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					                                                 The Japanese Language School Project
                                                        The Interpreter
                                      Archives, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries
 Number 35                         Remember September 11, 2001                                                             December 1, 2001

  The Japanese Language                in attendance. I am very grateful     the two little girls, who loved      language officers at that time, he
                                       to Mr. Slaughter for his              having a man to tussle with.         asked if I would like to be
  School Archival Project
                                       assistance and Mr. Slesnick who           One other association that I     transferred from Sasebo to his
                                       was kind enough to put him in         remember is Dr. Gustafson, the       office, but I demurred. As far as
  In the Spring of 2000, the           touch with me.                        acting     president    of     the   I know, Sid Mashbir died many
  Archives continued the origi-                           Jessica Arntson    university, who befriended a         years ago.
  nal efforts of Captain Roger                           Graduate Student    sensei whose name I do not                    Best regards, Richard Moss
  Pineau and William Hudson,                                      EAL&C      recall and offered him the run of                               JLS 1943
  and the Archives first at-                                                 the    physics    labs,    as    a

  tempts in 1992, to gather the
  papers,       correspondence,
                                              CU Faculty II                  sympathetic      fellow-physicist.     The Ben Galland
                                                                             My sister was at the time the            Collection
  photographs, and records of          I was delighted to read the piece     head catalog librarian.
  graduates of the US Navy             [on contacts between CU faculty           By the way, I have just won       Holds JLS Letters
  Japanese Language School,            and JLS students] by Robert           two furry, tiny buffs (!) also
  University of Colorado at                                                                                       Ben Galland, a CU Law
                                       Schwantes. It awakened a lot of       from      the     CU      Alumni
  Boulder, 1942-1946. We                                                                                          Professor (1931-1954), received
                                       memories that I had not really        Association, for remembering
  assemble these papers in                                                                                        letters from a number of his
                                       called up as part of the history of   what is carved above the
  recognition of the contribu-                                                                                    former students during World
                                       the JLS.                              entrance to Norlin Library and
  tions made by JLS graduates                                                                                     War II. The collection has been
                                           I was lucky to have my sister,    also above the front door.
  to the War effort in the Pa-                                                                                    in the Archives for more than 20
                                       Victoria Siegfried, living above      Cheers!
  cific, the successful occupa-                                                                                   years. This semester, the
                                       the entrance to the Faculty Club                      Marylou Williams
  tion of Japan, the creation of                                                                                  partially processed collection is
                                       where we took our meals. We                                   JLS, 1944
  Japanese language programs                                                                                      receiving       treatment     from
                                       had      close   contact     often,   [Ed. Note: “Who knows only           Archival       Intern,     Jennifer
  across the country, and the          sometimes over the laundry            their own generation remains
  development of cultural rec-                                                                                    Hampsen. The letters come from
                                       machine in the basement. She          always a child” Cicero {through      all theaters and places. One was
  onciliation programs after           had been a welcoming friend to        Norlin}]
  World War II.                                                                        _______________
                                                                                                                  a leisurely note written from a
                                       earlier students largely through
                                                                                                                  staff car of a lieutenant looking
                                       their church.
                                                                                   Sydney Mashbir                 for possible headquarters for
      60th Reunion                          Bob Wade and Stu Thorne
                                                                                    Remembered                    generals in Luxembourg, dated
                                       were lifelong friends. As an
                                                                                                                  13 December 1944. I wondered
 of US Navy JLS at CU                  undergraduate, I had studied
                                                                             Re. the August 15, 2001 issue of     how close Peiper’s King Tigers
                                       philosophy with Joe Cohen. It
     6-9 June 2002                     was a special pleasure and relief
                                                                             The Interpreter, Sydney Mashbir      got to his staff car?
             _________                                                       and my father, Robert F. Moss,           While        assisting     Ms.
                                       to be able to cross the hall to his
     Sensei Project III                office for a smoke (!) and chat
                                                                             were good friends and business       Hampsen, I noticed letters from
                                                                             partners in a company called         William Massar to Professor
                                       between classes.
All of my research efforts are                                               Scientific Concrete Service          Galland, along with a silk
                                           I also knew Muriel Sibell and
aimed at creating a narrative                                                Corporation, which my father         address, signature book. Massar,
                                       Francis Wolle, as they were
based on the experiences of the                                              managed. The company was             JLS 1943, is on our contact list,
                                       special friends of Vicki. In the
former language instructors of                                               organized prior to the start of      but has yet to correspond with
                                       summer after I graduated we
the JLS. But this ‘narrative’ will                                           WWII and continued to operate        us. We would appreciate any
                                       joined them on a pack trip into
be only a portion of the tribute                                             until it was sold to Toledo Scales   information he could give us on
                                       the Never-Summer Range to find
that will be paid to the sensei at                                           at some point in the 1950s.          Ben Galland and on the
                                       a ghost-town called Dutchtown. I
the reunion scheduled for next                                                   The last time I saw Col.         address/signature book.
                                       have one of her original                                                                      David M. Hays
summer here at Boulder,                                                      Mashbir was in the early days of
                                       lithographic drawings that shows                                                       _________     Editor
Colorado. The 60th Anniversary                                               the     occupation     of   Japan
                                       the scene. Vicki traveled with                                                 USMCR JLO Question
Reunion of the Navy Japanese                                                 (November 1945). He was a
                                       Muriel many, many times when                                               I wonder if any JLO with the
Language School may very                                                     member of General MacArthur's
                                       Muriel first came to Boulder and                                           Marines served a useful function
likely be the last meeting for                                               staff at SCAP Headquarters in
                                       became interested in ghost-                                                in the war. I didn’t until I got to
former students and sensei of the                                            Tokyo, heading up, if I
                                       towns.                                                                     China. I suppose I should have
school. We sincerely hope that                                               remember correctly, intelligence
                                           Another joy was being able to                                          stayed in China until the
many former sensei and their                                                 activities. At that time, I was
                                       visit between classes with Ruth                                            Japanese were all repatriated, but
families will be able to attend                                              with the Fifth Marine Division
                                       Loose, the wife of my major                                                I left in about March of 1946.
and observe the gratitude and                                                based in Sasebo, and because I
                                       professor, who had taken over                                              Apparently Desjardins took over.
regard former students hold for                                              had grown up in Tokyo, I
                                       his German classes after he                                                I would love to go to Boulder
their sensei. It is with this hope                                           requested and was granted a
                                       joined the army and took his                                               and read what my colleagues did
in mind, that I continue my                                                  week's leave to go to there to see
                                       native knowledge of German                                                 in the USMC, but I fear that is
project of researching the JLS                                               what had happened to our family
                                       into Army intelligence. Nort and                                           not going to happen.
sensei.                                                                      home. It was while I was in
                                       I used to walk to their house on                                                        Robert F. Moore M.D.
   When I present my findings at                                             Tokyo that I called on Col.
                                       Geneva Park to visit Ruth and                                                           440 North Main Street
next year's reunion, I hope many                                             Mashbir as a family friend.
                                                                                                                                Randolph, MA 02358
sensei and their families will be                                            Given the need for more
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