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					A Smarter Path to Virtualization

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       Less Cost – Less Complex. SIMPLE
     Why Virtualize?
     Common Business Applications for Virtualization:

    Server                Dev/Test                 Business              Accelerated              Dynamic
 Consolidation          Environments               Continuity            Provisioning            Datacenter

 Business Impacts of Server and Storage Virtualization:
 • Reduced management and                                  • Increased scalability to meet demand
     maintenance workload                                  • Increase total system utilization
 •   Reduced electricity and cooling costs                 • Increased accessibility of mission-critical
 •   Reduced space and real estate investment                systems and LOB applications
 •   Reduced underutilized systems                         • Increased user effectiveness
 •   Sustainable environmental policies                    • Increased resilience for disaster recovery

• Currently under 10% of servers are virtualized.1.
• By 2010, at least 54% of companies with more than 1500 employees will deploy
  more than one vendor’s hypervisor. 1
• Virtual servers growing faster than physical servers. 2

1 – Source: Enterprise Management Associates, April 2008        2 – Source: Information Week, October 2007
Why this team for Virtualization?
 EASIER. Pre-installed and pre-tested solutions with
  embedded features and capabilities spanning servers and
  storage technologies.

 FASTER. Integrated management and administration solutions
  for your total IT environment – physical to virtual, application
  to hardware.

 SMARTER. The right hardware and software with our design
  and deployment services delivering the results you demand.

       A Smarter Path to Virtualization
Why Virtualize with Microsoft?
            It’s                  Integrated                      TCO
          Windows                Management

          Key feature               Physical and                Integrated
          of platform                 Logical                    Platform

         Environment                  Tools you                1/3 the price
          you know                  already know                 up front

         Mass-market                                         Lower ongoing
                                   Interoperability             costs

  81% of customers have current or planned deployments with Microsoft as their
  virtualization vendor. – Enterprise Management Associates, April 2008
 Microsoft Virtualization Architecture

• Greater scalability and
   improved performance
     – x64 bit host and
        guest support
     – Symmetric
        (SMP) support
                                                                                   VM 2        VM 3
• Increased reliability                   VM 2      VM 3
                                                                        VM 1      “Child”     “Child”
   and security                                                       “Parent”

     – Minimal trusted
        code base
     – Windows® running a
        foundation role                    Microsoft®
                                     Virtual Server 2005 R2
• Better flexibility               Windows Server® 2003
                                                                           Windows Hypervisor
   and manageability
                                                                           AMD-V / Intel VT
     – New UI/integration with          Hardware
        Microsoft® System Center
        Virtual Machine Manager

                                                              Hard Disks
Solutions to match your needs
                       Up to 32 GB Memory                        Greater than 32 GB Memory

                            Microsoft                   Windows Server                 Windows Server
                          Hyper-V Server               Enterprise Edition             Datacenter Edition
                       World-Class Virtualization of   Includes rights for WS2008         Includes rights for
                       WS2000, WS2003, Linux, and        (1 physical + 4 guests)         WS2008 DC per proc
                            Windows Clients                                         (1 physical + unlimited guests)

                                                                                    Scalable and Robust
Deployment Scenarios

                              Basic Virtualization
                                 Server Consolidation                                  Virtualization
                       Hosted Desktop Virtualization (VDI)                                +Quick Migration
                            Branch Office Consolidation
                                                                                       +Multi-Site Clustering
                                Test and Development
                                                                                      Scale-Up >4P & >32GB
                                 Essential Business
                                Server Consolidation
    Integration Management
•    Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V provides a comprehensive, end-to-end toolset for creating,
     provisioning, managing, and securing both the virtual infrastructure and the physical
     infrastructure, including the management of third-party virtualization solutions.
•    Tightly integrates and compliment Dell management products through OpenManage program

      Physical Systems               Virtual Systems
      SCOM and SCCM                  SCOM and SCCM
                                     and System Center Virtual Machine Manager

              Systems Management
                 •   System Center Operations Manager
                 •   System Center Configuration Manager
                 •   System Center Virtual Machine Manager
                 •   System Center Data Protection Manager

              System Center manages both physical and virtual systems
         - Manages into the application layer and across multiple hypervisors, including
                              VMware and Microsoft Virtual Server
       Dell PowerEdge Servers
       Virtualization Ready
                PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP                                                          PURPOSE BUILT
                                                                                               Optimized Platforms

                     Leading VMmark benchmark scores1

                   OPERATIONALLY READY                                                  SEAMLESS MANAGEMENT
                    Embedded Hypervisors                                                OpenManage™ integrations
                                                                                               and tools
                                                                                                                     VM VM
                                                                                                                  VM VM VM
                                                                                                                VM VM
                                                                                                              VM VM VMVM VM
                                                                                                                        VM VM
                                                                                                               VM VM
                                                                                                                      VM VM
                                                                                                                   VM VM
                                                                                                                 VM VM

1 As of September 7, 2009, Dell has top 2 placement in 16-Core, Vmark is a product of VMware. VMmark uses SPECjbb®2005 and SPECweb®2005, which are available from the
Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC). For the latest VMmark results, visit                            9
Virtualization Optimized Servers
The Right Balance

Achieving a balance between cost and scalability for
I/O, memory and external storage:

Virtualization                                            DIMM slot count
requires 2-3X    I/O                          Memory      is also a key
the I/O                                                   consideration
over the

                        External Storage

                 Virtualization solutions are typically
                        SAN-based for storage
      Dell Virtualization Optimized
      Server Configuration

                                 R805       R710             R905             R900

       Form                       2U/2       2U/2          4U/2 or 4        4U/2 or 4
       Factor/# of
       # DIMMs/Max              16/128      18/144          32/256           32/256
       Memory GB
       # I/O Slots                  4       3 or 2              7                7

       # LOMs                       4         4                 4                4

       Type of                  Factory     Factory         Factory          Factory
       Embedded                Installed   Installed       Installed        Installed
                               SD Card     SD Card         SD Card          USB key

           • 2X the memory                        • 25% less power consumption
           • Faster Time to Productivity          • 30-40% better Virtualization Performance
DELL CONFIDENTIAL                                                                              11
Dell PowerEdge Servers
Covering Enterprise IT needs from basic
to specialized computing
                                                                      M1000e, M600, M605,      ULTRA
                                                                     M610, M710, M805, M905
                                                                                                                 MORE SPECIALIZATION

                                                                                                                            PE R410
                                                                                                           COMPUTE NODE

                                         R300, R310, R200,   MORE                              MORE
                                               R210          BASIC                            DENSITY
                                                                               R610                                          R805

                           T105, T100,                                                  PE 2970,                             R905
                                          T300                       PE R710
                              T110                                                     PE 2970 ES



                                                          MORE             PE T610, T710   EXPANDABILITY
                                          PE T410, T605   BASIC

                                                 APPLICATION COMPLEXITY
Dell Storage Portfolio
Designed to meet any challenge

   MD Series            AX Series              PS Series               CX Series

                                                                     Enterprise Level
 Entry Level iSCSI   Entry Level Fibre      Enterprise iSCSI
                                                                    Storage Supporting
     Storage         Channel or iSCSI    Consolidation Solution
                                                                     BOTH iSCSI and
  Consolidation    Storage Consolidation Ideal for Virtualization
                                                                       Fibre Channel

Dell Storage for Virtualization
                                                       Dell PowerVault

      Infrastructure    ESX Server                      Dell EqualLogic
                                        GbE Switches
                                                           PS Series
       SQL Server        Exchange
                                                            CX4 Series
                       Oracle Cluster


 • iSCSI for new SANs, remote SANs, secondary SANs
 • iSCSI for Virtualized Servers to simplify management and reduce
 • Fibre Channel for performance
Dell PowerVault MD3000i
                                                     Consolidation without Complexity
       iSCSI Storage Consolidation Solution                – Leverage existing Ethernet
                                                             infrastructure using iSCSI SAN
                Starting Under $8K                           technology
                                                           – Consolidate up to 16 redundant
                                                     High performance, highly available
                                                           – Dual active/active controllers
                                                             with no single point of failure
                                                           – Dual 1Gb Ethernet host
                                                     Advanced Data Protection
  Excellent for…
                                                           – Snap shot and virtual disk copy
  1.    Small and mid-sized businesses: Storage      Pay-as-you-grow expansion
        consolidation (DAS replacement)
                                                           – Up to 45 drives, with two
  2.    Enterprise: Tier 2 SAN, departmental, workgroup      MD1000
        and remote office deployments                   Flexible configuration
                                                           – Single controller and dual
                                                             controller models
                                                           – Supports SAS and SATA drives
Dell EqualLogic PS Series Storage
Virtualization Ready

•   Purpose-built storage design for
    virtualization deployments
•   Simple deployment, growth,
    and management
•   Virtualized architecture to match
    flexibility, simple provisioning, and
    resource utilization
•   Advanced SAN integration for
                                                                           PS Series
    Microsoft environments                                                 Virtualized iSCSI SANs

•   Cost-effectiveness of full-featured
    enterprise deployment
                                                iSCSI SAN of the Year
                                            “For virtualization implementations,
                                            you can't do better than a PS3800XV
                                                      [now PS5000XV]"
Why PS Series for
Microsoft Hyper-V Environments

   Fully integrated with Microsoft® VSS,
    Hyper-V™ integration services, MSCS
    and Quick Migration
   Easy online backup and rapid restore
    of virtual machines and virtual hard
    disks and applications
     – Hyper-V™ virtual machines and
        virtual hard drives
     – SQL Server
     – Exchange Server
     – NTFS file systems
•   Automatic connection management,
    failure detection, failover and
    load balancing

                                            Dell EqualLogic PS Series
                                            Virtualized iSCSI SANs

The Dell EqualLogic PS6000 Series
Of iSCSI Storage SAN’s

High-Performance SSD
               PS6000S              Highest random read IOPS performance,
               50GB (8 or 16)        lowest latency for the most demanding
               Solid State Disks     enterprise applications
High-Performance SAS
               PS6000XV             Highest performance HDD system for critical
               4.8, 7.2 TB           applications, with good capacity
               15,000 RPM SAS        Balance of cost, performance and capacity
               PS6000X               for enterprise data centers
               6.4 TB               Databases, Exchange servers, high-I/O
               10,000 RPM SAS        virtual server environments, etc.
Capacity-Oriented SATA
                 PS6000E         High capacity configuration for
                 2, 4, 8, 16 TB   data-intensive applications, highly
                 7,200 RPM SATA   consolidated environments
                 PS6500E         Tiered storage, File Services, moderate
                 24 or 48 TB      I/O Exchange, databases, backup data,
                 7,200 RPM SATA   DR sites, etc.
Tying it All Together
Dell Business Ready Configurations for Small, Medium and
Remote Virtualization Environments

•   Providing better infrastructure
    knowledge, improved guidelines, and
    detailed configuration models to
    simplify virtualization deployments
•   Validated architectures for
    Windows Server 2008® Hyper-V™
    with Dell hardware
•   Deliver a nondisruptive, cost-effective
    virtualization infrastructure for
    organizations that want the benefits of
    virtualization, but have limited budget
    and staff resources.
 Dell Business Ready
 Configurations for Small, Medium
 and Remote Environments
           Consolidation                           High Availability                         High Availability + Backup
Ideal for customers looking to:        Ideal for customers looking to:             •Ideal for customers looking to:
•Consolidate existing workloads        •Consolidate existing workloads             •Consolidate existing workloads
                                       •High availability through the use of       •High availability through the use of Microsoft
                                       Microsoft Failover Clustering               Failover Clustering
                                       •Improve ROI of storage resources           •Improve ROI of storage resources through
                                       through consolidation & reliability         consolidation & reliability
                                                                                   •Implement datacenter-quality backup & recovery,
                                                                                   enable offsite storage of critical data
•Up to 14 operating system instances   •Up to 22 (configurable) operating system   •Up to 44 (configurable) operating system
(i.e. virtual machines)                instances (i.e. virtual machines)           instances (i.e. virtual machines)
•Single Server configuration           •Dual Server configuration                  •Three Server configuration
•No external storage                   •Shared centralized iSCSI-based array       •Shared centralized iSCSI-based array
                                       •High availability of operating system      •High availability of operating system instances
                                       instances (virtual machines)                (virtual machines)
                                                                                   •Disk-to-Disk with optional Disk-to-Tape Backup
Case Study
Workforce Scheduling Provider

 Situation                     Solution                      Benefits
• Needed an agile and          • Highly Available WS2008/     • Hosts up to 19 virtual
  scalable IT environment to     Hyper-V Virtualization         machines on each
  respond to rapid growth        Proof of Concept               physical server
• Annual growth > 100%,        • Dell PowerEdge 2950 III      • Increased its growth capacity
                                 Servers, Dell PowerVault       while cutting power costs
• Out of datacenter space,                                      77 percent
  rising power costs             MD3000i arrays, and Dell
                                 PowerConnect 5424 Gig E      • Expect to reduce power
• Needed to provision new        switches                       costs from ~$11,000 a month to
  servers more quickly to                                       ~$2,500
  keep up with growth          • 2-Node MSCS Failover
                                 cluster hosting 30+ VMs in   • Able to fully deploy a new
• Increased requirements         Production environment         server in a day or less
  for high availability and
  application performance      • System Center Virtual        • Expect to run 12 physical
                                 Machine Manager 2008           servers instead of 120
• Committed to and
  familiar with                                               • Avoided cost of purchasing
  Microsoft® technologies                                       and learning alternative
                                                                virtualization software

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