian State University, will begin his post   Tulane University,
sions. “We are extremely lucky to have a tea ceremony master residing in this area.                          Oct. 2. He will oversee the J.Y. Joyner       a master of science
It takes years and years of training in physical and mental discipline to be a master,”                      Library, the Music Library, and their col-    in library science
said Chikako S. Massey, interim director of the Japan Center East. The tea ceremony                          lections.                                     from Catholic Uni-
is designed to bring aesthetic, intellectual and physical enjoyment and peace of mind                               Since 1975, Dr. Boyer has been a       versity of Amer-
to the guests by focusing attention on the profound beauty of the simplest manifesta-                        librarian serving in positions in the fed-    ica, and a PhD in
tions of nature, Massey said. The ritual is designed to focus the senses so that one is                      eral government and academia. At Appa-        American studies
                                                                                                             lachian State, he serves as associate uni-    from George Wash-              Boyer
totally involved in the occasion and not distracted by mundane thoughts. The tea master
has trained two assistants to prepare and present the tea ceremony so the audience can                       versity librarian.                            ington University.
participate in the tea ritual, if desired. For information and tickets, call 737-1352 or by                         Boyer is a member of the Amer-                Darryl Davis has served as interim
e-mail Massey at Tickets are $40 per person. Space is limited.                              ican Library Association, the Associa-        director of Academic Library Services at
                                                                                                             tion of College and Research Libraries,       ECU since March 2005, after the resigna-
                                                                                                             the Library Administration and Manage-        tion of Carroll Varner.
                 Workshops to Promote Digital Library
       ECUʼs Joyner Library and the College of Education are co-sponsoring a series                          Feminist Theologian to Speak
of workshops that will promote the Eastern North Carolina Digital Library as a valu-
able classroom resource for educators throughout the eastern region of North Carolina.                                                                     scripture stands over against those who
                                                                                                                   By Erica Plouffe Lazure                 denounce it and those who read it liter-
Classroom teachers and specialists for grades 4 through 12 will be invited to one of
seven 2-day workshops. Participants will learn to locate, access, integrate and evaluate                                                                   ally,” Trible said.
information from the digital library and apply that information to classroom instruction.                          The Jarvis Lecture at East Carolina            Calvin Mercer, co-director of
Lesson plan activities that incorporate the digital library can then be added to the library                 University will feature theologian Phyllis    ECUʼs Religious Studies Program, said
for other educators to access. Located on the Web at                      Trible. The 15th annual lecture on            he is pleased to welcome Trible to ECU.
fiction/, the Eastern North Carolina Digital Library contains 399 fiction and non-fiction                       Christianity and Culture will be held at             “Dr. Trible has been a pioneer of
volumes, 150+ museum artifacts, maps and educational materials pertaining to the his-                        7:30 p.m., Oct. 2 at                          provocative, scholarly interpretation of
tory of the 41 counties in Eastern North Carolina. A tentative schedule for the workshops                    the Willis Building                           the Bible,” he said.
is as follows: Sept. 14-15, Dare County; Sept. 25-26, Harkerʼs Island; Oct. 12-13, Nash                      at ECU at the corner                                 “I heard her lecture when I was a
County; Jan. 18-19 or Jan. 25-26, Pitt County, New Hanover or Brunswick; Feb. 26-27,                         of First and Reade                            young seminarian and have followed her
Bertie County; and March 8-9, Roberson or Harnett County. The contents of the work-                          Streets.                                      career through the years. An excellent lin-
shops will be aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. For additional                             Trible, a                               guist, she brings fresh insights to old texts
information, contact Hazel Walker, outreach coordinator for the Teaching Resources                           professor of reli-                            and does it very capably.”
Center, Joyner Library, at 328-4994 or by email at                                          gion at Wake                                         Trible is an internationally known
                                                                                                             Forest Universityʼs                           feminist biblical scholar. She is author
                                                                                                             Divinity School, will                         and editor of six books including God
                 ECU Hosts State Planning Conference                                                         discuss the role of           Trible          and the Rhetoric of Sexuality and Texts
                                                                                                             the Bible in contem-                          of Terror: Literary-Feminist Readings of
       Planners from across the state convened Aug. 3-4 at East Carolina University for                      porary American culture in her lecture        Biblical Narrative.
the North Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association Summer Planning                              “Taking back the Bible.”                             Free parking is available at the
Institute and Leadership Conference. Topics included smart growth and walkable com-                                “The lecture explores the nature        Willis Building. For additional informa-
munities; economic development; urban design; annexation issues; and citizen planners                        and role of the Bible in contemporary         tion, contact Calvin Mercer by email at
training for local board/commission members. ECU planning faculty members Mulatu                             American, with the aim of finding in it or by telephone at 328-
Wubneh, Mohamad Kashef and Al Burne were among those who presented at the meet-                              a blessing. The need to wrestle with this     4310.
ing. Wes Hankins, ECU emeritus planning faculty member, served as the instituteʼs
program coordinator and Jeffery Alejandro of ECU Division of Continuing Studies was
responsible for overall coordination of the event.
                                                                                                             Named to Best Doctors List
                                                                                                                                                           atrics (specialist); Dr. George Ho Jr.,
                                                                                                               By Jeannine Manning Hutson                  rheumatology; Dr. Howard Homesley,
      ʻHouses to Homesʼ Benefits Habitat for Humanity
                                                                                                                                                           obstetrics and gynecology; Dr. Thomas
       The ECU Chapter of Habitat for Humanity is holding three volunteer Fridays                                   Twenty-five physicians from             G. Irons, pediatrics (general); Dr. Bruce
at the Mendenhall Student Center brickyard to raise funds and increase awareness of                          the Brody School of Medicine at East          E. Johnson, internal medicine (general);
volunteer opportunities. On Sept. 15, Sept. 29 and Oct. 20 from 3 to 5 p.m., student vol-                    Carolina University have been chosen by       Dr. Cynda A. Johnson, family medi-
unteers can help to construct and paint birdhouses that will be sold to raise money for                      their peers for inclusion in the 2006 “Best   cine; Dr. Mani S. Kavuru, pulmonary
the Habitat for Humanity chapter. ECU students from construction management and art                          Doctors” listing.                             and critical care medicine; Dr. Kenneth
education, along with members of the Pitt County Habitat for Humanity chapter, will                                 The annual list was published in the   G. MacDonald Jr., surgery; Dr. Robert J.
join the volunteers. All skill levels are welcome and all tools will be provided. For addi-                  July edition of Business North Carolina       Newman, family medicine; and Dr. Dale
tional information, visit                                magazine. Best Doctors Inc., a Boston-        A. Newton, pediatrics (general).
                                                                                                             based group, surveyed 30,000 physicians              Also, Dr. Edward R. Newton,
                                                                                                             across the United States who previously       obstetrics and gynecology; Dr. Ronald M.
                               Pieces of Eight                                                               have been included in the listing asking
                                                                                                             whom they would choose to treat them-
                                                                                                                                                           Perkin, pediatrics (specialist); Dr. Charles
                                                                                                                                                           S. Powell, surgery; Dr. Kathleen V.
                                                            selves or their families.                     Previll, pediatrics (general); Dr. Keith M.
                                             Volume 29, Number 1                                                    According to Business North            Ramsey, infectious disease; Dr. Marcus
                                 Pieces of Eight, a newspaper for East Carolina University faculty and       Carolina, about 5 percent of the physi-       Randall, radiation oncology; Dr. Michael
                                 staff, is issued monthly during the academic year by the ECU News           cians who practice in North Carolina are      Reichel, pediatrics (specialist); Dr.
                                 Bureau (News & Communication Services).                                     on the 2006 list.                             Charlie J. Sang Jr., pediatrics (specialist);
                                Items may be sent to the Editor via campus mail addressed to                        The ECU physicians on the list are     Dr. Debra A. Tristram, pediatrics (spe-
                                Howard House, East Campus; delivered in person to Howard                     Dr. William A. Burke, dermatology; Dr.        cialist); Dr. Judy Wheat Wood, pediatrics
                                House, corner of East Fifth Street and Rotary Avenue; or e-mailed
                                to Phone inquiries to 328-1162.                       W. Randolph Chitwood Jr., thoracic sur-       (general); Dr. Joseph Zanga, pediatrics
                                       Editor: Joy Manning Holster                                           gery; Dr. John M. Diamond, psychiatry;        (general).
    (5,000 copies of this issue were printed at an approximate pre-tax cost of $595 or 12 cents per copy.)
                                                                                                             Dr. Raymond Dombroski, obstetrics and                More information is available at
                                                                                                             gynecology; Dr. David Hannon, pedi- 

                                                                                           East Carolina University
Page 4                                                                            Pieces of Eight                                                                  September 1, 2006

Taggart Examines Shared Governance, Communication
In his role as chair of the faculty,                                                                                                 tunity to concur or to not concur with
Mark Taggart (Music) shares his                                                                                                      the appropriate unit committeeʼs recom-
                                                                                                                                     mendation. Unit administrators are also
perspective on shared governance.                                                                                                    responsible for, in consultation with the
                                                                                                                                     unitʼs tenure committee, providing the
           By Mark Taggart                                                                                                           probationary term faculty member a
                                                                                                                                     progress towards tenure letter every

         n the Faculty Senate home page,                                                                                             spring during the faculty memberʼs pro-
         there is a definition of shared gov-                                                                                         bationary term. The consultation that
         ernance supplied by Don Sexauer,                                                                                            occurs during this process will be helpful
chair of the faculty from 1995 to 1998:                                                                                              when the unitʼs faculty and administra-
       “Shared governance in an aca-                                                                                                 tion are to make the recommendation for
demic setting is a fragile balancing act                                                                                             promotion and/or tenure at the end of the
that takes place between the administra-                                                                                             probationary term.
tion of the university and its faculty. It is                                                                                               To ensure that all voices are heard
the attempt by the administration and the                                                                                            in the appropriate manner in personnel
faculty to solve problems and implement                                                                                              policies, the roles that faculty and admin-
policies in a manner that benefits all the                                                                                            istration play in personnel matters are
constituencies of the university.”                                                                                                   painstakingly outlined in our Appendix
       Don Sexauer was telling us that                                                                                               D. Every constituency has the opportunity
successful outcomes of shared gov-                                                                                                   to provide input, but in a manner in which
ernance include the ability to solve            Mark Taggart, chair of the Faculty Senate, addresses ECU faculty and staff during the fragile balance between the recom-
problems and implement policies. But            the Aug. 21 Faculty Convocation. Taggart is an associate professor in the School mendations of faculty and administration
these decisions cannot be made in a             of Music. (Photo by Marc J. Kawanashi)                                               is appropriately conveyed.
vacuum, as they require communication,                                                                                                      This is but a brief outline of the role
between and within all of the constit-                                                                                               proper communication plays in personnel
uencies of the university. The “fragile         well respected among our peers. The Fac- selves not only with the contents of Part   actions. Proper communication is neces-
balancing act” that Sexauer referred to         ulty Senate is responsible for the contents XII, but also how this document will be  sary for all matters within the university.
is necessary so that every voice has the        of the faculty manual. Every new fac-       employed for personnel actions described Talk to your colleagues. Talk to your sen-
opportunity to be heard, but within the         ulty member receives a copy of Part XII     in Appendix D. Appendix D of the         ators. Get involved. Utilize our standing
proper context and appropriate setting.         of our faculty manual, which describes      Faculty Manual describes tenure and pro- committee structure and Faculty Senate
       So where does this communication         the Personnel Action Dossier (PAD), the     motion policies and procedures at ECU.   to help convey your interests in shaping
take place? Faculty Senators, who are           collection of documents that provides a            Our tenure and promotion rec-     ECU, our University.
elected to represent their academic units,      record of the accomplishments of a fac-     ommendations are made in what could
are responsible for sharing their col-          ulty member seeking reappointment,          be described as a “two-track” system,           The faculty manual is available at
leaguesʼ views and concerns of the issues       promotion, or tenure. The PAD is crucial    where faculty make their recommenda-
that are discussed on the Senate floor.          to communication, and every incoming        tions in the appropriate unit committee, ual/facultymanual.cfm, or a CD can be
ECUʼs faculty governance structure is           faculty member should acquaint them-        and where administrators have the oppor- obtained from the Faculty Senate office.

 Smith Urges Faculty to Give Students ʻSense of Placeʼ
Following are excerpts from remarks by          Bokʼs analysis in Our Underachieving          life and what our students just might need      year is how we are improving the status
ECU Provost James LeRoy Smith at the            Colleges, published this year, in which       to help them do that. As Dean Lewis says,       of our fixed term faculty. There will be
2006 Faculty Convocation held in Wright         he claims we do not take advantage of         you can sit in most classrooms at Harvard       a day-long shared governance workshop
Auditorium Aug. 21.                             the best research on how students learn.      and have no sense whatsoever as to where        sponsored by the academic council and
                                                Dr. Ballard mentioned Harry Lewisʼ            you are. Where is the sense of place at         the Faculty Senate on Oct. 13 for chairs,

                                                book Excellence without Soul, … an            Harvard, of all places?                         directors, and faculty personnel and ten-
         lan White handed me a copy             excellent companion book to president                                                         ure committee chairs. We can collaborate

         recently of Donald Kennedyʼs           Bokʼs wherein we see the marginaliza-                o the beginning faculty this morn-       to make these processes even better.
         excellent book entitled Academic       tion of the undergraduate even at Harvard            ing I say, there is a sense of place            2. We are continuing to achieve
Duty, published in 1997. Among the              – Lewis was dean of Harvard College                  at East Carolina University. As we       budget transparency at ECU. Those of us
many insights this former president of          from 1995-2003 – where he observes the        reflect on this public university and at our     who oversee budgets should share infor-
Stanford provides is the following chal-        professoriate pursuing specialization rep-    institutional level for a moment, I believe     mation, invite collective improvement of
lenge: “To the future professoriate, I will     utations and stature among the top 300        you can find in our history that we are          all related processes, and share rationales
say only that you are entering a life full      readers of the most prestigious journals to   the university of the people of North           for the decisions we make. These steps
of interesting challenges – and the most        the point of looking past their undergrad-    Carolina….From the first moment that             improve community, advance the sense of
important mission that can be found in a        uate students.                                Robert Wright came across the coastal           the value of our place, and give all of us
modern society. The university is above               Meanwhile, there is silence at          plain into this town, this school has been      a sense of belonging and commitment to
all else about opportunity: the opportunity     Harvard on what it means to lead a human      dedicated to access, to forming partner-        what we do together.
to give others the personal and intellec-                                                     ships that affect the lives of the people of           3. We are full of hope –speaking of
tual platform they need to advance culture,                                                   this region and beyond, and to providing        enabling officers – that Mickey Dowdy
to preserve life, and to guarantee a sus-                                                     the best kind of economic development           is with us to help lead the university
tainable human future. Could anything                                                         there is, namely the creation of human          advancement offices for the good of the
possibly matter more than that?”                                                              capital in the lives of the graduates of this   order. As the chancellor has said, fund-
       No, nothing could matter more. The                                                     place that have gone on to show the world       ing is a tall order for us and will only get
only solution to the national challenge in                                                    that leaders are developed here, that the       taller in the years ahead.
higher education is to convey to our stu-                                                     people who come here and work hard,                    4. We are a research institution
dents a sense of place…a sense of a place                                                     will know how to be, and not just how to        and we are fortunate to have the con-
from which they can lead – the compe-                                                         do. I will mention only 6 basic areas that      tinuing leadership of Dr. Mageean as we
tence to do so, the will to do so, and the                                                    we are accelerating for the good of the         improve the support offices and the fund-
example of your doing so. Their self-                                                         whole and which should make your job            ing streams even while we still care about
possession is at stake, their sense of iden-                                                  more effective:                                 our undergraduates. Working together
tity.                                                                                                                                         with Dr. Pellicane, we will all strive to
       The authors of “Leadership                                                                   1. We are continuing to improve           improve our continuing work in graduate
Reconsidered,” … confirms these very                                                           shared governance at ECU, where we              student support and a careful, rational and
points….That we are not nationally                                                            have at least since the 1960s been seen as      planned process for graduate
where we should be is delineated in other                                                     a leader in the state and beyond. A spe-
national studies. For example Derek                       James LeRoy Smith                   cial example for last and this upcoming                         continued on page 7

                                                                           East Carolina University
September 1, 2006                                                              Pieces of Eight                                                                                 Page 5

ʻChampions of Change in
  Medicineʼ Recognized
            By Doug Boyd                       Pitt County who lack health insurance,
                                               access to health care or both. One result
       A statewide honor was awarded to        of those efforts exists today as HealthAs-
an East Carolina University physician          sist, a project that started after Hurricane
who has led efforts to deliver health care     Floyd in 1999 made obvious many short-
to underserved populations and a program       comings in health care access in east-
to help children manage their asthma.          ern North Carolina. HealthAssist pro-
       Dr. Thomas G. Irons, ECU asso-          vides primary care for uninsured residents
ciate vice chancellor for regional health      of Pitt County using volunteer and paid
services and a professor of pediatrics at      providers. In addition, enrollees receive
the Brody School of Medicine at ECU,           care coordination, access to affordable
and Pitt County                                therapeutic drugs, links to social ser-
Memorial Hos-                                  vices, mental health care, computer skills
pitalʼs pediatric                              courses, GED classes and other training.
asthma manage-                                        Another project Irons has led is the
ment program have                              15,000-square-foot, $2.8 million James
each been named                                D. Bernstein Community Health Center
as a “North Caro-                              under construction north of Greenville.        Participating in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Pediatric Specialty Care (from
lina Champion of                               There, full-time and volunteer health care     left to right) were ECU pediatric cardiologist David Hannon; Frankie Beeker, chair
Change in Medi-                                professionals will provide primary care,       of the Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce; Cynda Johnson, dean of
                                               dental care and pharmacy services for          the Brody School of Medicine; 5-year-old Benjamin Perkin; Michael Lewis, vice
cine.”                                                                                        chancellor of the ECU health sciences division; Ronald Perkin, chair of the ECU
       “Iʼm of                                 low-income people in Pitt and surround-        pediatrics department; 3-year-old Savannah Perkin; and Greenville Mayor Don
course honored,                                ing counties. Irons estimated the center       Parrott. (Photo by Cliff Hollis)
but mostly thank-                              will see 20,000 patients annually within
ful to have so many great people to work       five years. The center will also host edu-
with,” Irons said. “I donʼt feel like I have
done this myself, but that I have been
                                               cational programs involving ECU and Pitt
                                               Community College.                             Open House Launches New
privileged to help bring institutions and
the community together around the health
                                                      PCMHʼs pediatric asthma pro-
                                               gram began in the mid-1990s as a way to         Pediatric Specialty Care
needs of our neighbors. I believe deeply       help children learn how to manage their
that one must lead from the posture of         asthma. The program has been funded by
service and am especially grateful to East     the hospital and The Duke Endowment.                     By Crystal Baity                    an expected 50,000 outpatient visits this
Carolina University for making it possi-       Three case managers work with children                                                       year.
                                               through the program.                                  Area children with chronic ill-               Thirty years ago, pediatricians often
ble for me to serve in this way.”
                                                      Since the program began, more than      ness or conditions such as diabetes, heart,   had to refer patients to medical centers
       Irons, who heads the Eastern Car-
                                               2,200 children have been seen, inpatient       digestive, kidney or respiratory disease or   west of I-95. Now most pediatric special-
olina Community Health Consortium,
                                               hospital admissions of pediatric asthma        those at risk for obesity can be seen close   ties are available in Greenville through
has worked with individuals and orga-
                                                                                              to home by East Carolina University spe-      ECU Physicians, the group practice of the
nizations, including PCMH, to look for
                                                                                              cialists.                                     Brody School of Medicine.
ways to address the needs of people in                       continued on page 12
                                                                                                     More than 60 people gathered July             “We can all remember the days
                                                                                              27 for a ribbon cutting and open house in     when we had real special needs for our
Research Awards Top $610K                                                                     the newly-opened ECU Physicians Pedi-
                                                                                              atric Specialty Care. The office is located
                                                                                                                                            young people and had to take them to
                                                                                                                                            Duke or Chapel Hill, but now we can do
                                                                                              at 2150 Herbert Court, just off Hemby         most everything here,” said Greenville
                                               during Electrospray Ionization Mass            Lane.
      By Erica Plouffe Lazure                  Spectrometry Analysis
                                                                                                                                            Mayor Don Parrott.
                                                                                                     Dr. Dale Newton, vice chair of                Services include pediatric cardiol-
                                                      • Charles Ewen, professor of            operations in pediatrics in the Brody         ogy including electrophysiology, cather-
       East Carolina Universityʼs Division     anthropology, received $24,900 for his         School of Medicine at ECU, said the           ization, ablation, echocardiography,
of Research and Graduate Studies               project: Historic Bath Archaeological          department has grown from 15 fac-             pacemakers and defibrillators;
awarded nearly $610,000 in research            Survey                                         ulty members and 18,000 patient visits
development grants to 22 ECU professors               • Carol Goodwillie, professor of        20 years ago to 52 faculty members and                      continued on page 12
this month.                                    biology, received $17,949 for her proj-
       The aim of the grants, said Paul
                                                                                              Reichelt Receives Fulbright
                                               ect: Development of Ludwigia as a model
Gemperline, associate vice chancellor for      system for the study of plant mating sys-
Research and Graduate Studies at ECU,          tem evolution
is to provide researchers with the means              • Timothy Jenks, professor of his-                                                    in Slovenian middle school classrooms.
to bolster preliminary research findings in                                                             By Peggy Novotny                            Reichelt is one of approximately
                                               tory, received $15,126 for his project:
an effort to apply for external grants.        Illumination festivity and urban politics                                                    800 university faculty and profession-
       “This award program is an impor-        in late-Georgian Britain, 1780-1830                   ECU family and consumer sci-           als who will travel abroad to some 150
tant investment in making our faculty                 • D. Elizabeth Jesse, professor of      ences professor Susan Reichelt has            countries in the 2006-2007 academic year
more competitive in major federal and          family and community nursing, received         been awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant        through the Fulbright Scholar Program.
private grant competitions,” said Deirdre      $33,351 for her project: Insight-Plus: A       to lecture at                                        Established in 1946 under leg-
Mageean, vice chancellor of the division       Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Pilot        the University                                islation introduced by the late Senator
of Research and Graduate Studies.              Study for Pregnant African-American            of Ljubljana                                  J. William Fulbright of Arkansas, the
       To date, six recipients from last       and Caucasian Low-Income Women with            in Ljubljana,                                 programʼs purpose is to build mutual
yearʼs awards have received more than          Depressive Symptoms                            Slovenia, for five                             understanding between the people of the
$1.1 million in external grants, most                 • Laxmansa C. Katwa, profes-            months, begin-                                United States and other countries.
of them from the National Science              sor of physiology, received $40,000 for        ning fall semester                                   The Fulbright Program,
Foundation.                                    her project: Role of PRAR-y agonists in        2006.                                         Americaʼs flagship international edu-
       This year, the grant program            Myocardial Infarction and remodeling                  Reichelt                               cational exchange, is sponsored by the
received a one-time increase of $109,000              • Alan P. Kypson, profes-               will teach a                                  U.S. Department of State, Bureau of
to total $609,342. The additional funds        sor of surgery, received $24,738 for           methods course                                Educational and Cultural Affairs.
provided four additional awards.                                                              to Slovenian fam-         Reichelt                   Recipients are selected on the basis
                                               his project: Cardiothoracic Effects of
       Recipients are:                         Cardiopulmonary Bypass on Adult Stem           ily and consumer                              of academic and professional achieve-
       • Allison Danell, professor of chem-    Cell Transplantation                           sciences education students. She will also    ment and because they have demonstrated
istry, received $19,414 for her project:                                                      develop a curriculum in child develop-        extraordinary leadership potential in their
Determining Biomolecule Structure                            continued on page 11             ment and consumer economics to be used        field.

                                                                            East Carolina University
Page 6                                                                        Pieces of Eight                                                              September 1, 2006

Morrisʼ Efforts Benefit ECU, Stokes Communities
In coordination with the Recognition and                                                                                              departments all try to help each other
Rewards Committee of the ECU Staff                                                                                                    out.” The wives of the firemen make up
Senate, the Pieces of Eight series honor-                                                                                             the Ladies Auxiliary, which helps with
ing exceptional ECU staff members                                                                                                     fund raising and general maintenance.
recognizes Dean Morris.                                                                                                                      Plans are underway to construct a
                                                                                                                                      new fire department directly behind the
                                                                                                                                      existing structure. The Auxiliary will help
             By Judy Currin
                                                                                                                                      facilitate the move.
                                                                                                                                             A dedicated employee and com-

         ean Morris attributes his 18-                                                                                                munity volunteer, Morris is also a fam-
         year involvement with the Stokes                                                                                             ily man. He and his wife Elaine are par-
         Volunteer Fire Department to                                                                                                 ents of a 15-year-old daughter, Meredith,
a neighborʼs words. Morris recalls the                                                                                                a member of the varsity volleyball team
afternoon they met.                                                                                                                   at North Pitt High School.
       “I was working on my truck in                                                                                                         Extended hours away from home
the front yard of our home when the fire                                                                                               during severe weather are hard on
department alarm next door sounded.”                                                                                                  Morrisʼ family, but they are behind him
Morris said. As the volunteers arrived,                                                                                               100 percent. “Without their help and sup-
Chief Bruce Bland made his way across                                                                                                 port there is no way I could do as much
the 75-foot easement separating the                                                                                                   as I do for the fire department,” he said.
department from Morrisʼs property.           Dean Morris, facilities and operations director for the College of Health and Human             And while Morrisʼ position as chief
                                             Performance, spends his evenings and weekends working for the Stokes Volunteer affords him more visibility in the com-
       “We need to talk,” Bland said.        Fire Department. (Photo by Jack Hoskins)
“Dean, as close as you live, we need to                                                                                               munity, he is the first to acknowledge the
have you as a member of our depart-                                                                                                   value of teamwork. “It takes every mem-
ment.”                                       ules and supervises student workers as             In the fall of 2005, one local family ber of the department to make things
       Two months after marrying sweet-      needed to operate the Minges facilities     lost everything they owned in a house fire. work,” he said.
heart Elaine Butler, he joined the depart-   and indoor pool.                            The Stokes Volunteer Fire Department
ment. “I really have two full-time jobs,”           When his day ends at ECU, Morris     was there, not only to comfort, but also to
Morris said.                                 steps into his role as chief of the Stokes  assist the Red Cross in finding temporary
       His position as facilities and oper-  Volunteer Fire Department. He oversees      shelter for the displaced family.                  ECU Physicians
ations director for ECUʼs College of         45 volunteers whose ages range from 16-             In 1999 when Hurricane Floydʼs           Plans Announced
Health and Human Performance demands year-old junior firefighters to 65-year-old flood waters devastated eastern North
the majority of his time. Morrisʼ respon-    veterans. They are on call 24 hours a day, Carolina, Morris said, “the Stokes depart-
                                                                                                                                                Chancellor Steve Ballard has
sibilities include the administration, man- seven days a week. Morris devotes 25 to      ment had shelters in place and opera-
                                                                                                                                         named an 11-member advisory com-
agement and maintenance of the Belk          30 hours a week to the department.          tional before the Red Cross arrived on the
                                                                                                                                         mittee to oversee changes to assure
Building, Christenbury Gym, the Fitt                “In a small community like Stokes,” scene.”
                                                                                                                                         the financial stability of the Medical
Building (Building 189), Minges Coli-        Morris said, “when somebody suffers a              “There are 20 volunteer fire depart-
                                                                                                                                         Faculty Practice Plan at the Brody
seum and Natatorium. He trains, sched-       loss it affects all of us.”                 ments in Pitt County,” Morris said. “The
                                                                                                                                         School of Medicine.
                                                                                                                                                The practice plan, also known
Childrenʼs Literature Focus of 2006 NCLR                                                                                                 as ECU Physicians, offers medical
                                                                                                                                         services to ECU faculty and staff and
                                                                                                                                         other members of the public through
                                             yearʼs issue will be enjoyed by the whole of gender in Jill McCorkleʼs young adult
       By Erica Plouffe Lazure                                                                                                           offices and practice sites at the
                                             family.”                                    novel, “Ferris Beach.” Maurice York, the
                                                                                                                                         medical school and about 15 other
                                                    Among the featured stories is        North Carolina librarian at Joyner Library
                                                                                                                                         locations throughout Greenville and
       Childrenʼs literature is the focus of “Tani,” the first fairy tale written by      at ECU, wrote an article about one of
                                                                                                                                         other communities.
the 2006 North Carolina Literary Review. Northampton County childrenʼs author            North Carolinaʼs first childrenʼs authors,
                                                                                                                                                The practice plan, like similar
       The literary journal, housed in East  Mebane Holoman Burgwyn, author              Mary Ann Bryan Mason.
                                                                                                                                         groups at medical schools nation-
Carolina Universityʼs English department, of “The Crackajack Pony” (1969) and                   North Carolina writer David
                                                                                                                                         wide, has been under increased
just published its 15th edition.             “River Treasure” (1947).                    Cecelski wrote an essay about cook-
                                                                                                                                         financial pressure in recent years, a
       “What wonderful writers for chil-            “This story, along with original     ing, restaurants, and memory in his
                                                                                                                                         reflection of national trends such as
dren and young adults we have living         illustrations, had never been published,”   essay, “Love, Death, and Sweet Potato
                                                                                                                                         declining reimbursement rates from
in North Carolina,” said NCLR edi-           Bauer said.                                 Biscuits,” which he had delivered at ECU
                                                                                                                                         Medicare, Medicaid and private
tor Margaret Bauer, the Rives chair of              “It was found in the archives of     during the 2005 Eastern North Carolina
                                                                                                                                         insurers, and rapidly mounting costs
Southern literature at ECU. “We hope this the UNC-Greensboro library by Sarah            Literary Homecoming.
                                                                                                                                         throughout the health-care industry,
                                             W. Davis, librarian at the Sallie Harrell          Lorraine Hale Robinson and
                                                                                                                                                In addition, ECU Physicians
                                             Jenkins Memorial Library in Aulander,       Stephanie Whitlock Dicken helped Bauer
                                                                                                                                         has faced local factors such as sev-
                                             N.C. It may actually be the first story      with editing and art direction, respec-
                                                                                                                                         eral years of state budget cuts and
                                             Burgwyn ever wrote down.”                   tively, and ECU English colleagues
                                                                                                                                         a growing number of patients with-
                                                    Burgwyn, who died in 1993, was       Laureen Tedesco, Kenneth Parille, Gregg
                                                                                                                                         out health insurance in eastern North
                                             internationally known for writing sto-      Hecimovich and Don Palumbo were
                                             ries about farm life, and her six novels    among those from ECU who served on
                                                                                                                                                ECU Physicians has experi-
                                             became staple reading for schoolchildren the 2006 editorial board.
                                                                                                                                         enced a cumulative net loss of more
                                             in the 1950s and 1960s. She was also one           In conjunction with ECUʼs cen-
                                                                                                                                         than $25 million over the last six
                                             of the first white writers of that era to    tennial, the 2007 NCLR will feature East
                                             make a breakthrough in the depiction of     Carolina writers, artists, and photogra-
                                                                                                                                                Ballard said, “Clearly we must
                                             black children in literature, according to  phers. The 2008 theme is North Carolina
                                                                                                                                         act aggressively and act immediately
                                             ECU English professor Laureen Tedesco. humor.
                                                                                                                                         to solve these budget problems. The
                                                    Carole Boston Weatherfordʼs orig-           NCLR will be available at
                                                                                                                                         financial stability of ECU Physicians
                                             inal childrenʼs story, “The Patchwork       Dowdy Student Stores at ECU, Parker-
                                                                                                                                         is critical to the ongoing success of
                                             Princess of the Great Dismal Swamp,” is Kenneybrook Books on Evans Street in
                                                                                                                                         our medical school and our univer-
                                             also a featured story.                      Greenville, R.A. Fountain in Fountain,
                                                    Other articles in NCLR include       and Sunflower Books in Washington.
                                                                                                                                                The new steering commit-
                                             interviews with Randall Kenan (author       NCLR is also available online at http://
                                                                                                                                         tee will be chaired by David Brody,
                                             of “Let the Dead Bury their Dead” about and at the Third
                                                                                                                                         a member of the universityʼs Board
The fanciful cover of the 2006 issue         his boyhood reading, young adult author     Eastern North Carolina Literary
of NCLR reflects its focus on childenʼs Sarah Dessen (author of “Just Listen” and Homecoming, Sept. 30, at ECUʼs Willis                             continued on page 10
literature. (Contributed photo)              “Someone Like You”), and an analysis        Building.

                                                                        East Carolina University
September 1, 2006                                                           Pieces of Eight                                                                               Page 7

Program Helps Health Care Workers Learn Spanish
  By Jeannine Manning Hutson

         elp is on the way for health-care
         workers who donʼt know Spanish
         but increasingly find themselves
treating Latino patients.
       In North Carolina, a team of repre-
sentatives from state government health
agencies and higher education is working
on a language course designed especially
for them: “¡A su salud! (To your health!)
Introductory Spanish for Health Profes-
       Health-care workers will be able to
take the course in traditional classrooms
or via distance learning. It will focus on
Spanish specific to the work of nurses,

  “... a major step toward
  relieving a situation that is
  fast becoming a crisis.”

                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo by Cliff Hollis
                          – Maria Clay

doctors, pharmacists, dentists, social
workers and allied and public health pro-
fessionals.                                 ECU physician assistant Maria-Angelica Taylor examines                more Spanish-speaking patients in the region, a new course
      “The Latino population is grow-       Paola Carreno at the ECU Pediatric Outpatient Center. With            aims to help health care workers learn the language.
ing rapidly, and health-care providers are
crying out for ways to effectively serve
them,” said project co-director Claire      lina University, Wake Technical Commu- DVD or online, and written text.                   family, as they adapt to life in the United
Lorch, a clinical instructor in the School  nity College, the N.C. Office of Minor-             Included in the multimedia materi-     States.
of Public Health at the University of       ity Health and Health Disparities and the als will be a telenovela, a story to moti-             Demographic statistics demonstrate
North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “ʻ¡A su      N.C. Public Health Directors Association. vate the adult learner. Other parts of          the need for the course:
salud!ʼ creatively speaks to the needs of          Filming began in July for the cen-   the video will present interviews with               • North Carolina has the fastest
both patients and providers.”               terpiece of the course, a video designed    health-care professionals. The video will     growing Latino population in the coun-
      UNCʼs Office of Distance Education to teach language and Latino culture. The be mostly in Spanish, with English and              try, increasing nearly 400 percent from
and E-Learning Policy is leading the proj- multimedia course will combine the video Spanish subtitles available. Learners will 1990 to 2000, according to the U.S. Cen-
ect, with team members from East Caro-      with interactive exercises, available on a  get to know the Montoyas, an immigrant        sus Bureau.
                                                                                                                                             • In fiscal year 2005, 48 percent of

Faculty Urged to Provide ʻSense of Placeʼ
                                                                                                                                      babies born at UNC Hospitals were born
                                                                                                                                      to Latina women.
                                                                                                                                              • Requests for Spanish interpreters
continued from page 4                       will connect in central ways. The key       have come here and continue to come           at the Brody School of Medicine are run-
                                            here is this: if your department or school  here to find their lives changed and           ning about 40,000 to 50,000 a year, dou-
academic program development. We will is not speaking together to delineate your their futures brightened....East Carolina            ble the amount just two or three years
do all of this, please, while still finding  best thoughts on goals where you work,      University will never become only a           ago.
time to speak with our undergraduates.      who will? My 37 years here gives me an      brand name, but rather a name that those             • The Brody School of Medicine has
       5. We must advance also, while       answer: no one!                             who pass through here keep on their           six full-time intepreters and four student
excelling in research, a kind of social-           But more importantly, no one         tongues as they do in their hearts that this interpreters during the school year.
advancement package if leadership is        else should. As you discuss the univer-     school is indeed their alma mater, their             “The need is astounding,” said Dr.
our focus. As Parker Palmer says so elo-    sity level document just distributed, see   nourishing mother...This is our charge,       Maria Clay, project co-director at ECU,
quently in his thoughts on vocation, “if    where that directs you. Other things can    this is our opportunity, this is our enno-    the fiscal agent for the project. “We
community is what we are about, then        direct you also. There is room for that in  bling duty...On the personal level to our     believe health-care providers around the
leadership is everyoneʼs business....” This this process. Incidently, there is a plan-  beginning faculty, I say:                     state and the country will embrace this
“package” would combine our concerns        ning story that comes from Harry Lewisʼ            • Remember that teaching without       program with open arms, and that will be
with student volunteer work, with service book (Excellence without Soul). It seems      excellence in research is empty, but also     a major step toward relieving a situation
learning where those areas are and can      that Harvard University got by without      that research without excellence in teach- that is fast becoming a crisis.”
be developed, with advancing at all times a mission statement from its found-           ing is blind.                                        The course will be modeled after an
a dialogue on the meaning and value of      ing in 1650 all the way up to 1995.…As             • Remember that in a public uni-       intermediate “¡A su salud!” produced at
diversity that is consistent with human     Dr. Lewis says in his conclusion to         versity, service within and without is a      UNC and published last year by Yale Uni-
and humane rights and duties, with the      Excellence without a Soul, “Harvard         rewardable core function.                     versity Press. To date, 33 colleges and
value of globalization and international-   strives to be the best at many things, and         • Remember that this public univer- universities have adopted the course.
ization both in the curriculum and in the   it often succeeds. But Harvard has pro-     sity is a special place to thousands who             The North Carolina GlaxoSmith-
opportunities we provide our students.      tected its reputation for excellence at     have come before.                             Kline Foundation contributed $720,000
For example, what Rosina and Elmer and the expense of its sense of a larger pur-               • Remember that we have a past to      for the course to ECU. Two additional
others have done in the global classroom    pose. Harvardʼs leaders have allowed        honor here, and we have a duty to do so.      grants came to UNC, from Blue Cross and
makes this place the world and the world the schoolʼs mission to drift from educa-             • Remember that we have the oppor- Blue Shield of North Carolina ($25,000)
this place.                                 tion to customer satisfaction. For them     tunity to be present-with our students in     and The Aetna Foundation ($30,000).
       6. Lastly, the planning work you     Harvard is no longer a city upon a hill but life-changing ways.                                  The team plans to offer the intro-
have done and will complete this year       merely a brand name....”                           • This year is now our time, this      ductory course at UNC, ECU and partner
will be valuable and used. The university          East Carolina University has         place is now our place.                       institutions by spring 2008 and then make
level statement will be completed this fall always been and will remain “a city on             • Do well – let us work well           it available for national distribution. More
and division and college and school plans this coastal plain” for all of those who      together – and have a great year!             information is available at

                                                                         East Carolina University
Page 8                                                                           Pieces of Eight                                                              September 1, 2006

                                                                                                                White Coat Ceremony
Festival Features N.C. Authors
                                               receive ECUʼs Roberts Award for Lit-
      By Erica Plouffe Lazure
                                               erary Inspiration at Club Level at the
                                               Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. Authors Timo-
       Authors and readers from North          thy Tyson, a native of Oxford, and Shelby
Carolina will convene at ECU Sept. 29-         Stephenson of Johnston County will offer
30 for the Third Eastern North Carolina        remarks on Powell. Tyson will read from
Literary Homecoming.                           his work and Stephenson and his wife
       The annual free event, offered by       Linda will provide musical entertainment.
ECUʼs J.Y. Joyner Library and Sheppard                • Saturday, Sept. 30: Clinton native
Memorial Library, aims to increase appre-      Michael Parker, author of If You Want Me
ciation for eastern                            To Stay and Hello Down There, will offer
North Carolinaʼs lit-                          the keynote address at 4 p.m.
erary traditions and                                  • A panel discussion on North Car-
authors, said Marga-                           olina folklore will feature Nancy Roberts
ret Bauer, editor of                           of Charlotte and Barbara Braveboy-Lock-
the North Carolina                             lear of Robeson County at 9:15 a.m.
Literary Review                                       • A childrenʼs literature panel will
and Rives Chair of                             feature author Elisa Carbone, author of          Phillip Michael Hobbs was one of 72 members of the class of 2010 at the
Southern Literature                            Storm Warriors, and illustrator James            Brody School of Medicine who donned their white coats for the first time on
at ECU.                                        Ransome of Rich Square at 11:15 a.m.             Aug. 11. He is helped into his white coat by Dr. M.J. Barchman, associate
       “From the               Bauer                  • Authors Louise Shivers, originally      professor of internal medicine, who addressed the new medical students
                                                                                                about the importance of earning trust as a physician. Hobbs, like 19 of his
Outer Banks to I-                              from Stantonsburg and author of Here             new classmates, earned his undergraduate degree at ECU; he also earned
95 you will find the home towns of some         to Get My Baby Out of Jail and A Whis-           a masterʼs degree in public health at ECU. The 37 men and 35 women in the
of North Carolinaʼs greatest literary stars,   tling Woman, and Linda Beatrice Brown,           class range in age from 21 to 31 and are all North Carolina residents with 32
like previous keynote speakers Allan Gur-      author of Rainbow Rounʼ Mah Shoulder             counties of residence listed. This was the sixth annual White Coat Ceremony for
ganus and Jill McCorkle,” Bauer said.          and Crossing Over Jordan, will talk about        ECUʼs medical school. During the event, the students donned their white coats
“We are fortunate that many, like Michael      being Southern women writers at 2 p.m.           – the mantle of the medical profession – and recited the Oath of Hippocrates
Parker, still live here and those who have            Saturday events will take place           for the first time. (Photo by Cliff Hollis)
moved away are happy to have an excuse         at ECUʼs Willis Building on the corner
to come home.”
       Maury York, North Carolina librar-
                                               of First and Reade Streets. Registration
                                               begins at 8:30 a.m. and events conclude                        In the Spotlight
ian at Joyner Library, said that area resi-    at 5 p.m. A box lunch will be offered for
dents look forward to hearing and inter-       seven dollars at the Willis Building.
acting with authors from the region.                  Registration is recommended,               Appointments/Elections                           Jody Baumgartner (Political
       “People in the audience nod their       as space is limited. Advance notice is                                                      Science) in The News and Observer and
heads as the writers discuss how eastern       required for those interested in purchas-             Mel Weber (Human Ecology) was         The Hartford Courant on humor in poli-
North Carolina has influenced their writ-       ing a box lunch. Public school educators       elected secretary of the Southeast Chapter   tics, Aug. 10.
ing. Attendees can identify with the issues    can earn up to one continuing education        of the Council of Hotel, Restaurant, and            Vivian Covington (Education) in
the writers raise and enjoy discussing         unit for professional development.             Institutional Education, a chapter of the    The Daily Reflector, discussing the made-
these issues with them,” York said. “Two              This project is made possible in part   International Council of Hotel, Restaurant   for-television movie about ECU graduate
years ago, a woman said that the Home-         by the N.C. Humanities Council, a state        and Institutional Education.                 Ron Clark, Aug. 13.
coming had added a year to her life. We        affiliate of the National Endowment for
want everyone to feel that way.”               the Humanities, and the North Carolin-                    NewsMakers                             Service, Honors and
       Events include:                         iana society. For information, call 328-                                                        Professional Activities
       • Friday, Sept. 29: A 7:30 p.m.         0292, email or                  Ted Delbridge in The News and
dessert reception for William S. Pow-          visit       Observer, on burnout among EMS work-
ell, a North Carolina historian, who will      chure.cfm.                                     ers, July 16.                                       A profile of Jami L. Jones
                                                                                                     W. Randolph Chitwood Jr.              (Education) was included in the June
                                                                                              (Medicine) in The Daily Reflector on a        2006 Contemporary Authors, a bio-
                                                                                              patientʼs survival 10 years after heart      graphical guide to writers published by
   Krupa Receives Honorary Military Title                                                     transplant surgery, July 16.                 Thomson-Gale.
                                                                                                     Thomas Kerkering (Medicine) in               David A. Dosser Jr. (Child
          East Carolina University             attending nursing school at ECU.               The Daily Reflector, on tick and              Development and Family Relations)
    School of Nursing assistant professor      While Krupa never served in the                mosquito-borne illnesses, July 23.           completed a five-day externship in emo-
    Karen Krupa was recently appointed         armed forces, her dad is now retired                  Robert J. Tanenberg (Medicine)        tionally focused couple therapy at the
    honorary lieutenant junior grade in        and her brother is a major general.            in The Daily Reflector, on the “Winning       Ottawa Couple and Family Institute in
    the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps.                 “Itʼs nice to be recognized for all the        with Diabetes” conference, July 20.          Ottawa, Ontario.
          Krupa first became an honorary        paperwork. All the iʼs and tʼs have to                Walter J. Pories (Medicine) with             Work by Scott Eagle (Art) will
    Navy nurse in 1996 after an RN/            be crossed.”                                   patient, on “N.C. Now,” UNC-TVʼs             appear in the Internet movie, “Shriek”
    BSN nurse graduate nominated her.                                                         statewide news program, on how gas-          by Jeff VanderMeer (http://shriekthe-
    Krupa, who is director of undergrad-                                                      tric bypass surgery affects diabetes and Eagle appeared
    uate student services in the School                                                       ECUʼs role in that research, July 26.        at the Colony Theater in Raleigh for the
    of Nursing, had helped the student                                                               Herb Garrison (Medicine) on           grand preview of VanderMeerʼs movie.
    navigate the process of earning a                                                         WITN-TV, on keeping children safe in         He also has two paintings included in the
    bachelorʼs degree in nursing while                                                        the heat, July 28.                           University of South Carolinaʼs McMaster
    serving in the Navy. Krupa regularly                                                             Ralph Whatley and Ruth Parish         Gallery Exhibition, “Emblematic,”
    advises military students in nursing                                                      (Medicine) discussing the Partnership for    through Sept. 29.
    school. The most recent “promo-                                                           Prescription Assistance bus that stopped            Melanie Duffrin and David Rivera
    tion” in the Navy nurse corps came                                                        at the Brody School of Medicine, on          (Human Ecology) brought to the ECU
    this year upon recommendation of                                                          WNCT-TV and in The Daily Reflector,           campus a fifth grade class and teacher
    another Navy student whom Krupa                                                           July 29 and 30.                              from Pollocksville, as part of a program
    advised.                                                                                         Jordan Young (Medicine) in The        called the FoodMASTER (Food, Math,
          “Itʼs really kind of special hav-                                                   Daily Reflector, on heat and allergies,       and Science Teaching Enhancement
    ing grown up with an Air Force dad                                                        Aug. 2.                                      Resource) Initiative. The program helps
    who was active duty,” said Krupa,                                                                Stephen Culver (Geology) in The       children apply knowledge to healthy
    who was born in South Carolina and                                                        Daily Reflector, explaining why sharksʼ       living, while providing teaching and out-
    lived in six states and Japan before                                                      teeth can be found in Greenvilleʼs Green     reach experiences for ECU nutrition and
                                                                                              Mill Run, Aug. 7.                            dietetics students.

                                                                           East Carolina University
September 1, 2006                                                                          Pieces of Eight                                                                                    Page 9

Presentation by Tracy Carpenter-Aeby (Hu-             entitled “Defining the Need for Reading/Writing
man Ecology), “Examining Client Satisfaction          in Mathematics,” “Techniques to Increase Math-
of Chronically Disruptive Students and Their          ematical Understanding through Reading/Writ-
Families in a Mandatory Alternative School            ing,” and “Assessing Mathematical Understand-
Setting,” at the Family-School Community              ing through Reading/Writing,” for more than 240
Partnerships Special Interest Groups American         Tennessee mathematics teachers in a state Summit
Educational Research Association meeting in           for Secondary Education in Nashville.
San Francisco, Calif.                                 Presentation by Robin Rider (Education), “Dif-
Presentation by Monte Miller (Human Ecol-             ferences in Studentsʼ Use of Computer Simula-
ogy), “In-Directly Measured Attitudes of BSW          tion Tools and Reasoning about Empirical Data
Students Towards People with Disabilities,” at        and Theoretical Distributions,” at the Seventh
the Council on Social Work Educationʼs Annual         International Conference on Teaching Statistics
Program in Chicago, Ill.                              in Salvador, Brazil. Riderʼs co-author was Hol-
                                                      lylynne S. Lee with NSCU.
Presentation by John Pierpont (Human Ecol-
ogy), “Person-Centered Case Management,”              Presentations by English faculty at the 57th an-
to child psychiatry residents at Brody School         nual convention of the Conference on College
of Medicine.                                          Composition and Communication in Chicago,
                                                      Ill.: by Donna Kain, “Sounding the Depths:
Presentations by Foreign Languages and Litera-        Developing Criteria for Assessing Multimedia
tures faculty at the 52nd International Congress      Artifacts and Tools”; by Joyce Irene Middle-
of Americanists in Seville, Spain: by Jennifer M.     ton, “ʻShifting the Gazeʼ: on Whiteness and the
Valko, “Soñar con el futuro. La representación        Rhetoric of Inclusion”; by Resa Crane Bizzaro,        This 1909 photograph of East Carolina Teachers Training School faculty is part of
de la Patagonia Argentina en Roberto J. Payró         “A Community of ʻUppity Indiansʼ: Binary              the ECU Centennial Digital Exhibit, which complements the physical exhibition on
y Theodor Alemann” [Dreaming the Future.              Threads of Identity”; by Jan Tovey, “Service          display in Special Collections at Joyner Library. The four-part series honors ECUʼs
The Representation of Argentine Patagonia in          Learning and Professional Development in a            centennial. Pictured are, front row – Claude W. Wilson, Jennie M. Ogden, Fannie
Roberto J. Payró and Theodor Alemann]; and            Graduate Program;” by Wendy Sharer, Debbie            Bishop, Herbert E. Austin, Robert H. Wright; Middle row: Maria D. Graham and
by Juan J. Daneri, “Cultura cortesana europea e       Oneal and Al Smith (Student Development), a           Mamie E. Jenkins; and back row – Kate W. Lewis, William H. Ragsdale, Birdie
historiografía amerindia: Diego Muñoz Camargo         panel entitled “The Gatekeeper No More: Using         McKinney and Sallie Joyner Davis. (Photo from Joyner Library Digital Exhibit)
y la historia colonial de Tlaxcala” [European         the Composition Curriculum to Foster Critical
courtier culture and Amerindian historiography:       Understanding of Campus Cultures”; and by Will
Diego Muñoz Camargo and the colonial history
of Tlaxcala].
                                                      Banks, “Whatʼs Queer about Writing Program
                                                      Administration? New Research from the Field.”
                                                      Banks also chaired the annual meeting of the
                                                                                                            Centennial Exhibit Set to Open
Presentation by David P. Conradt (Political
                                                      Queer Caucus at the conference.                                                                      year college not only administratively and
Science), “Research Trends in Comparative                                                                         By Nancy McGillicuddy
Politics,” at the 2006 Advanced Placement An-         Presentations by English faculty at the 36th annual                                                  physically, but also the greater diversity
nual Conference, Lake Buena Vista, Fla. His           PCA/ACA (Popular Culture Association/Ameri-                  The latest special collections          of activities available to a growing stu-
participation was supported by a grant from the       can Culture Association) national convention in       exhibit focuses on East Carolina Univer-       dent body,” said Suellyn Lathrop, univer-
College Board.                                        Atlanta, Ga.: by Tom Douglass (English), “The         sityʼs transition from a training school for   sity archivist. “The students really came
Presentation by Holly Mathews (Anthropology),         Search for the Authentic Life: the New American       teachers to a four-year college.               into their own during the 1920s organiz-
“Cancer Support Groups and Health Advocacy:           Value”; by Donald Palumbo, “The Monomyth in                  The exhibition is at Joyner             ing the Student Government Associa-
One Size Doesnʼt Fit All,” as part of a week-long     Star Trek Films” and by Stephanie West-Puckett        Libraryʼs Special Collections department       tion which truly participated in the gover-
advanced seminar on the topic, “Cultural Perspec-     (English), “Silent Birth: Co-opting a Scientologist
                                                                                                            and is the second in a four-part series        nance of the college with the full support
tives on Cancer: From Metaphor to Advocacy,”          Doctrine as a Tool of Obstetrical Resistance” as
                                                      part of a panel exploring childbirth experiences.     designed to honor ECUʼs Centennial.            of President Robert Wright.”
at the School of American Research in Santa                                                                        Curated by graduate student Adri-              The final exhibits in the centennial
Fe, N.M.                                              Also at the conference, Palumbo and C.W.
                                                      Sullivan III conducted a session on “Publish          enne Rea, the exhibit is entitled “An Era      series examine how East Carolina trans-
Presentation by Sitawa R. Kimuna (Sociol-             Your Scholarly Book on SF/F with McFarland            of Progression — The College Transfor-         formed from East Carolina Teachers Col-
ogy), “Intimate Partner Violence among Married        Publishers.”                                          mation: East Carolina Teachers College”        lege to East Carolina College to East Car-
Women in Kenya,” at the American Sociological                                                               and runs Sept. 15 through Feb. 15.             olina University.
Association annual conference held in Montreal,       At the annual Native American Literature Sym-
                                                                                                                   Cases will display photographs,                Special Collections is open Mon-
Canada.                                               posium, “Many Voices, One Center: Our Land”
                                                      in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., Ellen Arnold (English)        drawings, blueprints and other artifacts       day through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Presentations by Mary K. Kirkpatrick (Nurs-           chaired a panel on “Pedagogy: Teaching the            that illuminate this period of growth and      and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For
ing): “Evidenced Based Improvement for                Contexts.”                                            expansion on campus.                           more information about this exhibit or
Critical/Reflective Thinking and Writing,”                                                                         “The exhibit shows the evolution        Special Collections, call 252-328-6671,
for the Institute in Teaching Writing Intensive       Poster presentation by Catherine Smith (Eng-          of a two-year training school into a four      or visit
Courses, ECU; “Infusing Palliative Care into          lish), “Professional Communication in the Anti-
the Curriculum” for UNC-Pembroke faculty;             Terror Age,” at the 2005 Conference of the Council
“Kaleidoscopic Education: What Color is Your
Teaching?” for the 26th Nursing Education
                                                      of Professional and Technical Communications
                                                      Programs in Lubbock, Texas. Also by Smith,              ECU Joins National Effort
                                                                                                             for Childhood Obesity Care
Institute at St. Xavier School of Nursing in Chi-     “AM/FM Radio and the Internet During Weather
cago, Ill.; “Nursing Excellence: Nurse Education      Emergencies,” at the 2006 Conference of the
Improvement Project,” for the Duke University         Association of Teachers of Technical Writing in
School of Nursing; “Reflections on Surviving           Chicago, Ill. Her presentation was based on joint                                                           Pitt County Memorial Hospital also
                                                      research with Donna Kain (English).                          ECUʼs Pediatric Healthy Weight
Breast Cancer,” at the Multidisciplinary Learn-                                                                                                            submitted two applications, one for the
                                                                                                            Research and Treatment Center is partic-
ing Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland; and, with                                                                                                            childrenʼs weight management programs
                                                      Presentations by David G. Weismiller (Medicine)       ipating in a national effort to accelerate
co-presenter, “Integrating Palliative Care into the                                                                                                        at the ViQuest Center, and the other for
                                                      at the American Academy of Family Physicianʼs         improvement in care delivered to over-
Nursing Curriculum,” at the AACN Leadership
Conference in Orlando, Fla.
                                                      Conference on Family Centered Maternity Care          weight or at risk for overweight children.     their granted-funded Pediatric Healthy
                                                      in Providence, R.I.: “Prenatal Screening Tests,”             The center has responded to nation-     Weight Case Management Program.
Presentations by Johna Faulconer (Education)          “HPV and the Abnormal Pap Smear in Preg-                                                                    Information about all five pro-
                                                                                                            wide search begun by the National
with Michael Bosse (Education), three workshops       nancy,” and “Preconception Health Care.”                                                             grams will be included in either materials
                                                                                                            Initiative for Childrenʼs Healthcare
                                                                                                                                                           or poster sessions at the National Health
 Morrison Receives Honor
                                                                                                            Quality, to identify the most innova-
                                                                                                            tive and promising programs that address       Care Congress on Childhood Obesity,
                                                                                                            childhood obesity. The ECU Pediatric           scheduled for Sept. 20 in Washington,
continued from page 1                                                                                       Healthy Weight Research and Treatment          D.C. At that event, the latest innovations,
                                                      County Distinguished Service Award                    Center submitted its Pediatric Healthy         recommendations and best practices
computer-based experiments into the gen-              from the Governorʼs Council for Persons               Weight Clinics and the KIDPOWER                in health care practice and policy will
eral chemistry laboratory and received                with Disabilities in 1988.                            Medical Nutrition Therapy program (sup-        be discussed in detail. Following the
national recognition for his work to use                    As a tri-athlete in the Iron Man                ported by the Pitt Memorial Hospital           Congress, NICHQ will institute a Web-
computer-assisted instruction for teaching            competition, Morrison has also achieved               Foundation). Both programs can con-            based learning network to share effective
chemistry to students with physical dis-              physical feats. He swam 2.4 miles in the              tribute to the search for best practices in    strategies and materials.
abilities,” White said.                               ocean, rode a bicycle 112 miles, and then             systematic and clinical improvement ini-              For more information, visit www.
       Morrison was awarded the Pitt                  ran 26.2 miles—all in one day.                        tiatives dealing with childhood obesity. or email

                                                                                       East Carolina University
Page 10                                                                                   Pieces of Eight                                                                 September 1, 2006

Book Focuses on Culture,                                                                                            New Faculty Welcomed
Food Choice and Obesity                                                                                             Faculty orientation shot

       By Erica Plouffe Lazure                      is diabetes, cancer, heart disease. We
                                                    donʼt realize how much chronic disease
                                                    affects our community.”
       In his book, “Food Choice and                       The first section of Baileyʼs book
Obesity in Black America: Creating a                offers research findings that link obesity
New Cultural Diet,” (2006 Praeger, West-            and chronic disease in the African Amer-
port, Conn.) Eric J. Bailey examines                ican community. In the second section,
social and cultural issues of food and obe-         he examines historical and socio-cultural
sity in the black community.                        health indicators, such as body image,
       Bailey, a professor of medical               food preferences and exercise habits in
anthropology and public health at East              the black community. In the third section,
Carolina University, said he was con-               Bailey offers a new approach for diet and
cerned that African Americans donʼt often           lifestyle, focused on the cultural tradi-
talk about weight matters, particularly             tions of African Americans.
when it comes to food and exercise.                        Many social traditions, he said,
       “I know itʼs a sensitive topic. You          such as church and family gatherings,
donʼt want to affect cultural traditions            oftentimes involve fattening or unhealthy
because thatʼs what keeps us connected to           foods. Bailey believes many recipes could           ECUʼs new faculty members get acquainted at a reception that followed a
our community,” he said. “But the result                                                                guided tour of Joyner Library Aug. 24 – a program hosted by the library as
                                                    be altered. Sodium and fat can easily be
                                                                                                        part of New Faculty Orientation. Thoroughly enjoying the food and fellowship
                                                    reduced in food, he said. And he suggests           above are (left to right) Ylce Irizarry (English), Kate LaMere (Graphic Design),
                                                    many foods that are traditionally fried             Amy Freeman (Art), Annie Hogan (Art), Erick Green (Communication), and
                                                    could be baked instead.                             Nathalie Mizelle (Rehabilitation Studies). The event provided an opportunity for
                                                           “People want to make recipes                 new faculty to learn about the facility, meet the library staff, and discover the
                                                    exactly the same way it was years ago,”             array of services that Joyner Library provides to the university community and
                                                    Bailey said. “But you can use the same              the people of Eastern North Carolina. Face-to-face activities like the Joyner
                                                    recipe your grandparents used and con-              Library orientation supplement the new faculty information provided through
                                                    tinue to keep that connection to them.              ECUʼs Blackboard orientation site. More details about New Faculty Orientation
                                                    Youʼre honoring them by making the                  can be found at
                                                    same dish but in a healthier way.”                  (Photo by Joy Holster)
                                                           Bailey said he hopes his book will
                                                    encourage black Americans to be proac-
                                                    tive about their health.
                                                           “African Americans need to know
                                                                                                       School Librarian Scholarship
                                                    they can be the ones to stop disease,” he
                                                    said. “We can delay it and reduce our
                                                                                                       Program Bolstered by Grant
                                                    chances and improve our quality of life if
                                                    we take an interest in our health now, ver-              East Carolina Universityʼs Depart-      vative opportunity to meet a strategic crit-
                                                    sus later. Itʼs not going to come from doc-        ment of Library Science and Instructional     ical need of school library media special-
                                                    tors, or government programs. The key is           Technology received a $737,000 grant          ists in our local schools while allowing
                                                    to take charge of our own health and fit-           from the Institute of Museum and Library      people in eastern North Carolina to have
                                                    ness.”                                             Services to increase the number of trained    a rewarding career in school libraries in
ECU medical anthropology professor                                                                     school librarians in eastern North Caro-      their home communities,” Harer, a pro-
Eric Baileyʼs new book links food                          For more information visit http://
                                           or email              lina.                                         fessor of library science and instructional
choices and disease in the African                                                                           The federal grant will fund ECUʼs       technology, said.
American community.                                 Bailey at
                                                                                                       Community Oriented Librarian Recruit-                In the next three years, the program
                                                                                                       ment Scholarship program, directed by         will provide 45 full tuition scholarships
                          Publications                                                                 College of Education faculty John Harer
                                                                                                       and Larry White.
                                                                                                                                                     for an online masterʼs degree in library
                                                                                                                                                     science. The grant is one of 35 funded
                                                                                                             “These scholarships offer an inno-      nationally.
Book, edited by Jonathan Dembo (Joyner              with co-author, “Drugs Associated with the
Library), A Life of Duty. The Autobiography of      Female Reproductive Cycle I: Pregnancy and
George Willcox McIver 1868-1947.                    Preterm Labor,” “Drugs Associated with the
                                                    Female Reproductive Cycle II: Labor, Delivery
                                                                                                       ECU Physicans Plans Announced
Article by Lloyd Goodwin (Allied Health), “Re-      and the Preterm Neonate,” and “Drugs Associated
habilitation Counselor Specialty Areas Offered by   with the Postpartum and the Newborn,” in Phar-     continued from page 6                         “Nothing should be off-limits in these
Rehabilitation Counselor Education Programs,”       macology: A Nursing Process Approach. Also                                                       discussions.” He called on faculty mem-
in the Rehabilitation Education Journal.            by Corbett, “Nursing Care during Pregnancy         of Trustees. Other members are Board of       bers and staff members in the medical
Article by Rebecca J. Sweet (Interior Design        (Chapter 9),” “Pregnancy at Risk: Preexisting      Trustees members Robbie Hill and Bruce        school and the physicians group to sup-
and Merchandising), Katherine Warsco (Interior      Conditions (Chapter 22),” and “Pregnancy at Risk   Austin; Ballard; Dr. Michael Lewis,           port and participate in efforts to enhance
Design and Merchandising), and Robert A. Chin       (Chapter 23),” in Maternity Nursing.               vice chancellor for health sciences;          revenues and control expenses.
(Technology Systems), “Greening Homeown-                                                               and Dr. Michael Rotondo, chair of the                The chancellor said that various
                                                    Book chapter by D. Elizabeth Jesse (Nursing),
ers: A Collaborative Educational Challenge,”
                                                    “Watsonʼs Philosophy in Nursing Practice,” in
                                                                                                       Department of Surgery.                        steps to reduce the deficit have been taken
in Housing and Society.                                                                                      Also, Dr. Ronald Perkin, chair of       over the past several years. They include
                                                    Nursing Theory: Utilization and Application.
Article by Nanyoung Kim (Art), “A History of                                                           the Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Valerie     strengthening the universityʼs capacity
Design Theory in Art Education,” in the Journal     Book chapter by Janice Neil (Nursing), “Diabetes   Gilchrist, chair of the Department of         to attract research grants and contracts,
of Aesthetic Education.                             and Kidney Disease: A Challenge in Chronic Dis-    Family Medicine; Stephen Lawler, chief        revamping the universityʼs fund-
                                                    ease Management,” in Contemporary Nephrology       administrative officer of University           raising operations, reducing the number
Chapter by David G. Weismiller (Medicine),          Nursing: Principles and Practice.                  Health Systems; Janice Faulkner, commu-       of administrative positions in the medical
“Procedures for Neonatal Circumcision,” in Up
to Date.
                                                                                                       nity representative; and Dr. Walter Pories,   school, and consolidating some medical
                                                    Chapter by Nursing faculty Ann M. Schreier,        professor of surgery.                         school operations with those of the cen-
Book chapters by Martha R. Alligood (Nurs-          Nellie S. Droes, and Georgene G. Eakes with              Ballard said that the university has    tral campus.
ing): “Nursing Theory: The Basis for Profes-        co-authors, “Theory of Chronic Sorrow,” in                                                               In addition, the university and its
                                                                                                       hired the ECG consulting group of Seattle
sional Nursing Practice,” in Professional Nurs-     Nursing Theorists and Their Work, co-edited by
                                                    Martha R. Alligood.                                to assist in developing a plan to balance     partners will open a community health
ing: Concepts and Challenges; and “Rethinking                                                          the budget and in creating a blueprint for    center that will receive federal operating
Empathy in Nursing Education: Shifting to a
                                                    Article by David P. Conradt (Political Science),   future organization and operations.           funds, thus reducing the cost of providing
Developmental View” in the Annual Review of
Nursing Education.                                  “The Tipping Point: The 2005 Election and the            “We expect to see a variety of          care to indigent patients. The university
                                                    De-consolidation of the German Party System?”      recommendations to both increase reve-        also will continue to press for legislative
Book chapters by Robin W. Corbett (Nursing):        in German Politics and Society.                    nues and reduce expenses,” Ballard said.      relief from indigent care costs.

                                                                                   East Carolina University
September 1, 2006                                                           Pieces of Eight                                                                                Page 11

                                                               Campus Calendar

SATURDAY                                 2

ECU Pirate football, ECU vs. Navy,
Annapolis, Md., 5:30 p.m.

MONDAY                                   4

Labor Day Holiday (no classes)

SATURDAY                                 9

ECU Pirate football, ECU vs. UAB,
Birmingham, Ala., 7 p.m.
Contra Dance, Willis Bldg. Potluck dinner,
6 p.m.; lesson, 7:30 p.m.; dance, 8 – 10:30

FRIDAY                                  15

“Dinosaur Desperados,” Wright Audito-
“Jazz at Night,” Mendenhall, 8 – 10 p.m.
Salsa Dance, Willis Building. Lesson, 7:30
p.m.; dance, 8 – 11 p.m.
                                              A fascinating addition to the lawn in front of Jenkins Fine Art     Exhibition Sept. 6 through Oct. 7. The event includes a
SATURDAY                                16    Building is “Going Mobile #3,” a sculpture by ECU alumnus           keynote lecture and reception Sept. 14 and a symposium
                                              Robbie Barber. Barber now teaches at Baylor University in           Sept. 15. For additional information, contact Susan Nicholls
ECU Pirate football, ECU vs. Memphis,         Texas. More alumni artwork can be seen during the “Bringing         at or Gina Cox at, or call
Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, 7 p.m.                 it All Back Home” ECU School of Art and Design 2006 Alumni          Gray Gallery at 328-6336. (Photo by Joy Holster)

WEDNESDAY                               20
                                              Series, Van Cliburn Gold Medalist pianist    featuring Phyllis Trible, professor of        SATURDAY                                  7
Taste of Japan (through Sept. 21), Green-     Alexander Kobrin, Wright Auditorium.         religion at Wake Forest Universityʼs Divin-
ville Country Club, 6 p.m.                                                                 ity School. Willis Building, 7:30 p.m.        ECU Pirate football, ECU vs. Virginia,
                                              FRIDAY                                 29                                                  Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, 6 p.m.
FRIDAY                                  22                                                 TUESDAY                                  3
                                              Volunteer Friday for Habitat for Humanity,
Opening celebration for the new Health        Mendenhall Brickyard, 3 – 5 p.m.             S. Rudolph Alexander Performing Arts                       Exhibitions
Sciences Building, 11:30 a.m.                                                              Series, Jazz vocalist Tierney Sutton,
                                              ECUʼs Third Eastern Literary Homecom-        Wright Auditorium.
Contra Dance, Willis Building. Lesson,                                                                                                   2006 School of Art and Design Alumni
7:30 p.m.; dance, 8 – 10:30 p.m.              ing (through Sept. 30). Willis Building,                                                   Exhibition, “Bringing it All Back Home,”
                                              Reception, Friday at 7:30 p.m. Events        THURSDAY                                 5    Sept. 5 through Oct. 7.
                                              Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
SATURDAY                                23                                                 ECU/Loessin Playhouse, “Chicago, the          “A Century of Education and Impact:
                                                                                           musical,” (through Oct. 10). McGinnis         The History of East Carolina University,
ECU Pirate football, ECU vs. West Virgin-                                                  Theatre. Performances nightly at 8 p.m.       an Exhibit in Four Parts.” “Series I: The
                                                            OCTOBER                                                                      Founding of an Institution -- East Carolina
ia, Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium.                                                                 except Sunday performance at 2 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Teachers Training School,” Joyner Library
                                                                                           Folkfriends Concerts featuring acoustic       4 th floor (through Sept. 15). Series II: The
WEDNESDAY                               27    MONDAY                                  2    music by Folk Arts Society members and        College Transformation -- East Carolina
                                                                                           guests, Tipsy Teapot/Kennybrook-Parker        Teachers College begins Sept. 15. (www.
S. Rudolph Alexander Performing Arts          Jarvis Lecture on Christianity and Culture   Books, 409 Evans St., 7 p.m. Free.  

 Faculty Research Development Grants Exceed $610K
continued from page 5                       project: Feeding Tube Educational Video        tory (maritime studies), received $39,986     of galactic cosmic rays
                                            Pilot; an effort to improve informed           for his project: The Ferrous Shipbuilding           • Catherine F. Smith, professor of
      • Scott A. Lecce, professor of geog- consent and to minimize inappropriate           Tradition: A Comparative Nautical             English, received $39,074 for her proj-
raphy, received $24,354 for his project:    feeding tube placement                         Anatomy.                                      ect: Storm-related Risk and Emergency
Mercury Contamination of Floodplain                • Barbara Muller-Borer, professor              • Catherine A. Rigsby, professor of    Communication in the Coastal Zone.
Sediments from Historic Gold Mining in      of Internal Medicine, received $40,000         geology, received $15,635 for her project:          • Ann O. Sperry, professor of anat-
North Carolina                              for her project: Role of Thymosin B4 in        Reconstruction of the Late Quatemary          omy and cell biology, received $39,500
      • Isabelle Lemasson, professor of     Stem Cell Engraftment and Myocardial           History of Amazon Climate from                for her project: The KIFC1 Molecular
microbiology & immunology, received         Tissue Regeneration                            Geologic and Geomorphologic Studies of        Motor in Spermiogenesis Bridging Grant
$25,000 for her project: Disruption of his-        • Suezanne T. Orr, professor of         Fluvial Terraces in the Western Amazon              • Hong Bing Su, professor of geog-
tone deacteylase complexes function by      health education and promotion, received       Basin                                         raphy, received $24,614 for his project:
the viral oncoprotein Tax during Human      $5,994 for her project: Depressive                    • Rachel L. Roper, professor of        Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent
T-cell Leukemia Virus type-1 infection      Symptoms and Preterm Birth Among               microbiology and immunology, received         Transport and Diffusion in the Canopy
      • David Mallinson, professor of       Black and White Women                          $40,000 for her project: Novel Poxvirus       Roughness Sublayer.
geology, received $39,766 for his project:         • Everett C. Pesci, professor of        Virulence Factor: A35R Immune                       • Max Zarate, professor of health
New Data Acquisition for Defining the        microbiology and immunology, received          Response Suppression                          education and promotion, received
Evolution of the NC Coastal System and $25,000 for his project: Synthesis                         • Jefferson L. Shinpaugh, profes-      $25,000 for his project: Determining the
Quaternary Sea Level Change                 and Bioactivity of the Pseudomonas             sor of physics, received $25,000 for his      Effects of On-Site Wastewater Systems
      • Seema Modi, professor of fam-       Quinolone Signal                               project: Measurements of ionization by        on Shallow Ground-Water Quality in
ily medicine, received $24,941 for her             • Nathan Richards, professor of his-    relativistic heavy ions for the dosimetry     Coastal North Carolina.

                                                                         East Carolina University
Page 12                                                                  Pieces of Eight                                                                September 1, 2006

                               On Campus
ʻChampionsʼ Noted
continued from page 5

patients have fallen 71 percent, inpa-
tient costs for pediatric asthma patients
have dropped 56 percent and emergency
department visits by pediatric asthma
patients have fallen by 22 percent. Anec-
dotal evidence says school absences have
also been reduced, said Lisa Johnson,
who oversees the program.
       Irons was interviewed July 26 on
the UNC-TV program “North Carolina
       The Champions of Change was a
statewide competition corresponding to
the upcoming national PBS program,
“Remaking American Medicine,” slated
to air in September. To parallel the pro-
files in the national series, UNC-TV, the
state Area Health Education Centers, the
North Carolina Institute of Medicine and
the group Healthy Carolinians launched
a statewide search for people making a
difference in North Carolina health care.
The NCIOM selected the winners from
a slate of nominees. More information is
available at

Pediatric Care
                                            No doubt telling tales of aching feet and burdensome bags,          record number of freshmen, who flocked to campus in
continued from page 5
                                            a newly arrived ECU student pauses to connect with friends          late August. More than 5,000 students living in dormitories
gastrointestinal care for digestive disor-  or family through her cellular phone. She was among                 across campus began moving in on Aug. 17. Classes started
                                            approximately 23,500 students, including an anticipated             Aug. 23. (Photo by Joy Holster)
ders, gastric bleeding, malnutrition and
reflux; weight management with nutri-
tion and activity assessment as part of
ECUʼs Pediatric Healthy Weight Research      ECU Welcomes Back Students, Faculty
and Treatment Center; diabetes and endo-
crinology; nephrology for children with     continued from page 1
                                                                                         engineering.                                (health services management, reha-
abnormal kidney function, nephrotic syn-                                                       Several of these programs are         bilitation services, speech and hearing
drome, glomerulonephritis, hypertension            • Four new masterʼs level programs    offered online.                             sciences, speech language pathology,
and other conditions; pulmonary care        will be offered this year: a masterʼs in           • The $61 million Allied Health       physician assistant, occupational therapy,
for respiratory diseases, cystic fibrosis    health communication; a masterʼs in ath-     Sciences Building opened on the west        physical therapy, and counseling) and
and asthma with bronchoscopy services       letic training; a masterʼs in construction   campus this summer. The schools of          the Laupus Health Sciences Library are
and pulmonary function testing; and the     management; and a masterʼs in software       Nursing and Allied Health Sciences          housed in the new facility.
Center for Children with Chronic and

                                                                                    Upcoming Events
Complex Conditions.
       Dr. Ronald M. Perkin, chair of the
ECU pediatrics department, acknowl-
edged Jerry Atkins, an ECU alumnus,                                                      awareness about respiratory health in       Fling, with activities and food for adults
whose funding helped bring the building                  Pig Pickʼn                      Eastern North Carolina. Entry forms are     and children. Parentsʼ Night Out is set
to fruition.                                                                             available at     for Dec. 2, providing activities for chil-
       “This is more than a building,” said        The ECU Newman Catholic Stu-          home.htm. Anyone willing to volunteer       dren while parents enjoy a free evening.
Dr. Cynda Johnson, dean of the Brody        dent Center invites ECU faculty and staff    may contact Christina Eftekharzadeh at      For information contact David Gaskins
School of Medicine. “Itʼs a place weʼre     to its annual Pig Pickʼn, Sept. 13. The      744-5258.                                   or Diane Elhoffer at 328-6387, email
proud to bring our patients and a place     event will last from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and                                       or
you feel proud to practice in. We desper-
ately need facilities like this for all our
                                            will feature pork pulled straight off the       Youth, Family Fun
                                            bone, slaw, and vegies. The Newman                                                             Weight Watchers
                                            Center is located at 953 East 10th Street.          ECU Campus Recreation and Well-
        For an appointment, call 252-744-   For more information contact campus
5437. For more information, visit www.                                                   ness offers programs for dependents of            ECUʼs Campus Wellness is spon-
                                            minister Ryan Downey at 757-1991 or by       Student Recreation Center members,          soring a 12-week Weight Watchers at                      email at              dependents of non-member faculty and        Work Program that begins Sept. 25. The
                                                                                         staff, and community members. Programs      program will be held on Mondays at 1
                                              Run for Respiration                        offered include Free Dependent Days         p.m. in the Student Recreation Center.
       Vital Records                                                                     in which members may bring depen-           A free introductory meeting will be held
                                                  The Pulmonary Division at the          dents on Saturdays free of charge, child    Sept. 18, at 1 p.m. in Room 238 of the
 MARRIED: Charles Anderson June,            Brody School of Medicine, in conjunc-        swim lessons at all skill levels, Sun-      recreation center. Register by calling 328-
 son of Linda June-Fowler (Office of         tion with Pitt County Memorial Hospital      day Slam Youth Basketball for ages 7        6387. Enrollment in the program is $156,
 Assistant Secretary to the Board) to       and East Carolina Road Racing, are pre-      – 12, and Super Spiders Wall Climbers       payable at the first meeting to Weight
 Charity Taylor, Aug. 12 in Deep Run.       senting the Run for Respiration Sept. 30.    for ages 7 – 14. Scheduled for Sept. 30     Watchers. Contact Karen Warren at
                                            The 8k/1mile Fun Run is intended to raise    from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. is the Family Fall, or call 328-6387.

                                                                       East Carolina University

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