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					                The Constitution of the United States of America

  Amendment XVI

  The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source
  derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
   Now, I like a drink as well as the next guy, especially if I am in a bar, so this is not a
critique on someone’s habits or weaknesses (Lord knows I have them.) With that said,
and a show of hands please, can you tell me which recent presidential ticket candidate
had a loved one locked up for a DWI in the past few days?
   No, it was not Gore’s son, who hit the trifecta as he was also nabbed for speeding and
possession. No, not Biden’s daughter, she was arrested a while back for obstructing
justice. One of her brothers legal problems were more white collar, some kind fraud
issue, if I recall. We will leave the Kennedy’s out for no other reason than saving a lot
of time.
 Nope, nope and nope. ‘Twas Alexandra Kerry who became a short-term guest of the
  I am sure that you saw that on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MS/LSD and the rest, right?
You heard Letterman and Stewart making jokes about that, yes? (Hey, Senator, why the
long face?)
  Of course you didn’t. She is bulletproof and has the Cyan Letter “D” on her frock.
  You see, Republicans are all Hester Pyrnnes when one of them or their progeny do
something stupid, regardless of how long ago it was. The Scarlet “R” is as a target for
the LSM. But the “D” is like Superman’s cape, which makes you invincible to the slings
and arrows of attack by the Leftmedia, were they to do so.

   Speaking of the press and so on, Gov. Sarah Palin is on a book tour. Now, there is
nothing the Left hates more, well, few things, than a successful book by a Conservative.
Look at the books written by Rush, Hannity, Levin, Beck and others. They go to the top
of the best seller list, even in the NY TIMEs, but you do not see them on the morning talk
shows and other avenues for hawking their wares. Ann Coulter does seem to get some
air time, but, she is Ann.
   Palin’s book was delivered as a best seller. But, to be fair, there has been a lot of hype,
support and mass purchasing of her book prior to release. That notwithstanding, it is still
a best seller.
  But does she get on the TV shows? With the exception of Oprah, (you know her,
Hank’s former fellow congregant) I have not seen anything except her appearance on
Hannity. (To be fair, I do not watch that much TV but one might thing that it would be
advertized if she was to be on a show.)
  Should some Liberal write a shopping list, Couric, Gibson, Williams and the rest
would be slobbering over themselves in anticipation of the Blessed Event to find out
every bit of information and praise them for their sagacity!
   That said, Palin is doing appearances and book-signings in smaller markets rather than
in NY, LA, ChiTown and the like. Of course, the pundits that do talk or write ABOUT
her, rather than TO her, are making fun of her.
  In reality, they are making fun of us, We the People.
  Once you escape the “big cities” and Boston, you are pretty much in Red Country,
where most of We the People live. Her politics and persona are far more in synch with
those in Coachella than Chicago.
  The myopic media canNOT see past their high-rise apartments and see anyone who is
not an urbanite as some kind of rube. This is odd, when you think about it at first, as so
many of the anchors and other talking heads hail from smaller towns. But on further
inspection, is would appear more of the typical liberal self-loathing and rejection of
American Values and mores.

   That said, there seems to be a groundswell of support for both Gov. Palin and her
political and social values. Will she run in 2012 for POTUS or VPOTUS is anyone’s
guess, it is far too early to speculate. Yet her crusade, if you will, is opening the eyes of a
lot of people, regular people, people I to call American’s and fellow citizens.
  Reid, Pelosi, Hank and the rest of them are creating an adversarial atmosphere with
their Marxist agenda. People are starting to take notice and figger out that if the gov’t
wants to scale back when women get mammograms, what is next? Cutting back on pap
smears, PSA tests, stress tests and more? If they are or planning to cut back on those or
any other preventive tests, are they not in fact limiting or rationing health care? Isn’t this
something that they promised would never happen? (And for my newer readers, in the
Liberal Dictionary, “promise” means “lie.” Just wanted to get you up to speed on that.)
   The Libs are their own worst enemies, given the opportunity they will shoot
themselves in the foot every time. The Stupak Amendment put in the House health skare
atrocity was a placation to the right with regards to abortion. The Senate version, some
100 pages longer, does not have such an amendment or stipulation, meaning that it will
be stripped out of the reconciled bill.
  I have said before and I will say it again, Stupak was a good idea that should never
been allowed to happen. It allowed too many congressmen to vote for the bill and staying
within their consciences. Now, that will all be for naught as the final bill will not contain
any prohibition on abortion and may likely force some entities that have previously not
done them to have to do them, religious based hospitals and clinics, for example.
   The thing that amazes me that the Senate found another 100 pages or so of offal to
stick in a bill. The House version at 1900-plus pages is an insult to our intelligence and a
threat to our well-being yet, that was not good enough for the Senate.
   That is why someone like Palin is reviled by the Left. She stands for many of the
things which are good and wholesome and this bill and other similar legislations are
anathema to us. The cover of NEWSWEEK shows just how scared the Left is of her.
The banner complains: “How do you solve a problem like Sarah” with the subheading:
“She is bad news for the GOP - and for everyone else, too.”
  Lemme translate: “Here is a woman who stands for everything we stand against and
there is not a dang thing we can do about it. We hate her” and the admonition to the GOP
that she is no good is a weak attempt to have the party shun her.
  As if there are many on the Right who reads NEWSWEEK to begin with and far, far
fewer still who give them much credence.
  But, you can be sure that there is no way in Hades that there would be a Madeline
Allnotsobright , Her Thighness, Hillaroo, Stretch Pelosi, or some other equally
“attractive” Liberal on their cover dressed as such. (And the picture came from a running
magazine at that, they had neither the time nor inclination to get a more current picture.)
Figgering that such a “scandalous” and “salacious” picture would disabuse one from
taking her as a serious candidate or a threat, all that NEWSWEEK succeeded in doing
was to garner her more publicity and endear her to a new generation of young men.
  There is far more going on in the world. Hank has not decided when he is going to do
what in Afghanistan, tho he “promised” a decision by Thanksgiving. (He previously
“promised” an answer between the 7th and 11th of this month already.) I believe he will
come up with an answer by Thanksgiving, I just do not know which one.
  The Muslim Major case is another issue as is the trial in NY of the terrorists. But,
there are far too many aspects of these issues to get into now. So, with that, I shall sign
   I hope you all have a great weekend and remember that Thanksgiving is coming soon.
Please take a moment and consider those who are less fortunate and especially our brave
heroes and heroines in harm’s way. If you have an opportunity to make a food or cash or
even time donation to the needy, I hope you will seize the opportunity to do so. You are,
after all, We the People.

T-Minus 348 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1159 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 18 NOVEMBER 2009 - "One From Column A, None From Column

                     The Constitution of the United States of America

      Amendment XV

    Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the
    United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

    Section 2. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

      My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
      Health Skare in action already. There is a new thing coming from your friends at the
    Ministry of Death that aims to curtail mammograms. I am trying so hard to chose my
    words carefully, those of you how know me well know why. But suffice it to say this is
    very troubling.
      Women have been encouraged to start to get mammograms beginning at age 40. Now,
    they want to raise it to 50 years of age, unless there is a history of breast cancer in the
    family. As we should all know, caught early breast cancer is relatively easy to treat and
    the prognosis is excellent in most cases.
      Waiting an additional ten years will be a self-fulfilling prophesy and negate the plan.
    By being forced to wait another decade, there will most certainly be more cases of breast
    cancer predicating a reversal of this insidious plan.
      But this is all in synch with the health skare plan.
      Part of the plan will limit what pharmaceutical companies can and canNOT do and
    charge. The result will be that there will be less research and development of new drugs
    resulting in more sick people who will die. That is some plan, huh?
      Back to the mammogram. They base that claim on the fact that the early detection, the
    same thing that has been touted for who knows how long is, well, not all that critical.
    You see their data says that mammograms done at age 40 versus 50 years old will ONLY
    save one life out of ten thousand. Therefore, it is no big deal.
      Unless YOU are that one in ten thousand.
       This is Hank & Co’s way of softening us up for more of the pelosi that is coming down
    the pike in this health skare bill. It also serves to underscore that despite all of the
    allegations that this will be good for you, it all comes down to dollars and nonsense.
  Speculating on Hank’s voodoo math, I was wondering if anyone out there can answer
the following riddle: If the so-called stimulus package added almost one million jobs,
how come the unemployment rate has gone UP from 6.5% to 10.2%?
  (And those are not the real numbers as we know. Not included in either number are
those who are under-employed, working part-time, have been out of work so long that
they have exceeded their time for collecting benefits or have simply given up looking for
work. The true unemployment figger is closer to 20%, or almost one out of five workers.
   With the alleged stimulus package being a rousing failure, with so few “jobs” created
at such a high price and still there is money unspent, one has to question why someone is
not doing anything about it. Or is this some kind of red-herring just waiting to be put
back in the spotlight to detract from the attention to the health skare scheme, Hank’s
impotence in making a decision about troops for Afghanistan (remember, he promised to
make his decision sometime between 7 November and 11 November. Today is the 18th,
I guess using his fuzzy math, he still has time.)

  Speaking about Hank, exactly what did he gain by bowing to the Emperor of Japan?
Did Hank figger he owed him one as he did not apologize to him when he was
apologizing to the other former Axis Powers earlier this year?
   While I am a little light in Japanese protocol, there are a few things with which I am
familiar. For instance, when two business people meet, the first thing is an exchange of
business cards if they do not know each other. This way their statuses are established.
You see, respect is a very big thing in Asia in general and in Japan in particular. (My
pals in that neck of the woods, please feel free to correct me.) Where we in the West
gen’ly shake hands, in Japan a bow is the accepted sign of greeting. The person of lower
stature, rank or further down the food chain bows lower than the other. And depending
on how ichiban the other guy is, he may barely need to nod his head to acknowledge the
other’s obeisance.
  I am sure we have all seen the pic of Hank bowing. It looked like he was bowing so
low that he was going to tie his shoes and the Emperor barely moved. (Note to the State
Department, please be so kind as to either suggest corrective surgery for this guy, I
suggest having a spine installed and barring that, perhaps a large stick placed in such a
manner as to prevent further embarrassment to We the People.)
  For God’s Sake man, YOU are the President of the United States! YOU are the most
powerful person in the world! And excuse me for saying this but I am forced to: Act like
you have a set of balls for once in your life.
   You go set off on a trip to the Pacific Rim without a plan or goal and you do not even
achieve that. Forget Singapore, you then go to Japan and essentially succeed in allowing
them to “bow out” of assisting us militarily in that region. Well done. Then you are off
to China where you got nothing in return for your snubbing the Dahli Lama and other
things. You did not even get a welcome afforded to Bush or even Clinton. You got
nothing, zero, zilch, nada. You got no assurances regarding our trade imbalances, there
were no political prisoners released, there were no promises exacted regarding their
buying our debt and hence parts of our Country, there was nothing gained.
  Truly, it was a waste of time.

   It was a waste of time unless there was an ulterior motive. And despite everything
else, that is the one thing this misadministration seems to have in great quantities.
   As we all know, the Marxist AG Holder announced that he was bringing the swells that
murdered some 3,000 of our fellow countrymen and others. Unless you are an employee
of Skare Amerika, NEWSWEEK or if you are Keith Olbermann, you will have a hard
time believing the circumstances leading up to this.
  Allegedly, not long after Hank was wheels up, Holder contacted “Senior Wh’ite House
Staffers” to tell them that he was going to bring “KSM and the Sunshine Band” to the
scene of the crime to stand trial.
  Think about that.
   Do you think for a moment that Holder woke up that morning, let the dog out, shaved,
and in driving to the office and thought, “ya know, I think I am going to bring some
terrorists to NY for trial! Yeah, that is a swell idea! Hmmm… should I ask Hank?
Nah… no reason to, this is not a big deal.”
  If so, I have another bridge for sale here in Brooklyn.
   The unindicted co-conspirator to this crime when asked about this responded: “Holder
is my AG and as such he does not have to run everything by me, he knows what he is
doing” or words to that effect.
  In every relationship there are things that you can do on your own, say, buy an extra
can of peaches at the store, and things that you need to discuss with your partner, say, you
want to quit your job and join the circus. Holder’s “decision” falls into the latter
   There is no way that Hank did not know in advance of the movement of terrorists, if it
was not his idea in the first place. In fact, the fact that Holder made his announcement
and allegedly to whom and that was countered with a “no biggie” from Hank smells like
a con job. “Please don’t throw me in the briar patch!” “My AG does not have to run
everything by me.” Purty much the same level of honesty.
  That is my story and I am sticking with it.

   Corrections: Apparently I have developed some kind of number dyslexia as many of
you have been kind enough to point out. As you know, there are gen’ly some spelling
errors in the FISH as while I do spell-check, I usually do not proofread, I just do not have
the time. As a result sometimes, ok, all the time, there is a “do” where there should be a
“to” or similar. Correct spelling of the wrong word. But, even so, it does not correct
numerical errata. The other day I had 1/21/2103 instead of 1/21/2013. This caused no
small degree of concern for many of you. Additionally, I had 108:9 instead of 109:8 as
the Psalm verse. Thankfully, you know what I meant. But, please if you see an error,
lemme know. I am only human and I am sure I will make these kinds of mistakes at least
96 more times before the end of the year. Keep me honest, guys!

T-Minus 350 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1161 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 16 NOVEMBER 2009 - "There is a Method to this Madness..."

                       The Constitution of the United States of America

        Amendment XIV

      Section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts
      incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or
      rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any state shall assume or pay
      any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any
      claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be
      held illegal and void.

      Section 5. The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of
      this article.

        My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
        I was not surprised that many of you share my enjoyment of the arts but I was
      surprised at how many do and how educated you are in them. Well done!
        And since many of you asked and since it seems like a good starting point, here we go.
        As I said, it was basically a piano based event. Sitting in my seat I was impressed by
      the virtuosity of the featured performer. At one particularly energetic part of a piece, for
      some odd reason, I thought of Bugs Bunny from the OLD Warner Brothers cartoons from
      the 40s or 50s where he was playing the piano.
         Now, he was not playing boogie-woogie or the other music of the day but rather some
      intense piece, the name of which eludes me for the moment. That triggered the thought
      that many of the cartoons of that era contained classical music and I guess that is where
      my fondness for it began.      (I also recall one cartoon where Bugs was building a
      skyscraper to the tune of Grieg’s “Hall of the Mountain King.” You have all heard this at
      one time or another. It starts out slowly and deliberate and works into a frenzy by the

         We were exposed to fine music at an early age and not just the cartoons on television
      but in some of the Disney offerings and others as well. I am not saying that is was done
      intentionally to teach or expose the young to the classics, perhaps it was, but it was
      something that was not dumbing down, if you will.
        I have said that I do not watch that much mainstream TV and cartoons fall into that
      category. The prime time animation shows are, for the most part, crude and crass and I
      have not watched a kiddie show in ages.
   But that which I have seen is a departure from the fare if my youth. There are cartoons
that are educational, for certain, but do our kids need to learn Spanish, as in Dora the
Explorer? Howzabout the other way around? Learn English! I am not against kids
learning another language but please, become proficient in English first!
   Of course, some shows have done an excellent job in creating harmony and
understanding, like the early Sesame Street shows, but the tots do not need to be exposed
to other “social” issues like homosexuality and single-parent families.
  Sure, these things exist and perhaps many of these kids live in the situations depicted
but there is a time and place for them and it is not when the kids are so small that they
can be easily led to believe that that is good or normal.
  I long for the days when things were simpler, people were nicer and America was
always right. I know we did not live in a Norman Rockwell painting, but is it so bad to
hold that as a goal?
  Fast forward…
  AG Holder is bringing the terrorists to NY to stand trial. There is talk of the Federal
Gov’t buying (?) a Supermax prison in Illinois to accommodate more terrorists. (In fact,
Sen. Durbin of that state things it is a swell idea, that it will bring in lots of jobs. For
whom? Undertakers?)
  So, as the classical music of the entertainment of our youth has morphed to some kind
of social education of today, so has the classical understanding of the Law of the Land
morphed into some kind of political re-engineering.
  First off, there is no reason for a trial. These guys admitted to their crimes and beg for
death, or so they say. We could load up a van and dispatch them whenever we want.
  So why, as I have asked and thought about over the weekend?
  Like I have said, the old Russian Commies did nothing without a plan, this
misadministration is cut from the same cloth and is the same. (Apparently with the
exception to waging a war and how to win it.)
  Think back, mid-2008. Hank and his pal, Eric Holder, stated that they would consider
pressing charges against Bush, Cheney, Rummy, et al, for war crimes. Well, calmer
heads prevailed and despite the very lefties clamoring so, they put a lid on that.
  Or did they?
   You see, the laws regarding a military tribunal are far different than those of a civilian
court. Complete discovery does not have to be offered, sensitive information can be
either withheld or made available only to a lawyer with the proper security clearances.
 Now, allegedly, we are holding s show trial for confessed terrorists who are ready to
meet Allah. I say, bon voyage. But the misadministration says, no, hold on a minute.
Under the guise, (canard, machination) of showing that we are a “law abiding” people
who do not summarily dispatch people to the great beyond, we are going to have a little
dog and pony show.
  Consider that which was written in the FISH of the other day, look at Holder’s history
with terrorists both international and domestic. He is not their worst enemy. Add in his
and Hank’s threat to hold those in the Bush administration up on charges, throw in a side
order of civil trial and perhaps the dots connect.
   Quite frankly, all told, Hank canNOT lose, you see. If they are convicted, well, no
problem, they confessed and crave death. If they get off, well, it won’t hurt his standings
in the Muslim world now will it. If something terrible happens, then it is all Bush’s fault.
Had he not went after the terrorists and brought them to Gitmo, then we would not have
had to bring them to NY to stand trial. (That is their view, of course, not mine.)
  So, what is there to gain?
  Well, grasshopper, if you have been paying attention and read the bits of the
Constitution that I have been bannering for the past month or two, plus other bits of law
that you may be aware, in a civil trial the defendant has to have all the discovery,
evidence, proof, testimony and whatever else the State is going to use to make their case.
  In a Military trial (and we will dispense with the judge and jury at this juncture, they
do not enter into the plan as you will see) if there are sensitive documents, the terrorist
canNOT see them, his lawyer can but the criminal canNOT. In a civil trial he can see all
the evidence, especially if he defends himself, which he is entitled to. (And almost
certainly a built in appeal mechanism.)
  So, KSM or any of the other of Allah’s Children can and will have unfettered access to
ALL of the intel, data, interrogation techniques, names of agents, places where things are
kept and done, correspondences between who knows who; from the White House all the
way down to the field.
   And there is not one dang thing we can do about it. We canNOT stop him from getting
all this incredibly important information. Amendment V of the Constitution allows him
due process and Amendment VI states that he is made aware of the crime he with which
he is being charged as well as availability of witnesses which has been expanded to
   So, we canNOT allow him one Amendment without the other without jeopardizing
either or both.
  Yet, for some odd reason, I think he should get neither and get his reward in Gitmo,
but since Hank & Co are flouting all the rules, these are no exceptions.
   That said, since we are giving them ALL the bullets in our ammo belt, our techniques,
names and places as well as correspondences, they will now be able to communicate that
intel to their fellow terrorists worldwide. This will cause more deaths and destruction to
those involved in the capturing, detaining and interrogating processes.
  Add to this the sub rosa way of getting privileged information out to other “law
enforcement” and “judicial jurisdictions” as well.
  Who cares about that?
  Call me crazy but do you think that for one nanosecond that the Marxists in charge
would shed a tear would some “evidence” get into the hands of some loony’s somewhere
so that THEY could prefer charges against the previous administration?
  Could it possibly be that THIS is the raison d’être for putting hundreds, thousands if
not millions of people at risk to exact some kind of revenge against Bush?
  Nah… never…..
  Or ….

T-Minus 352 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1163 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 14 NOVEMBER 2009 - "Trials and Tribulations"

                  The Constitution of the United States of America
   Amendment XIV

Section 3. No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and
Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state,
who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United
States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to
support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion
against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of
two-thirds of each House, remove such disability. (This is a long amendment, it will be delivered
in pieces.)

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
   I was enjoying a nice bottle of Amarone (my doctor said that I should have and finish a
glass of red wine each night last night to lower my triglycerides, the bottle was made of
glass) when the Muse said: “Don’t you think the Glorious Ninth Symphony is a parallel
for the times? After all, Beethoven seems to have used this as a reflection of his youth.
From tumultuous times to more quiet times to the abuse of his father and finally is escape
from that abuse.”
  I replied, “Of course I have, you are a figment of my imagination, your thoughts are
mine.” (I always like to get a second opinion.)
  But that being my favorite piece of music of all times (yet, I like most all other kinds of
music as well) I am familiar with it and as it was coursing through my head I could not
resist the comparison to what we are going through now (abuse) and our escape from that
(2010 elections, I do so hope.)
   Abuse of others gen’ly stems from one’s own abuse and/or self-hate. (Any
psychologists out there please feel free to offer your views.) But there are many aspects
to abuse and I this is not the forum nor am I qualified to speak to it. That said, as it has
been said about art: “I do not know much about it but I know it when I see it”, I feel the
same about the way we are being treated.
  Concurrent to that and curious as well seems to me that each time Hank leaves town,
one of his henchmen does something untoward to We the People.
  When Hank was slobbering all over himself in Europe apologizing for all the good we
did for the world, good old JoeBama was there to create some slack.
  This time it is alleged Attorney General Eric Holder’s turn to screw us over.
   (The other day I mentioned that there was no compelling reason that we were aware of
for Hank to lam out of town for a few weeks. Could it be so that he could give his fellow
traveler, the AG, some elbow room?)
  I am not a constitutional scholar but I have read pieces by those who are. Suspending
ideology, there is no compelling or legal reason why any terrorists should be brought to
the US for trial. Similarly, there is no protection for them under the Geneva Conventions,
about which I have written extensively in the past.
  So, why is Holder bringing the top five terrorists to the US?
  Why will they be tried in what would have been two tall buildings had they not caused
them to be destroyed?
  Why has no one tried to stop this rogue misadministration** from subverting the Laws
of the Land again?
  When will the insanity stop?
   Does he think that bringing the criminals (they are not “alleged”, they have confessed)
to the crime will make a difference?
  Rudy Giuilianio was all over the airwaves y’day about this and he, like most NYer’s, is
incensed. There are so many problems with this action that it strains credulity that
someone in their right mind would even consider it let alone demand it.
   First of all, there was a very good reason NOT to bring them to American soil. Once
here there are certain rights that can, operative word can, be given them. Exclusive of that
they are subject to the local laws of the jurisdiction in which they are being held or
military law, in this case, they are one in the same. And again, they do not meet the
criteria for consideration under the Geneva Conventions.*** (In particular they are
excluded as they are not signatories to the conventions and even were they to be, they do
not qualify as they are not regularly commissioned uniformed combatants. ‘Nuff said,
not eligible.)
  So, again, why is Holder bringing them here?
   Again, some more background. Holder’s law firm, Covington & Burling, are an
activist bunch. They are representing some seventeen Yemeni’s and a Pakistani who are
also sunning themselves in beautiful downtown Gitmo as a result of their terrorist
  Co-inky-dink? I do not think so.
   And, hopping into the way-back machine for a moment, among other felons whom
Holder had their sentences reduced, commuted or dismissed were the sixteen FALN
terrorists back in the good ol’ days of BJ Clinton.
  So, he is no stranger to terrorists and giving them a get out of jail free card. (And
recall, more recently, he set aside the convictions of the two “New Black Panthers” who
were intimidating voters in Philly last November. (I guess that is unfair to say that they
were “intimidating”. Perhaps they were just a tad overzealous and in their haste to do a
public service, forgot to leave their weapons at home. I am sure that is was an oversight.)
 They plan, as far as I know, to hold the trial in the Federal Court in Downtown
  If you have never been there, the streets are so narrow in some places that you have to
do to the corner to change your mind. The area is filled with very tall buildings meaning
tens of thousands of windows. It is also somewhat close to both a bridge to Brooklyn
(and if you still think there is nothing “fishy” going on here, I will be happy to sell it to
you for a very good price) as well as a tunnel to New Jersey and the odd heliport. You
do the math.
   Ft. Hamilton is not all that far away and it would most likely be a far more secure place
to hold a trial. While I canNOT ascertain for certain why that is not being considered I
should think that it is a jurisdictional issue. The terrorists committed their crimes in
Manhattan which is in the Southern District of the US District Court and Brooklyn is in
the Eastern District. But considering all the other thwarting of the law, moving the venue
would be a minor infraction.
  Connect the dots and you have a line that leads straight to disaster.
  Bringing the terrorists to NY opens a large can of worms.
   They are in a civilian court in a state that does not have a death penalty so even though
tried in a Federal Court there could and would be appeals based on that insane notion.
  Holding the trial in NY would be like a flame to a moth for some of their other terrorist
buddies. It would not take the imagination of a paranoid or a science fiction writer to
come up with the idea of doing some great carnage with any kind of explosive device or
  Again, these “people” do not fear death, or so they say. There have been far too many
incidents of these adherents of the religion of peace who have blown up themselves and
many others in the process.
  Now, let’s assume that everything goes according to Hoyle. Will the State execute
them? For some odd reason I do not see Hank pulling the lever, pushing the syringe, or
pulling the trigger. Do you?
   What then? Life in one of the Supermax prisons? As if we could leave these murderers
somewhere on US soil for any length of time without either some kind of attack on the
facility or perhaps some other kind of threat of or actual attack on our soil to gain their
  (For some reason, I was just thinking of something. From 9-11 until the end of the
Bush presidency, there was not one attack or event on our soil, at least of which we are
aware. But a scant ten-months into this misadministration there has been one, in Ft.
Hood. Or, should I not be jumping to conclusions?)
  And what if they are found not guilty, even after confessing to their crimes of mass
murder? Then what? Where do they go? Back to their countries or do we put them in a
witness protection plan and they settle next door to you?
  Hank professes to have a deep respect for FDR and claims to emulate him. Based on
some of his social intentions I can see the attraction, there are commonalities and, in fact,
heath care was one of the things that FDR wanted to enact.
  Yet, back in June of 1942, there was a German spy who alit at Amagansett, on the
eastern end of Long Island. To make a long story short, a cabal of spies, six Germans
and a pair of Americans plotted to set off bombs in department stores, train stations and
the like. Yes, there were terrorist attacks planned and carried out before on our shores.
   But, methinks the commonality between Hank and FDR part ways here. You see in
less than ten weeks, they were caught, tried and six of the eight were executed. The other
two were deported to Germany after almost six years cooling their heels in gaol.
  Meanwhile, the terrorists have been in our custody for years, some quite a few. So,
we can’t blame Hank for that. But, what of the aftermath of a trial in NY? Truly, it is
daunting. It is a lose-lose-lose proposition.
  If they are convicted, will they get their just rewards or be sent back?
  If they are not, where do they go?
  What is there is some kind of attempt to either free them or create more carnage and
death, what happens then? Will we send them back, if they are alive, to Gitmo or some
other “secure” facility? Will Hank use this as an excuse to exercise Martial Law?
   Were there not so many things that fly in the face of both common sense and the
Constitution, I do not think I would be so concerned. But, if it walks like a duck, quacks
like a duck…
   You know, I have been an American all of my life and unlike some, I have been proud
to be one every day of my life. Each day I thank God for all which He has blessed us
with so abundantly. And while I am not in fear of anything that might come down the
pike that does not mean we ought not be concerned. This concerns me greatly and ought
you as well.
  Please take a moment and call your Senators, Representative, the Wh’ite House and the
AG’s office and tell them to STOP the insanity and demand your Constitutional right to
domestic tranquility, common defense and general welfare and, that as limned in the
Declaration of Independence, that we want to keep our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of
Happiness. Remind these nice folks that they swore an oath to do just that, and to not
protect We the People would be a rejection of that oath.
  Well, I need to take my leave and head back to the Island. The high tide is subsiding
and my yard is, with hope, not under water still. Perhaps a little rest and then off to the
Philharmonic tonight, piano concertos by Mozart, Schubert and my beloved Ludwig.
  All will be well in the world for a few hours, music hath charm to soothe the savage

T-Minus 354 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1165 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 13 NOVEMBER 2009 - "Friday the 13th, Indeed!"

                 The Constitution of the United States of America
  Amendment XIV

Section 2. Representatives shall be apportioned among the several states according to their
respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each state, excluding Indians not
taxed. But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice
President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the executive and judicial officers of
a state, or the members of the legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of
such state, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way
abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein
shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole
number of male citizens twenty-one years of age in such state. (This is a long amendment, it will
be delivered in pieces.)

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
  The Muse* has recently stirred from a Tequila Tasting and is in a right mood. You
see, there are ways of verifying facts and beliefs. You know this, I know this and, boy oh
boy, the Muse knows this.
  You can test the kindling temperature of paper. (451 degrees Fahrenheit.) You can test
the displacement of a ship. You can check the efficacy of tequila (the Muse threw that
one in.) You can test the tensile strength of steel. You can measure a field. You can
measure and verify most anything.
  Even intangible things can be weighed, measured and verified to varying degrees. For
instance intelligence. There are IQ tests and other methods for ascertaining the
brightness of one’s bulb. But then there are other parts of one’s intellect which canNOT
be accurately measured.
   I was listening to Sean Hannity on the way home last night. Now, I approach most
opinion shows from either an adversarial standpoint or imagining that I had just landed
on this planet and I was exposed to the point being discussed for the very first time. (To
clarify, when I say “adversarial” I am not referring that I disagree but regardless of the
political stripe of the person speaking, I look for the holes, the flaws in the argument. I
am trying to measure the “truth” if you will.)
  Anywho, Hannity was having a discourse with a woman who was making the
argument that 1) Hank was the greatest president ever and 2) neither she nor Hank are
  Essentially, it was an unfair fight. The woman’s passion for her beliefs was trumped
by fact. She tried to deny that she was a Marxist but argued that people who did not have
enough ought to be given more and those who had too much should have it taken away.
Hello. THAT is the definition of Marxism.
  She averred that Mike Bloomberg, or anyone else did not need $20 Billion dollars. I
agree with her, he does not NEED it. But he EARNED it. And as I have said before,
your money is the fruit of your labor, your labor takes time, therefore time is money, as
we all have heard, and if someone, anyone wants to take your money, they are stealing
your time. If someone takes your time, they are taking your freedom. Think about that,
when a criminal is sentenced to jail, he loses his freedom, he is “doing time.” Capice?
   That said, Hannity rebutted all of her points. In fact, I felt sorry for her, she had
brought a knife to a gunfight. When she said that Hank was the best president of all
times, Hannity recited a litany of all the bad things that he has done or perpetrated:
Bailouts, taking over banks and industries, tax and trade bill, health skare bill, inability or
reluctance to prosecute the wars, you name it, it was bad. As an impartial listener, I had
to give the points to Hannity. But the KO was when she was asked to rebut all she could
say was “no, listen” and then said something not worth listening to. Or “oh, come on!” as
if that would disabuse one for thinking the way Hannity laid out. But she fell on her own
sword when she tried to shift the blame to, uppers, you guessed it, Geo. Bush.
  Bottom line, she was measured and came up short. Anyone listening to this discourse
with a modicum of intellectual honesty and impartiality would have to concur with
Hannity. The woman did nothing to make her case but spew platitudes and gainsay.
(Hmmm… sounds like a certain president.) But, she had a passion for that which she
believed and to synthesize that which she embodied, if Hank said that the sun rose in the
West, she would say “no, listen, come on, everyone knows the sun rises in the West” and
then go on an be eminently incapable of making her case while smugly holding to her
   When you hear something or see something, even on this page, do not take it at face
value, challenge it, especially if it does not gibe with that which you know or believe.
Some folks are real good at making a strawman argument and then expect you to swallow
it hook, line and sinker.
  For instance, there are already apologists for the Muslim Major. Of course, we have
expected that, despite the fact that there are some major left-wing newspapers that are not
so quick to defend that murderer.
  Noted loony of the Wh’ite House newsletter “NEWSWEEK” said that he cringed that
the killer was a muslim, he thought that he was just a nut case**. (This is the same nut
case, Thomas, not the Muslim Major, who essentially claimed that Obama was a
   Joe Klein of the NY Times said that this was an “odious attempt(s) by Jewish
extremists… to argue that the massacre perpetrated by Hassan was somehow a direct
consequence of his Islamic beliefs.”
 Of course it is, it is the dang Jews who ran into a crowded room, shouted Allahu
Akbar” then shot up the joint. AND just because some of the 9-11 murderers said the
same thing just before THEY murdered many of our citizens does not make them bad
guys either.
  Geeze, I guess since I do not speak Arabic that “Allahu Akbar” must mean: “this is
gonna hurt!”
  Huh? What’s that?
   Sorry, the Muse corrected me. She said that “Allahu Akabar” means “god is great” and
is shouted by Jihadists before they do something stupid.
 You see, Klein and Thomas have the same intellectual honesty as does the poor woman
who was eviscerated by Hannity. But these clowns are smarted and ought to know better.
  Before anyone writes to me about not capitalizing “god” in the above two cases, I am
not being disrespectful at all to God. You see Hank is a “man” (biologically, perhaps)
and therefore not a “god.” And any “god” that espouses the murder of innocent people
who are not exactly like the ones killing them is not a god either. God is good,
benevolent, merciful and, yes, at times vengeful, but He is not a proponent of murder,
particularly in the effort to gain drinkers of his particular flavor of Kool Ade. Even an
Atheist would agree. I hope.
  Well, this just in…
   Apparently and for reasons unknown to me, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is going to be
tried in New York for his crimes. In case you do not know who KSM is, he was the
“mastermind” behind the 9-11 attacks**** as well as the planning of others as well as
separating the head of American Nick Berg from the rest of his body.
  I have no idea what is the logic behind this. I do not know where the law stands on
bringing him here. I have no clue as to what the powers that be are thinking in bringing
one of the most dangerous people in the world to America.
 If they are hoping that UBL is gonna drop by on visiting day to say howdy, then that
makes sense, but, we all know that is not going to happen.
  The WTC and the Pentagon were attacked and the Capitol was targeted for what they
represent. Are we to suspend disbelief that some “nut case” might try to “save” KSM by
making him a martyr by doing something else stupid?
  This terrorist, prolly the first of many, will be held somewhere in NYC, I would
imagine. It would not be a great idea to hold him at some other secure location then run
the risk of moving this POS back and forth every day.
   I mean, there is not another secure location where he could be held that is in proximity
to the Courts downtown. You know, some place where he can be held without fear of
someone coming to try to rescue him or car-pool with him to see Allah. You know, a
secure place, like an Army base…
  We reap what we sow.
T-Minus 355 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1166 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 12 NOVEMBER 2009 - "Leaving on a Jet Plane, Again!"

                 The Constitution of the United States of America
  Amendment XIV

 Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction
thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make
or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United
States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of
law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. (This is a
long amendment, it will be delivered in pieces.)

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
  First off, thank all of you who were kind enough to send comments regarding the
Veteran’s Day issue. It is an important one and an emotional day for me and many of
you as well. From many of the responses I received, I can see that I am not alone in my
thoughts and feelings. Some of you opened your hearts to me, others said simply
“thanks” but I am heartened that we all feel alike. God Bless you all and God Bless
  Meanwhile, back at the Ponderosa, the Muse’s head is spinning.
  Where to start, where to start?
  Let’s start with Hank, shall we? Do, let’s!
  But where to start? He is doing one bonehead or insulting or dangerous thing after
  His appearance at Ft. Hood the other day was disturbing. His “speech” to the masses
had all the fervor and sincerity of a bingo caller. He could not even feign sadness or
sorrow as did B J Clinton.
  Perhaps the Muslim Major was more on his mind, you know the one, the one he told us
about which “not to jump to conclusions.” Methinks and in my gut I have a sneaking
suspicion that there is far more to this than meets the eye.
   Ft. Hood is home to, among others, the 1st Cavalry. And while they currently do not
ride horses, they do ride a lot of horse power as a heavy armor division. Yet, their history
goes way back. Think of Gen. Custer of the 1/7 Calvary if you will, “Garryowen” and
all the pomp that goes with it. Think of the distinctive uniforms they wore then and how
some of those artifacts are still in use today. The distinctive hat for one, dates back to
those days.
  (I was recently at a wake for a fallen hero of the 1st Cav and his hat was placed on his
chest. These folks take their service seriously.)
  Now, enter Hank. He was speaking to an amalgam of Indian tribes. He expressed his
solidarity with them saying “I am with you.” I apologize, not, if this hurts anyone’s
feelings or sensibilities, but the president has done so little to express his patriotism and
so much to minimize the military that has done so much for us that in the aftermath of the
massacre at Ft. Hood, I canNOT help but glean a veiled insult to the Cavalry. I so hope I
am wrong but this Misadministration as done little to assuage those kinds of thoughts.
  Speaking of the military, as we all know there is a runkcus going on in Afghanistan.
(Per a few requests from friends, I shall refrain from calling that particularly nasty bit of
real estate the “Rock Pile”. And, Chuck, thanks for the link as well as the invite to the
Marine Ball in Bangkok next year. Ya never know!)
  We are fighting an amorphous enemy and indeed it is a tough row to hoe. The
generals are asking for more troops and Hank has “promised” (translation from Liberal to
English: “lied”) to do whatever is necessary to prevail there. Recall that Hank all but
dismissed Iraq in favor of Afghanistan as the “war we have to win.” He is half right, we
have to win in both places.
   Oddly enough, or typical for his Misadministration, we are doing far better in Iraq than
in Afghanistan. Perhaps Hank ought to treat the latter with benign neglect as his
fingerprints on things cause more problems than those they solve.
  From vacillating to how many troops are to be sent as reinforcement to now lowering
the ante to an uncertainty to send troops at all Hank is sending a clear message to our
enemies. He has not clue-one on how to prosecute a war and does not seem all that
concerned as to the consequences of his actions/inactions. (I am not sure if this qualifies
him for an oak leaf cluster in his membership in “The 33 Club.”)
  US Ambassador to Afghanistan Eikenberry, former general and CO of USFOR-A has
“strongly” cautioned Hank from doing too much with too many.* I soooooo agree. As
every military strategist knows the last thing that one wants to do in a war is to use force
against the enemy! That might make them mad!
  As Gen. McAuliffe said in WWII: “Nuts!”
   Anyone will agree that Afghanistan is a cluster-mess on any number of levels but to
vacillate to the point of rendering our troops impotent only serves to put them at greater
risk. As I have said all too many times, no one ought to be in a position of military
power, including the CIC, who has not only read and understands von Clausewitz, but is
ready to adhere to his tactics.
   Concurrent with that and considering the fiasco that is the health skare scheme, Hank is
doing the right thing and leaving town. I am not sure the reason for this trip as I do not
believe he garners any frequent flyer miles on AF-1. He stated that he reason for the trip
is, “er, that is, eh, I mean. No, lemme rephrase.” He said that ”it was important to go to
Singapore and Tokyo because there is, what is it now, that, whatchamacallit. Oh look, a
snow leopard.”
  No, there is no pressing exigency for him to make an almost two-week trip to the Far
East. Do not misunderestimate me, I am happy to see him go. But with the issues in
Afghanistan (unless he is going to make an unannounced side-trip there), the mess in the
Congress, is this really the best use of his time?
  (Actually I am a little surprised that he did not hold a news conference regarding the
racism of the County Music Awards in Taylor Swift winning a few pieces of hardware. I
am sure that there will be some wag kvetching about her success at the expense of Kanye
West. Tho, she herself did offer a little dig at her erstwhile interloper when she said “I
want to thank every single person in this room tonight for not running up on the stage
during this speech.”)
  My wonder with respect to Hank’s trip to Asia may be piqued by his stop in Seoul.
(Please, no Sam & Dave references.) Do you think he is going to trot out to the 38th
Parallel, grab a megaphone and his trusty TelePrompTer and tell the North Koreans: “I
am with you!” and apologize to Kim Jong Mentally Ill for the hardships the US has
brought upon the happy and peace-loving citizens of his country?
  Lemme check the odds in Vegas.
  Who knows what this Misadministration up to, who knows what they are doing?
Certainly they do not. They are comprised of the Leftest wing of the Leftist wing of their
party. Even today, there was an article in the New York Times by some woman
complaining that the “pro-life” Democrats are screwing up the entire health skare
  I thought that the Democrats were the Big Tent Party. (Or, is that now the “Big Tepee”
Party.) They do not want anyone in their ranks who are not marching in lock goose-step
with the apparatchiks. They rail against the Republicans for not being “inclusive” and
even make racists jokes about them (re: Howard Dean and his remarks about waiters),
then they have the temerity, the utter gall to say that those who do not drink from the
same ideological cup ought to change their positions and support the “party.”
   This is not an oligarchy, we are a Republic, dang it, and the more these people try to
subvert the will of We the People the more aware and angry we ought to be. I have said
far too many times that we must, it is our right, in fact it is our duty to contact our
representatives and TELL them to stop messing with the Constitution and advise them
that if they do not represent you, you will fire them and find someone that will.
  Trust me, the MOC’s are taking notice. The Majority Leaders, the Whips and the other
party “leaders” can exert only so much influence. They may be able to browbeat some
sap who is in fear of San Fran Nan or Harry Reid into submission, but I posit that same
weak-sister will be more easily cajoled to capitulate to your pressure.
  The Dodds, Franks, Kerrys, Pelosis, Reids, Murthas and their ilk will not be swayed by
your comments and threats. They are the bastions of their kakistocracy, they are the
thugs, varlets and villains and their power can be mitigated by relegating them to a
minority party.
  Enough venting for one day.
  Be vigilant. Keep your eyes and ears open. There is much going on. Watch for things
that do not ring true, they aren’t. There is more to come and I assure you that the Muslim
Major issue will have far reaching implications. (Who knew what, why did Army Intel
not follow up on the FBI warnings, why was he an advisor to Hank’s transitional team?
And will he be tried in a Military or a Civilian Court? This may be of great interest. Stay

T-Minus 356 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1167 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Veteran’s Day.
To all those who served, a Bravo Zulu, Whhuuuaaa, a Who-ya and so forth and thanks.
I write something each Veteran’s Day and rather that just resend the last one I always tried
to improve on that effort. After I wrote this one a year ago, I came to the realization that I
could not add to it. What impressed me the most is the responses that issue elicited. I
received untold emails from Vets, sons and daughters of Vets and even a few guys I knew
back in the day. It is heartening that you would all share your stories.

Veteran’s Day evolved from Armistice Day, recalling the end of WWI, on the 11th hour of
the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.
Back then we were too civilized to call it WWI, as we, the world, hoped that the “War to
End All Wars” would be the last global conflict.
Silly us, as just over 20 years later a bigger war would start.
Our Country started with war, a war against the British for our Independence and in the
230+ years since then we have been involved in wars for much of our existence.
Up until the middle of the last century we were batting 1000, having not lost a war. We
grew from a small, poor and weak country in the late 1700’s to defeating and re-defeating
the Brits a few years later. Our Civil War, Spanish-American War and the like ensued until
we got involved in WWI in the late innings. WWII saw us emerge as the world power and
we became the policeman for the world.
I am not going to go cite the entire long list of other wars, skirmishes, engagements and the
like, rather I wish to focus on those who fought the wars. But some introspection is
required to show a commonality.
As said ours is a nation born of war and we have spent much of our time as a nation
engaged in the business of war. Some of the wars were for our own preservation and, as we
grew larger and more powerful, to insure or create the liberty and freedoms of other nations.
Regardless of the reasons why there is one common thread, the American Soldier, Sailor,
Marine, Air Force, Coast Guardsmen and the various Reserves pressed into battle.
Some of us volunteered to serve, just like today where it is all volunteers. Other of us
received the little note of “Greetings” from our Uncle Sam inviting us to a specific location
for a pre-induction physical and other bits of fun. There is also a 3rd group and those are the
ones who worked in a military capacity but while in the employ of one of the various
governmental agencies.
Bottom line is all who served are owed a tremendous debt of gratitude from each and every
American. I suggest that all non-vets find a vet and thank him or her, and brother vets
welcome each other home.
Without the bravery and valor of the men in 1776, we might still be under the Crown, ditto
1812. Our involvement in other wars, up until the world became so civilized that we were
forced to number the world-wide conflicts, did more to help our allies or those in need.
In WWII, our very existence was in peril on two fronts and without the heroism and
sacrifice of The Greatest Generation (a number of whom read this very little rant of mine),
we might be eating Sukiyaki-Schnitzel or something to that effect.
Korea saw the first of the proxy wars, with the US taking the point of a coalition of forces
aiding the South Koreans fighting against the North Koreans, and by extension the
ChiComs. MacArthur was deterred (to put it mildly) from entering in to China and as a
result, for better or worse, the Korean War ended in a tie. But 56 years later it is still a
divided country with a live wire DMZ separating the two Koreas.
Berlin after WWII was still not a very hospitable place to be and I guess the East was so
proud of their little workers paradise that they did not want anyone else joining in the fun
that they built a wall separating the Russian Sector from the other three. (I don’t know
about you, but driving from West Germany to West Berlin was always a treat in one way or
the other and Checkpoint Charlie was the icing on the cake!)
The Cuban Missile crisis had every one on their toes and before long we were sending
“advisors” to a little God-forsaken piece of real estate that few if any of us learned about in
school called “Viet Nam.”
This was my war, and what a fun one it was. All the years of devising and perfecting great
machines of combat were all for naught in a land for which we were ill-prepared to fight
and for which our “leaders” were ill–prepared or reluctant to win.
These cute little folks from the 16th Century took advantage of our strengths and our
weaknesses, both militarily and politically. (I have said time and again the loss of Vietnam
can be traced to Walter Cronkite and no less a luminary as Senior General Vo Nguyen Giap
of the Viet Minh and later the NVA has said as much. I do not want to get into that now
and I have covered this before.)
While allegedly the Paris Peace Accords announced a tie, the Vietnamese reacted to the
news of the withdrawal of the American Forces with the same sedate resolve and gentleness
as the citizens of Detroit do when they win a basketball championship.
They stormed the joint.
And now, this very second, as we sit in our comfy chairs in our warm homes with all that
we need to enjoy life, many tens of thousands of our fellow men and woman are in Iraq,
Afghanistan and over 130 other countries throughout the world keeping us safe, helping
other gain their freedom and keeping others yet safe in one manner or another.
Again, throughout our history, regardless of how one wound up in the service of our
Country, irrespective of which branch we were in, we Americans have fought, been
wounded, died or came home so that all the people of Our United States can live in freedom
with all the wonderful things listed in the Constitution. The same Constitution to which
every man and woman who has served our great Country raised their right arm and swore to
God that they would support and defend. (Perhaps now some of you will see why some of
us take the Constitution a bit more seriously than do others.)
While Veterans Day is not as big of a deal to most as Christmas (can I still say that?) or the
4th of July or Labor Day or Easter or most any other day whose sole purpose is to increase
retail sales or to enjoy a day off, I posit that it is one of THE most important.
We, America, did not hire the Hessians or other mercs to wage our wars. (Yes, we did have
help, but not bought.) Our boys came from the fields, the factories, the cities and the farms
and all in between to serve and protect us time and time again.
The idea of dying was always in the warriors mind. He rarely if ever spoke of it. If needed,
that was part of the job. But on this day, all who served are/were warriors. Without those
in support, the ground troops could not operate, even the REMF’s had their duty and for
what it was worth, even if not in the sh**, they were still in the range of harm.
Later as we advanced the art of war, we were happy to have the bombers clear paths, have
attack aircraft take out the local threats, have the fighters engaging those from the other side
that wished to stem our successes.
Those at sea fought their opposites in the deep water or lent their support in peppering the
enemy with untold numbers of shells or launching more deck-top sorties to protect those in
the trenches, fox holes, elephant grass, rice paddies, sand berms or wherever.
There are far too many examples of jobs, MOS’s, Rate and Grades and so forth to honor
each and every person individually. There is hardly a man or woman who has ever donned
the uniform of any of the services who did not in some way contribute to the success of all
of our endeavors and secure the safety and rights of all at home.
And most, I dare say, are far too modest to say what they did, what they accomplished was
heroic or even out of the ordinary. It was the right thing to do at the time.
We are all reading this on our computers, taking for granted how the thoughts of one person
can get from his fingers, through the ether and wind up on their computer screen. We turn
on our computer and it is just there. We do not think of the technology involved to create
this magic, we just take it for granted.
We are all reading this on our computers, taking for granted that we do not have to hide to
read this, that there are not skirmishes in the street, that our electricity is on, we have food
to eat and a government that was freely elected.
Today and every day but especially today, do not take that for granted. For none of that
would be possible without the sacrifice in each and every way of each and every veteran.
If you are a religious person, perhaps this might be a good day to attend a service or at the
very least say a prayer for all who have served and are serving this minute. If you are not
religious then keep them close to your heart in a positive way.
If you have any vets in your family, neighborhood or work, do something nice for them.
After you finish thanking them perhaps you can do something nice. Take him or her out to
lunch or dinner, if you are in a bar, buy them a drink and tell them that their sacrifice is
appreciated and job well done.
If you can read this, thank a teacher, if you can read this in English, thank a vet.

  I am John and I approve this message!
  Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
  God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 9 NOVEMBER 2009 - "Ich bin ein Berliner"

                 The Constitution of the United States of America
  Amendment XIII

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof
the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject
to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
   Apropos of the comments of the other day regarding the twisting and turning of words
in the LSM, there was a letter to the editor that gave that a lot of clarity.
  The writer claimed to be a Democrat but he pointed out something quite interesting. In
speaking about the elections, he noted that when the Democrats win, they wanted
“change”, but when the Republicans win, people are “angry.”
   Funny when you think about it. While on the surface it would appear that change is
good and anger is wrong. (I am not going to go into the Seven Deadly Sins and equate
“anger” with “wrath.”) But, perhaps this is one of those throw-away lines that actually
ring true.
   Maybe the people wanted “change” after eight-years of Geo. W. Bush. Maybe some
had enough of the War for Iraqi Freedom and wanted change. Maybe there were other
things that people wanted to change as well.
  Be careful for that which you ask, you just may get it.
   We the Sheeple voted for “Hope and Change”, now you have millions of angry

  Some wrote to me about the Muslim Major and advised that it is not that easy to get
out of the Military, especially if they paid for your education. This got me thinking and
   You see the Muslim Major worshiped at the same mosque as did two of the 9-11
hijackers. He has made numerous inflammatory statements and as stated, does not
consider himself an American. Referring to the military as “invaders” of muslim
countries does not exactly sound like a patriot and calling the shooters in Arkansas heroes
for their acts at a recruiting station will hardly be considered as patriotic.
   Allegedly he was being “watched” but by whom and why we still do not know.
Regardless of that, he was still allowed to walk free on an Army base and have contact
with those whom he would ostensibly consider his enemy: the brave troops shipping out
to or returning from the Sandbox or the Rockpile.
   Now, of course, we canNOT single him out for being muslim, that would be
discrimination. But he did raise his hand and swear allegiance to the United States and
to protect the Constitution. Might that allow his dismissal for breaking that pledge? And
while that might be a tad vague, there are provisions in the UCMJ for making un-
American remarks and conduct unbecoming.
   No, I posit that he could have been thrown out or perhaps even put in chains. As far as
the cost to We the People for his education is concerned, he could have repaid that over
time, even if he was doing time.
   I find it odd that back in the day when Jonathon Pollard was caught and sentenced for
spying for Israel there was a lot of scrutiny placed on those in the military or intelligence
community who had ties to Israel or who may be Jewish.
  Israel was and is our ally and from what I am able to glean, Pollard et al who spied for
them did not do so to hurt us, they wanted more intel than we were willing to give them.
(OK, an argument could be made that they wanted to hurt us, but that is not critical at this
   The Muslim Major is not a friend of the US nor his heritage. The common
denominator between almost all of those who have hurt us or wish to is their religion.
This is a slippery slope as we do have freedom of religion. But we do not have a freedom
to destroy our country or kill those who serve us so valiantly.
  Sadly the table has been set for the civil courts to grant special rights to “special”
people. The UCMJ is a little different. Perhaps this may be something the brass might
want to look into a tad more.

  This is the 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.
  Where is Hank?
  Not in Berlin.
  I am not saying, I am just saying.

  The San Fran Nan health skare bill squeaked through the House late on Saturday. Its
success is less likely in the Senate.
   There was a strange thing that happened prior to this and sadly it may have created a
situation that may have been unintended.
  The Stupak Amendment would strip the ability of the health skare bill from providing
any funds for abortions. There is more to this but that was the major part. This
amendment had bi-partisan support and passed.
  That is a good thing, yes?
  Er, no, maybe not.
  You see, by passing this amendment and including it in the bill allowed some
“moderates” to vote for the passage of the bill as it would not allow funding for abortion.
  Were that provision not be included, the entire bill may have failed. With a five vote
majority, it would have taken only three votes to go the other way to kill the bill. Those
voting their conscience with respect to abortion may have voted against the bill.
  As bad as that was, there is now talk of taking that amendment OUT of the final bill.
  Perhaps the Libs are catching on.
   Bottom line, they screwed us again.

Bless you all and thank you for your service!

T-Minus 360 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1171 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

THE DAILY FISH - 7 NOVEMBER 2009 - "Connect Even More Dots..."

              The Constitution of the United States of America
  Amendment XII

  The electors shall meet in their respective states and vote by ballot for President and Vice-
  President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves;
  they shall name in their ballots the person voted for as President, and in distinct ballots the
  person voted for as Vice-President, and they shall make distinct lists of all persons voted for as
  President, and of all persons voted for as Vice-President, and of the number of votes for each,
  which lists they shall sign and certify, and transmit sealed to the seat of the government of the
  United States, directed to the President of the Senate;--The President of the Senate shall, in the
  presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes
  shall then be counted;--the person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall be
  the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of electors appointed; and if
  no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding
  three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose
  immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by
  states, the representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall
  consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states
  shall be necessary to a choice. And if the House of Representatives shall not choose a President
  whenever the right of choice shall devolve upon them, before the fourth day of March next
  following, then the Vice-President shall act as President, as in the case of the death or other
  constitutional disability of the President. The person having the greatest number of votes as
  Vice-President, shall be the Vice-President, if such number be a majority of the whole number
  of electors appointed, and if no person have a majority, then from the two highest numbers on
  the list, the Senate shall choose the Vice-President; a quorum for the purpose shall consist of
  two-thirds of the whole number of Senators, and a majority of the whole number shall be
  necessary to a choice. But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall
  be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
   I have spent quite a bit of time in the UK, in fact I worked in London for some years.
(GO GUNNERS!) And while we have quite a bit of commonality between our two great
Countries, there is a certain civility on that side of the pond that is in shorter supply here
in some cases.
  Perhaps it is due to England being an older country in comparison to ours. As we age
we become mellower, well, some do, and America is still wet behind the years in some
   I am not saying we are rude or mean (after all, I am not the First Lady), what I wish to
point out is that there is a certain maturation process in which we are still going through.

  All that said, case in point, if we buy something and it does not live up to its
expectations or claims, some of us will simply ignore the product going further and
others of the litigious class will sue the company.
  As it is, a company can put virtually anything on the market and tout it as they wish.
(One thing that sticks in my craw is something that is bandied about as being “New and
Improved!” This is pure pelosi. If it is new, it canNOT have been improved upon, if it is
an improvement, it had to exist previously, ergo, not new.) There are some exceptions
with respect to advertising claims, of course, such as medications. But most other things
can be alleged to do whatever the company wants to convey. (Which reminds me,
Wonder Bread has built my body in only eleven ways and not the twelve as advertised!)
  In the UK there is a little something called “The Trade Description Act 1968” which
was written to protect consumers from misleading adverts. Any goods or services must
be as described and fit for the purpose as claimed. (The Pythons did a skit on this: “The
Chocolate Box.”*
  (I think you can see where this is going.)
   There are certain recourses for those who have been duped, to be blunt. While it stops
short of punitive damages one who purchases such a good or engages a service that is not
as described may either return the item or even keep it and demand a full refund. (I
knew a fellow back then whose hobby was to go out and purchase items for the home,
clothing, most anything really, and then invoke the Act, hence fitting his home and
wardrobe at no cost. Here, we call someone like that a “Liberal.”)
  A year or so back there was a very large ad campaign offering something called “Hope
and Change.” We were told that this product came with the minimum daily requirement
of transparency in gov’t, honesty and with almost 100% fewer lobbyists. “Hope and
Change” would make you richer, healthier and would take away all the bad effects of
bigotry, all in one dose administered on a certain day in January, if you acted now (or
November) and this would be a limited time offer, so act fast!
  Of course, it was not at all as described, in fact, it was quite the opposite. Now, we
have zero transparency, in fact we have meetings behind closed doors with half of the
two major political parties being uninvited. The halls of West Wing are thick with
lobbyists and must I tell you about the czars? As far we wealthier, we are not,
particularly the millions who are not as employed as they were back in January, when the
unemployment rate was some 6.3% and now we are in double-digits. And health care?
Anyone? Anyone?
  Let’s look at bigotry for a moment, shall we? For some odd reason, a majority of
voters voted for a man of color for the Big Chair. I think that is a wonderful thing, it
shows we are not a mean and bigoted land. Of course, I would have preferred most any
other man or woman of color, but we got what we got. But at every turn We the People
are being called “racists” anytime we disagree with Hank. Even those in Congress are
calling us “racists” for not agreeing to sell our souls to the Marxist ideology that is being
crammed down our collective necks.
  Where is this going, you are prolly asking yourself, or at least should.
  Hark back a few months. A Harvard professor who is known as a major PITA has a
scuffle with a law enforcement officer who was trying to protect a citizen’s property.
Apparently the property belonged to the citizen who was scuffling with the cop.
  We will not rehash that entire sordid episode save to mention that Hank said that the
cop acted stupidly and we learned later that the racist professor was a friend of his. So
much for waiting for all the facts to come in. And, as it was borne out, Hank was wrong,
the cop was doing the right thing and the liberal prof from Harvard (doubly redundant)
has a history of racism.
  Now, apparently Hank has learned his lesson.
   You see a fellow in Ft. Hood went on a rampage killing thirteen and wounding some
thirty more. But, despite the fact that this fellow did shoot the people as there were
plenty of witnesses for some odd reason Hank is admonishing us “not to jump to
  Gee, thanks, Hank. On the one hand we are told that a cop acted stupidly when he
faced an uncertain situation protecting the guy who ultimately berated him. Yes, that was
acting stupid. I mean, it could not possibly be because the cop was white, could it be, and
that his friend was not.
  On the other hand, we have a guy who shot up a few dozen of the brave people who
serve and protect us, who put it on the line for us in harm’s way, and in this case we are
supposed “not to jump to conclusions?” I mean, it could not possibly be because the
shooter is a Muslim and perhaps the victims were not? Or because the killer is a
Palestinian (not an American, mind you, he considers himself a Palestinian) and the cop
that shot him was a white woman? (Thank God it was a woman. Had it been a white
MALE I am sure Hank would be even madder!)
  No, my friends, we were sold a bill of goods and sadly there is not a Trade Description
Act for us to return these damaged goods or get our votes back.
  But, that might be a tad unfair, as we really do not know what the hell we bought.
Hank’s history has as many holes as a fishing net and there are more gaps in his personal
data than Carter has little liver pills.
  Is Hank a Muslim? We do not know, and candidly I do not really care. But why would
the Commander-in-Chief ask us not to jump to conclusions about this fellow,
particularly in light of the inflammatory statements he (the Muslim Major not the, well,
we really do not know for sure now do we?) made with respect to our armed services
being aggressors in Muslim lands? Or could there be some connection between them?
 What kind of connection, you ask? Well, I do not know how close, but the Muslim
Major was an advisor to the presidential transition team. **
  Now, I am not saying, I am just saying.
  But, were he to have had any active part in such a transition team, might he not had
contact with any other members of the administration? Might that have put him over the
edge? (It might do that to me!) Or, was he identified as a useful tool? I do not know.
  There are far too many problems with this whole thing. If the Muslim Major was
under investigation or being watched, why did he have a gun? Who was watching him?
Why was he being watched? Whose gun was it, the Army’s or his? What kind of gun
was it? Why was he reported dead than alive? Are there others involved? How did he
get selected for a presidential transition team advisor? What were his duties? And the list
goes on and on.
  Again, I am not saying, I am just stating the obvious. I am not drawing any
conclusions, I am just listing a few things that demand answers.
  Had this been another misadministration that educed such suspicion I would be equally
ardent about demanding answers. But apropos of that, this misadministration creates an
environment of mistrust, fear and dishonesty. And it starts at the top and works its way
down through the leadership to the foot soldiers in Congress and on the streets
  While the shooting looms large on the collective minds of We the People, as we speak
some kind of offal sandwich of a bill is being crafted and voted upon in the House. In
fact, Hank just left a closed and locked door meeting in that hall. There is a bill, there are
debates, there is controversy, there is San Fran Nan, there are amendments, there are
deals, there are side bills and all of it stinks to high heaven.
  I am sure that there is no connection.
  Again, I am not saying, I am just saying.
  I am sure that many of you who voted for this misadministration are now as upset as
we who were not duped. I can only hope and pray that we can weather this storm.
Together, I believe we can.

T-Minus 361 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1172 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 6 NOVEMBER 2009 - "Lies, More Lies and Death"

                 The Constitution of the United States of America
   Amendment XI

   The judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity,
commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by citizens of another state, or by citizens or
subjects of any foreign state.

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
  San Fran Nan is obviously delusional.
  In the paper this morning, she called the squeaker in the 23CD in New York a “big
victory” and stated “We won last night!”
  This is similar to the Titanic bragging “Look at what I did to that iceberg!”
  Let’s take a quick look at this statement. The Dems and Reps field candidates for the
special election. Both parties throw stacks of cash at the campaign. Someone comes out
of their coma and realizes that the Republican candidate is further to the left than is the
   Enter Doug Hoffman, Republican, who decides barely two months before Election Day
to run as an independent.
  For some odd reason, the once sagacious Newt Gingrich backs Dede as she is a
Republican. Newt has seemingly been sipping some kind of Kool-Ade, as Dede is as
much a Republican as I am an oak tree. But, this is not the first time Newt has been
behind the curve as far as current events are concerned. I will be generous, but with a
warning, that he thought he was simply being a good soldier for the GOP.
  Meanwhile, back in the tundra of upper New York, Hoffman is getting traction at
home and recognition by those with a far larger microphone than I. Some of the talk
radio hosts recognize Hoffman as a Conservative and offer support. There is a good deal
of interest in this race that, candidly, does nothing for or against the balance of power in
the House.
   A few days before Election Day, Dede drops out as her numbers plummet. A day or so
later she backs the Democrat. What a trouper! As this is happening, the numbers start to
look even better for Hoffman.
  But, it was not to be.
  Despite joining the fray late in the day, despite the Republican dropping out and
supporting the Democrat, despite virtually no support from the Republican Party at home,
he loses by a mere five points.
  THIS is what San Fran Nan calls a “big victory.”
  I guess she did not see the results from New Jersey where her fellow traveler, Corzine,
was trounced by one of the few politicians not rounded up in the last federal sting
operation. (No, I am not saying that Christie is a crook, I was just commenting on the
level of corruption in the Garden State.)
  She was prolly too busy reading “Face Lift Monthly” (meow!) to take a gander at the
races in Virginia, where the top three offices went to Republicans by an average margin
of victory of some twenty points.
  Even more telling than that was the fact that the Democratic challengers in Virginia
were what you would call “Blue Dog” Democrats, not exactly the left wing loonies that
are running Congress now. The margins would most likely been larger if they were
running against card-carrying libs.
  There was also other similar articles claiming a Democratic victory and even
Spokesweasel Gibbs had a hard time lying about the results.
  And, hate to say I told you so, but I said exactly what would happen in a previous
   On an almost totally different track, there was something else that caught my eye in the
paper the other day. And, since we are more or less discussing the lies in the media, this
is as good of a place as any to address it.
  As you know, the Muse takes nothing at face value. She will poke at it, turn it over,
compare it to other things, look at the commonalities and differences and draw a
conclusion. Sometimes things do not look right, do not add up or just seem slightly
  There was one such example in the paper on Tuesday.
   As reported, up in Maine, there was a referendum regarding gay “marriage.” It was
defeated but that is not the issue here. The paper had lain out a number of the local races
as well as races and issues from around the nation which had garnered some interest.
The Maine vote was one of them.
  Again, it was not the issue itself that caught my eye but the wording: “Voters in Maine
will have the opportunity to vote on that state’s gay ‘marriage’ law.” (Interior quote
marks mine.)
1.    a) A favorable or advantageous circumstance b) A favorable or suitable occasion or
     time. 2. A Chance for progress or advancement.
    You see, I saw the word “opportunity” as being too close in the statement to
“marriage” for comfort. I saw it as yet another “opportunity” for the LSM to promote its
very liberal agenda. While the word was used correctly and truly little can dispute that, I
got the impression that it was a phantom editorialization of this canard.
    Those of you long-time readers know that I try to be very accurate in the words I
choose. (And, yes, sometimes, oftimes, I do not spell-check or proof-read as I ought to.)
And there are times that I will use an obtuse word (such as “obtuse”) or a second or third
definition. (This is all public knowledge as it is on the web site.)
    In this case the second definition of “opportunity” was most likely what was coursing
through my synapses as I saw that sentence as promoting or advancing that cause. I am
sure that this is not the first time such choice of word has been employed to advance a
    (This is added after the fact. There was a very successful peaceful demonstration on
the Capitol steps protesting the health skare bill. In the paper today there was a headline
on one of the pages that stated “Support for Health Care” in large letters and a picture of
the rally on the Capitol steps beneath it. This was a con job you see. The “health care
support” story ran down the left column, about six paragraphs, but the headline was the
full width of the page and the picture was as wide as the page, less one column. In far
smaller font size the picture was correctly identified as a protest against the bill but not
stated as overtly. They also assigned leadership to the “Tea Party” types when that was
not the case as it was organized a few days ago by Rep. Michelle Bachman. – Keep your
eye on her, she is a winner! Additionally, it was reported in another paper that there were
twelve arrests. Of course, the LSM got it wrong. Yes, there were twelve arrests, no, they
had nothing to do with the health skare protest, and it was a group of pro-life supporters.
* More on this as time allows.)

    I have to stop this point at this junction. A shooter has just shot a bunch of soldiers in
Ft. Hood Texas.
    OK, this is some hours later after I started writing this FISH. We now know that a
Muslim who is a Major in the Army went nustsy-coocoo and shot a few dozen people, as
of this minute 13 of them fatally. Before anything else, I ask that you stop and say a
prayer for the repose of their souls and comfort for their families.
    It was reported that the Muslim Major was killed in early reports but we have been
told that he is alive and on a respirator and expected to survive. Details are still sketchy
but allegedly the Muslim Major was dissatisfied with our involvement in Iraq and
Afghanistan and was slated to ship out to one of those destinations in the near future.
The Muslim Major has also made incendiary remarks regarding our involvement in those
theaters and has intimated support for those who fought against the aggressors, meaning
the United States.
    It was reported that he had been trying to get out of the military for over a year at this
point but his requests have been denied. The Muslim Major claimed that he had been a
target of harassment because of his religion. I wonder if his cheering on those who wish
us harm had anything to do with that.
    A video from a convenience store early in the day showed him in traditional Muslim
clothing, the long white cassock kind of thing (I do not know what it is called, nor care)
and the skull cap. Yet, oddly enough he was a regular at his mosque and appeared there
in his BDU’s.
    I do not know nor will I speculate why the Muslim Major committed such an atrocity
but I gotta ask: If there is someone in the military who shows sympathy for the enemy
ought he not be more carefully watched? I am not suggesting that all Muslims are bad
people, but as there is such a fervor and hatred by those who wish us harm, ought we not
be extra mindful of their sympathizers? After all, there is the Fort Dix Six who wanted to
carry out a terrorist attack on Fort Dix, New Jersey, to kill our soldiers. And there is a
commonality between them and the Muslim Major. Hint: It is not the “Major” part.
     After all, we have an all-volunteer military, no one is forced to serve. Back in my day
there were people trying all kinds of things to get out of serving during the Nam era and
some went as far as to leave the country. Good riddance. The Muslim Major had to be
aware that there was a possibility that he might have to fight against his co-religionists as
the first Gulf War had been already waged before he joined the military, as far as I know
at this point. Why, then, did he join? Did he figger he would never be deployed? Was
he a sleeper? Perhaps we shall find out.
    But, given the past circumstances and his statements, and we know that hindsight is
20/20, would it not have been more prudent to let him leave the military with a RE4 or
LTH discharge, or reassign him to a non-military position, or keep him in the stockade
until it was time for discharge. I do not really know what the answer is.
   In any event, this is, sadly, not the first time that something like this has been tried but
sadder still that the Muslim Major created the carnage that he did. Are there more like
him out there? Why do people do this? I do not know and my heart is saddened.
    I try to rationalize it but I canNOT wrap my arms around it. In the Revolutionary
War, we fought against those just like us, in fact we were them. In the Civil War, again,
it was us against ourselves, brother against brother. In WWI Americans fought with and
against Europeans, ditto in WWII, at least in the ETO.
    We were Lutherans and Methodist and Catholics fighting the same but from other
countries. In all the books I have read and shows I have seen, I do not recall there being
any enmity between the sides as a result of religion, it was that the oppressive regimes of
Germany, Italy and on Russia were at odds with us. Had nothing to do with religion.
(Yes, the Nazi’s wanted to kill all those of Jewish faith but they were not a country, they
were not fighting, they were persecuted. The PTO was a little different as there was not a
large Shinto or similar presence in the US, but again, religion was not the factor.)
    Some have said that there have been more wars fought over religion and more deaths
as a result of them. That may be half true, there may have been more wars fought over
religion but more have died at the hands of those who had no religion: Hitler, Stalin, Mao
and others.
     I confess that I do not understand Islam or what would drive a person who swore to
uphold the Constitution to commit such a crime. I do not know. But, like a lot of other
things that we are faced with for the first time, we better take a good, hard and severe
look at other possible situations where we may be vulnerable. Again, we have to be right
all the time, they have to be right once.
   God Help us all.

T-Minus 362 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1173 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
  THE DAILY FISH - 4 NOVEMBER 2009 - "Tally Ho and the Votes!"

                  The Constitution of the United States of America
  Amendment IX

  The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage
  others retained by the people.

  Amendment X

  The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the
  states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

  (There is a reason why they are both together. Study these.)

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
  First… no gloating.
  Bravo Sierra, lot’s of gloating!
   Huge win in VA, big win in NJ, squeaker loss in NY CD 23, upsets here in Nassau
County where the Republicans take over the legislature and the usual sweep in Town of
Oyster Bay. Gay “marriage” overturned in Maine. Candidate for Mayor in NYC, Barack
Oba... I mean, Bill Thompson looses. (I mention Hank only because virtually every piece
of campaign lit, poster, sign or any other ad for Thompson had a picture of Hank on it. I
was beginning to think that he was a Siamese twin as you seemed to see two heads in each
  How is that hopey-changey thing going for ya?
  Y’day afternoon I heard a report on the radio that the “Wh’ite House is not really
following the races” and that “the elections are not about Obama.”
  Lemme translate: “We ARE watching all the races and we see we are dead in the water, if
we WERE winning in the big races you can bet your bottom dollar that our resident Nobel
Peas Price winner would be all over the airways… quick, look over there, is that a condor?”
And, “We know that is all about Obama, leave us alone…wow, look, a flying wombat.”
  Let’s put figgers to this rationale. Hank had made over a dozen trips to NJ and VA
combined in the effort to seize the day. He should have stayed home for all the good it did.
Exit polls showed that 20% and 24% of the voters respectively cast their vote AGAINST
Hank and not necessarily FOR the candidate. JoeBama made the trip to the hinterlands of
Northern New York to stump for the chump the Dems trotted out. That race, some five-
point difference, was the Left’s “big” win for the night. (At least he did not take his bride to
the Big Apple for a date on the way.)
   What would be so funny were it not so sad was the fact that while the Wh’ite House was
busy downplaying the races, their personal lobbyists, the LSM, were making a big deal out
of Hoffman’s loss and claiming it will be a setback for the Conservatives. Of course, when
you have CNN, MS/LSD and the like taking the polls, you KNOW that they are above
reproach! “Do you hate puppies and love the Republican Party?” is a typical kind slant that
they will ask those being polled and to be on the safe side, they will ask 2:1 Liberals to
Republicans, just to be sure.
  Meanwhile, on Long Island, there was a change in the balance of power in the local
legislature and in the major towns. Nah, that does not mean anything either. A few dozen
lucky wins by the Republicans.
  If there was any surprise it was in the NYC mayor’s race. Bloomberg spent some
$100,000,000 of his own cash to win an election that pays $1 per year. That was not the
point, tho. His eminently unqualified opponent Barack, I mean, Bill Thompson nearly
pulled out a victory.
  The early polls had Bloomy up by twenty points and his shortest lead was still in the
double digits. He won by five points. The difference was not Thompson came up with a
great idea or that Bloomy was caught in flagrante delicto with an underage collie, the
Thompson people got the vote out and the Bloomy’s people figgered that it was a lock and
there was no reason to show up in masse.
   Ergo, what many smart people say: Vote like yours is the only one that counts. One day,
it may be!
   So, enough about that, there will be far more post mortems about the elections and the
also-rans. You can be sure that by the end of the day, the LSM will have spun it so that to
the untrained eyes and ears it will appear that all the Dems won.

  Moving on to Maine. (Hiya, kids up there!) The voters of Maine, if I understand it
correctly, overturned the law that would have allowed gay “marriage.” This is the 31st time
that when We the People were allowed to vote on this issue. This is also the 31st time that
We the People rejected it, regardless of how the referenda were written.
  Sooner or later (hopefully never), the population of a state will approve such a bill. The
media will hail this as a mandate and try to prove that this was what the people wanted all
the while. They will, of course, downplay or ignore the fact that it was “0-for” up until that

  One more thing, apropos of nothing.
  It was announced that Warren Buffett is buying Burlington Northern railways for some
$34+ billion. (He can pay this out of his pocket and he will still be a multi-billionaire.
Must be nice, eh?)
   His rationale for doing so is that the rails are still the most cost-effective way of moving
large amounts of goods such as “grain and coal.” His claim that we are still a “huge
exporter of grain and coal” makes trains attractive as a long term investment.
  Now, excuse me for thinking clearly, but I thought there was the Kyoto Accord, the
“global warming”, the “greenhouse gases” (and excuse me, part 2, but do not things grow
well IN a greenhouse?) and all the other equine scatology.
  If we are supposed to limit our production of pollutants of said fossil fuel, why can some
other country use it? I mean, last time I counted there was only one atmosphere and we all
share it. Do the smoke and effluvia from other countries not count for some reason? Do
they get carbon credits that render void their pollution?
  For crying out loud, at least our coal is hard coal and burns efficiently. We have
scrubbers and other things in the plants and smokestacks to reduce pollution. Have you
ever been to Eastern Europe? Some of the coal that was used there was as soft as clay and
what it lacked in efficiency and heat it made up for in pollution. (I am being unfair, I
suppose, as those were socialist countries, they know sooooo much more than do we stupid
  So, I am wondering when someone ELSE is going to connect the dots: Coal, Railroad,
Exporting, Pollution.
  I am not saying, I am just saying.

   Anywho, thank you all who voted yesterday, regardless how you voted. (Though, I think
a poll of the readers would be about as unbiased as CNN or MS/LSD.) Your vote counted.
Bloomy’s near defeat should be a reminder to us all that each and every vote counts.
Thompson’s near win shows that the Hank machine is strong in getting out the vote. We
need to beat them at their own game.
  Lastly, if you are free tomorrow (Thursday) and are in a reasonable proximity to our
Nation’s Capital, there will be a rally on the Capitol steps at noon.

T-Minus 368 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1179 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
  THE DAILY FISH - 3 NOVEMBER 2009 - "Vote Early, Vote Often!"

               The Constitution of the United States of America
  Amendment VIII

  Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual
  punishments inflicted.

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
   Today is Election Day. It is an off-year election and not a whole lot going on, really. In
fact so little is going on that Hank is already saying that he has nothing to do with the
  Lemme ‘splain.
   First of all, our Rights and Freedoms are like muscles. If we do not use them, they will
atrophy. If we do not exercise our right to vote, it will be taken away from us. Case in
point, the mess in Afghanistan. There was widespread voter “irregularities”, not unlike the
folks from ACORN would do here. The election results were essentially thrown out and a
run-off election was scheduled for 7 November.
   Abdullah Abdullah gets a snit, drops out of the election and as if my magic Hamid Karzai
is “reelected” without a vote being cast. What does Hank do? He congratulates Karzai on
his “reelection.”
   For whatever reason or reasons, there was no true and fair election in Afghanistan and
now their president is reelected and Hank is one of the first to send him props. Even though
that country is mired in the 15th Century, there are enough other factors in place to at least
try to run a fair election. But, alas, not to be.
   After looking at the events in Honduras, where the Marxist president has been deposed
and replaced by a freely and duly elected non-Marxist, consider that Hank got his panties in
a knot as the “will of the people” was not carried out. In reality, it was.
  After looking at the non-election in Afghanistan, Hank sends his kudos to the non-elected
  I see this as table setting.
   While I hope I am wrong, there has been some scuttlebutt that Hank will suspend
elections after 2012, that he will institute Martial Law if he is not reelected and other things.
Of course, none of us wish either of those things to happen but even that is telling. This is
the kind of “trust” that We the People have in this president.
  But, I will not encourage that kind of thinking and leave that to the conspiracy theorists
for now.
  Let’s look at today but through the filter of that which I have just said.
   As I have said time and again, we have both a right and duty to vote, we must, we ought.
If you do not vote, please, do not complain about anything. You gave that right up when
you gave up the right to vote. Please spare me that it is difficult to get to the polling place
or any other excuse. There are absentee ballots and you can use them even if you are not
   Concurrent with that is voting in all elections in all years. Where I live the Town and the
County seats are all up for grabs. The local folks are critical. Oftentimes, their actions
more directly affect you than those of the state or federal levels. Also, you prolly know
some of these folks, you have some access to them. I know this first hand and I do have a
number of elected officials from various levels of gov’t who read this and with whom I
communicate. And the local men and women are the ones who will be going up the ladder
to higher office as time goes on. Get to know them.
  All that said, there are four races of interest: The two gubernatorial races, in New Jersey
and Virginia and two House seats, one in California and the other in New York.
  The Virginia race looks very good for the Republican but the one in Jersey is too close to
call. What is telling is that the Wh’ite House is distancing themselves from both of these
races saying that the people are voting for their choice for governor and not Hank.
  Translation: Virginia looks bad and Jersey could go Republican as well, so we do not
want to be linked to a couple of losing campaigns the first time out.
  Translation of the translation: Hank is scared.
   NY CD23 is a mess. The left of center Republican dropped out putting her support to the
left of center Democrat. The erstwhile Republican running as a Conservative, Hoffman, is
garnering more support every day and it looks very good for him.
   In fact the Wh’ite House has all but written of this race since they send JoeBama there to
stump for the chump. Would it be close or critical, you can be sure that Hank would be
there. The result does nothing for the balance of power in the House but it may be a
harbinger of elections to come.
  On the other hand, the two gubernatorial elections that Hank has no interest in have found
him in Virginia four or five times and in Jersey at least that many times or more. I know
when I have no interest in something I keep going back for more.
   No, this is deep in Hank’s heart. He NEEDS to win to validate his presidency. These are
his first coattails but methinks he is wearing a vest. I am hoping for a sweep but two of the
three races of interest if the Republicans win will be telling.
   Anywho, I wanted to get this out early. There is a lot going on: The health skare bill and
San Fran Nan calling for a vote for late Thursday or Friday (and there will be a rally against
this bill on the Capitol steps at Noon Thursday, if you are in the area), the vote in
Copenhagen for a One World Gov’t later next week, you know the regular kind of stuff
we have come to expect from the Misadministration.
  Really, you can’t make this stuff up!
  More to come!

T-Minus 367 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1178 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 31 OCTOBER 2009 - "Chain, Chain, Chains."

                  The Constitution of the United States of America
  Amendment VII

  In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of
  trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any
  court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
  Not sure where to go first: The 240 pound health skare bill, the screwed up election
problems in Afghanistan or Hank’s latest assault on the population. Truly a trifecta from
  Let’s start with the last.
  Since 1987 those infected with AIDS and HIV have been barred from entering the US.
Y’day, Hank signed the bill rescinding that travel ban.
  Now, and this is very interesting and telling, last July Pres Bush signed the bill lifting the
ban but there was no date that it would go into effect. Essentially, it was in a strange
parallel to the health skare plan which we will discuss shortly.
   The original bill had provisions for education, research and a strong emphasis on
abstinence for those with AIDS/HIV. Much of that has been watered down or even
eliminated in the bill that the Democratic controlled congress passed but the ban on travel
would still be in effect until this bill was signed y’day.
   I am as sympathetic as the next guy when it comes to anyone in pain particularly with
such a devastating disease as this one. The genesis of the bill enacted y’day was Ryan
White, the teenager who contracted this disease via a blood transfusion. He was a brave kid
who hung in there for a number of years. He became sort of the poster boy for this plague
attracting the attention of many famous people, Elton John in particular.
   It is sad to have to say this but there was no surprise that the media and entertainments
worlds would throw their support to this bill and in part to the memory of Ryan White. It is
a disease whom anyone could get, even someone as innocent as Ryan during something as
routine as a blood transfusion.
   But, and it pains me to say it, that is not how it is gen’ly transmitted and that is not who
gen’ly gets the disease. While sexual transmission is the most common method in many
parts of the world, say, Africa, for instance, in the States and Europe it is via homosexual
relations. (Perhaps this was the reason why the media and entertainment kinds are such
ardent activists in this arena.)
  I do not want to go on about the whys and wherefores of this disease, what I wish to
comment on is the travel ban. Up until y’day, we were one of a dozen countries that banned
the afflicted from entering our Country. The ironic party is the other countries: Iraq, Libya,
Russia, Armenia, the Sudan and Saudi Arabia, an interesting amalgam of 2nd and 3rd world
nations. (Sorry, Tovarish.)
  Yet, as sympathetic as I want to be, I canNOT support this signing.
   One of the first things listed in the State Department’s requirements for obtaining a visa
is to be free of “a communicable disease of public health significance, which shall include
infection with the etiologic agent for acquired immune deficiency syndrome.”
   Now, some diseases such as rubella and the like make perfect sense to be put on this list.
In fact any disease that can have lasting repercussions ought to be enjoined from entering
our Country, they are communicable. But AIDS can only be transmitted by close physical
contact (sex) or some other kind of intermix of bodily fluids (transfusion.)
   I am sure that if you were flying to the states and you were sitting next to a kid with the
mumps you night notice. Actually, you probably would not notice as one with mumps is
barred from entry. However the feller sitting next to you may have AIDS and while there is
virtually no chance of contracting the disease from him, the virus being anaerobic, you have
no idea what may go on in his hotel that night.
  Considering the name of the disease contains the word “acquired”, the question is how
one acquires it. Were a leper to come here, you would avoid him, but succumbing to a few
bottles of red one might wind up in a compromising position with a human petri dish. No.
Sadly as so many people have “acquired” this disease did so in ways that could have been
avoided by protection or abstaining. But, considering how one gets it, those options are
gen’ly not on the radar.
   So, if you take a fancy to someone after 1 January 2010, you may be safer with someone
without an accent! I know I make light of such a serious thing, but maybe that is what will
trigger your defense mechanisms. Again, I feel badly for those who have this disease and
far more so for the innocents. We need to end this scourge by finding the cause then the
cure then education to make sure it never happens again.
   (Check out the list of those barred from entering the Country.** One class is “Any
immigrant who is or has been a member of or affiliated with the Communist or any other
totalitarian party domestic or foreign is inadmissible.” I guess the Communists who are
czars must be home grown. There is also another interesting clause about those who
entered the country by misrepresentation. However, there is a waiver for kids. Drat!)

  That all said, a towering piece of offal was bandied out y’day. A tremendous slap in the
face of every American, a testament to the refusal of Congress to accede to the wishes of
and represent We the People, a book larger than the bible, less intelligible that Chinese
Calculus (Do you speak Chinese? Are you proficient at Calculus? I rest my case), as easy to
suss as telemetry, a heath skare bill was trotted out y’day.
  Weighing in at 1990 pages, this is simply a piece of crap. Period.
 I have not had the “opportunity” to read it yet but here are a few odds and sods in that
   Congress does not have to abide by it. That alone is telling and each and every one of
you ought be in high dudgeon about this. Please, today, now, write to your MOC and tell
them in no uncertain terms that you are offended by this provision and their vote FOR such
a bill will guarantee your voting AGAINST them in the next election.
   This piece of junk does not go into effect until 2013. Curious timing? Just after the 2012
elections? Coincidence? I think not. But, that buys us time. Ought We the People show up
in 2010 and purge the den of thieves in the District of Criminals, we have a fighting chance
to cut the legs off of it before it starts killing us.
  One stupid thing that is in there, among most everything else, is a demand that the
nutritional information for all foods is listed not just on the packages but on the menus.
Here in NY this is already being done. But, even still, it is stupid. I like food, I can read
but I assure you that if I want a Big Mac or a Double Bacon Cheeseburger, well, chew gum,
that is what I am going to have. I am not going to look at the nutritional content and think:
“John (or, ‘Precious’, as I call myself when I am alone), that CardioBurger has 2000
calories and an ounce and a half fat, (ferget about “milligrams”) I think I will have an
arugula salad with a ¼ teaspoon of balsamic instead.
  Bravo Sierra! If I want the burger, fries, onions and a big dang coke, I will have it! I will
have a salad when I want one and even that will be slathered with Bleu cheese dressing,
bacon bits, cheese and croutons. And I am not all that concerned about the greens in it!
  One would think that at a scant two-thousand pages that there would be nothing missing.
As I have said, I have not read it yet but I am relatively sure there is something missing.

  I suggest that they include the IQ’s of all who vote for this junk and those who do not.
(To be fair, the double-digit group could have a “0” put in front of theirs so they look like
the rest. ) It would be very interesting to see what the average IQ is for those who vote each
  (In case you did not see, the average net profit for health insurance companies was 2.2%,
36th o the list of major industries. Again proving that this is NOT an attack on the “obscene
profits” of the insurers but against the industry itself and concept of individual liberties.
  Almost lastly, and I am sure that this is a shock to everyone, but the elections in
Afghanistan may not happen. The two sides canNOT agree on a few items, the brother of
one the candidates was exposed for being on the US gov’t payroll (perhaps he does not
want the health skare scheme either) and, well, it is freaking Afghanistan, the poster child of
the 1400’s.
   I am more concerned with the elections this Tuesday. Please go out and vote in this
election, even if it is just for dog catcher. If you see “WF” or “NP” as the political party,
think twice, three times or as many times as needed before you vote. The “Workers Party”,
”Working Family Party” or the “New Party” as these are all affiliated with ACORN and the
other anti-American groups. (Also check out who is endorsing them.)
  Again, your most local elections are very important. You may know some of these
candidates, you may have access to them. They may have been involved in other civic
activities before. And the judges are the ones who will have the greatest impact on many
local issues. Vote for those who support America. Perhaps this will send a message that
We the People are becoming the Angry Villagers and we are not going to stand for it.
   For those of you in Virginia and New Jersey, I canNOT emphasize enough how critical
your gubernatorial races are. Please, not only vote but encourage like-minded folks to do
so. Tell your Lib friends that that should vote on Wednesday to avoid the lines. Keep an
eye on NY CD 23, where one of the least exciting candidates in history, Doug Hoffman, is
in the lead over the Dem and the Rep candidates. (For the record, the Rep candidate is
further to the left than is the Dem. THAT is part of the problem!)(And, for the record, I sent
Doug H some dough.)
  So, vote early and let’s send a message to Hank!
  Happy Halloween!

T-Minus 370 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1181 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 28 OCTOBER 2009 - "The Naked Truth!"

                   The Constitution of the United States of America
   Amendment VI

   In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial
jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been
previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted
with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have
the assistance of counsel for his defense.

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
  From time to time I take the opportunity to recap, go over, clean house and gen’ly just
jaw about a few things. Usually there is something fresh as well. Some of this may be
repetitive for the long-time readers but less so for the newer ones.
   As I have stated so many times now, the FISH is basically a stream of consciousness
effort. There is gen’ly some idea which is the germ for it and it takes off from there.
Oftimes, the first time I find out what the point that is trying to be conveyed becomes
evident to me at the same time as you, when I get to the end of the issue.
  The Muse is funny like that. But, she is a strict mistress. (There is no actual Muse, just
the inspiration for said writings. I kinda like the word so I have taken the liberty to
anthropomorphize my ruminations and it provides a convenient scapegoat when things go
wrong. Bad Muse!)
  That said and the following also having been said previously, I wish to add that I rarely
gauge correctly the responses that any given FISH may elicit. Some I have thought to be
the best ever, magnum opus, cleverest thing man has ever uttered…
  Other times I am half-hesitant to hit the “send” button and the next thing I know my
unlimited mailbox is almost full.
  In both cases, thanks.
   The last few FISH have seemed to fall into the latter category and with the comments
germane to the particular addition a number of similar seemingly non sequitors or unrelated
articles appear as if my magic by a goodly number of people.
   Sometimes the info is delivered with additional information that I find charming,
interesting, provocative or personal in nature. For instance I received a number of emails
over the past few days that remarked about the fellow who was arrested for being naked in
his own home, he was turned in by alleged trespassers/passers-by. Now, talking about
privacy, property rights and so on and so forth, I can see the correlation, as now we enjoy a
piece of the Constitution as a salutation to each FISH. But, oddly enough, four of those
emails advised that the writer skinny-dips in their pool and walk to the house, etc, etc, etc.
Thankfully, I reckon, there were up to an including zero men who made such an
announcement, and for that I thank you fellers! But, curiously enough I believe three if not
all four came from Florida. I have not been to Florida in ages, I guess things have changed.
– Maybe time for a little trip? LOL!
   But, that aside aside, I found it telling. Each person who sent me an article or a comment,
related something similar in content, regardless of what they were wearing. (Sorry, I am in
one of my moods this day.) All were appalled by the fact that someone could be arrested in
the privacy of his own home* (However, I just checked something out and came across
something that might clarify a previous statement, it is worth the look.**) ('Twas the Muse,
I tell ya, the Muse.)
  What impressed me was the fact that regardless of how the case pans out (it turns out that
there may be some questions as to intent and timeline) all were shocked that someone could
be arrested as such and that their being in high dudgeon was based in law.
   Concurrent with that were the many comments that you seem to be enjoying the snippet
of the Constitution which starts the FISH. Many of you have advised that you have sent
away for your own personal pocket copy. Well done! (In fact a friend of mine who gets
this little think of ours advised me that he has the Constitution on his i-Phone. I was
impressed. BTW, his nickname: “Fish.” Of course he is a patriot!)
   I hope that you all take the time to become familiar with the Law of the Land as well as
the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and if you are up to the task, the
“Federalist Papers” and the “Anti-Federalist Papers.” (The last two are like a college course
in the whys and, duh, why-nots of and for a Constitution, and takes almost as long to read.)
  Speaking of the Law of the Land, (see how clever the Muse is, I had no idea I would be
writing this!), I really need to finish this FISH quickly. You see Hank is going to sign the
defense appropriations bill today. And what good would a defense funding bill be if it did
not have provisions for defining and prosecuting “hate crimes!” That would be like going
deer hunting without your accordion!
  Yes, from the time the ink dries on the bill and until sanity returns to the Wh’ite House
and Congress, pretty much anything that you say, do or think about anyone who is not
exactly like you can put you in serious hot water.
  It is a travesty on a number of levels. The first is that they have to have such a bill.
Funny, before this Misadministration took over, while there were actual hate crimes, it was
not a federal offence but they were dealt with harshly. The President who wants to break
down all the barriers and walls and make us a “color blind” society will, with the stroke of a
pen, set back race and other relations back decades. I can only hope and pray that Al
$harpton is not the “hate crime czar”, but, with this Misadministration you can never be too
   (I figger that I am one of the most protected guys in the world for most of my ride home.
I am one of the very, VERY few guys of my particular pigmentation for quite a ways.
Ought ANYTHING happen to me, I am sure that there is a lawyer who could find a reason
to sue under this new bill. And, no, I would never allow that!)
   When you have a czar such as Cass Sunstein, discussed in a recent FISH, who not only
sees no need for the Constitution but expects it to be gone by 2020, you can guess the level
of fealty to the Law of the Land by this Misadministration.

 Some of you commented on the last line of the FISH , that it has changed. I am not sure
what impresses me more: that you like it or that you read that far. Either way, thanks!
   But, as I have said, this is for you as well as the jollies I get from it. With your
permission I would like, from time to time, perhaps do a FISH that has some of your
comments in it. Some of you are so spot on it is amazing, others have hopes dashed, fear
for the future as well as confidence that we shall be like steel and emerge from this trial by
fire strengthened. I have some of the emails in my “The Angry Villagers” file. I hope you
would not mind.
  Almost there, hang on…
   To my brothers in arms of a different branch of the service. Thank all of you (I think it
was about 346 of youse) who were kind enough to remind me, correct me, cajole me or
whatever, but in mentioning that 11-11 will be not only Veteran’s Day (and the day Hank
leaves for Asia) it is also the day AFTER the Birthday of the United States Marine Corps.
  So, a few days early, Happy 234th Birthday, Marines! (You don’t look a day over 150!)
and Semper Fi! God Bless each and every one of you!

T-Minus 372 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1183 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 27 OCTOBER 2009 - "We Hold These Truths to be Self-

                   The Constitution of the United States of America

   Amendment V

   No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or
indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual
service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in
jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be
deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public
use, without just compensation.

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their
Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

  Mayhaps after we have read the Constitution, unlike some MOC’s, we ought to look at
the Declaration of Independence.
  The Colonies separated from England for a variety of reasons; among them excess
taxation, lack of representation and an undue burden placed upon the colonists by the
Crown. Now, call me crazy but are we not heading down the same road? I am not
advocating any kind of revolt or uprising but simply working within and enforcing the rules
and laws we now have. I mean, is that too much to ask?
  Consider the Declaration of Independence, along with the Magna Carta, one of the most
important documents in the history of free men. Sure, there was a lot of debate and a
variety of viewpoints as to what should and should not be included in the final version, but
the bottom line is that the Framers did a more than yeoman’s job in delimiting what would
and would not be our guiding light.
  I am in the midst of a “discussion” with a friend, a man I respect and whose intellect
dwarfs mine. (Not that tough a job.) I do not wish to expose who he is but suffice it to say
that he has most excellent bona fides in the world of law. More or less an Independent or
Libertarian, we share some views and disagree on others. As most of us do with most of
our friends and acquaintances.
  But, in a recent exchange over health skare, I was rather shocked at one of his comments.
  “John, you are going for the feint and not watching the ball. Forget the constitutional/fix point you
make. That’s all politicalspeak and not the issue. Control is not the issue. While those words are “red
meat” for those sharing your political leanings, you are being distracted.”
   I seem to be confused here. Were this to come from one of my more Left-leaning
friends, I would expect this kind of response. I am stunned that someone who is a lawyer of
his stature would say such a thing. (Mind you, this was about the fourth or fifth exchange.)
   (I am still firmly convinced that this is about control, nothing more, nothing
less.)(Correction: “Nothing less, this AND more.”)
  His allegation was that I was making a Constitutional issue out of health care, but that
was not the point or intention or case. But, when someone who was a federal prosecutor
makes that kind of remark, I had to give it a second and third thought.
   Upon reflection, he may be right, it may not be a Constitutional issue. Though, looking
at the way activist courts over the years interpret the certain parts of it, I guess anything
might be possible.
   To my untrained, but patriotic, eye, the issue of health care predates the Constitution. I
do not think I am reading too deeply into the Declaration of Independence but one of the
first tenets are our guarantees of LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
   I emphasize LIFE for the simple reason that should a health skare scheme come to
fruition in most any form that the Misadministration desires, there will most assuredly be a
negative impact on the actuary tables. Of course, we canNOT prove that yet, many of us
will have to be at room temperature prematurely for enough years for the mortality figures
to be useful. But, if YOU die as a result of the care or lack of which, well, in that case there
will be a 100% increase in YOUR mortality.
  Needless to say, the Left will call this kind of talk alarmist, that we are being unfair to
those in need, that there is nothing to base thing kind of thinking.
  Be that as it may, I do not think it coincidence that the first draft of HR3200 looked like it
was crafted by the law firm of “Mengele, Goebbels, Himmler and Riefenstahl.” The
arcania employed, the obfuscation included, the co-conspirators named and the all but
called such “death panel” provisions, provided a glimpse into the New World Order kind of
mentality that this Misadministration sees as their destiny.
   Fortunately those with a far taller pulpit and louder megaphone than I were able to alert
the faithful, those good Americans, We the People. What Hank, Nan and Harry figgered to
be a slam-dunk, We the Sheeple being too stupid to know what is for our own good,
essentially back-fired. There are now contentious debates, still more meetings behind
closed doors with the “leaders” of Congress and the agents provocateurs of the
Misadministration, more denying of that which is in any number of any versions of a bill,
allegiances switching back and forth (well done to the readers in Maine, your pressure may
be one of the reasons Snowe flipped back.)
  All this in the name of doing something good for the people.
  If it was good, if it was seen as something positive, beneficial and wonderful for the
general welfare of the populace, I doubt there would be much, if any, blow-back.
  Upon hearing of the provisions desired in such a bill, it is less “blow-back” than a
“nor’easter” in your face.
   Despite what we know, the Left and this Misadministration continue to tell us that there
is nothing to worry about. Then, on the other hand, good ol’ Dr. Zeke Emanuel, is all but
saying that you have already had your health care if you are over 65 years old, please die
and get out of the way.
  You may also know, especially if you are a long time reader of this page, that in other
countries, such as the UK, Spain, et al, if you are of a certain age, you are not necessarily
“denied” certain health care provisions, transplants, expensive medicines, cancer care,
palliatives for end of life, you are simply not given them.
  See the difference?
  Neither do I.
  So, let’s recap, our Declaration of Independence has one of the main points that we have
certain “unalienable rights”, one of which is LIFE.
  How does killing off of our older citizens foster that right. Sorry, that last statement is so
unfair, let me rephrase: How does letting our older citizens die foster that right?
   When are We the People going to demand that our representatives REPRESENT the Will
of the People?

  Dither, Dither all’s Aquiver.
  The Generals have made a rock-solid case for additional troops so desperately needed in
Afghanistan. Allegedly the debate was going to be how many. 20,000? 40,000? 60,000?
Who knows. Hank certainly doesn’t.
   Meanwhile, back at the ranch, noted serial-marry'er-above-his-station and well-known
anti-war activist, Sen. John Kerry, returned from that land. (Apparently Jane Fonda was
busy.) This genius reported that while there are issues in the Rockpile and it is critical to
stave off the forces of the Taliban and al-Qu’ada, that, well heck, we really do not need to
send THAT many troops over there.
  Here is a man who never saw a war he could support (that is, after he did support it) has
come home to tell us that we can do more with less. (Using that flawed logic, I reckon we
could do everything with nothing.)
  Clearly Kerry has not read “On War” and I posit that few if any in this Misadministration
have. Overwhelming force is needed and anything else is foolhardy. Now, I am not
suggesting that I have a blood lust or want to see the body counts rise. In fact, quite the
opposite. It has been proved time and time again that a monumental effort to overrun and
defeat the enemy will result in lower casualties, both our military and local loyal civilians.
(Not all that concerned about the graves registry fellers on the other side.)
  Showing his lack of stomach for combat, he is willing to straddle the fence stating that
we need more troops (what a guy!) but not that many (he is a liberal after all.) This way
when they short the number of troops and things go fubar, he can claim that he wanted to
send fewer troops. Ought things eventually work out, he can claim authorship of the plan.
  He is despicable on any number of levels.
  But, while Rome burns, Hank is fiddling.
  He has/has not made his decision as to whether or not/how many troops will/will not be
sent to Afghanistan. (That parsing appears to be the template for this Misadministration’s
decision-making process.)
   He will announce his decision on 7 November to coincide with the second round of
elections in Afghanistan or on 11 November when he takes off for an Asian trip. (After all,
I am sure Hank might be a tad uncomfortable being Stateside on VETERANS DAY!!)
  Or, perhaps the 8th, maybe the 10th, could be the 9th or even before or after his other dates.
But one thing is sure, he will or will not make a decision!
 Meanwhile eleven of our brave military and three DEA agents died Monday and eight
more on Tuesday, local time.
  How many more of our brave military and gov’t employees will perish before the poll
numbers are aligned in the sky so Hank can make a decision?
  Please pray for their souls, comfort for their families and the safety of all those in harm’s

T-Minus 374 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1185 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 24 OCTOBER 2009 - "You Lookin' at Me?"

                  The Constitution of the United States of America
  Amendment IV

  The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against
  unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon
  probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be
  searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
  (Today’s part of the Constitution might actually be applicable in this FISH.)
If you have any plans on attacking anyone, you better make sure that they are exactly like
you. For instance, I dare not pick a fight or get into an argument, bump into in a bar, cut-
off while driving or anything that can be construed as an attack, either physically or by
thought, on anyone who is not an American heterosexual male who is a 6-5, left-handed
mesomorph with short brown hair and blue eyes, Catholic, of Western European descent.
You see, should you do that, you will have committed a “hate crime.”
Yes, indeed, Congress passed, snuck in more accurately, a “Hate Crimes” provision in the
defense authorization bill.
If Hank signs this terrible bill, it will add certain additional penalties to any crime that was
“motivated” by the victim’s gender, sexual orientation or disability.
I, for one, abhor violence. I detest any kind of prejudice or bigotry. Anyone who singles
out someone as the attention of their hate or violence for any reason whatsoever is a
despicable low-life. One who is driven by their prejudice to commit violent acts is even
more worthy of our contempt and must be dealt with in the strongest possible ways.
But, that said and while my above statement would appeal to make a case for such a bill,
passing such legislation will open a Pandora’s Box that will be difficult or impossible to
It is bad enough that there are race-baiters like Al $harpton who sees any kind of slight
committed by a white person on a Black one as a hate crime. Yet, oddly enough or not at
all, on $harpton’s planter any Black on white crime is not racially motivated and should the
alleged perpetrator admit that he hates white people, good ol’ Al is there to blame the
whites for making the other fellow feel that way.
$harpton has proven himself to be a useful tool for proponents of this act as he has gotten
away with his shenanigans for so long. Now, it will be codified.
If someone has an accident with someone who is not exactly like them, the offended person
can say “that straight/white/tall/whatever kind of person ran into me because I am
gay/Oriental/short whatever kind of person I am.”
Of course, the smarter of you will say “John, that is ridiculous! That could never happen!”
Or could it?

“MOTIVATION: a motivating force, stimulus or influence. Incentive, drive.”
One could easily make this a “thought crime”, and as they are working on that as well, this
may be the launching point.” A “clever” lawyer will make a case that two dissimilar people
got into a tussle of some sort because his client was one of the protected classes of people.
The lawyer will not have to prove too much, really, he can trot out his client who will
readily admit to being whatever part of this new protected caste and say “See, Percy
Dovetonsils (ten bonus points for the origin of that character) was brutally attacked by
THAT MAN over there when his Ford pickup hit my client’s Prius! I mean, look at that
man, look at the size of his behemoth of a truck. He must have rammed my client as he was
peaceably driving through the red light, red IS his favorite color you know, because he saw
a Prius. We all know how environmentally friendly a Prius is and with the guilty defendant
driving a gas-guzzler, he was motivated to hurt my client because of his political views and
sexual orientation.”
You laugh, but I exaggerate some only for illustration. Any of the “protected” class can
easily be inserted here and feel free to do so.
The Misadministration that promised “transparency in gov’t” is double-dealing behind
closed doors and sneaking terrible legislation into bills in which they ought not be. The
Misadministration that claimed to make this a “color–blind” society is crafting a bill to
propagate mistrust and fear between groups.
(Just in case you think I am kidding, just wait to see the litany of useless cases that come
before the court as a result of this. Heck, when you think of it, we are ALL minorities, in
our own way. Show of hands, how many of you fit my description? Thought so.)
The FISH has inadvertently seemed to build on a premise that was not its intent, it is
exposing again and again that we are saddled, with hope temporarily, a kakistocracy.

Not content to pimp a variety of citizens, prolly against the will of some of them, they craft
this insipid and insulting amendment and attach it to the defense spending bill which is
critical to pass at this juncture.
This has the dirty fingerprints of the Lefty “Leadership” in Congress and the unindicted co-
conspirators in the West Wing all over it.
Those cowards know that the majority of Republicans will vote for most anything to
support our brave military and to protect our Country. So, the clowns (apologies to real
clowns) of this Misadministration see this as not only a way to get one of their pet projects
passed (the Marxist AG Holder has been trying to get this kind of bill for over a decade)
but a slap in the face of Real Americans.
You see a real man or woman would NEVER compromise the safety and security of our
brave military by adding a rider to a bill that is antipodal, in my particular reality.
Most Republicans support our military and while perhaps sympathetic to the plights of
minorities do not see the need to foster a persecution for perceived slights. (I know I am
generalizing, it is intentional.)
Democrats, on the other manicured hand do not have the stomach for our conflicts and are
far more willing to leverage, nay, pimp, certain folks to ensure their continued employment
in the District of Criminals. (Point of clarification, they do not have the stomach for any
conflict that can he traced back to Geo. W.)
To emphasize that last point and to expose yet another of Hank’s lies, was it not he who
said that Afghanistan is the war that we must and will win? Is he not the same person who
is now showing reluctance to send the level of additional troops that the generals are
requesting? J’accuse!
In fact, to take this one step further, all of the nay votes for this piece of offal were cast by
Republicans and one Leftist, Russ Feingold. (Really, there is little currency calling him a
He did not vote for this bill due to his disgust at seeing the Constitution being subverted.
He did not vote for this bill as he saw it as an emotional manipulation by his party to make a
point. No, he voted AGAINST this bill because he could not vote FOR our military.
(I have said before and I will re-state now: Any lawmaker who votes AGAINST our
military are borderline treasonous, they are giving aid and comfort to the enemy. In a time
of any conflict or attack, their rights of habeas corpus ought to be suspended and they kept
in a safe and secure place until such a time that the conflict or attack has been successfully
dealt with and then they can publicly apologize to the military and We the People for their
Again, I find it anathema that anyone be attacked for any reason whatsoever and it is more
egregious if skin color, sexual orientation, religion or any reason is the motivating force.
And perhaps there ought to be some kind of additional penalty should such an attack be
committed. But, it need not be in a bill and especially as an addendum to a military
spending act.
(Recall in my plan for fair elections that any bill must address one issue only. This will
eliminate the situation where one candidate canNOT excoriate another for his vote. Do not
misunderestimate me, some of these clowns and future clowns will run a campaign
caterwauling that “My opponent hates minorities, he voted against a hate crimes bill”, when
in reality he voted to keep our Country safe and free.)
Trust me, you will see an increase in the prosecution of hate crimes. As soon as the
aggrieved or attacked party can substantiate even a soupcon of suspicion that the other party
was motivated, real or in thought, by some kind of prejudice, you can be sure that some
ACLU-type lawyer will be Johnny-On-The-Spot to bewail the hate and demand retribution
for the act.
Look, if some skinhead wearing a swastika on his sweatshirt spray paints anti-Semitic
remarks on the walls of a Temple, well, duh, that IS a hate crime. But a fellow wearing a
NASCAR shirt is not necessarily a redneck by extension, and any bar-brawl between a
Dale Jr. Fan and a person of a different color does not make him a racist. But, we all know,
someone will try to make that case.
Should that be the case, wearing an Obama t-shirt in the commission of a crime might be
construed the same way.
Anyone who lies to us claiming that they want to eliminate tensions and make this a “color
blind society” then gives them the green light (is “green” racist?) to prosecute for
additional charges because of perceived racial prejudices is a cad, a coward and we need to
ensure that We the People elect the RIGHT people to Congress so that we can right the
wrongs that this Misadministration is foisting on us and rendering the remainder of the term

Lastly, San Fran Nan, who looks terrible by the way, made an asinine statement (but I
repeat myself) on Friday. Talking about the health skare bill, she said that no matter what,
there WILL be some kind of “public option” in the bill.
The nerve of his harpy to TELL We the People that there WILL be something in a bill that
has neither been reconciled not voted upon, who does she think she is?
I felt the need to tell her. My email to her below, ought you be interested.

T-Minus 376 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1188 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 22 OCTOBER 2009 - "16 Tons and What Do You Get..."

                 The Constitution of the United States of America
  Amendment III

  No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor
  in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Lessee… the gov’t gives bailout money to a number of banks and other companies, some
against their will. (Why against their will? Beats the heck out of me but I aim to figger that
out.) The gov’t is now a shareholder, sometimes the majority shareholder, in some of these
companies. And as the old line goes: “It is the Golden Rule. He who has the gold, rules”.
This means very simply that they can call the shots.
(SIDEBAR: The gov’t produces nothing of value for commerce, it is a net liability. Ergo
any cash it has comes from elsewhere. The next time you look in the mirror, say hello to
“Elsewhere.” Therefore We the People actually own those companies. Except like most
other things that this misadministration is perpetuating, it is either out of our hands or off
the radar.)
Now, some of the C-Level execs of these companies make a pretty good buck, some an
insane amount of money. Many of these people will make in one year multiples of what
many/most of us will earn in a lifetime.
Some of the giant brains in this misadministration think that these folks make too much
money. Some of We the Sheeple might agree. Those clouded brains thing that it might be
a good idea to limit the compensation of these execs and again We the Sheeple might agree.
As Curtis Sliwa would say: “You could not be more hopelessly wrong.”
Lemme ‘splain.
Most any kind of business concern wants to hire the best people at the lowest possible
wage, yes, ‘tis true. However if you are talented you will make more money, in most cases,
than someone else in your position. You will be wooed by another company to do your job
with the promise of more money and better benefits. (There will be a FISH explaining why
there are benefits one day. It is not as benign as you might think.)
Case in point: Pick a sport and consider their drafts. The #1 guy in the draft signs a mega-
contract, the #2 guy gen’ly gets a little less and so on until you get to the lower tier guys
who may make the minimum wage, which in the NFL is $265,000 and in the NBA and
MLB is around $400,000. Now, if the guy lives up to his potential, the upside is almost
limitless, if he is a bust, well, see ya later, pal.
Consider an A-Rod or a Manning (pick one or take the pair) or any of a number of other star
athletes, they are making tens-of-millions a year. Not bad for playing catch, eh? Then look
at one of my faves, Tiger. It was just announced that he is the first person in sports to earn a
BILLION dollars. (From winnings, appearance fees, endorsements and so on.) Not bad for
chasing a ball on the lawn.
Why do these guys get paid or earn so much? Because they are the best in the game and
someone is willing to pay them. (For the record, even yours truly think that some of these
guys, even the best, are overpaid. BUT, Gresham’s 2nd Law applies, it is supply and
It is the same in business. If you are good, you move up to the big leagues. If you are real
good you will move from company to company and earn not just a huge salary and perqs
but wealth.
I have a friend with whom I was at school. Bright fellow, National Honor Society and all
that. After college he took a job with a company that was taken over by another company
and eventually became CFO. That company was absorbed by another much larger
company and he retained his title eventually becoming the CEO. He was making serious
money in the previous gig, he was making far more in the new one. He went from the
accounting division to the financial boss of a company involved in automobiles to one
which was vertically integrated with a variety of interests.
After a time, he left that company for one in a totally different field as President and CFO
and shortly thereafter was also named CEO. (BTW, you would be familiar with all of the
The point is, here is a bright fellow who worked his way up the ladder of success and
wound up running a number of disparate businesses. Bottom line is, well, the bottom line.
Despite the different types of businesses each were, he could successfully run all of them.
He started at the bottom and worked his way all the way up the corporate food chain and
made money for the companies and investors of all those companies. And he is well
His was not one of the companies that received any kind of bailout from the gov’t. Ergo, at
this point in time, he is not subjected to a possible cap on his compensation.
Well, had my pal taken a job with Goldman or Citi or GM, his compensation would most
likely be controlled by the compensation czar. (It can be argued that they may not
ultimately be adversely affected at the end of the day once things like stocks, stock options
and the myriad of other things that comprise a C-Level exec’s compensation. It is too early
to tell. But seeing the paradigm shift from a free market economy to a state run one,
nothing is off the table.)
Would it be fair, in that case, for “Bob” who works for Goldman to have his income cut by
50-90% of today’s level and “Steve” who works for one of the non-bailed out concerns be
immune from oversight?
Of course not. But that is just what this misadministration is doing and planning on doing
all the way down the line.
Quick diversion here for a moment. Some were questioning (raising hand here) the
selection of Gov. Sebelius as Secretary of HHS. Well, for the same reason my friend went
from Company A to Company B. He could do what he was supposed to do and he would
perform as those who hired him wished, even thought he was in a completely different
Sebelius, to my knowledge is not a health care professional, but a lawyer. (Telling,
perhaps, is the fact that she blocked the merger of two health insurance companies when she
was the Kansas Insurance Commissioner. Hmmm….) But, like many others in Hank’s
cabinet has had tax “issues”, but where that would have disqualified her in another
administrations makes her a prime candidate in this misadministration.
She is pro-abortion, pro-gay “marriage” and most critically she is pro-single payer health
plan.* And, she would have the alleged oversight any health scare scheme? HHS.
Any questions?
Bottom line is that her selection was a calculated move to have someone in place to
immediately adhere to the will of Hank & Co.
Like the old Soviet Union, they did not, as they say “do not visit the bathroom without a
plan” (Sanitized version), there is nothing left to chance with this misadministration.
Sebelius was not tapped to be Sec HHS because she was tops in this field, she was tapped
because Hank & Co knew that she would do their bidding. The fact that she has a very Left
wing ideology is icing on the cake. Throw in the fact that she is a woman and Hank looks
like a champion for the “minority.” (Something I have always seen as strange as there are
more women than men in the US.) Toss in a side-order of the Bishop barring her from
receiving Holy Communion because of her steadfast support for not just abortion but late-
term abortions, that being at odds with the Catholic Church, and now you have the bonus of
an alleged “victim.”
The top execs from the seven bailed out companies are not being punished for their excess
income by this misadministration, they are setting the table, much like Sebelius was. Once
there is precedence for limiting, controlling or setting salaries for some, is it a giant step to
set them for all earners?
(Now, given that, some of the best and the brightest who work for the bailed out companies
are there because on one side of the ledger they are or perceived to be talented and the
company is willing to pay them obscene, to many, stacks of money. On the other side of the
ledger, they are corporate mercenaries, they will sell their services to the highest bidder. If
there compensation is capped at one company, they could simply go to another where it is
not capped, yet. This creates a vacuum of talent with those positions most likely to be filled
by those with less talent. Think about this: IF they HAD the talent, THEY would HAVE
those jobs.)
Consider: some are outraged or concerned or just do not understand C-Level compensation
and why it is so large. You may be one of them. You see them as living in these huge
mansions (and my pal has a very nice spread, thank you very much), great cars, travel,
designer clothes and more creature comforts than do we. Ought we to be jealous? No, but
many are. But they worked for where they are, they were rewarded accordingly, in most
Now, look at yourself. You probably live in a comfortable home, have more than one car,
perhaps one is fairly new, have a closet full of clothes (heck, I need a drive-thru closet, but I
am a clothes horse), probably a nice entertainment center, take a vacation once a year and
enjoy an occasional night out. Pretty boring, really.
But as boring as our lives are, as little as we think we have, there is a class below us who
envy OUR riches and they are not the least bit shy about asking us for some of our stuff.
No, they do not come to the door, they appeal to the Lefties in congress to redistribute our
“wealth.” (Remember, only the “millionaires” are going to be taxed by this
misadministration. The only problem is now that a millionaire is determined to be a
household income of $78,000. Ahhh… the good life!)
I received a communication from a “friend” on the other side of the financial and political
spectrum. He was/is a hippie at 68 years old, he is still living off others. One of Ken
Kesey’s Merry Pranksters and part of the Grateful Dead retinue, he has not held a job in
more than the 35 years that I have known him. (He lives in the SF Bay area and I have not
seen him in many years, but we do stay in touch somewhat, hence the quotes around friend.)
He has health issues but he has Medicare, Medicaid and/or MediCal. He lives in an assisted
living facility, paid by We the Sheeple. Ditto food and Lord knows what else. Oh, he also
gets disability payments from the gov’t. In his letter of the other day he was complaining
that he did not get a COLA raise in his free money and a few other complaints. Here is a
guy, the grasshopper if you will, who was not as industrious as the ant, yet he complains.
He is not alone.
There are millions of others out there like him. They are envious of what YOU have. They
want THEIR fair share of YOUR stuff.
And this misadministration will take from Peter to give to Paul.
If this misadministration can limit the execs salaries, they can limit yours. If they can
determine who gets or does not get health care, they can determine if you get or do not get
it. How long will it be before they decide that they need more diesel fitters in Des Moines
and you are told to move there?
So, before you think that the C-level execs are overpaid, consider that is only one cog in the
machine that will move us closer to socialism.
Look at the czars.
Look at the Cabinet.
Look at this misadministration’s advisors.
Look at this president.
Now, tell me different.
This MUST be stopped. This MUST be stopped now and you must either roll up your
sleeves and make it happen or do not complain when we fail.

T-Minus 377 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 11889Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 20 OCTOBER 2009 - "Lucy, You Got Some 'Splaining to Do!"

                  The Constitution of the United States of America
  Amendment II

  A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to
  keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
First of all, thank all of you who were kind enough to write to me and for all of your
encouraging words. I had little idea that the FISH means that much to so many of you. We
are here for a short time but it is critical that we do all that we can so that our Country is
here in a good and safe form for our kids, grandkids and their kids and so on. Again, I am
deeply touched by your outpouring of kindness.
That said, the Muse said in a recent FISH that we are being slowly but surely re-
programmed to accept the lifestyles and “morals” of the left. Some questioned that and as
much as I do not like returning to the scene of the crime to re-beat the dead horse, allow me
the following.
I enjoy movies. I used to watch a lot of TV but not so much anymore, at least with respect
to “Prime Time.” One thing I noticed over the years has been the packaging in the shows.
Not so much the shows themselves but some of the products used.
For instance, way back if someone was having a beer, it was poured into a glass. Later on
you would see the fellow, gen’ly, drinking from a can that had no specific marking, or, in
some odd cases, the can said simply “BEER.” As time went on, we saw cans appearing
hither and yon started to see cans which looked similar to a known product. Case in point,
for a while I noticed beer cans that looked just like Budweiser cans but instead of the
familiar primarily red label, it was blue. BUT, there was no mistaken that it was beer and
that it put you in mind of a Bud.
(SIDEBAR: Speaking of beers, we are all familiar with the “King of Beers” title that
Budweiser has bequeathed upon itself. This is a take-off on sobriquet “The Beer of Kings”,
also from a brewery named “Budweiser” of the Czech Republic. The other “Bud “ –
Budejovicky Budvar or the Budweiser Budvar Brewery. Of course, even tho they have
been “Budweiser” for hundreds of years, they are prohibited from using that name here in
the States, where it may be found as “Czechvar.”)
Well, like a lot of things, the products in a movie or TV show have changed. I do not know
if there is a show on TV that does not actually subliminally or overtly advertise products in
their offerings. In fact, there is a whole segment of the entertainment industry called
“product placement” where branded products are featured in the background of the scenes.
Even “Seinfeld” had the breakfast cereals lined up above the sink.
I am sure that you can think of many other examples and even a cursory look at the fare on
TV these days will bear this out. As mentioned in the previous FISH, ads start at sixty
seconds then forty-five and so on until a ten or fifteen second snippet reminds you of the
entire ad.
Same with the product placement. We consciously or subconsciously recall the products
with which we are familiar and they act as ads. Take the situation where we have seen an
ad for a particular product on TV. Perhaps we have seen the ad but never tried it for some
reason. Now, after a period of time we have seen ads for “Super Crunchy Sugar Bombs for
Breakfast” on TV and now subliminally we have seen it on the breakfast table of one of our
favorite TV families. One day in the supermarket, for some odd reason you pick up a box
of “Super Crunchy Sugar Bombs for Breakfast.” Maybe you like them, maybe you don’t,
but even after eating “Kellogg’s Corn Flakes” for many years, you accepted the “Super
Crunchy Sugar Bombs for Breakfast.”
Do you remember “Uncle Arthur” in Bewitched, Paul Lind? He was a little light in the
loafers even back then. Later on as the center square on “Hollywood Squares” he rarely
answered a question straight, no pun intended, there was almost always a sexual double
But, hey, he was funny! It was the 60s and further. He was harmless and really no more
offensive than Rose Marie.
Or, was he?
I am not suggesting that this was a plot, a plan, the germ of an idea that would flourish over
the next four decades, but, if it was, it worked.
Think about it, think of all the gays that you have seen on TV up until recently. They were
always cast in a positive light. They were nice, friendly, funny, all had good jobs and so
forth. And the kids loved those rascally “confirmed bachelors.”
The mincey pair on “Will and Grace”, a show I did not watch, was as far as I know the first
time there were openly gay characters on a primetime network show, and in this case, a
sitcom, when more kids are likely to tune in.
I am sure that there were other gay characters before that but since the 90s, there have been
more and more and the numbers rise every year. They are now being featured in
“mainstream” type shows, such as family dramas and even the odd cop-show or two. (And
we are not even considering that there is a gay channel and a lesbian channel on cable as
well as many other programs of “adult contents” on some cable series, documentaries and
of course movies.)
Now, I point this out for no other reason to explain how people who are not as smart and as
well-read as you think the way they do. We shall call them, lessee, what shall we call
them… Liberals, that’s the ticket . You see the writing on the wall, you see the subtle shifts
in the fabric of our culture and for the most part, you don’t but like most of us, we do little
about it. (Sorry for the number of person change, I am trying to be nice. Go with it.)
Just so you do not think I am picking on gays, look at other issues. Where Lucy and Ricky
Ricardo were married, they slept in twin beds. Today, we have non-traditional families.
Sure, “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father” was ages ago, but it was a morality lesson. Today,
you have divorced families, an unmarried parent and all other kinds of “family units.”
And, need we talk about promiscuity? Thought not.
(SIDEBAR: As I have said, I work in an “interesting area.” There was a woman in my
office on the cell phone. She was having a conversation that stunned even the typically
unflappable yours truly. Translated into English one part went something like: “She is 16
years old, and can you believe it, she does not have any babies yet.” Oddly enough, that is a
thought that has never gone thru my mind.)
And it is not just sexual matters. Look at drug and alcohol. (I confess, I like to look at
alcohol.) (Sorry.) Sure, the old “The Thin Man” movies rarely showed Nick Charles taking
a sober breath bit that seemed to beget acceptance of drug use in later movies and in TV
shows. (Oddly enough, it seems to me that with the exception of “comedy” shows, alcohol
seems to be looked down upon. But as I said, my exposure to network TV is limited.)
Drugs, while not necessarily embraced, mitigate the effects of marijuana and other
“harmless” drugs. For some reason the use of prescription drugs is a big problem with the
children of rich people on TV. I wonder: 1) what is the epidemic among the wealthy and 2)
are they setting us up not to look for drugs in Hank’s brave new world.**
Which, thankfully, brings me to the crux of today’s particular biscuit.
It appears to me, and I hope the above illuminates, that our morals and mores have been
steadily compromised via inculcation by Hollyweird and the networks. Things our parents
thought anathema are now grist for a new TV show. Little by little, being exposed to
immoral lifestyles and behavior, we have gradually come to either accept it or ignore it,
both we do at our peril.
Looking at the cabinet secretary selections, someone (ahem) among others pointed out the,
to be kind, inadequacies of some of the choices. We the Sheeple did not do as much as we
could do to stop the nominations. Few contacted their MOC’s to demand the withdrawal of
certain nominees (like a Treas Sec who can’t work out paying his taxes or a Marxist AG,
for two) in favor of someone more “mainstream.”
But, we did not. Now, Lucy and Desi have not only tossed the twin beds but now Adam
and Steve are raising a few illegitimate kids. Now we have a shadow cabinet comprised of
avowed Marxists, communists, abortionists, eugenicists, activists, haters and other “non-
mainstream” kinds of folks.
Hank lied about his relationships with the terrorist William Ayres and threw Rev, Wright
under the bus. He denied knowing Ayres and when there was incontrovertible proof that
they were buddy-buddy, he spun it by saying that he was a mere lad when Ayres was
blowing up cop shops and planning on blowing up other gov’t buildings. Then he insulted
our intelligence by stating that in twenty years of sitting at the feet of Wright that he never
heard a discouraging word against Amerika.
The LSM bit at this hook, line and sinker and we doubters were cast as right-wing fanatics
and racists.
Now the truth comes out and it seems to this humble narrator of the events of the day that
this, too, was a set up so that he could create this kind of shadow gov’t filled with some of
the worst people imaginable.
Perhaps the hubris of Hank, Emanuel, Dunn, that idjit Axelrod and others with their axes to
grind against FOX will backfire. Look at the ratings, look at the polls. Their grasp, while
still firm, is losing its grip. I hear more and more unhappiness in the streets. And the streets
where I work are rather liberal.
Case in point. I had FOX on the TV at my office the other day. A fellow who one would
think would be a big Hank supporter asked me about it. I stated that this is what I like but if
he wished he could change the channel. He demurred stating that he watches FO X and
does not trust the LSM even adding that he does not read the NY Times anymore because it
is getting harder to find the one line in an article that is the truth. I told him that there are a
lot of people in this area who watch FOX and he was surprised.
I suggested that he ask others what they watch, what they read and perhaps he will see the
truth, not all people in the inner city, so to speak, are chattel of the Democratic Party. He
seemed relieved, if that is the right word, hopeful may be better.
My hope is that he will not accept the local status quo and do something to let others know
that they are not alone. Perhaps they will band together and vote for the Right candidate.
Will you? Will you tell others? Will you contact your MOCs and demand accountability?
Election Day is coming. Make your vote count.

T-Minus 380 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1191Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 17 OCTOBER 2009 - "Time For a Gut Check"

                  The Constitution of the United States of America
  Amendment I

  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free
  exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people
  peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
It has been a good week and there is the promise of a good weekend as well. I can’t quite
put my finger on why some of the things that have occurred are good but it is in my gut that
I get that sense. (And more of that “gut“ thing towards the end, hope you stay with it.)
The Muse is nothing if not observant, a student of the events of the day. As stated, oftimes
the conclusions arrived are divined by things omitted, the difference between the reporting
of an event by sundry sources. One side claims that a thousand people peaceably protested
in the square while the other paper detailed the antics of a hundred hooligans in the same
place at the same time.
Just like the puzzles we all did as children, and perhaps today, where there are two pictures
and you are challenged to find the differences between them. Some of the differences
might be dead-easy to spot, the one and only horse is missing; others more daunting,
perhaps a difference of an eyelash or something equally minute.
Take for instance the brouhaha over Rush Limbaugh. Say what you will, he is a powerful
man. His over twenty-year tenure on radio is testimony to his following. He is loud,
bombastic, opinionated and, far more often than not, right.
To the Left, he is like the tattletale in grade school, which is in a way kinda ironic as the
tattletales typically grew up to be liberals. (Feel free to substitute “aged” for “grew up” if
you are the opinion that Libs have never quite matured.) He is the guy that calls out the
Left and exposes them for their inconsistencies, lies, canards and the like. And what does
the Left do? They complain that big, bad, Rush, is picking on them for being inconsistent,
lying cads.
The LSM is with the poor persecuted lying POS’s and are quick to crucify Rush or any of
the others who speaketh the truth. It is almost like the scene we see all too often on TV, at
least here in NY. Some villain committed some horrific crime, witnessed by many and
when the cops come, this upstanding citizen decides to re-enact the Gunfight at the OK
Corral but he brought a knife to a gunfight. The perp winds up at room temperature. Cut
the camera to the grieving mother who is being comforted by friends and she is wailing that
the “Police killed my baby! He was a good boy! He was getting his life together and now he
is gone.” There are sympathetic nods all about and much consoling.
It takes a few days to find out that some of what she said is true, and here is an actual
example. A sixteen year old “baby boy” was shot by police after he was wielding a twenty-
two inch machete at 3 AM after leaving his “baby-mommas” house, high on drugs after
slashing a few people then went after the cops. The police were pilloried in the press at first
until a few smarter people pointed out that having a drug-fueled juvenile on the streets
slashing people is hardly a tourist attraction.
You get the point.
Tis the same with Rush.
While I am not going to rehash the entire story, Rush, a huge football fan, was invited to
join in a consortium to be a minority owner in a football team. The next thing you know he
is being vilified in the press for all of the “racist” things that he has said over the years. The
citation that he made a racist-tinged remark about Donovan McNabb some six years ago
was kindling for litany of other hot remarks. There are a few problems with this. What
Rush said could possibly have been accurate but as it was an indictment of the Left, it was
skewed to be racist. The other problem was that there were no other actual, verifiable,
provable comments that Rush made to prove this history of racism.
So, until they could actually produce evidence of Rush’s racism, they made up their own.
I am not saying that there is a double standard, but one of the major strident voices against
Rush’s buying into the Rams was none other than Al $harpton, who failed to see the irony
of his statements. If ANYONE is guilty of the things for which Rush was accused, it is
$harpton. But do the LSM report this, make a link to this, call anyone out on the
Nope, no one, crickets chirping.
I have mentioned her name before but the socialist Wh’ite House Communications Director,
Anita Dunn, made an ass of herself again and caused to be exposed more fellow travelers in
this administration.** This is too juicy of a item to go into here, but it may prove to be a
big story. More on this in a later FISH.
Now, here is one more-or-less under the radar.
The Alfred E. Smith Dinner, held in the Waldorf-Astoria each October.*
This is a white tie fundraiser and is typically political in nature. There is some ribbing and
joking to make a point but gen’ly done in a benign manner. Invariably the two presidential
candidates are invited to the event before their election and presidents almost always attend.
(In fact up until this week, only Truman and Clinton failed to attend in the sixty-four times
they have run this shindig.
Until this week.
The third president (and curiously the third Democrat) failed to attend. You see Hank was
in the antipodal place with respect to this dinner in most every case. He was in San
Francisco, the dinner was in New York. He was at a fundraiser for the Democrat party with
the likes of San Fran Nan in the effort to raise some $3 Million for the DNC coffers. The
Smith Dinner is run by the Archdiocese of New York to raise money for charity. The
differences were stark.
(This after Hank did a drive by to NOLA to remind people how great he is, to answer a few
planted questions and to avoid going to the Ninth Ward where he would be unable to
explain why the winner of the Nobel Peas Price could not take care of his own house.)
Of course, Hank’s absence from the Smith Dinner seemed to be widely ignored,
concentrating more on his peripatetic journey that day.

In any event, I enjoyed the news of the week and there is something else that put this all in
I consider all of you as friends and many of you write to me often and in many of these
cases we have forged actual friendships. I have talked about a few things in my personal
life, and here comes another.
Two weeks ago I woke up with a cold that seemed to have been incubating for a day or so.
I sneezed or coughed, I do not recall which first, and I doubled over with pain. There was a
shooting, stabbing pain that ran up my left side. I was stunned. Any cough, sneeze, laugh
or whatever recreated the scorching pain.
I went to work anyway.
Coming home, I realized that this was not something minor, the pain was too severe, too
acute. I did something that I have done very few times in my life, I went to the ER.
They poked around, took x-rays, fluid sample and more. They thought it could be a broken
rib, negative. Kidney stones, negative. Shingle, absent of the rash, negative. In fact they
could not isolate a problem.
I sucked it up.
I woke up a few days later and in the general area of the pain, was a rash. Finally,
something to treat. I made an appointment with my doctor and he says “OK, show it to me”
and in a second he announces that it is not shingles but a contusion of some sort. He pokes
around a bit, checks out the x-rays and the other reports from the hospital. He cannot come
to any explanation other than the fact that the sneeze/cough may have been sufficiently
severe to pull the cartilage, “you know like the stuff on Chinese short ribs.” (This is one of
the reasons I like Adam, he likes food and about half of the time of my appointments
involve talking about wine.)
Anywho, short on any kind of idea of what is causing the pain he took blood and prescribed
a CAT scan.
(The blood test is necessary before a CAT scan for some reason. As this is usually a fasting
blood test, I was a tad convened that my results would be skewed. Adam asked when and
what did I eat last and I told him I had about a half of a pound of linguini with garlic and
oil, about two hours earlier. He rolled his eyes knowing that would definitely affect my
I am sure that it was purely precautionary and absent of anything else I figgered what the
The blood tests came back the next day and the only thing out of whack was the cholesterol,
201, which is high for me, and the triglycerides which were further askew but explained by
the previous day’s meals, so I was clear for the CAT scan.
I made the appointment on Wednesday and then waited for two days for the appointment.
Now, I am not an alarmist and I, as I said, I do not scare easily. But, I was concerned.
After a series of tests and so on and no clear prognosis for the ailment and then a CAT scan
to check internal organs, well, I was given pause for thought.
On Thursday night, I was on my deck watching the water and my mind started to wander
back to the imminent test. I considered my family health history (all grandparents died
relatively young), I could prolly stand to lose about twenty pounds, I like the foods I like
(red meats and pasta), I DO enjoy my adult beverages, I exercise about as much as your
average couch, so , with all that, I started to consider my mortality.
I lived hard and it may have killed a lesser man, JK, but perhaps it was time to face the fact
that perhaps it was something bad and they were keeping me in the dark until things were
confirmed. I thought I may not see my g’kids now grow up and not see future ones. Oddly
enough my next concern was for the FISH, and I figgered that #1 Son, Zane, would carry on
with it. Morbid, eh?
But I was not concerned and I was not afraid. I kept thinking about what will happen when
it is my turn to check out. I was ready. I had said that for ages but when actually faced with
what might be something serious, my feelings and faith were the same. I am good to go.
That gave me peace. I know for all my faults and sins and all the events of my life, that at
this stage of the game I guess I have straightened my life out that I am comfortable if I had
to go see the Big Man.
Well, leaving the rest of the philosophy out of it, I figgered what will be, will be. I am OK
with that. So, I put it out of my mind and went on living as if nothing was wrong, as nothing
is, we all die sooner or later.
Anywho, I went for the CAT scan y’day and despite the technician treating me as a pin
cushion, he finally seemed to get the dye into my vein. “Seemed” was the important word
as when he came back in the room he mentioned the test was done but there was not a lot of
dye in the pictures, but enough for the test. He finally figgered out the reason why there
was not enough dye in the pictures was because a good deal of it was still in my arm. You
see, William Tell apparently did not seat the needle right and somehow it went through my
vein and emptied the dye in to my arm.
On the bright side, my left forearm looks like Popeye’s.
At the end of this ordeal, the REAL doctor was there and he said that they did not see
anything obvious out of the normal, but they would have to look further. No masses, lumps,
cancer or anything, thank God. He said my doctor would have the results in a few days and
the only thing he saw was a thickening and inflammation of the muscle on the left side of
my fat body.
Back on the deck last night, watching the water rise over the bulkheads of the houses across
the canal (we are having a little nor’easter) I stopped to think again. I may have dodged a
bullet temporarily (none of us leave this place alive) so I figgered that I need to really assess
Of course, knowing that I have forestalled causing my family and friends any grief I
considered our Country. We are in danger, we are in peril and we have only ourselves to
blame for electing the president we did and allowing him to put all these communists,
socialists, perverts and anti-Americans in positions of power.
Since We the SHEEPLE caused this mess, We the PEOPLE have to right it. We must
redouble our efforts to contact our elected officials (as many of you are doing), we must
study the choices for elected offices come this and next November, we need to render
impotent the schemes that this administration has against us by electing at least a
Republican majority if not a Conservative one in Congress.
I could wax on more but I have said my piece and I know you get what I am saying. We
have no idea how much time any of us have on God’s Green Earth, but I want to live my
days in the Greatest Country that there has ever been. I will do all I can do to preserve our
Nation and I hope you will all join with me in this endeavor.
So help me God.

T-Minus 383 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1194Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 15 OCTOBER 2009 - "Here's a Choice For You...."

                  The Constitution of the United States of America
  Article VII

  The ratification of the conventions of nine states, shall be sufficient for the establishment of this
  Constitution between the states so ratifying the same.

  Done in convention by the unanimous consent of the states present the seventeenth day of
  September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven and of the
  independence of the United States of America the twelfth.

  In witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names,

  G. Washington-Presidt. and deputy from Virginia

  New Hampshire: John Langdon, Nicholas Gilman

  Massachusetts: Nathaniel Gorham, Rufus King

  Connecticut: Wm: Saml. Johnson, Roger Sherman

  New York: Alexander Hamilton

  New Jersey: Wil: Livingston, David Brearly, Wm. Paterson, Jona: Dayton

  Pennsylvania: B. Franklin, Thomas Mifflin, Robt. Morris, Geo. Clymer, Thos. FitzSimons, Jared
  Ingersoll, James Wilson, Gouv Morris

  Delaware: Geo: Read, Gunning Bedford jun, John Dickinson, Richard Bassett, Jaco: Broom

  Maryland: James McHenry, Dan of St Thos. Jenifer, Danl Carroll

  Virginia: John Blair--, James Madison Jr.

  North Carolina: Wm. Blount, Richd. Dobbs Spaight, Hu Williamson

  South Carolina: J. Rutledge, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, Charles Pinckney, Pierce Butler

  Georgia: William Few, Abr Baldwin
  My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
After a number of months of observing this administration, after watching the network and
most cable news shows, after listening to the brilliant commentary by the anchors and
pundits, after reading complementary article after complimentary article in the various
papers, after studying the various and sundry czars and the direction in which they wish to
take us, with the latest czar-nominees lifestyles I have finally come to the conclusion that
after all that, or perhaps because of all that, I have been brainwashed. Yes indeed my
friends, I have come to the realization that I am “pro choice.”
Lemme ‘splain.
There are a number of issues facing us all, directly or indirectly, that we have opinions on,
regarding some we have made decisions, for which we have feelings. In other words, we
have made choices.
(Some of the choices coming that will be discussed may be at odds with your choices, but,
please suffer through this, there will be a point to it at the end. I hope.)
Let’s take the gold prize winner in the “choice” arena. Abortion. Well, after careful
thought I have come to the conclusion that I am “pro-choice” with respect to this. You see,
one can “chose” to have sex and recognize that the possibility exists that the female may
become pregnant. If one or both of the parties are unwilling to accept the responsibility for
whatever reason should a pregnancy result from having sex, then I am “pro-choice.”
They can either “chose” to have sex and be responsible for a possible pregnancy or they can
“chose” NOT to have sex. (Stick with me, this is not just about having babies.)
When it comes to the Pledge of Allegiance, I am “pro-choice” here as well. I think that one
has the right to say or not say the Pledge in school or at public meetings. I am all for
“choice” in this regard. I think of you want to say the Pledge each school day or at the
beginning of a meeting, particularly a civic meeting, you have every right to. Similarly, if
you do not want to say the Pledge to the Flag of the United States of America, that is your
right as well. I fully support your “right to chose” not to say the Pledge to the Flag of the
United States of America and I wish you every good wish in finding a country that you
would be happy to pledge to their flag.
See, I am being fair.
Let’s talk about prayer. When I was in kindergarten in a public school, we recited a prayer
each morning at the beginning of the day and this was a public school. (Most of you know I
attended Catholic school for grades 1-12.) Even though it was many years ago, I do not
recall my classmates running out of the room crying and screaming that they were being
subjected to a state religion. I look back at the Founding Fathers and their views on prayer,
they were pretty fair as well. In fact they saw to it that there would be a freedom of the
practice of religion and not a prohibition of that practice. They also stated that there would
be no imposition of a state religion.
(It would take far more room than I have here to go through all the mechanics of this last
statement but suffice it to say back then and in years earlier, certain states were in fact
religious havens or had a state religion. The law as written was done such so that a state
like Maryland, for instance, could not demand that their religion, Catholicism in this case,
had to be the only federally sanctioned religion. Yes, there is far more to this but the laws
as they were written a few hundred years ago addressed a totally different set of
circumstances then they would today.)
So, I am “pro-choice” here as well. I think all schools and public/civic meetings ought to
start with a prayer for guidance and help from your personal Supreme Being. If you do not
have a personal Supreme Being, I will embrace your choice not to say such a prayer. As
such a prayer would be non-denominational there ought be no reason to suggest that the
state was sponsoring one religion over another one.
Let me share how I am “pro-choice” when it comes to “alternate lifestyles.” I have no issue
if one sees him or herself as a heterosexual, homosexual, if you want to double your odds
for a date on a Friday and see yourself as a bisexual that is all fine and dandy.

But, that said, it does not mean one has to practice such behavior.
Again, I will refrain from turning this into an exegesis on alternate lifestyle but suffice it to
say that Lawrence v. Texas opened a Pandora’s Box of issues regarding gay “rights.” But,
be that as it may, the law can be wrong and laws can be overturned.
In the meantime I am “pro-choice” with respect to your sexuality, to be whatever lifestyle
you want. If you are attracted to people of the opposite sex, great, if you fancy the birds of
your own feather, more power to you, if you are either undecided or just attracted to more
than one sex, feel free to be attracted to both. But, as I said, it is not critical that one
practices it.
There are people who have taken vows of celibacy, some are clerics or religious, others are
eremites or recluses who have made a decision or vow not to be sexually active, and they
can have leanings either or both ways.
Then there are those who are married. Just because you are married to one man or one
woman does not mean that you can engage in procreative sex with other men or women.
And as gay people are not allowed to get married… you are getting the point.
This is not be taken as a direct attack on any of the things that we do, are allowed to do or
perhaps don’t want to do. I could go on and on, as we all know, and cite example after
example of how one can be “pro-choice” in a manner that suggests just the opposite.
The canards perpetrated on We the Sheeple were done slowly and purposely. Take for
instance a TV commercial. At first, the ad runs for sixty seconds for a period of time. Then
for forty-five seconds and it is further truncated until it is run for ten or fifteen seconds. By
the time it gets to the shortest length, we still know the entire commercial having been
exposed to it so many times that we automatically know the content.
So it is with politics and political issues.
Some issue, pick one, any one, seems to be anathema to us for whatever reason. But we are
constantly barraged for “ads” for it.
Not to beat a dead horse but let’s use gay “rights” as an example. (And, for the up-teenth
time, I am not anti-gay, not homophobic or anything of the sort. It does not comport with
my value system, my belief structure and up until recently was illegal to practice. I know
that I said that a bad law can be overturned, but not all laws are bad. ‘Nuff said.)
Over the past half-century or so, we went from gays being a curiosity to being “main-
streamed.” Lenny Bruce was on the edge and over the top with his comedy routines in the
50s and 60s. He picked on everything from religion to racial issues to sex. He was actually
arrested for profanity, the first time for referring to a certain homosexual act. (He was
arrested many times after and eventually went to trial, was convicted and sentenced. He
died before serving time as the appeal process was proceeding. Candidly, except for some
of the actual words and terms used, what was scandalous back then is pretty much standard
fodder for late night and even prime time television today. (And on some of the cable
stations, not only are words used the acts are portrayed.)
Quentin Crisp was one of the first to come out of the closet. He was flamboyant. To quote
the eminent philosopher Homer Simpson: “I like my beer cold, my music loud and my
homosexuals f-l-a-m-i-n-g!” He would have loved Crisp.
Time marches on and the commercials become shorter and shorter and our resistance to this
lifestyle becomes steadily compromised. By the 80s it is “acceptable” for actors and
musicians to admit to being gay and being role models for the weak of will, inculcate a
generation with regards to this without having the other point of view expressed.
(Think about this for a moment. Before Reagan had lifted the so-called “Fairness Doctrine”
if a political party or issue ran an ad or had a story about it, the networks had to give “equal
time” to the opposing view. So, imagine a lispy, prancing fellow and he talks about one of
his dalliances. It would be mandated that someone else came on the screen afterwards to
speak out against this lifestyle or something to that effect.)
The Stonewall riots in NY in 1969 was the first step in gay activism*(see link below) and
shortly after that activism was in full swing all over the country. This goes on unchecked
for some time and of course a ton of support from both the liberal media and the liberal
entertainment industry.
Fast forward to 2003 and the Lawrence v. Texas case. I have written about this in the past
so I will just make a point or two.
The gay activists argued in the court of public opinion, while the case was being heard in
the SCOTUS that they did not want “special rights” (although granting them their wish
would effectively overturn most sodomy laws on the books), and we have heard this before.
They claimed that they just wanted to be left alone, live their (sordid) (sorry,
editorialized)(hey, wait, that is what I do) sordid lives without fear of persecution. They
said that if they won it would be transparent to all, that there would not be any merrymaking
or dancing in the streets. They just wanted to get along! I said that if Lawrence was
overturned that there WOULD be dancing in the streets and there WOULD be public
displays of that lifestyle.
And the court agreed with them and it was over turned and now people could be as gay as
they want. And the Muse was correct, there WAS dancing in the streets celebrating all
kinds of perversity.
And we just let it happen.
Add to this the gay cable shows then gay cable stations, now you have gay lifestyle in
primetime television. And no one says anything.
They want gay “marriage” claiming that they just want their rights, not special rights, but it
IS a special right, but they do not see it that way. They call us “bigots” and “haters” and
“homophobes” but you have groups like ACT-UP that barge into churches and disrupt
services, they are intolerant of ANYTHIING that they do not like. They hate anyone who
does not agree with them and their choice. (I know I am being harsh and this is not an
indictment of all gay people, just the vocal activists who are doing very little to engender -
poor choice of words – sympathy for them.
Believe it or not, there is a point to this. That being that We the Sheeple are constantly
being lied to. And we accept it. We let it happen. We try to go along to get along. And we
are sucker punched each and every time we try to not make waves.
If back in 1973 enough people put their foot down and a better argument was made in the
court, there would be over 40,000,000 more Americans.
If over the past few dozen years more people took an active role in what was happening in
the courts, school prayer would still be with us as would be the Pledge and characters like
Michael Newdow would not be allowed to shop courts for his next loony case.
If things were pushed to a head after the Stonewall Riots and rather than capitulating they
prosecuted, Lawrence would never even existed, ditto gay “rights” and gay lifestyle on TV
for the kiddies to watch.
I am not going to suggest that there would be no Kevin Jennings nominated for a school
safety czar, because there would not be such a position as there would not be a president
elected who would see the need for such a position and were there to be a need, it would not
be a homosexual activist.
(And despite what it seems, I am not gay bashing. It is just that the subject is a fractal of
what is really happening and a good example for illumination.)
So, my friends, do you see a trend anywhere?
Do you see that if we let the powers that be get their way, soon we will have no choices?
The slow and steady erosion of our collective morals have created this mess, allowed this
president to be elected and now with the litany of czars and a confluence of power, this
administration is poised to take away from us anything they want. (Did you listen to the
Gipper’s speech?)
Starting with health care.
We all choose. I choose “good.”
Any questions?

T-Minus 385 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1196Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 14 OCTOBER 2009 - "From an Acorn a Mighty Lie Grows"

                  The Constitution of the United States of America
  Article VI

  All debts contracted and engagements entered into, before the adoption of this Constitution, shall
  be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation.

  This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof;
  and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the
  supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the
  Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.

  The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state
  legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several
  states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test
  shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Drat, drat and double drat. I was working on a FISH and doing a fairly poor job at it, if you
must know, when the Muse stirred (not shaken) and asked just what in Hades was I doing.
Of course, she was, as always, correct. The issue at hand was not critical to get out but
there were enough other things, seemingly unrelated, that were tossing to and fro in the
Muse’s mind. So without further ado I will turn my body over to the Muse for her use for
the next few minutes.
OK, the Health Skare Scheme, no matter how you slice or dice it, it is still a crap sandwich.
The entire Baucus Bill, as they are calling this one, is yet another canard. First of all, it is
only one of five bills being considered. With all the attention of this one, what kind of junk
is in the others?
One thing that is worth mentioning. Sen. Snowe of Maine sided with the Dems on this
travesty. This is not the first time she has left the reservation and undoubtedly it will not be
the last. I wrote an email to her yesterday but I doubt I shall get a response as I am not a
resident of that fine state. There are some of you out there who do live in Maine, and if you
have not sent her a scathing email about her treachery, I encourage you to do so. Remind
her that you have every intent on firing her in 2012.
(For what it is worth, it is important to contact your elected officials, I have said this time
and time again. Many of you take this to heart as I get a goodly number of emails from you
either copying me in on the letter or their, usually canned, response. I am not the first to
suggest this and hope I am not the last. In fact, back in 1961 no less an personage than
Ronald Reagan made an impassioned plea against universal health care and stated that
writing letters - this was WAY before the internet- to ones MOC’s and to immediately
write back if they did not get the answer they wanted. Oh, you thought the health care issue
is new? Far from it, it goes back to FDR for the most part. For your edification, check out
the link below**. Grab a cuppa joe and have a sit down for about ten minutes and listen to
the Gipper outline what I and others have been saying for ages now, he says it far better
than I ever could.)
That said, they are going to reconcile this bill with at least one of the others from another
senate committee, the “HELP Committee.” (This was Teddy Kennedy’s baby and it refers
to Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, four things that a good Marxist needs to get their
filthy hands on to ruin a country.) The thing that is sticking in my craw is that not only are
the principals of those committees going to sit down in closed-door sessions but Rahmbo
himself will be on hand for close consultation, meaning he will be there to make sure
Hank’s wish list is included in this piece of tripe. My question is: Where in the legislative
process does the Presidents Chief of Staff enter the picture? I did not see that in my
Constitution nor in the little film clip “How a Bill Becomes a Law” when I was in grade
Now, if course this is only one of the blips on the radar. ACORN is rightfully being
pilloried by, well, almost everyone, even the LSM. They are in big trouble with any number
of governmental agencies and it is unlikely that they will get much or any more funding and
will have their legs cut off in other areas, such as with the census. (And will someone
PLEASE explain to me how ACORN ever comes on the radar of anyone for the purpose of
taking a census. The one that will allow reapportionment of congressional districts for the
next decade. Can you say “gerrymandering”?)
But, that is of little consequence for Hank, the good student of Alinski and Uncle Nick that
he is. He will be more than willing to throw ACORN under the bus, even if they do re-
emerge as CIO (Community Organizers International.) You see, Hank has the SEIU in his
hip pocket. (Which is right next to his ring that he expects everyone to kiss.)
SEIU is one of Hank’s other pets. They are a union but not one that only cares about their
rank and file membership or exist solely to wage war with management. This is an
ACTIVIST organization that has as its goal getting Very Lefties, Socialists and Marxists
elected to office. He praises this “union” of almost two-million for his election in the
Illinois State House in 1996. (And he proudly exclaims that he “still has my purple
windbreaker from my campaign in 2004.”)***
SEIU is ACORNs half-brother and they are the backbone of the New Party. (Check out the
links ****) You may keep this “political party” in mind when you go to vote this
November and every November. You may also see them as the “Working Families Party”
and other seemingly innocuously named organizations. This is a real party who is way left
and they rely on SEIU and ACORN for new members.
Again, we are talking about a service employees union that is tasked with going door-to-
door in certain areas to recruit new members. Of course the party ideology is not the
impetus for gaining new members but more on line with promises that canNOT be fulfilled
and possibly strong-arm tactics. (Think of the “election watchers” in Philadelphia last
Does anyone else see the connection between a politician, who happens to be the president,
an activist “community” group, an activist union, a political party that all but espouses
Marxism, a ridiculous health care bill (that does not do half of what Hank promised or cover
even half of those without health care, even in the most generous form), a shadow cabinet
of the most radical people ever to step foot in Washington, and all the other stuff: bailouts,
stim package and more?
And why are the media not calling him out on any of this?
Duh, it is because they are the media, he owns them. Recall the recent clip when he was
speaking before a correspondents dinner when he glibly said that “most of you covered me,
(pause for effect) and ALL of you voted for me.”
Well, isn’t that special. Hank told the truth.
I would assume that there was no one from FOX there.
You see, the Wh’ite House is at war with FOX News.
FOX has the temerity, the unmitigated gall to, gasp, call Hank out on things.
Anita Dunn, the WH Communications Director, makes Spokesweasel Gibbs look positively
brilliant. As she must live in a cave taking talking points from Keith Olbermann,
apparently this woman has never watched FOX. But, then again, that is part and parcel of
the Lib mentality. It is like they say about art, “I don’t know much about art, but I know
what I like.” Well, this genius could paraphrase that by saying “I don’t know much about
FOX, but I know I hate everything about it.”
She actually said about FOX: “Let’s not pretend they are a news network the way CNN is.”
At least that much is true, and prolly truer when compared to MS/LSD. You see the
Communist News Network is totally a tool of the left, surpassed only by MS/LSD. FOX
actually HAS people who are from both sides of the aisle. (Just because someone has a
show on FOX does not mean that they are a Republican.) FOX also has far more people
interviewed or on panels that represent the Left by orders of magnitude in comparison.
And, no small surprise, FOX kills the other cable outlets in every time slot and
demographic. (With the small exception of Marxists and Wh’ite House employees, but I
repeat myself.)
While she said that she expected Hank to go on FOX sometime this year, the Wh’ite House
corrected that remark and said no joy until at least sometime in 2010. Oh, and by the way,
please do not bother asking for anyone who works or lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
for access, ain’t a-gonna happen.
I could go on but you get the point. In fact the war with FOX has gotten so bad that even
some of those on the Left suggested that Hank cool his heals, that this is not only making
things worse and making Hank look even more childish but it is elevating FOX’s stature.
(You have heard the old saw that “you are measured by your enemies.” Check out the link
for more on this. *****)
That is all for now, I think the Muse did a better job than I would have done. ;) There is so
much happening that we canNOT let our guard down for a moment. Remember what Geo
W. said with respect to the terrorists: “We have to be right 100% of the time, they only have
to be right once.” It is the same with these guys, we have to be Right 100% of the time,
once they start sneaking these things into law, all bets are off. Again, if you have not done
so already, take a listen to the Reagan clip. Apparently the Muse has been channeling the

T-Minus 387 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1198Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 10 OCTOBER 2009 - "Maalox, Anyone?"

                  The Constitution of the United States of America
  Article V

  The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose
  amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the
  several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be
  valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of
  three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the
  other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress; provided that no amendment which
  may be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any manner affect the
  first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the first article; and that no state, without its
  consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate.

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Well, well, well.
Ya know, as I have often said, I have no idea how a particular FISH will be received. Some
I consider to be magnum opera fall flat and those which seem a tad far-fetched, perceived as
unfair or downright mean are well received.
Go figger.
As I said, when driving to work on Friday morning and the putative October Fools Day joke
that Hank was given the Nobel Peas Price, I noticed a number of cars veering off of the road
simultaneous to that announcement. (Or, perhaps it was my erratic driving that made it
seem that all the others were.) This predicated my sitting down to write the Fish du jour
that was rather harsh on Himself.
Well, little did I know that mine would be one of the more sedate criticisms of this farce. I
do not suggest that it was complimentary in any way, far from it, but even some of his own
were left scratching their heads as to how could this have happened.
(In fact, this was one of the FISH that generated the largest amounts of comments. I was
shocked, candidly, at the amount of responses that stated that the writer was sick to their
stomachs and other suggestions of violent pyloric reactions.)
To be fair and honest, there is little doubt in my mind that this was, well, a done-deal, a set-
up, a canard, basically anything but a fair race. For crying out loud, the guy was not even
elected when the invites for nominations went out and he had even less tenure in the Big
Chair than most people have sitting at traffic lights before he was selected for the short list.
Bottom line, even nine months later, there is not one scintilla of evidence that he deserved
to be nominated for the award let alone winning it.
Can the committee look at the world square in the eyes and say “No, really, he IS the best.
There was no one else who has done as much as he has to foster world peace!”
Bravo Sierra!
No way, Jose!
Even if the panel was composed of Kreskin, the Mentalist,   Jeanne Dixon and other
mind-readers and prognosticators, even they would have been strained to predict that Hank
would have a list accomplishments worthy of such recognition.
And now, with the benefit of hindsight we can see that he is not.
Consider not just the list of luminaries who DID receive this award as detailed yesterday,
but look at those who did NOT get it.
FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Churchill, Gandhi (nominated something like four times but
never asked to the big dance) and others who were far more qualified or who ACTUALLY
did something to promote world peace were given the cold shoulder, the stink-eye, of you
Given that, I am still waiting for someone to tell me ONE BLEEDING THING this guy did
that puts him in the running and who is on the list of also-rans!
I mean, if he was the best, who were the other choices? Imadinnerjacket? Kim Jong
While I am sure that this will raise the back-hairs of many, but a far more compelling case
could be made for Geo W. Bush getting this once noble prize. (And I am sure that
somewhere in Texas he is having a big laugh right now.)
As said, some of his own party are a little uncomfortable with his winning, they see it as
something amiss. Even Spokesweasel Gibbs seemed to have to bite his lip at times. And
he is a tool. Needless to say, those firmly entrenched between the back pockets of his
trousers, Schemer, Pelosi, Reid, the usual cast of characters think it is long overdue and
richly deserved.
It goes without saying that he did have two big supporters: al-G’ore and Jimmah Cahtah.
Both waxed eloquently about how great Hank is/was/will be forever and ever, Amen. Both
lauded the committee for their perspicacity and sagacity for making this tough decision. It
bears mentioning that as laureates of this now tainted award, they were asked for
suggestions for candidates and of course they are given a vote. Perhaps their voting for
Hank, in some kind of cosmic joke, figgering that if he got the award, he being eminently
and orders of magnitude less deserving, that it would validate their winning.
Anywho, it is what it is and there is nothing we can do about it. (Though I wonder if Hank
is going to wear it all the time, a la, Flava Flav, whose picture is now my, temporary,
Facebook pic.)
(On a related note, Senator John F. Kerry was so incensed that Hank won the award, he
threw his Nobel Peas Price over the fence of the committee headquarters. When someone
mentioned that they did not actually see the medal going over a fence he admitted that it
was not the actual medal but the ribbon. When reminded that he did not win the Nobel
medal, he said that what he meant to say was that it was someone else’s medal and now he
was getting sick and tired over the swift-boating by the right regarding his military service
and that he defended Hunnesbostrand with great valor. ) (And he was wrong on any
number of counts. And for the record Hunnesbostrand, a very beautiful village nestled in
the fjords of Sweden.)

Just in case you thought that all of the Kool Ade had been consumed by the Nobel
Committee, the DNC and the left wing wackos , apparently someone left the fridger door
open and Janeanne Garofalo slinked in and helped herself to a big slug.
You see, and you may not have known this, all the troubles in the world (which in Libspeak
refers to anything or anyone who is not in lock goose-step with the most recent Nobel Peas
Price winner) are caused by that raucous crowd known as “white people.”*
This footnote in the annals of comedy said “Tea-baggers (sic), the 9/12’ers, these separatist
groups that pretend it is about policy are clearly white identity movements. They are
clearly white power movements.”
Now, for openers, it is “Tea Party” not “Tea Baggers.” This sophomoric attempt at humor
exposes not only her ignorance but is simultaneously insulting and profane.
I say ignorant as the gentleman who is the founder of a Tea Party organization here in New
York just happens to be, dare I say it, Black.
And this may come to a shock to Ms. Garofalo, but he is not the only Black conservative
out there. Add in J.C. Watts, Michael Steele, Kenneth Blackwell, Condi Rice, Thomas
Sowell, Lynn Swann and you have a pretty good list of prominent Black conservatives.
Heck, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr and Jackie Robinson were both Republicans as well.
As far as her intentional misspeak of “Tea Party” and substituting a sexual act was, of
course, childish and churlish and typifies her inability to cogently express an opinion
without resorting to vulgarity. But, we have come to expect that kind of behavior from this
foul-mouthed harridan (either definition.)
Were it not for her jejune and puerile remarks on mostly left-wing cable shows, she would
not have her soap box on which to expose her chowder-headed views. But, as insipid as
they are, she still has the right to say them. And, for what it is worth, I wish she was on TV
more often. She is doing far more to hurt her cause than to help it. But, then again, that is
SOP of the liberals.
T-Minus 391 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1202Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 9 OCTOBER 2009 - "Nobel Peas, Porridge, Not!"

                  The Constitution of the United States of America
  Article IV

  Section 3. New states may be admitted by the Congress into this union; but no new states shall be
  formed or erected within the jurisdiction of any other state; nor any state be formed by the
  junction of two or more states, or parts of states, without the consent of the legislatures of the
  states concerned as well as of the Congress.

  The Congress shall have power to dispose of and make all needful rules and regulations
  respecting the territory or other property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this
  Constitution shall be so construed as to prejudice any claims of the United States, or of any
  particular state.

  Section 4. The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of
  government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature,
  or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Well, here in Ionesco-land, things just keep getting stranger.
I know that sorta-kinda sounds like déjà-vu all over again, but, seriously, you can’t make
this stuff up.
Just in case any proof was needed to establish that the world has gone off-axis and is now
morally hurtling towards an event horizon, that the Powers-that-be have a twisted sense of
humor, that the Nobel Peas Prize committee have been bought off/threatened, here comes
the latest winner of that once meaningful award.
Let’s recap, shall we? Do! Let’s!
Teddy Roosevelt was instrumental in ending the war between Japan and Russia. Elihu Root
was, perhaps, the father of modern diplomacy. Jane Addams (whose father, incidentally,
was one of the founders of the Republican Party) was the first female recipient of this award
for her work establishing Hull House. The International Red Cross was a multiple time
winner for their humanitarian work. Ralph Bunche, the first “man of color” was given this
award for his contribution in the organization of the United Nations and for trying to work
things out in Palestine. Martin Luther King, Jr, Mother Teresa, Lech Walesa, Desmond
Tutu and a few other notables were worthy honorees.
Then things got nutsy-coo-coo.
Jimmah Cahtah, now the second worst president ever, was given the Peas Prize back in
2002. His award was in recognition for his work to craft peaceful solutions to conflicts
around the globe. Notably was his work with the Israelis and their Arab enemies,
alternatively Egypt, the Palestinians (hmmm… there they are again) and pretty much
everyone else in the Middle East.
So, how is that long lasting peace working for you?
Like a kid who got away with stealing cookies and now has set his sights on the liquor
cabinet, the unchastized Nobel Peas Prize Committee pressed their luck, credulity and
prestige by giving the Anti-Realpolitik version of the Lady Bing Memorial Trophy to Al
Gore, et al.
Yes, Al Gore was awarded this once noble prize for his work combating climate change.
So, how is that global warming, that is, change, working for you?
It is truly hard to define the pathology here. (Third definition.)
Was the awarding of this erstwhile renowned award to an anti-Semite done as a joke, a kind
of global expression of litotes by “honoring” a man such as Cahtah? A man who did little
or less to create an environment of bonhomie and who was almost single-handedly
responsible for elevating Islamofacism from a cottage industry to a multi-national concern.
Or had the frost come to Oslo early that year freezing the brains of the panel that was
responsible for this perpetration of a fraud?
Having tested the waters with this flexing of the middle digit to the sensibilities of the world
while simultaneously cutting the legs off of their own credibility, they went a quantum leap
further by awarding this award to raging madman, doctor of flawed science and world-class
hypocrite (with three oak-leaf clusters) to Al Gore.
Unswayed by fact, unimpressed by proven science and deep in the hip pockets of the
Illuminati or some such cabal, the peripatetic purveyor of pseudo-science gladly enhanced
his carbon footprint by jetting to the land of Kings Haakon to glom his million-dollar
Even those who are right up the rise of his tailored trousers found this somewhat amusing.
An amoral equivalent to “The Mouse that Roared”, if you will, had to predicate his choice
for the Peas Prize.
How could it possibly get worse? Who, on the world stage, could be eminently less
qualified for this recognition?
(Ruffles and flourishes play in the background.)
Yes, Hank.
Our Beloved Leader.
Now, let’s take a look at Hank’s accomplishments so far, and this is being generous:
Ok, you get the picture, he has done precisely ZERO.
That is if you do not count apologizing to the world, for embarrassing himself and our
Country, for driving entire industries into the crapper, for naming a list of unindicted co-
conspirators to sensitive gov’t positions, for racking up more frequent flyer miles in Air
Force One (and giving M’Obama the keys to her own wings), for creating havoc in the
minds of We the People with his health skare scheme.
My only plausible reason for his being lauded such is that he must have done extremely
well in the swimsuit competition. We already know how well he looks in a dress.
But, my friends and fellow patriots, there is more to this. Far more.
As I have been saying for ages, the info is all there, you just have to find it. The true stories
are hidden in plain sight and to grasp for the obvious ring is done at your own peril.
Ignore the fact that Hank, who took office on a chilly day in January, has done essentially
Sweet Fanny Annie in his 8 ½ months as our elected leader. In fact, it is easy to ignore his
accomplishments, there are none.
What is germane, nay, critical, is the selection process.*
You see, those on the nominating committee are sent invitations to nominate their choice
for the Nobel Peas Prize in SEPTEMBER.
Yes, fully TWO MONTHS BEFORE Hank was elected, he apparently had displayed
sufficient evidence that he was a worthy candidate. After all, his weeks in the Senate, his
body of legislation in the Statehouse of Illinois, his C.V. of radical activism was prolly
enough impetus for his consideration for this award. I mean, after all, the man has proven
that he can do anything! (And I would be remiss if I did not add that we are talking about a
man who wrote his FIRST autobiography before he was 30!)
 Less than two weeks AFTER HIS INAUGURATION, on 1 February, was the drop-dead
date for submissions, unless you are an absentee voter in Florida. During that month and
March, the list is culled to a “short list” and from then until August apparently they sit
around and eat herring until enough time has passed before announcing that the fix is in.
Look, I am proud to be an American as I am sure that all of you are. I am proud of all of our
Nation’s incredible accomplishments, our generosity, our ability to help all those that we
can. I am proud of our rich heritage, the tapestry that is Americana, that which defines us as
a people.
But, I am embarrassed that this chap, who just happens to live in the most expensive parcel
of public housing in my Country, was not only considered, not only nominated but actually
won the Nobel Peas Prize.
I do not get it. But, for some odd reason I think that the Muse does but for the moment she
has dummied up. There has to be more to this than meets the eye and I canNOT help but
think that the fix was in waaaaaaayyyy before voters either voted early AND often or were
intimidated by the friendly folks who were later given a pass by the renegade AG.
The more troubling aspect to this is that there is a certain narcissistic CEO of a popular
country located in beautiful, downtown North America whose ego is as vast and as fertile as
the Sahara and now he has a Nobel Peas Prize under his belt. I guess that the indignity of
not securing the Olympic Games, where he was a guaranteed shoe-in to take gold in every
event, including synchronized swimming, has been mitigated.
I so wish that I could be among the first to wish our president congratulations for this
“honor” but sadly, I cannot. I do not see what he has done to earn it and to this citizen, his
accepting this award cheapens if further.
If he wished to do something that would elevate his stature in the eyes of many (raising
hand) he should thank the committee for being considered for the award then graciously
decline the honor. That is unless, of course, he can convince me and the rest of the world
that he has actually done something to deserve it.

T-Minus 392 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1203Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 8 OCTOBER 2009 - "Baucus To The Future!"

                  The Constitution of the United States of America
  Article IV

  Section 2. The citizens of each state shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of citizens in
  the several states.

  A person charged in any state with treason, felony, or other crime, who shall flee from justice, and
  be found in another state, shall on demand of the executive authority of the state from which he
  fled, be delivered up, to be removed to the state having jurisdiction of the crime.

  No person held to service or labor in one state, under the laws thereof, escaping into another,
  shall, in consequence of any law or regulation therein, be discharged from such service or labor,
  but shall be delivered up on claim of the party to whom such service or labor may be due.

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Well, here in Kafka-land, things just keep getting stranger.
Take the photo-op at the Wh’ite House the other day. There were some 140 doctors, each
and every one of them resplendent in their white lab coats. In case you thought that these
ministers of health were spirited out of a like-number of ER’s and had not time to change,
they were all asked to bring their lab coats with them.
Now, if you are like me, and most of you are prolly thankful that you are not, it is possible
that you may have forgotten your lab coat, even for such a prestigious photo-op. Just to be
on the safe side, the Wh’ite House provided said garments for these health professionals.
I happen to know a few doctors, some of which I happen to think of as close friends. I have
had them to my house and I have visited theirs. We have gone out to dinner, attended
affairs, gone to ballgames, had Bar-B-Q’s and other social events. Yet, in all those times
with all those doctors I canNOT think of even one time any of them wore their lab coat to
any of these events.
And, to be fair, about the same number of my friends who are welders have gone bowling
with me wearing their welding masks and, come to think about it, an old pal who used to
play in the NFL never went to a bar with me wearing full pads and helmet.
The Muse, fresh from her continuing recovery from a strange infirmity requiring some
rather strong medication, made the sagacious observation that for some odd reason, back on
the campaign trail, Hank refused to wear an American Flag lapel pin. Himself explained it
away by stating that he did not need to “wrap himself in a flag” to show his patriotism.
(This citizen is still waiting to see him show any patriotism, but, hey, that is just me.)
That being the case, why did he see it necessary to have almost a hundred-and-a-half
doctors “wrap themselves in their lab coats” to show their fealty to the Hippocratic Oath?
Odder still, or, really, less, knowing this administration, some seventy-five percent of these
doctors were either Obama supporters or had contributed to his campaign. (Methinks the
remaining twenty-five percent were less than candid.) Did you think for a moment that this
was NOT a hand-picked audience?
I am not saying, I am just saying.

Moving on to the health skare scheme, the Senate Finance Committee tasked with cobbling
together some kind of compromise plan has apparently stumbled onto some kind of
questionable math to help their case.
The Baucus committee submitted their plan to the CBO for a “cost analysis.” Now, I admit
not to be a financial wizard and I dare say I am not an economist, but like Jethro Bodine “I
am good with my ciphers.”
The CBO came back with the seemingly contradictory statement that the current plan in
committee will cost “only” $872,000,000,000 while at the same time REDUCING the
deficit some $81,000,000,000 over the same ten-year period.
In some kind of Bizarro world, I guess it is possible to save money at the same time as
spending an order of magnitude more of the green stuff, but to my ears and eyes, I find it
hard to fully comprehend.
Let’s take this one step further. This is being hailed as a huge savings. As the original
estimates were suggesting a $1,500,000,000,000 expenditure, this latest figure is roughly
half that. But, that is little more than a trick, we are being forced to take our eye off of the
It is NOT a $700B savings, it is an $872,000,000,000 expenditure.
We are NOT saving money, we are SPENDING money.
And besides that, these are only estimations based on the Senate Finance Committee’s ideas
and plans as they are. There are at least two if not three other plans floating around
It is fairly likely that the Baucus plan will exit committee and be presented to the floor
where little by little the things that are in it will be siphoned off and other things that are not
in it, such as the “public option” will be injected. It is not that far-fetched that the squirrelly
Senator Reid will field dress this bill, have it all nicely wrapped and present said gutted bill
for a vote.
As people, by that I mean MOC’s, are not reading the bills as they are, how likely will it be
that they will read the redacted ones? In other words, all that against which we have been
protesting will have been allegedly written out of the Baucus bill and all that which we
abhor will be inserted and when it comes time for a vote, the Party Faithfull will do as they
are told and then can feign ignorance and indignation AFTER the fact.
Meanwhile the road to Marxism is paved by the craven antics of a few renegades in
Adding fuel to the fire will be the LSM who will seize on the inaccurate prognostications of
the CBO and tout them as Gospel, while in the meantime, the entire complexion and
content of the bill will have changed.
The sheeple who gladly suckle the teat of the lies and prevarications of the network anchors
and print media will not see anything wrong and will call We the Sheeple names unsuitable
for printable in this little thing of ours. Meanwhile, they are the ones selling our County,
our finances and our futures down the river.
But, again, this is NOT about health care, at least not in the conventional sense. It is about
power and control.
Even the most optimistic projections see the health skare scheme as benefiting no more that
12,000,000 people. (What happened to the 36,000,000 to 47,000,000 allegedly without
health care plans?)
Do the math.
$872,000,000,000 divided by 12,000,000 people is $72,666.67 for ten years or almost
$7,300 a YEAR PER PERSON for health care.
Even if we are off by 10 or 20 or even 30%, that is still over $5,000 per year per uncovered
And this is not factoring in other offsets such as higher premiums for some, penalties for
those who do not participate and other things that would create a positive cash flow into the
On the one hand, some millions are getting some kind of coverage. On the other hand,
many tens of millions are to be adversely affected.
(Then there is the issue of the “Cadillac Health Plans” which union bosses, executives,
professionals, union bosses, members of certain industries, union bosses and others now
getting superlative and generous coverage. There are those, id est: those who do not have
“Cadillac Health Plans”, who think that these ought to be taxed as either putative income or
as a punitive for having a plan far above that which is being prescribed for We the People.
And, less we forget, the “Gold Plated Cadillac Health Plan” that our MOC’s are afforded.
To the last item, it has been suggested that there be a “28th Amendment” – thanks, Jim - that
proposes that “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States
that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives, and Congress shall make no
law that applies to the Senators or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens
of the United States.” Sorta kinda like a bi-directional emolument. They canNOT benefit
from their legislation and We the People canNOT be adversely affected by legislation
unless they are equally burdened.)
But, again, this has nothing to do with health care or insurance companies, per se. Were it
to be so, there are myriad other vehicles which could be employed with the goal of
providing care to those in need without affecting an effecting 90% of We the People. It has
to do with power and control.
As with many other things that this administration has perpetrated, the canard of these
continuing debates as to the where’s and whyfor’s are really in the second seat compared to
what is in this for the powers that be at the end of the day.
The Left-Wing and Ultra-Left Wing are more than happy to go along with most any plan or
scheme that limits individual rights and, despite the admonitions of the Constitution, place
far more power in the hands of a federal government.
The useful tools who are the Democrat “leadership” are quick to chug-a-lug the Kool-Ade
to gain favor with those who will throw them under the bus once the administrations goals
are met, when they have outlived their usefulness or when they can no longer deliver the
Party Faithful to toe the line of the powers that be.
The LSM are eager to march lock-goose-step with this and similar plans as they have their
own agendas as well. To parrot the party line and the daily dose of talking points is easy for
them as they have sold their honest journalistic souls more than a generation ago.
Do not misunderestimate me, I am not against helping those who are truly in need, those
who canNOT survive without some kind of assistance with respect to having affordable and
available health care. But do not make the mistake of believing that we have to decimate a
system that works for almost all Americans so that a few may have that need addressed.
No, were that to be the case, we would be tackling this problem from many other avenues,
one of which would not be placing the health care needs and all the private, personal
information in the hands of those who are not health care professionals.
If you think I am off-base on this assessment, please feel free to take another gander at the
litany of czars and tell what kind of stand-up Americans they are, how many of them
embrace your views and those of the majority of We the People, then, get back to me.

T-Minus 393 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1204Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
     THE DAILY FISH - 6 OCTOBER 2009 - "The Seven Pillars of Health Care"

                        The Constitution of the United States of America
        Article IV

        Section 1. Full faith and credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records, and judicial
        proceedings of every other state. And the Congress may by general laws prescribe the manner in
        which such acts, records, and proceedings shall be proved, and the effect thereof.

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

“Hey, David, I just saved hundreds on my car insurance by switching to GEICO!”
“Great News, Rahm. Oddly enough I just switched from GEICO to Progressive Insurance, their
CEO is one of ours you know.”
“Fellows, what are you saying? Are you saying that you each left an insurance company for
another, the one the other fellow left, and you BOTH saved money??”
“Er, yes, Mr. President, I know it sounds…”
“David, ‘brilliant’ is the word you are looking for, it is brilliant!”
“Sir, I do not understand, how can we two changing our insurance companies make any
difference to anyone but ourselves?”
“Must I draw you each a map? Do I have to spell it out for you? Look, our major problem
above and beyond anything else is money. Right?”
“Yes, sir, but…”
“Look, the sheeple are not as concerned with the bailouts as opposed to what it might cost them.
Heck, we have the Unions in our back pocket, the rank and file will do as they are told. The
Stim Package has barely spent a dime yet, remember most of it is back-loaded to 2013 when it
will be my second term and too late for anyone to do anything. The trillions have not been an
issue yet, but we can head them off at the pass. You see….”
“Mr. President, with all due respect, I am not following you…”
“That is because you are not listening, David, you cannot listen when you are speaking, so,
please listen.”
“Yes, sir.”
”Now, throw in, or out, all of the other issues, the big one is health care. I don’t care what the
Right says, this has nothing to do with people’s rights or freedoms, it is about money.”
“Er, sir, this was one of the Seven Pillars to make the United States a Marxist country, how can
you say….”
“David, for the last time, listen and do not speak but, in all fairness, you are making my case for
“How so…”
“David, enough. Now, where was I, that’s it, money. Take the public option out or leave it in,
have a trigger or not, makes not sou’s worth of difference. But we must and now can roll out the
health care plan”
“But you said that you don’t care what the Right says, but even though we have virtually all the
newspapers and we do have all the networks and most of the cable news stations, Limbaugh,
Hannity, Levin and some of the others have brainwashed, really, prevented from being
brainwashed, a large enough number of the malcontents on the Right to cause problems for us!”
“Rahm, I thought you were tougher than that, a better a dirtier street fighter, for god’s sake, you
DID read our bible, “Rules for Radicals” did you not? Think about this, we have been successful
thus far using Uncle Saul’s brilliant ideas. Those ideas and tactics are so good that our enemies
on the Right are starting to use some of them. We go one better!”
“You are losing me here, sir…”
“It is a counter-counter insurgency, if you will.”
“Sir, with all due respect, as shrewd of a political activist that you are, you are not a military
“True that, but I can read. Check it out, we pretend to get in high dudgeon when one of theirs
does or says anything that can be seen as any kind of –ist. After all, how many race cards have
we played already? I will tell you, we have play DECKS of them...”
“Indeed, kick them when they are down but how does that figure now?”
“Well, the Right is starting to do the same thing, not exactly the same thing, of course, we are
saying rude things but we do not care, we do not apologize, that is a sign of weakness…”
“Er, sir, with all due respect, er, ‘apologizing is a sign of weakness,’ after all that you did earlier
this year…?”
“I am not talking about apologizing to the World, that is strength, I am talking about apologizing
to the sheep, that is weak. Stay with me now. We will tell the people that all we want is control.
Control over one of the most important aspects of their lives. Of course we will spin it so that
they will want to sign up, they will demand their Congressmen and Senators to vote for this bill,
no matter what it says. We will tell them that the plan will be purely voluntary and there will be
no penalty for not joining in. It will be up to them. And by being “honest” – stop snickering –
the Right Wingers on radio can’t say diddly-squat. In fact this will work to our advantage!”
“And, am I missing something here? I mean, we have been fighting them tooth and nail and now
you say give in, to be honest, to agree with their allegations about the plan? Especially with the
“And you wonder why YOU were not the politician from Chicago picked to be president. Yes,
you ARE missing something. Think about this, if the sheeple can keep their insurance and there
are no penalties or fines for doing so, many will still keep and pay for their own insurance.
Sooner or later, though, many will get tired of paying thousands of dollars a year for health care
and little by little the others will migrate away from their own health care and onto the gov’t
“Genius, sir, bloody genius! We are letting them use us against us to allow us to use them
against themselves! Fantastic!”
“I hate to rain on this parade, and as clever and as shrewd as it sounds, how are we going to pay
for this? After all, we are wearing out the presses printing money now for the other plans we are
running now.”
“Well, (lighting up a Marlboro light), you guys already have come up with the answer.”
“We have? What? How?”
“By switching the insurance on all the gov’t vehicles back and forth from GEICO to Progressive.
I mean, there must be hundreds of thousands of vehicles in the gov’tal motor pool, we can save
billions! If we can save $500 each time we switch from GEICO to Progressive and then back
again and then back the other way, I mean, we are talking many, many billions, enough to pay
for all of our programs….””
“Sir, sir, as great as an idea it seems, there is one fly in the ointment…”
“And, that being, David?”
“Er, we do not insure any gov’t vehicles with GEICO or Progressive, in fact, we do not insure
any of our vehicles at all. No matter what you say, we will not save a penny by switching to or
from GEICO.”
“And if the sheep do not have to pay anything in order to get health care do you think that will
make a dime’s worth of difference?”
“Of course not, sir, I am just saying that…”
“And I am saying while the Limbaugh’s, Hannity’s and Levin’s of the world are talking about
car insurance and how the gov’t self-insures the vehicles, we can stand there with hurt feelings
and tell the stupid sheep that we WERE honest with them, of course, we will not say WHEN we
were, but while they are arguing that, we will pass health care. Divide and conquer. Now, let’s
get to work on closing some churches, what say…”
T-Minus 393 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1204 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 3 OCTOBER 2009 - "Game On!"

                 The Constitution of the United States of America
  Article III

  Section 3. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them,
  or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted
  of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in
  open court.

  The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason
  shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Before I get into today’s FISH, I must comment on the selection of Rio for the Olympics.
I gotta tell ya, as jaded and as in Hanks’s hip pocket that I thought that the media was, I
seem to have underestimated by orders of magnitude.
Fair enough, the newsroom at WGN in Chicago reacted as if there was a national tragedy.
Or course, I sussed, that as this was a newsroom in Chicago they have a vested interest in
the Olympics coming to ChiTown. There would be stories for the next decade leading up to
and winding down from the games. The promise of prominence in the world stage just
went out the window.
Then, on MS/LSD, some ditzy newsreader seemed to take the news as a personal affront.
She advised that she was officially crestfallen over the news and she could not understand
how anyone could do this to Obama.
Is the picture clearing now?
Then you have the reprehensible (oooppps, did I say that?) Charles Gibson, noted
Republican hater and liar, who waxed eloquently about all that Hank did to secure the
games and how this must be a “kick in the pants” for him.*
And so on and so forth.
Now, I am as alert as the next guy when it comes to politics, sports and other important
things, more so if the next guy is a liberal. But, has ANYONE heard much about Hank
being a driving or any kind of force with respect to securing the Olympics for the Windy
City? Anyone, anyone, Beuller, Beuller? I thought not.
But now, out of the blue, it is reported that Obama was dealt a crushing blow. But, of
course, none of it is his fault. In fact, the planning for this and the presentation to make the
case that Chicago out to be the host for the quadrennial event started years ago.
So, now we know the dirty truth: It is all George Bush’s fault.
After all it was opined that the decision would come down to a duel between ChiTown and
Rio, with Tokyo being thought as the first man out. But, oooopppsss… Chicago was given
the bums rush! They got the least votes on the first ballot.
I am absolutely positively empirically sure that ACORN was nowhere near this event. For
if they were I would bet that Han,k and by extension Chicago, would have received at least
110 of the 94 votes cast.
I was a tad shocked that Hank did not immediately rise and scream “unfair”, as he has done
before. (“Do over” would have been equally presidential.) I was half expecting that he
would have stood up and said that “Hey, look at me, it is I, the Chosen One! And I have the
most beautiful and smartest woman in the world with me, my wife M’Obama and I am
throwing in my fellow former church member Oprah into the deal. You MUST pick me!!!!
Then you have that useful tool, David Axelrod, explaining the event. Or, as I like to call it,
lying. He shrugs off the entire thing to “Olympic Politics.” With this POS,
EVERYTHING is politics. So, he casually offers that Hank, well, Chicago, lost because a
former president of the IOC is from Spain and he had a lot of friends on the committee who
would like to see Madrid get the games as a favor/payback to him.
He conveniently neglects to advise that Madrid did not win either. So much for loyalty, eh?
Then again, maybe it WAS Hank who LOST the games, rather than being the White Knight
who came on the scene to save the day!
With his caviling and caterwauling that America is a mean country, that we are arrogant and
nasty, that we put our noses in everyone else’s business and more from him and his lovely
wife that he made the case that anyplace in America would be the LAST place to hold the
But that said, the truly troubling thing is that the Media are so far up Hank’s hindquarters
that they took at as a fait accompli that anything Hank touches turns to gold.
Perhaps this is the wake- up call that we and they needed. Perhaps now they will see that the
bailouts, the takeovers, the czars, the health skare scheme, his inability to prosecute a war
and more prove what a disaster this administration is. And what are the latest
unemployment figgers? It went down to 9.8% from last week’s 9.6%? I thought so. After
all, it is all GWB’s fault. And now, to today’s FISH…

Funny how things work out and the timing of same. When I started to add the Constitution
piece at a time I admonished then and since that it any bearing on the FISH would be purely
coincidental and that the FISH was not going to be my amplification or expatiation of the
citation. If you wish to read a dissertation or desire a parsing of the Constitution, I would
direct you to a REAL Constitutional scholar or contact Mark Levin. If you want what I
make of the Constitution, simply read the words. It is what it is. And it does not matter
what “is” is.
“Nuff said.
Anywho, this is one of my favorite of all of the Articles and Sections of the Law of the
Land. Some of you LONG time readers will remember a sister publication to “THE
DAILY FISH”, the hibernating “THE 33 CLUB”, referring to Article III, Section 3. The
one that refers to treason.
Treason is a very serious thing and one of the highest of all crimes. Dictionary.Com
describes treason as “2) a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or one’s state, 3) The
betrayal of trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery. Merriam-Webster defines it as
“1) The betrayal of trust, 2) the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the gov’t of
the state to which the offender owes allegiance.
All of these are damnable offences. Yet the Constitution goes one step further: Treason is
levying war against the United States, taking up with the enemy and giving them aid and
That is pretty cut and dry.
Back in the good old days, I wrote about the treasonous activities of such luminaries are
John F. Kerry, who disgraced the uniform he wore when he committed so many treasonous
offences, such as his testimony before Congress lying about atrocities and much later
during the Iraq War when he said that our soldiers broke in to people homes in the dead of
night to terrorize them.
Or, Harry Reid who gave great aid and comfort to the enemy by saying that we lost the Iraqi
war. I have not heard such anti-American, anti- Military horse hockey since the days of
Walter Crankcase.
Then there is the reprehensible reprobate John Murtha who immediately condemned the six
Marines accused of “war crimes” declaring them guilty and also giving aid and comfort to
the enemy. (This was even before a trial, and we know how that turned out!) And this jerk
was a Marine! Now, I know that there are quite a few Marines who read this. How does
this square with you? Once a Marine? How can anyone stand by, ESPECIALLY a Marine,
and let this bloviating pile pheasant droppings say what he wants against our Country and
our military.
Add to this San Fran Nan, Frank, Kennedy (who now is simmering in his eternal reward),
Nadler, Schemer, Rockefeller and the vast left wing conspiracy.
A case can be made for each and every one of them for their treason.
Yet nothing happens.
I guess this is an issue when you do not read the Constitution.
But, one needs not wage an actually physical war against the United States. You can wage a
psychological or even an economic war against a country, even your own.
Ought one’s enemies take delight in what is going on, is that not “aid and comfort?”
As detailed in the previous FISH, the czars, for the most part, have been culled from some
of the most radical elements in the Country. They are people with dangerous views and
histories in most cases. They are not accountable to anyone but Hank, all things being
Look that them, look at this section of the Constitution then get back to me.

T-Minus 404 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 12058Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
THE DAILY FISH - 2 OCTOBER 2009 - "Fly Me Down To Rio"

                  The Constitution of the United States of America

  Section 1. The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in
  such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The judges, both
  of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their offices during good behaviour, and shall, at
  stated times, receive for their services, a compensation, which shall not be diminished during their
  continuance in office.

  Section 2. The judicial power shall extend to all cases, in law and equity, arising under this
  Constitution, the laws of the United States, and treaties made, or which shall be made, under their
  authority;--to all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls;--to all cases of
  admiralty and maritime jurisdiction;--to controversies to which the United States shall be a party;-
  -to controversies between two or more states;--between a state and citizens of another state;--
  between citizens of different states;--between citizens of the same state claiming lands under
  grants of different states, and between a state, or the citizens thereof, and foreign states, citizens or

  In all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and those in which a state
  shall be party, the Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction. In all the other cases before
  mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such
  exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make.

  The trial of all crimes, except in cases of impeachment, shall be by jury; and such trial shall be
  held in the state where the said crimes shall have been committed; but when not committed within
  any state, the trial shall be at such place or places as the Congress may by law have directed.

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
In case you have not heard, Michael Jackson has passed away. No, it is true, I heard it
somewhere and like you I am surprised that there was not much about it in the news.
I reckon that this posed a problem for Hank & Co. with respect to find a suitable candidate
for the un-elected, extra-Constitutional position of “Safe Schools Czar.” I mean who knows
kids better than Jacko!
A close runner-up who did in fact wind up with the gig was one Kevin Jennings.
This bastion of society has all the necessary bona fides for such a position. After all, who is
a better arbiter of what school kids need and want than someone who founded the “Gay,
Lesbian, and Straight Education Network”, has been an advocate of promoting
homosexuality in schools, past drug abuser and is essentially against religion?
Well, anyone north of John Wayne Gacy, perhaps.
This is the same fellow who, as a teacher some fifteen years ago, counseled a student who
was having a homosexual affair with an older man (whom he met in a romantic bathroom in
a Boston bus station. Hmmm…. Barney? Nah!) and rather than suggest that the child go
to the police and file a report of statutory, at least, rape, advise that he hoped the boy used a
(Now, excuse me for thinking clearly but has our society devolved to the point where a
teen-aged boy has to carry a condom peradventure he wanders into a public restroom and be
chanced upon by a pervert? It is liberal Boston, but is it THAT liberal?)
Where have We the People gone wrong when someone like Jennings is not cooling his
heels in some penal institution for aiding and abetting and would I be remiss in thinking that
this is not the only unsavory thing that he has either excused, condoned or covered-up?
(Add to this the furor of the Hollyweird elite demanding, yes, demanding, the release of
Roman Polanski from custody in Switzerland where he is facing extradition to the US to do
his time for drugging and raping a then thirteen year-old girl. For what it is worth, my local
bird-cage liner actually printed a letter I wrote to the editor this morning on this very
Now, this “appointment” alone is troubling but in the grand picture of things, this is the
status quo, the litmus test, if you will, for this morally bankrupt administration.
(SIDEBAR: As I write this, Hank is in Copenhagen pitching ChiTown as the most bestest
possible place on the face of the Earth to hold the Summer Olympics. Now, I have been to
Chicago many times, it is a great town. Great hotels, restaurants and other than having a
Marxist as the manager of one of their more popular Major League Baseball teams, a city
with a great sports climate. But, for the life of me, and someone PLEASE correct me, if
you are sitting on the IOC Committee to pick a place to have the Summer Olympics, do you
really think they are thinking: “Gee, Rio is nice and Madrid is a great place, but, heck, I
gotta go with “That Toddling Town!”? I have been to Rio as well as Madrid and while they
all have their pluses and minuses, I am not that convinced that Chicago beats them on
points. I would hate to be seen as uber-chauvinistic and pick ChiTown just because it is an
American City, I would prefer the games to be held in the Good Ol’ U.S. of A. But, when
you think of “Summer”, do you REALLY think of Chicago?) (And trust me, New York
would be no better.)
Back to the point.
It is said that we are known by the company we keep. I, like most of you, try to keep
company with those who are more rather than less like me. Sure, I have some friends who
are not exactly like me but even those, say, Liberals, have enough commonality with me in
other areas that I am OK with that. (Plus, I really enjoy trying to convert those heathens,
For instance, John Gotti, Jr., is on trial again. The prosecution is trotting out a bunch of
gangsters as his associates. (Can I say “gangster?” Ought I try: “Life time member of a
criminal cartel?”) Then you will see the article about a high-school student who won a
science scholarship for cracking the genetic code of a vole or some such critter. When they
hand him the big check, he is standing with the also-rans, who look exactly like he does.
In other words, gangsters hang out with gangsters, geniuses with geniuses and so on and so
I have written from time to time over the appointment of some of the Cabinet Secretaries
and, more critically, about some of the czars. Sad to say, I do not recall writing even one
good word about any of them. Perhaps the best I can come up with is that “he does not beat
his wife (or ‘homosexual life-partner’, as is they are swans or something) anymore.” But,
that is about it.
Over the past few days I have received the list of czars and their dark-sides. Many of you
have sent it to me and I even wrote back to a few of you that I intended on avoiding this, at
least for the moment. But, after the appointment of the Jennings character, I figgered that it
was worth touching on.
I do this with the hope that those of you who still do not know the scope of the anti-
American, anti-morality, anti-business, anti-gun, radical activists who comprise the bulk of
the czars will come to realize exactly how dangerous, how threatening this bunch is.
Virtually each and every one is a crony of Hank, directly or indirectly, and if there is any
doubt to Hank’s intentions and goals, this will put that to rest.
I would encourage you to send this information to your friends and associates and to contact
your local paper to demand that the president fire most If not all of these czars.**
So, if gangsters roll with gangsters, and geniuses commiserate with other big-brains, what
do you make of a president who has an anti-American racist as a preacher; a known,
unrepentant terrorists as a close friend; and a coterie of czars that include black activists
(not that skin color is an issue, but only in the context of the exclusion of all other skin
tones), homosexuals (and again, while I do not subscribe or approve of that lifestyle they
are free to do what they want, I do not think it out to be promoted), those who wish to
severely limit our power generation and consumption, anti-Military and anti-veteran, those
who wish to give animals the same rights as people, abortionists, eugenicists, union thugs
(not that union members are bad, but the thugs…), anti-Semites, climate-control wackos,
Constitution hating anti-Americans.

Please, spare me the crocodile tears, czars, please do not insult my intelligence by
expressing your “deep love and affection” for America. There is barely one or two of you
that can stand there and tell me with a straight face that you embrace our laws, our
Constitution, that you love God, apple pie, the girl next door, Chevrolets, or anything else
that the majority of We the People hold near and dear.
   This just in, Chicago was just eliminated as a choice for the 2016 Olympics. I find that hard
   to believe! The combined star power of Hank, M’Obama and Oprah was not enough to
   sway the judges. Well, slap me nekkid and hide my clothes, perhaps this rebuff to Hank
   might serve as a wake-up call. I doubt it, but I can dream, can’t I? At least Big Oil will
   make a few bucks for all the fuel that Hank is expending taking his side-show hither and
   yon in the fleet of planes needed to transport his own self.
   How is that carbon footprint going, Hank? How is that global warming affecting YOUR
   fossil fuel consumption.
   Hypocrites all.

    T-Minus 404 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
   T-Minus 1205Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

   I am John and I approve this message!
   Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
   God Bless
The Who's Who of Long Island on &

THE DAILY FISH - 25 SEPTEMBER 2009 - "Talk, It's Only Talk, And
                    The Constitution of the United States of America

     Article II

     Section 1. (Part 3) The Congress may determine the time of choosing the electors, and the day
     on which they shall give their votes; which day shall be the same throughout the United States.

     No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the
     adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person
     be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been
     fourteen Years a resident within the United States.

     In case of the removal of the President from office, or of his death, resignation, or inability to
     discharge the powers and duties of the said office, the same shall devolve on the Vice President,
     and the Congress may by law provide for the case of removal, death, resignation or inability,
     both of the President and Vice President, declaring what officer shall then act as President, and
     such officer shall act accordingly, until the disability be removed, or a President shall be elected.

     The President shall, at stated times, receive for his services, a compensation, which shall neither
     be increased nor diminished during the period for which he shall have been elected, and he shall
     not receive within that period any other emolument from the United States, or any of them.

     Before he enter on the execution of his office, he shall take the following oath or affirmation:--
     "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the
     United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the
     Constitution of the United States." (Emphasis mine.)

   My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
   In case you have been in a hidden bunker for the past few days, you may have chanced on
   the goings-on at the headquarters for the “Hate America First” crowd, the so-called
   “United Nations.”
   But, before the Muse addresses the recent events of that criminal cartel, first a few words
   about it.
   When it was chartered after WWII, there was an era of good feeling, so to speak and not
   to borrow from another era of the same name. The horrors of not only a world war were
   still fresh in the world’s collective memory but the mushroom clouds of Hiroshima and
   Nagasaki were etched indelibly in the mind’s eye of the world.
   After the failed “League of Nations” (and, perhaps if they had a “designated batter” rule,
   they may not have failed so miserably) the leaders of the world sought some kind of venue
   where they could air their grievances, work out their differences and advance the
   conditions of those in dire straits.
   Providing a forum for making a complete horse’s hindquarters of oneself did not come till
later on and apparently is still one of the main efforts of this organization. That, and
racking up parking tickets and other violations on the streets of New York.
In any event, all went as smoothly as could reasonably be expected, meaning not so well.
Without listing the failures of the “”United Nations”, as that would be redundant for
anyone who has looked at a newspaper over the past sixty years, I just wanted to touch on
one thing: hypocrisy.
Some of you may remember one of the Muse’s little hissy fits regarding entitlements and
in one case people on welfare were going to “go on strike” for more benefits. Go on
strike? From what? What were they going to do, work? All they do is sign a check once a
month. And, of course, the folks in the 1st Ward in Charlotte, NC, who were apoplectic
when the powers that be wanted to tear down an area of Section 8 housing and replace it
with fewer rentals and more opportunities to buy a home. They said it “was their home,
no one had a right to touch them”, completely ignoring the fact that their names were
nowhere to be seen on the deed and their contribution to the commonweal of the area was
to create a crime-friendly environment.
Well, the UN is all that and less, but on a grander scale.
The US pays more for the upkeep and the operation for this den of thieves, and that after
the bleeding land was given to this august body. (That generosity was a gift of John D.
Rockefeller, Jr. ) We allow each and every one of the member nations to maintain an
embassy or some other kind of official building from which they can use as a base for
espionage, drug smuggling and other acts in kind. Oh, they don’t pay taxes on the
buildings. They are supposed to, but, well, diplomatic immunity I guess.* (Thought in
recent years the City has gotten tough on scofflaws for the millions of dollars of unpaid
parking violations.)
But, even that is not enough.
The Third and Fourth World, as well as some of the more developed, nations say that we
should pay even more than our share, however that is calculated.** In any event, there
have been cries of getting the UN out of the United States. For what it is worth, despite
the rhetoric of those not American and some of We the People, the UN is still in the US.
(Back in 1983, a Deputy U.S. Ambassador stated after the UN “threatened” to leave the
US [much in the same way that a teenager would threaten not to accept his allowance] that
if the UN wished to leave, he would “be on hand at the dock to bid a fond farewell.” Then
again, Reagan was president then. And that will the launching point.
(Before that, however, I wish to remain on record regarding my thoughts about the UN. I
think it is important for the nations of the world have the ability to showcase their talents,
cultures and more. I do not think that we should invite people into our home to rob, rape
and berate us. To that end I suggest a compromise. Throw each and every one of these
bums out on their ear and turn the joint into a high-rise miniature golf emporium. Each
nation would be allowed to construct a course that reflects something about that country.
They will pay taxes. And, if that is not acceptable, that is fine. Convert the compound for
our veterans who need assistance, be it medical, housing, vocational or whatever. A
building of that stature used for that purpose would accomplish a lot to publicize the needs
of our vets. Just a thought.)
All that said, let’s take a look at the cast of characters who graced the stage of the UN over
the past few days.
Looking like a cracked-out Al Franken who decided to attempt cross-dressing at the
expense of Madeline All-not-so-brights wardrobe, Mo Khaddaffi (whatever) rambled on
for some 96 minutes, all without the benefit of a prepared speech. Of course, he made no
sense at all but that did not stop him from prattling on and on. To his credit, he did make
more sense than the real Al Franken.
Then, there was Imadinnerjacket who was able to pack more hate and more vitriol into
one speech than almost anyone running for the Democratic presidential nomination over
the past three cycles. He defied logic and credulity with his re-writing of history and
repeated calls for the destruction of Israel. (Imagine how bad things would be if there was
not a UN where countries could come to iron out their differences. It would be nice if
some of the speakers ironed out their suits as well. [“Abu, I am speaking at the UN on
Wednesday, can I have this suit wrinkled by then?”])
There was one, great, forceful and presidential kind of speech. One that called the UN the
carpet. On that dissembled Imadinnerjacket’s hate and lie filled rant. One that called the
raison d’être of the UN into question and challenged that organization’s charter and ability
to be viewed as an impartial arbiter of the woes of the world and more.
Truly, it was a brilliant speech, in fact, one of the better speeches ever delivered in that
building or in any building really. It was a speech reminiscent of the Gipper himself or
maybe of a handful of some of the other great American Presidents.
But, it was not an American President who made this speech. It was Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who delivered this blockbuster.*** (I urge you to read the
Compared to Netanyahu, Hank should have been made to wear a dress. Where in Hank’s
speech there were a few things that were good, I ascribe this to the “blind squirrel model”,
there were as many of his platitudes, slogans and insincere perorations as to render the
bulk of the speech obfuscated and impotent. Side by side, Bibi’s speech not only stole
Hank’s speech but pantsed it in the process.
Were it not for the circus freak running Venezuela, Chavez, making one of his patented
forays into his particular flavor of insanity, Bibi’s speech would have provided an even
more stark contrast to Hank’s. Chavez did not disappoint those hoping for the rantings of
a true mad man, though, not quite as insane as Khaddaffi (whatever) or as dangerous as
Speaking about Imadinnerjacket, by the time you read this you may be aware of the
announcement that may come this morning out of the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh. It is
     rumored to be announced that there is (hardened) concrete evidence that Iran has been
     working on a nuclear bomb at a secret site (well, maybe not so secret anymore) some 100
     miles from Tehran. While I do not have sufficient intel to posit what is next, but
     depending on who actually delivers the information about this recent development will
     prolly set the tone as to what will happen next.
     It is a dangerous time with dangerous people doing dangerous things.
     God Help us all.

     T-Minus 412 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
     T-Minus 1213Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

     I am John and I approve this message!
     Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
     God Bless

22 SEPTEMBER 2009 - "Water, Water Everywhere... Or Not"
The Constitution of the United States of America
Article II
Section 1. The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of
America. He shall hold his office during the term of four years, and, together with
the Vice President, chosen for the same term, be elected, as follows:
Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a
number of electors, equal to the whole number of Senators and Representatives to
which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or
person holding an office of trust or profit under the United States, shall be appointed
an elector.
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
I am a little confused, but, why would today be any different.

I like food, many kinds of food. I also like people, all kinds of people. I am also a big fan of
fairness, parity and the rights of We the People. Stick around, this may make sense.
There is a fish called the delta smelt. (Oddly enough, I do not eat fish. Not out of cannibalism,
however.) It is a useless fish (as are some of the things that sully your in-box with the word
FISH on it.)
The water in which this fish lives comes from the cool streams in Northern California and
winds up in the Delta around Contra Costa County. From there the water is pumped in to a
vast water delivery system that provides water to much of the San Joaquin Valley.
The San Joaquin Valley is a lush, green (for the most part) part of California in which many
different fruits and vegetables are grown. From pistachios to grapes to almonds to garlic to
tomatoes to oranges and lemons and more, pretty much anything that can come up out of the
ground can and does so in the middle of California.
I have lived in that part of the world and my daughter and her family still does. I gotta tell you,
living in New York and going to her house is a bit of a culture shock at times. If you are
making a Bloody Mary, for instance, one can walk into the back yard and pick a lime off of the
tree and fresh squeeze the juice right into the (large) glass. Or, pick persimmon or other fruits
right then and there.
A lot of the produce we eat comes from that part of the world and, dare I say, prolly most of the
tomato products we use. It is not uncommon to see a tandem tractor-trailer piled high with
tomatoes coursing down US 99.
(I had a client back then that worked for Del Monte, I believe. I asked him about the trucks,
how could they be laden with so many tomatoes and not cause the little fellers in the bottom of
the trailer turn into tomato juice. Well, he explained that the fruit (yes, tomato is a fruit) has
been genetically engineered to have a tough skin. (Needless to say, I eat a lot of tomato
products that have benefited from this development.)
What does this all mean?
You see, there are some people, let’s call them “wacko-left-wing environmentalist-people
haters”, or, “Liberals” for short, who think that the “delta smelt” needs to be saved, to be
preserved, to be yet another endangered species. (Spare me, find ONE Conservative that will
go along with that which you are about to hear.)
Now, this is a very contentious topic and there is information all over the spectrum, but despite
all of that, to synthesize the entire situation, it is pure and utter pelosi.
You see, the little delta smelts get sucked into the pumps which feed the irrigation needs of the
Valley. Well, this just won’t do, according to the wackos. So what they are going to do is to
create screens in various areas where the water is pumped into the irrigation system.
Well, isn’t that nice! They are going to save the smelts by putting up screens so that they do
not get sucked into the water delivery system. By the way, it will take about three years to
complete this project.
By now, you are asking yourself (or should be if not): “Well, Precious (well, that is what I call
myself when I am alone) where does all the water go if not into the Valley?”
The geniuses have diverted the water to the Pacific Ocean.
Now, I am not an ichthyologist by any stretch of the imagination, but, and excuse me for
thinking clearly, but as the delta smelt lives in the brackish waters where the fresh and salt
waters meet, CAN such a fish live in salt water? If not, is this a typical liberal thing by killing
the thing that is supposed to save (like, We the People and the health skare bill) or is this
simply a more benign form of liberal sociopathy by wasting millions of dollars on something
unneeded. For some reason “snail darter” comes to mind.
(SIDE BAR: I am not a proponent of evolution you see. For instance, if apes came from
monkeys, why are there still monkeys? I have talked about this pseudoscience before and will
not go into it in any detail here save for some supporting information. You see, animals exist
in some kind of hierarchy, some are hunted and others hunt. Some animals [and this includes
all animals: those that walk, crawl, fly or swim] like a middle-manager at a company, outlive
their usefulness and disappear. Unlike getting a severance package, in the wild eventually the
animal is hunted by the next level of animal until there are no more, extinct, if you will.
Animals have become extinct far before man walked on the Earth, evidenced by the fact that
there are very few dinosaurs around these days – yes, that was something different but it still
makes my point. Now, perhaps in some cases in the great scheme of things MAN is supposed
to extinct-ify some species. It would be WRONG to interfere with the natural order of things.
So, again, at the altar of Liberal Orthodoxy where evolution –the stepping stone to eugenics,
oddly enough – is preached, Liberals show their true colors by not thinking things through, as
Of course, I wonder if the geniuses that worked up this plan have figgered how not to get
screens clogged with delta smelts and other fishy things?
That said, here is where it gets interesting.
They are essentially turning OFF the water to the San Joaquin Valley for all intents and
purposes, allegedly for three years but who knows with this bunch. As a result, many if not all
of the farms in this fertile area may turn fallow. Now, I am not an agriculturist (I reckon I am
not much of anything, come to think of it) but left barren, the fragile and shallow topsoil will
eventually be blown away making the entire area unarable. Not for the three years but forever,
This will affect the huge corporate concerns such as Del Monte (“would you like some dust on
that burger, sport?”) to the small mom and pop farms. Some, such as the huge corporations
will prolly survive. They have cash and most likely get some dough-re-me from the gov’t. The
mom and pops prolly will not only not get a bailout but may lose the family farm, literally.
You may have heard of Paul Rodriquez. He is a comedian and actor and has been a huge
supporter of Democrat, if not Liberal, causes and politicians. He parents own such a small
Well, even though he is a supporter of the Lib politicians, he is facing no water as well. (And I
may be mistaken but I think rainfall has been lower than usual in that area for the past few
years, adding insult to injury.)
He says that he has been told that the reason for this is not to prevent the delta smelt from
getting sucked into the water delivery system but that this little bugger serves a purpose in that
it is sensitive to the chemicals in the water.
With fertilizers and pesticides running off the land and back into the water, the quality of the
water is compromised and exposed to this, the poor little fishy is dying.
(Again, I do not profess to have all the facts but the Muse knows when something is “fishy”
and this meets the “smelt” test – sorry could not resist. I do not know if all of this water is for
agriculture or some of it is used for drinking. If the former, I would see that, perhaps, as a
bonus for the next farmer downstream, if the latter, well, without trying to be gross, they DO
recycle waste water. Perhaps one of you farmers and/or water treatment plant employees out
there can give me some guidance.)
Add to the fact that the water is in danger, there are many wells being dug and have been for
years. Add to that the fact that some of the land in the SJV is sinking and that may endanger
the aqueduct that brings drinking water from the fertile north to the arid south, like LA. There
is also the selling of water from other areas at hugely inflated prices. (And I would like to
know who “owns” that water.) Add to that that withholding water from an area that is going
fallow and that may be exacerbated by the drilling of more wells creating a less stable land
floor and I have to ask myself “what the heck is going on? Does ANYONE know what they are
It would be one thing if all the parties could get their lies together but as there are so many
disparate stories as to why this is happening to the same area, there must be some far more
sinister reason. Either that or just a few cases of spontaneous stupidity.
Bottom line is that no matter how you slice and dice it, millions of people are going to be
affected. People might lose their farms and hence source on income. If the corporate farms
close, huge amounts of people will lose their job as well as the secondary and tertiary levels.
Truck drivers, canneries, fertilizer sales people, tractor sales and repair people, restaurants that
feed the workers, builders who build homes for the workers and so on and so forth.
(While I do not know the exact number of people who will ultimately affected is it conceivable
that it may be in the millions or multiple of millions?)
With California in such desperate and dire financial condition it is unfathomable to this citizen
that the Governator and others are not stopping this immediately.
I wonder if there are things like this going on in other parts of the country. If you know of
anything where you live, please, send me whatever information that you may have. I am so
wary of this administration that not only do I think they may have their hand in this somehow
but also things similar to this may be happening on different scales in other parts of the
Now, a more paranoid mind might look around at all of this and consider all that has happened
in the past eight months: Bailouts, takeovers, czars, health care threats, threats in general,
capitulation of our and our allies safety and more, and come to the irrational conclusion that
this is yet one more device to have complete control over We the Sheeple.
You can close a bank and I can still do something with money. You can take away or limit
cars, but I can still get around somehow. You can limit my health care and I might still be able
to go somewhere for treatment. But, if you take my food away, how long can I last?
I am not suggesting that this is the plan but with extreme views that many in this administration
hold I would not really rule anything out.
Anywho, time is getting late and I am off to hire a semi-truck to do a little shopping. I reckon
about 416 or so days worth of food, water, beer and scotch should save me a few trips to the
store. After all, I do want to be ecologically friendly.
(Remember, even real paranoids have people after them.)

T-Minus 418 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1219Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



15 SEPTEMBER 2009 - "Press and Brainwash and Fold"
The Constitution of the United States of America
Article I

Section 7. All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the
Senate may propose or concur with amendments as on other Bills.

Every bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it
become a law, be presented to the President of the United States; if he approve he shall sign it,
but if not he shall return it, with his objections to that House in which it shall have originated,
who shall enter the objections at large on their journal, and proceed to reconsider it. If after
such reconsideration two thirds of that House shall agree to pass the bill, it shall be sent,
together with the objections, to the other House, by which it shall likewise be reconsidered, and
if approved by two thirds of that House, it shall become a law. But in all such cases the votes of
both Houses shall be determined by yeas and nays, and the names of the persons voting for and
against the bill shall be entered on the journal of each House respectively. If any bill shall not
be returned by the President within ten days (Sundays excepted) after it shall have been
presented to him, the same shall be a law, in like manner as if he had signed it, unless the
Congress by their adjournment prevent its return, in which case it shall not be a law.

Every order, resolution, or vote to which the concurrence of the Senate and House of
Representatives may be necessary (except on a question of adjournment) shall be presented to
the President of the United States; and before the same shall take effect, shall be approved by
him, or being disapproved by him, shall be repassed by two thirds of the Senate and House of
Representatives, according to the rules and limitations prescribed in the case of a bill.

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Ahhhh..... Freedom of the Press!

 A free and unfettered press. Where one can read about all sides of the stories. Were We the
People are treated to in-depth analysis and given the tools to come to an honest and thoughtful
decision on the events of the day. Where one can express their views without fear of
Ahhhh.... Those were the good old days!

 I am sure that there has been dissent from the time of Washington and before. There certainly
has been since my mere years on God's Green Earth. But things have changed and it seems that
each administration charts new waters.

 Presidents have had mistresses long before B. J. Clinton was gleam in anyone's eyes. It has
been rumored that most of the presidents over the past century have had mistresses. Many
prolly did, they are men after all, all are flawed beings. And there is little doubt that we voted
for them for reasons other than their holiness, or lack thereof.

 Back then and until recently the press kept this to themselves. Bear in mind that at one time
there was only the print media and later on, radio. You could not see FDR in a wheelchair on
the radio or if no one took a snapshot of him. (In fact, when his polio began to kick in, FDR
was already seated behind a desk when the media were let into his office. No long walks down
the corridor before standing at the podium between our Flags.

 And when it was too difficult to hide his physical infirmity, the press who were in on the story,
spun it so that We the People were not concerned over a little thing like a president in a wheel

This nod and a wink relationship continued through JFK's physical and moral infirmities as
well. But it was not until Nixon came to office that things started to get real dirty.

 Sure there were dirty tricks before, all politicians were guilty to one extent or another. Heck, if
it was not for the dead, LBJ may never had been elected to Congress in the first place.

 But in the Nixon era dirty tricks became an art form. Colson, Liddy, Erlichman and
Haldeman and the other tricksters. They took dirty politics to a new level. Not just the usual
stuff, such as agit prop kinds of things where you put your opponent in a bad light but made
things up where the opponent had to speak to the charges and that gave the other side an
opportunity to spin.

"Candidate X says that he has no knowledge that the girl in question was under age" as a head
line for a story in paper or on TV might infer. Meanwhile, Candidate X has never even met the
girl, but the mere suggestion of such a salacious item makes one think the worst of someone.
(For a further and rather interesting look at politics of this era, one might pick up “Fear and
Loathing on the Campaign Trail” by Hunter S. Thompson. It is not for the faint of heart and
the language is not always heard in genteel circles.)

 This was also the age of hidden cameras, microphones and phone taps. We have all heard of
Watergate. (For the record, this was a third-rate botched break-in but it did set the tone for
future political campaigns.

It was also the time of political types using the press for their own advantage. I am of course
talking about Deep Throat. While there is still speculation as to who Deep Throat really was,
it is widely rumored to have been W. Mark Felt, one-time Associate Director of the FBI. No
one can say for sure but it is more likely that there were other sources as well.

 We know how the dance ends. Woodward and Bernstein gather enough evidence (real or
contrived) to ultimately bring down the president. And the rest, as they say, is history.

 This was in the days before cable, cell phones, the internet and so on. The Big 3 (ABC, CBS
and NBC) still controlled the airwaves and each big and small city had any number of

 CBS and Walter Cronkite for the most part, were still at war against the United States, having
thrown in with the VC in Nam and they were happy to know that not only were they trusted
and respected, they could say anything and who could prove differently.

As a result you have the beginning of modern media activism.

We can fast forward through the elections from '72 until 2000.

 Sure, there were a few things of note: "Willie Horton" - but that was easy enough against
Mike Dukakis, a Massachusetts liberal, but I repeat myself. Gary Hart - who used to be
Hartpence, that is until he "dropped his pants" as the joke went, when he was caught with a
young lady not his wife in a situation that left little to the imagination. It is said that if Ted
Kennedy had driven Donna Rice from the "Monkey Business", things may have turned out
differently. Even B. J. Clinton himself turned dirty tricks, character assassination and other
political "tools" into an art form that would make Lee Atwater blush. But those were the work
of rank amateurs until the 2000 election. (See also: “Primary Colors” by Joel Klein for an
expose of the Clinton campaign.)

 Sure, al-G'ore is a lying creep, devoid of warmth, as charming as a viper and as limber as a
pressure-treated 2X4, but even so, the Left wanted him for the Big Chair. Even with a mensch
like Joe Lieberman on the ticket little could be done to run away with the election against G .
W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

 Bush was vilified for all of his "youthful indiscretions" and his alleged failure in corporate life
and in Dick Cheney you had the personification of the "industrial-military complex" and an
avowed conservative. How could they ever stand a chance?

 Well, the Republicans best weapon was Gore himself with that faux-hayseed accent and his
views that hail from a planet outside of this solar system. Of course, being associated with
Clinton did not help, even though B.J. kept his distance.

 Even with the "October Surprise" of Bush getting a DWI many years ago did little to ensure
the Dems victory.
So what do they do?

They enlisted the media to throw the election, against Bush.

The electoral vote was too close to call. The Blue States went Blue, the Red States went Red
and the toss ups were, well, toss ups. The only state with enough electoral votes to seal the
deal was Florida. (No, it was not a done deal if things were left to run their course, there were
other states in flux, but in reality taking Florida was as good as a win.)

I recall watching the results on the tube and as states closed their polling places the states were
called based on exit polls, tea leaves and other scientific methods. I remember at a minute after
the polls closed in Florida, noted Canadian Peter Jennings of ABC called Florida for Gore then
reversed himself and then again and again until he was sure that he gave each side a chance,
then he called Florida for Gore and hence the election.

 There was at least one thing wrong: the polls had NOT closed on the western panhandle of
Florida, as it was in the Central Time Zone. It was reported, and who knows how true it was,
that when the election was called for Gore, many decided not to vote. (I am one of those guys
who are one of the first to vote every election day, I am not sure how many people vote in the
last hour.)

(Since then the laws have been changed with respect to “projecting” presidential outcomes until
the polls have closed in the westernmost climes of our Country.)

But the that part of Florida is heavily Republican and even a few hundred votes for Bush
would have made things easier as time went on, think “hanging chads.”

 There was also a very large allegation of voter disenfranchisement of the military by the
powers that be who did not count legally cast votes by the military stationed outside of the US.
(Thank you, Democrats.)

 This was a turning point in American politics. The votes were cast, the state Attorney General
certified the vote then the state legislature attempted more than once to overturn the results.
(Anyone care to guess the majority party in the Florida legislature in 2000?) Trying more than
once to ignore the state Constitution and usurp the will of the citizens of Florida, they did not
prevail, thankfully. The case went to the SCOTUS after a few tries in the SCOFLA and we all
know the results.)

 Four years later, the Dems fielded a slate that said "go ahead, vote for us, we dare you!" of
John Kerry, he of dubious war record, and John "Silky Pony" Edwards, of a variety of
misdemeanors yet to be uncovered and channeler of babies and huge amounts of cash into his
bank account. (And the poster boy for tort reform.)

 Yet more vitriol and backstabbing and the genesis of the term "swift-boating" and the impact
of the internet in the electoral process and the 527’s and other at-the-time oddities that have
found their way into the American Political Fabric.

As for us, we just sat back and watched as the dirtiest campaign in history, 2000, was eclipsed
by the one in 2004. But that was just an appetizer for the one a mere four years later.

The 2008 election was without a doubt, the dirtiest, nastiest, untruthful campaign ever waged.
(And as predicted just as the 2004 and 2006 elections were in this very column. But, hey, my
Labrador Retriever, “Midnight, the Wonder Dog” could have predicted as much.”)

But, this was not just smears and innuendo. This was not red herrings and misinformation.
This was an all-out attack on civility, honest political discourse and wholesale fraud.

From the activities of ACORN, MoveOn, PAW, ACT and so forth, to the unions thuggery of
their members of SEIU, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, Teamsters and others to voter intimidation by
the “New Black Panthers” (kinda makes you homesick for the old ones, no?), added to this mix
you had the LSM, bought and paid for.

And for the life of me, I have no idea why they went so willingly down that road.

Hart may have had an affair. Bush may have had a DWI. Dukakis may have been an idiot.
But each of these relatively minor issues paled in comparison to the free ride that the media
gave Hank.

They beat up McCain for any number of reasons: he was a hot-head, was allegedly tainted by
the S&L scandal, there were previous marital issues and so forth. Then there was poor Sarah
Palin who had the nerve to give birth to a baby with Down Syndrome when in the medias
myopic eyes, should have had an abortion, the underage daughter who also gave birth to a child
fathered by a less-than-upright citizen and of course, how can we ever forget the line that she
never said: “I can see Russia from my house!”

When Tina Fey was not doing a hatchet job on her the rest of the media was picking up the
slack. The redacted-to-the-point-of-slander “interview” by Charles Gibson was a standout in
creating a new low in journalistic ethic and the birthday of renaming ABC the “All Barack

Associations with a terrorist, William Ayres; a two-decade relationship with an anti-American,
racist preacher, Rev. Wright; sitting on the boards of left-wing groups, “ACORN” (he was of
counsel) and “The Woods Foundation”; refusal to provide a valid birth certificate, college
transcripts, notes and memos from his time in the Illinois legislature and more and more and
more would have sunk any other candidate.

Add to this is radical views, his affection for Marxism, his radical wife, in fact just about
everything about this man makes you question just about everything about him. (In the effort
to be fair, he does have two darling little daughters who are as cute as all get out, but, we did
not elect them.)

But if you wonder why there was not an uproar over his questionable relationships, alliances
and lack of providing even a soupcon of information normally demanded of a presidential
candidate, the reason is simple.

For the most part “We the People” were not aware of it.

Were it not for “right wing” radio, “right wing” internet web sites and “right wing” blogs,
prolly less people who did learn about these issues would have.

Even today, take a look at Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, and the list of other czars and czarinas
whose list is starting to look as large as an NFL roster.

Who is calling him out on this?

ABC, the “All Barack Channel?” No.

NBC, the “Now, Barack Club?” Nope.

CBS, “C’mon, Barack, Succeed?” No way.

CNN, MS/LSD, or any other news outlet, be they lean forward or lean back? No freaking way.

So, what can we do? Where can we go?

Go wherever you have been going before, be it on the Internet, FOX, unbiased newspapers or
where ever. Sign up for the various and sundry e-mail alerts available to you for free, support
your favorite politicians or social issues, I can assure you, they WILL send you information.

And, watch network and cable news. Compare that with that which you know as fact and spot
the difference. Soon you ought to be able to quickly recognize the “tells” they are giving you.

Perhaps we still have a “free press” but we do not have an “honest press.” But if we let them
run roughshod over us, if we allow them to pass legislation (such as a so-called “Fairness
Doctrine”), if we allow unelected officials control the content of the internet; then things like
the truth, like the American Way, like event s such as Tea Parties and the March on
Washington, then a “free, honest and unedited press” will be a distant memory, comrade.

T-Minus 412 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1223Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



10 SEPT 2009 - "Would You Lie To Me Baby..."
The Constitution of the United States of America
Article I
Section 6. The Senators and Representatives shall receive a compensation for their services, to
be ascertained by law, and paid out of the treasury of the United States. They shall in all cases,
except treason, felony and breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest during their attendance
at the session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for
any speech or debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other place.
No Senator or Representative shall, during the time for which he was elected, be appointed to
any civil office under the authority of the United States, which shall have been created, or the
emoluments whereof shall have been increased during such time: and no person holding any
office under the United States, shall be a member of either House during his continuance in
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
First of all, a big thank you to all who have sent kind notes acknowledging my being named the
“Bacon Czar.” It is about time that pork and pork products will have an advocate in the
running of our gov’t. And, remember, bacon is not just for breakfast anymore and tastes great
in a Bloody Mary. (Not kidding!)
Ok, I got that out of my system and I reckon that a “Bacon Czar” is a little silly but not as silly
as some of the other ones already in place and nowhere near as ridiculous as that snake oil
show last night.
Before I go any further, Rep. Addison “Joe” Wilson R-SC (that would be the GOOD Joe
Wilson) did the unthinkable last night during the president’s speech.
He called him out.
When Hank was lying about illegals not getting health care, Wilson yelled out “You Lie.” Of
course, a hurt Hank said “Not True.”
Now, in a normal world, one might think that when Hank said “not true” that he would be
referring to Wilson’s comment. However, in this Bizarro world we now inhabit, perhaps he
was simply correcting Wilson in that it was not a lie, just untrue.
(For the record, despite feelings about the president or his plans, this bill or anything else, one
ought not sink to the same level of one’s opposites. While Wilson may be right, while he will
be pilloried for his remark and apropos of anything else, it is poor decorum so say what he
said. That does not make it wrong, it is just bad manners. I wished to write to the congressman
to offer my support but I found that his website was down. I wonder…)
But, one of them was lying.
On the one hand, you have Hank stating over and over again that there are 47,000,000 people
(note: “people”, not “citizens”) without health care. There is no way in the world that number
is accurate without including illegals.
On the other hand, perhaps Wilson was so excited to hear the president speak that he simply
got nervous. Perhaps he meant to say “Mr. President, you have said that there are 47,000,000
people in America without health care but you just said that illegals will not be included in a
health care bill. How did you arrive that that 47,000,000 number? Would you please
Except it came out “You Lie.”
Seeing the bouncy duo of JoeBama and San Fran Nan all but drooling over themselves on each
utterance Hank made exercised the same lack of decorum and civility expressed by Wilson.
The noises made by the Lefties were really not in any better taste than was Wilson’s remark.
But in his heart of hearts, I am sure that Wilson spoke what he (and many others) thought to be
the truth. And if nothing else, this administration, despite protesting that they are the most
open and transparent administration in history, can’t handle the truth.
I am sure there will be calls for Wilson to resign, be censured or removed from office. Prolly
from the same news outlets, commentators and others who never heard of Van Jones. I hope
Wilson sticks to his guns. (He did apologize for his comments – “outburst” as the media is
calling it – but not what he said.)
Back to the side show.
Say what you want about Hank, and many do, he is a very effective campaigner. He is a
terrible statesman, but he could sell ice to Eskimos. That said, once someone is elected, the
campaign mode has to end and the business at hand must start.
I, for one, do not want to be lied to, to be lectured, to have my intelligence insulted nor have
my morals called into question.
I want just what I was promised, an open and transparent administration.
With respect to that, Joe Wilson’s “outburst” would be applicable.
Concurrent with that, I do not want to be compromised, pandered or pimped or anything else.
Yet, in one fell swoop, Hank managed to breach each and every one of those issues.
He “called out” those that disagree. He said that there were not certain issues that were raised
by the “right” media and pundits. He stated many things that were less than accurate or civil.
I would suggest that a more genteel man would not have “called out” those who disagree and
that a more rugged man could get away with doing that. This president is neither. He acted
like a thug, fingers waving and a scowl on his face. Neither impresses me and does far more to
hurt his cause than help it.
I might be a tad more sympathetic to his “treatment” in the media if: 1) that against which he
rails was untrue, 2) that the 99 44/100% of the media were not in his hip pocket and 3) he at
least gave some kind of lip service to the non-covering of certain issues as well as those
He took umbrage at the fact that the “right” media said that there was a “death panel” in the
bill. On the one hand, he was right. It does not actually say “death panel” in any bill.
However, not mugging someone does not give you the right to say that you are a hero because
you saved someone from mugging by not doing that.
It is a given that the majority of attendees last night did not read HR 3200 or other bills, so they
will mindlessly agree with most anything Hank says. But the fact remains that there are
provisions in the most “popular” bill that can and most likely limit the kind and amount of
health care the elderly and the terminally ill would receive.
Even the inestimable Ezekiel Emanuel stated (and I paraphrase) that “there will be no
discrimination based on age” then he goes on to say that someone who is 25 years old will get
more/better treatment than one who is 65. But it is not discrimination, you see. He explains
that the person who is 65 received the same treatment as the person who is 25 when HE was
25. Then he has the gonadature to say that he is not “ageist.”
Well, Zeke, I am willing to go along with that, lock, stock and barrel.
On one condition.
As you are 52 years old, I am of the opinion, Zeke, that you are eating food that a 25 year old
could eat. I think I would be more amenable to your pitiful canard if you practice what you
preach. You see, you ate the same food when you were 25 as a 25 year old will eat today.
So, no more food, Zeke. Sorry, gonna miss you, dude.
No, of course he will not go for that! Although it is the EXACT same tortured argument that
he makes.
And Hank is cut from the same cloth. (Dunno if it was a ‘whole cloth.’) (JK)
Hank will speak in platitudes and sound bites and be specific on that which helps his case and
speak in generalities and broad strokes when he talks against something. Rather than dissect
and parse his speech line by line, and I know you were all mesmerized by his readership, I have
posted a link for the transcript of the speech. (And, yes, it is from the NY TIMES.) Take a few
minutes to sit back and read it. For emphasis I suggest having either a pair of marionettes or
jack-in-the-boxes and someone to work them to emulate JoeBama and San Fran Nan whenever
you read something particularly distasteful. (That would be their cue to jump and make funny
faces at each other.)
(And I suggest reading rather than watching. This way you will not be distracted by his
histrionics, body language, reactions from the punters and anything else that will take away
from what he actually said. If you do come across a line or a sentence that makes his case for
him, by all means, email me and I will translate it for you.)
Bottom line, Hank in full campaign mode had zero-problem going out and confirming Joe
Wilson’s accusation. I am tired of it and I am tired of his mealy-mouthed attempts to denigrate
anything or anyone that will get in his way of taking control over all aspects of our lives.
Again, this has little to do with heath care and everything to do with control.
He seems to love any piece of legislation that the Dems can come up with as they fall in lock
goose-step with his plans but he then scolds the Republicans for not having a plan to bring to
the table. (Was it me or did anyone else see the Reps wave some pieces of paper at one point
or another? Could THEY have been plans? Hmmmm….)
As I and others far brighter have said, if health care is needed, if health insurance reform is
what is important, so be it. And it could be accomplished in 1017 words, not 1017 pages and
without inviting the likes of ACORN and others to have any involvement whatsoever.
I have read the bill, many of you have read the bill and anyone who has read the bill sees it as
pile of festering offal and not anything that will help the majority of Americans who do not
have health coverage.
As I have said time and again, if Hank really wants to do something constructive for the alleged
47,000,000 people in America without health coverage, then concentrate his efforts on that 5%
of the population. Perhaps find them jobs and they can get their own coverage. Allow
insurance companies offer their plans in all states (though, there is a danger here) to allow more
choice. Initiate tort reform to eliminate or severely curtail frivolous lawsuits. Any and all of
these possibilities and more could be hashed out, reconciled and voted upon to make a
difference for the uninsured without negatively impacting, say, 95% of us.
I don’t know about you, but anything else seems un-American.

T-Minus 417 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1228Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



8 SEPT 2009 - "School Days, School Daze..."

The Constitution of the United States of America
Article I
Section 4. The times, places and manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives,
shall be prescribed in each state by the legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by
law make or alter such regulations, except as to the places of choosing Senators.
The Congress shall assemble at least once in every year, and such meeting shall be on the first
Monday in December, unless they shall by law appoint a different day.
Section 5. Each House shall be the judge of the elections, returns and qualifications of its own
members, and a majority of each shall constitute a quorum to do business; but a smaller number
may adjourn from day to day, and may be authorized to compel the attendance of absent
members, in such manner, and under such penalties as each House may provide.
Each House may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly
behavior, and, with the concurrence of two thirds, expel a member.
Each House shall keep a journal of its proceedings, and from time to time publish the same,
excepting such parts as may in their judgment require secrecy; and the yeas and nays of the
members of either House on any question shall, at the desire of one fifth of those present, be
entered on the journal.
Neither House, during the session of Congress, shall, without the consent of the other, adjourn
for more than three days, nor to any other place than that in which the two Houses shall be
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
OK, then…. I guess my little foray into political somnambulism was met with mixed reviews.
Of course, it was about as farfetched as it could be but for some reason, as art imitates life, as in
every lie there is a kernel of truth, somewhere in that little tale must be something valid.
But I am not sure what and where.
You see, as bizarre as that little exercise was that which is happening in real life seems equally
Part Time VPOTUS, JoeBama, has made a habit of stepping up when the boss has stepped out.
Taking his second vacation in as many weeks has allowed the “B” team to take a few swings.
Joe does not disappoint and gives more and more credence to his well-earned sobriquet “the
dumbest man in the senate.” (Well, someone has to be. And, his being the “dumbest” VP
makes him also the brightest, there being only one at a time. For now.)
Losing sight of the TelePrompTer, he just wanders off into Biden-land, and what a happy place
that must be. Of note, he made the case that even though that unemployment rate ROSE to
9.7%, one of the highest rates since Reconstruction, (just kidding, but only a little) he said that
less people have actually applied for unemployment benefits, the benchmark for unemployment
While I am sure that those with higher double-digit or even triple-digit IQs might come to an
explanation that seems plausible or possibly even believable, good Ol’ Joe just makes an
insipid remarks and lets it fall on its sword.
You see, it is entirely possible that LESS people joined the ranks of the unemployed while at
the same time the rate rises. You see, with LESS people working, and ergo on unemployment,
the smaller the actual job pool. It could actually get to the point when one of these characters
could stand up and honestly say that “this was the best week ever for the unemployment
figgers, only one person lost their job last week.” And at the same time be at 100%
But, unlike Spokesweasel Gibbs, Biden gen’ly does not mean to lie, he just can’t remember
facts. Speaking about the “stimulus” package, recall a few months ago he said “we guessed
wrong” about both the scope and the effect.
Now, as there are a hundred or two billions in the economy from this very silly plan, all of a
sudden he is proclaiming it a success.
Sure, give me a few billions and I can make most anything look like some kind of success.
But the good news, for those who not get their news solely from the LSM is that there are
successes abounding with the Tea Parties and Town Hall meetings and there are definite cracks
in the alleged solid Democratic front supporting health skare.
With the exception of the bought and paid for meetings, where the punters were bused in by the
powers that be, most of the meetings showed the weakness for support for this canard
Consider the Congresswoman from Houston, Sheila Jackson Lee, who, unable to find a doctor
to make her case for her, brought in an Obama supporter who was kind enough to pretend to be
one and offer a litany of untrue ills that befall her non-existent practice.
Or any of the idjits in New York who spent their time shouting down the questions asked of
them. Take Jerrold Nadler for instance, a creature worthy of every American’s contempt. He
recently was demanding that both Bush and Cheney be investigated for “War Crimes”
stemming from our involvements in Iraq and Afghanistan. (If someone truly deserves the name
which Van Jones calls Republicans, it is this reprobate.) But, in all fairness, he is consistent.
You see when the very first hints that there may be some kind of “interrogation” of terrorism he
was against it from the git-go (Gitmo-go?). He was asked if he was against all kinds of
interrogation that might be a tad uncomfortable. He replied he was. Pressed further he was
asked: “If there was a method of interrogation that would have yielded information that would
have prevented the attacks on 9/11, would you agree to use them?” He said no and the follow-
up statement went something along the lines of that he would not use any tactics to save the
lives of over 3,000 people if it meant any kind of enhanced interrogation techniques.
But, perhaps it is not he who is deserving of the “A-Bomb” hurled by Jones but his constituents
as he was re-elected in 2002 and since. (Then again, he does represent the most liberal district
in the most liberal borough.)
That said, it looks that short of Olympia Snowe taking any more RINOS’s with her that this bill
is dead in the water. The public option is in, out, critical, not critical, whatever. Watch not the
Dems and the Reps for the true course set for this bill. The Dems will do what they think is
best for them, and that includes bucking the leadership in the case of the Blue Dogs. The Reps
are as impotent as ever but despite the lack of press from the LSM have come up with at least
four other alternatives to any bill of this sort. No, it is the Progressive Caucus that is the ones
who will try to bend everyone’s will.
But finally, the days of mealy-mouthed malcontents who make their point by screaming,
calling names and lying (in other words, good Democrats) are coming to an end. We the
People have sat on the sidelines too long giving in to most anything coming down the pike
from the hard Left. We do not want to make waves, we say. Oh, it is OK to give them “that”
as long as they let us have “this,” we say, then we are shocked when they take “this.”
If you think I am joking take any issue and look how one small thing wound up taking over. I
am not picking on gays but it went from wanting to have “privacy” for their acts to
“acceptance” for whom they are to not only flaunting their debauchery in our faces but
demanding special rights AND taking away the rights that we have.
Were some court cases as vigorously fought by the side of things good and American as they
were by the forced of darkness and the ACLU (but, I repeat myself), there would be no need for
a DOMA, nor would there be a call for gay marriage, not would there be “civil unions”, nor
would there be any such kinds of things, because they would be against the law. (Now, this is
not an indictment against gay people, it is an indictment against the weak-kneed liberal sob-
sisters demanding rights where none are needed.
Truly, take a look at Hank’s cabinet and his chest of drawers of czars. In a more civilized
administration many of these people would be sitting at a parole board or a competency hearing
rather than bending the ear of the M-I-C.
No, we let the lunatics run the asylum and now that we have taken one too many blows to the
head, we finally are understanding that our benign neglect was anything but benign. It is a
Sure, MoreOn, ACORN, SEIU, PAW, blah, blah, blah can go out make horses hindquarters of
themselves and they get the blessing of the Dem “Readership.” It is their right to express their
views and dissent.
Oh, but San Fran Nan gets her panties in a wad when the Right does something, that is “un-
Do you want to know what it is un-American?
San Fran Nan.
Jerrold Nadler.
Van Jones.
Sheila Jackson Lee.
And most all of the Democratic Readership.
Momentum is on our side. Jones will most assuredly be handing in his resignation (only to
surface again louder and more vituperative than ever, causing more of an embarrassment to
Hank & Co), ((And as this FISH was started on Saturday, he has since “resigned.”)) Hank has
had to mollify those critics who thought that his indoctrination of the kiddies is less than a good
idea, the Tea Party Express is due in DC on the 12th and there will most certainly be some kind
of backlash against Hank if he does not do the right thing an honor those who perished on 9/11
and denounce terrorism. (Remember last year at Ground Zero? He and McC paid a visit to the
Pit. McC reverently placed some flowers and Hank tossed his posies as if getting rid of a
Marlboro Light. Do not be surprised if he shows the same disrespect and scorn.)
No, my friends, things are looking up it would appear.
Many schools are either refusing to play the Hank Show in school or will review and then
determine if the administrators wish to make it available for viewing later. The Wh’ite House
has posted the latest version of the speech* and it appears to be nothing like what the previous
versions were.
In fact it is a pretty darn good speech, all things considered and one that most any president
could make in substance. I am trying not to be cynical but if there is an obvious flaw in it, it
was subconscious. He talks about kids who faced “challenges”: Jazmin, Andoni and Shantell.
          In no way do I minimize these kids ability to overcome adversity but what happened
to: Jack, Andy and Charlotte? Or, is his “slip” showing.
Again, I am not saying, I am just saying.
So, Hank will have an opportunity to speak to the kiddies today and then speak to the babies
tomorrow in his joint session of Congress tomorrow.
I am sure that this will be a telling speech. The more he protests, the more he points fingers
and the more he assigns blame will indicate the further away he is from socializing your
medical care. However, on the other hand, if he sounds conciliatory, the more reserved and the
more tips of the fedora he offers to the Right, the more we will know that some deal has been
made or is in the works.
Lastly, if you have not signed the petition to stop the takeover of health care, please to today.
Today is the LAST day to sign this petition which will be printed this evening and delivered to
Congress tomorrow. PLEASE sign this and send to all of your friends today.
As I have said before: If not you, who? If not now, when?”
Make it so.

T-Minus 419 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1230Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless


4 SEPTEMBER 2009 - "She Wore Blue Velvet..."
The Constitution of the United States of America
Article I
Section 3. The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each state,
chosen by the legislature thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote.
Immediately after they shall be assembled in consequence of the first election, they shall be
divided as equally as may be into three classes. The seats of the Senators of the first class shall
be vacated at the expiration of the second year, of the second class at the expiration of the
fourth year, and the third class at the expiration of the sixth year, so that one third may be
chosen every second year; and if vacancies happen by resignation, or otherwise, during the
recess of the legislature of any state, the executive thereof may make temporary appointments
until the next meeting of the legislature, which shall then fill such vacancies.
No person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the age of thirty years, and been
nine years a citizen of the United States and who shall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of
that state for which he shall be chosen.
The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no vote,
unless they be equally divided.
The Senate shall choose their other officers, and also a President pro tempore, in the absence of
the Vice President, or when he shall exercise the office of President of the United States.
The Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments. When sitting for that purpose,
they shall be on oath or affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief
Justice shall preside: And no person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two thirds of
the members present.
Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office, and
disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States:
but the party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to indictment, trial, judgment
and punishment, according to law.
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Hey, want another Bid Lite, my Lite Bud?
George, you are such a card.
Not you Mr. Soros, I was talking to ”W” here. So, George, we are getting close here, how
much longer will it take.
Well, Barack, I think you have done a yeoman’s job, I mean who ever heard of someone being
a sleeper for over 30 years, truly you are a great American.
You are too kind, George, I mean, look around, there are all kinds of reprobates, criminals,
mind and child molesters out there, I could not in good conscience let any one of these let alone
all of these horrible people get anywhere near the seat of government.
Indeed, Barack, but you have somehow got them all to agree one at a time to come on board
with you, us, really, and expose themselves for what they are.
George, as you know from your time at Yale and especially at Skull and Bones that there are
those who are just plain wrong, they know that they are wrong but they do not want to be
wrong. So they create their own reality. And they drag others along for the ride. What we
have accomplished together is using their tricks against them.
Gee, Barack, talk about creating your own reality, you have to admit the Intel Boys did a great
job creating your legend. Really, anyone from the left or right could have discovered who you
really are, where you were born and all the rest. Right, Willie?
Huh? Who? Oh, yeah, I forgot, geeze, it has been so long since anyone called me by my real
name… hey, wait a minute, how did YOU know that?
(Laughing) Well, daddy WAS in charge of the CIA before he was president, you know. He did
tell me a few things!
Well, you should hear about some of the things Leon says about you!
And they both share a laugh.
You know, forget about befriending all those guys in the old days, you know Holder, Ayres and
the rest, the master stroke was leaking the Rev Wright story to the Right-wingers and let them
have a ball with it. Really, I had to sit and listen to that dottering old racist for twenty years
and it was really a pleasure to throw him under the bus. That was easy, but as we all know
politics makes strange bedfellows and, dam sam, those Lefties are strange.
Well, the Left may have cornered the market on whackos but there are a few on the Right as
For openers.
Glenn Beck?
Nah, I am pretty sure he is a true believer, but there are others outside the fold.
You know George, we, to use one of your terms, “misunderestimated” the people, twice.
Well, Willie, how nice of you to say that, all without your TelePrompTer!
(They throw playful punches at each other as they roar in laughter.)
Well, I get up there, preach to these Kool-Ade drinkers and tell them exactly what we “plan” to
do and they go right along with it! Can you believe it! Mr. Soros…
How did you manage to create an underground network of subversives?
Well, as the other George knows that in my past as a speculator I have had a knack for sorting
thought the rubble and finding a rich vein from which I can profit. You are both familiar with
my economic books, and you are both well aware that I am wrong more often than not. You
know that at least two of my first three economic books I was accused of hysterics and crying
wolf. Well, while I may not have been right the third time, I did get closer. I used that same
kind of bullying to form all of those shadowy organizations. Now, where in business and
finance I often had to hedge or leverage my bets and goals, I found this most useful in politics
as well. After all creating or funding Center for American Progress, MoveOn, America
Coming Together and other groups gave me the ability to direct or even misdirect these radicals
to my personal goals. I found that while my initial viewpoints were more in line with theirs,
after my “conversion”, so to speak, I found it far more useful to maintain my tacit approval of
their actions so as to be able to move, control, guide and alter their actions. And George,
nothing personal you know, with respect to the 2004 elections. That was what really brought
me over into the Light but I was committed to, well, “defeating” you, but, Kerry? So, no, I had
to pull back, give the appearance of support for the Left but that is when I realized that theirs is
a failed cause. However, as a result of that I was in a far stronger position to make sure that
Barack was elected. Really, were not the previous Democrat candidates for President so
liberal, it would have been very difficult to get our little pretend socialist elected!
It worked so well, George and I are sure that you can see the advantages of the unintended
Thanks, George, and you are right. The liberals took away far too much and read far too much
into their Liberal movement. But, I must confess, that at one point I was getting nervous, that
the canard we were perpetrating was actually going to take off and then all of our hard work
would be for naught.
Barack, while that may all be true and our Hungarian friend did a lot of the heavy lifting, you
were the one that had to live the lie all of those years.
You fellows flatter me. I learned at a very young age the importance of America and thank God
I had those mentors who saw something in me in at a very young age. Truly, had it been
people from the Left, I may have turned out exactly as the way people see me now!
(There is much laughter.)
But again, Georges, we underestimated the greed and avarice of the Left. We knew that there
were a few whackos in Congress but who knew that there were only not so many but were so
willing to sell their souls for a few pieces of silver?
Indeed, Barack, but how did you do it?
Well, choosing Daschle was the first step. First of all, he has that radical health care idea that
he has been trying to flog for years. With that and knowing of his, ahem, tax issues, I saw this
as an opportunity to test the waters for both a radical plan that could galvanize the left and float
the idea of naming someone who had far too much baggage and could be a liability
But it did not work!
Oh, but it did! Sure we threw Tom under the bus but that allowed us to bring in Geithner. Of
course we simply said that he made a small error and that we were not going to be bullied by
the Right when we wanted to pick “our” people. Playing the race card also helped.
Race card? But they both are white.
Yes, but I could say it was a backlash against me. Well, I did not have to say it, the unwashed
masses beat me to it.
Then what?
Well, after that it was easy. I picked a Secretary of Education who ran a schools system poorly,
am Energy Secretary who is against energy, a HHS Secretary who is a proponent of late-term
abortions, a Homeland Security Secretary who could not protect her own state. In other words,
I employed the Peter Principal, with a twist. I took these people PAST their point of
incompetence. The biggest joke on the people was an Attorney General who has exactly zero
respect for the law. I mean, in my wildest dreams I never thought that someone like Holder,
who, for the record, I never liked, would be approved for the top lawyer in the country. After
all, he arranged pardons for terrorists, fugitives and even set aside convictions of those radicals
who were intimidating voters! Though, in his defense, he thought he was doing me a favor.
Oh, by the way George, you can tell Dick that nothing will come out of that loose cannon’s
“investigation” of the CIA. I know that you all did the best you could to keep our country safe
and as your president, I thank you!
That was a masterstroke in getting those kinds of people in government and of course they
brought their own people that we could expose as well.
Thanks, but, really, it was easy. With reprobates like Reid and Pelosi, I mean for goodness
sakes, these two are so hungry for power they would approve the Devil himself for a position if
it would increase their power base.
It seems that they did, Barack!
Very funny but you get my point. We all knew that you had carp and catfish like Schumer,
Waters, Waxman, Hoyer, and for gosh sakes, who calls their kid “Steny?”, Murtha and Frank
to name a few but who knew that there was an entire Greek Chorus of fellow travelers in
Congress. Truly, it was then than we knew that we would have to accelerate the plan then pull
the plug before they did something stupid.
Too late, what about Sotomayor?
Sacrificial lamb and really no harm, she changes nothing. We are leaning on Kennedy to go
away and we have some excellent real Americans ready to step up and defend the Constitution.
Well done, Barack, we were afraid that you were going soft on us.
Mr. Soros, nothing could be further from the truth and you of all people know that. We both
have spent far too much time with this cabal of anti-Americans and if they do not turn your
stomach I do not know what will.
Daddy used to say that the pork rinds used to turn his stomach but he ate them anyway.
George, there is a big difference between…
Barack, I was kidding you…
I know, but this is serious, we are talking about the survival of our great Country. After all, the
people still wanted more even after stacking the deck of the cabinet with ideologues, tax cheats
and more. We had to see what there tolerance for pain was. That is why I picked someone as
despicable as John Holdren as the science czar. Look, pro-choice or not, I do not care who you
are there is something tragically wrong with the wiring of a man’s brain who would prescribe
forced abortions and supporting eugenics. Then I was hoping that someone with a pair would
speak up against Cass Sunstein. Really, what color is the sun on his planet? He is against
hunting in all cases as well as eating animals and, get this, he thinks that animals have the right
to sue humans! Obviously this is a man who has not read the Bible. After all, God gave us
dominion over all the animals. What is next, some kook out there that thinks that rutabaga
should have the right to vote?
Er, Barack, there are the loonies at PETA who probably have folks who think we should grant
rights to fruits and vegetables.
George, that is a low blow making fun of Barney Frank… (more laughter) but as you know I
belong to PETA!
Barack! Are you kidding me! I thought that...
Calm down, George, the PETA that I belong to is “People Eating Tasty Animals.”
(Uproarious laughter and another round of drinks.)
And I am sure that that “AARP” means “Armed, And Really PO’d”
But, gentleman, it started to get serious. Despite the Tea Parties, Town Halls and all the good
American blogs, the people still were not reacting as they should. Bailouts, takeovers, health
care, AmeriCorps and more, really, there ought to have been impeachment proceedings started
but we had so many useful idiots in Congress that they wound up helping us too much! That is
why I had to pick Van Jones for yet another czar. Well, I guess we finally uncovered what
would set of the people, I guess they really do not like being called a terminus of the alimentary
canal by an avowed communist.
Well stated, Barack.
Indeed. I was getting concerned that if there was not pressure to dump Jones that I would have
to name Squeaky Fromme as “Ex-Presidents Benefits Czar” or a John Wayne Gacy-type for
“Children’s Babysitting Czar.” Thank God, people finally woke up and “forced” me to dump
Jones. But, that was the tipping point. Once they realized there was a chink in my armor, it
was easy to go along. By this time we had exposed just about all the players: the nasty
Emanuel brothers, pretty much my entire Cabinet and those silly czars, about 95% of
Hollywood and 99% of the Media! Thank God for FOX News!
Well done, Barack, through your efforts and many years of sacrifice you have exposed a clear
and present danger to our government. With our team of Attorneys General issuing bills for the
various grand juries, the REAL Justice Department busily preferring indictments under the
RICO Statues, the FBI closing down the offices of ACORN, PAW, CAP, SEIU, AFSCME,
ALCU and the rest the traitors.
It was all my pleasure, it is the least I can do for my, that is, our, Country!
A pleasure, you are truly too modest. After all, you were living as a double agent for all those
years, we knowing that you were with us and they seeing you as their messiah, it had to be
tough on you and Michelle.
Michelle? Tough on her in what way?
Having to live with your secret, in your double life.
Hey, fellows, I hate to break this to you but hers will be one of the first indictments we open.
You know, seeing the look on her face when she learns the truth, well, that will be one of my
proudest days as an American in my adult life, and….
“Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light…”
What happened?
Shoot, this was just a dream, but what a nice dream it was. I gotta stop watching David Lynch
movies late at night…. At least I was wakened to the Star Spangled Banner!

T-Minus 423 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1234Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Beore noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless


3 SEPTEMBER 2009 - "Today's Lesson Is...."
The Constitution of the United States of America
Article I
Section 1. All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United
States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.
Section 2. The House of Representatives shall be composed of members chosen every second
year by the people of the several states, and the electors in each state shall have the
qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the state legislature.
No person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the age of twenty five years,
and been seven years a citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an
inhabitant of that state in which he shall be chosen.
Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several states which may be
included within this union, according to their respective numbers, which shall be determined by
adding to the whole number of free persons, including those bound to service for a term of
years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons. The actual Enumeration
shall be made within three years after the first meeting of the Congress of the United States,
and within every subsequent term of ten years, in such manner as they shall by law direct. The
number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty thousand, but each state shall
have at least one Representative; and until such enumeration shall be made, the state of New
Hampshire shall be entitled to chuse three, Massachusetts eight, Rhode Island and Providence
Plantations one, Connecticut five, New York six, New Jersey four, Pennsylvania eight,
Delaware one, Maryland six, Virginia ten, North Carolina five, South Carolina five, and
Georgia three.
When vacancies happen in the Representation from any state, the executive authority thereof
shall issue writs of election to fill such vacancies.
The House of Representatives shall choose their speaker and other officers; and shall have the
sole power of impeachment.

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Well, well, well…. Was I ever surprised by the volume of mail supporting the inclusion of the
Constitution in THE DAILY FISH. I received emails stating that some of you had to actually
memorize the Preamble and others still who carry pocket copies of one of the greatest
documents in the annals of man’s history. I am deeply heartened at the response.

If you do not have your own personal copy of the Constitution and you canNOT wait for who
knows how many FISH it will take to collect the whole set, here is a link where you can get
your own free copy. And, it is a great website.
On a sorta kinda related note on of my dear readers has advised that the when the clock radio
goes off at 0600, that the Star Spangled Banner is playing and that another station in that neck
of the woods plays our National Anthem at 12 Noon.
Personally, I canNOT think of a more patriotic way to start the day.
Doing a little research I have found that there are a few stations here on Long Island that do the
same. This is encouraging.
I recall many, many years ago, before cable, television stations used to go off the air sometime
after midnight. Of course, as time went on, they stayed on later and later until they were on
twenty-four hours a day. But, before that time, the stations made an announcement that it was
the “end of the broadcast day” and immediately following was played our National Anthem. A
few hours later the song was played again announcing the beginning of the new broadcast day.
As there is no longer analog terrestrial TV broadcast, there is no reason that the digital and
cable broadcasters can do the same at some hour or hours, such as at midnight, midday and
perhaps 0600.
Stick with me for a moment…
To this end, I would encourage all of you to contact your local radio, television and cable
broadcasters to “suggest” that they play the Star Spangled Banner at least once if not more
times a day.
Truly there would be little better things at the small hours of the AM to go from radio station to
radio station and hear the National Anthem played on ALL of the stations at the same time.
OK, that is a bit of a stretch. So, make it ALL of the radio stations except NPR and Skare
Amerika, where they will most likely be playing the “L’Internationale.”
And, think about late-night TV. While I am gen’ly in the arms of Morpheus at that hour,
imagine the National Anthem interrupting TV broadcasts at midnight to play “Our Song?”
Can you imagine the apoplexy of a David Letterman or Jimmy Kimmel, both uber-libs, having
to cool the heels of their liberal “guests” while the Star Spangled Banner is played? That alone
would be worth the price of admission.
And, the song will be played straight. Perhaps just as an instrumental played by one of the
armed services bands and not a whoopdee-whoopdee version of some “singer” showing of their
vocal prowess. There is a time and a place for everything and while I can respect and admire
ones vocal ability, the National Anthem is not the place for showing off. I mean, you would
not have a drag race in a funeral procession, regardless of how powerful a car one was driving,
Now, there is more to this than just showing respect for our Country. Taking a page out of
Hank’s and other radicals play books, this has a greater potential and goal.
Where I would encourage you to contact your local broadcasters I would encourage you to
contact our friends at the FCC as well as your MOC’s.
While ostensibly it has on the surface the intention of playing the National Anthem it goes far
deeper than that.
We have heard that Hank & Co are keen on having the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” reinstated,
ergo limiting speech and particularly the speech of the Right. By contacting the FCC, et al,
they will get the somewhat subliminal message that We the People are far more patriotic than
they may think.
Each and every letter to the FCC to request the mandatory playing of the National Anthem will
also resonate as a vote AGAINST the “Fairness Doctrine.”
Similarly, a letter exhorting your MOC to support such a move will either expose them further
for what they are or have them make a decision. “Therefore, Mr. Congressman, I am sure that
you will agree the playing of the National Anthem on the radio and television a few times a day
is not only right and a patriotic expression but one who does not support such a display for the
affection of our Great Country must have their patriotism called into question.” (Always as
subtle as a flying mallet, am I.)
Hey, it is worth a try.
Speaking about speech, Hank seems to have a busy first part of the week coming up.
You see, come Tuesday, he is going to have aired in virtually all of the public schools a, well,
we really do not know what he is going to have aired.
Will it be a welcome back to school message or a Kumbaya sing along? I dunno, but to the
best of my knowledge, educators have not seen it yet. I am not suggesting that it would be
political in nature, of course, that would be wrong. Or, could it be some kind of indoctrination
of the kiddies? Nah, who would do such a thing? I mean, that kind of stuff has not been done
in the West since the ’30’s in Germany. (Thought it did and still does have some success in
some of the “socialist” flavors of countries.
I have heard reports that some “educators” are going to simply air the “show” whenever the
content. I am sure that these are the card carriers from the NEA and UFT. I guess whatever is
good for the powers that be, is good enough for them. Some other administrators are being a
tad more circumspect in that they are going to download the “lesson” and review it before
allowing it to be distributed to the kiddies.
Now, in a more civilized world, or administration, many educators, parents and children would
welcome a televised “visit” by the president. But when the actual “lesson” has not been vetted
by the schools and it is preceded by a “study pack” and includes assignments and questions to
ask the students, one must be very careful. When the accompanying letter states that “no other
task is more critical to our economic future and our SOCIAL PROGRESS (emphasis mine)
than what these schools can do” then one has every right to be up in arms.
Excuse me for thinking clearly but the primary purpose of a school is to EDUCATE not
INDOCTRINATE. It is bad enough that they are teaching grade school children how to put a
condom on a cucumber but to have the president lecture these little minds of mush and to be
able to articulate after the little indoctrination session “Does the speech make you want to do
anything” and “Are we able to do what the president is asking of us?” (Both of these questions
are included in the packets study guide.)
I wonder what they are asking the kids to do? Plant a tree? Be nice to your schoolmates? Send
an email to the Wh’ite House if your parents watch FOX NEWS?
From the "Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa Department, lastly, a correction and if
needed an apology.
In y’day’s issue I made reference to a letter from a friend in beautiful, down town Kansas. I
stated that “I gen’ly do not quote whole cloth emails.”
One friendly feller alerted me that in his estimation that “whole cloth” meant a fabrication, a
tall tale, in other words, a lie.
I was confused as to me “whole cloth” meant just that “the entire thing, unedited.”
As it turns out, we are both right but in the interest of being fair, and I am nothing if not fair, he
was “righter.”
Lemme ‘splain.
In the original sense, “whole cloth” referred to, well, an entire piece of cloth. Back in those
days, only the rich people had clothes made of “whole cloth” and the peons clothing was more
often than not a patchwork of odds and sods.
However I was surprised to learn in the more recent vernacular that “whole cloth” had totally
changed its meaning to refer to something fabricated, as if out of thin air.
So, Mike, if you took exception to what I said, my humble apologies. While “whole cloth”
does accurately reflect what I meant, it prolly would have been better stated that I repeated it in
its entirety.
(For the record, and especially for those newer subscribers, I urge you to check out the website
and in particular the “Why the Fish” [in contradistinction to the Marx Brothers “Why a Duck”]
link and somewhere in that bit of nonsense there is an explanation for some of the terms,
words, definitions and citations I use with all caprice. It may clear up some issues!)
Additionally, for the record, I was born in the middle of the century, but not the 15th!

T-Minus 423 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1234Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



2 SEPTEMBER 2009 - "We the People..."
The Constitution of the United States of America
We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice,
insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and
secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this
Constitution for the United States of America.

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

A few odds and sods….

(First off, you may have noticed something extra above. Starting today and going forward,
each issue of THE DAILY FISH will lead off with something special regarding our Country,
our laws and how we got here. Today we will start with the Preamble of the Constitution and
the next will begin Article I and so forth until we go through the entire document including
Amendments. Hope you approve, I do.)

Thank all of you, as usual, for your emails. All are appreciated even if it takes me a tad longer
to get to them.

Other than the spirit of Americanism and Patriotism, what really tickles me is the humor. In
many cases, it almost seems like gallows humor, in others, less so.

One reader wrote: “Having been married several times (my current marital status is a triumph
of hope over experience -- much like the current Democratic Party's platform.)” Perfect, Mac!
Another old Nam pal wrote: “Call me old fashioned but I'm holding out for appointment as
Pharaoh, Czars are so common these days. Besides the outfits are cool and not being a
greedy man I'll be happy with just a small pyramid when I checkout, something in the 200
foot tall range would be just fine.” Then again, Bre’er Bean has a way with words that I
A fellow Empire Stater came up with a priceless comment. Having read the website he
made the sage observation that there was a glaring omission from the acronyms section.
“’TOTUS: TelePrompTer of the United States’, don’t leave home without it.”
I have received hundreds of emails regarding the passing of Ted Kennedy. Oddly enough
there was not one expressing sorrow although a few hoped that he had made his peace
with God. Most of the others were less charitable. One that more or less expressed that
viewpoint, without being too snarky, came from Florida: “I hope they bury his bones so
deep that they won’t even turn up on e-bay.” Fair enough.
One was especially poignant and while I gen’ly do not quote whole cloth emails, this is an
exception. Thanks Mike for your kind permission to forward this:
You know my Mom is 94 and I often question her about the great depression, the war, and even
before all of that how things were.

People loved Roosevelt, they rallied around him and the war effort. The U.S. was determined
to succeed even if the Administration's policies were wrong. People went to work for the first
time in decades, and were making good money. My Dad used to tell me how great it was to
work for WPA, got paid $1.50 a day, and had money to spare at the end of a good week--this
was late in the depression. Prior to the depression, Mom didn't work, Dad worked with an
Uncle that was an elevator man in the area, and also helped his Dad with bridge construction.
In 1930 he became a Kansas City policeman, motorcycle cop. That lasted til '33 and he flipped
his bike and broke both his legs. He would have been laid off anyway because of no money in
the city.

There were no social programs, he got hospital care, they had to pay for it little by little, but
they were never refused treatment if needed. It is the same today, people can have medical
care if they need it.

Most of what has come out about Roosevelt's policies, the people didn't really know, news was
pretty hard to come by, and only the really big stuff made it to the radio. Papers were either
non-exist ant, or too pricey.
Point I guess I am trying to make is people got by, they didn't really know what was going on
except times were hard. They didn't depend on the Government for everything--WPA was
good, but didn't last, just like the stimulus.

Mom still won't have loans, don't trust banks, won't have a credit card, she did get a computer
at 92, but only uses it for games and e-mail. She has voted both Democrat and still votes for
what she considers the best candidate, she did not vote for Obama.

Just some insight from the past.
I guess the more things change the more they stay the same.
A quick point that I made in conversation with a good friend the other day.
In talking about matters economic I said that I am of the opinion that the best investments are
in precious metals: gold, silver and gunmetal.
With instability of major currencies and other fluctuations forthcoming it is not a bad idea to
hedge your savings with something other than a fiat currency. Add to this the rumors, at this
point, of a new currency, that which you have now may be worth less tomorrow. And besides,
metals have never been worth nothing. I am sure the old Enron stockholders can see the
wisdom in this.
And while I am not espousing anything other than exercising your 2nd Amendment rights to
bear arms, it may be a good idea to consider an investment here as well. With rules regarding
manufacture of munitions, the end of the spent brass program for reloading and threats of other
legislations designed to limit, curtail and possibly end the private ownership of firearms, well,
like the ads say “act now, before it is too late.!”
I was listening to Sean Hannity on the way home y’day. One caller made a series of inane and
inaccurate statements regarding the health skare bill. It was patently obvious she had not read
the bill and was simply parroting party rhetoric. In fact, she even made the inflammatory
accusation that Hannity was bought off by the insurance companies.
Hannity is OK and he does put a kind of “everyman” face on the events of the day. Where
Rush is somewhat bombastic and far smoother and my personal hero, Mark Levin, is orders of
magnitude more informed particularly in legal matters (that, plus, he does not suffer fools
lightly, something we share in common), Sean seems to be the “hail fellow well met” kind of
guy. He seems like the local political wonk but with a heart of gold.
But one thing he does very well is listen. In any event, he was tearing apart this poor
misguided soul in a kind and genteel manner. The caller said something to the effect that “I
caught you in a lie!” And like most of us who take the truth seriously, he took umbrage at the
remark and asked for proof. Well, she offered “the other day you said that President Obama
has increased the national debt more in one year than all of the other presidents. And he has
not even been in office for one year!”
Yes, this is the kind of logic employed by the left.
Hannity stated: “You made my point for me, he did it in LESS than a year.”

The caller did not seem to grasp that. Then again, what would you expect from someone
wallowing in the Kool-Ade.
Lastly, and I will try to make this short (good luck), something came to the Muse the other day.
You see, the Muse is unconvinced that the health skare scheme, regardless of the name, has
anything to do with health care but rather more control over We the People.
Let’s look at some numbers.
Forget the 45,000,000 uninsured, that is a pelosi number. Take away the illegals, the wealthy
who are able to pay their own way, the young and bullet-proof who do not see the need for
insurance and others the real number of those who are uninsured and would like to have some
kind of coverage is prolly closer to 15,000,000, and that is being generous.
(I have already discussed the percentages with respect to the total population and the majority
rules aspect, that is not critical here.)
That means that there are roughly 5% of the Americans who are not insured.
Now, look at the unemployment rate, currently hovering at some 9.5%, or roughly twice as
high as the uninsured rate. (And thank God we had the stimulus package, otherwise the
unemployment rate could have gone over 8%!)
(Huh? What? 9.5% is higher than 8%? Nevermind.)
The gov’t is willing to spend trillions-plus ostensibly to provide health care to some 5% of the
people but are not spending anywhere near that amount to provide jobs.
Now, before you think that the 5% and 9.5% numbers are wrong, quite frankly it make little
difference. If you want to include certain other folks into the uninsured ranks, please do.
Maybe it rises to 7% or even 8% but the bottom line is that it is not 15%. But, even if it were
to be that high, that means that 85% have heath care. And, what is the percentage of
homeowners? Do we need to give these people free houses as well?

Yet, if you insist in upping the uninsured percentages, you must up the unemployment figgers
as well. The 9.5%, or whatever it is this week, reflects those who are actively seeking work. It
does not include those who are taking part-time jobs until they find a full-time position, those
who are seasonally employed in some professions, those who have given up looking for a job
(perhaps their unemployment benefits have run out and now they are either living off their own
money or are collecting other benefits, such as disability or welfare) and others not employed
not of their own choice. As reported here a while back, the true un- or under- employment
figgers are in excess of 16% .

In other words, it seems no matter how you slice and dice it, there are twice as many people out
of work than not insured.

And, I would posit that given the set of people who are not employed and the set of people who
are not insured that there would be a, perhaps substantial, subset of people who are both
unemployed and uninsured.

There is an old saying that goes something like “if you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, but
if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for life.” (And if you READ the FISH, well, then
you are smarter than the average bear… and FAR smarter than most in Congress.) (But, I am
being modest and simply complimenting your perspicacity!)

Now, excuse me for thinking clearly, but given the above methinks that there is something
“fishy” going on.

You see, if the goal of this administration was to provide health insurance and as a sideline
increase employment, might it not make far greater sense to spend money on jobs? (And I do
not mean Hank’s civilian defense army, ACORN or any other activist groups.)

After all, if you have a job, you make money. Many jobs offer health insurance. Even if you
do not get health insurance from your job, you are in a better position to buy your own.

To synthesize, give people the power to earn a living and to control their destiny and they will
do both. There are many benefits to this as well. First of all, you now have money coming into
the treasury in the form of payroll and income taxes rather than being a drain on the treasury in
the form of entitlements. Second, there will be more people in the various private insurance
plans and even with the increase in participants you will have increase in premiums paid (just
like with taxes) and that will result in not only greater coverage but perhaps lower premiums.
(Almost like Reagan’s “Trickle Down Economics.”)

And, please, do not misunderestimate me with the statement of “more people in the various
private insurance plans” and the travesty Congress wishes to visit upon us. The difference is
that in the gov’t plan, just like a deficit, they have no idea when to stop putting people into a
plan. Whereas in a capitalistic society, participating in a private insurance company is your
choice and if your plan gets so many participants so render it difficult to be seen, you can
always see another doctor, change plans or something else. While perhaps not perfect, at least
you have a choice.

To sum up, if, IF, IF!!! The powers that be wanted us to be healthy and wealthy they would
pull out all the stops to get people jobs. This would mitigate the need for a “public option”,
read: mandatory, health plan.

But, it appears to this citizen that they do not want us healthy wealthy and certainly they do not
want us wise.

The problem for them is that little at a time, We the People are getting wise. We are wise to
their plans, we are wise to their lies and we are too wise to trust everything coming down the

T-Minus 426 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1237Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless


29 AUGUST 2009 - "Representation Without Representation"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

“’Never speak of a rope in the house of a man who has been hanged.’ In the same way, if
I were a Republican leader speaking to a mixed audience, the last word in the whole
dictionary that I think I would use is that word ‘depression.’”
                                                                  Franklin Delano

Now, that phrase provides a target rich environment.

FDR, Hank’s socialist hero, shows why he is so enamored of FDR.

Given, FDR inherited a fiscal mess from Hoover and the Republicans, that is a given. But
given the capriciousness of the economy, left to its own devices the fiscal ship would have
righted itself as it has done many times before.

FDR seized the opportunity to throw an anchor to a drowning man and inflicted as many
socialist programs has Hank has czars, maybe more. (But, then again, Hank may not be done
yet. I am sure there are more socialist reprobates out there looking for a gig.)

FDR took the weakness in the economy to mold it to his vision much like Hank is doing today.

Were it not for WWII, there is little doubt that the depression would have continued unabated
until the distinction between the Soviet Socialist Republic and America was blurred. (After all,
FDR did refer to Stalin as “Uncle Joe.”)

So, what we have is a guy who ran on and won on fixing the economy and did little more than
almost irreparably ruin it but was, ironically, saved by a war.

In more recent times, we have a guy who ran on ending a war or two and may do little more
than ruining the economy.

The cut and run Dems were all a twitter with the promise of a candidate who would end (read:
surrender) the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. All the weak-kneed sob-sisters who for the life of
them canNOT understand why we would want to wage a war against people who have attacked
our Country, who hate our way of life and despise our morals could not wait to have Hank
elected. (Methinks that the Left went on e-Harmony and found that their hate of the Judeo-
Christian ethos made them a perfect match for the Islamofacists.)

One of the cornerstones of the speeches that Hank read in his campaign promised that the
troops from Iraq would begin to draw down virtually immediately and that there would be a
total offensive withdrawal in some twelve to eighteen months. He also promised no new taxes,
no taxes for the middle-class, a tax cut for 95% of We the People among other lies.

I do truly believe that he does earnestly want to end the wars. Not in the way or the reasons
why I would. As I have stated all too many times in this column, ignoring proper rules of
engagement, ignoring von Clausewitz and ignoring the generals is a recipe for disaster. Hank
has done all three.

But I am curious as to why the wars are not on page one of the newspapers? Why are they not
the lead story on the nightly news?


Because not only has he not kept his word but things are getting worse.

The past two months have been the most deadly for our military in Afghanistan since the
campaign began. And, you can bet your bottom dollar (which, left to his own devices will be
all that Hank will leave us with) that if Bush or another Republican was president, that this
would be all over the news. It might, almost, crowd out the coverage of St. Ted’s funeral. (Say
what you will, at least they are getting this guy in the ground more quickly than Michael

I am confident that there would be huge headlines blasting the (Republican) president, holding
him responsible if we were greeted with such news. But, as we have a Liberal (and I am being
kind) in charge, this goes pretty much unreported.

However, with the untimely death of Sen. Kennedy (he outlived his usefulness after he killed
Mary Jo Kopechne), the airwaves are filled with praise for the drunken philanderer and more
calls for passing the health skare or health insurance reform or whatever other name they wish
to call it this week, you can be assured that the powers that be will use his death as a driving
reason to pass it, you know, in his memory.

So, let’s turn to that for a quick moment.

This is a horrific bill in whatever form it may come to fruition. While the Republicans have
presented no less than six other bills that will actually do what H.R. 3200 pretends to do (and
no bill longer than 140 pages and most a mere dozen or so pages long.)

I have received responses from my congressman (very much against it) and from one of my
alleged “senator” (for it, big surprise coming from Schemer) and others from many of you with
your elected officials sorry excuses for supporting this bill.

(SIDEBAR: The polls that I have seen indicate that most of We the People are against this
plan. Our MOC’s are supposed to reflect the will of We the People. Why the heck aren’t
they? Do what I do, I write back, thank them for their bedbug letter and remind them that I do
not support this plan, they are supposed to represent me and if they are not up to the job, I will
fire them next election. I urge you to do the same. By the way, I have learned that “fire” is
more toxic than “vote out” or “not vote for.” Apparently it seems more personal.)

Now, do not misunderestimate me, I am a loving and compassionate person. I feel for those
who do not have health care. But this bill or any like it is pure pelosi. Face it, anyone, legal or
not, can walk into most any hospital and receive care. (That is unless you walk into a certain
hospital in Chicago from where M’Obama used to draw a pay check where the practice it to
dump indigent patients. Typical.) Add to that some 85% of We the People already HAVE
health coverage and 85% of us are satisfied with it.

What I want is for some MOC to TELL ME WHY given the above.

(I hate to say this but I saw a very interesting commercial on the tube last night and further
proof that the Left does not think things through. Of all people I believe it was Sean Penn in
the ad and it starts with a roll of some billion dollar denomination bills that is rolled out and at
the end of the roll it states: “$700 Billion for the bailout”, another roll is rolled and the tag line
is “”$680 Billion for the war in Iraq.” There was a third roll out with another multi-hundred
billion price tag then the last one. One bill that represented $3 Billion for children’s health care.

(Now, it was powerful in the sense that it showed how little it would take to provide health care
to children. But, far more telling was the fact that the bailout crafted by the stroke of a pen cost
more than the entire Iraqi War. Of course, it also makes the war look frivolous. While I did
not see who was sponsoring the ad, given that noted “O-For-Infinity” Sean Penn was in it, it is
a better than even money bet it was some lefty group.)

Anyway, back to health care. I posit two and a half things.

First is that like any program there must be some testing. After all, you write a computer
program and you test, re-test and beta test before rolling it out, right? So, let’s test, re-test and
beta test before we do anything with health care.

We enlist ALL the members of Congress, Cabinet Secretaries, Czars, Wh’ite House employees
and all of their staffs and family members and let them try it on for size for somewhere
between fifteen and thirty-nine months.

Then get back to me and tell me how you like it.

Or, take the American Citizens who are without health care and without a means for paying it
and let’s see how much it will REALLY cost to provide care for them.

This administration has racked up a larger debt than all of the preceding administrations
combined, and it appears that he may be off by another $2,000,000,000,000 of YOUR tax
dollars. I am sure we can take care of those in need without bankrupting the country.

Or, is that his plan.

Any fool on a stool can see that this has nothing to do with health care or insurance companies
or anything else. It is a concerted effort to further erode our rights and freedoms and a power
grab rolled up into one.

So, given all that, the last word I would use if I was going to try to take over the country would
use is “reform” given that we have seen everything from the appointing of thugs and
subversives to gov’t positions, taking over industries and banking, profligate spending of our
money on things that are extra-Constitutional and now wanting to take over our lives as far as
receiving health care. And they are not even close to being finished with us.

No, my friends, this plan has nothing to do with providing care for poor people but it had
everything to do with taking control over us. You know it, I know it, Hank knows it and
apparently many of those in Congress know it. Were this not to be the case, they would have
scrapped this weeks ago and went to a more benign plan. I firmly believe that they have gone
power crazy and are ignoring the will of We the People as well as the Constitution and they are
on their own agenda.

Make those calls, write those letters and emails, attend the town hall meetings (more on that in
another FISH), tea parties and any other peaceful expression to protest against this plan, this
scheme, this plot to take total control.

T-Minus 428 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1239Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless


26 AUGUST 2009 - "The Lion Sleeps Tonight..."

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

BREAKING NEWS: Ted Kennedy is dead. Try as I can, I canNOT express any sorry for the
passing of Kennedy. While I hope he came to Jesus at the last moment and begged forgiveness
for all the wrong he has done, I am not confident he did. As recently as last week, and as
reported in the FISH, as if cramming for his finals, he made a plea to Gov. Patrick to subvert
the law and allow his successor to be chosen as opposed to lawfully elected as is the law in
Massachusetts. His life work was leading up to the socialism of America. The “health skare”
or “health insurance reform” or whatever name they will call it this week would have been a
giant step in creating a worker’s paradise that he could sit back and watch from his gated
compound. The greatest irony and comeuppance would be for someone to assume his seat
who would break the filibuster-proof lead the Dems have. It is highly unlikely, but I can
dream. I would suppose that the usual suspects, the LSM, will be pulling out their hair and
rending their shirts in sorrow over the death of Kennedy. Most painful will be listening to the
paeans about what a swell feller he was and so forth. I am sure the Kopechnes share the grief.
The papers will have this on the front pages, the networks will devote news shows and specials
to him and the majority of the liberal cable outlets will most likely have wall to wall coverage
and reflections on his life. As for me, I’d rather watch “The All Wallpaper Channel” or reruns
of weather reports from the late 60’s. Rest in peace Ted and I hope you get your reward.

‘Nuff said.

From the “Oh, Come Now! Department,” chaired by Professor Maynard G. Krebs, comes yet
one more czar. (I think this makes something like 57, I guess one representing each state.)

Forget about the early “czars” of education and energy, those sorta-kinda made sense in a way.
But Hank’s proclivity for creating more and more and more of these pseudo-secretaries has not
only introduced a kind of institutional governmental tautology but has dredged the bottom of
the moral lake to man these posts.

As if having one such czar who is fond of forced abortions and eugenics, another promoting
homosexuality and some who are not all that keen on marriage, military and other previously
important issues to most Americans, we now have one, a certain Van Jones, who is, well, an
avowed communist.
This is refreshing.

At least this guy admits it.

“But that wasn’t enough to assuage his anger. Convinced that American society needed a
wake-up call on race, Jones abandoned his plan to become a journalist, concluding that he
would rather make news than report it. “If I’d been in another country, I probably would have
joined some underground guerrilla sect,” he said.
“…while Jones was observing the first large rally since the lifting of the city’s state of
emergency [during the Rodney King riots], he got swept up in mass arrests. It was a turning
point in his life.
           “Jones had planned to move to Washington, DC, and had already landed a job and
an apartment there. But in jail, he said, “I met all these young radical people of color — I
mean really radical, communists and anarchists. And it was, like, ‘This is what I need to be a
part of.’” Although he already had a plane ticket, he decided to stay in San Francisco. “I spent
the next ten years of my life working with a lot of those people I met in jail, trying to be a
revolutionary.” In the months that followed, he let go of any lingering thoughts that he might fit
in with the status quo. “I was a rowdy nationalist on April 28th, and then the verdicts came
down on April 29th,” he said. “By August, I was a communist.“

I find it interesting, really, almost ironic, in this perverse way.

This Black man, who is a Red is the Green Czar.*

Take a look at the links below. On the one hand, you have Van Jones saying that he met all the
bad eggs in jail. Yet, his “official” bio in Wikepedia (I know it is not perfect) downplays his
time in jail, or merely an arrest. NEWSWEEK, always carrying Hank’s water, mentions
nothing of it. The last link (and WARNING, IT IS EXPLICIT!) is a “dialog” that proves that
the left are out of their minds.

With respect to the last link, there are the apologists who say that Jones never went to jail or
even arrested. But Jones himself says that jail was his incubator for his beliefs. But was he 1)
Arrested and released, 2) Arrested and detained a few days, 3) Arrested and imprisoned, or 4)
Full of pelosi?

You see, if he did not serve any time, exactly how empty was his head that it could be filled
with such thoughts in such a short period of time? I mean, we go to school for years and do not
learn everything but this genius is convinced to be a commie overnight?

That says a lot for his character.

It also says a lot for Hank’s.

How does that old line go “you are known by the company you keep?”
Take a gander at Hank’s pals.

Speaking of which, this brings us to AG Eric Holder.

You remember him, the guy how got Marc Rich and the terrorists of the FALN pardons from
B.J. Clinton. The one who threw out the convictions of the New Black Panthers who were
intimidating voters in Philly.

Now, he has his sights set on the CIA.

Now, don’t misunderestimate me. The Company has gone through a lot of changes in the past
decades and sadly little for the better. From a formerly right-wing-ish, America First kind of
place to hang your hat, it has through a succession of DCI’s lost its passion for doing the right

But, some in the Company do the right thing and of course, there are some who stretch, bend
and exceed the rules. (Not including the freelancers and contractors.) I am not going into a
history of the CIA but address one or two issues of the past decade.

Since one of the saddest days in my life, 9/11/01, the Company has worked tirelessly to get to
the bottom of the attack and to thwart any other attacks. I posit that if on 9/12/01 if someone
said that there would be no further attacks on US Soil for at least the next eight years, you
prolly would have been the recipient of a strange look.

But, we have not and that is largely due to the efforts of our intelligence community and in
particular the CIA.

For some reason, the thugs, murders, villains and terrorists were not impressed enough to spill
the beans about any other terrorist plots by being asked nicely or threatening that their valet
parking would not be validated. We are talking about animals with little regard for life save
their own sorry derrieres. (Of course, they are fine with someone else blowing up themselves.)

No, it took a bit more “persuasion” to have them give up the goods.

The Army Field Manual details that which is permissible in questioning subjects but quite
frankly where, in a “civilized” war, this would be fine, we are fighting neither a “civilized” war
nor dealing with “civilized” people.

I can think of myriad ways of extracting information from someone, few pleasant. Our
adversaries in Vietnam were not constrained by public opinion or focus groups to get the intel
they wanted. We have done none of the most horrific of methods of extracting information.

Veiled threats of physical harm to the terrorists or their families, waterboarding and a few
others, by comparison, benign forms of “torture” were successful in staving off a large number
of planned attacks on America and Americans.

The half of a dozen or so of planes that were to be blown up over the Atlantic commemorating
the fifth anniversary of 9/11 was quashed. Ditto other plane bombings hither and yon. An
attack on buildings in Los Angeles was thwarted as were many other similar plans.

Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of American lives were saved but we should shed a tear
because some sub-human was threatened by a dog on a leash?

Khalid Shiekh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of 9/11, who admitted that he beheaded
 Daniel Pearl and other atrocities was a treasure trove of intel that allowed us to mitigate the
plans of the black hats. Sure, he was waterboarded some 182 times and other threats to his
well-being were used. But, because of and not in spite of those tactics, many of you are still
drawing a breath.

Fast-forwarding here, the Executive Branch gave its blessing, Congress was advised of the
tactics and techniques and all is well.

That is until San Fran Nan gets her panties in a wad and then lies and lies again that she was
not made aware of the “enhanced interrogation techniques.” Of course her lies were exposed,
though not oddly enough NOT on the LSM. Others who were in the same briefings essentially
refuted her claims and stated that they were, in fact, made aware of what was going on and
what techniques will/could/are being used.

Of course, this flies in the face of all for which an Uber-lib stands. So to save her oft-lifted
face, she falls back on her genetic makeup and lies.

But even that is not enough.

She has to twist arms to try to get DCI Panetta and others to abet her, be it tacitly or overtly.
When there was reluctance to go along with her plan she went to “Plan B”: It was all Geo
Bush’s and Dick Cheney’s doing and they are the culprits. Typical, you get caught with both
hands and feet in the cookie jar but you assign blame to the other guy who bought a package of
Oreos and claim that no matter how you got the cookies, it is the same thing.

But that is not enough for her.

The Inspector General released a report that was on balance fair. But that was not sufficient for
her. I imagine she wished to see a report on EIT entitled: “The CIA and How They Tortured
Poor Unfortunate Middle-Easterners and How Rep. Nancy Pelosi Did Not Know Anything
About It, Ever, Really, We Swear.”

Now, San Fran Nan is asking the “fair and balanced” AG Eric Holder to conduct his own
investigation into this “torture” allegation and that she had no knowledge of any of it. Sorta
like “1984” all over again, she wants to re-write history. “We never tortured anyone but if we
did, I did not know about it and if I did, I did not agree to it and if I did, I did not like it.”

This, in my humble opinion, is little more than a smoke screen, a diversion and a vehicle to
cover San Fran Nan’s, most likely also lifted, butt. She cavils about the Company shooting off
a gun in an adjoining room to give the impression that someone got shot. But no one did. She
is apoplectic that KSM was told that his children would be harmed if there was another terrorist
attack. And they were not. Yet this president sends in drones to various and sundry parts of
Afghanistan and Pakistan and as a result some innocent citizens and children were killed. But,
that, I guess, is different. This same president who allegedly gave the shoot order to dispatch
the Somali pirates, but apparently shooting a gun in an adjacent room to a terrorist being
interrogated is a bad thing. (Again, do not misunderestimate me, doing whatever we can to
end terrorism or piracy is fine in my book. Hypocrisy is not.) So, please, spare me the
histrionics. Bad people need to be dealt with in a manner with which they understand.

This is political theatre. Here you have dedicated professionals doing their job to keep We the
People safe and secure. Facing dangers and perils to locate, capture and interrogate these
terrorists, all that they have done is to prevent any more carnage on our soil. Thusfar they have
done a yeoman’s job.

On the other side of the ledger you have an absolute, spineless coward in a Speaker of the
House who has proved time and again that it is “Nan First” and not “America First.” One who
puts her own interests ahead of her sworn responsibility to “support and defend the
Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic” and to “bear true
faith and allegiance to the same.” I dunno, maybe she had her fingers crossed or thought it
might be a multiple choice answer.

And I suppose we ought not be surprised when we see the Executive branch subvert that same
Constitution for some ignoble and personal reason to make sure that one of their own is not
tarred by the brush of being a GOOD and PROUD American. Is it that farfetched to think that
this administration would claim that all in the CIA are lying and San Fran Nan is the only one
with perfect recall?

I am not saying I am just saying.

T-Minus 429 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1243 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless



My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
As promised, (and be careful for that which you wish!) the musings of the Muse with
respect to improving the way we elect folks to represent us. Trust me, it is not the dernier
cri in things political vis-à-vis the electoral process, but, hey, it is an idea. Rather a series
of ideas. Some good, perhaps, some not so, more than likely. But hey I can dream can’t
I? And besides the FF’s had some pretty odd ideas, no? And, no, I am not comparing
yours truly to the brains and the patriots that founded Our Country.
But, like most FISH, it is food for thought, a launching point if you will. Take it for what
it is worth, love it or hate it, that is up to you, but please read it, think about it and share
your ideas.
Those who represent us in Congress, in our State houses and on the local level are duty bound
to represent us. Ours is a complex society and a somewhat convoluted political system.
Nonetheless, those for whom we vote, if they are victorious, ought to vote the way those in the
majority want.
They have been chosen to represent our interests in their office.
If you do not vote, you have no quarrel with the way things in gov’t go. You did not want to
play, you do not have a say. If there are those who were elected that you do not choose, you
will have to accept that for the time being and either try to work with what said official is doing
or get off your derriere and find someone to defeat him in the next election who will represent
your views, morals, mores, issues and whatever floats your boat.
I am not going to discuss all the sundry levels of gov’t as that is not the point of this but the
universal idea of how we can do the best to get the best person elected.
I do not mean to be catty but I posit that most people running for office will play fast and loose
with the truth, others will “bend” “facts” to suit their goals, others still become victims of their
circumstances or the process and others still will just flat out lie.
For instance, a politician who says that he will have the most transparent administration in
history, purge his branch/office of all lobbyists and so forth then immediately sets of to hide,
obfuscate, spin the facts and then offer patronage to those for whom he expressed putative
disdain, ought not to be trusted on any level going forward.
Trust is earned, not assumed.
It is easy to maintain trust once you have proven yourself trustworthy and honorable. Once that
trust has been compromised one has two choices: redouble your efforts to regain trust or
simply carry on and ignore the promises made to further your personal or political agenda.
Sadly, too many politicians fall into the second category.
More egregious is the politician who says that he will vote the way he sees fit, even if it is
against the will of the majority who elected him. This reprobate ought to be run out of town on
a very inconveniently and indelicately placed rail.
Sadly, again, there is little recourse to rid ourselves of such disreputable persons until the next
election except in the cases where such a politician is convicted of a crime that would cause his
removal from office and even then that does not happen, or if they are impeached, which is an
even less frequent occurrence.
Saddest still are the ideologues and psychopaths who see nothing wrong in perpetrating such
The best offence, therefore, is a good defense.
The best way to insure proper and honest representation is to insure to the best of our ability
that only those who truly represent the will of the majority are elected.
But, how can this be achieved?
There are powerful political parties who chose those good soldiers from their ranks to run for
elected office and they put the full weight of their political machine and purse strings behind
that candidate.
There are huge political action committees, unions, advocacy groups, cabals of plutocrats and
others who use their influence, pressure and money to gain their influence.
There are the grassroots efforts led by the common citizen who work tirelessly to do their best
to get their candidates elected.
And all of these and more are competing for your vote and all are perfectly, for the large part,
Bottom line, the candidate is advertised much like a product and the political campaigns are
indistinguishable from an advertising effort for any other kind of consumer product.
While “Brand X” may be the better laundry soap, the product from the large manufacturers
have the talent to produce slick commercials, cash to advertise their produce and the juice to
tell the retailers where to place their product on their shelves for maximum exposure. And
even, perhaps, use that influence to ensure that “Brand X” does not get decent exposure on the
shelves or banned from the store as well. (There are legions of stories regarding a leading wine
grower/distributor that uses the basest of practices to showcase their products.)
Bottom line is that while “Brand X” is a better product, cleans better, is cheaper, tastes great, is
less filling, whitens ten-shades brighter, kids and moms love it, if it is not given an equal
footing from which one can make the decision to give it a try, it will die on the vine.
The same is true with political races.
For openers, the political process vis-à-vis elections are an interminable process. In fact it
appears to be never-ending. A certain President of one of the more popular North American
countries told his supporters after his election that the next election starts then and there.
There is an old saying in sales “ABC: Always Be Closing.” Well, our politicians seem to have
adopted that for their own industry as well: “ABC: Always Be Campaigning.”
And you can tell who is representing and who is campaigning.
The one who is representing is doing his job, not often in the limelight, has a position and
sticks with it and, well, represents.
The one who is campaigning is doing his job as he sees fit, seeks out the cameras and
microphones, is easily swayed by public opinion or private pressure, will carry the water for the
party regardless of how his constituents see things, is gen’ly absent from pressing his district
until it is time for re-election than he is everywhere. He is campaigning.
I have a few ideas. I harbor no illusions that they could or will come to fruition. In fact, some
might even be unconstitutional, though not illegal. But there must be some checks and
balances the We the People can have to wrest the ability to have elected those whom we want
in contradistinction from those the various machines want.
Term limits is not the answer. This is like amputating a broken leg. There are some very fine
political figures out there who have served for many years and are deserving of re-election.
Then there are the others for whom one-term is too many and get re-elected term-after-term
based on the facts that they have a well-known name, have the machines behind them, are
“grandfathered” or have “inherited” the position or other reasons.
These are the ones that need to go and the sooner the better.
But how?
As funny as it seems and as counterintuitive as it may appear, we can force or even shame
those for whom we vote to do the right thing. My flawed plan is a start and I hope that others
will look at this and try to massage it into something that could work.
(Yes, I am eventually going to get to it.)
There are two aspects to the plan.
First is that anyone running for any elected position must fill out a questionnaire
 that is germane to their sphere of influence and locale. For instance, you would not ask a
presidential candidate about cutting down low-hanging branches on Main Street just as you
would not ask a town official about nuclear disarmament.
The questionnaire would be created by an independent entity. Questions would have to be able
to be answered by a simple “yes” or “no” answer. The source of the questions could be from
the citizens of a local area represented by the candidates and ought to be difficult and
For instance questions like: 1) Single-pay health plan, 2) Illegal aliens, 3) Prosecuting the wars
in Iraq and Afghanistan, 4) Abortion, 5) Gay “rights”, 6) Tort-reform, 7) Prosecuting certain
entities under RICO statutes, 8) English only or primary, 9) School vouchers, 10) 2nd
Amendment rights, 11) Veterans benefits, 12) DOMA and so on and so forth.
There canNOT be any allowance for middle-ground. Where one can say that they are for
something, or not, but when the vote comes down and he votes contrary to his promise every
safeguard must be employed to ensure that there is no wiggle room.
There are two things that can prevent waffling. The first is that all bills and laws MUST be
written in English and not just in the English language but in such terms that someone with a
high school diploma can read it and walk away with a complete understanding of what the bill
means. (Maybe we need a “Plain English Czar.”)
The second facet is that each bill will stand and fall on its own merit Coincident with that that
no un-related riders, amendments, codicils or anything other than the bill itself will be attached
to the bill. We have seen far too many campaign commercials where the voice says: “Smith
voted against protecting children from predators, Smith does not deserve your vote.” Of
course, we are shocked when we hear things like that, after all, how could you vote for “Smith”
if he is pro-paedophile, which is what the ad infers. What the ad does not say is that “Smith”
voted for a bill that would, say, provide needed benefit for the troops in the Sandbox or the
Rockpile and buried deep in the bill is a rider that defunds treatment for sex offenders, for some
odd reason. Chances are “Jones” voted the same as “Smith” but as “Smith” was tarred with
that brush first and any rebuttal would fall on deaf ears.
Therefore each and every bill will be exclusive of any non-germane verbiage or amendments.
Subsequent bill addressing an issue must be crafted to mirror the language (again in plain
English) as its predecessor. This will mitigate the “voting for before voting” against an issue.
The way bills are crafted one can “honestly” say that they voted both for and against a bill or
issue. A “yea” vote might have same result as a subsequent “nay” vote. Removing this
impediment to truth will cause a “yea” or “nay” mean the same on all of the incarnations of a
bill or issue.
Now that that is settled their will be no question as to how one voted, that a vote for something
did not really mean a vote against it and that there will be no impediments included in a bill
that would predicate one voting against a larger bill because of something stuck into it
unawares, we can move on.
Every candidate must submit their answers to the salient and germane questions for the position
for which they aspire. They must not only answer honestly the questions but swear to vote
faithfully for the positions to which they swore to support.
Now, what happens is that periodically, say two to four times a year each and every elected
official will be scored on their fidelity to their oath. Be it at the federal, state or any of the local
levels of gov’t, the questionnaire must be adhered to and the scores will be public record.
Passing score will be rigorous, I would like it to be 100% but there may be times that is not
practical. Therefore a 90% to 95% score would be considered passing. Records will be kept
indefinitely. The scoring will reflect the current periods score as well as a cumulative score.
To insure that nothing went under the radar, like an overdue notice, if an elected official fails
for a period that information must be made known to the constituents. Be it by a mailing,
phone call, article in a newspaper (without comment) or some other vehicle, even the most
politically apathetic voter will know if they have been duped.
Come the period that precedes election time having a cumulative failing score will preclude
that person standing for re-election.
This is a very unlikely scenario to happen in the near future, particularly on the federal level but
it is something that may work at the localest of levels, be they towns, villages, hamlets or
whatever. As it has been said that “all politics is local” it is far more likely to have success
with this kind of plan in a very small election. Over time this would garner some kind of media
exposure, perhaps as a novelty at first then as an outcry for reform at all levels.
Now, in a perfect world (ok, this is not and it will never be one and if it were to be, all of these
steps would be unnecessary), we would do one of two additional things.
First is to copy our British Cousins but with a small twist. It is a little different there where,
from what I recall, the national elections are called periodically by the Prime Minister and there
is a very small window, some four to six weeks if memory serves, for politicking. (Someone
please correct me on this. I seem to recall local elections held in early May, unless something
was good on the telly, but the election for the MP’s seemed to occur something like once in six
years unless there was a vote of no-confidence or by dissolution of the Queen in which case the
PM picks a date no more than the four to six weeks out and off for a short campaign season.)
We could continue with the seemingly endless quadrennial muck-fest of campaign mud-
slinging and character assassination but we could also limit it to the six to eight weeks (we are
Americans, we do everything bigger and better) prior to Election Day. This will 1) Limit the
exposure to ridiculous ads, 2) Limit the amount of money spent on ads (which also mitigates a
certain amount of patronage being sold), 3) Limit the lies and vitriol and 4) Force the
candidates to make their case, QUICKLY!
The second is most likely unconstitutional, but, does that really matter when it comes to politics
these days? After all, it seems to this citizen that this administration has had a fire sale on some
parts of the Constitution and some of the others are rather shop-worn.
You will have to stick with me for a while on this.
If we are going to take a candidate at his word that he will do EXACTLY what is limned in his
scorecard and assuming that there will be a difference between candidates, is it really necessary
to know for whom we are voting? I mean, after all, some voted for the current president and
they knew for whom they were voting but did they know the man? Hmmmm….
So, rather than Smith and Jones running a campaign for some seat, they each present their cards
and We the People vote for the card that most closely represents their views, values and
morals. Imagine that, if you will.
“Hey Bob, who did you vote for?”
“Well, Neil, I voted for lower taxes, increased health care and improved vets benefits, what
about you?
This way the tall, short, male, female, white, black, yellow, tan, plaid or whatever does not get
a vote for any other reason than what they represent. (Refer to Burke for expatiation on what
an elected officials and their duties and responsibilities towards their constituency.) The person
who best represents their views ought to get the nod and hence elected.
Now, I am not so naïve that there will be some kind of politicking even in this scenario. There
is little doubt that there will be sings and placards, mailings an emails, phone calls and
commercials for: “Smith: he stands for…” and the litany of things for which he stands will
follow. And there will be abuse and as I said, this is not all that practical and prolly not
Yet, this scenario can open the election to those of minor parties and other interested folks.
Perhaps if people voted for the person who best represented their views back in November,
even if Hank won, would it be likely that the Dems would have the majorities that they now
enjoy? Might there have even been forced to have a coalition gov’t as in other countries?
I am sure that many of you have heard about coalition gov’ts, such as in Israel and other
countries. You more than likely have a less than positive viewpoint about them. In reality, we
kinda-sorta have that here and now, but we do not call it that. You have the Far-Far Left, the
Far Left, the Left, the Democrats, RINO’s, the Centrist Democrats, Centrist Republicans, Blue
Dog Democrats, Republicans and a few Conservatives.
You can see that the parties actually over-lap.* There are some Reps who vote more like
Dems, and vice-verse, but fewer in the second case. Add to this the few independents (who
seem to vote with the Dems for the most part) and in reality we already have sort of a
“coalition” gov’t.
The one sticking point is the Senate.
You see, the House rules are pretty straightforward, more like a frat house than other examples
that pop into my head at the moment. It is the We the People’s House and it is run, for the
larger part, so that We the People can understand the goings on. (Sure there are some
procedural issues not found in Delta House, but if you have a modicum of understanding of
Robert’s Rules, you will do fine.
The Senate…. Weeelllll, not so easy to figger out.
This is a club not a fraternity. Bear in mind that We the People did not vote for Senators until
1913 or so, they were picked by their buddies in their state legislatures. Their rules are sorta
like Chinese Algebra or trying to find modalities in telemetry, underwater, blindfolded, uphill
both ways.
I posit that walking into a Turkish Courthouse without a law degree or able to speak the lingo
stands you in a better place getting off from carrying a few kilos of drugs than trying to figger
out the labyrinthine acrania that are the Senate Rules.
Oh, yeah, the Turks have a signed confession.
Otherwise why does it now take sixty-votes to pass a bill? To make it bulletproof, or rather,
filibuster proof. Then what is the nuclear option? A reconciliation? Or any of the other tricks,
canards, methods and so on that the Senate employ?
They do not want you to know what they are doing.’
Largely due to the fact that THEY do not know what they are doing.
But what we do have is an all-powerful Speaker of the House Senate Majority Leader and they
wield inordinate power. Add to this the Whips and other factotums, well, the Bosses tell their
minions how to vote. Or else.
Rather than the two major parties in the scenario about which I posit there can be four or five
major parties and a number of minor ones who will align themselves with one of the larger
ones, much like the Socialist Senator Sanders does.
No, it is not perfect, far from it but it is far better than what we now are saddled with.
Mayhaps we need a shake up, perhaps the tree of liberty ought to sport some topiary work, I do
not really know.
But that is the point of this exegesis.
These are some of my imperfect ideas, what are yours?
How can we make this work, how can we take Our Country back?
Like I always say, “If not now, when? If not you, who?
I am open to keeping this as an open topic as long as you like. We can work on this together,
your ideas, the other guy’s ideas, anyone’s ideas and then we can start sending this out to the
local politicians. Hey, ya never know!
Make it so.
God Bless and God Speed

22 AUGUST 2009 - "Can I Get a Doctor, and a Lawyer"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

OK, a few short things omitted from y’days FISH that will most likely take on lives of their

Many have said, intimated, conjectured, advised that Hank is a socialist (raises hand). Of
course he will equivocate any allegation to that end. But he was on a radio talk show and for
some odd reason, without being asked, he answered in the affirmative, well, without actually
saying so.
Speaking about a variety of issues in discussing his ideas and goals let slip: “You know,
passing a big bill like this is always messy. It's -- FDR was called a socialist when he passed
Social Security. JFK and Lyndon Johnson, they were both accused of a government takeover of
health care when they passed Medicare.”

Er, WHY did he feel the need to call his hero, the man he emulates a “socialist” if he, too, was
not one. Freudian slip? (And a Freudian Slip looks better than exiting Air Force One in shorts.)

But, FDR aside, there is little to compare that which JFK and LBJ did in comparison to wanting
to take over the health care industry and threatening the care and lives of We the People.

For some odd reason, I have enough faith and confidence in my fellow Citizens that they know
what is good for them. Similarly, the Left has been so disingenuous, so anti-American so
disingenuous and so mendacious that they think they know better.

Problem is that they do not think.

And when they do, they do not think past square one. Their entire rationale seems to be
grounded in O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi.” While they THINK they have someone’s best
interests in mind, they do not consider the consequences of their actions.

Where Della sells her hair to buy a fancy watch fob for Jim, Jim sells his watch to buy beautiful
jeweled combs for Della’s hair. Good intentions but with disappointing and not so useful

Here Hank is trying us sell us health care and we are trying to sell him on the idea that we do
not want rationed care, early death and lack of access. Even if the intentions are good, which is
doubtful, the results, if seen through to fruition, will be both disappointed and not so useful.

(For some reason “The Ransom of Red Chief” seems appropriate as well. This was the story
where a boy was kidnapped and he was such a pain that the kidnappers paid his father to take
him back. Do you think some of Hank’s voters might feel similarly and knowing what they
know today that they would not have voted for him?)

But regardless of whether Hank is a socialist or not, his answer was telling. It seems to me that
given an opportunity to be prepared for a question, he can formulate a non–answer or even a
lie. But when he is forced to answer on his own, sometimes the truth slips out. Almost like a
kid who cut school and writing his own excuse note signed “My Mother.”


Shifting gears, we are no longer looking to revamp “health care.” What we are doing is keeping
the lipstick and changing pigs and calling it “health INSURANCE reform.”

Well, isn’t that special.

And, they are trotting out the geniuses to make their case/carry Hank’s water, chief among said
geniuses is none other than that world famous expert on everything in the world, San Fran Nan.

Ol’ Nan has it all figgered out you see. She says that the insurance companies are bad and that
they determine what care you will receive (as opposed to what, the gov’t determining what care
you will receive?) and that they are, well, just plain bad. Of course she offers neither verifiable
proof nor any concrete examples where HR 3200, or anything like that, would be preferable to
the current plans.

No, her big reason for wanting to scrap the private health insurance companies is because
private health insurance companies are health insurance companies. Does that make sense to
you? Good, didn’t make sense to me either.

What the Sage of San Fran neglects to say is that the two largest insurance health insurance
entities in the world are Medicare and Medicaid. Both of which are facing bankruptcy. So, the
brains of the cartel is saying that private insurance companies are bad and that they ration
health care and we would be far better off if we put our trust, and our lives, in the largest health
care entities in the world that will ration our health care and are in danger of becoming

(Parallel to that specious argument/lie is that “insurance companies determine what kind of
health care you get, they decide what is covered and what is not. But that won’t happen under
OUR plan.” Ya know, they are right. Instead of having health care professionals making
decisions for the insurance companies there would be a level of bureaucrats determining what
you and your loved ones may get in terms of treatment. Let me put this in a different context.
“Cash for Clunkers” was supposed to be funded with a billion dollars and run through
November. It will end, a second time this Monday at 8.00 PM, EDT. And something like 2-
4% of the money has been paid to the dealers so far. The gov’t canNOT even give money
away effectively and efficiently and YOU expect them to know how to treat cancer, liver
disease, circulatory issues, the heartbreak of psoriasis and other ailments? Chew on that for a
while then get back to me.)

Just a quick word on insurance companies.

First of all they are private companies and that is a good thing in a capitalistic sense. But, most
every move is governed, regulated or controlled by the gov’t. And due to all the regulation and
oversight the companies are forced to capitulate to gov’t to conduct their business as deemed fit
by those in Congress who canNOT seem to get much right.
One of the major issues is the cost for all the “unnecessary” tests ordered by doctors. Why do
they order “unnecessary” tests? Because the gov’t mandates it. And this is tied into law,
specifically tort reform.

The way things are set up now, anyone can basically sue most anyone for most anything. Push
comes to shove, you sue someone and if you win, good for you. But if you lose, well, no harm
no foul as most lawyers will take malpractice case on a contingency basis and they collect only
if they prevail.

If civil filing a civil lawsuit has ramifications if you do not prevail, such as “loser pays” (and
this means court costs, lawyer fees and other associated expenses for BOTH sides), there is the
very real possibility that there will be less frivolous lawsuits filed.

Lawyers are clever, to say the least. And many lawyers are less concerned with the law than
they are with the judgment and their 25%, 30%, up to 40% and more of the judgment that is
handed down. You see, if you file a lawsuit based on malpractice, you can be sure that the
lawyer is going to find something, somewhere that the doctor did not do. Therefore the doctor
is covering his butt ordering most any kind of test that might possibly be used against him
ought he be sued.

Researching cases such as these are often time consuming and expensive. But, since these
lawyers are relatively confident that they will find something and will reap 25-40+% of the
judgment, they are willing to take the chance. (Otherwise how could someone like Silky Pony
Edwards “channel” deformed babies and “earn”, if that is the right word, some quarter of a
billion dollars in compensation from the pelosi lawsuits?)

You see, if you want to sue for malpractice based on the avarice of a lawyer who is willing to
take the case on spec and then take close to half of what you get, that is all fine and dandy.
But, with loser pays, the plaintiff would be forced to pay ALL the costs for BOTH sides if they
did not win the case. As I said, there are those who are willing to roll the dice and sue a doctor,
the health professional who treated them, and if their case is thrown out, well, no skin off their
nose, it did not cost them a penny.

On the other side of the ledger, the doctor had to pay for legal representation and the insurance
company had to step in and someone is paying someone else at the end of the day. The threat
of being faced with thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars or more of legal expenses
just might dissuade someone for suing for a million dollars for a hang nail that is causing “pain
and suffering.”

(While we are at it, with the Compensation Czar looking to screw C-Level execs, perhaps they
can show some good faith and limit the compensation to lawyers in cases such as these. I say
about $7.25 per billable hour plus carfare.)

But you are prolly asking, why don’t we have tort reform if it will save health care (which
really does not need saving) and limit frivolous lawsuits? And if you are not, you should be.

Is it because that there are so many lawyers in gov’t? Is it because the ABA are in the hip
pocket of the Dems? Is it because of any other reason?

Yes and no, but here is what I consider to be one of the more glaring reasons why tort reform is
being resisted.

Deadbeats, malcontents, gold-diggers, insurance cheats and others of their ilk are not the only
ones who are using the system to line or potentially line their pockets and those of their
lawyers. You have, for instance, convicts who spend their days reading law books and filing
frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit. Now, I am not saying that a felon ought not avail
himself to available information to exonerate himself or to right some other wrong, but there
are myriad suits that have nothing to do with their guilt or innocence or their living conditions.

I do not see why We the People ought to have to pay for the legal expenses for some criminal
who wants the gov’t to pay for hormone treatments and ultimately a sex-change, well that is
simply not on. He should have realized that he wanted to be a girly-girl before he committed a

But there is a more dangerous class of criminal abusing the system that the he/shes and others
of the incarcerated class.


If you look at the cases that the ACLU file, they will gen’ly file in some out of the way venue
where they can find (or have as a member) a sympathetic judge. Not all the time but often
enough to see the trend. And they have tons of cash to do their due diligence and try the case.
(And please do not even get me going on the Anti-American Criminal Liberals Union. Here is
a group that at this moment is demanding a teacher be fired because her husband offered a non-
denominational prayer at a dinner, at night, off campus and not an official school event, BUT
anyone can scream any kind of profanity in public, have whatever base statement they want on
a t-shirt and walk the streets, demand all sorts of horrific torture on Republican politicians and
more in a newspaper article. No, cursing and worse is free speech but saying a prayer in front
of adults is tearing down the non-existent wall separating Church and State.)

If there was tort reform each and every case that the ACLU loses, and thankfully they do lose a
lot, they would be saddled with the expenses for both sides. The way it is now a lot of the
ACLU cases go unchallenged is because, for instance, the husband of a teacher who offered a
small prayer in the scenario detailed above, canNOT raise enough cash to defend himself and
his wife and there are not enough advocacy groups with the resources needed to defend each
and every FRIVILOUS lawsuit that the ACLU throws up against the wall.

(And the ACLU, though possibly criminal in my humble estimation, are not stupid. They can
win a small “speech” case in some small town then use that as “precedence” in another
jurisdiction. But, my contention that they may be playing fast and loose with the law or that
they may be acting in a less than aboveboard manner can be fairly determined by a RICO

Enough for now. Hurricane Bill is hurtling towards the Atlantic Coasts and there are warnings
of 12-15 foot waves. As my house is on the water some 12-15 INCHES above sea level, I may
have some bailing to do if the barrier islands are breached.

T-Minus 433 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 12456 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

OK, a few short things omitted from y’days FISH that will most likely take on lives of their

Many have said, intimated, conjectured, advised that Hank is a socialist (raises hand). Of
course he will equivocate any allegation to that end. But he was on a radio talk show and for
some odd reason, without being asked, he answered in the affirmative, well, without actually
saying so.

Speaking about a variety of issues in discussing his ideas and goals let slip: “You know,
passing a big bill like this is always messy. It's -- FDR was called a socialist when he passed
Social Security. JFK and Lyndon Johnson, they were both accused of a government takeover of
health care when they passed Medicare.”

Er, WHY did he feel the need to call his hero, the man he emulates a “socialist” if he, too, was
not one. Freudian slip? (And a Freudian Slip looks better than exiting Air Force One in shorts.)

But, FDR aside, there is little to compare that which JFK and LBJ did in comparison to wanting
to take over the health care industry and threatening the care and lives of We the People.

For some odd reason, I have enough faith and confidence in my fellow Citizens that they know
what is good for them. Similarly, the Left has been so disingenuous, so anti-American so
disingenuous and so mendacious that they think they know better.

Problem is that they do not think.

And when they do, they do not think past square one. Their entire rationale seems to be
grounded in O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi.” While they THINK they have someone’s best
interests in mind, they do not consider the consequences of their actions.

Where Della sells her hair to buy a fancy watch fob for Jim, Jim sells his watch to buy beautiful
jeweled combs for Della’s hair. Good intentions but with disappointing and not so useful

Here Hank is trying us sell us health care and we are trying to sell him on the idea that we do
not want rationed care, early death and lack of access. Even if the intentions are good, which is
doubtful, the results, if seen through to fruition, will be both disappointed and not so useful.

(For some reason “The Ransom of Red Chief” seems appropriate as well. This was the story
where a boy was kidnapped and he was such a pain that the kidnappers paid his father to take
him back. Do you think some of Hank’s voters might feel similarly and knowing what they
know today that they would not have voted for him?)

But regardless of whether Hank is a socialist or not, his answer was telling. It seems to me that
given an opportunity to be prepared for a question, he can formulate a non–answer or even a
lie. But when he is forced to answer on his own, sometimes the truth slips out. Almost like a
kid who cut school and writing his own excuse note signed “My Mother.”


Shifting gears, we are no longer looking to revamp “health care.” What we are doing is keeping
the lipstick and changing pigs and calling it “health INSURANCE reform.”

Well, isn’t that special.

And, they are trotting out the geniuses to make their case/carry Hank’s water, chief among said
geniuses is none other than that world famous expert on everything in the world, San Fran Nan.
Ol’ Nan has it all figgered out you see. She says that the insurance companies are bad and that
they determine what care you will receive (as opposed to what, the gov’t determining what care
you will receive?) and that they are, well, just plain bad. Of course she offers neither verifiable
proof nor any concrete examples where HR 3200, or anything like that, would be preferable to
the current plans.

No, her big reason for wanting to scrap the private health insurance companies is because
private health insurance companies are health insurance companies. Does that make sense to
you? Good, didn’t make sense to me either.

What the Sage of San Fran neglects to say is that the two largest insurance health insurance
entities in the world are Medicare and Medicaid. Both of which are facing bankruptcy. So, the
brains of the cartel is saying that private insurance companies are bad and that they ration
health care and we would be far better off if we put our trust, and our lives, in the largest health
care entities in the world that will ration our health care and are in danger of becoming

(Parallel to that specious argument/lie is that “insurance companies determine what kind of
health care you get, they decide what is covered and what is not. But that won’t happen under
OUR plan.” Ya know, they are right. Instead of having health care professionals making
decisions for the insurance companies there would be a level of bureaucrats determining what
you and your loved ones may get in terms of treatment. Let me put this in a different context.
“Cash for Clunkers” was supposed to be funded with a billion dollars and run through
November. It will end, a second time this Monday at 8.00 PM, EDT. And something like 2-
4% of the money has been paid to the dealers so far. The gov’t canNOT even give money
away effectively and efficiently and YOU expect them to know how to treat cancer, liver
disease, circulatory issues, the heartbreak of psoriasis and other ailments? Chew on that for a
while then get back to me.)

Just a quick word on insurance companies.

First of all they are private companies and that is a good thing in a capitalistic sense. But, most
every move is governed, regulated or controlled by the gov’t. And due to all the regulation and
oversight the companies are forced to capitulate to gov’t to conduct their business as deemed fit
by those in Congress who canNOT seem to get much right.

One of the major issues is the cost for all the “unnecessary” tests ordered by doctors. Why do
they order “unnecessary” tests? Because the gov’t mandates it. And this is tied into law,
specifically tort reform.

The way things are set up now, anyone can basically sue most anyone for most anything. Push
comes to shove, you sue someone and if you win, good for you. But if you lose, well, no harm
no foul as most lawyers will take malpractice case on a contingency basis and they collect only
if they prevail.

If civil filing a civil lawsuit has ramifications if you do not prevail, such as “loser pays” (and
this means court costs, lawyer fees and other associated expenses for BOTH sides), there is the
very real possibility that there will be less frivolous lawsuits filed.

Lawyers are clever, to say the least. And many lawyers are less concerned with the law than
they are with the judgment and their 25%, 30%, up to 40% and more of the judgment that is
handed down. You see, if you file a lawsuit based on malpractice, you can be sure that the
lawyer is going to find something, somewhere that the doctor did not do. Therefore the doctor
is covering his butt ordering most any kind of test that might possibly be used against him
ought he be sued.

Researching cases such as these are often time consuming and expensive. But, since these
lawyers are relatively confident that they will find something and will reap 25-40+% of the
judgment, they are willing to take the chance. (Otherwise how could someone like Silky Pony
Edwards “channel” deformed babies and “earn”, if that is the right word, some quarter of a
billion dollars in compensation from the pelosi lawsuits?)

You see, if you want to sue for malpractice based on the avarice of a lawyer who is willing to
take the case on spec and then take close to half of what you get, that is all fine and dandy.
But, with loser pays, the plaintiff would be forced to pay ALL the costs for BOTH sides if they
did not win the case. As I said, there are those who are willing to roll the dice and sue a doctor,
the health professional who treated them, and if their case is thrown out, well, no skin off their
nose, it did not cost them a penny.

On the other side of the ledger, the doctor had to pay for legal representation and the insurance
company had to step in and someone is paying someone else at the end of the day. The threat
of being faced with thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars or more of legal expenses
just might dissuade someone for suing for a million dollars for a hang nail that is causing “pain
and suffering.”

(While we are at it, with the Compensation Czar looking to screw C-Level execs, perhaps they
can show some good faith and limit the compensation to lawyers in cases such as these. I say
about $7.25 per billable hour plus carfare.)

But you are prolly asking, why don’t we have tort reform if it will save health care (which
really does not need saving) and limit frivolous lawsuits? And if you are not, you should be.

Is it because that there are so many lawyers in gov’t? Is it because the ABA are in the hip
pocket of the Dems? Is it because of any other reason?

Yes and no, but here is what I consider to be one of the more glaring reasons why tort reform is
being resisted.
Deadbeats, malcontents, gold-diggers, insurance cheats and others of their ilk are not the only
ones who are using the system to line or potentially line their pockets and those of their
lawyers. You have, for instance, convicts who spend their days reading law books and filing
frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit. Now, I am not saying that a felon ought not avail
himself to available information to exonerate himself or to right some other wrong, but there
are myriad suits that have nothing to do with their guilt or innocence or their living conditions.

I do not see why We the People ought to have to pay for the legal expenses for some criminal
who wants the gov’t to pay for hormone treatments and ultimately a sex-change, well that is
simply not on. He should have realized that he wanted to be a girly-girl before he committed a

But there is a more dangerous class of criminal abusing the system that the he/shes and others
of the incarcerated class.


If you look at the cases that the ACLU file, they will gen’ly file in some out of the way venue
where they can find (or have as a member) a sympathetic judge. Not all the time but often
enough to see the trend. And they have tons of cash to do their due diligence and try the case.
(And please do not even get me going on the Anti-American Criminal Liberals Union. Here is
a group that at this moment is demanding a teacher be fired because her husband offered a non-
denominational prayer at a dinner, at night, off campus and not an official school event, BUT
anyone can scream any kind of profanity in public, have whatever base statement they want on
a t-shirt and walk the streets, demand all sorts of horrific torture on Republican politicians and
more in a newspaper article. No, cursing and worse is free speech but saying a prayer in front
of adults is tearing down the non-existent wall separating Church and State.)

If there was tort reform each and every case that the ACLU loses, and thankfully they do lose a
lot, they would be saddled with the expenses for both sides. The way it is now a lot of the
ACLU cases go unchallenged is because, for instance, the husband of a teacher who offered a
small prayer in the scenario detailed above, canNOT raise enough cash to defend himself and
his wife and there are not enough advocacy groups with the resources needed to defend each
and every FRIVILOUS lawsuit that the ACLU throws up against the wall.

(And the ACLU, though possibly criminal in my humble estimation, are not stupid. They can
win a small “speech” case in some small town then use that as “precedence” in another
jurisdiction. But, my contention that they may be playing fast and loose with the law or that
they may be acting in a less than aboveboard manner can be fairly determined by a RICO

Enough for now. Hurricane Bill is hurtling towards the Atlantic Coasts and there are warnings
of 12-15 foot waves. As my house is on the water some 12-15 INCHES above sea level, I may
have some bailing to do if the barrier islands are breached.
T-Minus 433 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 12456 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Well, well, well… where to start.

Back in the day, before Hank & Co started to strong arm the unions and others to be
sympathetic to him and his cause, he stated that “all discussions would be on C-SPAN. They
can have their experts discuss things and then I can bring in my experts.”

This was all part of his “transparency in gov’t. And that worked about as well as purging
lobbyists from the West Wing and nominating only those of the highest moral character for
important positions.

(Now, I am not sure exactly where in the hierarchy of moral character tax cheats, liars, eugenic
supporters and the other litany of black hats nestle themselves, but they are not high up on my

But that said, his remark about openness and candor and then his 180 degree reversal of this
caused some consternation.

So, here is a quiz for you. Who said: “He is such a charming liar.”

A)     You.
B)    Me

C)    Christine Brown, radio hostess on Air America.

Well, we all know the right answer is “D”, all the above. But most telling was his excoriation
for his bearing false witness on, of all things, Skare Amerika.       In fact, it goes further
with the comment: “It makes me puke that we have just been ‘Cheneyed’ by a guy named
Barack Obama.” (Link to the google page that will take you to a large number of other

The thing is that Hank does not negotiate, well, he does in the same style of Al Capone. The fix
had been in since before the beginning. He has dealt with certain unions and industries and has
made promises and cut deals with most all. How in the world do you think he got the support
of the steel workers union? I mean, these are the true-blue type, blue collar Americans who
would never trust a socialist. (More on that in a sec.)

But they did.

The fix is in.

And they are not unique.

Virtually all unions and industries who were “visited” by Hank and/or his henchmen were, to
coin a phrase, “made an offer they could not refuse.” And do not think that Hank’s, style of
politics, and by extension and association, is that dissimilar from those portrayed in a certain
genre of gangster movies. They are one in the same.

One group that refused Hank & Co’s kind offer not to have their windows broken is the health
insurance industry. Makes sense, really, after all if Hank gets his way there will be no more
health insurance industry.

What does the health insurance industry get in return for not playing ball with this group of
thugs? A threat by Rep(tile) Henry Waxman to have their executives dragged before a
congressional committee, have all their finances, both public and private, delved into by as
many agencies as needed and other threats to their continued existence and well being.

(Mind you, this is the same august body who pilloried the auto industry executives for flying
around in private jets. Oh, what is that? This is the same august body that just authorized over
a half of a billion dollars for new jets for members of congress.)

Back to an earlier statement and a time to connect the dots, if you will.

Hank is still looking for a church to attend in D.C. I have been there, there are plenty of them.
I do not know why there is an issue for him to find one to seek spiritual guidance. That is
unless he is looking for one under the pastorship of Father Mohamed, as one of you have
suggested, or is holding private services in the Wh’ite House with Rev. Wright, et al, as another

For someone who seems to be bereft of curiosity to sign a church roll, he seems curiously glib
with quoting scripture. In speaking about most anything of late he mentioned on more than one
occasion something to the effect that others were “as it is written in the Bible, bearing false

How dare he!

Sad to say it appears to me that most of that which emanates from his pie-hole falls into that
category. I guess he did not get to the part where it is written “judge not lest ye be judged” and
similar admonitions.

Again it is nothing more than a distraction to what he is really doing and pimping religion is
not beneath him.

Speaking of the Bible, for some reason “from dust you came and to dust you shall return” is
ringing in my ears.

Ted Kennedy seems to be not only an expert on death but is trying to negotiate his.

Forget about his killing Mary Jo Kopechne, for his fondness for causes liberal such as abortion,
for his life’s goal (oddly enough) in pursuing a health care bill that will surely kill more than it
will save, Ted is trying to stack the deck in advance of his eventual demise.

He must know something as he wrote a letter to the liberal governor of the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts. You see, in that state when there is a congressional vacancy the LAW says that
there MUST be an election within a certain period of time.

Well, that is not good enough for Off-Ramp Teddy.

No, siree!

He wants Gov. Patrick to APPOINT Ted’s successor, rather than holding an election. In short,
he is asking (as if a Kennedy ever actually “asks”) Patrick to break the law.

Tedward made the insipid and rather quite insulting statement that “the State of Massachusetts
needs to have two senators in congress representing the people.” As if to say other states do
First of all, if you believe that is the case, I have a bridge that crosses the River Charles for
sale. Second of all, if representation is measured by ego, the surviving senator essentially over-
represents the populace.

No, my friends, the true reason is that even with sixty senators he does not want to run the risk
that someone might get his seat who might not support the health skare bill. (Though, that
would be the cruelest irony ever, the man whose life work led up to this dangerous and
provocative bill to be replaced by someone who undermines it.) I would think that since he has
nothing else to lose by breaking the law after he achieves room temperature that he would want
to insure the unwell-being of the citizenry. Methinks that he would want his wife or some other
family member to take his place.

Well, that is about all for now. If I do not stop now this thing will double and redouble in size
as things keep happening. And, by popular request, I am trying to put together the plan for
insuring that only the right people get elected and safeguards to insure that. Gotta go, going to
buy a bridge here in

Oh, one quick last thing.

Is it me or does anyone else think that there ought to be a dress code on Air Force One? Not
for anything, that airship is representative of the power, might and respect of the United States
of America. The ship is meticulously maintained and basically spit shined daily. (And more
than one of you out there have been on or worked on that airframe, so you know what I am
talking about.)

That said, would it be too much to ask to dress befitting what that plane represents? Are shorts
appropriate? What’s next, Daisy Dukes and a tube top? Way to go, keep lowering the bar and
soon we will be able to simply walk over it.

T-Minus 434 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1247 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless


19 AUGUST 2009 - "Obfuscation Squared"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

“We have always been at war with Oceania, Eastasia is our ally!”

“We have always been at war with Eastasia, Oceania is our ally!”

“We have always been at war with Oceania, Eastasia is our ally!”

“We must have the public option in the health care bill! Nothing else is acceptable!”

“The public option is not critical, as long as we get health care! It is but a sliver of the bill!”

“We must have the public option in the health care bill! Nothing else is acceptable!”

And so on in the world of the absolute beginners running the shop.

SecHealth Sibelius said on Sunday that the public option was not critical to passing this
travesty of a bill.

SecHealth Sibelius said that “Sunday must have been a “slow news day” for her words to be
taken out of context. I am not sure HOW they were taken out of context as she said them, in
that order, on TV.

Bring out the drunken collie.

Add to the side-show, Spokesweasel Gibbs who clarified everything. He said: “The President
has always not been not in favor of having the public option not in the bill for the simple reason
that has always insisted that this must under no circumstances be or not be a debatable and or a
negotiable part of this bill. The President believes that all of citizens who are impacted by this
bill will be impacted by this bill that is of course unless the parties in question are not impacted
which would predicate a non-impacted condition for those not impacted by the inclusion and or
non inclusion of the public option of any bill, real or imagined. I think I make myself clear…
Look out the window, over there, it’s a condor. Now you in the back in the ACORN* shirt….”
Well that clears things up.

I heard a great line from Karl Rove, upon hearing this gobbled-gook, said: “Well, the
administration makes the case, who are you going to believe, us or your lying eyes and ears.”

(* Our friends at ACORN are no longer an entity. ACORN is now Community Organizations
International, or COI. Same crap, different bread. See further info below.)

From the other weasels, cometh the following.

Eric Massa, (D-umbasabagofbricks-NY) has decided that he is smarter than his constituents
and knows what is good for them.

Coming from the center of upstate New York in a marginally Republican district, he said that
no matter what he was drinking the Kool-Ade, that is supporting the single payer bill. Even if
all off his constituents did not want it, ‘cause Eric Knows Best!**

This hideous buffoon typifies all that is wrong with gov’t today. A REPRESENTATIVE to
Congress ought to REPRESENT his people. He was not chosen by tea-leaves or divined by a
lightning bolt from out of the azure skies to be the oracle for the people of Corning and
environs thereabouts.

Take a moment and check out the link, play the video then pick yer jaw off the floor.

Just as Einstein said “God does not play dice” so too are coincidences.

Lemme ‘splain, Lucy.

There are coincidences, fate, ironies and some things which some call “inconvenient blessings”
and, if nothing else, make our lives interesting. This may be one of those cases.

When one is so intoxicated with hubris and alleged power, one forgets how he got where he is.
Rep(rehensible) Massa has forgotten who voted him in. This is particularly telling in that he
carried his district by some 4,000 votes out of almost 260,000 cast, less than a 2% spread, or,
what a Dem would call either a landslide or a mandate.

For Massa to state that he will vote for whatever he wants regardless of the will of We the
People he is abrogating his duties in not REPRESENTING his district. If I, you or a coffee
table were to run against this feller, all (or, as they say on Long Island “alls’) one would need to
do is to run the sound bite of Massa saying that he does not care what the constituents want, he
will vote the way he wants and then end the add with “Your Name/Piece of Furniture Here”,
Will vote the way YOU want” or something to that effect.
We live in a Representative Republic. Essentially, this means that We the People have indirect
representation on matters of interest. We vote for Congressman who are supposed to represent
the will of the people of his congressional district. (We now vote for senators as prior to 1913.
Oddly enough this runs contrary to Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution which states that the
legislature picks the senators. Irrelevant to this discussion, however.) The total number of
congressmen and senators equal the number of electors in the Electoral College (something else
Hank & Co want to go away) and they vote for the President. (If you look at slate in the voting
booth, gen’ly above the name of the presidential candidate it will read “the elector for” said
candidate, or some variation thereof.)

Bottom line, as we are not a true democracy where one person gets on vote. (I know there are
nuances and umbrae and penumbrae with respect to the politically technical terms, but they
suffice for here.) We vote for a person to represent our interests in Congress just as we vote for
someone to represent our wish for president. While it is not carved in stone that a MOC vote
the way we want just as an Elector is not bound in some states to vote the will of the people,
one is treading on thin ice by not doing so.

Especially today when info, sound bites, election and voting results and more are delivered in
real time, if you angravate your constituents often enough, you will not be re-elected.

About six-years ago, I wrote a piece on how those running for elected office, no matter on
which level, must promise to vote based on the will of the local populace. (I will locate said
document and send it out one day soon.) Rather than pre-hash that now, suffice it to say that
someone like Massa would be precluded from running for re-election.

To wrap up this fine kettle of FISH, I have posted two emails I have received. One from
Senator Schemer who recognized my opposition to the health skare bill then goes on to make
his case why he is right. Of course, I had to reply to this pompous ass. The second id from
what I like to call a True American, my congressman Pete King. I am certain that you will
notice no similarities in their messages.

T-Minus 437 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1250 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless


My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

As I have mentioned before, two CHRISTmas’s ago, I was given a gift of a subscription to
“NEWSWEEK.” I am sure that the person who gave it to me had given it some thought given
my appetite for reading, news and politics. Similar, in fact eerily similar in a way, is the fact
that I also have an appetite for food, as do we all. However, giving me the gift of a
“Lobstergram” would have much the same physical result as a “NEWSWEEK” subscription.

Sorry, that is a tad unfair. You see, I am allergic to shellfish and I canNOT even be in the
kitchen if one is steaming these feisty crustaceans. I have a tendency to avoid such situations
much as I do when NEWSWEEK is delivered and the cover is graced with Hank and some
kind of pelosi as the crux of that issue.

Like a moth drawn to a flame and be given to giving in to other weaknesses, there are times
when I will pick up and look through an issue. I am rarely disappointed with the content as
each issue strains credulity to new levels of baseness and misinformation.

This week’s issue boasted something about aliens, of the ET variety not the illegal border
crossers or those hailing from a hamlet in Kenya.

But, it was a ruse, a canard.

It was a double-issue paean to things un-American, as usual.

Yet, it serves a purpose in the sense that it reaffirms that I am on the right track as other than
the proper numerical sequencing of the pages, little else was accurate or honest.

Then, on the other hand, it is troubling to me that some of the proles who read this will believe
that which is printed on its glossy pages.

Sure, the Left is morally bankrupt, bereft of even a soupcon of an idea of how our gov’t is
supposed to work and are quick to criticize without proof. But, for the most part, those people,
like my sparring partner of Saturday past, are lost causes, beyond redemption and not the best
investment of time in the interest of a return on that investment.

Those who are not politically savvy, those who have no grounding in things American, those
who are easily swayed by rhetoric, those who are looking for a quick political fix may be easily
mesmerized by the pompous prose (ooopss… throwing stones here) and lies of this periodical.

Case in point. The editor, I assume (not worth my time to figger out exactly who he is but as
his screed was printed before the table of contents, I will give him the benefit of the doubt),
made a circumlocution-like case for the use of the “N” word, in this case “Nazi.”*

Now, I found this of interest on a number of levels.

First of all, while making the case that this administration is not similar to the Nazis, I came
away with the exact opposite feeling. And if I was not convinced by his words alone, the rest
of the content The Wh’ite House Newsletter did.

While given the appearance of a scholarly dissertation, it was left wanting and even a cursory
deconstruction made it look childish.

The author cites and quotes Churchill in his run for PM in 1945, if I recall, and how he invoked
the “N” word, which proved to be anathema to our British Cousins and ultimately caused his
defeat. A number of other situations were cited as well, employing the “N” word.

But, as I have been saying since day one, there is far more information NOT said than that
which is, the reading between the lines if you will. You see, about three-quarters of the way
through the article, he makes the assertion that “Rush Limbaugh is a particularly vivid entry”
and after giving about a half-dozen citations of others using the “N” word, fails to give even
one example of Limbaugh using it. But, as we all know, Limbaugh is a bête noire to the Left
and no proof is needed or even wanted. Like Emanuel Goldstein in “1984”, the mere mention
of Limbaugh’s name is enough to send the Left into apoplexy.

Coincident and contrasting this, there was no mention of San Fran Nan using that word.

Odd, no?

Someone not as bright and as intuitive as readers of the FISH could simply read that and accept
it as gospel. We know better.

Speaking of gospel there was an article in that issue that talked about the “Abortion
Evangelist”, more specifically one of the last few practioners of late term abortions, Leroy

It is a lightly veiled tribute to George Tiller, late term abortionist, who was gunned down a few
months ago. The subject was a colleague of the dead abortionist (meow, I am throwing stones
again) and the article, as much as I could read of it, seemed to be grounded in an alternate
reality. The Lefty here was bemoaning the fact that when this chap goes to his eventual
reward, his technique for performing infanticide may pass with him, like that is a bad thing. (I
do so hate to over-editorialize, but I make no bones about my opposition to this barbaric act.)
This was followed by yet another attack on religion and God which seems to be a mainstay of
this magazine. (Recall the last time I railed against this abuse of trees that there was the article
about a woman who seemed to bridge both of the previous topics. She was fond of abortions
and for some reason she found it necessary to add that her sister who was opposed to abortions
on moral grounds was also, gasp!, a Christian! You get the picture.)

There is a column that looks at six or so public figures and rates them on their previous week’s
performance. Even with all the brouhaha about health skare and Hank losing on this matter, he
gets a pass. To skip to the chase, virtually all libs get a positive rating and unless you are
caught by twenty witnesses in flagrante delicto with an underage, boozed up collie, you get at
worst a pass. If the dog is a Republican they would prolly get the up-arrow.

However, virtually all Republicans get the down-arrow. No matter what. “Jim DeMint is
awarded the down-arrow. It seems that he refuses to stop breathing and spewing CO2 into the
atmosphere.” Seriously, if a Republican found a cure for all cancers he would get the down
arrow as well. “Dr. Conrad Servative gets the down-arrow this week. His finding a cure for all
cancers at this point in time was done intentionally to embarrass our beloved and holy President
for his brilliant and wonderful free, no cost to anyone, we swear, health insurance initiative. He
ought to be shunned.”

The article “What you need to know now” is a knee-slapper. Truly, I thought I was reading
“The Onion.” ** It is linked below, but other than the fact that there are aliens (prolly the only
thing that makes sense) it tells is that we are: not a Christian Nation, Elections are bad (maybe
not here yet, but they are working on it), Bipartisanship is bad (presumably because there is a
second party), American’s marry too often (and read between the lines here), Socialism is the
best medicine and a few more. (I will not comment on the part of bidets.) It is a testimonial
the 1st Amendment that such a collected pile of pelosi can go to print week after week without
being shut down by someone with a pair.

Anywho, I can go on and I’d rather not go on, so, check out the links for yourself, if you dare.

T-Minus 438 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1251 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless


17 AUGUST 2009 - "Somethng Else Fishy..."
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

“I heard Goering say that but I had to check with Goebbels to be sure.” (This will make sense
in a little bit.)

After a busy week I found myself at a little get together Saturday night. I had not met any of
the people before other than the host and his wife. There were about fifteen people and it was
a very casual event on their rear patio.

(Before I get to this, I need to switch gears yet again.

(Last Sunday I went to the San Diego Zoo with my g’kids. After walking around for a while
we stopped at the zebras. They were in a field and there was a very low stone fence with a
moat on the animal’s side to prevent their escape. Anywho, I am sitting on the bench opposite
from where two of these fellers are just standing there and minding their own business. There
is a chap in his mid-seventies or so sitting on the other end of the bench.

(After a few moments, this woman, with less sense and civility than the zebras, could not mind
her own business and stood in front of me [I must be a “dork magnet” as I wonder why I was
singled out] and says in a real haughty and snotty manner: “Do you know that people pay tens
of thousands of dollars to go to Africa to shoot zebras!” I replied: “Well, that is ridiculous.”
She answered: “I am glad you agree!” She was not getting off that easy so I added: “Indeed,
you can shoot them right here!” As I raised my arms as if holding a rifle.

(She gave me the look of death for some reason and stormed off. The feller sitting by us said:
“Good one, son.”)

I was having a bit of persiflage with my friend’s wife on the health skare plan. She is very
liberal and an Obama supporter, but I repeat myself. We were actually discussing parts of the
plan when another woman with less sense and civility of a zebra bullied her way into the

This rude and obnoxious woman then had to put in her “no-sense” worth of her opinion. You
see, I am always eager and willing to discuss anything with anyone but when a screeching
harpy sticks her beak into a, up until this point, pleasant conversation with the opening salvo of
“you are wrong, you are dead wrong on everything you said”, well, I am slightly less than
inclined to take her seriously.

I said “excuse me but I am having a conversation here” but she was not swayed and continued
her attack. My friend’s wife knew her and even though she more than likely was in agreement
with the tie-dyed interloper even she told her friend to be nice.

Nice was an alien concept to the other woman.

I tried to reason with her but I made the fatal mistake of trying to use facts and logic, which we
all know are like kryptonite to a liberal’s ability to intelligently talk about anything.

I mentioned that I had read the bill and it is fraught with perilous issues. She responded with
“no you didn’t, no one reads that stuff.” I asked did she mean that even the MOC’s did not
read it and after a moment of contemplation she came back with “of course they read it”. I then
asked that if that was true why do all the senators and congressmen seem to be stumped at their
town hall meetings. She came back with “that does not mean that you read it.” She had all the
answers, this one did.


Well, this devolved into her saying that Hank was the best president ever and that all the
problems were Bush’s fault. (Where have we heard this before? Oh, yea, in the papers.)

She refused to acknowledge that the “stimulus” package was a failure and when she demanded
proof I offered that even JoeBama said that “they guessed wrong.” Again, being allergic to fact
she said “he never said that.” I said that I would be happy to show her right now on a computer
that he said that. That offer was rebuffed with yet another non sequitor about something else
inane and untrue.

She showed her hand by saying, loudly that I was a “birther.” Now, I have never met this
woman before but that did not stop her from making a total ass of herself. I said that was not
necessarily true but for the record, Hank never produced an actual birth certificate. She
gainsaid that and said that he did. I asked her to prove it and she quickly retorted that I must
get all of my info from Fox News. Then added that she only listens and watches MS/NBC.

Huh?? Part 2

So, it is wrong for me to get info from Fox, which at least has some liberals on that channel but
she is indemnified by her admitting to watching only MS/LSD where Uncle Rachel Maddow is
the furthest to the right of all their hosts. (Not really, but I am not far off.)

Rather than to get into a yelling match with this woman (who goaded me to the point where I
actually quoted Bill Buckley by saying: “I will not insult your intelligence by assuming that
you actually believe what you are saying.” THAT got her attention.) I then walked away and
sought out some other conversation about baseball.

She was not done but it was difficult to have an argument alone so she stood there spouting
inanities until even she was tired of hearing herself.
(For what it was worth, a little time later my friend’s wife came over and apologized for her
friend. She said that while she disagreed with me at least I knew my facts.)

That said, the other woman somehow seemed to interject politics in everything she talked
about. It was learned that she was an auditor for the IRS and that she took particular pleasure
in finding errors in Republican’s tax returns. (I do not know how she could divine who was a
Republican or a Democrat. Perhaps if someone made donations to charities that were anything
other than ultra-left wing organizations, that would be a flag.)

She droned on that all people are tax cheats weather they were high, low or middle income
folk. One guy was foolish enough to say “all people?” She corrected herself that she meant
“all Republican’s.” (My friend is a Republican but other than us two I am not sure how many
others were.)

She waged verbal war on the Right and said that she had heard something on Bill Maher’s
show (I was not aware he had a show) but was not certain of its veracity until she heard it from
Keith Olbermann. (Now, does the opening statement make sense?)

Well, THAT is the voice of reason.

In case I was not convinced that she was an unhinged wing-nut, that confirmed it.

Her interjections went on for a while peppering various conversations then, apropos of nothing,
she spouts “I saw the Beatles twice, at Shea Stadium and Forest Hills and I would be happy to
talk about that if anyone cared.”

No one did.

Sadly, her husband seemed like a nice enough feller, had the common sense not to rise to her
defense and appeared to cringe when she said something stupid. He cringed a lot.

The point of this is that this serves to underscore what we are facing.

That being hordes of ill-informed, ignorant masses of drinkers of the Socialist ideologues Kool
Ade. Having ceded their free will to investigate claims, they have sold their souls to the black
hats and have received nothing in return.

The argument was made that if 85% of the people have health care why should we all have to
change for the other 15%. This woman had all the answers and they all were wrong. She said
that that is the American way, that it is in the Constitution and the majority does not rule.

As Curtis Sliwa would say: “You could not be more hopelessly wrong.”

This is what we are fighting. These are the people who vote in the likes of Steny Pelosi, Steny
Reid, Steny Waxman, Steny Schemer and the rest of the Stenys (Stenies?)

The good news is that is seems that we are winning.

It looks like the health skare bill will not be voted upon in any manner that looks like H.R.
3100. With the death panel provision (and no, there is not an actual death panel, but the term
angravates libs, so feel free to employ it) being deleted last week and now the public option no
longer one, the bill as it stands is dead, severely wounded or impotent.

This success is largely due to the effort of good people like you. People like you who took the
time to learn the facts. People like you who took the time to contact your MOCs. People like
you who took the time to send emails to your friends. People like you who care. People like
you who are scared to death that this administration will take all of your rights from you. In
other words, Good Americans. Well done!

Lastly, and typical, The Wh’ite House is blaming “third parties” for sending out “unsolicited
emails” to We the Sheeple.

Now, I find this odd and telling at the same time.

On the one hand, The Wh’ite House is refusing to accept blame for emails that have The
Wh’ite House Logo and address on it but is not vigorously seeking those who DID send it out.
If you do not see the logic here, by all means, you try sending out official looking emails with
The Wh’ite House logo on them and see how long it takes for the federales to darken your

On the other hand, this is an administration that is keen on letting others carry their water.
From the LSM to MoreOn.Org, to ACORN, to SEIU, to any other of the subversive
organizations out there. Add to this the shadow cabinet/gov’t of Czars and Czarinas, who seem
to have some kind of power or authority not found in the Constitution.

Methinks that if The Wh’ite House did not in fact sent said emails, a third party did with their

Perhaps my Saturday Night sparring partner knows something about this.

T-Minus 439 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1252 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



15 AUGUST 2009 - "Don't Make Me Come Over There..."
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

“Don’t do that!”

“Put that down!”

“Go to bed!”



“I mean it, Don’t/Put/Go… before I count to three… or else!”

Let’s face it, we have all heard these “threats” as a child and prolly have made the same one to
our own kids. But, for the most part, they were empty threats, thankfully. Sure, we may have
pushed or been pushed too far once or twice but we learned that the consequences were gen’ly
far less than they could have been.

I don’t know of too many parents who did not get to two or even “two and a half, and I am not
kidding!” before the child acquiesced. It is a rite of passage, question authority and see what
we can get away with but back down before the belt came out of the belt loops (or, today,
before one is given a “time out.”)

But that is just human nature.

I see the impotence of that threat manifesting itself today, particularly with respect to the health
skare bill. And actually, that gives me great hope.

Hark back to January this year. We absolutely had to have a “stimulus package”, if we did not
homes would be foreclosed upon, businesses would fail, unemployment would soar to over 8%
and other ills would befall us.

The Kool-Ade was drank, the liberal legislative lemmings walked in lock-step and voted for the
bill. Sure, Hank had all the answers! He was the smartest, handsomest, shrewdest, most
munificent and pious man in the world! And if you were not sure, just ask him!

So, the ACORN, PAW, SEIU, AFSCME, MoreOn, NEA and other radical groups pooled their
collective resources (think: RICO statutes at this point) and not only got this feller elected but
cast a spell over the double-digit IQ sub-set of Americans who believed his pelosi.

The bill was passed and what happened?

Well, we now have record home foreclosures, more businesses have failed, unemployment is
around 9.5% and other ills have befallen us.

Faced with this, and when questioned, not-exactly-a-genius JoeBama boldly stated that: “We
guessed wrong” was hardly comforting.

“We guessed wrong?”


A some-three-quarters of a trillion dollar “guess” went wrong?

In hindsight, that may have been one of the better things that happened to us.

You see, with Hank protesting so adamantly that we “had” to do this and we “had” to do this
now and after we did it backfired, well, it was like “One….”

(Quick note about the unemployment figgers. The administration is sooooo bleeding proud of
themselves that the unemployment rate dropped to 9.4% last week after hitting 9.5%. Wow!
Not THAT is an accomplishment. Except that it is flat wrong. Unemployment figgers, like any
statistic, can be manipulated. Part of the equation is that a person is alleged to be actively
looking for a job, and not just a check from the state. Well, at a certain point, gen’ly coincident
with one’s benefits expiring, one either goes “underground” and works off the books or is
declared “not actually looking for work.” Those in the latter category jumped dramatically last
month so in reality, the unemployment figgers did not actually drop but rose quite a bit.*)

So, where how does this factor into the health skare scheme?

Well, a few months ago, Hank said that “we have to” get the bill passed before congress
recesses for the summer. It was important, imperative, earth would tilt off its axis and go
hurtling towards the sun and other bad things would happen if the bill was not passed by then.

Well, once it became obvious that the bill was not going to get passed, Hank changed his tune
and said that it was “not that important that the bill is passed before the summer recess but it
will need to be passed by the end of the year.”

Well, for those of you in your seventy’s, that was like a stay of execution and a collective sigh
of relief was breathed.

Then, as if by magic, the scales came off We the People’s eyes, we started reading this travesty
of a bill and trampling not only of our rights but an acceleration of our eventual prospective
date with St. Peter.

Calls were made. Emails were sent. Letters to the editors were crafted. Town hall meetings
were held. Congressmen and senators were verbally pilloried.

What does Hank do? Hank puts on his hand-picked dog-and-pony shows and more to prove to
We the Sheeple that 65% of the people are getting it all wrong. (And the number of opponents
of this plan is rising every day. I posit that at the end of the day, the final number of people who
approve of this will hover very close to the percentages of atheists, gays, those against school
prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance and ultra-lefties, something like 15%. But, I have been
wrong before…)

“Two and a half!”

All of a sudden, San Fran Nan and Steny-boy are stating that, well, we do not think this bill
will see a vote this year and not exactly sure when it will in the following year.

So, where does this leave us?

Well, as usual, the libs are tipping their hands and telling us EXACTLY what we need to do to
defeat them.

When people go nutsy-coo-coo for no good reason, good people typically write them off and
may even change their mind about the issue at hand, even if they were previously favorably
pre-disposed to the issue. But, the groundswell of support to kill the death bill and done not
only at the grassroots level but done civilly has generated not only more support but a greater
awareness of this bill and has piqued the curiosity of many that there may be other things that
are other things that “are rotten in the state of Denmark.” (Could it be that “someone” “waxes
desperate with imagination?”)

Since Machiavelli does not apply here nor von Clausewitz, perhaps we shall beat them at their
own game by co-opting Alinski.

Rather than making large equine hindquarters of ourselves and as a result having popular
opinion turn against us, perhaps a more moderate and peaceful method ought be employed. Let
the thugs from ACORN, SEIU, et al make all the noise and garner opprobrium. Let us be calm,
press our issues in the town hall meetings, inform our friends and neighbors and quietly cut the
legs out from not only this bill but the entire Democratic “leadership.”

All we have to do is to wait them out. Just like in a hostage situation. Candidly, I see not a
sou’s worth of difference.

We are about a year or so before the mid-term elections get into high gear. In fact, in many
areas there are already adverts for/against candidates. And the longer that this administration
lies to us and their henchmen in congress swear to them, the better our position becomes.

We need to keep the pressure up, the feet to the fire and take absolutely nothing lying down.
We need to defeat each and every MOC who has supported any of the inane and insane bills
that have come down the pike. Do not be fooled by the “Johnny Come Lately’s” who are sure
to start to vote AGAINST Hank’s initiatives up and coming so that next November they can
say that they are with We the Sheeple. For you know the Libs will do anything to save their
butts and lying is their stock-in-trade. If you believe that they have changed their spots and re-
elect them, you can be sure that given a majority in the next Congress all bets are off. (You did
hear that San Fran Nan and Steny Reid are pushing for a Constitutional Convention, yes?) No,
we have to BEAT them and BEAT them mercilessly come November ’10, and WE NEED TO

Clinton was devastated after the 1994 House-cleaning and I do not believe that he was as
polarizing a feller as is Hank. One can only hope that his comeuppance is twice as devastating.

In contradistinction to the previous FISH, I hope you find this one far more positive.

Looking not only at the actions of some of We the People but the positive reaction by many
(mayhaps save those hand-picked to sit at the feet of Beloved Leader during one of his lie
fests), we seem to be gaining traction.

Of course the LSM is still not getting it as they are still singing Hank’s praises and treating the
death bill as something pretty cool. But even they are coming around albeit slowly. (One
troubling aspect of the ROP is that AP now has a “policy” referring to blogs, content and
news.** In some cases the distinction between “fact” and “blog” are not only blurred but
foggy and sometimes non-existent. Take a look in your paper. If you read something that
seems bitterly partisan for Hank & Co, I would hasten to look at the byline and see if the piece
carries the AP info. Thanks again, George Soros.)

And some more of the media are starting to beat up Spokesweasel Gibbs more and more. And
rightfully so. He is an idjit, no denying it and the fact he is patently unaware that he is
incapable of speaking the truth seems not to bother him. Case in point he was asked about the
unsolicited emails being sent to people from the Wh’ite House (I have received a number of
them) and the reporter said that he has actually received some. Gibbs said that he had no
evidence that was true. The reporter again said that it was true and that he is receiving them.
Gibbs undaunted went on to add that he had “no omnipotent clarity” (whatever THAT means)
that had occurred and before the reporter could get another question in, Gibbs turned his
attention and affection to someone that he figgered was in his corner. (BTW, if you are getting
these emails from our “Friend” [that is how he addresses me in any event] Hank, M’Obama or
David Axleweasel, check out the links below. ***)

Well, all for now kids, the Muse tires and I have some work to do. I am sure the target–rich
environment of political discourse will not disappoint and soon there will be more on which to

T-Minus 440 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1253 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



 * (This source is important as it is
from a VERY left wing group.)



14 AUGUST 2009 - "Into the Valley of Death Rode the Six-Six-Six
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

“Money, it’s a crime. Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie.”*

Ya know, that old Pink Floyd song makes a lot of sense these days. Sure, they are/were
somewhat liberal in their thinking but even in this sarcastic paean about money, it rings true.
(There is one line wrong where it says: “Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today.” It is
the love of money that is the root of evil. )

And that is the tone for today’s FISH.


You have some, I have some, we all have some and I would venture we would all like some
more but barring anything else, we would like to not lose that which we have.

This administration has turned everything upside down or at least has started to. One of their
greatest accomplishments is to get us to think in non-conventional ways. I do not mean that as
a compliment. They are throwing ideas, bills, plans, packages, stimuli and more at us at a
blistering pace. We are forced to keep up at a pace not of our choosing. But unlike a twenty-
five mile hike in full battle dress with a full backpack, at the end of the trudge, I doubt we will
be stronger. It is more analogous to dodging paint balls in the dark. Blindfolded. Uphill. Both
ways. In the snow.

Years ago, our money was based on the gold and silver standards. Back in those good old
days, there was only so much money that could be in circulation and that was limited by the
gold and silver reserves in our vaults. If you are old enough to remember, the dime, quarter,
half-dollar and dollar coins were made of silver. Paper notes had the words “silver certificate”
on the top of the bill. I am not going to sally into a discourse about that and the whens and
whys but suffice it to say that if you look at today’s coins they are made of other elements and
our bank notes have the words “federal reserve note” on the top now.

Rather than our cash having a value pegged to something tangible, such as gold or silver, our
money is now backed by “the full faith and credit of the United States government.”

I will let this sink in for a minute…


Let’s look back some years. At one time an ounce of gold was valued at $35.00 US. This
meant that each of your dollars was worth 1/35th of an ounce of gold. (Similar situation when
backed by silver, but you get the idea.) Today’s dollar has no such value, in fact, if you really
think of it, it is a liability.


Think about it. There were only so many ounces (pounds, tons, whatever, makes no difference)
of gold and/or silver and it was against the law to print more money than that which could
redeemed by the reserves. Otherwise the value of the gold and silver would have to be changed
to reflect the extra currency. Meaning the value of the gold would go up, say to $40 an ounce
but that meant that your paper dollar was no longer worth 1/35th of an ounce of gold but now
1/40th of an ounce.

To simplify things, taking currency off a metal based system to a “full faith and credit” based
system freed the gov’t to now print money as needed. (Bear in mind, countries still trade their
currencies with each other in gold. Again, another long story.)

(Similarly, I am not going to go into a long discourse about the Federal Reserve System. But I
do encourage you to read up A LOT about it.)

What does this mean?

Not all that sure, to be candid with you but in contradistinction to your dollar being worth a
certain percentage of an ounce of gold or silver, it is now representative of a certain percentage
of the “full faith and credit of the United States.”

The country is in debt to the tune of trillions of dollars.

This means that each dollar you have represents a slice of debt. In the Bizarro world of this
administration, it is conceivable that the richer you are the poorer you are, as each dollar that
you have is really a liability. And if you have no money at all, you are not on the hook for any
of the country’s debt. Capice?

OK, that does sound crazy but what doesn’t these days?

Now, the next step.

Without anything backing the dollar there is nothing to prevent the gov’t from taking a page
out of Lay’s Potato Chips play book and say, “we will just make more!”

With the near $800,000,000,000 “stimulus package” the huge stacks of cash for the auto
industry, and somewhere between $1,000,000,000,000 to $1,500,000,000,000 for the allegedly
“revenue neutral” alleged “health skare” scheme and adding to that the already near
$1,000,000,000,000 of budgetary debt from this year alone, one needs not be a fiscal giant to
figger out where the money is coming from. What they can’t tax, they will simply print more

Therefore, were there to be a liquidation sale of all the gov’t’s assets to satisfy the debt,
whatever would be left would be your “1/Infinity-eth” of the proceeds. But since it is highly
unlikely that they will do that (tho, I would not bet against anything at this point), what will
change is your personal portion of the debt. (And, to remind you, each and every trillion
dollars puts each and every We the Sheeple on the hook for a cool $30,000.00.)

Like Stalin said: “The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.” The
same holds true here, a buck is a buck, but a trillion is a statistic. (Let’s have fun for a second.
A trillion dollars can be represented by a line of one-dollar bills that will stretch from Earth to
the Sun and back again, TWICE and then to the moon.)

So, what does this mean?

It means that the possibility exists that real money will become irrelevant, especially if Hank &
Co gets their way.

You see, taking over one-seventh of the economy with hi-jacking the health care system plus
their interests in banking and the auto industry and their already huge holdings in real estate
and more, then factor in that they have their eyes on energy production then possibly
transportation, face it my friends, the own us lock, stock and barrel.

But, this will create an untenable situation especially with trade with other countries as they
will look at the mess we have created and not know what the true value of the once almighty
dollar is.

And we won’t either.

Would it be that far-fetched to imagine a situation as they had in the Eastern Bloc where there
were essentially two economies? There was, for instance, in Poland the “zloty” which was the
local currency in the country but was useless outside as there was no exchange value for it.
(Tho, it was thin enough that you almost use them as tin-foil.) The true currency of the realm
was handled at the federal level and the proles had no input or benefit of that.

Given that and consider that the federal reserve note is already a fiat currency, night the powers
that be introduce the “ObamaBuck” as coin of the realm and use the greenbacks for supporting
3rd and 4th world countries, propping up dictatorships, paying off Greenpeace, Amnesty
International, the United Nations and other radical international organizations?

Might this gov’t find it far easier to give everyone an account of some kind where in their pay
would be deposited and any and all taxes, charges, bills and purchases might be deducted? I
mean, after all, this was we could make sure each got what they needed and all paid their fair
share. (Or is that from each according to their ability to each according to their need?)

Of course, this will discourage and mitigate any kind of fraud or avoiding/evading of taxes or
failure to pay taxes or anything else. Big Brother will take care of all of that for us! And Big
Brother will make sure we play nice as we will have no control over our finances.

The card will also be our health insurance card. We will simply appear at the physician to
whom they send us and a quick scan of the card will bring up all of our medical records for all
to see.

The card can also double, or is it triple at this point, as an internal passport. With the gov’t
having their eyes on the transportation industry and controlling petrol, they will effectively be
able to ensure that we stay put and will be allowed to travel only with proper documentation.

Now some might worry what would happen if this card falls into the wrong hands. That would
be bad and I am sure that the powers that be who care for us so much would not want that to
happen. Hmmm… would you be the least bit surprised if our national identity number could
not fall into the wrong hands as, perhaps, it is engraved, lasered, tattooed or some other method
of insuring that we are who we are INTO or ONTO our hands?

I will let you draw your own conclusions as to that.

Back to the health skare bill for a moment.

There was some “talk” that the killing of the old folks might be off the table and out of at least
one version of the bill. Candidly, I have no idea how such a provision could get into any bill.
(Section 1233.) But this part of the bill has generated the most amount of flack thusfar. Then
the Muse said “you never put only what you want into a contract or a deal, you always put in
some stuff you do not care about so that you can bargain that away in order to keep the stuff
you do not want to give up.”

That is why she is the Muse.

Lastly, Hank was in Big Sky Country on Friday. Now, I don’t know about you but for the
greater part I have found Montanans to be rather conservative. Boy, was I surprised at the
numbers of supporters Hank had there. Ya know, I half thought that some of these folks were
bused in and hand-picked for the audience. Especially since his last “town hall meeting”
seemed more like a love fest than an inquisition of Beloved Leader.

Now, one might say “John, how can you make such a statement, they would never do that.”
OK, stop snickering. But what piqued my ears was less the softballs lobbed at the feller with
the big bat then one of the tough questions (maybe the only “toughie”.)

One chap stood up and asked how could this plan be revenue neutral and advised that the only
way to pay for it would be by raising taxes and he asked Hank that did he not promise NOT to
raise taxes. Well, there must have been almost ten people clapping in support out of the
hundreds or more in attendance. Yeah, the fix was in.

Further pimping the audience, Hank said something to the effect that “how could he come to
Montana and not pick a guy wearing a cowboy hat.” Wow! What a guy. I wonder if he comes
here to Brooklyn that he would say “How could I come to Brooklyn and not pick a guy wearing
a hoodie, or a Lakers hat sideways, or gang tattoos.” Don’t hold your breath.

Then he picked on Aunt Bea. This woman said something about a small company and having
health care for her “peeps.” Are you kidding? A seasoned citizen in MONTANA saying
“peeps?” Nah, there was nothing odd going on.

Truly I will have to watch it again as I was trying to work at the time but seriously I would not
be surprised to hear Hank pick folks by saying “yes, you there with the ACORN shirt…” or
“the lady in the MoveOn.Com hat…”, or, “yes, George Soros, how can I help you?”

No, I am sure it did not get THAT bad but he did pull his ace from the bottom of the deck and
ask for a “tough question about health care” and was assaulted with yet another softball.

I hear the fat lady coming…..

T-Minus 441 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1254 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



13 AUGUST 2009 - "The Doctor Will Kill You Now..."
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Something FISHY going on by you?

Hmmm…. I was surprised as anyone to notice the curious citation by Hank & Co regarding the
further deterioration of our 1st Amendment Rights. You see, the powers that be want to be
alerted to any kind of talk against the Administration’s plan to lower the median age of We the

Indeed, we were all alerted to alert the Wh’ite House just in case someone alerts We the
Sheeple that all is not good in the health skare bill. But, more on that in a minute. But I hasten
to add that despite my admonition that I would be incommunicado for a week or so, I am in
receipt of a goodly number of emails from many of you finding the choice of the word “fishy”
somewhat curious. I am flattered that you might think that it has something to do with this
thing of ours but I posit that it was more likely a Freudian Slip by Rahmbo who has a proclivity
for sending dead fish to his enemies.

Now, I made a concerted effort not to watch any news or political content on my little hiatus
(more on that at the end for those who might have a small interest) but despite that in waiting
for the upcoming weather I was treated to the offence of the sluberdegullion of a Sec State
castigating some poor inquisitor from lovely, downtown the Congo. Yes, Hillaroo, looking
more like Jaba the Hut slouching in one of Teddy Kennedy’s pantsuits, lounged semi-supinely
spouting some nonsense that she does not “channel her husband” and not having the common
decency to be either polite or accepting the fact that perhaps something was lost in translation,
which turned out to be the case. Yes, this is our representative to the world! Our ambassador,
if you will.

I am not a fan of BJ Clinton but after that display of both rudeness and smug self-bravado, can
you half blame him for his dalliances? (I did not say forgive, mind you.)

I guess this will be yet another opportunity for Hank to get in the company car, fly all over the
world and apologize once again for actions of Americans.

(And you would not be the first to “channel” M’Obama in a sense by saying that “for the first
time in my adult life I am not proud to be an American.” Some of you saved that for later.)

Now, is it me or is Hank on TV more often than was Billy Mays (rest his soul.)

Excuse me for thinking clearly but has this not transcended mere dissemination of news and
jumped the shark to propagating a cult of personality? Look at the ads from the 30’s and 40’s
in Germany and Russia and tell me that you sense an eerie commonality.

The ubiquitousness of his visage on the house organs of the DNC is virtually inescapable as is
his ability to avoid the truth.
Speaking of which, the crux of the biscuit.

There have been a number of “town hall” meetings recently. They have fallen into one of two
types of meetings. Rather than being redundant, they will manifest themselves as we trudge

Sens. Arlen Specter and Claire McCaskill each had such meetings in the past week or so. Each
faced a less that friendly crowd. Each was called on the carpet to explain in greater detail that
which is encompassed in the health skare bill. Each fell miserably short for making a
convincing case that it is a swell idea.

It is needless to say to you, my dear friends, that H.R. 3200 and anything like it in the senate or
anywhere else, will be fatal to many of us. Period, ‘nuff said.

But that did not disabuse Hank from making a liar of himself. (If this sounds “fishy” by all
means turn me in.) (And remember, telling something that is not true by virtue of not taking the
time to authenticate something is the same as consciously lying. However, Hank did lie about
support from AARP for his health skare plan. Figgering that this left-of-center group would
rubber stamp most any pearl of wisdom that falls from his lips he misunderestimated that
killing the elderly was prolly not on the top ten things that retired people wish to see happen.
More on that in a few…)

It is a statistical impossibility that Hank has read even H.R. 3200 let alone the senate effort or
any of the other variants of this plot to kill many Americans. (Yes, that is harsh, but so is
killing We the Sheeple. And as far as “senate” spelled with a lower case, they have been
relegated to the same level of respect as were the French after 9/11. You see, only a proper
noun in capitalized.)

Yet, the truth is of little import to Hank. After all how can one seriously claim he lied anyway
as he has no full grasp of the bill. His not being familiar with it will be his dodge to feign
indignation when you of ill health or have the nerve to live past seventy start dropping like

(Just in case you think I am kidding and YOU did not read the bill, shame on you, there are
“provisions” to determine how much care you will – or will not - receive in your dotage. Your
age will be a determining factor as to how much care, drugs, treatment or more that you may
receive. So, think about this, you are seventy, the life expectancy is seventy-seven. Who is
getting the kidney, or even the dialysis, you or the twenty-three year-old illegal immigrant?
[More on that in a moment.])

No. Let’s talk about that now.

First of all, in case you thought Rahmbo was the bad egg of the Emanuel Clan, enter “Doctor”
Ezekiel Emanuel. Well, to be fair and as we all know, I am nothing if not fair, Zeke is in fact a
medical doctor. However, he is not one of those kinds of doctors who puts a lot of credence in
the Hippocratic Oath.

He wrote a rather interesting piece in “Lancet”, the British medical journal, that talks about
care for the elderly.* Take a moment and read the link below. If it does not make you want to
run out and get a more “up to date” birth certificate, I do not know what will. It is scary in the
least and quite frankly puts good ol’ Dr. Zeke in the same class as another famous doctor,
Mengele. (Seems like a trend is developing.)

Now, consider that Hank had not lied, perhaps, when he said that no illegal immigrants will be
beneficiaries of the fruits of your labor that will fund this intrusion into our rights. But what I
found curious, and I was captive to his speech, was that as Hank was making this
pronouncement the crawl stated that there are 46 million “Americans” who do not have health
care coverage.

First of all, where in the Constitution are we guaranteed health care? Is that after the article and
section that speaks to “czars” and before the one that says one need not provide proof of
citizenship before sitting in the big chair and steering the ship of state down the sluices of

Now, as we have done before, let’s get to the truth.

Of the alleged 46 million Americans there are certainly a good number of us who do not have
adequate health care. There are also a good number of us who do not have steady jobs (more
on that in a future FISH), who are young and immortal and do not see the need for health
insurance, who are wealthy enough to pay as they go, who are temporarily without health care
for personal reasons and then there are the 10-18 million illegals who are technically
uninsured. (I say “technically” as the law states that no one can be turned away from a hospital
if they are in need of medical assistance. As a result there are many who take advantage of this
and they flock to ER’s around the country for their basic care just as the vast majority of us go
to our own doctors.)

So, and I do hate to be critical of Hank, but did he not tip his hand yet again?

You see, for his pronouncement that 46 million Americans are without health care would
dictate that all the illegals would have to be included in that number. So, what does this mean?
Who knows? I mean even Hank has said that he does not intend to give blanket amnesty to all
who have broken and entered into our Country. But then again, does that not leave open the
door for him to simply wave his hands and proclaim that all in America are Americans? I
would not be surprised.

Back to the town hall meetings, if you will.

We have all seen the one where Specter is being challenged by what I like to call a “citizen.”
He is beat up pretty badly and deservedly so. McCaskill is similarly confronted and is equally
unable to defend her position. (She is also eminently rude, but that is another story.) Now,
Sherrod Brown was to have an “open” town hall meeting but for some reason it was not open
to We the People but only the fine folks from ACORN, SEIU, NEA and others of their ilk.
This served to underscore their need to control who attends these things.

In fact, here in New York, the appropriately named, Rep. Anthony Weiner held a town hall
meeting comprised of mostly union members. So, given the Dems belief that they own the
unions how do you think it went? Nope, Weiner was browbeaten as well and had his milk
money taken from him. Even after a union big wig demanded that all behave, these people still
went on the attack.

Oddly enough, Specter, McCaskill and Weiner chalked it up to statistical anomalies and that it
was just a few bad apples upsetting the cart. “Few”, I guess, means “almost all” in these cases.

But in the interest of showing that those were aberrations, Hank held a meeting of his own in
New Hampshire. Here it was a far more bi-partisan group. There were, of course, those who
thought he was the Messiah and on the other side of the ledger those who merely thought that
he was the greatest man who ever lived. Boy, you could feel the tension in the room. In fact at
one point it seemed that there was a contest to see who could yell “Yes, we can!” the loudest.
Wow! How brave was he!

As usual with a Hank event, this was a hand-picked audience and even Helen Keller could see
that. In fact, it was sooooo lopsided that Hank actually begged for a “tough” question and
sought a challenge to the health skare bill that he had not read as of yet. The best that came out
of the audience was something to the effect that did he find it difficult to be so bleeding
wonderful all the time. What a tough crowd! He has a few more of these photo
ops/testimonials on his agenda in the next few days. Expect more of the same.

And expect also not to hear anything from the LSM regarding Steny Pelosi’s comment that
those who oppose the health skare scheme are “nazis”. Yes, she said it and you can look it up.
However, it may take you a little longer on “Google” than it will on “Bing.” For some odd
reason of late there have been more “timed outs”, “server error” and “page not found” when
searching for certain issues on Google. I wonder if that has anything to do with the CEO, Eric
Schmidt, of Google being an “attendee” of the Bilderberg Group. Hmmm…..

And speaking about the LSM I find it laughable that the “print media” are being blamed in part
for the “misinformation” on the facts of the health skare bill. And to add insult to stupidity,
Spokesweasel Gibbs also blames “the cable news shows” for the same crime.


Methinks when the powers that be say that the LSM is spreading “misinformation” about
killing us that they really mean the LSM are not in lock-goose-step with Hank & Co and for
providing any coverage at all for those in the majority who want nothing to do with this bill.

Anywho, enough for now, I need to get caught up on the events of the day as I have been out of
touch both intentionally and by forces out of my control. (You may skip over this if you wish.
As you know, I was in the San Diego area for a week for the purpose of #1 Sons marriage. It
was a great time and a fantastic wedding. The groom had no choice but to look dashing and
handsome, he is my clone, after all! LOL!, and the bride could not have been more beautiful!
My daughter, son-in-law and my three grandkids made the trek south from Northern California
for the event and it was the first time I got to see, hold and kiss my newest g’daughter! Starting
out in SD was one thing but the wedding was held up in the hills near Julian and, for better or
worse, there was no TV available. Godsend, I tell ya! As much as I wanted to stay longer I
had to return to work. There was so much more I wanted to do and people I wanted to see or
meet but time did not allow. In fact, as I was flying home it dawned on me that with the scant
exception of one-hour spent at the pool on Monday, I was on the go from the moment I touched
down until wheels up a week later. Now, I REALLY need a vacation! Thank you all who
were kind enough to send some kind of greeting and congrats to the new couple! ) So, that said
and there is far more to be said on this subject, I need to get back to work. Stay tuned and keep
contacting your MOC’s!

T-Minus 445 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1256Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



6 AUGUST 2009 - "Leaving on a Jet Blue Plane"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
(NOTE: This was written on Monday. However in preparation for my trip to the Left Coast, I
ran out of time to send it. Sorry. However, as we were winging our way westward, watching
the Daily Hank Show on FOX or CNN or whatever channel was on the Jet Blue TV, just as the
on-screen picture of where our plane was at that moment, and from what I can tell the tip of the
portside wing was just over Bergman, Arkansas, the crawl said something to the effect of
making an analogy between health skare and education. Trust, me, I would have looked a lot
smarter had you received this on Monday or Tuesday. Anywho, I need to get back to the fun
and sun in San Diego. Talk to you soon!)
Well, I do say, what an interesting bunch o’ emails from the last FISH. Outstanding was one
reader who wrote in commenting on the remark that Hank wanted to have the health skare bill
rushed through Congress but it took him six-months to choose a dog. It was commented that it
has also taken him over six months to find a Church to attend but he chalked that up to Hank’s
inability to find one with a priest named “Mohammed.”

There were quite a few comments regarding Hank’s speech pattern which I posit could be
something learned rather than inherent. Some have even suggested that a letter to the editor
might be on the agenda. Go for it, as you can see the efforts that you and others have been
putting forth with respect to the health skare scheme are working.

And, the LSM, being a collective bunch of weak sisters, seeing Hank’s approval numbers fall
may no longer feel the need to carry his water unnecessarily.

Which segues nicely to the following: Lies, liars and weasels.

Hank, during his campaign for the nomination and for the big job itself, promised (and as we
all know from our “Liberal to English” translator that “promise” = lie) that there will be no tax
increases for the “middle class.”

Now, first of all, how can 95% of the people be considered the “middle class?” But, I digress.

Even then his shiftiness had been exposed as the yard-marker for either wealth or “middle
class” shifted back and forth from $250,000 to $75,000, depending on the lie.

There are hundreds of clips and advertisements indicting Hank for saying that there would be
no additional tax burden on We the Sheeple. He knew then as we all know now that was a lie.
Putting aside the income tax, any taxation, be it FICA, medical or anything else that comes out
of our paychecks is a tax. He knew that any modification of any program would negatively
affect our income.

Then, this Sunday, alleged Sec Treas Geithner makes the pronouncement that all options are on
the table with respect to funding for health skare and other machinations against We the
People. This was followed up with essentially a parroting of that by Larry Summers, Director
of the National Economic Council, who also cautioned that a tax increase was possible.

Now, G.H.W. Bush was pilloried and vilified for reneging on his “Read my lips, no new taxes”
comment, in fact, it prolly cost him re-election. And, in all honesty, that which predicated the
tax rise was for the large part unforeseen. In this case, you have a political enterprise that had
plotted out much of what has transpired thusfar since January and prolly have their dance card
filled for the foreseeable future. Meaning, they KNEW that this would cost money and that
taxes would have to be raised. But, for the moment, the media are mum on this.

Press Spokesweasel Robert Gibbs, as it turns out, knows better. I gotta tell you, there have
been Wh’ite House Press Secretaries and there have been Wh’ite House Press Secretaries, but
this guy defies belief.

When asked about the dynamic financial duo’s comments about raising taxes, Gibbs stutter
steps around the question, as he always does when the truth could be damaging to Hank, which
it always seems to be. In what seemed to me to be the same breath, said that Geithner’s and
Summer’s statements were not policy and were simply their opinions for some kind of
possibility, and further equivocations, but then admitted that he did not actually “watch” the
interviews but had read “some” of the transcripts.

The Press Secretary is supposed to be the spokesperson for the President to the Fourth Estate,
he is supposed to be in lock, as opposed to goose, step with the President on the matters of the
day. But with Hank on the TV 24/7, this loose cannon seems to have either no oversight, no
input from the President, is just an idiot and a tool or all of the above.

So, if you are not happy with the lies the MIC tells you, feel free to be unhappy with his press

San Fran Nan, proving that she has not been sipping from the “smart fountain”, again made
more inane and insane statements. Apparently, she has Robert Gibbs writing her speeches for

She started out one of her oxygen-deficient rantings against We the People claiming that we are
“misinformed” and “wrong” on the health skare scheme. She goes on to blame the “ultra-
right” media and “hate-radio” as the sources for this bump in the road for Hank’s plan to ruin
the health industry. She goes on to intimate that the Right are haters, full of hate and so on and
so forth. She almost seems appalled at the amount of hate abounding.

Then she starts saying that the HMO’s and other health insurance plans are hated by Americans
and she agrees with that assessment.

So, she hates hate when it is from the Right by loves hate when it is from the Left.

But let’s look at this for a moment.

For some odd reason, the current administration is laboring under the impression that those in
the health care field in any capacity have taken a vow of poverty. They rail against the doctors
who charge too much, the insurance companies that do not cover everything and pretty much
everyone else.

They ignore the fact that the insurance companies have to raise their premiums to keep up with
not only inflation but the actual cost of doing business. Doctors order so many tests, a fair
number of them unnecessary from a medical standpoint but critical from a legal one. You see,
the trial lawyers have made a cottage industry of suing doctors, hospitals, HMOs, PPOs and
anyone else they can in order to line their pockets on the back of someone else’s pain.

(It is not uncommon for the law firm to collect 40% or more of any settlement. And just look
at the renowned ambulance chaser/ex-Senator John “Silky Pony” Edwards who he himself
made hundreds of millions of dollars suing OB/GYNs and others for delivering babies with
birth defects that somehow he and only he could find fault with the doctor as a reason for
them. Bottom line, he made millions and the malpractice insurance rates have all but driven
out those doctors from North Carolina.)

Yet, let’s look closely at this health skare scheme. I did not see anything in HR 3200 that limits
the awards for lawyers in such cases. I know that this is meandering all over the place, but had
there been tort reform years ago, doctors would not be ordering myriad of tests to cover their
collective derrieres and the awards in such cases would or could have been capped at some
reasonable level. And, just a thought, do the lawyers really deserve 40% or more of the

As mentioned, the medical professionals are seen by the Left as pariahs, that they are money
hungry people preying on the populace and worse. For some reason they think that the doctors
ought to take a vow of poverty and that they ought to regard their work as a vocation and not a

Excuse me for thinking clearly, but are not teachers of that same calling? (I think I may have
alienated a few teachers a few weeks back, I assure you, that was not my intent. As I said the
vast majority of teachers are good, hard-working and dedicated people who deserve our
admiration and respect. Teachers unions, on the other hand…)

How can it be that we entrust our most prized things in the world, our children, to teachers and
that they can teach them whatever the school district or superintendent wants. As good of a job
as we do as parents at home, our children gen’ly spend more of their waking hours in school
than with their parents.

Many years ago when Steve Martin was funny, he did a skit that went something like
“wouldn’t it be funny if we taught our children how to speak wrong?” Then, he continued by
giving an example of a person asking a child a question and the child answered in a random
series of words. They may have made sense to the child but not to us. Is it any different when
the creators of syllabi who minimize America’s contribution to the world but amplifies on all of
our faults? (Hmmm… sound familiar?) Or in classes where sexual and moral issues are
discussed or perhaps even have the children forced to embrace even if they are diametrically
opposed to our own beliefs and mores? Why is that all well and good? Why is there no hue
and cry demanding greater accountability for the school district’s actions?

Because the NEA and the UFT are in the hip pocket of the Left. They are huge contributors to
the Dem Party and the higher up one is on the food chain, the more money that person receives
for their campaigns. And, in virtually every major city, the teachers are organized and are
under the aegis of one of those two huge unions.

The AMA, while not exactly a union, does not enjoy such a large percentage of doctors as their
members as compared with the education industry. They do not have the clout as do the
teachers. But, I posit that being a teacher or a doctor (or nurse, etc) is truly more of a vocation
then simply a job. It takes a special kind of person to devote their life to the helping of others,
be in the classroom or the examination room. And the outside pressures on these dedicated
professionals are what is ruining both of their callings.

Again, there are some very fine school districts and systems and I am of the opinion that most
teachers are dedicated to their vocation and are truly dedicated to teaching as are most health
care professionals. But it is the unions in the case of the teachers and the gov’t in the case of
the medical industry that is the monkey wrench in the works.

Take a look at the genesis of public education and how it evolved to the point that it is today.
Now, compare that to the doctors of old then up through the years. I posit that the current day
incarnation of both bear very little comparison to a hundred or even fifty years ago. (I
remember going to public school for kindergarten and I know we said the Pledge and there
might even have been some non-sectarian prayer. Today, you canNOT even say the word
“prayer” in many public schools. I also remember doctors who made house calls.)

Where the Liberals have co-opted education as an incubator for furthering their ideology in
many cases, they will do the same with health care to cull the herd of undesirables like you and
me. The plan to have all of We the People’s health histories in one central location under the
watchful eyes of the gov’t is a tad scary. Couple that with the vast amount of other information
about each and every one of us that is available. Either for free on the internet or for an
exchange of a few dollars with some company that has your tax, arrest, housing and other
“public” records, that information can appear on someone’s desktop. And in a few key strokes
one of Hank’s minions can see that you have a history of obesity, have had a DUI, are a
registered Republican and belong to the NRA. A doctor is making a request to the Ministry of
Health for approval for a test or medication. Hmmm… do you think that you are going to get

I will leave you with this. This health skare scheme may be the greatest peril that we will ever
face. Forget about the lies, forget about ACORN’s involvement, forget about making nicey-
nice to “gender-confused” or any of the other ridiculous parts of this horrendous bill. It
provides a platform to not only control who lives or dies but for those who live will do so under
the specter of a gov’t that is like Santa Claus. It will know if you are naughty or nice as it will
know everything about you. Your health, your habits, your affiliations, your likes and dislikes,
your finances. Everything.

Enough happiness for one day and with this I will be off-line for the next 7-10 days. Please
keep up the pressure on your MOCs to express your disapproval on HR 3200 and anything else
you do not like.
T-Minus 449 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1262 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



1 AUGUST 2009 - "More Seeds and Stems"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Time for some odds and sods…

The health skare bill narrowly passed the House Committee. Spokesweasel for the committee,
Henry Waxman, said that it was a “good bill, one that Dems, Reps and Conservatives can

This is typical Lib pelosi. And typical of this bought and paid for politician to lie.

“But, John, how can you tell he is lying?” Well, I am not going to answer with that old line:
“his lips are moving”, as true as that might be, but he tells you, in fact gives two pieces of proof
that he is lying.

First, he says “it is a good bill.” Pelosi! Not only is it not a good bill but more and more
people know that it is not. And trust me, which is an interesting thing to say when talking
about liberals, if the emails that I am getting from you are even slightly representative of the
rest of We the People, then “They the MOC’s” are being inundated with emails, letters, calls,
petitions and so forth. There has even been a tiny item here and there in the LSM “alleging”
some “dissatisfaction” with the bill.

Second, if this is such a good bill with such wide ranging appeal, why did it squeak thru
committee, 31-28. In fact, while no Reps broke ranks, five Dems did. Hmmm….?
One wag wrote, and I love the line: “It took Obama six-months to pick a dog but he wants the
bill to go through Congress before 31 July?” THAT, my friends, is a telling statement and one
that amplifies this administration's deficiencies.

Keep up the good work, my friends, it appears that your pressure is working.*

Someone wrote to me the other day and commented on something I wrote in a FISH regarding
the break neck speed and diversity of scope that Hank & Co are working to destroy America.
He wisely pointed out that they must have had this planned out before taking office. I could
not agree more.

But there is, I suspect, something more sinister afoot. And since I refuse to give this
administration a break until they start dealing from the top of the deck, I will suspect the worst.

It had been said that with all of their Five-Year Plans, that the Soviets did not “even take a
dump without a plan.” (Sorry for the citation, but it is appropriate. I believe it came from “The
Hunt for Red October.”) And, this good Marxist would fall in lock step with that paradigm.

However, as my late dad would say: “They are so smart, they’re stupid.”

Hardly oxymoronic, this too, typifies Hank & Co.

Every administration has a plan, a goal, a blueprint, for that which they want to do. This one is
no different with the exception that allowed to go to fruition they would create a Country
unfamiliar to one of a mere generation ago. No, they have a plan and one that includes
diversions, subterfuge, red-herrings and so forth. They know that their plot against America
will be met with some resistance hither and yon. They know if they take it nice and easy that
We the Sheeple will catch on and stall them. That is why, like a magician, they are expert at
diverting our attention, to get us to look at the left hand while not paying attention to what the
other left hand is doing.

Case in point: Sotomayor. How is she doing? What have we heard about her recently? Not a
lot as the health skare plan has been hogging the limelight. And, do not misunderestimate me,
there will be some horse-trading of votes between the SCOTUS nomination and the plan to
drastically lower the median age of we Americans. And while unlikely, I would not be so
surprised to see that Sonia baby is thrown under the bus in order to garner sufficient votes to
pass HR 3200.

But, even that works to Hank’s advantage. As mentioned, Sonia is not the most radical of the
possible choices for the life time subscription to the big leather chair. In his cupidity for power,
he could and would sacrifice Sotomayor to get the controls and levers of the health care and
then wind up with an even more radical Justice, crying crocodile tears that “the big, bad
Republicans did not like Sonia, so, you owe this to me!”

I am not saying this will happen, I am just saying.

But, what I think Hank did not count on was the degree of resistance of We the People.

I am sure he figgered that we all would not go skipping happily into socialism singing Kumbya
but I do not think he figgered that there would be the Tea-Parties, the rallies and getting the
backs up of good people like you deluging Congress with demands to stop the insanity. And
maybe that is why he created the maelstrom of the Skippy Gates issue. One more deflection
and misdirection.

Speaking about racists for a second, tell me that you did not get all teary-eyed and a sense of
pride seeing Hank, JoeBama, PO Crowley and the agitator Gates in the Wh’ite House

Again, and I have said it time and time again, God does not play dice with the Universe. And
even the choices of beer are proof of that.

The Muse, putting down her bottle of Opal Nera for a moment, saw the irony in the choice of
quaff this quartette was “enjoying.”

Let’s take a look, shall we? Do! Let’s!

Professor Gates was drinking a “Sam Adams Light.” Which makes sense. Sam Adams was
from Boston, so Gates was showing his support for his “hometown.” Adams was a patriot.
Gates FAR less so. Ergo that “light”, in this case, is most appropriate.

Hank was sipping on a “Bud Light.” And as “Hank” is an all-American name, as is “Bud.”
And that said, considering the light-weight that Hank is, it was an imperative that he, too, drank
a “light” beer.

JoeBama was drinking a “Bucklers”, which is a non-alcoholic beer. (Two things, to be
accurate, it is not a “non-alcoholic” beer but an “alcohol removed beer. And second, why
bother, rails the Muse!) I guess when you have an intellect such as JoeBiden’s that you do not
want to cloud his crystal clear judgment with alcohol. Then again, perhaps as “Norm” from
“Cheers” detailed in his explanation on why he drinks so much beer, perhaps JoeBiden’s heard
has been thinned too greatly.

Then there is PO Crowley who had at hand a “Blue Moon.” And, oddly enough in the picture I
saw, his glass had the least amount of beer in it. I know I would have had to have been heavily
fortified to sit in on this particular symposium.

Yet, I wonder why the best brewed and second most well-known beer from Golden, CO, was
his choice of suds.

Could it be that he knew that it would be a “blue moon” before he got an apology from Gates
and Hank?

A few other little things seemed a tad odd, as opposed to the entire thing which was very much
so. Crowley and Gates both wore suits, and well they should, they are guests of the President in
the Wh’ite House, one ought to dress with respect. Yet the hosts looked like they rolled in
from a all-nighter of twisting arms.

But… there is one leeeedle thing that is rolling to and fro in my mind. Why was Biden there?
What did he bring to the table? (Certainly not something good to drink.) I really hate to even
think this but considering all the facts and the racism that predicated not only Skippy’s arrest
but Hank’s jejune remarks that further incited (intentionally, perhaps, as mentioned, a
calculated move) this even, is it that far-fetched that JoeBiden was there to level the playing
field so that it did not appear that Crowley was there seated between two angry persons of
color? Nah……… ;)

Now, from the “Department that God has a Sense of the Sublime,” it was reported y’day that
one of the most highly compensated Senators, by Fannie and Freddy and others, Christopher
Dodd of Connecticut has prostate cancer.

First of all, my prayers go out to him as I wish no one ill, especially to be ill with the Big
Casino. But, I find it somewhat ironic and I can only hope and pray more that he will see the
error of his ways.

You see, in certain countries what have socialized medicine it is unlikely that he would have
been diagnosed so quickly and be able to get treatment at the preeminent cancer hospital in the
Country, Sloan –Kettering. You see, if Chris was a regular Joe who was sixty-five years of age,
assuming that he was diagnosed in time for him to receive treatment, he would prolly not live
long enough to get it.

In other words he would die.

I wonder if enough of us wrote to our MOC’s who are sixty-plus years old and told them that,
might they have a different point of view. Especially those of you who ARE over sixty now.

(SIDEBAR: Rep John Fleming R-LA, introduced a bill that would force ALL MOC’s to forego
their current swell health insurance plan and join the plan that they want to foist upon us.**
Take a moment and send the good Congressman a word of encouragement .)

The “cash for clunkers” scheme almost came to a crashing halt the other day. Apparently the
$1,000,000,000 that they had set aside for the veiled “bailout” was spent in less than half the
time that they expected. There was much concern that they might not be able to continue with
the program. Well, thank God, cooler heads prevailed. The geniuses realize that it was not real
money but We the Sheeple’s money, so it made no difference how much of our money they
give away. After all, it does not come out of their hip, or health care program. So, they made
another $2,000,000,000 available to give back to the tax payers who are buying cars.
(Assuming that they are all tax-payers. Hmmmm.. may have made more sense to make this an
ITC rather than a flat cash back. At least those who PAY taxes would be the ones to benefit
from their own hard work. But, I reckon they figgered, it is only money. And like “Lay’s
Potato Chips”, if they run out of money, they can always make more.

One last thing. I want you to think about this very carefully. Listen to Hank speak. I am
willing to bet that not any one of you have an accent like his. And, there are readers from all
50 states and a number of other countries. There are some of you from Illinois and even
Chicagoland and I am willing to bet a bottle of 21-year old Single malt that your accent does
not approximate his. Listen vewy, vewy carefuwy. He does not have “an” accent, he has “all”
the accents in his speech. This dawned on the Muse the other day when she said that she
thought that Hank came from the South Side of Chicago. I told her that she must have been
thinking of “Big Bad Leroy Brown.” She slugged me. No, she admonished, listen to him. He
has the hard “r” sound heard in the Midwest, like when one “warshes” their car, has the
Southern thing going with a slight drawl and the “y’all” and some other artifacts. (Unlike
Hillaroo who us unabashedly unashamed to pretend to have a drawl, New Yawk, Midwest or
any kind of accent that suits her particular geography of the day.) This convinced me that his is
a learned speech pattern. Think about it, we are comfortable with people who are more like us
than not. This extends to speech as well. When we hear someone who sounds somewhat like
us, we are more likely to connect with them, to be more inclined to “trust” them, perhaps. I
would be most interested to see and hear some family home movies of the Obama clan. I would
be very interested to hear what he sounded like as a child.

 Well, that is enough for now, there is more a-happening and there is one more thing that the
Muse has on her mind but it will have to wait for now. Think “Pelosi.” Then think how much
“pelosi” it will be about.

While I am reasonable confident that I will be able to dash off one more FISH in the next few
days, from Wednesday on till the following Wednesday, I will be purty much incommunicado
as I will be travelling to the Left Coast for #1 Son’s wedding and to spend time with them and
my daughter, son-in-law and, awwwwwwwww… my three g’kids, the youngest of which I
have not seen yet! So, please keep that in mind if you do not hear from me for a bit!

T-Minus 455 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1268 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



30 JULY 2009 - "I Swear So Help Me Rhonda"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Can I get an Amen!?!

Brother Lee Love here, make that Big Brother Lee Love, at your service.

I am here to help the poor, the unwashed masses, the disenfranchised, the sinners, the destitute,
the Left, ACORN, PAW, Media Matters, MoveOn and the rest of the oh, so deserving.

Yay-yas, it doth sayeth in the Book of Obama, 8:15 (plus time off for good behavior), “A czar
will come to lead us, wait, make that about three dozen czars.” You are like sheep lost in the
wilderness and I will lead you home, some of you earlier than you will like.

As he has said: “Blessed are the uninsured for they shall get help care, Blessed are the illegal
immigrant, for citizenship shall be theirs, Blessed be the transgendered, for they shall receive
special consideration with respect for their knowing better what to do with their bodies than the
Creator, Blessed be the community activist, for they shall be privileged to count the votes and
decide who lives and dies”

Yay-yas, I say, it would be better than a man had not been born at all then he hold fast to the
Bible and the Constitution. Verily, the needs of the un- and under employed, the entitlement
class and all those in need, what Big Brother Lee Love calls “his people, his voters who vote
seven times seventy”, shall be placed on the back of those who produce commerce, who
worketh for a living, who are those who exalt themselves by being self-sufficient.”

I stand before you and say it will be easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle than a
working stiff to be able to keep his private health care plan, for that is not of the Kingdom of
I think you get the picture.

(And do not take offence at that which I say or in the manner I say it. I am not poking fun at
anything religious or any kind of preacher but trying to impress the fact that Hank & Co, not
only think that they know better than us, they are not above using every trick in the book to
fool us.)

I usually do not go on and on about any one subject but the health skare scheme that is being
formed against us is possibly one of the most important bills to come before Congress in any of
our lifetimes. And the emails I have been getting serve to amplify your concerns.

I have received more emails on this subject than any other and it appears to be growing.
Untold numbers of you have sent letters and emails to your representatives in DC and I am
impressed in both the sheer numbers of them and the passion included.

One wrote that she wanted to know how much of the bill her Congressman had read and
wanted periodic reports. And one parsed a good bit of the more critical passages and crafted a
most articulate, point-by-point deconstruction of them. This same dear reader was kind
enough to send to me the bedbug letter she received from her “democratic lapdog” of a
congressman in response to her well-crafted letter that addressed exactly ZERO of what which
she wrote. Her missive in response to the congressman’s non-response admonished that she
will be sending him parts of the bill that “he refuses to tell me he’s read. After all, I have
wayyyy too much time on my hands.”

And that is typical of the emails I have been receiving.

When various and sundry topics arise and the Muse puts her two-cents in, on occasion I will
get an email taking me to task for having a particular view or admonish me for not looking at it
differently. On this subject there are been exactly no contrary emails.

Some have copied my letter to Jellobrand and massaged it to fit their particular situation, others
have created their own letter. One piece of commonality is that to a person who has actually
received some kind of response from their senator or congressman is that not one of those
responses addressed anything you wrote to them.

I received an email from my senator, the reprehensible Chuck Schemer thanking me for writing
to him on this “very important topic” and that I should be assured that he will make every effort
to look into my concern and to get back to me as soon as possible. But… with the volume of
mail that he gets (he asks me to imagine how much he gets) that it may be a while.

I was confused upon reading this.

I was not sure if he was referring to the email I wrote about Sotomayor, the health skare bill,
selling shredded brass to the Chicoms instead of selling it to US ammo manufacturers, illegal
aliens (they are not “immigrants” and more that a burglar is a “guest”), the proliferation of
czars or any of the other “very important topics” that I queried him in the past fortnight.

Funny, on the other hand, my congressman has a tendency to actually answer my letters. But
then again, he is what I like to call a patriot.

But, despite all of our efforts there is no real light at the end of the tunnel yet. While the bills
have stalled for the moment and there appeared to be some good news with respect to the
CBO’s report and the Blue Dog Dems, it looks like that may have been a temporary respite.

Unindicted co-conspirator, Rahmbo Emmanuel, has been quietly strong-arming those Dems on
the fence to come to the table. This Thug-of-Staff is not above threats and carrying them out to
get his way. One of our more sagacious readers opined that a local DC fish market must have
just filled a large order, in reference to Rahmbo’s sending dead fish to his enemies. Gee, what
a swell! I can see why the M-I-C picked him to be his top henchman.

The boys from the allegedly non-partisan CBO who have been stating that the health skare plan
will cost billions have now re-figgered their ciphers and said, no, we were wrong, this plan will
be “revenue neutral”, which is politicalese for “It will cost us up the wazoo.”

In any event, I hope that their families are released unharmed soon.

And there are strange bedfellows snuggling up and the nattering masses are nattering. The
Blue Dog Dems think the bill goes too far, broaches too many liberties and mitigates choice. (I
am now of the opinion that a “Blue Dog Dem” is one who has actually READ this bill.) Of
course, virtually all Republicans and some other Moderates are in agreement. Then, believe it
or not, there are the “progressives” who do not think the bill goes far enough! Seriously, I am
a-scared to think what more could they do to us. Steny Hoyer, Steny Frank, Steny Pelosi,
Steny Waxman, Steny Waters (not the old blues singer), Steny Conyers and the rest of the
leftmost-of-the-left want more of something in this bill that would most likely make Josef
Mengele blush.

(And, dig this, and I swear I am not kidding. Senile socialist Steny Conyers of beautiful
downtown Michigan, as much as said that there was no reason to read the bill is it would take:
“two days and two lawyers” to get through it. HUH? DUH! That is EXACTLY WHY you
must read it. Why is it so long and why would I need a lawyer, or two? - well, if you read it
you would know. I am not trying to be mean but I wonder how Conyers would feel that if on
page 969 it was written: “Any congressman who has attained or surpassed the age of eighty
years who represents the 14th CD of Michigan, upon signing this bill into law, must
immediately surrender to the Ministry of Youth for his dispatch to the great beyond.” Do you
think he would have a problem with that? I mean, after all, there is no real reason to read this
festering pile of parrot droppings.)
Again, for the life of me, I canNOT wrap my arms around why Hank wants to do this to us.
There is absolutely no redeeming universal reason why to have this plan. Everywhere in the
world that this has been tried has produced dismal results and untold death and pain. Countries
who have adopted such plans are taxed to the point of confiscation. The countries that have
gone whole hog into socialism have foundered and have failed in the past.

And this president is smarter than all those who have gone before him?

Er, no, in fact, quite the opposite. Not only is he not as smart he lacks the drive that they had.
His tenure as head of the Harvard Law Review is testimony to that. He did not publish in his
tenure and he did not clerk after that, which would be the next normal step. But, then again,
how did he get the gig in the first place? And was his ascendancy to the Wh’ite House
preordained even back then?

No, my friends, no matter what his goal is it appears to this citizen to be for some ignoble
purpose. The alignment of the stars with respect to the CBO, the Blue Dogs and the stack of
Stenys (Stenies?) that have the reins of this mess bodes poorly for We the Sheeple.

I would be far more inclined to be able to offer a modicum of respect for the bill providing the
following happen: 1) The bill is broken down into a number of smaller bills, 2) Each and every
MOC must be able to address and respond to any question regarding any part of this bill(s), 3)
Each and every MOC and gov’t official covered by their current health plan will forswear that
plan and abide by the one they wish to foist on us, 4) No part of this bill, its administration,
collection of data, or anything in any way, shape or form will have ACORN or any other
radical organization involved, in fact, they or any like organizations participation must be
proscribed, 5) There are no provisions for unnatural medical procedures allowed (currently
there is a section on sexual reassignment, go figger), 6) Any and all medical data collected may
be used only for medical treatment and read only by trained medical professionals without
dissemination to any other party and last 6) If ANYTHING that is included in the bill is not as
described (able to keep current plan forever, no rationing of drugs or procedures, no
encouraging our senior citizens to commit suicide and the like) any and all Senators,
Congressman and President who voted for or signed said bill will be IMMEDIATELY
removed from office and charged with any number of felonies regarding libel, slander, perjury
(they will have to swear to that which they claim is in the bill), malfeasance and anything else
with which we can charge them.

If you can find a MOC who will agree to this, get your two lawyers and have him affirm that
s/he will abide by the above and suffer the penalties for not. OF course, you won’t find one
who will agree to that. (Unless s/he has some kind of “get out of jail free” card.) But, for kicks
and giggles, send an email or letter to or call your MOC and ask them if they will agree to that
listed above, feel free to add your own conditions. Perhaps if enough of us do this, they will
see the futility of thin enterprise.

The life you save, may be your own.

T-Minus 457 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1270 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless

28 JULY 2009 - "What, Me Worry?" "YES!!!!!!"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

First of all, thanks to all of you for the kind b’day greetings, cards, emails and Facebook
postings! My greatest gift, other than God, Country and Family are friends like you. Thank
you, I am very touched.

Odd, really, when I stop to think of the FISH. It started, as many of you know, just after 9-11
and the dozen who first received it are all with me still. Since then it has grown a number
orders of magnitude and at this point, I have no idea how many people it reaches. Some, like
my good friend Chief Harribine and my brother in arms, Bre’er Bean, have extensive lists to
whom they have and oftimes still forward. Others have their own websites and post this to it
on occasion. One in particular, Christine Sohmner has made the brave step and has included
this thing of ours in her on-line paper, The Massapequa News. Silly girl, this will cause you
more grief than you deserve! (If you want to see what is going on around here, check out
“” Scroll to the Politics link and you will see The Daily Fish.) And
many of you send this to your friends and relatives as well. To all of you, a hearty thanks and a
God Bless!

But, you see, that is what is good with our Country. Despite the fact that we are spread out all
over the country, make that the world, there is still that tie that binds us together, our

Getting these well-wishes gives me hope that it is not too late to save our Country. There are
still enough of us who have sense for all that is good in our Land. We talk almost as if we are
on a party line, of the telephone variety not a political one, and there is a sense of community,
and not communism.

Many of you have surprised me with your “activism” in sending letters to your papers, calling
your elected officials and more. The United States was formed at the grassroots and that will
also be the way we can save her.

Being angry and not doing anything about it is like hiding your lamp under a basket then
cursing the darkness, to mix metaphors. And more and more people are getting involved in
sundry ways every day. And with your new-found voices, in many cases, you are all making a
difference. I posit it is because of the actions of you calling and writing your MOC’s that has
stalled, at least temporarily, the health scare scheme and other initiatives. Keep up the
pressure! It works.

As I have said countless times, this evolved from my letters to the editors, so we come from a
fine stock. It was unhappiness, anger, constructive criticism and a desire to disseminate
information that birthed the FISH and it has gone through a metamorphosis over the past near
decade. Again, I write it for me as a cathartic exercise but in am in stunned awe over your
kind, and sometimes not so kind, comments. I am enthralled when I hear from you and you
write to me as I write this, as a friend. I treasure the trust and your friendships all.

And THAT is what America is all about!

Our Founding Fathers put it all on the line when we broke away from England. Many lost
everything that they owned, their homes, money and other possessions. Others returned to find
their families scattered or dead. And some of them lost their lives as well. And I am sure that
many of them were as unsure of their future as we are of ours but that did not make them run
away or do nothing, it steeled their resolve to do something even if they might not be the
beneficiary, at least their progeny may benefit.

Yet, many of us take their sacrifice for granted and, more disturbingly, sit back and do nothing
while the sacrifices and commerce our Great Country over the past 233 years are being
reversed and reduced as we watch.

I do not think that Paul Revere said to himself: “I am sure someone with a better and faster
horse will alert the forces of the attack.” Did George Washington step back and report: “Gee,
I’d love to lead the troops, but, well, it IS harvest time, you know.” Would we have ever heard
if Patrick Henry said: “Give me liberty, if it is not a bother, or give that guy over there, yes that
one, death!” And we never read about Nathan Hale saying: “I regret that fellow over yonder
has only one life to give for his country!”

I think you get the point.

The changes that Hank is proposing and instigating are coming at a pace faster than mere
mortals and the occasional Muse can handle alone. One has to think, however, where does he
get his energy? After all, seizing banks and auto companies, trying to socialize medicine, hiring
the veritable carp and catfish of the political food-chain as his “advisors”, nominating one
essentially unqualified to the SCOTUS, you know, just in case We the Sheeple wake up and
demand some action and accountability for his actions, all this and more as he apologizes his
way around the world and takes his bride on trips on our dime.

And he does this at the same time that he appears to be on television 24/7.

Each day I receive a number of emails from you that you have either sent to your elected
officials and/or the bedbug letters that they send back. And each day I receive a number of
emails from PACs, movements and other sundry organizations clamoring for support for or
against a litany of issues, some detailed above.

(It is funny in a very sad way, that we are barraged with emails from disparate groups taking
sides on an issue and they both use the same point to make their case. What I have gleaned
from this is that the Left expects their minions to agree and “chip in” x-amount of dollars to
make their socialist dream a reality. Those entreaties from the Right are a tad more
circumspect and have a modicum more respect for their adherents as they actually take time to
make a case and give examples.)

There is no question about it, there are those individuals and forces out there that want to
destroy our country. But the question is why. I try to rationalize it. I try to put a purpose to
the actions. But it still strikes me as a crime scene.

On the one hand, this administration does not seem to hide much. Look at the characters Hank
has put in high gov’t positions: energy haters, abortionists, euthanasia supporters, crack pots,
tax cheats, misanthropes, thugs, varlets, the morally bankrupt and more. Then I think, if he is
showing these folks, who are the true players that are not on our radar, who are pulling strings
and making policy? I mean, take away useful idiots like Pelosi and Reid, and, BTW, has
anyone seen JoeBama recently?

They lie, lie, lie, lie and lie some more and then smile as they look us straight in the eye and lie
some more.

Just for fun, I wrote my junior Senator, Kirstin Jellobrand, an email today. I asked her a few
questions, well, about a dozen or so, about the health skare scheme she supports. I was also
kind enough to include the link for the thousand-plus page horse-choker of a bill * so she could
find the answers for me.

I also castigated her over her remark that it is not “moral” to prohibit gays from joining the
military. This from a woman who never supported having gays in the military before. But,
then again, she was a huge 2nd Amendment fan till she sold her soul for her Senate Seat and to
the reprehensible reptilian Chuck Schemer. (Schemer is the kind of guy who would have
shorted whale oil to Paul Revere, sold the rope to hang Nathan Hale and introduced Benedict
Arnold to Major Andre.)
Anywho, enough for now. The Sotomayor thingy now moves on to the Senate, health skare
thingy is getting weird as all of a sudden the CBO says that it can co-exist within the budget (I
wonder if there was a large purchase at the fish market?), my senator Jellobrand was kind
enough to reverse her position on gays in the military as well as whiting out the 2nd
Amendment from her copy of the Constitution, the Yankees are on a torrid win streak (opps,
there is a jinx) and other oddities are happening.

When you hear of things like this, I makes me wonder what next? And why?

And right now, all I can think of is how can we all save our Country.

Any ideas out there?

T-Minus 458 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1271 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



25 JULY 2009 - "This Card Needs to be Dealt With!"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

“This is a teachable moment.”

Yes, Hank, this is a teachable moment.

While this edu-speak term means little to most of us, you have, almost assuredly
unintentionally, created a “teachable moment.”

You see, more and more of We the People are wising up to your plan against America. Your
boast that we ought “make no mistake” that your health skare scheme against the populace will
be done before Congress goes into recess has already backfired.

For how long, we do not know. But, even your useful idiots, Reid and Pelosi, are backing
down. The longer it takes to get this to a vote the better the chances that We the People might
dodge the bullet. And that is a good thing for we may not be able to get proper care for a
gunshot wound.

Many of the smarter of the citizenry have taken to calling their Members of Congress as well as
others who are in leadership or on the fence. It is not through sheer serendipity that all of a
sudden your ram-rodding an obvious flawed, fatally in some cases, health skare scheme has
some to a screeching halt.

Being the pathological narcissist that you are, you lied and said “that is fine” and “we will get
this done in August, that is after August or sometime this year, but make no mistake, this will

With all due respect, do not threaten me.

You are the leader of the American People, you represent us. We are neither your slaves nor
chattel, you do not know what is good for us and you are ill-equipped to make such a
suggestion that you are. You are far better off listening to We the People rather that trying to
make us wards of the state.

To quote another President: “Ain’t gonna happen.”

Your poll numbers are slipping, traction for your schemes is slipping and your radical agenda is
becoming more transparent to more and more.

But, in your hubris, in your fathomless ego, you went past the pale and in doing so did provide
a “teachable moment” to some of We the Sheeple.

Your press conference of this week, laughable on any number of levels, from the paucity of
questions to the circumlocution in obfuscating any real and meaningful answers hit a zenith
when you were questioned about your friend Henry Gates.

I got to tell yaw, Hank, having a reporter from Chicago, someone you know by name, hardly
installs any kind of confidence that this was a random question, a hard hitting probe into an
inflammatory situation when asked about your pal “Skip,”

I am not saying the question was a set up, that the reporter was enlisted for this purpose, or that
this was a smoke screen to deflect attention away from your failed, thusfar and hopefully
forever, health skare scheme. I am just saying.

But, back to the “teachable moment.”

Your blatant, ill-informed and racially charged statement indicting the Cambridge police for
exhibiting “stupidity” confirmed for those of us who have known for sometime that you are not
what you pretend to be.

More importantly you opened the eyes of many who were not sure of you or your motives.

But, that was not enough for you, was it?
Even after all the facts were in, it was found that PO Crowley acted properly and
professionally, that the same officer is a race-relation class facilitator, that other witnesses
attested to the fact that Crowley acted correctly and that Gates was the trouble maker, the loud-
mouth and the one making racist remarks.* (Police report linked below.)

Was that enough for Hank to admonish his pal, the Black Studies professor from Harvard? Was
the proof that the white police officer was the victim of the invective and racially charged
spewings of a Black activist sufficient to make Hank say “Yo, Skip, back off, enough!”?

No, it pressed Hank to lie about the facts. He lied plain and simple. He made it look like some
big, bad white cop, prolly Irish at that, came in to the home of a demure, crippled Black man,
demanded to know who he was, asked for identification and tossed him for a few laughs.

In reality, Gates and a friend were forcing the door to his house, a concerned citizen saw this
happening and thinking a burglary was in progress call the police. The cop, like all cops, had
no idea what he was walking into, acted properly and professionally.

I can assure you, had this been a real burglary and the cop simply accepted the perps story that
he lived there and left, allowing the skells to clean out the joint, that Gates would have
screamed bloody-murder about that as well.

So, Crowley, in performing his job, gets verbally abused by a race baiter then insulted by the
President of the United States.

(It bears mentioning that Hank has no love for either the Harvard University or Cambridge
Police Departments. You see, when Hank was at school there, he amassed a fair number of
parking tickets. In fact he was considered a scofflaw. He finally paid the 15 or so tickets,
about a month before starting his presidential campaign. Hmmm.. co-ink-e-dink?)

So, all this said, Hank, after lying and distorting the facts and saying the cops acted “stupidly”
finally calls both parties. While the details of his convo with Gates are sketchy, one would be
excused for thinking that it was a relatively friendly dialog, they being old pals and all that.

The convo with Crowley was prolly less collegial and regardless of what was or was not said,
the words “I am sorry” or “I was wrong” never crossed Hank’s lips.

What a champ!

Here is a gonadature-deficent who is in his comfort zone apologizing to the English and French
for saving their collective asses in WWII, apologizes to the Germans, basically, for defeating
them, apologized to Muslims when in Cairo for Lord (Allah?) knows what but can not form his
lying lips to apologize to a law enforcement officer for putting it on the line and doing his job.

I will bet the entire national deficit that if the tables were turned, Hank would be apologizing

So, yes, Hank, it was a “teachable moment.” We learned or had confirmed for us that you are
not only an ideologue but a racist. And compounding that is your psychotic sense of self that
keeps your pie-hole moving as you try to explain your way out of this, as you equivocate your
statements, as you spin the facts more and more as you do everything but man up.

But, we have come to expect that of you. We know that you are less of a man than we expect
of our presidents, even the recent Democratic ones.

But you have not only reached your Waterloo as mentioned with respect to your health skare
scheme, you have crossed the Rubicon with respect for the lack of respect that you show We
the People.

It is time for you to go, sir. We the People will stand for a lot and we will look askance at
certain actions (right, Bill Clinton?), but we will not stand for you insulting those peace officers
sworn to uphold the law and protect us. We will not stand for you exhibiting racism. We will
not have you disrespecting We the People. It is time for you to go.

By the way, how is that hunt for your birth certificate going?

(Below is a link that one of you were kind enough to send to me in order to send a note of
support to PO Crowley**. Why don’t you take a moment and show him some love. I would
normally exhort you to contact the offending party, but he does not care.

(I am not kidding about calling for Hank to go. To that end, below is the letter to the editor that
I am confident that will never see the light of day. If you agree, feel free to copy, crib or make
your own letter to your paper.

(Trust me, this works. I have received hundreds of emails from you who have contacted there
Senators and Congressmen and your letter to the editors. Trust me people, the tide is changing
and it is because of the efforts of people like you!)

T-Minus 464 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1277 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless
PS: As always, I appreciate and welcome your thoughts, ideas, comments, criticisms and did
you write your letter to your paper? Distribution with attribution, please. To be added to THE
DAILY FISH, please send an email to: with the words “ADD TO FISH” in
the comment subject line (and anything else you care to write in the body.) To be deleted,
same address with “DELETE FROM FISH” in the subject line. Thanks!

This president has proven time and again that he is unfit to lead. From his associations with
Bill Ayres to Rev. Wright, to his strong links to ACORN to questionable choices for key
positions, he has failed us again and again.

The man who promised "transparency" in government, one free of lobbyists and people with an
agenda, created an administration cobbled together with tax cheats, ideologues and, yes,

From a Homeland Security Secretary who seems disinterested in illegal aliens entering our
country to a radical abortion supporter for Health and Human Services Secretary to a Attorney
General who has thrown out convictions for those convicted of voter intimidation to a shadow
cabinet made up of some of the most radical people in the country (that is unless you think that
coal, gasoline and nuclear energy are bad [Chu], are a fan of forced abortions, mass
sterilizations and taking children from homes are swell ideas [Holdren] and that it is ok to have
the family dog have the right to sue you and to ban the eating of meat [Sunstein]), one would
be excused for thinking we were living some bad mystery novel.

Then his apology tours all over Europe, begging forgiveness for all the good that our Country
has done to bowing to a Saudi King and groping the Queen of England, has gone past the pale.

Add in the taking over of banks and the auto industry to start, and you know there will be more
commerce to follow, and then his plot to socialize medical care, you have a recipe for disaster.
And he has far more on his agenda to ruin America.

All that can be explained away, even his continuing misrepresenting and distorting the truth
(give me a few more pages for examples, if you wish) can be chalked up to "politics." But, his
injecting his opinion in the Henry Gates matter is insulting to all Americans has he has exposed
his deep rooted racism.

Gates is no angel and as a friend of Obama it is fairly obvious that this professor of Black
Studies at Harvard is not exactly on FOX's speed dial list of fans. I do not see where the police
responding to a call reporting someone forcing their way into a home then when confronted the
subject at first refused to provide identification and then refused to obey an order by the police
officer to go outside is worthy of comment by the president. Except that the subject is a racist
and, again, a friend of the president, and that Gates seized the opportunity to inject race,
unnecessarily as the officer in question is a facilitator for maintaining and fostering excellent
race relations with the Cambridge PD, for no other reason than for some kind of publicity.

Obama could have taken the high road and stated that he would wait for all the facts before
passing comment, like a true leader would do, but he had to stoop to typical liberal invective.

He had to defend his friend, which is admirable, but as president, a press conference was not
the venue.

He could have deflected the question of Gates (unless he was expecting the question) like he
did most every question asked of him in that conference, but he did not.
As this president has and tried to circumvent the law, as he has embarrassed not only himself
but my country time and again and now he has dealt from the bottom of the bottom of the deck,
the lowest of all cards, the race card. l am convinced more than ever that Obama has proven
himself unfit to lead and that an effort must start to have him removed from office.

Will NEWSDAY be the first major newspaper to support this effort?

23 JULY 2009 - "Doctor, Doctor, Gimme Some News..."
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Despite all the smoke and mirrors coming out of Washington D.C., I was almost faced with
having to outsource the Muse to a company in Bangalore. Fortunately for her, the request
arrived in their offices at the exact same time as the total solar eclipse and some took it as a
sign that that was not a great idea.

Anyway, before the Muse gets all wound up, a few quick things about the two most recent

On the 18th I wrote about the all-to-delayed passing of Walter Cronkite. For some odd reason,
the first dozen or so emails that I received essentially said that I would get in trouble for writing
about him in such a manner, even though they agreed. I was warned to expect a rash of
criticism for my treatment of the man who caused untold thousand deaths of our brave military
in his perverted view that only he could end the war in Nam.

Crickets chirping.

I received more email on that FISH and the one that followed than on any other issues to date.
To a man, woman and child, each one shared my feeling about him. Even those few that came
from those of a more liberal writer than I were in agreement.


Some said I was harsh on Crankcase, others admonished to let sleeping dogs lie but even they
were in agreement that he put spin on his reporting. We will amplify on this in a moment.

One dear reader was kind enough to send an article in which Wally was quoted as saying that
he admitted to spinning the news but he felt it was his duty to do so. He added that he felt that
his doing so was instrumental in “ending the war” earlier than it would have had he not stuck
his nose in where it did not belong.

I received untold emails from fellow Nam vets from grunts to flag officers who agreed with my
assessment. (And, to be fair, it does not take a rocket scientist to figger out that lying is not the
way to get things done. More on that in a moment as well.)

Bottom line is that driven by his own ideology, being patently unschooled with respect to
prosecuting a war, Crankcase lied to the American People. He “reported” that we lost Tet and
that if we did not end the war soon, many more lives would be lost. Then this pompous, now
room-temperature windbag has the gonadature to say that he was instrumental in ending the

Had he kept his fat pie-hole shut perhaps Gen. Giap would have convinced the Politburo to sue
for peace and in doing so would have shortened the war by as many as five or six years, the
time in which we suffered about half of our casualties. Typical liberal rhetoric!

The FISH that followed also seemed to hit a few nerves. Again, it seems that I am preaching to
the choir as there was unanimity in positive comments. That means not enough Liberals are
getting this thing of ours.

For a one-paragraph statement, our Preamble says a lot and taking it word at a time makes one
see exactly how powerful a statement it is. Problem is that most people are either ignorant of
the importance of it or simply dismiss it as just so many words written over two centuries ago.

The larger problem is that it appears to me that a large number of those who allegedly represent
us in Congress fall into those categories as well. Fortunately a good number of you, my dear
readers, were kind enough to forward or cut and paste that FISH in an email to your
congressmen and senators. Well done.

(In case you do not have your own personally copy of the Declaration of Independence and the
Constitution, you can get a pocket-sized copy at no charge from the Heritage Foundation.*
Please check out the link below.)

Now, my pen pal, Hank, was on TV yesterday. (I say pen pal as I am still receiving emails
from him signed “Barack Obama.” Personally, I am insulted when I get one of these emails as
he does not have the common decency to use his title in signing off. For a man so full of
himself, so confident, so egotistical, so megalomaniacal, so pathological about his “talent” it is
a curious psychosis that a person like that does not lord his title over us. His signing his name
sans honorific is yet another ploy to make us believe he is our “friend.” It is a sad state indeed
when We the People have more respect for the office of the Presidency than does the

SIDEBAR: Mrs. Hank’s Mother-in-law made the statement yesterday that Hank is the “hardest
working man she has ever seen.” A few points of clarification. One ought not be commended
for “working hard” rather than “working smart.” Criminals work hard, people in prison work
hard, so, that in and of itself is not necessarily a good thing. Second, perhaps if he spent some
time actually doing something constructive, such as reading his vaunted health care scheme
rather than trying to get his mug as much face time on TV we would all be better off. (And
with the amount of time he has spent on the All Barack Channel, ABC, is it that far-fetched to
believe that he may be drawing a paycheck from them at this point?)

Now, many of us watched Hank spew his litany of lies last night. (And if that offends you, I
almost am sorry as that is as nicely as I can put it.) He started off with a lie, ended with a lie
and it was all wrapped around a very large stack of lies, mistruths, obfuscations, distractions
and so forth with a soupcon of truth hidden.

Even “good evening” was a lie as knowing what was coming down the pike, one knew it was
not going to be good.

“Six months ago, I took office amid the worst recession in half a century. We were losing an
average of 700,000 jobs per month and our financial system was on the verge of collapse.”

Six months ago, the unemployment rate was around 6%, now it is closing in on 10%. Where
does this guy get the gonadature to make such an intellectually insulting statement and thinks
he will get away with it? But, I guess this is called “setting the table” and most every other
utterance of pelosi that followed was more of the same.

“And we passed a Recovery Act that has already saved jobs and created new ones;… Of
course, we still have a long way to go. And the Recovery Act will continue to save and create
more jobs over the next two years – just like it was designed to do. I realize this is little comfort
to those Americans who are currently out of work, and I'll be honest with you – new hiring is
always one of the last things to bounce back after a recession.”

It has created job and some of you have lost jobs? And “like it was ‘designed’ to do? I find
that an interesting statement when compared to the litany of lies he spouted to insure that drain
on our finances would be enacted in the effort not to lose jobs. And has he has never ran a
business, or really anything but his mouth, how would he know about hiring?

“This is not just about the 47 million Americans who have no health insurance. Reform is
about every American who has ever feared that they may lose their coverage if they become too
sick, or lose their job, or change their job. It's about every small business that has been forced
to lay off employees or cut back on their coverage because it became too expensive. And it's
about the fact that the biggest driving force behind our federal deficit is the skyrocketing cost
of Medicare and Medicaid.”

First of all, 47 million is pelosi number. Take out the illegals, those who chose not to have
insurance for whatever reason and those who are temporarily without coverage and the number
drops by close to 2/3’s. So, the 280,000,000 of us who are happy with our current system must
sacrifice for the 15,000,000 who are not adequately covered? What happened to majority rule?
And people are going to lose their jobs BECAUSE of his economic program. And excuse me
for thinking clearly but are not Medicare and Medicaid FEDERAL health programs, and he
wants to expand the scope of federal meddling in the health care system.

I will tell you what. Take one small aspect of a federally run health care agency, fix that and
when that is running well, we can talk about expanding the gov’t influence. I am talking about
the Veterans Administration. If you want to see gov’t health care in action, take a look at the
VA. The gov’t canNOT even adequately take care of those who sacrificed for our Nation and
we are to assume that they are going to do a bang-up job on a scope orders of magnitude
larger? Please!

“ This is partly why I inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit.”

Here, he was referring to the tax cuts given to the “wealthiest Americans” (which are those
zillionaires making in excess of $75,000 P/A!). What he neglects to say is that he is lying.

First of all, in FY 2008, the deficit was some $450,000,000,000. Yes, that is a stack of dough.
BUT, that did rise to the $1,300,000,000,000 about which Hank speaks. And it did so under a
DEMOCRATIC CONTROLLED CONGRESS. One where the TARP plan added about half of
that deficit. And it bears mentioning that the President DOES NOT make the budget,
CONGRESS DOES. And in the years of greatest additions to the deficit, Hank was in

Worse still, is that HIS plans could multiply our debt ten-fold in the next decade!

He made the unprovable statement that “health care premiums have risen at three times the rate
of wages.”

So? What does that prove? Are wages FALLING as a result of his “stimulus” package? Are
more people out of work and are forced to rely on COBRA for insurance? Is he just lying?
Prolly all of the above.

Then he has the nerve to say: “Let me be clear, this isn’t about me.”

Let ME be clear, EVERYTHING is about him.

HE wants this thing pushed through Congress like offal through a goose. HE admits that even
HE has not read the entire bill and HE expects We the People to accept HIS word that it is all

Fortunately there are some MOC who are or having their staffs read the bill and, unless you are
an ideologue as Hank or owe something to the company store, more and more of the legislators
are becoming more and more unenthusiastic about this.

It is said that you are known by your actions and not your words and I think that is sage
advice. Look at all that Hank has done to our Country in the past six months. From the
“stimulus” package, to the “cap and trade” plan, to his apology tours around the world, to his
naming some three-dozen “czars” to amorphorous positions and the “quality” of people he has
chosen for these extra-Constitutional positions, to the litany of other things he has done and we
are supposed to take him at his word that changing the health care plan in the Country is in our
best interest? When the gov’t canNOT properly manage Medicare and Medicaid? When the
VA Hospitals are clearly nowhere near the level of competency and level of care given that
they ought to be? And we are supposed to just say “job well done, take it all, good and faithful


He makes the specious arguement that the AMA is behind him. First, consider that the AMA
does not represent ALL of the doctors in the Country, and the majority of those who are
members are liberal. Similarly, he cites support from AARP. And, similarly, AARP has a very
left agenda. (And despite the fact that they offer a fair amount of benefits and savings, I have
refused to join if even one-cent of my dues goes to support something I find anathema.

No, my friends, IT IS ALL ABOUT HIM!

Last on the subject, if all that limned above is not enough to make you cringe, to wake you up
to the fact that you are literally playing Russian Roulette ought this bill pass, consider that the
gov’t runs education. Now, I know I have a number of teachers and administrators who read
the FISH and they know that this is not directed towards them. But the gov’t has taken what
started out as a good and noble effort to promote public education and made it into a unionized
voting bloc where the goals of the teachers’ unions take first chair in everything they do. They
are not embarrassed by the math and reading test scores, by the other testing results, by the
abysmal graduation rates and so on. Sure, there a villages, towns and cities that have excellent
schools with graduating well-rounded students. Then, there are the other 80-90% of the

Do you want to bet your life that the gov’t can do a better job with health care than it does with

If you have not called you congressman and senators telling them to vote against this effort no
matter what the final version is, do it today. And tomorrow and every day until they and Hank
come to the realization that we are not going to stand for it.

T-Minus 464 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1277 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



21 JULY 2009 - "We the People"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice,
Which means: We vow to make this the best country ever, to respect the Law of the Land
based on the views of our Founding Fathers, who were almost to a man adherents of the Judeo-
Christian ethic as espoused in all of our great documents and included in each and every
Constitution of every state form the time of our Country’s inception up to the last two states
who joined our Republic some fifty-years ago. This also demands JUSTICE, and not judicial
activism by shopping for courts and judges who are sympathetic to the views of those who do
not agree with the Founding Fathers, and to have that justice administered by those eminently
qualified to do so.
domestic tranquility,
Which means allowing “We the People” to live our lives without either the influence or duress
of those who do not have a love for our country as do we patriots. This entails not funding
such criminal organizations as the ACLU, ACORN, PAW and other anti-American cartels with
the taxes of We the People, who wish to destroy the American Way of Life that we have
enjoyed for some 233 years. A way of life that has been paid for by the lives and blood of
those of us who have served our Great Nation and whose sacrifice has allowed those who wish
to destroy us have the same Rights as those who have earned it, have respect the law and love
our Country. On a more local note, it means to get up in the morning and going to your job. If
you do not have a job, well, you have one, that being finding a job and earning your keep and
not being both a drain on We the People and occupying your time in some kind of commerce
that will limit your ability to be a liability to society.
provide for the common defense,
Which means protecting the population with all means available and with callous disregard to
those who wish us harm. Additionally, this means we will bow to no sovereign, we will seek
out and destroy those who wish us harm, we will prosecute with the full might of our Republic
those who are envious of us, those who distain us, those who wish to impose their will, desires,
religion or anything else against the will of We the People WITHOUT regard for public
opinion domestic or especially internationally. This includes not apologizing for all that we
have done good or not.
 promote the general welfare,
Which means the good for the majority of We the People. It does NOT mean that you are
entitled to Welfare. It does NOT mean you are entitled to health care. It does NOT mean you
are entitled to a place to live. It does NOT mean you are entitled to free food, clothing,
transportation and so on. In fact it means you are NOT entitled to anything but a place to live,
to work, to earn a living, to become a productive member of society. This does not mean we
are not a caring, loving nation. It means that if you do your best to make your lot better, we are
there to catch you if you fall. We are a Judeo-Christian Nation, we are a commonwealth of the
Several States and we are brothers and sisters to all who have the same love of Country as do
we and we are duty-bound to help you. But do not confuse “help” for “support for you so that
you do not have to contribute to society.”
and secure the blessings of liberty
Which means liberty is a blessing and not a right. It means it is something that We the People
ought not take for granted. It means that Liberty is not to be taken for granted and we are to be
both eternally thankful for it and to be ever vigilant with respect to those who deign to deny us
the same.
 to ourselves and our posterity,

Which means very simply to live within our means and not to spend our children and our
children’s children inheritance. This refers not only to their finances but to their Freedoms,
Rights and all of His Blessings we are fortunate to have bestowed upon us.

do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Which means, the Laws codified as following are the Laws that govern this One Nation Under
God. It means we are a self-sufficient entity and entirely capable of governing ourselves, thank
you very much. It means that while we have an interest in the laws of other countries, they
have no bearing on how we govern ours. This means, We the People RESPECT and will
HONOR the Laws of the United States of America.

Unsaid, as our Founding Fathers were not as masochistic to ever imagine, we ought to be free
of gov’t intervention in the running of commerce to the extent that is can determine that only
the State has the wherewithal to run it. It means that businesses that are destined to fail must be
allowed to fail. As we all know, nature abhors a vacuum and if an industry needs gov’t funding
to survive most likely We the People can survive without it.

It also was unsaid that schools are to be ideological incubators for politics of any stripe. And as
we are not “guaranteed” a free education, those who wish may and ought to avail themselves to
any schools which are available. Said schools ought to receive similar funding as those in the
public sector. To do any less would be an undue tax burden on those who wish to participate.

There is nothing in the Constitution that follows the Preamble that allows for an unfettered and
unvetted shadow cabinet. We resisted and rebelled against a monarchy who ruled with caprice
and we ought be as enthusiastic and energetic about a regime that portends the same.
The Constitution that follows is as a rock, as a refuge and as immutable as the laws of nature as
taken at face value. From time to time it was and may be necessary again to modify, to amend
same but that does not give one carte blanch to “reinterpret” to “reinvent” and to “read into the
umbrae and penumbrae” of its meaning. There are no hidden clauses, there is no standing to
interpret, for instance: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” in any way other that
what it says. It means just that, we have the right to keep and bear arms. It is NOT to be
“interpreted” that we are to keep arms to fight the Militia, as some suggest, but it can mean the
right to protect ourselves against those who feel that we have too many rights and freedoms.

There is nothing in the Constitution that says a bill may be entertained for a vote without ample
time for the legislators to fully read, vet and seek clarification of it as needed. There is nothing
that provides for a book length amendment or rider to a bill at the last moment. There is
nothing that suggests that votes on any bill be taken at odd hours so as to mitigate full
participation in the legislative process. However, there is something in the Constitution about
how a bill becomes law but nothing which all allows for a President to demand that a bill be
passed and in what time frame. There are provisions for preventing such actions.

There is nothing in the Constitution that demands that we mortgage the future of our fellow
citizens to placate the whims of those who have designs against our country. In fact, there are
proscriptions against doing just that but an ideologically driven secular ochlocracy or, perhaps,
orthocracy (Safire’s definition*) take no heed and with majorities in both houses of Congress
who are browbeaten into submission with the threat of withholding ill-gotten gains for their
various constituencies.

My friends, I am sure it has been a long time since many of you have taken a good look at the
preamble of our Constitution. It has been longer for more who have actually taken the time to
parse the words, to look at their meanings, to see how they comport with the words that follow
and compare what they actually mean versus the meaning that that which those who design to
subjugate We the People wish us to believe.

We must all hang together or surely we will all hang separately.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

T-Minus 466 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1279 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



18 JULY 2009 - "Water (and a body) Under the Bridge"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

God has a sense of humor, no doubt about it. (No, really, the next time you are in church, take
a look at the person next to you, pretty funny!)

I am sure that there is some connection, some correlation but I find the timing of some things,
well, somewhat ironic.

For openers, if you were standing on Dykes Bridge at, say, 11:15 PM some forty years ago
today, you would have witnessed Teddy Kennedy dispatching Mary Jo Kopechne to her watery

At 77 years of age, Kennedy is still with us slobbering his fingerprints over every piece of offal
Liberal legislation in the Senate. And when he is called to the Pearly Gates and to give an
accounting of himself, you can be sure another Kennedy will be on hand to take his place in the

Preceding the “Lion of Liberalism” (I am sure that is a typo, it ought to be “Lyin’ Liberal) to
his reward was none other than Walter Cronkite.

What more proof does one need that only the good die young are the facts that Kennedy is still
alive and it took Cronkite 92 years to leave his earthly shell.

I like to think I am a fairly good person, that I can see good in most people. I gen’ly feel some
kind of sadness when I hear of a death. But not Cronkite’s.

(Here comes the obvious and expected connection.)

When Michael Jackson died/was murdered a few weeks back, there was much reporting on his
talent, his music and the impact he made in the world of entertainment. And that is all true.
However, his bizarre behavior, his embarrassment of excess in his life style and his pedophilia
mitigate all the good that he has done.

Spare me the straw-man argument that “making people happy” with his music trumps the
eternal scars with which untold numbers of children will live out their lives. You can also
spare me the admonition that he was never convicted of a crime against a child. Lemme tell
you something, were I to be accused of such a horrible and unforgivable crime such as child
molestation, I would be far more inclined to spend $22,000,000 in a legal defense rather than
simply pay off my accuser for expediency.

Sorry, the glove fits.

But, as much damage as did Jackson, he is a piker compared to Cronkite.

An unabashed Liberal (which is somewhat redundant, if one had any misgivings about their
liberal views that would eventually have the common sense not to be liberal. Ditto for the right
as well.) he is responsible for more deaths than any American since Harry S Truman when he
gave the OK to A-bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The alleged “most trusted man in America” was not trustworthy, was not simply a “reporter” or
“anchor”, he was the genesis of activist “journalism.”

His penchant for things liberal stayed with him long after his departure from the CBS Evening
News and his replacement in that position, Dan Rather, was more of the same.

Some of us might remember a little dust-up called the “Vietnam War”. Some of us might
actually have been there. Many did not come home or came home in a far different state than
the one they went there.

While I am not suggesting that no one would have died or been injured, far less would have
suffered so were it not for the lying, spin and misreporting of the venerable Cronkite.

He was anti-war and he did all in his power to make sure the war ended quickly and he was
largely disabused as to whom the winner would be.

Like most plans of most liberals, things went horribly wrong, they not only did not go
according to plan but had the opposite effect and/or result.

The Tet offensive of 1968 was a decisive victory by the US/ARVN forces. Despite the
planning by Sr. Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap and the breadth of attacks, the NVA, the irregulars and
the rest were repelled and suffered tremendous losses.

In fact, the losses were so devastating for the North that Gen. Giap had discussions with the
Politburo that they should sue for peace, for an end to the hostilities.
In fact, had things been left to run their natural course, that prolly would have happened and the
hostilities in Nam would or could have ended almost six-years earlier.

In fact, however, some blabbermouth liberal could not play by Hoyle and he had to put his two-
cents in.

In fact, according to and reported by Cronkite, our forces lost, were overrun and suffered
horrendous losses. Cronkite ratcheted up his anti-war, and ergo anti-American, rhetoric and as
the “most trusted man in America”, the unwashed massed bought into his pelosi.

(In those days, well before the internet, the only thing we knew came to us via CBS, ABC and
NBC. Returning military were treated much like criminals and were treated very poorly. That
is unless you are a John F. Kerry or a Ron Kovic and were willing to throw your country under
the bus. So, the Big 3 had a monopoly on news dissemination.)

It has been written that at one point Cronkite was in Nam to report on the situation there. An
officer from Gen. Westmoreland’s staff offered Cronkite unprecedented access to intelligence,
troop movements, enemy casualties and pretty much all the ammo one would need to present a
fair and balanced appraisal of the situation. An appraisal that anyone with a modicum of
intellectual honesty would have to conclude that we were winning the war and that in a
reasonable amount of time, we could prevail.

Cronkite unceremoniously turned down the offering stating that he already had his story and
essentially he was just doing an on-the-scene stand-up report. He did not need no stinkin’
facts, that might skew his reporting. Again, a case of the typical liberal being unfazed and
unimpressed by the truth.

There is a story of one of the “whiz kids” who were planning the war in the White House and
the Pentagon who had his opinion swayed by Cronkite. One of his colleagues castigated him
for his view and reminded him that they had the raw data and all the intel that they had ran
contrary to what Cronkite was reporting. The first fellow said what while that was true,
Cronkite made a better case.

It ought to be mentioned that Cronkite was not the only one with such insane views regarding
the prosecution of the war in Nam. LBJ who was a bully and a coward also was not
enthusiastic with respect to the war nor was his SecDef, Robert McNamara, who misled him
since the Gulf of Tonkin days. (And, he, too, went to his great reward recently, also a

With a culture of defeat and having no stomach for war, and largely due to political
repercussions and not for our own safety or security, you have an administration hell bent for
leather to try to extricate themselves from the “quagmire” they created and had a willing tool, a
useful idiot in Walter Cronkite to carry their water for them. (Hmmmm… sound familiar?)

Had Cronkite kept his yap shut and had Giap opened his, there was the very real possibility that
the war in Vietnam could have ended in 1968 or at worst the following year. Had nature been
allowed to follow its course, an early cessation of the war could have prevented about half of
the deaths and injuries our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, friends and neighbors
suffered at the altar of political ideology.

And I am certain that far more of my brothers and sisters would not have been customers of
graves registry had it not been for Walter Cronkite.

With that, I will let this sleeping dog lie.

Of course, I canNOT leave well enough alone… Reflecting on the work of Cronkite doing a
lot of the heavy lifting for the LBJ Administration and the fruits of his labor, I am of the mind
that much of the same is happening today.

There is a scattershot foreign policy, a confusion with respect to our involvement in Iraq and
Afghanistan, a dreadful fiscal and industrial policy (as exemplified by the failed “stimulus”
package and the bail out and bankrupting of the auto industry.) Add to that a “cap and trade”
tax bill that at best will cripple the nation and the economy and the threat of a national health
care scheme that may be the literal death-knell if you have the nerve to grow old and become
ill. Here, you have a willing accomplice in the media spreading all the “good news” of the
plans and machinations of this administration but are woefully silent with respect to other

Did you know that there are now thirty-three “czars”? That is almost double the number of all
in Russian history. And these quasi-cabinet level positions are an unchecked branch of gov’t.
But, shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone about these positions or the types of people in them.

Do not misunderestimate me, this administration is no different than any other. All
administrations have their goals and ideals, some have better relations with the media than
others, but even that is becoming less critical as more and more people get their news and
opinion from the lean-forward media than the lean-back. This little thing of ours is evidence of

However, I do not believe that there has ever been an administration that seems to have the
destruction of the American values system, crippling of our economy and a paradigm shift from
a representative republic to Lord knows what as their goals. Despite all the damage that he did,
Cronkite may well wind up as a piker compared to the present day dissemblers of the truth.

(One last word: With respect to the comments made about Cronkite and Vietnam, if you are
interested in learning more, I will once again recommend the very fine book by Lt. Gen. Philip
Davidson; “Vietnam at War: The History: 1945-1975.” It is a most excellent if not weighty
tome. Feel free to skip the first half until American involvement is discussed. It is well worth
the time to read and I think you will be surprised by a lot that is disseminated.)

T-Minus 469 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1282 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



15 JULY 2009 - "The Soylent Green, Green Grass of Home"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

CAVEAT: I know I sometimes push the limits of credulity. However, this administration has
gerrymandered common sense so oftimes that the lines of demarcation are a blur. This is one
of those times. When I first read the link in question, I was shocked and stunned and said, nah,
can’t be, this is the work of a nut job. Welllll….. I looked into this with an even more skeptical
eye than usual and it checks out. I could have used all of the other sources but this one sums it
up best in the shortest amount of time. (For your information, edification and so on, there are a
number of other links at the bottom which corroborate the main link.) As a sanity check, I sent
this to a few people whose opinion I trust and respect to see if they thought this went over the
edge. I was asked to make sure that the intel checked out as this is rather scary. Sadly for us it
does. I assure you that I am not looking for sensational or shocking topics on which to
comment. And truly, had not there been a perfect storm of all this occurring at the same time,
it may have slipped through the cracks. But the timing of the three main points in a very short
time piqued even my limited attention span. So, grab a beer, scotch (single-malt, 15 years or
older for me, please), or whatever your anesthetizing libation is (and if you don’t drink, this is a
good time to start), and read on. I will apologize if any of the following offends anyone, but,
remember, I am only commenting on it, the names, ideas, plans and words are all real and none
of this is my idea of anything remotely amusing.

The Muse is still banging her head.
She has now seen it all.

When I saw this, even I was more skeptical than usual. I researched, fact-checked, double-
checked and read the article again.

Rather than posting the link at the bottom as per usual, here is the main link. Take a few
minutes and read this before reading the rest of today’s FISH. (This is a fairly off the wall posting but everything
checks out, that is what is most disturbing.)
Shocking to say the least.
Here is Hank’s “Science Czar” who thinks that abortions ought to be forced on groups of
people he deems unfit to be parents, forced sterilization of some members of society, having
babies seized from “unfit” parents, global enforcement of population and monetary matters,
forced sterilization by doping drinking water and more.
This physicist is a co-author with Paul Erlich in writing a number of books and papers. You
will recall my writing of Erlich and his failed prognostications regarding the “population
explosion” and global warming.
Virtually everything Erlich has written has been debunked and Holdren is his number-one
disciple. In a normal world, it would be people like Erlich and Holdren who would be
afforded “special treatment” for their mental deficiencies. But in an N’Obama administration,
he is given a shadow-cabinet position.
Think, for a minute, you have ideas contrary to those set forth by the Ministry of Truth. The
goon squad comes to your house/apartment/condo/farm or whatever and tells you that your
children are now wards of the state because you are an unfit parent/enemy of the state.
Your daughter has a dalliance and she becomes pregnant. Your religious beliefs are adamantly
opposed to abortion. Too bad. The goon squad comes in the dead of night and spirits her away
for a forced abortion.
(This mechanism is already gaining traction as there are bills abounding that in the states eyes
an abortion is a medical procedure, hospitals must provide medical procedures therefore
hospitals must perform abortions, even if they are a religious hospital and abortion is a sin in
their eyes. Too bad, says the state, you WILL do the abortions or risk loss off funding and
eventually accreditation. The “conscience clause” will no longer be a valid defense for not
performing abortions. In fact, invoking it will prolly make you an enemy of the state.)
Your position on abortion is of little consequence to me at this point, as now it is still a
“choice.” But left to their own devices Hank & Co have aims to make it not a choice but a
political mandate. How would you feel if your child or grandchild that you had hoped for was
aborted without your consent, in fact, against your will? How would you feel if your daughter
or granddaughter was wrested from her bed and forced to undergo an unwanted abortion?
How could this happen?
It did not happen all at once, I assure you but the chocks were taken away from the wheels the
cart gained speed on 22 January 1973, the day the Roe opinion was read.
Oh what a tangled web we weave…
Now, are you like me or do you think the Swine Flu epidemic is a real and present danger?
I am not saying that there is not a Swine Flu, or H1N1 as it is called. (I wonder, could it be
because of some religious reasons that it canNOT be called “swine?”) What seems odd to me
is that there is this whole brouhaha that has been going on for well over a year.
WHO, the CDC and others have taken to calling the flu a “pandemic”, the newspapers are rife
reporting new cases every so often. Odd, really, when you consider that in the United States
alone there 25-50 million cases of the flu per year and over 150,000 hospitalizations resulting
in 20-40,000 deaths a year from the flu.
As of 10 July, there have been just over 37,000 cases and 211 deaths here in the good old
Hardly a widespread outbreak.
So, for a flu that is supposedly broad in scope and very deadly, there seems to be a relatively
low percentage of deaths and a surprisingly low number of cases of this flu. In reality, this flu,
so far, has 1/1000th the exposure of a regular flu one might expect.
Sadly for the prognosticators, the people are just not cooperating by dying fast enough to make
their sky is falling pronouncements valid.
Like most other things in this administration, just because it is a lie does not mean that they
canNOT spin it enough to make it look real.
Speaking of the Swine Flu, it has been reported that there will be some 50,000,000 vaccines
available for the prevention or mitigation of the flu and it is expected that they will be ready
someone late summer, early fall.
Now, having learned to take advantage of any crisis, Hank has made the pronouncement that “it
will be mandatory for all school age children to receive the vaccine.”
Now, excuse me for thinking clearly, in the absence of all but the bureaucracy telling us that
there is an epidemic or a pandemic, can the state really make all the kids get vaccinated?
I mean, if the incidence of the general population is so small, is it prudent to infect millions of
school age kids with a vaccine that may or may not protect them now or possible compromise
them later?
What made my antenna click was the adamancy when Hank made this announcement. He
sounded mad, almost like he was driven to get this done on a timetable. His “make no
mistake” line was a tell, he always says that when he wants us to do something that we know is
a bad idea.
Now, most presidents are good people even if bad executives. But this one has me scratching
my head. I am sure I am being an alarmist but if you connect the dots there is a very alarming
Given all the above, do you think that there is the remotest possibility that somehow Hank &
Co would allow someone like his “Science Czar” do something to the sera destined for our
children and grandchildren?
It sounds so far-fetched, so incredible, so dastardly as if out of a B-grade Sci-Fi movie.
But when you start looking at the others in his regular and shadow cabinets, a disturbing pattern
is evident. From an “Energy Czar” who hates energy to the SecHHS who is a huge abortion
supporter to a “Science Czar” who supports mass sterilization and by doping drinking water
sources if necessary, is anything that this cartel, I mean, administration will not try?
Who woulda thunk that Hank would take over banks, the auto-industry, taking shots against the
health care of We the People? Did you think any of that, let alone ALL of that and more, has
been perpetrated against us in the past six-months?
How far-fetched might this insidious plan be if all the above has already been done.
The question is “why?”
Why would he do this to our kids and grandkids? Will his kids be vaccinated? If so, were they
really? I am sorry, not, if this sounds too weird to be true, I hope to God I am wrong. But this
administration has done little, make that nothing, to instill in me that they have my best
interests in mind.
Think about this, then get back to me.
LAST WORD: In his confirmation hearings, Holdren stated (Translation: Lied) that he no
longer ascribes to some of the more draconian views that he once held and wrote about
prolifically. This turns out to be double-plus-untrue.
 As we read this, the Sotomayor hearings are going on. Sonia baby is testifying that she does
not think a wise Latina is a better judge than a white man, that she is an originalist and that
legislation is not done in the courts.
You make the connection. (If any of her equivocations were to be true, do you not think that
Softball Schemer and Lefty Leahy would have excoriated her on the spot.
The fix is in.

T-Minus 472 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1285 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



14 JULY 2009 - "L'ancien regime? C'est Bon!"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

First there is the “stimulus” package, then the bank bail outs, the takeover of the auto industry,
the assault on health care (and our freedoms), the assault on energy (and our freedoms and
another on our finances) and now, today, yesterday and for what promises to be as long and
ridiculous as Michael Jackson’s wake, funeral and so forth, we are treated to the Sonia
Sotomayor Senate Confirmation hearings (an outright assault on the Constitution she allegedly
knows less about than your average woodchuck.)
And, with hope, fewer run-on sentences. Sorry.

I am not sure what disturbs me more: that she was nominated, that Chuck Schemer is her
shepherd, with his lovely assistant Vanna Jellobrand, the insidious Sen. Leahy (and where is
Dick Cheney when we need him), Republican weasel Goober Graham, (RINO-SC) and Arlen
Specter (EX-RINO-PA) or the juniorest of all possible Senators, Al Franken.

In reverse order.


Are you kidding me?

His presence confirms the comedy act this one-ring circus is to become.

Possibly less qualified for this gig than Midnight, the Wonder Dog, and my best friend, it may
have been a smarter tactical move to have adults asking questions rather than the bought and
paid for occupant of the Senate seat from Jesse Venturaland. It boggles the minds that Franken
is allowed in the building let alone allowed to ask questions. But, he is a Senator and despite
his lack of qualifications, he is on this committee. I do not know about you, but I am
reasonably sure this is Harry Reid giving We the Sheeple the legislative finger, or he knows
that the fix is in and he is just having his jollies.

Specter and Graham, what can you say about them. The octogenarian obstreperous Keystone
State Senator basically told Sonia the questions he was going to ask, just in case a handful of
others came to Jesus and asked probing questions.

Graham, sadly, is just an idiot, and not a useful one at that. Granted he is better than Lincoln
Chafee but not enough for me to make a donation to his campaign. (And, please, where you
can, donate to the candidates and causes that effect YOU and yours!)

This charter member of the Double Digit IQ Club said, paraphrasing, that she will be
nominated. He might as well have added, “and there is nothing we can do about it.”

For some reason, R. Lee Ermey in “Full Metal Jacket” comes to mind. (A great movie and the
first I watched after the main event. If you want to know what we faced in Viet Nam, this is as
good as it gets. IMHO, but, feel free to differ.)

Gunny Hartman would have had Private Pyle dropping and giving him infinity with such an
inane and cowardly remark.

To make matters worse, this idiot is interviewed and while he makes a half-hearted attempt to
equivocate, this weak sister caves. If you are from South Carolina, you have enough issues
with your governor, but, please get rid of this guy.
And, send me some bar-b-q!

But, in Grahams defense, he is not as bad as Senator Leahy from Vermont, where the men are
men and the, no, never mind, that would be in bad taste.

Which explains Leahy.

After Reid, who has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, save a passing resemblance to
Montgomery Burns, and that is not necessarily a compliment, Leahy is neck-and-neck with
Senator Chuck Schemer for the most reprehensible, most anti-American in the Senate. (Ted
Kennedy notwithstanding, but he has an excuse.)

(And sidebar, now it can be told. My run-in with a certain drunken, “allegedly” murderous
Senator, no names, please, that wound up earning me my own booth anytime I was in D.C.,
plus they always saved two crème brules for me, occurred in Nathan’s, on M and Wisconsin in
Georgetown. Sadly, it closed this last Sunday and oddly enough, although I went there many,
many times over the past thirty-odd years, it was owned by a liberal. Ahhh.. parting is such
sweet sorrow! And, sorry for the run ons …)

As we all know, sweet Sonia let slip the unfortunate statement that, again paraphrasing, that a
“wise Latina” given her background may come to a different decision with regards to the law as
opposed to a “white man.”

As a “white man”, I am insulted. (Or, am I a “typical white man”, said Hank?)

You see, I am of the belief that one’s color, sex, heritage or even sexual orientation ought to
make no difference in reading the law.

But, as Leahy lied, and he knows he lied, he said that “this was no big deal and it was taken out
of context.

You know, to be fair, even I said that one ought not to be judged on things taken out of

BUT, it was NOT taken out of context, and it was not the first time she said that. In fact, not the
second, third or fourth but at least the fifth time the former legal counsel of La Raza (and more
likely current member) made such an asinine racist remark.

And for you who think I am racist for saying that, I would be more than happy to entertain your
objections once you clarify this five-time repeater remark with a side order of explaining her
relationship with an anti-American, pro-Mexican radical organization. (Remember the chart of
radical organizations I provided to you? Yup, La Raza is on it.)

Like Schemer, Leahy thinks We the Sheeple are as dumb as those who keep electing him.
Which brings us to Chuck the Snake himself.

Lower than low, baser than base, an anathema to reprobates, I give you Chuck Schemer. I am
from NY, I was born and raised here, I went to grade school, high school and most of my
college here. Having travelled the world and lived away from her for over two decades, I have
always considered myself a Nu Yawker. Fuhgeddabout.

NY is the home of the fictional Gordon Gekko, and the real Bernies Goetz and, up until
recently, Madoff, the “Son of Sam” Killer, Mark David Chapman, Charlie Rangel, FDR and
others of less than good repute. (FYI, Al $harpton allegedly lives in New Jersey, another
political sewer, though he does his pimping in NY. Apparently, we had first choice.) But
none, bar none, are as evil, dangerous, disingenuous, nasty, obnoxious, over-inflated as our boy
Chuck Schemer.

(His name is, of course, Schumer but if you spell-check it, it comes back “Schemer.” I often
make this point when I send my senator a letter. *)

Chuck has made Sotomayor’s ascendancy a personal quest, no doubt at the behest of Hank.
His deportment was an embarrassment at the hearings on Monday, acting like a kid who got a
pony riding a new bike on a train set for Christmas. This pompous ass could not control his
glee at the prospect of lying at the beauty pageant for Sonia Baby. I will not rehash his
platitudes but suffice it to say, it weaned the Muse from her bottle of Opal Nera. No mean feat.

Then, this jerk, and apologies to jerks everywhere, had the gonadature to say “she WOWED
every senator she met and I believe that she will get more than the 78 votes that Roberts got.”

First, I am reasonably certain that anyone WITHOUT a “D” after their name did say “WOW”,
as if to say “are you kidding me? Is this the BEST Hank has?” Of course Specter may have said
“wow” and Graham says that when he sees “Quik” stirred into milk as he wonders how that

No, my friends and fellow patriots, THIS is the most egregious assault on our liberties than all
of the other crap Hank has pulled.

Do not forget, Hank is behind ALL of this. He wants a Justice who is “empathetic.” In case
you have forgotten, Hank is a socialist, an activist and a danger to our existence as a Country as
we know it. In case you have any doubt, take a few moments and LISTEN to the link below**.

Recall a few other salient things. First, listen to the above link and someone, somewhere tell
me where that is Constitutional. In fact, Hank goes out of his way to tell us, to warn us, to
ignore at our own peril that he WILL pick people who are driven by ideology and not in the
strict legal framing of the law.
Recall also, Hank’s disdain for Alito during his nomination hearing. It might be tough as Hank
was so frequently AWOL from the Senate.

Add to that the overt prejudice of Leahy et al with respect to one’s Hispanicosity. Sure, at the
moment, this liberal illegitimate rodent (let that sink in) all but demands that we must have a
Hispanic woman on the court.

Now, hark back to the hearings for Miguel Estrada for his nomination for the DC Circuit Court.

That jurist, orders of magnitude more qualified than the current offering, was filibustered right
out of the gig. Oddly enough, one of the major players in Borking him was none other than
Leahy who outright stated that it was exactly BECAUSE Estrada was Hispanic that he must be
scuttled and more so because he was such an attractive choice that it was very likely that he
would be nominated for a SCOTUS comfy chair.

What was Estrada’s crime? When did Leahy reject his racism and prejudice?

The answers are the same, really.

Estrada was seen as a Conservative and that is the root of Leahy’s prejudice. (Though I will
not take Leahy’s words “out of context” where he cavils against having a Hispanic on the
bench. And, for the love of mike where in the world is “Hispania” whence these judge hail?)

And last, my amiga herself.

In her opening statement, she sounded like a Republican or at least an originalist. She said that
the law was her primary concern, fealty to the law was of paramount importance, that the courts
are not where law is made.

This all stands in stark contrast to her actions on the various courts in which she presided.

So, now I am confused.

If she meant what she said them the Dems ought to be all over her. If she didn’t, then she is a
liar. Which one is it? Simple. Look to see if the Dems beat her up for her opening statement, if

(For some reason I see Paul Newman flipping his index finger off of his nose as he did in “The

Today my friends is Quatorze de Julliet, or, Fete de Federation or as we know it, Bastille Day.
I find the timing of Sotomayor’s hearings both curious, ironic and fortuitous.

Rather that storming the jails to free those imprisoned in the uprising, perhaps we ought to
storm our elected officials of every stripe and position to free us from the undoubtedly
socialistic bent that is gov’t is heading.

Make no mistake, to coin a phrase, Hank is pulling out all the stops to get his activist agenda in
place. He wants in the very worst way to force the health care plan and if you listen to him on
this subject, he is getting more and more strident. And he is not above lying to get his way,
alleging that “most Americans” want this.

Bravo Sierra.

He must fail on health care. He must fail getting this nominee approved. He must fail on most
every plan he has against Our Country or we will fail to be able to live as free as we have.

T-Minus 473 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1286 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



11 JULY 2009 - "Down, In the Burning Ring of Fire"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

The Prodigal Son retuned to Ghana last night. Narrowly escaping immolation during their
audience with the Pope, Hank & Co, went to a land with a far more clement clime than that in
which they are likely to spend eternity.

(Credit where credit is due. At least Hank and M’Obama were dressed appropriately and for
the first time in their adult lives acted properly. However, David Axelrod, who most assuredly
will envy the circle of hell of the Obama’s, had not the common decency to follow protocol and
kiss the Pope’s ring. Even the Obama’s did that! That showed extremely poor taste, an insult
on any number of levels and exposed himself for the reprobate he is.) (And no jokes, please,
that M’Obama’s mantilla was on the wrong way.)

So, Hank went to beautiful downtown Ghana today and read one of his rip-roaring speeches.
One of his typical speeches where if one was unclear of his politics, one walked away assured
that he was a socialist, a statist. The standard “man can do nothing only the state can do it all”
kind of rhetoric.

(Sidebar: I do not make book recommendations in the FISH often but I must at this point.
Mark Levin, who is like my evil-twin, wrote one of the most compelling political books I have
ever had the pleasure to read. “Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto” is deep,
concise, broad and, despite the weight of the matter, easy to read. I am one of those who read
with a high-lighter and pen in hand to underline and make notes in book. I have taken to
simply putting a line through entire paragraphs for as to do otherwise the majority of the pages
would be yellow. It is a must read as it deconstructs the entire Obama Presidency and exposes
the myths and lies perpetuated by the M-I-C. Truly, not reading this book is done at your own
peril. And, much to their dismay, while it is #2 on the New York Times Best Seller list,
recently overtaken by Dick Morris’ book, it was #1 for some 12 or 13 weeks. Methinks the
Old Gray Lady blushed.)

Of course, what trip to Africa would be complete without the presidential entourage/sideshow
traipsing to a former slave debarkation point. The fact that M’Obama is the great-great-great-
great-granddaughter of slaves needed to be announced with the prerequisite apology.

I guess the next time I go to Ireland, I will demand a news conference so that I can excoriate
the British for the famine in the 1840’s that undoubtedly affected my great-great-great-

‘Nuff said about that, Hank & Co will soon be back in the States to further screw up things.

Be that as it may, is it me or have others of you heard a number of senators and congressmen
making noises about the economy, health care and other socialist projects Saul Alinski’s star
pupil is trying to inflict on We the Sheeple.

Y’day, some forty “Blue-Dog” Dems said that they canNOT support the socialist single-pay
health scheme Hank is trying to cram down the craws of the populace.

Hearing this, Hank made the pronouncement that “make no mistake” (er, too late, millions did
when they voted for you) this must go through and sooner rather than later.

A goldfish has a good enough memory to know that this is the EXACT same verbiage and
tactic used to bully the “stimulus” package through Congress in the early days of this regime.
Reading between the lines, this is Hank realizing that he is losing support by the day and if he
gets it to the floor before the summer break he still has chance to get it passed. After that, all
bets are off. The bill, with hope, will die a slow, ignominious defeat.

Even some of the LSM are not as accommodating towards him and the occasional item or
article that is not calling for his immediate canonization is printed. Tho, and I am still trying to
get more on this, apparently there was a private, by invitation only, 4th of July Party at the
Whi’te House. *

Not that this is in of itself bizarre it was the terms with which the invitees had to agree that was
bizarre. All invitees had to agree not to bring any kind of recording device, no “twittering”, no
cameras, allegedly no cell phones and they were proscribed from writing about or divulging in
any way the goings-on the fais do-do.

This, from the “most open and transparent administration in history”

And we have always been at war with Eastasia.

Pete King is making few new fans from Michael Jackson’s followers. His remarks, while there
was not one racist word used, have catapulted him onto the national stage.

But, I want to talk about another King for a second.

Listening to a radio show y’day, a caller was doing a compare and contrast between the current
“race-baiters”, “poverty pimps” and “profits off the people”, such as Al $harpton and Je$$e
Jack$on, compared to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The caller asked the show’s host what he thought things would be like if Dr. King was alive
today. The host said that by now, had he not been assassinated, Dr. King prolly would have
drifted into the background as others came to the fore.

Then the host, who is black, went on a bit about the current gloms, as mentioned above, then
asked a very profound question of the caller, assumed to be white. He asked: “Who is the
leader today of the white people?”

The caller had no answer and he was in good company as I did not have one either. Then the
host helped him out by saying “there isn’t one, white people do not need one, but the
$harptons, Jack$ons and their kindred are “self-appointed” leaders of blacks for one specific
purpose: to keep them down so that they may be raised up.”

I am glad a Black man said that for it white one did, he would be considered a racist.

Lastly, and I would be remiss if I did not somehow get Michael Jackson into this somehow, I
received a number of similar emails this week that had a common theme; the lionizing of a
child-abuser in comparison to the sacrifices made by regular Americans particularly the
military, much as I have written last week.

One struck a particular chord in my heart. I asked the reader who sent it to me for permission
to include it in a FISH. He was kind enough to grant permission.

So, with that, I shall end this epistle with that email:

John - I received this from a young lady who, several years ago, was a younger lady, and US
Marine, working from me as a mechanic in an F/A-18 squadron.

Real names, real people, real lives, and real deaths of real heroes who gave their lives because
our nation called them to.

Semper Fidelis,

XXX, Col, USMC (ret)
Subject: Fw: Deaths that touch us

They touch us because they protect our freedoms!

With no disrespect intended to the Jackson family, this sure does reveal the shallowness of our
value system in this country.
This puts things into perspective:

While the focus today, tomorrow and for the next God-knows-how-many-days will be the
death of a pop culture icon; while many will mourn, wail and quite literally make fools of
themselves over and while as many will speak endlessly about it, allow me, if only for a
moment, to remind us all that others have died this month; others whose lives were cut short;
others who leave behind loved ones and whose families will dearly miss them; families who'll
suffer with much more dignity and honor than we'll be exposed
to on the tube in the coming days.

Yes... it's true... we've suffered a great loss... but forgive me while I tell you that I'm not talking
about the king of pop music.

These American military members died in Iraq this month:
Sergeant Justin J. Duffy
Specialist Christopher M. Kurth
Specialist Charles D. Parrish
Lance Corporal Robert D. Ulmer
Staff Sergeant Edmond L. Lo
Sergeant Joshua W. Soto
Captain Kafele H. Sims
Specialist Chancellor A. Keesling

And these members of our U.S. Armed Forces died in Afghanistan this month:

Sergeant Jones, Ricky D.
Specialist Munguia Rivas, Rodrigo A.
Command Master Chief Petty Officer Garber, Jeffrey J.
1st Sergeant Blair, John D.
Sergeant Smith, Paul G.
Staff Sergeant Melton, Joshua
Sergeant 1st Class Dupont, Kevin A.
Specialist O'Neill, Jonathan C.
Chief Warrant Officer Richardson Jr., Ricky L.
Specialist Silva, Eduardo S.
Lance Corporal Whittle, Joshua R.
Major Barnes, Rocco M.
Major Jenrette, Kevin M.
Staff Sergeant Beale, John C.
Specialist Jordan, Jeffrey W.
Specialist Griemel, Jarrett P.
Specialist Hernandez I, Roberto A.
Sergeant Obakrairur, Jasper K.
Staff Sergeant Hall, Jeffrey A.
Private 1st Class Ogden, Matthew D.
Private 1st Class Wilson, Matthew W.

Let's remember and honor this day those whose deaths are truly impacting.

May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, rest in peace. Amen

T-Minus 475 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1288 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless


10 JULY 2009 - "Mr Putin, Build Up This Wall! Please?!?"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Some house cleaning, been a while.

First of all, the cast thingy came off the wrist last week. The break has healed but there is still
some residual angravation but at least I can type, poorly, with both hands now.

I want to thank all of you who offered their services to transcribe the FISH from either an audio
file or via phone call. I was truly touched by the outpouring of offers. Sadly, I had to sally on
alone as I do not have the ability to create an audio file and as the Muse stirs at all hours, a
phone call might not be as warmly received at some hours of the day/night depending on time
zone. (And, as we all know, the Muse is a big fan of “John Barleycorn.”)

However, that did put a kernel of an idea in my head and at the same time placate some of
those who think the FISH takes too long to read. Maybe there is a way I can figger out how to
create an audio file and either put it on the website, make it available as a podcast (have NO
idea how to do that either) or something else.

Then I thought that might be fun! I can do each FISH in a different accent! Then, I thought
better of that as much as I do not think that I have an accent (but, oddly enough you do! LOL),
that reciting a FISH with a French accent by way of Canarsie might be over the top. So,
Fuhgeddabout. But will consider the audio options, but don’t hold yer breath!

Anywho, back at the Dacha, Hank stood up to the Russians and crafted a deal that shrewdly
allows us to give up far more than does Ivan and at the same time he got a big “NYET!” with
respect to allowing us to use Russian soil to bring in the, literally, heavy artillery into the

The tete-a-tete with Medvedev was what it looked like, a welter-weight match, and that is being
generous by at least one weight-class.

The meeting with Vlad was far more interesting.
Body language knows now linguistic barriers.

Vlad reminded me of a cat playing with most anything, a ball, a string, but even moreso with
live prey. It would have been funny to watch Hank being visually clawed by Putin, except that
he is our President.

In the past our Presidents went toe-to-toe, even if in reality they were quaking in their boots.
Some had the same effect on their opposite number. Think of Reagan and Gorby.

Take a look at the video below*. In the first small piece, Putin seems to be disinterested in
Hank. Check out the body language, eye focus and the rest. Then it segues to the “Hank and
Dmitri Comedy Hour. “ Hank seems almost in charge which bodes poorly for the hapless Mr.
Bean looking tovarish.

Now, excuse me for thinking clearly, but allegedly Medvedev is the “man” and Putin is the old,
tired ex-boss.

Or, is he.

No doubt about it, Vlad is pulling all the strings on Medvedev just as powers unseen are doing
the same to our guy Hank.

All the Ruskies wanted was to be able to throw into the pot a few of their old, rusted no longer
effective ex-weapons of mass destruction. But, no, Hank wanted to give more! But, to be on
the safe side, they nixed the request for our being able to transship some of our larger and
heavier armament across the Russian frontier into Afghanistan.

While on the surface it looks like a slap in the heavily made-up face of Hank, it was nothing of
the sort. Ivan figgered that if the Russians did us a big favor, Hank would have made even
more concessions and even throw in the towel and surrendering totally. And seeing the cluster-
mess that we now have for an economy, I reckon the Russians wanted no part of it.

As hard as he tried, from where I sat, Hank could not find anything to apologize for to the
Russians, he did the next best thing; he minimized our efforts to bring peace and stability to the

Hark back to the Gipper and his famous words “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Now, couple that with his walking out on the SALT talks and the famous quip while testing a
microphone to the effect that “testing, testing, we have just launched a number of missiles
headed for Russia”, and what you have is one tough hombre.

As stated before, communication is a complex matter, it is more than just words. As stated
above, body language, eye contact and other tells mean as much or more than do the mere
words. Reagan’s admonition to “tear down the wall” was most likely a scripted phrase,
“missiles headed for Russia” undoubtedly was not.

When someone, particularly a leader of a country says something off-the-cuff, you can be
assured that is something that is in high-memory, something in which he believes, in other
words: the truth.

The Russians analyze every word an American President says and the more casual the
statement the more scrutiny is given, as they know that is what is on the Boss’s mind. They
gave this more weight, more gravitas than the missiles pointed towards them. They KNEW he
would use them.

There was no doubt that the fall of the Eastern Bloc had more to do with Reagan’s posturing,
his actions, his belief system and his words. The Reds KNEW that Reagan meant business and
that while an honorable and trusted person, he would do all in his power to protect his Country
and We the People.

It was this combination of grit, determination and belief that he was right coupled with a
weaker opposite in the case of Gorby that predicated, or, at worst, accelerated, the fall of the
Wall and the East.

Enter Hank.

He make Gorby look positively butch from a leadership viewpoint.

Rather than capitalize on the political currency bequeathed the Presidency by Reagan and other
great leaders, he throws it away, almost embarrassed (almost? Hmmm….) by his predecessors’

No, he did not apologize this time. What he did this time was even worse. He espoused an
impotency of the United States that does not exist.

At least until now.

We can all speculate what Hank is trying to do to Our Country, from the bank bail outs to the
auto company takeovers to the health care scheme to the energy tax and more and more. He is
throwing so much crap on the wall and sadly a lot of it is sticking. Try as we can to mitigate
his efforts to weaken and ultimately enslave us to the State, we are vastly outnumbered by
those who have a full time job doing his biding. But that does not mean we must not redouble
our efforts to thwart their plans.

But when Hank stands on the world stage and has his lunch money stolen by Putin then aw
shucks his was through a mitigation of our ending the reign of the Soviet Union and their
control of their client states, that is, as we say, a whole ‘nother thing.

Who will take us seriously when we throw our allies under the bus and embrace our enemies?
Surely our allies will be disabused from coming to our aid and our enemies will see us as a
toothless tiger.

Thanks, Hank, you have done more in almost six-months to destroy what it took over 233 years
to create.

As if that is not enough, who did not get a tear in their eye watching the tender moment
between Hank and Mo!

No, not M’Obama but Mo Qaddaffi, dictator of Libya.

Yes, the same Qaddaffi that supported Hank for President. The same one that said that Hank
was a Muslim. The same one that said that Hank ought to be proud of being an African. The
same one that blew up the club in Berlin frequented by our brave military. The same one who
blew up Pan Am flight 103.


If there was a Nobel Prize for making the greatest number of bad decisions by a supporting
actor, Hank would be a shoe in.

One can only hope that the Pope says a prayer against him when they meet later on.

If there is any good news on the horizon, it is that Hank now has a -8 rating. That means those
who strongly oppose him versus those that strongly support him have an 8% advantage.

All in all, that means little unless compared to the almost +30 rating he had shortly after
inauguration. (SIDEBAR: His overall approval rating was lower than either Bush or Clinton
early on in his administration, however his visceral impact both positively or negatively was
much greater.)

People are finally waking up if that which I see on the non-traditional news sources and blogs
and it is slowly but surely making its way into the LSM.

Health care, his apologies, Sotomayor, taxes, gun control, the Pelosi/CIA thing and more have
We the Sheeple pricking up our ears, people are hearing thru the dither. Don’t
misunderestimate me, Hank has done a bang-up job diverting our attention away from his
picking our pockets and robbing our liberties and freedoms. But, as it has been said that you
can fool some of the people some of the time and so on, fewer and fewer people are being
fooled less often.

As I have said, begged, implored, extolled, cajoled and all but threatened, we MUST keep the
pressure on our elected officials with respect to all that is going on that we do not like. Even if
you like your congressman and he is gen’ly on your side as is mine (Pete King, whom I am
sure most of us have heard about lately) or your Senator, who may be your opposite, like mine,
the reprehensible Chuck Schemer (darn that spell check!), it is critical to contact them.

This bolsters and emboldens those who are true Americans and will allow them to brave the
barrage of Barack’s bovine scatology and will put those who wish us poorly on notice that we
are keeping them on our radar. (Some of the wishy-washy may cave to pressure, but the real
reprobates will not. In this case, write them just for drill.)

Lastly and only a taste of a FISH to come., Pelosi and the CIA.

Can you believe the chutzpah of this woman? She lies, lies and lies again and then she gets
that weak-sister DDI Panetta to lie that the CIA lied so that her lies were not actually lies.

My gosh, that is like putting Barneys Frank on the Finance committee!

More to come on this!

T-Minus 477 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1290 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



7 JULY 2009 - "You Vill Love Der Kamp!"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

“He lied to us, he preyed on our fears”

Al Gore, as he preyed on our fears by lying to us.
“We have nothing to fear but fear itself”

FDR using a cute circular argument, but making a point

“The past administration used fear repeatedly to get their way”

Beloved Leader Obama, just before he finished his speech that scared people.

FEAR: “An unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger,
anxious concern, reason for alarm.”

Fear resides in the reptilian part of our brain and when triggered overrides all other emotions
and sensibilities. Fight or flight, live or die, preservation of the self are part and parcel of this.

Like all good ideologues, Hank will employ auxesis, litotes, hyperbole and other dramatic tools
to make his point that he is doing exactly what he says he fighting against. A true psychopath
can do this with ease as they already believe their lie and it is just a matter of getting We the
Sheeple to buy in.

I have said from day one, Hank is a great speaker. That is not to say that he is a great orator, he
is not, but he reads with conviction and gets the weak of intellect to eat out of his hand. I have
said also that if you listen to his speeches, while he says a lot he does not say much of any
substance. Yet, more and more of late he seems to be tipping his hand. Perhaps a sign of
hubris? I dunno.

By prefacing the part of his speech where he will scare the pants off We the Sheeple, gen’ly
Hank will say something to the effect that we have emerged from a climate of fear or that the
Bush administration used fear to get their way.

This is a very effective method from distracting you from what is coming down next. As I
have said many times, using verbal legerdemain Hank will say something to get you thinking
about something else while pulling the pigeons out of his sleeve. By obfuscating, distracting
and using his “charm” he can look us straight in the eye and tell us that if we do not kowtow to
his will, the Earth will spin off axis and hurtle towards the Sun, when, in reality, the opposite is

Hank lied and he knew he lied, as confirmed buy Hench-President Joe Biden, when he said that
if we do not pass the “stimulus package” that unemployment would soar over 8%.
Wellllllll….. we passed that mess and the unemployment is closer to 9.5%.

Hank wants to give health care to all and is demanding that his health care package be passed.
But he knows as well as anyone that the package will not give health care to all Americans,
legal or not, and at a cost of over $1,000,000,000,000, we would be far better off subsidizing
existing health care then going to a single payer system.

He knows that. But he will not be deterred. You see, if is simply subsidizes health care rather
than re-inventing it, he will not have CONTROL over it.

Do you think Hank wants to own GM? No! But he wants to control all commerce.

Do you think Hank wants to own a number of banks? No! But he wants to control banking.

Do you think Hank wants to tax carbon use? Prolly not, BUT, that gives him control over

Is this becoming clear now?

In each of the previous cases Hank used some kind of fear to insure that his plan would come to
fruition or cause it to eventually become so.

By telling us that if we did not bail out the banks, the entire banking system would fail. Well,
we did bail out banks. In fact we bailed out some that did not need nor wanted bailing out, but
they were forced to accept TARP money. For some odd reason, much of the TARP money that
went to these banks is still sitting on the sidelines. Conclusion: any entity that failed or did not
would have or would not have regardless of TARP money.

The same argument could be made about the auto industry as well.

What is of particular concern is the two-headed beast of energy and health. While seemingly
different entities they are one in the same in the bigger picture.

Forget for a moment that Hank wants to cap and trade carbon, which is a proposition that just
riddled with pelosi, look at the back story. Carbon credits.

Yup, there are companies that are now or coming into existence for the sole purpose of selling
so-called “carbon credits.”

That’s right kids, you too can sell, well, nothing.

It is not a product.

It is not a service.

It is a TAX!

And private corporations are selling them.
This will make al-G’ore a billionaire.

And who else?

Howzabout the nice folks at Goldman-Sachs.

Yes, the same company that was bailed out with YOUR tax dollars will now make obscene
profits selling company’s gossamer, in the form of a “carbon credit.” Or as I like to call it, a

How egregious is this?

So much so that even one of the oldest liberal magazines, Rolling Stone*, saw fit to write about
the excess of this. (And a tip of the tam o’shanter for my faithful reader who sent the article to

But, connect the dots….

Who was a big-cheese (limburger, I am thinking) at GS?

None other than Timmy “Stuck in the Well” Geithner.

He just happens to be Sec Treas today.


I think not.

More on this criminal enterprise as it develops. Health to follow.

Hey, are you one of those folks who like Free Speech? Do you approve of We the People
having the right to bear arms? Are you one of those crazies who do not think we should kill
babies in their “mother’s” womb?” Do you get upset with the gov’t from time to time? Do you
think that you pay too much in taxes and are angravated at the prospect of paying more?

Well then HR 645 is RIGHT up your alley!

In her beneficence DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano is going to try her gosh-darnedest to
arrange a “meet-up” with like-minded people.

Problem is that it may not be voluntary.

You see, all those listed in the first paragraph of this part, you know the people I like to call
“good Americans”, well, Janet-baby has another name for us.

I know that you have heard that before and some of you are kind enough to email me signing
off describing yourself as a “terrorist.”

Wellll… add in Rep. Alcee Hastings, the impeached judge and now a Democrat (SHOCK!)
congressman from Florida and he came up with a nifty piece of legislation called “The National
Emergency Centers Establishment Act” or H. R. 645.**

Now, on the surface it seems benign enough, but it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Regard Sec 2
(b) (4) where it says: “to meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of
Homeland Security.”

You know who SHE is, the one that calls US terrorists!

So, take a moment, read the two links below and follow the links included in the second one in
particular. Then, if you think that is all swell and good, then I ask you please so send those of
us who do not see it that way a cake with a file in it to one of the detention centers.

If you think that this is way too much, far over the line and beyond the pale, then write, email
and call your congressman TODAY and every day until this shredding of the Constitution is

While you are at it, might suggest proffering charges against San Fran Nan and Hastings for
“thought crimes.” (I am almost kidding about the “thought crimes” but not about having them
both impeached. FYI, my letter to my congressman is below, feel free to crib it.)

T-Minus 479 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1292 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless


2 JULY 2009 - "Leaving on a (Fleet of) Jet Planes"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

THIS JUST IN: Michael Jackson is still dead.

OK, back to REAL stuff.

Hank’s Spokesweasel, Joseph Goebb… I mean, Robert Gibbs, was essentially verbally slapped
silly at the press briefing y’day. Helen Thomas of the AP, who was present at Lincoln’s
Second Inauguration, took exception to Gibb’s explanation, or as the Muse likes to call them:
“lies”, as to the questions for Hanks latest health-care infomercial.

(You remember the last one on the All Barack Channel, formerly known as ABC, when former
nice-guy turned partisan hack Charles Gibson, lofted softball after softball to Hank in the
unprecedented White House “town hall” meeting where the double-digit-IQ-caste asked per-
approved questions of the Beloved Leader.)

Helen Thomas, who is no fan of Republicans and has been in the hip pocket of the Dems since
Reconstruction, took umbrage to the fact that the town hall meetings are basically snake-oil
sales shows. Joined by Chip Reid, of CBS, go figger, they double-teamed Gibbs to the degree
that he sounded like Hank without a TelePrompTer.*

How bad must it be when the doyenne of liberal news “reporting” and another chap from one
of the Big 3 LSM TV organs are incredulous about Hank & Co’s manipulation of the

In my local bird cage liner masquerading as a newspaper, “NEWSDAY” the front page had My
Favorite Kenyan hanging all over this adipose lass who: 1) has cancer, 2)does not have a job
and 3) does not have health care. Now, I feel sorry for this woman as I would for any suffering
from a disease of this magnitude. Hank was moved to hug the woman and publically pimp her
for all he was worth.

There are a few other parts to this story. To their credit, NEWSDAY allowed that this
unemployed woman does have something to occupy her time. She is a volunteer for Obama.
Now, far be it from me to cast aspersions (I will wait until the snickering subsides), but
perhaps if she spent more time, I dunno, perhaps, looking for a job rather than being an unpaid
activist, she might, just might find a job with health benefits. Secondarily to this is the fact that
under Hank’s health-scare scheme, that she might not be eligible for palliative or remedial

(Recall the case of the woman in Oregon who wrote to the State of Oregon requesting
medication for the disease that was certain to kill her if she did not receive it. She was not only
denied but received an unsigned letter from the “state” advising her that there are ways to end
her suffering, and her life.)

Later in the same article it was mentioned, corroborating the prescience of Thomas and Reid,
that the questions asked of Bagger Vance could have been prescreened and that not only was
one of Hank’s lackeys allowed to ask a question but so were member of SEIU, which we all
know to be at the very least a socialist union and oddly enough, one that has pretty good health
care for their members.

NEWSDAY is a liberal rag, as I have said time and again, but even this report was rather
curious. As I have said more times than I wish to retell, all the info is there, all you have to do
is connect the dots. Here, you have a prequel of White House Press Corps predicting that the
White House will either provide the questions or vet those suggested so that only favorable
questions make their way to the Beloved Leader’s formidable ears. This is followed by the
denial of Hank’s Spokesweasel. This is followed by questions asked that have either been
provided by the powers that be or have been strenuously vetted and capped off by a photo op of
the Apologist-in-Chief hugging a woman who is ill, without a job or health care.

One who is a volunteer for Hank.

And, if Hank cares sooooo much for We the Sheeple, how much more must he care for those
who carry his water.

And, if he cares for them so much, why does he not offer HIS minions health care?

In France, by law most all retail trade is shut on Sunday.

Unless you happen to be a former indispensible hospital administrator who is married to a
former community organizer.

Yes, our gal, M’Obama, asked to have and received permission to have a toney shop opened so
that she can pick up a few things while in Paris. ** While I do not gen’ly employ a thirty-car
motorcade to go shopping, Mo and Co did, wreaking some kind of havoc on the already tricky
streets of the City of Lights. I am sure that J. Crew did not have the kinds of jumpers and
frocks she craved.

But, it is nice to see her spreading some dough-re-me around. After her foray into Paris with
her phalanx of security, hangers-on and God-Knows-whom else, she invaded the streets and
shops of London for more shopping.

(Allegedly she did purchase some J. Crew gear here. And since she became FLOTUS the stock
of her fave clothier has risen by almost two-thirds. I wonder if she has any of their stock in her
“blind trust.”)

The other story, not mentioned but there for the taking, is that her trip to London after her Paris
foray was sans Hank. As we know, Hank flew to Saudi Arabia then to Cairo without
M’Obama before being joined by her in Paris. (As intimated, perhaps there is a problem with
Hank bringing his bride to Muslim counties….)

This means that not only did Hank take a small fleet of jets on his trip, but M’Obama had her
own jet for her and her entourage.

For someone who is so concerned about “climate change” and “carbon footprints” and wants to
“control energy” use in America, he sure isn’t shy about using some of the less-energy efficient
modes of transport. I mean, even if Hank allowed his bride to travel with him, he could have
saved thousands of gallons of jet fuel.

(Then again, perhaps M’Obama does not let him smoke when she is on Air Force One.)

So, the most open, transparent, honest and gosh-darn greatest administration in the history of
the universe do not disappoint with more covertness, obfuscation and down-right lies.

Al Franken was sentenced to a five and a third year sentence in the US Senate. Now, I am not
saying anything but I was wondering if Franken is going to reprise any of his Saturday Night
Live roles. I am thinking of his Stuart Smalley character in particular. ****

Now, if a wise Latina, perhaps one with ties to La Raza, were to look over the qualifications of
a Republican who aspired to a seat or position and there was a treasure trove of information
showing this person making fun of a protected species, say, homosexuals, well, chew gum, you
know that there would be an uproar, there would be protests in the streets condemning the
persons sexism and homophobia, there would be speeches by the activist-class all demanding
that this person be disqualified for consideration for any position, and, to be on the safe side,
have him sent for remedial education and counseling.

But, when the portrayer of a lisping, mincing, flamboyant person of confused sexuality just
happens to be an ultra-left propagandist, well, that is different! He is not being sexist or
homophobic, he is “celebrating diversity!”

Spare me!

Last up: Unemployment.

And it IS up.

The Muse reminded me that the “stimulus package” HAD to be passed! Otherwise the
unemployment rate which was in the mid-six-percent range would soar to eight percent. Hank
said that he PROMISED that passing the “stimulus package” would ensure that the
unemployment rate would not go above eight percent.

Now, in my math, 9.4% is higher that 8%.
So, the unemployment rate is almost 20% HIGHER now than the WORST case scenario had
we NOT passed the “stimulus package.”

Gee, I wonder how bad it could have been if we did not waste a $1,000,000,000,000 in this
alleged package and take ownership in GM.

It might have gone as high as 7%!

So, how is that “stimulus package” working for you?

I wonder if the “energy package” will be as successful!

What wonders will the “health care” plan bring to We the Sheeple?

Take a look at this administration.

When they are not lying, they are scheming. When they are not scheming, they are cooking the
books. When they are not cooking the books they are dealing from the bottom of the deck.
When they are not dealing from the bottom of the deck, they are redefining terms.

And while Rome burns, M’Obama is making a nuisance of herself in European capitals.
When she is not doing that, they are having dates using Uncle Sam’s Air Force one to squire
them around.

Must be nice.

IF you are not calling your congressmen and senators, if you are not writing to them as well as
the Whi’te House expressing your outrage, you have no one to blame but yourself.

The Muse has spoken.

T-Minus 485 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1298 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless






1 JULY 2009 - "Send in the Clown"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t get enough of the Michael Jackson Sainthood Parade!
I wish there was more than simply wall-to-wall news about this fellow. Geez, we have the
Visiting Professor of Project Logic, Je$$e Jack$on, spewing some kind of inanity and this was
followed by the incredibly self-important, self-proclaimed Profit-off-the -People, “The”
Reverend Al $harpton.

Yes, this is an important event! You betcha! I mean, already the still dead Jackson’s mother
has sought custody his children. After all, who is a better choice to raise Jacko’s (store bought)
kids than his own mother? I mean, take a look at what a bang-up job she did with her own

And, sad, really, that Joe Jackson (not the shoeless one, the father one) was cut out of Jacko’s
will. Now, I do not know much about probate and wills but who really wants a part of an estate
that is reportedly one-half billion dollars in the red?

Yet, despite the fact that this alleged pedophile who has paid out untold millions in hush money
that we know of and perhaps multiples of that which we don’t, people are acting as if someone
who has led a good life has died. With all due respect, he was a talented musician and so forth,
not my cup of beer for the most part but I can respect his talent.

I often wonder in times such as these what happens to others who died who either did more
good or less harm. Why are there not parades and public services for research scientists who
have found cures for diseases? What about each and every one of our Brothers and Sisters who
are assassinated in Iraq or Afghanistan and are flown to Dover? Why is there not a perpetual
televised service detailing the accomplishments of those who died as a result of the

No, the Sheeple honor an “alleged” child-abuser and the news of the world stops.

That is one of the reasons we are going to hell in a handbasket.

Also on the Muse’s radar is the SCOTUS opinion in the Ricci Case.

No one, perhaps only Sotomayor, was surprised at the decision. The only surprise was the
vote, 5-4. But, even that does not tell the entire story as Justice Ginsberg opinion really had
nothing to say positive about Sotomayor’s et al appellate decision. In fact, she basically said,
without saying, that the case should have been sent down for revision or clarification rather
than being sent up where now it is law.

In case you are keeping score at home, Sotomayor has now had seven decisions that she has
voted for or written (poorly) the decision. This was the sixth time she has been overturned.
One more swing and a miss and she just might get signed by the Mets! (We Yankee fans are a
tough crowd.)

Now, a wise Latina might take a moment and realize that 1-fer-7 is not good, and adding to that
the fact that, she is pitifully unaware that law is not made in Appellate World, among other
gaffes, faux pas’ and so forth. Now, she blames her dyslexia for her inability to cogently write
her opinions and proclivity for laws of countries that are not America as reasons WHY she
ought to be on the top court. I know, I know, does not make sense to me either.

Now, if you were hiring someone for a job where you work and you could interpolate her legal
“qualifications” into your job description, would you hire her?

I did not think so.

And she is being offered a job for LIFE! And We the Sheeple get 1) no say in this and 2) she
will not get time off for bad behavior. But Beloved Leader Obama thinks she is swell.

The Lefty Fringe Senators do not care that she is eminently qualified for ticket-taker at a carny
side-show, she has “spunk”, she is “empathetic” she is woman, hear her give yet another
opinion without merit or standing in law. She has all kinds of qualities, but none of them are
germane to sit on the Highest Court of the Land.

Useful Idjits like Schemer soil themselves over the possibility of talking about her, better to
suck up to the M-I-C, my dear. The fact that she is a step up from an 0-fer in legal-land means
nothing to the socialist ideologues. More than one of you have written to me about contacting
your Senators regarding Sotomayor and her alleged upcoming hearing. Sadly, these
“legislators” have already made up their minds that she is a swell and they see no problem with

I think two can play by those rules.

I encourage all of you to contact your Senators, regardless of party. If they are an idjit like
Schemer or Stabenow and they do not need any “facts” to make up their minds, by all means
tell them that you respect that. And, for the record, you have already made up your mind for
whom you are voting in the next election, that would be anyone but him or her. And remind
them that you are incredibly handsome or beautiful, have a large coterie of friends and you will
use all of your persuasive power to have them vote against that person.

But, this administration is built on lies and damnable lies. Even when Hank tells us, on rare
occasion, the truth, it is bad news, such as telling us that he will raise the utility rates, close the
coal mines nominate an unnominatable for the SCOTUS.

I figgered at one point that she was the stalking horse, you know, throwing someone out there
to see what kind of reaction she will garner in order to fine-tune the selection process to find a
suitable candidate.

But then I realized that Hank was in the equation and he does not care. Nor does Rahmbo,
Axelrod et al. Look at the Joe Franklin cast of characters he has in the Cabinet. Cheats, liars,
anti-Americans, Socialists, rakers of muck and so on. Add to that the shadow cabinet of Czars
and Czarinas who are extra-constitutional. Mix in a good dose of his ego, a side order of
hubris and a pathological narcissistic self-view and this guy does not give a large rodents
behind about what We the People think and he could not care less.

But, in her defense, she is not the furthest-left choice, there are others who have no disregard
for the Constitution on deck ought she get bounced.

So, in one respect, and this pains me to no end to say it, it make no difference who gets on the
SCOTUS, it WILL be a dangerous ideologue, no matter what. We the Sheeple are screwed
while Hank is in office and he has the majority of both houses to back up his dastardly plans.

We can only hope and pray that the cooler heads in Congress do their darnedest to stop the
horrific bills being crammed down our necks knowing that he now has an essentially veto-
proof majority in both houses of Congress and one “accident” away from stacking the Court.

Speaking of which, the Muse surprise even me yesterday. In responding to a readers e-mail, it
was written: “my pressing issue of the day is will they seat a Senator from Minnesota before or
after the Michael Jackson adulation fest ends.....”

Lo and behold, a few hours later it was announced that indeed a “Senator” had been finally
declared a winner. He is perfect for the job, that Al Franken is. He was one of the founders of
the falsehood factory known as Skare Amerika, wrote checks that could not be cashed, owed
tons in bills and took a very small syndicated radio show and made it even smaller.

In other words, he is a quintessential liberal in the business sense. His mismanagement style,
bombastic attitude, parody-lending personality and apoplectic reaction to fact makes him a
comfortable fit for the P/M/S Democrat Party.

With his seating, the Dem Caucus will now have, on paper, a filibuster-proof majority in the
Senate. Meaning that unless at least one blue-dog Dem comes to Jesus, most any of the plans
that Hank has against America will come to fruition.

San Fran Nan, the very big liar, has once again presented an unabridged dictionary-sized bill to
the House and as we all know it was narrowly carried. This reprobate of a representative said
that she would allow all bills a one-week period in the sun before allowing a vote. For some
odd reason, the more insidious the vote, the more dire the consequences of its contents the
larger the bill and the faster she got it on the floor for a vote.

Now the ‘Cap and Trade”, or “Tax and Die” bill which passed only by the grace of a few
Republicans who put something personal before the good of the Country, is now, finally,
getting some scrutiny. (And I would be interested in knowing who has what on these
chickens? Does Barneys Frank have compromising pictures of Castle of Delaware? Other
similar indicting evidence of something or another? I would not put it past any of the players in
either camp.)

There is the prerequisite load of lard in this bill as well and even some on the Left are
caterwauling about it. But the powers that be do not seem to care. Again, this might be
analogous to putting as much junk into a bill with the understanding that some of it will have to
be taken out in order to get that which they really want passed by a larger majority so that they
can claim “bi-partisan” support.

Fuhgeddabout it.

Again, contact your Reps and Senators and advise them that in no uncertain terms that voting
for this bill will be dangerous to their political career as you will do all in your power to ensure
their defeat in the next election.

And, this DOES work and more and more of you and other great Americans are doing just this!

Let’s say you have a 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card. You would be thrilled to know that
the last one auctioned went for over $1.6 million. As there are about 10 cards left and few in
pristine condition, you know that you are sitting on a gold mine.

Or, you have the last known copy of the Swedish 3-skilling stamp produced in 1855. A
printing error has made this the rarest of all stamps and worth over $2.3 million.
Perhaps you have $50,000 or $500,000 in your savings portfolio, retirement fund, IRA and
some other places.

Now, all of a sudden, some fellow cleaning out the attic at his spinster aunt’s house finds a
box. Inside the box there are a dozen Honus Wagner cards and a few of the 150 year-old
Swedish stamps. In a thrice the $1.6 million card or the $2.3 million stamp have seen their
value diluted by the number of new artifacts.

Each bill that Hank & Co pass which costs money, and all of them, in amounts that look like
telephone numbers, including area code and perhaps extension, do the same thing to your
savings and retirement funds.

Keeping the money printing presses running 24/7 to keep up with the insatiable demand for
cash that this administration has, has the net effect of someone finding a treasure trove as above
and cutting the value of your possession by half or more.

Understand that when we were on the gold and silver standards, there was only so much specie
and notes that could be redeemed equal to the amount of gold or silver that the gov’t actually
had on hand.

Lemme ‘splain. Today’s bank notes are fiat currency. The gov’t is not beholden to exchange
our notes for gold, silver, potatoes, apples or anything. Back before 1933 the notes were on the
gold standard and up until 1964 on the silver standard. (I am sure that many of you, like me,
still have a few “silver certificates”, and prolly have one tucked safely in your wallet!)

Bear in mind, that the currency is not printed by the gov’t but a private enterprise. You may
have heard of it. It is called the Federal Reserve Bank.

Essentially, our bank notes are “stock” certificates that allegedly reflect the gross domestic
worth of the United States, PLUS the ability of the gov’t to raise cash by taxation. But it is not
really that either. As a fiat currency it has no intrinsic value save to the person holding it. On
its own, it is but a piece of paper. Compared to the Euro, Yen, Yuan and other currencies, the
ratio between them establish its true value. The Swiss Gnomes are not sitting around figgering
out what the GDP+taxes divided by the dollars in the M0 and M3 supply.

No, they are like trading cards or postage stamps. The more of them that are out there, the less
each is worth.

So, the more Honus Wagner cards that exist, the less each is worth. The more dollars that are
printed, the less each is worth. So, raising taxes and printing more money has the net effect of
making us poorer and poorer. (Think of Post WWI Germany when it took a wheelbarrow of
bank notes to buy bread. If I were you, I might think about buying wheelbarrow futures.)

Just thought I’d brighten your day with that little nugget.
T-Minus 486 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1299 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



27 JUNE 2009 - "CNTL ALT DELETE The Traitors"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

I remember, many years ago walking in the Ginza. Most of the time the streets were fairly
busy, packed with people. Being as tall as I am it was fairly easy to look a block or two with
ease. Those with who were not as tall did not enjoy that advantage.

Perhaps it is the same as when we were young. And curious. And were not consumed with all
the intricacies of life. And were not afraid to get dirty.

When I was a child, I am sure that I am not alone in this, I remember getting on my knees and
watching ants. They had a whole ‘nother planet where they lived. Ants were coming and
going, carrying this or that, making their little any hills and so forth. I am sure that they did not
notice us biggins as we pretty much ignored them.

(However, and as cute and interesting as they were, if you left food out, particularly something
sweet, you could expect an army of ants queued up rushing to get their share of your
carelessness. One line heading towards the treasure trove and another in the opposite direction,
laden with swag!)

Well, the same kinds of things exist in our economy, in our society.

I posit that most of you are what might be considered “middle-class.” (Personally. I think you
all have an extraordinary amount of class, judging by your reading material!) And the middle-
class is not without their own internal distinctions. Some of us are a little over the poverty line
and some are within hailing distance from the big time. But weather we are driving a 16 year
old car or face the dilemma of choosing between the Benz or the Beemer to go to the club, we
are essentially middle-class.

Now, we have, for the larger part, a lot of commonalities. I posit that most of us who are of
that age, work, some who are older have retired from a job or the military, some of us are
unable to work for legitimate reasons, but, given half a chance, would prefer to work.

We have a spouse, I would suggest most of us are so inclined, and most prolly have not been
married more than twice, many/most only once. We live in fairly comfortable digs and perhaps
wished that they were a tad more comfortable, larger or more nicely furnished, but, we are
happy with our lot for the most part.

We have a car, or two, or three, perhaps. We own them or we are making payments on them.
We, with hope, are not hiding them a few blocks away in the hope the repo man does not find
them. We shop for our clothes in stores and we afford ourselves such “luxuries” as TVs,
appliances and perhaps vacations when we can.

In other words, on our planet, in our world, if we want something, we get it the old fashioned
way, we earn it.

However, just below our radar and right under our noses there is a kind of parallel universe that
does not resemble our at all, even though we share much of the same reality.

There is a subculture of people who do not see anything wrong with what this President is
doing or wants to do. No, they see nothing wrong at all with it. In fact, they are living it
already and pretty much anything he plans on doing to We the Sheeple will only improve their
particular lot.

Many of them not even knowing the meaning of the word schadenfreude but are relishing it
with every utterance of Hank.

This is the culture of those who are already living in a socialist state, the one that pays for their
housing, gives them food stamps (I know that they are no longer stamps, you get the point),
who, for some odd reason, have an aversion to availing themselves to the educational system
when of age but find themselves involved in a lot of “job training” when they get older, many
times as a condition of parole or for receiving continuing assistance. (But, curiously enough,
never seem to find a job for which they have been trained.)

They know how to work the system. They know how long they have to hold a job before they
can get fired in order to collect unemployment benefits. They know what kind of injury must be
sustained in order to collect disability, if only temporarily. They have figgered out how to
work the system to get as much with contributing as little as possible.
They know where the unemployment office is, they know the receptionist at the welfare office
by name. They know which food pantry has the best or most food. They have worked hard to
grift the system.

Sadly, many of these people would be far better off if they applied their industry to actually
doing something constructive rather that working so hard not to work.

But that is the nature of this subculture, the subculture or poverty.

Unbeknownst to us, either by choice or benign neglect, there are millions of people; white
people, black people, brown people, yellow people, tall, short, fat, skinny, you name it, they are
represented and if there is any commonality it is their proclivity for voting Democrat. (After
all, those mean, old Republicans want people to, gasp!, work!)

When something like Americacorps is announced, they are all over it. When the ACORN
people come around, they are all ears. When the community agitators come to their area, they
are willing to be agitated. When there is a rally to attend, they are there with bells on,
unencumbered as they are with a job.

Then there are the working poor. These fine people are trying to get on their feet, to be
productive and to improve their lot and just as the idle class is thumbing their collective noses
at We the Taxpayer, these people are essentially involved in indentured servitude.

Many of these people are good, hard working people, many have come from foreign soil to
make a better life here. And just like the pimps waiting at the train or bus station looking for
the young, blond girls arriving in the big city from the mid west, there are job placement offices
and union organizers who have events, hold rallies and parties, speak at churches and find
“jobs” for these people.

SEIU, AFSCME and other “unions” are little more than a kinds of prostitution rings. They, for
the large part, “represent” low-wage workers in a variety of fields but, not so oddly enough,
many of them are in the gov’t or gov’t agency or supported realm.

A little scratching at the background of these and similar unions will show that were formed by
or taken over those who were the radical left in the 70’s. Yes, “community organizers” and
anti-war protestors” and draft-dodgers and anti-ROTC protestors, and the leaders of college
unrest are now the leaders and counsels to these extreme-left wing driven “unions.”

Now, I do not say this from things that I have read or have heard about in websites. I have seen
this first hand time and time again.

A few years back I was selling insurance. I had a second job (gasp!) that paid well and I could
work around my other job as it had flexible hours. The company for which I worked did
primarily defined employee benefits. In this case, we had a few contracts with hospital
systems. Here in New York, virtually all hospital employees belong to one union or another.

We would set up shop in a common area, cafeteria or a meeting room and the employees would
come visit and we would explain the plan, cost, benefit and so forth. In some hospitals we did
extremely well and in others we could not close a door. In one hospital, they were lined up
waiting for us and we would write policies as fast as we could. In another hospital in the same
system a few miles away, no one would come near us.

One day I asked a person who worked there if they wanted to take a LTD plan. The person got
very nervous and said no, and please do not speak to me again.

I found out why.

One day, there was a mountain of a woman holding court in the area near where I was
working. (Actually. I was reading the paper, as I had no takers.) Behind the table where the
lady sat was a huge banner advertising the SIEU. I watched as the line of ants approached her
and they were “told” that they were joining the union. It was truly amazing, it was like out of
some old Cagney or Edward G. Robinson gangster movie.

“Yeah, you’re gonna join the union, see, you’re gonna pay your dues, see. And if you do that,
nothing is gonna happen to you, see!”

It was just that blatant.

One poor soul asked this community activist about the product I was selling, asking that as a
new union member would she be eligible for the insurance I was selling.

The mountain of a woman said: “No, WE will tell you what benefits you get and who you will
get them from. Look at him, WE do not so any business with people like that.”

How did she know I collected stamps!

I mean, it could not be because I was a male? Or, tall? Or, involved in cruciverbalistics? Or,

I dunno, I would not want to prejudice my guess. But she did say some other things that led me
to believe that it had nothing to do with the crossword puzzle I was working.

I am nothing if not curious and when I was at another hospital when I was not afforded an
opportunity to find a four-letter word for Indian clarified butter I talked to a few of the people
with whom I conducted transactions.

I learned that in some of the shops, the local union boss pretty much ran the employees. (We
are talking about porters, charwomen, cooks, etc, etc.) The employees did what they were told.
If someone bucked the system, if someone wanted to challenge the union boss for that position,
they were gone. If the boss said it was ok to buy a policy, it really meant that they had to buy a
policy. If they were told not to talk to us, they kept their distance.

(A cursory background investigation of these cited unions and ACORN and a goodly number
of folks now involved in the Hank & Co. administration will divulge a Gordian Knot on
interrelations. And, scarily enough, there is one common denominator: Saul Alinski and his
book “Rules for Radicals.” Seriously, you ought to put your hands on this book and keep a
bucket nearby as you read it peradventure one has a violent pyloric reaction to the contents.
You will see the Hank & Co. battle plan become as crystal as you read it. It does not have a
happy ending.)

Anywho, the point of this FISH is that there is a “society” who are living either off the radar,
on the fringe or in the mainstream who have their lives dictated to them by union thugs,
community activists, party apparatchiks and others of that ilk.

We the Sheeple go to work, pay our taxes and have the harsh reality of a socialist pipe dream
crammed down our necks.

The sub-sect seems to be fine with their arrangement. We the Sheeple ought not be.

So, when you hear that Hank has a 65% (now down to 53%) approval rating or that XX% of
people like a particular plan/scheme/canard, bear in mind that there are a certain segment of the
entitlement class that rely on the public teat and others who are forced to toe the ideological

(Hark back to the video of the ACORN thugs in Philly intimidating voters. Hark back also to
the fact that though guilty the Attorney General of the United States threw out the verdict.
 Like when Bart said that it was the “worst day of his life” and Homer corrected him: “No,
son, this is the worst day of your life – SO FAR”, I am concerned that we will be saying “so
far” a lot.)

The Cap and Trade fiasco passed. It is not over yet and by the looks of things, far more Dems
defected than did Republicans.

8 Republicans voted for this travesty and 2 did not have the gonadature to even vote.

They will need to be shunned.

Reps. Bono Mack, Castle, Kirk, Lance, LoBiondo, McHugh, Reichart and Smith voted for the
bill and the other two cowards, Flake (appropriate) and Sullivan had not the courage to vote.
Even Hank would vote “present” from time to time.

I encourage each and every one of you to call their office and thank them for their voting to
destroy our Country and that you will do all in your power to make sure they are defeated next
November. I stress to be polite always and remind the nice person answering the phone that
even though you are not represented by this particular person, that does not mean that you
canNOT register your dissatisfaction with them to the RNC and contribute to anyone running
against them.

(You can contact the RNC on line and their president, Michael Steele, has a page on Facebook
which is a great forum for getting your ideas to others.)

T-Minus 489 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1302 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



26 JUNE 2009 - "Cap and Trade and Shiver then Die"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

I hope that you have been making your calls and sending emails to your and the borderline
congressman regarding today’s vote on the “cap and trade” bill, formally known as the
Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act (H.R. 2454.)

Now, in this age of “1984” the chickens have come hooooommmmmme to roost, pretty much
anything that comes out of this administration is a lie. This is Pelosi’s pet bill as she is doing
her best to have her lips permanently adhered to Hank’s hindquarters. Her pet, the despicable
Henry Waxman, is one of the main sponsors of this bill. THAT alone, like the name Kennedy,
Reid, Frank et al on any piece of legislation is reason enough to be against it. (And do you not
find it odd that with the exception of Kennedy, you hardly ever see the names of the Democrab
leaders on a piece of legislation?)

As in “1984” where newspeak made a lot of words obsolete and the remaining ones take on
new meanings, it is double-plus obvious that this bill is the exact OPPOSITE of the title.

“American”. Unless referring to cheese, has nothing to do with America in a positive way.
Remember, Hank says we use far too much energy than we ought. al-G’ore would have said
the same thing and might have but he is using so much energy in his Tennessee dacha that there
is so much light and carbon coming off of his property that sound canNOT escape.

“Clean”. Er, here is a lie. If “clean” is a consideration, why not pour billions into nuke plants.
You want clean? There is no cleaner man-created energy than nuclear power. I do find it odd,
however, that as Hank is trying to drive us to a European-style socialist nation in a souped-up
Prius, that he does not wish to emulate those countries by using nuke power. France, for
instance, gets some 75% of their power this way.

“Energy”. Lemme check, yup, lie. This is designed to CUT, CAP and CURTAIL energy
production and use. By taxing the “carbon” emitted by all power sources will have the net
effect of raising the price on everything and causing to decline the production of energy.

“Safety”. You guessed it, LIE! By reducing our energy production, reducing our disposable
income (or, is this just a way of recycling our disposable income?), reducing our ability to have
the goods and services that we need will only make us less secure.

So, basically, the only word in the name of this bill that is not a lie is “and”, and I am sure that I
missed something to disprove even that.

There are so many faults, warts, foibles and lies in this bill that I almost want to call Hank and
San Fran Nan and tell them that I don’t want to insult their intelligence by suggesting that they
actually believe this pile of bull-pelosi.

From the lie that we 4% of the world population but use 25% of the world energy is fraught
with errors, even if the numbers were to be true. As I thought, my idea was confirmed by my
friend, Chip, who is in the energy field.

As we have all heard: “There a lies, damned lies and statistics” and we all know how numbers
can be manipulated. (Think of the three guys in the hotel paradox for proof of that. If you
don’t know it, ask me.) We both agree that the raw numbers, correct or not, are not a true
arbiter of energy usage. As I cited Burkina Faso y’day, do you think that they produce the
same amount of goods, food and services as do we?

A more accurate comparison might be comparing energy expenditure versus Gross Domestic
Product and express it as a ratio. The more energy one uses can be justified by creation of
goods, food and services.

So, again, a lie, and the major backer of this plan is the simpleton San Fran Nan. I am sure that
she will not see this as do I, she will take Hank’s word that he wants this done and blindly run
with it. The problem with her is that she can’t understand normal thinking. Had she thought
past ideology even she would admit she was being duped.

As I have said time and time again and I am sure I will say it again and again each time Hank
sets off to wreak havoc, it is not about helping Americans, improving our Country or our
health, or finances, or environment, it is not about any of that at all.

It is all about CONTROL.

If he controls the banks, he controls who has money. If he controls the auto industry, he
controls the kinds of cars that will be made. If he controls health care, he controls who lives or
dies. If he controls energy, he controls how much power is available, how much food can be
grown, how warm you can be in the winter and how cool in the summer.

When he controls interstate trucking, he will control which goods and services people will get.
(Might be a good time to move to Chicago, because…) When he controls the airlines and rails,
he will control the movement of people.

Get the picture?

(And when I say “he” I mean not only Hank, but those who biding he is doing, those who are
pulling the strings, the REAL power behind the throne. We have all heard the joke about the
“post turtle”, yes?)

Anyway, if you have not connected the dots by now, Hank & Co, unless I am very much
mistaken, are hell-bent for leather to not just rule but control all aspects of our life.

Each day he shows more and more hubris and more and more of his meglomaniacy. It is only a
matter of time before he and his cronies succeed. We the People MUST do all in our power to
uphold and defend our Constitution, even if our leaders refuse to. And they will refuse to if
they think it is all fine and dandy. When we call their offices, when we email them, when we
fax them, we must let them know under no uncertain terms that we are against having our
country ruined by a rookie and we will do everything in our power to ensure their defeat in the
next election. (They really do not like hearing that.)

If not you, who?

In not now, when?

Ring the phones off the hook.*

24 JUNE 2009 - "Puff, the Magic Drag (on the economy)"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
“Mr. Gorbachov, repaint this wall!”

“That is   if it     is  er      er    not    toomuchofaproblem or       I er er um will

No, really, think about that for a moment.

The moment that Reagan stood in Berlin and told Gorby to tear down the Wall, you can be sure
of one thing, he knew that Reagan meant it.

After all, Reagan walked out on the SALT talks, made the comment while testing a mike that
“missiles have been launched on Soviet Union”, heck, he called the USSR the “Evil Empire.”
There was no mistaking that Reagan was serious.

And the Wall came down.

After eight years of what “’is’ is” is punctuated by eight years of a Republican president, we
have yet another President who seems to have a difficulty being truthful. I am not saying he is
a liar, I am just saying.

Let’s recap, shall we? Do! Let’s!

Hank makes a speech in Cairo, basically showing his tail to the terrorists. After that, the sham
elections in Iran. Hank announces that no matter who wins, he is responsible. Ooooppps…
problem in the election, seems the Mullahs rigged the election too much. We the Persians get
their panties in a knot, protests in the street. Hank is strangely mum. Way too mum. Mum’s
the word. The Mullahs who ran the election will run the recount. Big surprise, the votes were
fine! No problem!

A young woman has her face ventilated by a bullet, all over YouTube and even some of the
media. All of a sudden, Hank is “concerned” and he has been “watching the events in
Tehran.” Despite his pronouncement that he is “responsible” for the results of the “election”
all of a sudden he does not want to “meddle in the affairs of the people of the Islamic Republic
of Iran.” (And he seemed as genuinely concerned as a used car dealer, no offence intended to
used car dealers.)

SIDEBAR: I am too busy to check this out, but can someone do a little digging and see what
other president called Iran the “Islamic Republic of” or Pakistan the “Islamic Republic of.” For
some reason, I do not recall W, RR or even BJ Clinton having said that. I may be wrong and
perhaps I am being over critical, but, ….. and more on this in a bit. Of course, now it would be
easy to imagine the worst president -so far -, the anti-Semite, anti-American Jimmah Cahtah,
saying that, however. Secondary to this, why are those countries “The Islamic Republic of”
when we have been a Judeo-Christian nation for over 230 years but not called the “Judeo-
Christian Republic”? (I know the answer, I just want to rub Hank’s face in it a little.)

Where Reagan stood on foreign soil and demanded of a totalitarian leader to tear down the
Berlin Wall, we have a guy who, between smoke breaks, meekly and timidly whispers that, you
know, he does not want to “meddle.”

That is great! ‘Cept it is all bovine scatology. For some reason, due to his meddling, I am now
part owner of GM and a number of banks that I do not have any interest in owning. So, please,
spare me with the no meddling stuff.

Why don’t you get a pair and meddle in something important for once in your life. If you don’t
have your own, I am sure that M’Obama or Hillaroo will lend you theirs.

Concurrent with this the John S. McCain (the ship, not the Senator) is tailing a ship that may or
may not have left North Korean waters. Or, was it Chinese waters. Well, one thing is for sure,
it may be carrying arms or nuclear materials on it. Or, not. But, the ship is keeping a close eye
on the freighter and will follow it to its destination. That is, unless it runs out of fuel.

So, there you have it! Another potential international incident is brewing and the M-I-C is
bound to screw this up some way. Again, I hate to be negative but his foreign policy dealings
with any country, especially one that does not begin with “The Islamic Republic of”, is weak
on substance.

(To refresh your memory, the European Apology Tour, the insult at Normandy, just to name

But, we are supposed to trust him.

After all, he is the M-I-C.

And after his stunning admission yesterday, well, chew gum, I’m about to jump ship and
become one of those Democrabs.

You see, in the midst of signing a bill in the Whi’te House, he admitted that he is “95% cured
of smoking.” (My “Letter to the Editor” below*.) This further strains credulity and IMHO puts
the stake firmly through the heart of his ability to be truthful. Again, I am not calling him a
liar, I am just saying. And, for the record, one need not simply lie to be dishonest, lack of full
disclosure is the exact same thing.

I sent the letter to a few friends and readers and I was not surprised by the responses:

“According to him, he is only 95% dishonest.”
“He is lying only 95% of the time.”
“He is 95% as full of (stuffing) as a Christmas Goose.”
“…maybe he didn’t inhale.”
Some of the others were less flattering.

To ice the cake and backtracking just a wee bit, how did you like his statement: “Only I am the
President of the United States!”?

How insecure must one be to have to say that? After all, he had that inane screwed-up Pepsi
logo on the podium of the non-existent “Office of the President Elect” and now has the real
thing. (Sorry, bad pun.) How much more feeding of his ego will he need to assuage his fears
and insecurities?

Or, could it be that there is yet another challenge to his legitimacy and perhaps this one might
have some traction? **

But the good news is that every time he opens his mouth he is sowing more discontent and
distrust with We the People. God help us!

T-Minus 493 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1306 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



23 JUNE 2009 - "Here's JOHNNY!!!!"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Greetings and finally back from a week at the US OPEN. It was, on balance, rather good but a
tad disorienting as one round would end and another would start but not finish. Sorta kinda
like Thursdayandahalf then Friday.
Speaking of Thursday, Sweet Mother of Pearl! What a deluge! Was working on the 2nd Hole
which is an uphill dog-leg left (one of Hank’s favorite holes) when the skies opened. I am not
saying it rained a lot but shortly thereafter there was a stream flowing down the middle of the

I did become a tad concerned when I saw the pairs animals walking up the fairway but when
the fellow in the flowing robes was leading them looking for gopher wood and not the golfer
Woods, well, then I knew we were in trouble!

So, good to be back and I beg your indulgence if I do not answer all of your emails received
over the past week. When I flipped on the computer I was not sure if the number was a phone
number, the deficit in billions or emails received.

Back to the business at hand…

Y’day, Hank signed a bill turning over tobacco to the FDA. Makes sense. (Well, makes sense
in an Obama administration.)

Without going into the specifics of the bill, I did find a comment made by one of the
newsreaders of interest.

The bill was signed in the Whi’te House and afterwards this particular newsreader alluded to
the fact that Hank was still smoking. I found this of particular interest. The Chicago version
of the Marlboro Man promised M’Obama that he would quit smoking in exchange for her
support for his running for the presidency. (For the first time as an adult, she was proud to be
his wife!) He intimated time and again that he had quit.

Till y’day.

Questioned further, he lied about lying and “declined to say he has quit smoking for good.”
Adding fuel to the fire, Spokesweasel Robert Gibbs when asked about Beloved Leader’s
nicotine habit added that he “struggles with it every day. I don’t honestly see the need to get a
whole lot more specific than the fact that it’s a continuing struggle.”*

TRANSLATION: Hank still smokes.

SIDEBAR: Is it me or is Spokesweasel Gibbs the least articulate press secretary of all times?
Fercryinoutloud, if I was hiring greeters at Wally World I would find him bereft of talent for
the job. (Apologies to any Wal-Mart employees out there.)

Speaking about the Whi’te House, how many of you are getting emails from 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue? I know a few of us are and I am wondering how/why they are sending

Perhaps some intern misinterpreted some of my communications offering some constructive
criticism as an overture to become a pen-pal. Perhaps some of We the Sheeple who are not in
lock-step with Hank have been identified and this is some kind of insidious and invasive canard
to allow them to proffer their information or, and excuse the paranoia, send a virus to see what
we are doing with our silicon devices.

Hank, no need to do that. Feel free to subscribe to the FISH like anyone else. I have nothing to
hide, friend! (The emails always start off “Friend.” One of my dear readers is kind enough to
copy her responses to these unsolicited to me and invariably she excoriates Himself for
addressing her as “friend.”) But, I would be interested to know why I am being sent these
emails and if any of you are as well.

This may come as a shock to many of you but I am not a fan of rap “music.” I confess, I am a
music lover and I enjoy most all kinds of music but for some reason that genre has not
endeared itself to me. Coincident with this, I know about as much about the “artists” as your
average third-grader knows about particle physics or this administration knows about
economics. In fact my only knowledge about these people come from the various and sundry
arrest reports and news stories that gen’ly involve a fight, a shooting or both.

Apparently there is this character, Chris Brown, alleged musician, who used to date another
“artiste”, Rihanna. Well, that is until he did a tune up on her and she looked more like Sonny
Liston than Alicia Keyes.

So, what does this thug get? Does he get a nickel or a dime in the Graybar? Is he financially
ruined? Will he be forever dogged for the youthful indiscretion/felony that many 19 year-old
rap “stars
commit? No, this GPS gets five years of probation, six months of community service and a
stay-away order prohibiting him from getting within fifty yards of her (reduced to ten yards if
they are both at the same “industry event”) and they are further prohibited to contact each

This hood pushed the woman from a parked car, choked her, punched her and, taking a page
from the “Mike Tyson Little (very) Book of Etiquette”, bit her ear. That was before Brown
threatened to kill her.

All this and he gets a slap on the wrist, and not a very hard slap at that!

On the other hand, there is a community activist who is choking our economy, punching our
timecards for the last time and biting the hand that feeds him, that is before he threatens to kill
us with his “health care” program.

How can we get a protection order against him?

Sadly, Ed McMahon passed away today. Hi-ooooooooooooo!
T-Minus 494 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1307 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



17 JUNE 2009 - "Four For Fore"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
"We guessed wrong" - VPOTUS Joe Biden

Well, isn't that special!

We guessed wrong! (And correct me if I am wrong, and I know that there are a few of you
who are expert in English, but ought it be "wrongly", as modifying the verb it is an adverb?)

If I send in a credit card payment a day late or a dollar short (which I do not do, just for the
record), would the bank accept my allegation that I guessed wrongly and waive the late fees?

No, I do not think so but in Joe Bama's case we are not talking about something as picayune as
that but almost $800,000,000,000 with respect to the alleged "stimulus" package.

I suppose we should take some small solace in the fact that it was not like Harry S Truman
bombing Manila as opposed to Hiroshima or Gen. Eisenhower landing at Marseilles instead of

"We guessed wrong" (sic) would not cut it.

After all, $800,000,000,000 represents some $2600 for each man, woman and child in America
that is coming out of the taxes of We the Sheeple.

If you were half as contrite as David Letterman, Joe, you would spend the rest of your life
writing checks and sending them back to we taxpayers to atone for your error.
Where is the accountability, where is the outrage, where are the media calling for investigations
and special prosecutors for the charge of pillaging the treasury?

Won't happen.
Speaking about the LSM, ABC is going to run their news shop from the White House (do we
still call it that?) at the request of Hank & Co, so he can detail how the healthcare program will
work. (I so hope that they don't guess wrong here!)

The insulating jackanape, Charles Gibson, will handle a lot of the heavy lifting. I am sure that
it will be as far and balanced as his slam piece on Sarah Palin. And, unless I am very much
mistaken, he verbally assaulted her in her own home.

(I guess being balanced to the LSM, ABC and the smellsmock Gibson is insulting the
opposition in their house and crawling between someone’s rear pants pockets in the house of
one of their own.)
For some inexplicable reason, the Republicans are a wee tad upset that there will be no voice
from the other side. Of course, this was explained away that there would be no need to hear
from the other side, all of those asking questions will have been fully vetted by the powers that
be to ensure fairness.
To whom?
The Reps, almost showing that they had a pair suggested that the DNC pay for the airtime as it
will be little more than an infomercial on how many Americans will lose their healthcare as
they know it. This suggestion was rebuffed and the Reps immediately retaliated by doing
absolutely nothing.
For some odd reason the election in Iran is coursing through my brain. You see, some
40,000,000 votes were cast, paper votes mind you, and within hours Imadinnerjacket was
declared the winner.
Problems are: 1) the vote came way too fast for anyone too reasonably expect that all those
votes could have been counted and 2) the margin of victory was too great. I am sure that the
Mullahs (love their egg noodles!) argued what the margin should be. If they guessed to high, it
would certainly look like the fix was in, if they guessed to close, then there could be the
possibility of a recount.
I reckon they guessed wrongly.
(I think it was Stalin who said something to the effect that it makes no difference who votes, it
makes a difference who counts the vote. Do not delude yourself that this is not on Hank’s
That cad, David Letter –dirty old –man finally made an almost believable apology regarding
the remarks made about the Palin daughter(s). Now he claims he gets what the outrage was.
He did not know that the people were angravated that he slurred the younger daughter. (Of
course this is all bovine scatology, but let him have his fun. If you looked at his “apology”
viewed through the prism of body language, he was not truthful.)
“Oh, I get it now, you are not mad that I shot the gun but that the bullet hit your loved one! It
makes all the sense in the world to me now!”

“Oh, I get it now, you were mad because you thought I was referring to the daughter that was
actually at the game who was assaulted by the Yankee! Nothing could be further from the
truth, I was remarking that the ball-player assaulted the daughter that was NOT there! I can see
your confusion.

Sen. Ensign, R-NV, admitted to having an affair.
In true Republican form, he will be thrown under the bus in no time.
An affair! How dare he!
It is not like he killed a girl by leaving her in a car under water for eight hours, or ran a gay
brothel out of his apartment, or raped, exposed himself and had sexual favors performed on him
then lied about it in court! Fercryinoutloud, we do not even know if his wife has cancer!
Weak-sisters all if they punish him in any way, but they will.
Apropos of nothing, I inadvertently opened a FISH from a few months ago. (Actually, I think
the Muse did it.) And oddly enough, these were the first few paragraphs:
This just in… Las Vegas NASCAR race has just ended and Hank has announced a new
NASCAR Czar. Starting next week the states that hole NASCAR races will lose their Federal
Highway funding if any car exceeds the speed limit. As the next race is in Atlanta where there
are top speed limits of 70 allowed on some Interstates, if any one exceeds that speed, the Peach
State will lose their Federal Funding.
As a result of Hank seeing to the needs of his people, it is hoped that this alleged “sport” will
go the way of the buggy whip. You see, some near 14% of Real Good Americans do not like
NASCAR because of someone having the nerve to say a “prayer” as if that helps.
So, next Sunday, when ALL the stores will be open with mandatory attendance special sales on
all goods from 7.00 AM until 1.00 PM as mandated by the Ant-Blue-Law Czar, when you are
finished the New York Times, you can watch “Cooking with Tofu” for you viewing pleasure.
Who knew that the Muse would be spot-on with respect to the Czar comments?
Anyway, off to Bethpage for the last day of the practice before the first round tomorrow. Tis
nice, though not warm, for the moment and we are promised rain every day through Sunday.
Oh, well, what can you do!
Not sure if I will be able to dash anything off until after the Open so I would like to take this
opportunity to wish all the dads out there a Very Happy Fathers Day!
Ladies, for Father’s Day, why don’t you make your hubby a nice meal, let him relax on the
recliner and let him watch sports all day. Perhaps get him a beer every so often. And just so he
knows that it is Father’s Day and not every other Sunday (ooops, now you know MY Sunday
routine), give him a nice card! Sarcasm works, too, you know!
T-Minus 500 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1313 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

13 JUNE 2009 - "Make That 51, Chief!"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Well, I am surprised somewhat at the results of your “homework.”

While I was expecting a laundry list of invective and clever responses to the “50 Reasons I
Voted for Obama” I was very surprised at what found its way to my inbox. Sure, a few of you
actually addressed all 50 and others picked and chose the ones about which you wished to
comment. But, the vast majority, probably in the 60-70% of the responses went something
like: “John, I read (10/15/25 - the average number being about 15) of this (descriptive of the
writer placed here) person’s list before I had to (mild to graphic advisory as to the type of
pyloric reaction you had.)”

Even the Muse was shocked, to say the least!

Now, the actual responses by those with stronger constitutions were indeed spot on. (And I
hasten to add that the email received that had comments or responses were by an almost a 4-1
margin written by woman. This again proves that women can handle pain better than a man.)
Less surprising was the fact that not only did a lot of your comments matched each other,
scarily, sometimes verbatim, many mirrored mine in sentiment if not actual words.

Well done, grasshoppers!

The overwhelming content questioned the sanity of anyone who believes as does the writer of
the reasons why she (letting the cat out of the bag, a little) voted for Obama.

I am sure that there are those of us who espouse certain views or sees things a little differently
than does the population at large (raising hand here) but I dare say few, if any of us, would say
that we believe something that is known and proved to be untrue.

“I voted for Obama because he will make the Sun rise in the west so my flowers will get more
morning light” would have been as good of an example as any of the other 50 reasons this
woman provided.

But where do people come off with such silly, inane and delusional ideas?

From Hank himself!

But first, a word from our sponsors: An Iranian Budweiser commercial:

I can see it now...

Lights dimming in the background thru the windows of an apartment, soccer (real football) is
on the telly, a phone rings and a guy answers the phone and hears someone say "Mousavi!"

The fellow yells back to the other fellow on the other end of the line: "MOUSAVI!"
There is a beep, the one fellow puts the other fellow on hold and a third fellow screams

There is much laughing as the first fellow connects the third fellow with the second fellow as
they have a raucous round of yelling "Mousavi"!

In case you have not heard, there were elections held in Iran, Imadinnerjacket is running
against this chap Mousavi. Mousavi being a wee bit more centrist than the Holocaust denier.
(This is akin to Letterman saying that he was referring to Sarah Palin’s elder daughter being
raped, rather than the younger one. Well, that makes all the difference in the world!)
And, for the record, it makes little difference which one wins, they do not run the country of the
Islamic Republic of Iran. The Ayatollahs and Mullahs do. (For 3 bonus points, which other
country was recently mentioned as an “Islamic Republic? For 12 bonus points, which country
is referred to as a “Christian Republic?” It is a trick question, there is not one. Fercryinoutloud,
even Israel is not called the “Jewish Republic of Israel” or the Vatican City as the “Catholic
Republic of Vatican City.”)
In an all too common display of hubris and megalomania, Hank made a speech yesterday
where he stuttered that his speech in Cairo lately will be the reason why the winner will win.
Yes, you heard me right.
Speaking without a TelePrompTer, which is about as dangerous as allowing Joe Bama speak
for you, Hank sorta kinda tap-danced the election in Iran. One might have thought that they
missed the opening sentence where he announced who he favored as he did not mention that at
all. But he did make a very big point that his speech was the reason that the events unfolded as
they did.
Er, Hank, my doing my laundry or not this week had the exact same result as to the outcome of
the election as that which you claim for the same reasons. You see, Hank gave no reasons why,
other than he gave a speech in Cairo, that his words or my laundry would have any effect on an
already scheduled election between two men who had been previously chosen to run.
Yet, for some odd reason, the same people who are hailing Hank for his brilliance in diplomacy
and making the world a better place state that Reagan had nothing to do with the fall of both
Communism and the Berlin Wall.
Yuppers, this is the same guy who said shortly after his election: “Most of the people in the
world are happy that I was elected President, they know that the world will be a better place
knowing that I am President of the United States.”
You know, I try to have a good sense of humor about myself and it is often rife with self-
deprecation. “I said to myself this morning, John, or ‘Precious’, as I call myself when I am
alone…” Or, “I signed over 100 autographs this morning! I do not know who wants them, but
if they do, I am ready!” You get the idea, I do not take myself too seriously.
But, then again, I was not hand-picked to ruin, er, run the United States.
When you do not work for something, you really do not have any idea of the value of that
which you have. Sound familiar? So, when a political short-timer gets the Big Chair, he can
be excused for not having the common sense or common decency to be respectful of his
position and I guess it does allow him to have a false and inflated sense of self. (And thank you
for the hundreds of emails detailing the various and sundry psycho analyses of Hank.)
Yet, I am intrigued, but only a little about these remarks. Here is a fellow who claims, on his
own and without a scintilla corroboration, that the entire world can take a breath of relief that
he is the President or that he has the juice to affect an election and the LSM is mum.
The same LSM caviled that Reagan was a war-monger in his heavy-handed dealings with
Russia, yet, as mentioned, he hastened its demise. And Bush was a cowboy by his “invasion”
of Iraq and Afghanistan, even though we have not had a terrorist attack on our soil since!
The Muse stirs, and says “That is because Reagan and Bush were Republicans, no matter what
they canNOT do anything right and no matter what Hank can do no wrong and if anything
wrong or bad happens, it is all Bush’s fault.”
Ahhh…. That is why she is the Muse. Right as always.
If the Letterman remark was lost on you, the ultra-left wing “comedian” was doing his show
the other night. As it turns out, not content to simply make a remark about Sarah Palin doing
some shopping for make up to maintain that “slutty flight attendant look” he said that “In the
7th Inning, Alex Rodriguez knocked up her daughter.”
Well, isn’t that special!
Widely unreported at first until FOX made it a personal crusade, this jerks horrific remarks
finally made the news and only a few days later Letterman made an “apology.”
He claims that he was “misunderstood” when it was reported that he implied it was Palin’s 14
year- old daughter who had been raped by A-Rod (raped would be my word, not his), he meant
the object of the ball players unwanted attention was the Governor’s 18 year-old daughter!
Well, that makes all the difference in the world! I guess it is fine for a 34 year-old man (who
happens to share a birthday with a certain writer of the FISH) to “knock up” an 18 year-old
Even if you could possibly wrap your arms around that as being a plausible excuse for such an
insulting and hurtful statement there is one flaw in the logic. You see, Willow, the 14 year-old,
WAS with her mother at the Yankee game in question. It is highly unlikely that A-Rod would
have had ample time to find Bristol in order to violate her between innings.
Sadder still is that it took a few days for this brilliant writer to come up with a totally lame and
untrue basis for his apology.
I guess we ought to extent the list for voting for Hank to include: “I really admire a man who
refuses to knock up a 14 year-old girl and would not think worse of him if the girl was 18.”
And people wonder why we are going to hell in a handbag.

T-Minus 504 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1317 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless


9 JUNE 2009 - "Justice is Blind...and Dumb"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

The Muse is, well, bemused.

There have been a few things going on in the world, particularly in politics that appear to be
refreshing, positive and mayhaps, and with hope, harbingers of things to come.

But first, she is scratching her head over the arrest, trial and sentencing of the two American
“journalists” in North Korea.

Proving what would happen if Bart Simpson ran a country, Kim Jong Mentally-Ill has allowed
his courts to sentence these two women to twelve years of labor for committing “grave
crimes.” Twelve years in prison is bad enough. Twelve years of labor has got to be
horrendous. Twelve years of labor in prison in North Korea has got to be one of the closest
things on Earth to Hell one can imagine this side of the ACLU and ACORN.

But there are a few things that consternate the Muse.

Number one, where is the outrage?

Why is there not a hue and cry demanding Dictator Demento hand over our citizens? And
while it allegedly takes a village to raise a child, might it not take a Secretary of State, the
paragon of woman’s rights, the protector of the citizenry, Hillaroo Clinton to sort this out?

Why is not the Grating One making a nuisance of herself all over the airwaves, talk shows,
news conferences and so forth demanding the release of these women? Why are there no
pronouncements by the Anointed One that the Pointy Haired One releases our citizens?

Of course, Mentally-Ill has little to gain one way or the other. He is cut off, for the most part,
from the rest of the world. He has little in currency with which to offer for barter (number one
commerce: poverty with a side-order of starvation) and is immune to criticism.

Apparently his undeclared war on the Pacific Ocean is causing him to be considered even more
dangerous than your typical deranged Napoleonic-syndrome affected, nuke-loaded despot than
usual. He is considered so dangerous that even MoveOn. Org is not asking their members to
“chip in” money to get him a more stylish haircut or the name of a decent tailor.

Curiously absent and strangely/thankfully quiet has been the woman’s boss, al-G’ore.

The women/prisoners are/were employees of the bloated former VPOTUS’s effort “Current
TV.” (If anyone has any idea about which “Current TV” is, where it is found and any other
info, I would be interested to know. I would research it myself, but I am busy getting a perm.)
(In case that last reference is lost on you, my hair is still high and tight.)

But, I figger it is a win/win situation. (If this was about Vietnam, I would make a stab at humor
by calling this a Nguyen/Nguyen situation, but it isn’t, so I won’t.)

If al-G’ore were to go to greenest nation in the world (directly due to the fact that North Korea
has virtually zero electricity) and secure the release of the women, it would be a coup for him!
On the other hand, ought he travel north of the 38th Parallel and they kept him, it would be a
coup for us!

So, Al baby, pack your hemp-woven Louis Vuitton bags and head off got the DPRK and work
your magic! Try the kim chee and don’t forget to tip the glorious waitresses of the people!

Meanwhile back at the ranch…

Here in the People’s Republic of New York, politics are getting stranger and stranger.

We have not only the worst possible Governor, one so inept and divorced from reality that he
makes Hank look downright competent by comparison, he enjoys a public approval rating
somewhere between child-molester and Attorney General (more on this genius in a minute.)

Politics in NY are more or less the same as everywhere else. There are power-players,
characters, crooks, intrigue and subtrafuge. Basically, SQA as in your state.

But for the last epoch there has been an uneasy sharing of power, more or less. While the state
is and has been Blue for the most part on the federal level, it is more Red on the state level.
Even with Hank taking the state by storm it was not a debacle for the Republicans here as it
was in other states, even though they lost control of the state senate for the first time since
before man walked on the Moon and that was only time, and briefly, since FDR was President.

The governorship has been divided by the two parties almost evenly over the past fifty years
and up until recently that chair has been occupied by one who is more center-right or center-left
than to the extreme. That is until disgraced prostitute quality-control officer, Eliot Spitzer,
“resigned” and replaced by the totally incompetent cop-hater David Paterson.

Even with all the corruption in the halls of the state building, the senate staged a coup worthy
of a banana republic and the Democrats, being Democrats, responded in kind.
The balance of power was 32-30 with the Dems with that scant two-seat majority yesterday
morning. This morning, while still a 32-30 seating arrangement, the Republicans have control.

Two state senators bolted from out of the Blue and into the Red and it was and will prove to be
rather comical. Taking a page out of Stretch Pelosi’s play book the Dems turned off the
cameras then shut off the power to the Senate. Of course, the Dems are going to take this to
court, but why is unclear as of this moment.

Curiouser still are the characters who left the Dems. One has an issue opening his campaign
books for scrutiny and there is alleged financial malfeasance. (Now that he is a Republican, he
can no longer say that he will be transparent and open, as Hank has lied repeatedly.) The other
one had the misfortune to be present when the piece of glass that was in his hand slashed his
girlfriend’s face. Allegedly. So there are multiple possibilities here. The 32-30 Majority may
remain or one of the newest members of the Party of Lincoln may be given a different kind of
”state job”, complete with room, board and fashionable jump suits making it a one seat
majority, which does not really change things. But if both file change of address cards to
reflect their new digs at the “Graybar Hotel”, then things get sticky.

That would create sticky wicket as that would create a 30-30 deadlock and with no Lt. Gov to
cast the tiebreaker (Paterson held that post when Spitzer was governor and opted not to fill the
spot), we may be in the fortunate position where the state gov’t canNOT screw things up for a

(Paterson, who enjoys virtually no support, is an extremely liberal chap who, despite the
protests of the constituents and even many of the legislators of his own party, is trying to
ramrod gay “marriage” and other parts of the left-wing agenda down the collective craw of the
people of the Empire State.)

It should get interesting...

Now, I don’t mention the machinations of things political in my state for entertainment alone.
 The events in Albany y’day were the third leg of the footstool of at least giving the appearance
of returning to some semblance of normality in gov’t.

The people of California by using the referenda have made strides to subvert the will of the
Lefties in office. Even though the people won on Prop 8, the Left is undaunted but thankfully
their efforts to legislate by the judiciary have thusfar been unsuccessful.

The events in New York, as Keystone Kop-ish as they appear were yet another attempt to stave
off the ham-handed attempts by a governor to abuse his power.

Most interestingly were the results of the votes in Europe over the weekend.

(You have all heard of Europe, haven’t you? That is the place where there are a number of
Socialist counties collapsing under their own Socialism. You know, where M’Obama can
actually go with her hubby on state trips. Apparently the les gens/la
gente/persone/Leute/manniskor and others have voted in more conservatives than in recent

So, perhaps we are just late to the dance. Hank wants to run/ruin this country as a Socialist
state. Yet, the Socialists have been told assez/bastante/basta/genug/tillraklig, or as we say here,

Maybe the Tea Parties have something to do with it, maybe not. Maybe the fact that We the
Sheeple are getting nervous seeing banks and industry being nationalized and a cornucopia of
crazies in various levels of the federal gov’t. Maybe even the LSM is rethinking that it was a
swell idea to promote the least competent, qualified and experienced but most egotistical,
narcissistic, self-absorbed man ever to be “elected” President. Inexperience and ignorance is a
very dangerous combination.

Stay tuned, the first shots may have already been fired!

Back when the election was being stolen (hey, if the Libs can say that, so can I!) there was a
small spot of bother in Philly.

You see there is this group called the “New Black Panthers” and to give you some idea of what
a bunch of swells these guys are, the original “Black Panthers” want nothing to do with them.

Well, on Election Day, when ACORN and others were doing their darnedest to make sure
people voted early and often, a few black-clad commando-style chaps wielding nightsticks and
firearms were taking the opposite tact. Anyone who had not taken the equivalent of a blood
oath to vote for Hank was prohibited from entering the voting palce.*

To no one’s surprise, one of the self-deputized protectors of the vote was actually a local
Democrat Party official. To make a long story short (as if I could) a suit was filed, the
defendants lost and Eric Holder recently threw out the ruling, setting aside the verdict.**

Now I am not saying that just because the Attorney General of the United States threw out a
case against members of a “hate group” (not my words but those of the Southern Poverty Law
Center***) is a bad guy.

No, he is a bad guy for myriad other reasons.

Other than throwing out this case, he has an affinity for such worthwhile groups as the FALN,
where he arranged for their pardons along with one for Marc Rich, the fugitive financier and
Clinton supporter. Couple with that his extreme Left wing views and the fact that he is a racist
****, well, is it any wonder why he was Hank’s man for the top Lawman gig?

Immune to common sense and oblivious to the Law of the Land, you have a guy who is
supposed to enforce the laws but as it appears has made subverting them a cottage industry if
not a priority. He may have trumped all of his previous notorious accomplishments today,

Almost in sight from where I sit, recent arrival from beautiful, downtown Gitmo, Ahmed
Khalfan Ghailani, will be arraigned on some 286 counts ranging from 224 counts of murder to
conspiracy to commit terrorist acts (which I am certain that they will call “man-made
disasters”) and more. *****

This candidate for meeting Allah soon is not the story, however.

Hank is not stupid and he knows the old adage: “It is easier to ask forgiveness rather than ask
permission”, except he will not ask forgiveness, has this skell brought our shores to stand trial.

Unless something dramatic and immediate happens, this opens the doors for the other 240-odd
other “detainees”, or, as I like to call them “Islamofacist terrorists” to come to our shores. And
as we all know that some of the rationale for holding on to these pigs is because if they were
sent back to their home country that they might face punishment or death (which is a risk I am
willing to take), is it that far-fetched that based on the track records of Hank and Holder that
some of these fellas might be driving a cab in a neighborhood near yours?

This will not be pretty.

T-Minus 508 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1321 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



D-DAY 2009 - "So Far..."
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
“He was limping real bad.”

“She has a terrible lisp.”

We know what those statements mean, right? Someone who is limping bad(ly) is not walking
perfectly and a terrible lisp might make having a conversation with her difficult.

But that is exactly the opposite of what those statements say. If one was limping real bad(ly)
would that not mean that he had no or a very little limp? In fact, when we say that “he was
limping real bad”, what we really mean is that the subject was walking poorly.

The same with the lisping lady. (And, who was the mean son-of-a-gun who put an “S” in
lisp!) If her lisp so terrible, might it go undetected? Perhaps in this case one might say that she
“has a pronounced lisp.” You get the point.

What both statements say and what they mean (and I can see some of you thinking ahead
already) are two different things. We “hear” what the words or terms mean to us, not what they
“actually” say. Of course there are many other examples of terms and words meaning the
opposite of their true meaning but they have become part of our understanding and

As many of you know, either personally, through the many issues of the FISH or from the
website* I have done a fair bit of travelling. Additionally I was an audio engineer in a
previous life. Over the years have picked up a smattering a variety of languages as well as a
keen ear for tone, inflection and so forth.

As we all know, there are regional dialects and accents all over America and the world. In fact,
there is not just a New York accent but each borough has a distinct accent and there are at least
two Long Island accents. Similarly it is in London. The East End accent is quite different than
one from, say, Hammersmith or Islington. Add to these accents the slang of that locale and a
trained ear might be able to place someone very close to where they live without asking
whence they hail.

(A can hear some of your wheels turning and many of you have already connected the dots.
The Muse is half-inclined to take the rest of the day off and let you finish the FISH on your
own but I think she wishes to make another point. We will see.)

When Hank was busy making nicey-nice with those who would not shed a tear if there were to
be no America, I could not help but be struck by a few things. As I have said Hank has a
halting, and without any reflection to his politics, a grating speech pattern. His herky-jerky
style of elocution gives my ears the equivalent of an audio whiplash.

(I will not make the remark: “How do you know when Hank is lying? His lips are moving.”
Although this statement may be more accurate now that with any other president.) (Ooopppss,
I just did.)

I have mentioned that words are only a small percentage, some 15% or so, of communication.
Body language, inflection, tone, eye-contact and the rest convey far more in the way of
communication as do the words alone. (“Words, they are only words and… speeches…” sayeth
Hank, again, tipping his hand.)

Consider the opening of this FISH, there are words and those words do not mean what they say,
but mean what we understand them to mean. Same with Hank. Of late he has been reinventing
the American Brand, “Now 100% Halal!”

No, my friends, and without a trace of irony this is not a slap at Islam but we are not a Muslim
country. No matter how many times Hank says that “America is no longer a Christian
country” or that “America is one of the largest Muslim countries”, neither statement is remotely

But the LSM reports the pearls of wisdom that fall from the lips of the Anointed One as if
gospel. And going back to yet another blast from the past that I have said repeatedly: “If you
tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it the people will eventually come to believe it” the
same it is with this Administration. They have scant disregard for truth or reality.

Part of that which troubles me is Hank’s familiarity with the Koran and how smoothly and
glibly the Arabic greeting came from his lips. I am sure he has quoted from the Bible as well,
but I just canNOT seem to remember when he did last. (And, to be fair, one need not be
Christian or Jewish to quote from the Old Testament nor does one need to be Muslim to cite the
Koran. But…)

Now, of course, may Presidents have made or attempted to make a statement or greeting in the
native tongue of a foreign country they might be visiting. And, we all know that some of them
had a more than fundamental grasp of a language other than English.

But here is a fella who has minimized, in most cases, his ties to Islam but yet, is comfortable
enough to flawlessly say “A Salam a lakum.” I guess we should take some small solace that he
did not say “Allah (or Allahu) Akbar”, the typical greeting between Muslims. And he says it
not just flawlessly but the same as I would say “howyadoin’’

Ought we be concerned?

Probably but not because of his Muslim ties but because he is dishonest.

There, I said it.

And so have many of you.
And what are we going to do about it?

If recent history is a barometer, we will prolly not do anything, until it is too late.

I received an email from a long-time friend and reader who added the following to his
comments to the last FISH:

BART: “This is the worst day of my life.” HOMER: “This is the worst day of your life – SO

We can deduce from that exchange that things can and will only get worse. Left unchecked,
unfettered and unchallenged, Hank can and will change the entire complexion of America, our
society and our morals.

As mentioned y’day, there are so many attacks on us now that one person canNOT defend
against all of them. It would be a full time job identifying each new attack and writing letters
to the editors, writing or calling your elected official or some other similar action.’

Nationalizing banks and industry, promoting homosexuality, hiring thugs and tax cheats,
creating cabinet-level positions and leaving him as the only oversight to those czars,
threatening our health care, spending us into ruination and more have been accomplished in his
first four and a half months, and there is more on the horizon.

Activist judges on all levels of the judiciary, assault (no pun intended) on the 2nd Amendment,
control of the oil and coal companies, perhaps a nationalization of the airlines and more I am
sure are on his dance card.

By then, my friends and fellow Sheeple, it will be too late.

What can we hope for?

We can hope for and do everything in our power to let our elected officials know that we are
not going to take it. If enough people threaten with their vote to oust any congressman or
senator that if they go along with Hank that they are sealing their own early retirement. And
don’t wait until next October or November, start now.

What I have found of interest of late is the scarcity of emails from the fellow travelers at
MoveOn.Org, the DSCC and other left wing organizations. Perhaps they realize that they have
been sold a bill of goods and are trying to regroup and formulate another plan. Imagine that,
Hank might be too far left for MoveOn!

On the other hand, I have received emails from the likes of Axelrod et al who are now carrying
the water for Hank, complete with their own lies. Makes for some interesting reading.

Obviously there is far more to come and we must not become complacent. From the emails I
have been receiving many of you are doing all that you can and thankfully I have not received
any stating that they have partaken of the Kool-Ade and joined the dark side, or that they have
simply given up. Sure, some of you have written that you are pessimistic about the future and I
say rightfully so. But, rather than curse the darkness, turn on a light. Rather than complain
about something, do something.

We are all counting on you!

Lastly, I want to thank each and every veteran out there, especially those of the Greatest
Generation who fought in WWII. (And there are a lot of you out there who recieve my humble
musings.) A very big and special thanks to all who participated in the events of sixty-five years
ago today, D-Day.

Two of Ronald Reagan’s greatest speeches (and he gave a lot of great speeches, of the kind that
you did not need a Rosetta Stone to decipher) were delivered exactly twenty-five years ago
today, at Normandy.** (For your convenience and edification the links to both speeches
Reagan gave that day are below.)

Today, Hank dropped by there and gave one of his more forgettable speeches. *** (Also

I urge you to read Reagan’s speeches then Hank’s. There is quite a study in contrasts. Reagan
made you proud to be an American, Hank made a stump speech and there were enough
references to his family that one might be excused for thinking that his forebears did most of
the heavy lifting back in the ‘40’s.

Where Reagan cites “God”, Hank says “Whichever God.” Where Reagan was resolute and
dynamic, Hank says that we and our allies made mistakes.

Read them and weep. And I mean that, they ought make you cry. The first two speeches that
show what we were and the third that depicts what we have become.

At least he did not apologize for all the dead American heroes taking up all that valuable

T-Minus 514 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1327 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Afternoon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless



5 JUNE 2009 - "Lie? I Cannot Tell a Lie, As Far As You Know!"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Is it me, or is it really getting stupid out there.

More on that in a minute…

The Muse has come up with a novel way to end the gay “marriage” issue. She has noticed that
the underlying argument is that “two people who truly love each other deserve to be married.”

Now, I am not going to fall into the trap of saying that no one really deserves to be married and
that it is cruel and unusual punishment, that would be wrong! (And a joke!)

She is of the opinion that if two people do love each other then they will love each other no
matter what. And if two people who love each other no matter what want to be married there is
a solution to allowing them to be married without waiting for legislation to catch up with their
desire to marry the person of their choice.

Let one of them have a sex-change.

You see, if Eve becomes Steve or Frank turns into Frances, well, then there is no legal barrier
to their being married. And even though they will physically appear to be of different sexes,
their DNA will speak otherwise, therefore they can pretend to be married and technically still
be gay. And even though they will no longer be able to share the same restroom facilities, at
least in the nicer places, they will have attained their goal: they are married and they love each

Case closed.

Or is it?

As we speak, the President is in Germany (yes, Major, before you say it, Erkel is meeting
Merkel.) Just wrapping up his Magical Muslim Mystery Mendacity Tour he is reaching out for
a life line from someone who actually was an ally. Flush with his success in Saudi Arabia and
Cairo, he is now ready to try out a new set list of lies.

I am sure you all know that according to Hank we are no longer a Christian Nation. Of course,
that is a surprise to about 78.5% of us. Additionally, Hank was kind enough to lie to the
assembled folks that the United States is one of the largest Muslim nations.

Well, to be fair, he is lying no matter how you slice it, we are not one of the largest Muslim
nations. That is primarily due to the fact that we are not a Muslim nation. Even if we are large
in size, with something like 0.8% of people in America claiming to be Muslim, that is not
going to define us as a Muslim nation. Even the best possibility is that we are 54th in total
number of Muslims in the Good Old U S of A. And when considered by percentages, we are
so far down on the list, we can almost reach out and touch the Vatican. (0.0%)

As I have said before, if I want to call myself an oak tree or a 1956 Hudson, I am free to do so,
but that does not make it fact.

But we have the most divisive president in history who insists on redefining terms and facts.
Hank for the love of God (or Allah, if that makes you happy) shut your bleeding pie-hole that
we are a Muslim country. Again, this is not a condemnation of the religion of peace it is
simply FACT that we are anything but a Muslim country and I am tired of having my belief in
God belittled, minimized and compromised. Take your head out and smell the incense! Of
course some liberal with see that as a “racist” statement. Fair enough, if believing in God is
racist, then I am one, proudly.

Then you have his Hench-liar, David Axelrod, who sent out an email today essentially echoing
Hank’s lies then lying further.


Hank has the nerve to stand on my soil and claim that he is a “constitutional scholar” when it
appears to this self-proclaimed Philadelphia Lawyer, with regard to matters such as these, that
he has either not the slightest clue about that which he speaks when he bloviates about things
constitutional or he has no regard for the Law of the Land. He is content to just say whatever
he wants and as he is such a brilliant orator/TelePrompTer-reader, so handsome, so able to put
thrills up some liberal pundit’s legs and bring others to tears (wimp), he can wee on your leg
and you will swear it is raining!

If you are an anencephalic liberal, that is.

Yet, not content to fool most Americans most of the time, he has taken his mendacity to
untested grounds. Standing in Cairo, he announced that he is a “student of history” then
proceeded to wow the locals with his encyclopaedic breadth knowledge of a LACK of knowing
history. **

(I am being unfair, I know. Perhaps he is reciting the history as HE knows it as he learned in
school, in Indonesia, a Muslim country. - Not that that is a bad thing….)

There is a plan afoot, and it is dastardly at best.

Hank is not the only tool being used here but he is the largest one, the most important one. He
is able to stand at any podium, sit on any dais and say virtually anything and it is accepted as
gospel. He has some kind of plan or he has been charged to carry out some kind of plan and
left unchecked America as we know it will soon be a distant memory.

His skills will get him only so far but that may be far enough. But there are so many assault
going on so many different fronts, that it will be all but impossible to stop each and every one
of them.

(Concurrent with this is the announcement of yet another Czar. If you are keeping score at
home, this makes something like thirteen of these non-essential gov’t employees that have
powers outside of that which is limned by the Constitution. Since the days of Michael
Romanov, it took Russia almost 200 years to get to their thirteenth Czar, and Hank has done
that in less than 200 days. And again, these “czars” have powers akin to the Queen of Hearts,
they can do what Hank wants them to do.)

The banks bailout, where we now own banks, to the auto industry bailout, where we now own
60% of GM (and there are some constitutional issues about both of these), to health care for all
(and there is a FISH that is floating around the Muse’s brainbox that is almost apocalyptic in
scope) to what is next, the oil companies? Airlines?

But, let’s back up and wrap up this FISH.

Huh? How does Hank lying all over the Middle East have anything to do with gay “marriage?”

Well, everything and nothing.

Lemme ‘splain, Lucy.

You see, left to their own devices I posit that most gays would not have the desire to get
married. Sure they would want the same benefits as married heterosexuals enjoy but the
concept of an actual “marriage” was never first and foremost on their minds.

I have said before, that I have nothing against people who are gay and while I do not agree with
their lifestyle, I do not have an issue with them having the same basic legal rights as other
married couples. This is about as liberal as I get. And I think it is a fair trade. But, if they
insist on calling what they have a “marriage” my heart will be hardened to giving them any
special rights.

The crux of the biscuit is what I have said many times before and also what I have said many
times before is that “marriage”, per se, is not their goal.

Sure, there are some mutton-headed people out there who are falling for the line that there is no
reason for them to get married just because their relationship can be defined as one. There are
those, just like the poverty pimps and others, who will prey on the weaknesses and insecurities
of others so that they can achieve their ends.

For instance, look at the ACLU. This bunch of godless anti-Americans file frivolous lawsuit
after another to attain their agenda. But, notice WHERE they file their suits. Many of their
more notorious suits have been filed in Muskrat Tail or Bugtussel, in other words, not exactly
in large cities. Why? It is easier to ensure that their case will be heard by a sympathetic judge,
something called “judge shopping.” Once they have their ruling then they can file injunctions
to foist their will on others while the appeals process proceeds. AKA, legislating from the

Couple that with the fact that the ACLU is a huge proponent of Atheism, nothing would make
them more happy than, Constitutional guarantees notwithstanding, to shutter the Churches and

How can they do this?

Well, there are cases underway that are demanding that a priest, reverend, preacher or rabbi
canNOT speak out against homosexuality or anything like that, say, for instance those items
found in the Ten Commandments. It would be considered “hate speech” and therefore
prosecutable or subject to civil penalties.

Why would they do that?

Well, for one, the very Left (ACLU, et al) want not just a separation of Church and State but no

If they get their way, Churches, Synagogues and other houses of worship will no longer have
their marriage rites considered as sanctioned by the state, just as a Baptism, Bar Mitzvah etc,
has no legal standing, all marriages must be done by the state, in that case. Which means the
State can tell two people if they can or canNOT be married.

And, if one speaks out about this, or gay “marriage” or anything else that is “approved” by the
State but runs athwart that of one’s religion, well, that my friends, is “hate speech” and will be
prosecuted as such.

So, please, when we see something that seems almost benign on the surface, look at the
implications of what could happen if someone gets their way. There is an old adage “Measure
twice and cut once.” That is applicable here, for once gay “marriage” becomes the law, and the
closing of Churches will not be too far behind.

And with that, the closing of religious and parochial schools, religious education and so on.
Meaning the State will be the only entity that would be “legally” entitled to teach our children
and grandchildren.

Because, after all, anything we teach them might be considered “hate speech.”

I know that this all sounds far-fetched, perhaps borderline paranoid. But look around, who
would have thought would we see the things the state is doing today.

T-Minus 515 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1328 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



4 JUNE 2009 - "Something Sphinx Around Here!"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

*‫.امابوا حلاصل توص تنك امبرو ، صنلا اذ ةءارق كناكمإب ناك اذإ‬

“Mr. Gorbachov, tear down this wall!”

“We have nothing to fear, but fear itself!”

“I thought it was very important to come to the place where Islam began and seek his Majesty’s

Well, what do we have here? Could you imagine the Gipper going to a dacha outside of
Moscow and having a little tete-a-tete with Gorby, you know, to get his “counsel” with respect
to creating a unified Berlin/Germany and Eastern Europe? Would Reagan entertain Gorby’s
view on how he envisions the wall? Would Mikhail’s allegation that the Wall was not real but
an allegory of some sort resonate with Reagan?

Do you think that FDR might be inclined to take a trip to the Eagle’s Nest, bring Fala along to
play with Blondie as he sat down and tried to reason with Hitler that violence never solved
anything? Would FDR want to pick Hitler’s brain to have him offer a two-state solution to the
rape of Europe?

And, is it me, am I the only one who saw Hank’s speech, while short of is typical litany of
apologies that he usually delivers when he is off campus, as a mealy-mouthed placation to the
people of his father? I mean, for goodness sakes, he was far more deferential to the audience in
Cairo this morning than he is to the people he “leads.”

Consider his campaign speeches and those since the New World Order began this past January
and compare those to his well-received speech today. He tells “We the Sheeple” what he is
going to do to us, he essentially dictates the future to us, yet, he appeared as almost asking
permission from the Muslim world to simply be allowed to run his own country.

Yes, that is harsh, but not as harsh as more and more American’s feel that they are being
treated by this administration.

But, even before that, there were a few other things that seemed out of place or wrong. You

Where was M’Obama?

While Hank was making nicey-nice with King Abdullah, M’Obama was making a speech to a
high school graduation class. Personally, if you know the story behind that, it was a nice
gesture, but, of you are the FLOTUS and your husband is about to throw in with those who
funded 9-11, I think that your place should have been with him in Saudi Arabia. After all,
Laura Bush went to the Land of Saud, more than once. In fact, there are many pictures of Mrs.
Bush there and she is not even veiled. (Unlike Stretch Pelosi who could not wrap herself up
more quickly when she was breaking federal laws in the Middle East.)

And, since he needed to make the insipid and insulting statement about coming to the “place
where Islam began”, would anyone be surprised if he made a covert trip to Mecca to perform
his Hajj? I mean, has he gone to the spot where Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac? Did he
visit Golgotha where Jesus was crucified? Did he ever mention that is was important to go to
the place where Judaism and Christianity began? Excuse me for thinking clearly but there are
only a few percentages of people living in America who are Muslim and even with one and a
half billion Muslims in the world the Christians and Jews outnumber them.

But the absence of M’Obama, the “importance” of going to the place where Islam started, his
conciliatory tone in his speech were just part of the whole cloth of that speech.

He did not mention terrorism, he never assigned any blame for any terrorist attacks, oh, sorry,
“man-made disasters”, on any of the huddled crowd, he used the word “democracy” a few
times but even then it sounded weak, as if he was embarrassed to use the word, as if he did not
believe what he was saying. (And if that is the case, Hank, welcome to the club, very few of us
believe that which you say.)

If I was any kind of Muslim leader, I would have taken heart rather than be introspective to that
which Hank said. Another troubling aspect of the speech was his reference to Iran where he
seemed to either ignore, was not aware of or simply dismissed the reality of the two Irans, the
Islamic Republic part and the secular part. (A majority of the Iranians are not enthused about
the Ayatollahs and Mullahs and would be far happier, thank you very much, if they could live
like back I the days of the Shah. Sure, some of the fellas from SAVAK were less than savory
and the Shah was capricious from time to time, but most agree that it was better than living in
the Stone Age.)

Yet, we all know that Hank is not a student of history. In fact his grasp on US History is so
wanting how could we expect him to know more about the goings-on in the Middle East than

That is, of course, unless the “place where Islam began” holds a deeper place in his heart than
does my Country.

T-Minus 517 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1326 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless


1 JUNE 2009 - "More Odds and Sods..."

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

As we speak, San Fran Nan is most likely sending flowers to Ms. Sotomayor.
Well, since the La Raza member was nominated by Hank for one of those big, comfy, leather,
swivel chairs at the SCOTUS, we have not heard anything about San Fran Nan’s dissing of the
CIA, FBI, BSA, BMI, ASCAP, LS/MFT or anything else.
More distressing is that we have not heard anything about her sorry derriere (and with all of the
cosmetic surgery she has had, it is anyone’s guess where that actually is) before a panel of
Look for the words “Torquemada” and “Torquemadizing” to festoon the pages of the print and
spoken by the liberal talking heads on TV when the “Sonia Show” debuts this month.
No, she will not be “questioned”, she will be “interrogated” as if in mode of the Spanish
Guaranteed that the Lefties will be tossing up soft-balls for her to hit so they can sit back and
admire her intelligence, acumen and “grasp of complex issues” (a term I truly detest) and the
chattering class of the LSM will sit back and admire those they put in office for their
professionalism, desire to get to the “truth” (whatever that means to a Liberal) and the respect
they showed “Sunny from the Hood.”
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, any of the insulting, racist, mean-spirited hyperbole that the
Republicans dare ask the guest of honor, will be vilified by the same ne’er-do-wells as
insulting, racist and mean-spirited! There will be more than one citation when someone asks
her about her involvement in La Raza, affirmative action, gun rights or other mean things and
the provocateur will be damned for asking such divisive questions.
Hank will openly praise the Left and condemn the Right. And better than even money that
after the race cards have been played (and keep an eye out for the Rev. Al $harpton), that he
will draw a parallel between his campaign and that to which she is being subjected.
Oddly enough there were no big surprises on the Sunday morning talk shows. The expected
big controversy between George Snuffaluffagus and Senator Schemer did not materialize. It
was widely believed that there would be a throw-down between these two. As an objective
“reporter” it was thought that he would challenge the senior Senator from New York to see
who loved Obama more and who could do more to abet his agenda.
(Remember, if you will, good old George was brought to tears of joy when Obama was
elected. So much for the rumors that there is bias in the media! To be fair, I was near tears at
the same time but most likely for a different reason.)
That said, if you ever want to learn how to be an effective liar, take a few minutes and sit at the
feet of the master. Absolutely immune to the truth, Sen. Schemer can say anything with such
conviction and at the same time make it sound so off-the –cuff that he sounds believable to the
untrained ear. Sadly, we here in New York are incapable of avoiding him as he is drawn to any
and every microphone and camera like a moth to a flame. In fact, in recent weeks he appeared
on a sonogram, an air-traffic control screen and channel 19 on the CB.
He will say most anything without the slightest trace of guilt that he is lying through his teeth.
Coupling that with the liberal stocks in trade, the “As we all know…”, or “Everyone agrees
that…” or similar bromide when, in fact, not everyone knows and very few agree, so, he can
say most anything with the conviction of a zealot. Or, pathological liar.
“Of course, as we all know, Judge Sotomayor is a moderate” rolls off his lips as if gospel. And
“everyone agrees that her words were taken out of context, you should read the entire text” is
more like whistling past the graveyard as if by daring us to read the entire text (I have) that it
will dispel the idea that the statement was racist and sexist (it did not).
But, that is part of the fun of politics and ya gotta have a score card to see who the true thugs
A certain “Doctor” Tiller is now at room temperature.
If you do not know who this huge supporter of Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen
Sebelius was, he was one of a handful of practitioners of late-term abortion, that is an abortion
past the 21st week, where the child is most likely viable.
Tiller was not a stranger to violence as he had been shot twice before and his “clinic” had been
fire-bombed over the years.
But there was irony even in his death. You see, he was shot in a church where he was an usher
and his wife sang in the choir. A man who killed babies met his end in the building where
many of them might have been baptized save for his scalpel. (My fervent hope is that he sees
all of the faces and what their lives could have been, for the balance of eternity.) (I mean that
in a non-judgmental way.)
I do not condone his killing as I would be no better than he for what he did. To be fair, as
precious as life is to me, I will have a hard time finding a tear to shed for him. Say what you
want about most anyone but there are far fewer reprehensible people than one who could
partially deliver a child, cut his spinal cord and extract his brains. Sorry, you canNOT explain
or convince me that there is any merit to that action.
However, it is not for us to judge and further still for us to execute. That is the province of the
state. Like it or not, he was legally able to do what he did. His killer was not.
I am not sure how he reconciled his actions with attending a church, perhaps he was having a
change of heart, perhaps his Sunday mornings were free, I do not know and I will not pretend
to read his mind or heart.
What I am a tad concerned with will be the backlash by NARAL, Emily’s List, the ironically
named Planned Parenthood and other abortion supporters as well as the anti-2nd Amendment
bunch. This is a prime opportunity for them to enhance the stature of abortion as well as
further calls to ban guns.
Speaking of church there appears to be some kind of selective memory loss with respect to
Sotomayor’s religion.
When Roberts and Alito were considered for the Bench, there were many questions regarding
their Catholicity. In fact Durbin, Specter and Feinstein saw fit to question them on their
religion, for some odd reason the latter two made statements about Sotomayor yesterday but in
the entirety of their discourses, there was no mention about how she spends her Sunday
Similarly, some “writers” for some “not-quite-centrist” magazines and blogs as well as some of
the nice people at NPR (and believe it or not, they consider themselves to be “conservative.” I
guess that is about as accurate as my considering myself to be a 1956 Hudson), were very
concerned during the above-mentioned nominating processes that their religion (Roberts’ and
Alito’s, not the lib writers/talking heads) would have a very big impact on their decision
Yet, again, no mention of Sotomayor’s religion.
Then again, if you are a wise Latina…..
Lastly, the Prop 8 ruling by the 9th Circus Court in Kal-E-Fawn-Nya.
Prop 8, for those who are new to the game, was the proposition that was voted on by “We the
Dudes and Dudettes” of the Golden State that decreed that only a man and a woman had the
right to marry.
Yes, as hard as that is to believe, that one of the most liberal states, one that Hank carried, saw
fit to keep intact the definition of marriage that we have all come to know and love.
Of course, there were certain elements that were not happy with the vote. There were
allegations of bigotry, sexism, homophobia and more by the heterophobes. (Hey, if it is good
for the goose…)
Prior to Prop 8, there was a similar proposition the year or so earlier that also affirmed
heterosexual marriage and none other, which won by a similar margin. Undaunted by the will
of the people, the various gay alliances sued and somehow found a loop-hole to negate the
They demanded that the people dare not try that again!
For some odd reason, those on the left (do the math) feel that if the people speak and the left
does not prevail and then the left can find a loop-hole that overturns the will of the people, then
that settles it, done deal and you are some “-ist” if you try to change what they have changed.
Well, true to form, despite the fact that the people spoke and voted twice, the gays sued, again.
The 9th Circus Court (one of the most liberal in the nation, the kind of court that entertains
stripping God from the Pledge if not the Pledge itself) somehow saw through the canard that
gays were trying to perpetrate.
But this piece is not about that, despite the fact that it was a shock to most that the 9th Circus
actually got a ruling right but about the media’s portrayal.
TV pieces on all the networks, articles in magazines, blogs, editorials and other reporting made
the court’s ruling appear to be a ruling against gay “marriage.”
There were demonstrations against the court’s ruling (as well as demonstrations how to pick
out a lovely duvet cover and what is new in plaid flannel for the gals) as well as screeching and
wailing in the streets. Wimmens were crying on their other wimmens shoulders as they
alternated between crying and making out (as if to say “look at us, we kiss, we should be able
to marry!) and guys in that improbable pose (why do the gay guys stand one behind the other –
let me finish- with the tall one wrapping his arm over the shoulder then over the chest of the
other one? Really, look for that the next time there is an unhappy gay rally) as they were
interviewed by the sympathetic media type who decried the ruling and they had a hissy fit
demanding that they be allowed to marry! And, how dare the court over turn the will of the
people. Twice!
Typical of the “fair, balance, middle-of-the-road, unbiased” media (think: “NPR =
conservative” to align you with the fact that the media inhabit some alternate reality), they got
it wrong.
The ruling really had nothing to do with the ability of gays to marry or not, per se. The
constitutionality of the ability of people to change the state constitution by proposition was the
allegation and the ruling, by the Halley Comet-like frequency of the 9th Circus Court getting
things right, of that court was correct.
This is just an example of a group trying to legislate through the judiciary and the LSM trying
the case in the public forum. Those suing got it wrong and it is hoped that if this case goes
further, which it will undoubtedly do, will be met with the same results.
As far as the media, well, they will put on whatever spin is needed to achieve their own goals.
If you have any doubt to that, see who the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Washington D.C. is.
That’s all folks!
T-Minus 519 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1328 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

29 MAY 2009 - "Big Bush League"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

(Sorry this is so late. I had hoped to get this out a few days ago. Still gimped up with one good
wing, it is difficult at best to type for extended periods. I am waiting for the voice recognition
program to arrive and perhaps if it works well, I can bash out this thing more often as I will be
still in the cast thingy for a few more weeks. Alas… And thanks to all of you who have been
emailing good wishes and asking for the FISH. Without further ado…)

There is a story that goes something like: A reporter asked Ted Williams what it was like to hit
.400 and he replied that it means he missed getting a hit six out of ten times.
I barely remember the “Splendid Splinter” play ball, and besides, I was/am a Yankee fan. (I
will wait for the booing to subside…) With Maris, Mantle, Berra and the rest, I really did not
have much of an interest then/now in the Red Sawx. But, say what you will, in the pre-steroid
day and even today, there is little doubt that Ted Williams was the greatest hitter in the history
of baseball.
Welllllll…… batting .400 may be a major feat in baseball, in fact he did it three times and the
last year that he did it was the year I was born. But batting .400 for a judge is pretty sad and
hardly Hall of Fame numbers.
For some odd reason, the most liberal president has nominated one of the most liberal “judges”
to the SCOTUS, and the alleged White Sox fan sees no problem with such farm team numbers.
  While she seems to be rich in entitlements, she is wanting in the Constitution department.

Of her five cases to go before SCOTUS, three were overturned. Her .400 batting average looks
great by comparison when you consider that she had only something like a total of eleven
justices agree with her in those five cases. Forget about Hall of Fame, numbers like that won’t
even get you a look at spring training.
In fact, in one of her cases, Justice Roberts gave her the equivalent of a judicial wedgie. In
overruling one of her “learned” opinions, he stated that it “flew in the face of statutory
language.” I guess not citing stare decisis, precedent or something from what I like to call the
“Constitution” was not as compelling as just having a “feeling” about her decision.
And her batting average is bound to suffer again soon.
The Ricci case*, soon to have a decision rendered in a Supreme Court near you, is a blatant
case of reverse discrimination. This legal eagle came to her decision, apparently, without any
distractions from that pesky Constitution or any other canon of law. Oral arguments were
made in April and a decision ought to be rendered sometime in June, perhaps during Ms.
Sotomayor’s appearance before the congressional committee convened for the purpose of her

But that was a mere bag of shells to her contention that the average citizen, that being We the
People, must start counting by odd-numbered Amendments as she seems to have an issue with
the 2nd one. ** Without going into too much detail, she seems not to have much concern about
a citizen’s right to bear arms. (Though, on a refreshing note, she cited “Heller”,tho in my eyes
incorrectly, as part of her rationale. I guess someone must have slipped her the Cliff Notes on
important 2nd Amendment decisions.)
So, satisfied that she is the gal for the gig yet? No? Then try this on for size.
She said some time back: "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her
experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't
lived that life."
Now, of course, the LSM said that this was taken out of context. Of course it was taken out of
context! It always is taken out of context when it is one of theirs saying something stupid. (Of
course, making a joke, Newt Gingrich gainsaid her comment and was immediately pilloried by
the press. I guess you can eat your cake and have it too if you are a lib!)
  “Our gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging," Sotomayor
said, speaking broadly in 2001 at the University of California-Berkeley. "Personal experiences
affect the facts that judges choose to see. … I simply do not know exactly what that difference
will be in my judging. But I accept there will be some based on my gender and my Latina
Well, NOT taking a quote “out of context” shows that the first was not an anomaly. She admits
that she will base some of her “judging” based on her heritage, gender, using the laws of other
nations to come to her decisions as well as a lack of understanding of the Law of the Land.
Mind you, and excuse me for thinking clearly, unless I am very much mistaken, the charge of
the Supreme Court, the last court of appeals, is to determine the CONSTITUTIONALITY of a
law or how it was applied in a previous ruling. WE DO NOT BASE THE
COUNTRY!!! How freaking basic is that, and NO ONE is making a big deal of the most
elementary piece of this puzzle!
Yet, Hank wants “empathy” on the bench.
EMPATHY: 1.           the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings,
               thoughts, or attitudes of another.
2.      the imaginative ascribing to an object, as a natural object or work of art, feelings or
        attitudes present in oneself
For some odd reason, the rationale behind this escapes me. What we are talking about is akin
to pure science. 1+1=2. Red and yellow make orange. The sum of the squares of the adjacent
sides of a right triangle is to equal to the square of the hypotenuse. The capital of France is
Paris. These are facts. Plain and simple. There may be math needed to come to the answer,
one may have to put together a certain amount of paint to prove the case, in other words, all
this, like the Constitution and state laws, are facts.
Now, where the laws of nature are immutable, the information known at any one point of time
is subject to change. For instance, it was thought the Sun was the center of the universe.
Sorry, so wrong as we know now, but back in the day, based on the data available, that made
the most sense. Similarly it was thought that the atom was the smallest building block of
nature. Opps, wrong again! We now know that there are orders of magnitude of smaller
components, some so small that their mass is calculated in eV (electron volts) as terms such a
nanograms are far to huge to be employed.
So it is with our laws. I am sure that the Framers did not consider drug trade, money
laundering, abortion, illegal immigration, entitlements, gay “marriage”, college sports for
women and other such things when the laws were crafted. The jurists since applied what laws
we had on the books and did their best to make it apply to the case. They did not say that
1+1= Orange because some kid was too stupid to grasp the concept. Nor did they just simply
reverse stated law because it was just easier. They grappled with the case, it’s complexities and
came to the best decisions based on the FACTS available, well, at least until the 1970’s, though
there have been some other boneheaded cases rendered that fortunately were overturned.
(Quick quiz, two parts: Q: Which two presidents did the most damage to the Constitution – tho
some of the cases were overturned? A: Lincoln and FDR. Part 2: Q: Which presidents does
Hank admire the most, or at least to whom he compares himself? A: Lincoln and FDR. Any
It is, again, FACT, not comparative lit or interpretive dance, there are no umbrae and
penumbrae when it comes to FACT. It is what it is, and dare I say, there is no room for
I want my justices to render their decisions based on just the facts, ma’am, just the facts. I do
not want the “fact” that someone had a rough childhood or a bad marriage or some other
unrelated issue determining if the case has merits.
But there is one aspect to Sotomayor’s nomination that must be troubling Hank. You see, she
does not seem to be as keen as does he on one of his favorite hobbies. She supported the
Mexico City Policy, one of the first things Hank rescinded upon putting in his change of
address notification from the second most corrupt city to the first. This was the policy that
prohibited federal funds to be used for abortions outside of= the United States. (Apparently
Hank wants to kill as many would-be Americans as well as spreading wealth.) And, to her
credit, she has been at the least ambivalent with respect to this barbaric act, which is
tantamount to being pro-life in a libs myopic eye.
However, partner in crime, and I mean that literally, Sen. Chuck Schemer, who has never met
an unborn child he would not sentence to death, is sheepherding her nomination. It is a fair bet
that he has already sent her a personalized coat-hanger so she can join the club. Schemer does
EXACTLY NOTHING unless there is something in it for him. If he can get someone who has
a 100% approval rating from the NRA, Sen. Gillibrand for example, to reconsider her position
on the 2nd Amendment , I am sure that he is arm-twisting Judge Sotomayor on her devotion to
But, please, do not bring her Catholicity into this. SCOTUS is rife with Catholics. In fact five
of the current Brethren now subscribe to that faith, and Souter is Episcopalian, which runs a
close second in many cases. Her renderings thusfar do not espouse a true Catholic sense.
(And please spare me her “upbringing.” She attended Cardinal Spellman High School, a
Catholic educational facility. As a product of 12 years of Catholic school and currently on the
board of my alma mater as well as involved in fund-raising, I can assure you that a Catholic,
and to be fair, any parochial or private, schooling is not inexpensive. Her mother, a registered
nurse, as much as admitted that since her daughter was a lawyer and her son a doctor, she was
not reliant on them for money. Yes, she came from a housing project and her story compelling
but she is not to be deified for her upbringing. I posit that many of us have had a harder young
life, lived in worse places and had more arduous experiences. Then again, according to my
records, none of us have been nominated for a job for life in Washington. Bravo to her for her
accomplishments but she is not exactly “Jenny from the ‘Hood.”)

To sum up, she is an ideologue as is Hank and she will compromise the Constitution, just like
Hank. With the Democrat/Liberal plurality in Congress, there is a very small chance she will
not be confirmed. What has to happen is to make it painfully obvious to Hank that he will not
simply get his way because he is our beloved leader. We must contact our Senators and
encourage, demand and pretty much anything short of threaten them to vigorously and
forcefully question the nominee on all of her views with which we do not agree.
As positive of a person that I am, I am under no delusions that she will not be confirmed. But,
this is the first shot of the war. A “spirited” and focused questioning of Ms. Sotomayor will
send a strong message to Hank that we are not to be trifled with. While the Dems and the LSM
will make the Right look like bad guys – they are already playing the race and gender cards –
we can leverage that to our benefit by exposing the liberality of Hank, his disregard for the
Constitution and desire and “hope” to irrevocable “change” my and our Country to a socialist
Done correctly, this can work to our benefit, the curtain will be pulled back and the man will
not be ignored. We the Sheeple will see EXACTLY what dastardly plans Hank has for us and
with hope, they will wake up, smell the coffee…. and a rat!
Git ‘er done!

T-Minus 523 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1332 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless



23 MAY 2009- "Senate Vote? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Senate Vote"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

OK, so, up here in New York, the gang that could not bomb straight has been nabbed. A
quartet of home-grown terrorist geniuses had purchased some bombs, stinger missiles and other
assorted bit of nastiness from our friends at the close-out department of the FBI.

It all came to a head a few days ago when they were all set to bomb a synagogue and the
federales moved in. The Muse, awakened out of some kind of absinthe-induced stupor,
proclaimed that somehow the Islamofacist factions in our Country will call this “hate induced
prejudice” and more anti-Muslim fear-mongering.

And, sadly, she would be right.

“On ‘Inside the OC with Rick Reiff,’ CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush discusses
the breakdown of trust between the Muslim community and the FBI. Are FBI tactics keeping
us safe or invading our privacy?”
“Fusion centers began springing up after 9/11. ‘What we warned about, and now what we are
seeing, is that too often these entities tend to look at people who disagree with public policies
as potential terrorists,’ said Mike German of the ACLU.”
“Muslims Are as American as Apple Pie (Newsweek)”
The above quotes are from the C.A.I.R. website.* In case you are not familiar with this lovely
bunch of hate-America first group, they are the “Council on American-Islamic Relations”, a
huge lobby group, political arm and obviously in bed with other fellow travelers, such as the
cited ACLU.
Now, I have admonished you over the years not to take things at face value, things are not as
they always seem. Do not misunderestimate the term “Council on American-Islamic
Relations” as being a group of do-gooders who are trying to make nicey-nice with We the
Sheeple under the guise of being some kind of information clearing house for misinformation.
No, nothing could be further from the truth. (Case in point: Recall, if you will, the old
“Twilight Zone” episode where Earth was visited by aliens. They seemed nice and tried to help
we Earthlings. They had a book “How to Serve Man” that was their “bible”, so to speak. In
any event, some fellas attempted to translate it and as it turned out it was a cookbook. You can
interpolate the rest.)
For some reason, this august group had nothing at all on their website regarding some of their
own (Islamofacists) attempting to blow up a synagogue, want to shoot down American military
planes and other acts of mass destruction. No, nothing, they did not even try to discredit them
or castigate the FBI.
I am sure that by the time it is all over, they will blame the Jewish Center for starting the whole
mess for being in the way of their bombs.
The timing is interesting, however, coming on the heels of the slamming of Hank’s desire to
close Gitmo. In a 90-6 vote, or as the useful tool, Press Secretary Gibbs, called it “a nail-biter
of a close vote.” Fellow travelers, Sens. Dick Durbin (who has taken up residence in the back
of Hank’s trousers), Harkin, Levin, Leahy and the two geniuses from Rhode Island, Reed and
Whitehouse, all voted to close the joint.
Need I say that they are all Dems?
(Of course. RINOs, McCain and Graham, are for the closing but did not vote against the bill. I
am of the opinion that these two, and a few others, ought to considering bunking with Specter.
If it looks like a liberal, and votes like a liberal and thinks like a liberal…)
A vote later in the day regarding the potential transporting of said detainees to the US was even
more lopsided. Not sure what Gibbs called it. As it was 92-3, I guess by comparison it was
“not exactly a mandate.”
Yet, despite the fact that a fair percentage of the terrorists released thus far have gone back to
waging war against us and despite the fact that the few hundred that remain are the worst of the
worst, some “lawmakers” still canNOT get it through their thick brainboxes that these guys
need to be kept in Gitmo, given a fair tribunal and a fair execution.
These “lawmakers” state that one of the reasons that we must take them into out penal system
is that most of them would not be accepted by their home county, or, gasp, face charges and
execution there. (That is a risk I am willing to take.) So, we MUST take them in!
Really, you can’t make this up!
Dovetailing to this, the despicable Harry Reid is so confused that he has no idea what to do,
what to think, or which side he is on. He is nudging Durbin for prime real estate in Hank’s
trousers as well, as he needs all the help, and dare I say Aricept, that he can get. He just can’t
seem to remember exactly how far to the left he needs to be.
Meanwhile, Hank makes a speech the other day essentially blasting the Bush administration for
all the evil things they did during their regime! He said that their plans to keep us safe were ill
conceived and would not endure.
I guess he hasn’t read a paper in the last 8 years as there have been exactly ZERO attacks on
our soil as a result of their ill-conceived and non-enduring plans.
Apparently he has not read the Geneva Conventions and dare I say the Constitution either
(which I find odd for a “constitutional scholar”, but perhaps he was not referring to our
Constitution, honest mistake.)
Bottom line is this, the terrorists have to be right once, we have to be right all the time. We are
doing well so far and the bogies are striking out. I hope that this is not going to be the
“change” he promised.”
But, the hubris of this man. The Senate delivers a vote that is the congressional equivalent of a
pantsing and stealing his lunch money, and he acts as if it were nothing more than a mere
suggestion. Hank, We the People have spoken, we DO NOT WANT GITMO CLOSED, WE
DO NOT WANT THE TERRORISTS IN OUR PRISONS. We do not want our legislators
making more of a joke of Congress than it already is. We want leadership that will keep us all
safe and free and not one at the expense of the other. (To this end, I sent the President an
email,** posted at the end for your edification. If you see a phalanx of Crown Vics headed
towards Long Island, then you will know they read it.)
Seriously, if you did not hear his speech, er, reading, more accurately, please take a moment
and read it. *** Without the distraction of his speaking and gesticulation, read it at face value.
S-L-O-W-L-Y. Then get back to me. What did he really say? What did he offer in terms of
proof? What did he offer in the way of real, doable, constructive content? Like I have said, his
speeches are wonderful collections of sound-bites and platitudes, something I told him, but
light on specifics or plans.
Read what he says, read between the lines and tell me if the “hasty decisions” made were for
naught? And tell me if you are afraid. He is doing his best scare the pants of off us by telling
us we have been frightened by those who have kept us safe. When he says “the record is
clear”, it is, but not by his standards as he uses the truth and inverts it for his own devices.
When he says “let me be blunt”, oh, he is so close. A more careful reading of a thesaurus
would have provided the word “obtuse.”
So, read the papers and check out some of the more recent terror threats and plots. Then go on
the internet to get the truth. Read Hank’s speech and tell me that he said anything of substance
that a reasonable person might mistake for fear-mongering. Then, take a moment and listen to
an adult and check out the speech that Cheney gave right after Hank spoke. **** You do not
have to be a fan of Cheney to see that it was because of people like him that we have been
unscathed over the past eight years.
Enough for now, enjoy your weekend and Memorial Day. Please say a prayer for those who
have made the ultimate sacrifice and for those currently in harm’s way.

T-Minus 528 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1337 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



19 MAY 2009 - "Tickets, Please! That's the Ticket!"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

"...After that, lying was easy for me. I lied about my age and joined the army. I was thirteen at
the time. Yeah.. I went to Vietnam, and I was injured catching a mortar shell in my teeth. And
they made me a three-star general! And then I got a job in journalism, writing for the National
Enquire... er, Geographic! Yeah.. I was making twenty thousand a ye.. month! In fact, I won the
Pulitzer Prize that year! Yeah, that's the ticket.

"And then my cousin died - Joe Louis - and I took it hard. Maybe too hard - I tried to kill
myself. Yeahh.. I did kill myself! Sure! I was medically dead for a week and a half! It was a
woman that brought me out of it - Indira Gandhi! Yeah, right.. And she told me about
Pathological Liars Anonymous.

"Oh, you'd be surprised how many famous people belong. In fact.. at one of the meetings I met
my wife - Morgan Fairchild! Yes, I'm a changed man now, and all because of Pathological
Liars Anonymous. Why, I - I even have my picture on the cover of Newsweek magazine. Yeah.
Every day! Yeah.. that's the ticket! Yeah, you betcha!"

                            -John Lovitz as the character "Tommy Flanigan" on Saturday Night
 "I did not know about waterboarding, that's right, no one told me about it at all, ever. And if I
did go to the meeting where they talked about it then, well, they didn’t you see, that's the ticket
because I would have heard about it, and I didn't so they didn't, it never happened"
 "No, look at my wagging finger, now read my lips, I never ever never ever did not ever know
about the waterboarding, I was always against it even if I thought it was a good idea I did not
think so. Hey, you, keep looking at the wagging finger, do I make myself clear?"
 "I learned about what I did not know when an aide told me at a brief... while we were playing
bridge, that's the ticket, we were playing bridge and when I said that I was bored and it was
water under the bridge, he said, "No, Nancy, you do not know about waterboarding." When I
asked him what that meant he denied being there, so of course I never heard of it!"
 "I am sure that there is a reasonable explanation for this. The briefing was given by the CIA,
they have all these mind drugs. My mind is so strong that it resisted being fed lies. So, I was
the only one there that was not affected so I am the only one who did not know about
waterboarding. And besides, the initials for "enhanced interrogation techniques" sounds too
close for this liberal gals comfort to the initials for that terrorist Rush Limbaugh's "excellence
in broadcast" network. Wait, now I remember, my mind was filled with rays from Karl Roves
ray gun (see, Reagan all over again!) and short circuited my brain with Limbaugh's filthy
lies. It took three face lifts and a tummy- tuck to get the circuits straightened out."
"Wait, the CIA lied. They always lie, they are spies you know. Their charter prohibits them
from working on US soil, so, they could not have told me, yeah, that's the ticket. That nasty
Republican Panetta is behind this all. No, don't tell me he is a Democrat, he is a Republican, I
don't care if he worked for Bill Clinton. Aren't you people listening? He is CIA, he is a spy, he
lies, they all lie.......”
 Sad really.
 To see a perfectly good useful idiot go off the deep end. Here she was, poised to help Hank
destroy the Country, and, poof, she goes nutsy coo-coo.
 Of course she knew, she always knew. That is why it is fine and dandy to email her and state
simply "LIAR" in the email. She canNOT do anything about it.
 But there are far more onerous problems for San Fran Nan.
 You see Steny Hoyer (and show of hands, how many of you have a kid named "Steny") is the
2nd ranking Dem in the House and he ran and lost to San Fran Nan for the Speakership. Oh,
they do not like each other. Not even a little. Ought something "happen" to Pelosi and she had
to step down, well, good old Steny is the odds on favorite to wield the gavel and get the keys to
the 757.
 Then there is consigliore, I mean, Attorney General Eric Holder in the picture. This sycophant
of his one-time disciple will do whatever Hank tells him to do.
 Even Sen. Chuck Schemer is not without his views. But, as he is so despicable the only reason
why I am mentioning him is to call him despicable.
 Some Dems are calling for the City by the Bay's Worst Catholic to step down, something that
bodes poorly for her. Having the committees locked-up and wielding an iron gavel, she was
not to be disrespected in any way.
 This leads us to Hank.
 What will Hank do?
 He, on the one hand, has to protect his power base, herself being part of it, and there is no
absolute guarantee that Steny will goose-step to his tune. He also "promised" the most
transparent gov't in history (See: Tommy Flanagan for my take on his truthfulness), so if his #3
is full of #2, then he has to do the right thing and throw her under the bus.
 Yes, he will but, no he won't, for the reasons of transparency. He will do it, or more accurately
have someone else do it, for political expediency,
 He may let it fester, like the boil she is, so that he can jump start talks with the Palestinian
terrorists, as he will use the Israeli's for chum, bus-wise, then he will have her purged from the
So, there is only one logical solution, an Independent Prosecutor.
For gosh sakes, dust off Fitzpatrick off and let him loose. Let him get to the bottom of
everything. If you want transparency, Hank, let's make the best of it.
Let's investigate Pelosi, let's check out Dick Cheney as well, as long as we can get to the
bottom of it all: your transcripts, your call logs when in the Illinois and US Senate, your birth
Let's have transparency Hank, let's have it all!
Speaking of liars and the Senate, why has no one called Hank on one of his many lies. OK,
tough one, there are so many. Let's talk about his lies about the budget.
For some odd reason, I am laboring under the idea that Congress makes the budget and the
president signs or fruitlessly vetoes it. For some odd reason, Hank wants it both ways.
You see, HE was in congress when the last few budgets were crafted, particularly the hideous
spending by the Dems (and don't misunderestimate me, the Reps were not much better, but it
was under the aegis of a Dem controlled House and Senate.) All Bush did was sign it, he did
not craft it, he did not add nor did he subtract from it. All he did was to OK the work that Hank
and the other Members of Congress did in the darkness.
I guess I am just being picky when I find it odd that Hank rails against the guy who OK'd his
own work.
And thank God for M'Obama! Doing her goshdarndest to ensure another generation of proles
and the leaches of society who will prey on them.
Spewing a graduation speech (where I think she was awarded an honorary doctorate in
revolutionary studies) she spoke to the assembled liberals about to be graduated from college
right back into their parent’s basement.
She made the maddening statement to the madding clutch of grads-soon-to-be at the prestigious
center of higher education known as the University of California, Merced (the gateway to
Atwater on the scenic Highway 99) that: "You must bend down and let someone else stand on
your shoulders so that they can see a brighter future."
I am sure that the parents of the minds of mush who are prolly at this moment thrilled to have
their progeny eating them out of house and home, texting and twittering, sleeping till noon and
actively engaged in not looking for a job in the middle of the San Joachim Valley, wondering
why they spent tens of thousands of dollars to be told by the First Lady to suck it up and pay
the freight for the others who did not devote time getting a diploma. (NOTE: I did not say an
In the land of Marxists, if you do well enough to make a ton of dough, it is your responsibility
to pay for others, unless you are a Democrat, then you can get the Republicans to do that.
I am not patting myself on the back but I give pretty darn close to 10% on average to Church
and Charity every year. I do not need someone who gives a percent or two (or in the case of the
VPOTUS, John Kerry and others, virtually nothing in charitable giving) how to be generous.
Take the freaking pole out of your eye before you dare tell me to take the splinter out of mine.
How dare she tell these poor, addled children that now that they will have been graduated, they
now have a duty to help the lazy slugs who are getting a little impatient with their not coughing
up some dough.
That is all for now. I canNOT type anymore. The Muse is at her wits end and about to call the
Vatican to see what can be done about “Rev. Jenkins and Mr. Hyde.” She is ticked that the
FLOTUS was in hailing distance of my new granddaughter sullying the air with her hate,
vitriol and disdain.
My friends, I have said this would happen and now it is.
God Help us.

 (Again, thanks to all of you who have sent kind words, prayers and offers to help me with my
broken wrist. There will be a little discourse at the end of this.)

T-Minus 535 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1342Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless


16 MAY 2009 - "Rah Rah, er, Make That Bronx Cheer, Notre Dame"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

First off, thank all of you who were kind enough to wish me a speedy recovery for my wrist. It
is indeed broken and in a cast for 4-6 weeks. You will be able to monitor my progress by the
length of the FISH. While I have tried to write using only the left side of the keyboard, no
matter what I tried to type, it came out looking like yet another lie by San Fran Nan. So, I will
use entire keyboard using half of my upper appendages.

Now, some have made comments about my recent remarks about gay “marriage.” Some have
said I have been too harsh and others have opined that there are more important topics to

Neither could be further from the truth. It is all part of the plan.

First of all, I am not being harsh, I am simply stating fact and I will expound on that in a
moment. As far as this not being important, please, do not fall into the liberal mindset and
forget to think things through.

As I have said too many times to count, I do not care what two people do in the privacy of their
home. I may disagree or find it abhorrent, disagreeable, deviant or more but we do have certain
rights enumerated in the Constitution and as long as we are talking about adults, consent and no
one is harmed, well that is a small price to pay for all of the other freedoms we enjoy.

But this issue is not really about gay “marriage.” As usual, the left is using a class of people
and pimping them. Take the gays out of the equation for a moment. Now, ask the rank and file
liberal on their views of gay “marriage” and homosexuality. Most will say both are fine with
them and offer the platitudinous remark that they have gay friends.

That is a qualifying remark as believe it or not, all of us prolly have gay friends, some are out
and some are in the closet but the fact remains that we do know some. But that is not the point.

Now, tell these libs that they must eschew a heterosexual lifestyle and be gay.

I guarantee you, the vast majority would balk at such a suggestion.

When asked why they won’t embrace, literally, that lifestyle they will give some silly reason
that they are not gay or the like. On an unrelated note, and to keep you up to speed as to what
is happening with your tax dollars or tuition being spent in college, there is at least one
professor of a course that has “experimenting” with homosexuality as a required part of the
curriculum. (I do so hope the final is a written test.) So, it is not bad enough they espouse
atheism in college, that there are 300 and 400 level courses in university on political and social
activism but now we are to accept homosexuality as a perquisite to graduation?

But it is not gayness alone that we are discussing but a further erosion of morality. Again, the
libs are OK to be gay for others but they are disabused from giving it a go on their own. This
barrage of gay “rights” and lionizing this lifestyle on TV and in movies has all served to numb
us to the next attack. (While I am not advocating smoking, that is banned from TV and many
movies but it ok for two guys to be seen in bed…. Gimme a break. Do not dare suggest
“cancer” as my response will be “AIDS and STD’s.)

The Muse has come to the conclusion that these are just a few body-blows before a 1-2
combination to the jaw.

Hark back to Hank’s speech at the former Catholic University, Georgetown. (If you doubt it is
no longer Catholic, email me, I will show you the light. Ditto B.C. and some others.) The
former presidential candidate who refused to wear an American Flag on his lapel (and we do
recall his lame rationale thereof) has, for some reason, saw fit to all but swathe himself in the
same Flag today. Speaking at G’Town, you must have seen the sea of Flags festooning the dais
during his speech/peroration/indoctrination/series of mendacious statements. They were all
over the joint. In fact, they needed so many that they had to cover the crucifixes to insure that
there was sufficient Flag representation.

Do not think for a moment that he loves the Flag. This was, in the Muse’s humble and accurate
opinion, the safest way to cover the cross, particularly the one’s used by we Catholics that have
either “INRI” (which Pilate demanded to be put on Jesus’ cross which is the acronym for
“Jesus, King of the Jews) or “IHS” (which are the first three letters of Jesus’ name in Greek.)

I guess one of Hank’s “Five Pillars of Destroying the Judeo-Christian Ethos” is to cling to a
pseudo-patriotism, which he will discard at his earliest convenience.

By mitigating the alleged Christianity of an alleged Catholic college, he was able to leverage
that to his next attack.

Tomorrow, the former Barry Soweto, exchange student from Indonesia, will be not only giving
the commencement speech at what was the last major Catholic university, but will award an
honorary degree.

In and of itself, an honorary degree is just that, an honor. But for a Catholic university to make
such an award to a person who stands in stark contrast to that for which the Church stands is

But why is he getting this award, why is he making the speech?

Well, you see, the president of the School that Rudy built, “Rev.” John I. Jenkins is a fraud. As
a member of the “Millennium Promise”, he stands in lock-step with many of Hank’s social

(Now, do not confuse some the Church’s teachings that sound somewhat socialist with what
these two clowns believe. Jenkins espouses many issues and topics that are condemned by the
Church and has been officially chastised but not as of yet punished.)

But it is even far more devious and sinister than that.

You see, Hank has no love for Notre Dame but I opine that he has a desire to destroy religion,
at least Judeo-Christian religion in America.

(And before you think this is about religion per se, you are wrong. If he can have his way with
religion, a guaranteed right, he can screw with each and every other thing you may hold near
and dear.)

But how did Hank get invited to Notre Dame?

Well, you can look to Jenkins and the trustees of the school.

With the exception of Rahmbo Emanuel, the list of trustees (an odd term considering this
bunch) reads like a who’s who of unindicted co-conspirators of Chicago politics for the large

Here you have various important and influential people, though not household names to most
of us, but wield tremendous power in their respective fields and in politics, largely due to their
buying of influence. (Oooppss.. did I say that?)

These are folks many of whom have been filling Hank’s coffers with cash since he was busy
trying to kill babies who survived botched abortions, sorry, I meant, since he was in the Illinois
Senate. And for the some 200 days that he represented the good people of the Land of Lincoln
in the den of thieves we call the United States Senate. (Sorry, I guess the meds are wearing
off… Not all are thieves; some are liars, perjurers, con-artists, serial wealthy women marriers,
smellsmocks, Kennedys, anti-Americans, three-card monte experts, racketeers, popinjays,
garden variety ne’er-do-wells, petty criminals, sluberdegullions, party-switchers and a few
good people I like to call Americans.)

So, kids, time to connect the dots.

The movers and shakers from the past who put this post turtle in the Oval Office are now
exerting their power to get him to speak at Notre Dame under the careful scrutiny and aegis of
“Rev” Jenkins. Allowing Hank to speak and, to add to compound the insult, to award him an
honorary degree serves one purpose and one purpose only: to cut the legs off the last great
Catholic University thereby mitigating further the influence of said educational facility.

Anywho, hand is killing now, can only hope and pray someone comes to their senses in these
waning hours and revokes Hank’s invite. Barring that mayhaps the students will do something
brave such as not show up or turn their backs on him. But that is doubtful.

You are witnesses to the beginning of the end. Wait and see.

That is it for now, more to come on the San Fran Nan lie-fest and how Hank & Co can screw
with your taxes, services and neighborhoods coming soon!

T-Minus 537 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1344Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



12 MAY 2009 - "Can Ya Lend Me a Hand?"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

If you are like me you get quite a few emails each day from a variety of sources. From the
DNC to the RNC to Human Events to MoveOn and so forth, I try to get as many divergent
views as possible. As I have said many times, all you need to know is out there, you just need
to find it.

Some of the info is in the form of a headline, others buried deep in an article and others still
evident by omission, the “reading between the lines” so to speak.

Of late, I have received many emails from said sources regarding gay marriage. Before you
make up your mind as to what you think I am going to say, as you know me all too well, stop
for a moment. First of all, I have nothing against gay people. As a Christian I am told to love
the sinner and hate the sin. As a sinner I can appreciate that and the only difference that I can
see is that my sins are different than those who are gay.

Of course the LSM would never understand that, it is far easier for them to call me and those
who think like me homophobes and bigots.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, when you totally deconstruct the “gay marriage” argument, it has nothing to do with
gays or marriage but a devolving and desensitizing of morals and rights. Many on the Left,
Hank included, have said that they do not support gay “marriage” but, regardless of their
personal feelings are willing to offers some kind of support for it.

Again, we have been told this in the past. When Hillaroo was bellyaching that it “takes a
village to raise a child” she was, if nothing else, softening us up for today’s battle.

Where is the connect, you are asking yourself?

It is simple.

No matter how you cut it, the family is the most important structure in society. They are the
building blocks. From families came tribes and clans, from them rudimentary gov’ts, and from
there nations. To destroy a nation, one only has to destroy the family. The rest will take care
of itself.

If gays are allowed to marry, where is the family? Adoption is a sham as it only serves to
underscore the lie of a gay “marriage.” If all of a sudden there is a dearth of children to adopt
what you have is not a “family” but a couple of fellows in bath towels grilling steaks or two
women picking out plaid flannel dust-ruffles.

You get the point.

If such a travesty is allowed to happen, as liberal as the teaching in public school is, it will
become even more so. As insane, asinine if you will, as some of the proposed laws regarding
“speech” are, specifically “hate speech”, you can see the writing on the walls.

There is proposed legislation that will criminalize sermons from the pulpit, sermons that preach
the Word of God, sermons that cite the Ten Commandments, sermons that cite Leviticus that
will be considered “hate speech” because they run afoul of the dicta of the gov’t.

For all their talk about a “separation of Church and State”, the Left sees no problem when is
suits their goals.

I need to cut this short. There is far more to this as well as other topics on which to expound
but today is not the day. I broke my right wrist on Saturday and as poor as my typing is as a
rule it is far more difficult with one finger. I will do my best to get a few GUPPIES out this
week with the hope of expounding on them when I can.

T-Minus 540 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1349 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless




My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

“Other than that, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln” could pretty much sum up the last
few days. But, enough about me…

A while back, I was driving down a road not all that far from where I live. I have driven
(drove? droved?) a gazillion times. I could not help but to notice a sign that I had not really
read before that was in front of a business that stated: “Psychic Readings and Hair Extensions.”

Of course there was the exhortation about coming in and learning about your future and so on
and so forth. The connection with hair extensions was lost on me as they seem to go together
like lamb and tuna fish. (For 5 bonus points, name the movie that came from.)

I guess what made me notice the sign was the fact that the building had recently entertained a
fire. Hence the obvious paradox: the sign invites people to come in to learn their future but that
particular building was burned. I mean you would think that if one had the power to divine the
future that that might have an inkling that their place of business might suffer a fire.

Now, I am not saying that no one can predict the future but it seems to me that the 99.999% of
these charlatans give the rest a bad name. When questioned by someone who does not believe
in “predicting the future” per se (as my hand raises) (no, did it myself, was not telekinesis)
oftimes the seer will make up some cockamamie story as a cover. For instance when this place
burned down it seems odd that the predictor did not know it was going to happen and when
questioned about this they offer a kinda stock answer that “my ‘gift’ is for others, I canNOT
use it for my own good.”

Which sorta explains the dearth of psychic lottery winners.

Or friends of psychics who are lottery winners.

You get the point.

Bottom line is that you have these carp and catfish abounding offering false hope to those
desperate souls who canNOT cope on their own or just need the boost such a canard will offer.

Those canny of you have now made the connection where this is going.

Justice David Souter has announced his retirement from the SCOTUS. All in all it will be a
zero-sum transition as it is not likely that Hank will anoint someone who has views much more
than .001 degree different from his compass.

Yet, there are pronouncements after pronouncements by the typical cast of useful idiots who
are offering false hope to those who think for a nanosecond that whoever dons the black robe
next will not be a total radical. (Take it to the bank.)

Leahy, Schumer, Spector and others are already congratulating Hank on his sagacious restraint
in not already naming William Ayres to the bench. I exaggerate, but not much. You see they
know whom they will nominate and with an essentially a filibuster-proof majority in the House
of Lord-Help-Us, a nod from Hank is as good as a done deal.

Possibly the most inept person ever to be a presidential press secretary, which in this case
makes him eminently qualified for the gig, also is floating trial balloons as to who it may or
may not be.

Despite the fact that this Administration and their hench-villains in Congress scream racism,
sexism and homophobia at every turn, for some odd reason they do not see the irony of
pronouncing that we ought not be surprised if the next justice is a “woman or a minority” or
some such person who is qualified by DNA alone in contradistinction to actual bona fides.

But, we ought not worry, even if a nominee of the ilk that my good friend Bre’er Bean might
refer to as a “one-legged, albino, vegetarian, liberal, Eskimo lesbian” gets the gig you can be
assured that her (ooops..) Constitutional ideas will be in a Vulcan mind-meld with Hanks.

Prejudice aside (theirs, not mine), while I will not be in concord with their choice they are free
to pick someone who is in goosestep with their ideology. I mean, it is their game, they won, to
the victor go the spoils.
But keep listening, listen between the words, hear the very subtle clues being proffered. That is
where it gets scary.

For some odd reason when I go to a doctor I am pretty much inclined to have more than a
passing interest in his medical background. Where did he go to school, what fellowships, has
he been published if I am seeing a specialist and the like. I am disabused to be interested in
whether or not he is a good cook or scratch golfer. I exaggerate for clarity: I want a doctor
who is well versed in his field and knows how to practice his craft.

But, listen to the drumbeats… there are the subtle clues that the next choice for a black robe
might be someone who is “empathetic”, who is willing to make weighty decisions based on
need and so on. For some reason a familiarity with the Constitution is not a prerequisite, in fact
may even be seen as a limiting factor.

Yes, it has even been said that the next justice may not even need to be a lawyer. And, ya
know, even though all the justices to date have been lawyers and many have been judges,
scholars and law professors as well, there is absolutely no provision anywhere on the job
description that demands the top jurists in the land have any formal legal background.

Look, I have terrible handwriting but that does not qualify me to write prescriptions. But my
liability in the Palmer Method still makes me as unqualified to practice medicine as does a
complete unfamiliarity with the law with regard to being one of the Supremes. In fact, the
erstwhile proprietor of the psychic reading/hair extension emporium is subjected to more
scrutiny, if you will, in order to open shop. Licenses are to be applied for and maybe even
some health classes may be in order if one is doing hair extensions.

But no such limit for a justice.

The scary thing is that there are a surfeit of ultra-liberal, reactionary, Marxist, activist judges
and lawyers out there already who, IMHO, are unequivocally unqualified to sit on the High
Court, yet Hank & Co. are threatening someone even more liberal, reactionary, Marxist and
activist, one who has not even benefited from a law degree from a liberal institution higher

It is bad enough that we have some on the bench now who, ignorant of the true intent of the
Law of the Land, expect us to embrace the umbra and penumbra of the “intent” of the law. Or
some other modern day Solon who is unaffected by our Constitution but is willing to cite
chapter and verse of some other country’s law of the land. No, how can we possible totally
subvert the Constitution but from within? Does it not make sense to bypass activist judges and
shop for sympathetic jurisdictions when you all you need to do is to load up the highest court in
the land with fellow travelers?

Hate to say I told you so but…
Gotta go, my hairdresser just told me that I am going to have some good luck tonight!

T-Minus 547 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1355 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



29 APRIL 2009 - "Take a Letter Jameson"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

A few things that are going on deserve some comment. But first, I will be out of town for a
few days and prolly will not bash out another FISH till early next week. I am not certain that
there is an internet connection where I am going tomorrow so, please bear with me.

That said, y’day was letter writing day. Over the past few days a number of issues have
cropped up and got my attention and bile up as well as my fingers a-typing. One was a more
local issue and that had to do with the NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Ms. Quinn is
an openly gay politician. Truly I care not a whit about her sexual orientation and no pun
intended, I resent having it crammed down our throat. To put this in a better perspective, while
I am disinclined to consider the private activities of most all people, one who looks and sounds
like Rosie O’Donnell intrigues me even less.

There is a push for “gay marriage” here in New York as there is in some other liberal states.
Again, I have nothing against gays and I resent that if anyone says anything about anyone it is
considered hate speech. Let me advise, that goes both ways.

This bombastic heterophobe stood on the steps and in defense of the desire for the passing of a
“gay marriage” law, made the platitudinous pronouncement that there was no reason why two
people who are in love ought not to be allowed to marry. As I said in the website, I love beer
but you do not see me lobbying to marry a brewery. (I know it is not the same thing, but then
again, it is.)

The ended her little jeremiad by daring anyone to “look me in the eyes and tell me that I
deserve less.”* Well, I could not actually look her in the eyes but I did tell her.

I explained that she does not deserve anything that is not lawful and even at this point, making
it lawful does not make it right. ‘Nuff said on this point at this time.

Senator Arlen Specter as you know has switched parties to his rightful home with the Dems.
Do not misunderestimate me, I am not thrilled over this on any number of levels but I am
excited at the prospect.

On the one hand, Specter does vote as a Republican most of the time but he is a hack and now
fears for his political survival. He voted with Hank on many of the key issues so far including
the bailouts and budgets. He is strong on some core issues, but then again so is Ben Nelson, a

But what chaps my hide is less his changing affiliation than his validation for doing so. As a
Dem of one day he is already lying through his teeth. (Again, do not misunderestimate me,
Reps lie as well it is just that it comes so much more naturally to the Dems.)

He made the inane assertion that the Rep Party is no longer the “Big Tent Party” of Reagan and
that they have moved too far to the Right.


Who is he talking about?

Well, let’s put that little piece in perspective. Rep Pat Toomey (R-PA) announced a while back
that he will mount a primary challenge for Specter’s seat. The people of the Keystone State are
waking up and as of a few days ago, the five-term senator was some 20 points behind in the

Seeing the spray-painting on the wall, Specter realized that he would face a very tough road for
re-election. So, he takes the cowards way out, he switches parties, will run on his name
recognition and will undoubtedly receive a lot of support, financial and otherwise, from his
new party.

(Bear in mind, this is the same state that can lay claim to Rep(rehensible) Murhta who called
his own constituents “rednecks”, Marines “killers” and other stupid, insipid and jejune
statements… and HE was re-elected.)

Specter was the one who got all over Jim Jeffords who bolted from the Rep Party in 2001.***
Candidly, no great loss but Specter’s comments are worth looking into. I am sure that he will
equivocate them as being “totally different” and I agree. Moving one chair to the other side of
the aisle to provide a majority is small potatoes compared to possibly giving the other party a
filibuster-proof plurality.

No, good, good riddance to Specter. And in opposition to some other Rep leaders I posit that
party ought to purge their ranks of the wishy-washy: Collins, Snowe, Graham and others.
(Voinovich is not going to stand for re-election.)

Would be better to get some real, good and faithful candidates out there rather than
compromising one’s beliefs for someone who will vote correctly some time. (Sorry, Sen.
Santorum, you are dead wrong in this case.)

In any event my letter to Senator Specter:

Senator Specter:

I am a bit of a political wonk and I have been following your career for many years. Of late, as
you may know, I have become very disenchanted with your votes. I am glad to hear that you
have finally decided to "come out of the closet" and join your rightful party.

The one thing that concerns me is your rationale for leaving. You say that the Republicans are
not the Big Tent Party as was under my hero, Ronald Wilson Reagan. Added to this was the
statement that the party has moved too far to the Right. While I do not pretend to second guess
anyone with the bona fides and access as you, but candidly I do not see it. Reagan was far
further to the Right in most every instance especially in comparison to the party leaders of
today. I would be most interested in a clarification if you are favorably disposed to offer one.

If I may ask one additional favor, please see if you can convince your fellow "Republican"
Senators Snowe, Voinovich, Collins and just for grins, McCain, to join you in going to your
rightful party. Perhaps this way the Party of Lincoln can field some good candidates for those

I know that this sounded somewhat smarmy but that was not my intention. I do thank you for
the years of service to our Country and moreso for the time that you were a true Republican. I
thank you for being man enough to know that you are not in concord with your erstwhile party
and I applaud your decision to inadvertently allow for some real choice come the mid-term

God Bless
John Savin
The last issue is the mind-numbing stunt that Hank & Co pulled earlier this week. Unless you
live in a cave you may have heard of the “Air Force One” plane and a fighter jet escort flying
low in the area of Ground Zero. Needless to say it scared the bejesus out of many of the
citizenry and was just a STUPID thing to do. Period. (“Air Force One” is set off in quotes as
the VC-25A is only “Air Force One” when the President is aboard. Otherwise it looks like any
other plane with the Presidential Seal and spiffy paint job.)
Hank, of course, denied all knowledge.
Hank, of course, lied.
Allegedly this was a dual-purpose flight for some training aspect as well as to update the
picture of “Air Force One” flying over some National Monuments, in this case, the Statue of
I was looking through all the laws I can find and while I could find laws regarding renewing
driver’s licenses, extending patents and so forth but I could find any legislation prescribing that
the Presidential airframe has to have its picture retaken at any particular interval. In other
words, bovine scatology.
Like the Clintons and the Soviet Union, Hank & Co “do not take a dump without a plan.” I
posit that there is next to zero chance that Hank did not know about this stunt. He can be in as
high dudgeon that he wishes but it would be virtually impossible for him to prove to me that his
fingerprints were not on this.
Rather than beat this dead horse any further, here is my mach note to Hank:
Mr. President:

When I was younger, I left the keys of the family car on the kitchen table. I was awakened by
the sound of my father wondering where I was. I told him I was here and he asked me where
the car was. I advised that it was outside and he told me to look out of the window.

There was no car.

You see, someone broke into the house and they came across the keys. I am not sure if they
took anything else but they did take the car. No, it was not my car and really I did nothing
wrong as I could not have predicted that someone would break into our house and take the keys
that were left in their regular spot.

Nonetheless, I felt badly and I felt responsible even though I did not do anything to allow the
situation. I owned up to the fact that I was the last person to have driven the car therefore I
must have some responsibility. (For the record, the car was found a few days later.)

Mr. President, can you please tell me why a seventeen-year-old has more of a sense of
responsibility than does the President of the United States?

About seven and a half years ago, a few planes were hijacked by Islamic terrorists. Two of
which were crashed into the World Trade Center buildings, ultimately felling them and causing
the loss of close to 3,000 lives. From that day on there has been very strict restrictions about
planes flying in that area and at what altitude.

Imagine the shock, surprise and in many cases, fear, of my fellow New Yorkers when they saw
what appeared to be Air Force One and a fighter jet flying low in close proximity to Ground

That is an insult, an affront and a just plain indefensible action.

I heard that you were "steamed."
You should not be "steamed", you ought to be ashamed.

I am disinclined to listen to any excuse or equivocation and am not interested in anything but a
complete and sincere apology to New Yorkers in particular and America in general for your
poor judgement. I do not care who made the decision, who gave the OK, who knew or who did
not know, it is your responsibility at the end of the day.

People do not make decisions on their own that are at odd with those of their superiors.
Whoever made the decision to do this stunt obviously figured that you would be fine with it.
And, as it was Air Force One, your personal aircraft, even if you did not give overt approval
you were more culpable than was I when our family car was stolen.

As Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Services, you are in direct control of said aircraft, one
more damning detail.

Sir, with all due respect and without fear of repeating myself, I think that rather than forcing the
networks to give up an hour of prime time programming during sweeps week (causing them
millions of dollars in lost revenue as a result) for you to make yet another peroration, you
would be far better served by making a five-minute, heartfelt apology on the same networks.
Failing to do so will increase the skepticism of your ability to lead, to take responsibility and to
act like a man.

God Bless
John Savin
That sums it up for today, kids. Enjoy, slainte! and I will be back soon!

T-Minus 553 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1362 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



27 APRIL 2009 - "All The News That You Can Wrap Fish In"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

WASHINGTON D.C.: The State Department announced today that the situations that are
occurring off of the coast of Somalia are not to be referred to as acts of “Piracy” nor committed
by “Pirates.” These terms are found to be racist in the sense that all of the participants are
Muslim. Therefore this is a concerted effort to insult those of the religion of peace. Going
forward “self-appointed Coast Guardsmen”, the term endorsed by the Reverend Al Sharpton,
will be the only acceptable term used to describe those who are being summarily executed by
certain imperial forces. On a related note, Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Bud
Selig, has announced that the name of the National League Team from Pittsburgh will have
their team name changed to be in concord with this dictum.

WASHINGTON D.C.: The Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services have
made the joint announcement that the “Swine Flu” is a racist term. It is well known that the
followers of Allah find all swine dirty and filthy animals and are proscribed from eating or
touching them. The attempt by the ultra-conservative Right Wing Media to call this alleged flu
akin to something that Muslims find dirty is obviously an attempt to scare Muslims out of the
United States.

FAYETTEVILLE AR.: University of Arkansas President. Dr. B. Alan Sugg, immediately
rejected the demand to change the name of the school mascot from “Razorback” to most
anything else that does not insult Muslims. “We have been the Razorbacks for well over one-
hundred years and we will be goll-darned if we are going to change our name for anyone. I
would refer anyone who has a problem with this to consider the history of this Great State and
that we do not take to being told what we must do very lightly. We have always been the
Razorbacks and we will always be the Razorbacks and that is that.”

WASHINGTON D.C.: The Department of Education is looking into instances of institutional
racism on college campuses. There have been reports of some schools creating hostile
environments for members of certain religions who are forced to support their schools that
employ racist entities as their school’s mascot. Further details as they become available.

VATICAN CITY: Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the Apostolic Nuncio (Ambassador) to the
United States expressed concern over the Obama Administration’s desire to change what is
speech in America. With the announcement that anyone speaking against gay “marriage,
abortion or a litany of other issues that are in opposition to the teachings of the Church, the
Pope has great concerns. The fear is that anyone preaching from the Pulpit preaching the
Good News or any other scripture related topic that condemns homosexuality, infanticide or
other sins may be the subject of an investigation or prosecution for committing so called “hate
crimes.” The See finds this unacceptable and in contradistinction to that which is written in
your Constitution, in the Bill of Rights. While the Catholic Church has always maintained the
position of “hate the sin but love the sinner” we beseech the Obama administration to
reconsider this intention. By limiting speech from the Pulpit you are limiting the Freedom of
Religion for your citizens.

WASHINGTON D.C: Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has taken
Libya, Myanmar and the Sudan off the list of “suspected” states that sponsored “terrorism.”
“Their excellent track records of the past few years and dedication to the ideals of social justice
and freedoms have convinced the United States that they no longer deserve to be on this list”
said the Secretary. The President added that he “wish to apologize for any stigma or financial
suffering that these fine democracies may have suffered by be unfairly labeled with such
prejudicial treatment and we hope that the citizens of those wonderful countries can find in
their hearts to forgive us.” Also announced today was the adding of the Vatican to the list of
countries that sponsor terrorism and went the additional step of naming Pope Benedict XVI as a
terrorist himself. When questioned about this it was explained that their position on issues that
are at odds with the goals and Five Year Plan of this administration is nothing more than an
attack on loving couples of the same sex and women who are so unselfish as to not wish to
bring another life into this sad world. Vice President Joseph Biden, Senators Dodd, Durbin,
Kennedy, Kerry, Mikulski, Leahy, Cantwell, Murray and Representatives Pelosi, Menendez,
Bishop, McCarthy, Rangel, Kucinich, Murtha and Kennedy all agreed with Secretary
Napolitano and have offered their support to keep America free of foreign intervention and to
decry terrorism by any state.

LAZIO, ITALY: Pope Benedict XVI reminded all that in the Gospel that Christians are to be
known by their works and their acts. “Faith, without good works is dead”, the Pontiff said
quoting the Epistle of James, chapter 2, verse 17. From the Papal Residence in Castel Gandalfo
he announced a new Circle of Hell for those who claim to be Catholic and then do things in
opposition to the teachings of the Church. Held in particular disdain are those who are in
government who are doing the Devil’s work in destroying the moral fabric of their country.
 The Pontiff said that among those who will most likely be found in this new Circle of Hell are
Vice President Joseph Biden, Senators Dodd, Durbin, Kennedy, Kerry, Mikulski, Leahy,
Cantwell, Murray and Representatives Pelosi, Menendez, Bishop, McCarthy, Rangel,
Kucinich, Murtha and Kennedy, among others.

More news as it develops.

Ok, I am about as up on immunology, infectious diseases and swinehearding as the next guy.
But for some odd reason I am having a hard time wrapping my arms around the “Swine Flu”

Here in New York, there has been some 20-odd cases reported thusfar, about a third of which
were found to be traced back to a high school in Queens (and a rival of my alma mater.)
Further investigation has traced the outbreak to Mexico. (If we canNOT keep people out, how
can we be expected to keep a virus out? Meow!)

We are told not to worry, it will all be fine. It was added that there is no correlation between
pork and the virus and that the meat supply is fine. We ought to wash our hands before eating
and to avoid people that appear ill. (Hmmmm… we are now encouraged to discriminate
against those who are ill. Isn’t that “health-ist?”)

In the irony-proof department we are also advised that they are checking pigs, hogs and boar
for any sign of illness. Pigs, hogs and boar, collectively known as “swine”, are suspect in the
origin of the “swine flu.”

Now, take a moment and think about that. On the one hand, swine have nothing to do with the
swine flu and on the other some giant-brain says, “let’s take us a look-see, whaddya think?”

With thinking like this is there any wonder why we are in the mess we are in?

I am surprised that by now some other braniac hasn’t come up with the bright idea that we
could save money by cutting off funding for researching swine flu so this way the
“Administration That Could Not Govern Straight” doesn’t look silly(-er)

(This would be from the same group of “fiscal conservatives” that claim that the DHS can save
over $10,000,000 per year by buying office supplies in bulk.

(Think about THAT for a moment. How much office supplies must an agency buy to SAVE
$10,000,000 per year, in bulk? What, are they buying one sheet of paper at a time? Are the
deliveries made by armed escorts? Really think about that for a moment, how much ARE they
buying that they can save $10,000,000 per year, would you not think that they are ALREADY
buying in bulk even if they’re SPENDING that much.

(Sure DHS is the third largest cabinet agency by employees, but it is only seven years old! The
216,000 people in the department would each have to save over $46 per year in office supplies
to make that $10,000,000 nut. But, how many of them actually use office supplies to that

(I know I am being unfair, but it is my tax money that they are spending.)

Just a few thoughts…

T-Minus 554 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1363 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless


25 APRIL 2009 - "The Truth Shall Set You Free...But We Won't"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Here are the plans for the construction of the new bank. Do not look at page 3, elevation 4B as
you will see the easiest way to break in.
The code for the new program has now gone through beta-testing and has been debugged. We
would kindly ask that you do not employ the interrupts noted as that is the breach in the
firewall that will allow access to the personal financial data packets.

Whatever you do, Bre’er Fox, do not throw me into the briar patch.
Wellllll……. In the spirit of bipartisanship, in keeping with “promise” to not prosecute anyone
from the previous administration regarding torture, in the interest of national security, the
Obama Administration is going to divulge much of the memoranda and pictures of “torture” of
the “detainees”, or, as I like to call them “terrorists.”
Before I go any further, I was appalled then amused by the histrionics of San Fran Nan Pelosi.
She could not have been more strident, more adamant in her denial of any knowledge of
anything to do with the “torture”, could not have tried to distance herself further or faster than
she did yesterday.
There is only one problem with that exercise: she lied though her capped teeth. (Meow, I know,
but she is deserving of any slight available.)
You see, this administration has gone to great pains to give the impression of trying to be fair
one the surface while paddling like a duck under the surface to do as much damage to those
with whom they have a beef, real or imagined, as they can. And if they have to destroy much
or all of our intelligence gathering apparatus and techniques in the completion, so be it, ‘tis a
small price to pay.
I would be in lower dudgeon if in the interest of clear disclosure this administration practiced,
you know, clear disclosure. I am not sure who is to blame, but there is plenty to go around.
You see, they do not want to disclose ALL the info, memoranda, doodling, e-mails and more,
just that which is damning to those who they wish to target.
And We the Sheeple will let them.
Imagine you are plucked from your comfy bed late one evening. The constabulary wish to
have a word with you down at the cop shop. Apparently someone who looked vaguely like you
committed some heinous crime, a crime that defies description, beyond the pale. You are
offered free accommodations until the trial when you are then brought to the dock in a tattered
and dirty orange jumpsuit and sporting a matching set of leg irons and handcuffs. Needless to
say, you do not present a pretty package and in fact your very composition screams guilty.
The near-blind woman is pretty dang sure you committed the crime. The three-time loser
remembers the script the DA gave him to place you are the scene of the crime. The family of
the victim are reasonably sure that there was some interaction between you and their loved
one. The state was kind enough to provide expert witness after expert witness to make their
case. The jury deliberates for less than an hour before finding you guilty and you are sent
away, forever.
There is only one problem with this (OK, there are many, but do not think this could not
happen), there were over one-hundred people who saw you at a meeting at the time the crime
was committed, you can account for every minute of your time, with witnesses, for days either
side of the crime, you do not even know the victim and your DNA and fingerprints do not
match anything in evidence.
In other words, you did not do it, there is no way you could have done it, you never would have
done it but in the interest of clear disclosure you were not permitted to provide a defense. You
see, finding guilt or innocence was not the goal, proving YOU guilty was.
‘Tis the same thing here.
Hank (and he represents the editorial “Hank” meaning him or anyone from his administration)
wants to release the memos, etc., that “proves” that there was a concerted effort to torture
“prisoners” in custody. Be it Abu Gharib, Gitmo or anywhere, any “torture” of prisoners is
seen as a crime against humanity by Hank & Co. Oddly enough they do not wish to single out
the actual persons who actually “tortured” the actual “prisoners”, they want to go after the
lawyers who crafted the documents permitting said activities and those of the previous
administration who had anything to do with them.
In most cases, I would be willing to listen to most any plan to limit the number of lawyers
wreaking havoc on the judicial system, but in this case, I am compelled to defend them. This
has nothing to do with the treatment of prisoners than it is a show trial to punish the previous
administration AND to set the table for further incursions into the decimation of civil liberties.
As I have been saying for years, the Left are immune to the truth, are willing to believe and
blindly follow any insane pronouncement that comports with their self-loathing and are
genetically incapable of thinking most any point thru. (This last point will come back to bite
San Fran Nan in a very hard way, one can hope.)
If Hank & Co said that the Sun rises in the West, you could be sure that despite every bit of
evidence to the contrary and none to support it, there would be legions of Birkenstockistas and
others of the Left proclaiming it from the roof tops, the Daily Koz would have a dozen experts
writing in to agree with Hank & Co, Arianna Huffington’s lead story would be in total support
and the LSM would interrupt programming for a special announcement.
So, is it even a doubt that they would swallow every bit of claptrap spewed that could make
anyone from the Bush Administration look badly?
If this was to be a case of “clear disclosure” I may be more favorably disposed to giving it
some credence. However, the blind lady, the thug and the hired guns crowd out the real
Look, I am a fair person (stop snickering) and I am not a proponent of torture. It is cruel and
inhumane and I do not think any of us are that sadistic to wish that on anyone. However, if you
are inclined to plan an attack on my Country and kill some 3,000 of my fellow citizens, if you
have plans to kill more, if you are so blinded by some bastardized version of a belief system
that you think it is swell to strap a few kilos of C-4 and nails to a child’s waist and let them
saunter into a crowd, well, I would be happy to apply the jumper cables to most any, no, make
that any, part of your soaking wet anatomy until you told me EXACTLY what you know.
Waterboarding? Oh, how freaking awful! Terrible! Dressing a prisoner up in some strange
gear and threatening them, holding a dog on a leash inches from the inmate, well, that is
inexcusable! Right? And besides. what Allah-fearing terrorist would want to see a woman’s
breasts! The humanity of it all! Yes, those who profess to wish to clear the slate wish to offer
pictures and testimony to these horrific acts to buttress the conclusions that they will glean
from their selective “evidence.”
To be fair. I wanted to get some testimony from others. Unfortunately Nick Berg and Daniel
Pearl were unavailable. You see, the “alleged criminals” who may or may not have been
subjected to “enhanced interrogation techniques” beheaded them. Slowly.
There were some others who could have helped with their take on things, but as they were
dragged from their vehicles destroyed in a grenade attack and their burning bodies hung from a
bridge in Fallujah, they were unable to provide needed testimony.
Poor Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, he got his hair wet. On a slightly humorous note, one of the
“interrogators” was seen sporting a T-shirt that read “I went to Gitmo and waterboarded KSM
and all I got was his plan to fly planes into buildings in LA.”
I have scant sympathy for those who wish us ill. I am not all that concerned with the pain that
they may suffer if it saves the life of one of my fellow Citizens. I could not care less of the hue
and cry of those of the Left who say “torture” is a cruel and barbaric practice. I figger that is
part of the deal, risk/reward. If they are willing to plan an attack on innocent people then they
ought to willingly accept the risk if they are captured that means unpleasant may be employed
to jog their memory or encourage them to come clean. Like Baretta said “don’t do the crime if
you can’t do the time.”
You want to attack us, to kill us? Give it your best shot and when you are caught, man up, and
take your medicine.
And, for the record, you are not entitled to due process, protection under the Geneva
Conventions or really anything but three hots and a cot. And, while we are at it, special
scrutiny ought to be given to those of the legal profession who are falling all over themselves to
represent these enemies of the state.
For instance, check out the firm of Covington and Burling, a white-shoe DC law firm.* These
swells are very concerned about “rights” and in fact currently represent 17 Yemini “detainees”
or as I like to call them, terrorists, in Gitmo. A truly reprehensible law firm and that is saying
something. This is not their first foray into the support or defense of things un-American.
They were involved in the Cook v. Rumsfeld case regarding the “don’t ask, don’t tell” matter
as well as other such noble windmills they tilted.
And, by the way, this is the law firm of one Eric Holder. You may have heard of him. He was
the fellow who was instrumental in securing the pardon for B.J. Clinton supporter and former
fugitive from justice, Marc Rich and those pesky FALN terrorists. And, I nearly fergetted, he
is the United States Attorney General. (With his track record and ideology, I am supremely
confident that any “investigation” into the “torture” allegations will be held to the highest
standard of jurisprudence.
But, back to San Fran Nan. Her jeremiad of the other day, wagging her finger and making
pronouncement after pronouncement of her innocence or ignorance of any kind of briefing on
the subject of “enhanced interrogation techniques” was sad and funny. It was a cross between
the “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky” and a concerted effort
to convince herself that she was telling the truth.
She is a liar.
Plain and simple.
And she needs to be called to account for her lies. She must be investigated and deposed under
oath. Then and only then will we get to the bottom of this. There are witnesses and a plethora
of proof that she DID know the breadth, scope and kind of interrogation that would be taking
place yet she adamantly denies any knowledge of it. This is of the sort of equine scatology that
makes the “I voted for it before I voted against it” remark almost sound believable. (And for 2
bonus points, to which political party do all in question belong?)
So, on balance, I hope that the Star Council is convened to bring to light that which they will
use to “prove” systematic “torture” and that there are those lawyers who crafted the plans of the
previous administration who are to blame. (And do not think for a moment that they are after
the “lawyers.” That is the furthest thing from their mind. After all, we are talking about
lawyers going after lawyers, and no matter what, there is an honor among thieves – apologies
to thieves. They want the heads of Bush, Cheney and anyone else who they do not like.)
As I said, the Left do not think things thru. If they dare to proceed in this matter everything
will have to be brought to light. There are some very high profile lawyers and legal
organizations that are not aligned with the Left who are chomping at the bit to defend those
lawyers or anyone else the Left wish to persecute.
Then, perhaps, will We the Sheeple really see this gang for what they are. A gang.
T-Minus 557 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1366 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
Bona na croin!
God Bless

23 APRIL 2009 - "Hey Mr Taliban... Tally Me Banana"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Y’day I had an interesting experience. I had a running dialogue with someone on a Facebook
page.* It is not something that I do on a regular basis but I took the bait and ran with it. The
main antagonist was a woman who made some remarks that just got weirder and weirder as
they went along. It was almost like asking Janet Reno for fashion tips. Her last response
included the Alice in Wonderland statement that “I feel that President Obama is doing a
wonderful job. I am sorry that you do not understand diplomacy.” (She also took exception to
my referring to Hank as Hank. Oh well, I will get over it.)
The Muse put down her bottle of Woodson’s Reserve just long enough to bellow:
“Diplomacy? Diplomacy is not giving away the ranch, it is discussion. The heck with
diplomacy for the minute, take a look around us.”
The Muse was right.
Two cases in point that are insanely important and there is scant talk about them.
First, we have been Israel’s staunchest ally for over 60 years. Sure we have had disagreements
with them from time to time, but then so have the most ardent of lovers. Fact remains that they
are our ONLY true ally in that neck of the woods. We have helped them against Arafat, the
PLO, Hamas and all the others that wish Israel wiped off the face of the map. (We did not
learn until much later, much to our detriment, that for quite some time these same rock-
throwing terrorists wished the same fate for the United States.)
Pick a President, Truman, Eisenhower, on and on, even the anti-Semite Carter, either genuinely
supported Israel or at least gave the public impression that they did.
Till Hank.
Hank seems to see things a little different. With his weeks of public service under his belt he
figgers that he has his thumb on the pulse of what really is going on. He is in support of Hamas
and has generously donated to those on the Gaza Strip.
Without going into further detail about his shortcomings in international politics, diplomacy
and common sense, one needs to delve just a tad deeper into this.
The Israelis, despite our support over the years, be it fervent or tepid, have maintained a useful
level of fear, paranoia and mistrust of us. And we have no one to blame but ourselves for this,
we have not been as good of a friend as we ought to have been much of the time. President
after President made the half-true statement that “what is good for Israel is good for America.”
In reality, what is good for America is good for America. I am not disposed to argue that
point. But, we need friends and allies and Israel was OK with that arrangement. (I will spare
you further details of our relationships with that great country at this time.)
Again, we have learned too late that the skyjackings, ship-piracy, bombings and more by a
group of Muslim terrorists in the 60’s, 70’s and the 80’s were not just an attack on Israel but
the nascent days of Jihad, before we knew the meaning of the word.
Now we have a President who is not as favorably inclined to treat Israel as a peer but almost
more as an adversary, and the word on the street is that the Powers that Be in Jerusalem are not
Recall that Israel is a nuclear power. Recall that Israel bombed a plant in Iraq suspected of
building nukes back in 1981 and more recently in Syria. Recall that the Israelis believe that
their land was given to them by God and that there is no question about that in their minds.
Recall that Imadinnerjacket is a Holocaust denier and has little empathy Israel. Recall that
Hamas et al are, like Imadinnerjacket, Muslim. Recall that Iran has been building centrifuges,
enriching uranium and doing their gosh darnest to make a nuke of their own.
Given that, the most likely scenario goes something like this. Hank, screwing up yet again,
loses the little trust that Israel has for us. They feel that they have been abandoned by us and as
a result do not see the need to buckle down to us when we ask, demand, that they show some
restraint. I mean, after all, would you trust someone who was aiding your enemy right in your
own backyard?
That said, it would take very little provocation for something to light the tinder that will lead to
an Israeli attack on Iran. The fact that the Iranian facilities are more scattered, better hidden,
far more fortified that those in Iraq is of little consequence to the Israelis. They will send sortie
after sortie out and will bomb whatever they think is/might be/could be a nuke site. And if they
make a few mistakes along the line, whoops, too bad. If they had not been building nukes in
strange places other places would not have been bombed.
Now what?
What does Hank do here?
Does he side with our long time ally or those who share his father’s religion?
Does he try to tap-dance out of this, send Hillaroo to sort things out, ignore it, bomb Israel?
I have no idea and sadly neither does Hank. For if he had the first idea of what he would do he
would do his best to make sure that he will never have to do it. This is typical of the
Progressive/Marxist/Socialist Democrat mindset, we can do whatever we want and we will deal
with it later.
There are times that makes sense, this is not one of them.
Moving right along, let’s check in with our pals in Pakistan.
The Vail Colorado of Pakistan, the Swat Valley, has all but been overrun by the Taliban
(“There here…”) Not just the rat-tag, black mask wearing thugs, hooligans and Russian Army-
nettlers, but an organized (for them) quasi-military militia behind them.
Pakistan is a tribal country and there are numerous factions present. (This is true in many
countries in that part of the world. Afghanistan, Iraq and others have similar situations.) When
Pakistan was formed and more so when Bangladesh (East Pakistan) broke away, a
“gentleman’s” agreement came to be that no matter what their diversity of actual lineage or
tribal affiliation that they would unite as a Muslim nation. (There is that word again.) Oh, the
proper name for this country is “The Islamic Republic of Pakistan”, lest anyone thinks that I am
being anti-Muslim.
Ali Bhutto, Chaudhry, Zia-ul-Haq, Musharraf, Benzzir Bhutto, Sharif and more from the past
to today’s Zadari and Gillani (not Giuliani) have been of the several presidents and PM’s of
this country who have forged alliances and pacts with the Taliban and their predecessors or
treated them with benign neglect. Bottom line is that unlike Israel, they are willing to co-exist
with a peoples who are not necessarily on the same page but not necessarily their enemies
either, again, they are united by their faith.
There is far more to this that is not even on the surface but does require some discussion.
Unlike where Eastasia has not always been at war with Oceania, it seems that Pakistan has
always been at war with India. Bear in mind that the Silk             Road went through Pakistan
and India and there has been highwaymen, varlets, ne’er-do-wells and prolly a few
Massachusetts Democrats thrown in for good measure annoying/robbing/trading/killing/taxing
those travelers in that area for some two-thousand years. There has seemed to have been
something going on with India and Pakistan over their borders for what seems the same amount
of time. Both countries are now in the nuclear club and both still are angravated by the
existence of the other.
In more recent history we have attempted to be friends and allies to both. Which calls to mind
that old saying “My enemy is my enemy, my enemy’s enemy is my friend. This particular
adage is a cause for some well-deserved paranoia as we are both to each.
Pakistan is vital to us now and has been for some time. Particularly with our investment in
Afghanistan, it is necessary to have some base from which to operate and keep an eye on the
local bogeys. On the other side of the ledger we have been doing joint training exercises with
the Indian military, particularly with their navy.
All that said, back to square one. The Swat Valley, not that much different from Vail, was not
that enthusiastic about the Taliban. The Taliban being very strict with their rules of religion do
not look at the yuppie-equivalents in that area with much favor. So, they have started their
march to Islamabad (there is that name again) and have all but taken over the Swat Valley and
with that instituted Shia Law. (A very fair law as it determines how much of a thief’s hand can
be cut off, what size wall is fell onto an adulteress and so forth. Appeals are a little tricky,
however.) So, needless to say the, ahem, “liberals” of the Swat Valley have essentially been
handed over to the Taliban.
And the march continues.
They are about one hundred clicks from the capitol. What will happen when they get there is
anyone’s guess. Will they walk in and just take over the joint? Will there be revolution? Will
the army resist them? Who knows but the bottom line is that we have already screwed the
pooch and this latest march started in February, so, it is all on Hank this time.
The army, for what it is worth, will regard their sacred duty to religion as to supersede any kind
of military orders to the contrary. Their intelligence agencies, military or not, are not to be
trusted at all, and that is a best-case assessment. They will most assuredly throw in with the
Taliban. So, the prospects of an armed resistance to a Taliban take over looks as bleak as the
prospect of having a pleasant conversation with Janeanne Garafalo or Janet Napalmitano
actually READING some of the more popular laws we have regarding illegal immigration, but,
I digress.
A Taliban leader has actually said that he would welcome UBL to come join the fold and he
afforded protection. Couple with this, the fact that as mentioned, that the The Islamic
Republic of Pakistan is a nuclear power and now there is great cause for alarm. (The only
possible hope is that these terrorists – that is what they are - canNOT read and will be
mystified by the workings of missiles, timing devices and the like. Tho, they did figger out how
to use shoulder-mounted anti-tank and anti-aircraft ordnance pretty quickly.)
Add to this the tens of thousands of American military in Afghanistan, nestled right between
Iran, Pakistan and the other -istans, Turkmen-, Uzbek- and Tajik-. Quick show of hands, how
many of these countries like us. That’s right, none.
This is where it gets freaky-geeky. We have a President with no experience in matters such as
these, with the possible exception of capitulation and apology, and apropos of that he has faced
nothing like this.
To recap, you have an erstwhile ally that is not afraid to use whatever power that they have at
their disposal to dispose of the threat of a nuclear Iran. To the East of them, you have the
Taliban poised to take over Pakistan unless something amazing happens quickly. Between
them and south of a triumvirate of less-than-friendlies, some 40-50,000 of our brave military
are ensconced.
Hank will have a bold plan, he will talk with his advisors, he will get a consensus of our allies
in the region, he will have a bold plan, he will consider all options, he will get the buy-in of
some gov’ts, he will have a bold plan, he will exhaust every bit of good-will we have, he will
avail himself to every avenue of diplomacy, he will have a bold plan. Oh, there is a possibility
of a bold plan.
I wish him well, I have kinda sorta have gotten used to living on this planet. But if there is a
perfect storm of stupidity, extremism, ego and inexperience, we could be in for a world of hurt
(and a hurt world.) Where the Israelis would prolly rather wait until they could choose their
time, their hand may be forced by a toppling of the Pakistani gov’t. This would be exacerbated
should the Taliban show any inclination to allow momentum sally them forward towards
Now, do not misunderestimate me. I do not think for a moment that the Taliban would have a
chance against the Iranian army, but that might be the most opportune time for Iran to do
something stupid, such as attack Israel, or for Israel seize the opportunity to take advantage of a
flux situation in Iran.
We shall see. I have no earthly idea. God Help us all.
And just to put a smile on your face, the Maersk Alabama rescue by the SEALs is far more
convoluted and damning on Hank then that first intimated. Details to follow. Why do I
mention this? He almost mucked up dealing with four kids in a canoe, how many orders of
magnitude different is that which is lain out above?
T-Minus 558 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1367 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

18 APRIL 2009 - "The Muse is Unhappy"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Where to start, where to start, where to start…
Very quickly, a huge BZ to the guys on the Bainbridge and the DEVGRU/NSWC S.E.A.L
Team for the dramatic rescue of Capt. Phillips from the terrorists (75% of which were promptly
dispatched to meet Allah.) A special shout out to CMDR Castellano, commander of the ship.
He is from Long Island and a long time Knight of Columbus.
These fellows were in a tense situation facing tremendous odds but bided their time patiently
against the forces that did not want them to succeed. Sadly, these “forces” were in Washington
However our M-I-C was brave enough to have the intestinal fortitude to finally call the ball
(allegedly, as there is evidence that a certain Commander took matters into his own and
executed a standing order that was applicable in this case.) Amazingly enough, it took as long
as 11 minutes AFTER the “Meet Allah” party wrapped up, for this to be all over the newswires
and net. You don’t think that someone in the White House tipped anyone off, do you? But,
Hank was gracious in accepting as much credit for doing as little as possible for his Bold Plan.
(You could be quite assured had things gone south, Hank would have personally delivered
anyone involved to an Admirals Mast.)
So, three teenagers are dead and more of them are still out there. The surviving one is on his
way to New York to stand trial. I am sure that there will be some left-wing wacky lawyer eager
to take the case. (“Call for Ron Kuby. Paging Ron Kuby.”)(And I happen to like Ron, long
story, but that has nothing to do with his politics.)
Now, I know I am being harsh calling them terrorists. After all from what I have learned the
words “terrorists” and “Islamofacists” have been banned by the current administration effective
21 January. And according to a recent resurgence of the word “terrorist”, well, chew gum,
they just plain ain’t! (Sorry for the colloquialism.)
You see, as far as we know, the three “volunteer Coastguardsmen” (yes, that is what they were
called and none other than the Rev Al Sharpton agrees.)* are not anti-abortion, against illegal
immigration, against high taxes, have not served in the US Military, do not listen to right-wing
talk radio and so forth. Therefore they are not terrorists.
But according to this administration, we are. (Yes, you, even if you are a Liberal, you are
reading this wild right-wing stuff. I am sure that “they” now have your IP address and GPS. If
you see any black Crown Vics, just wave to the nice agents.) JK!
In the last FISH I detailed the DHS memo to the local constabularies warning that while there
are no threats and even less proof, they better watch out for We the People.
As it turns out, no one on the House Homeland Security Committee had any inkling that this
was going on. Rep. Peter King, ranking member of that committee, spoke on Wednesday
evening and he admitted that he learned about it like most people and not from an NIE or
anything like that. On Thursday morning it was reported that a very upset Rep. Bennie
Thompson (D-MS), who is the chair of that committee, basically demanded a complete
investigation. (And I wrote a very flattering and sincere email to him to thank him. And yes,
he IS a Democrat!)
Later in the day Sec. Napalmitano made a heartfelt apology worthy of a Clinton, meaning it
was neither heartfelt nor an apology as far as I could tell. As soon as she putatively
“apologized” she immediately equivocated and attempted to palliate her remarks.
So, I feel sooooo much better now knowing that she really does not think we are terrorists as
long as she might be caught saying that.
But what ought her punishment be? Removal from office? Civil and/or criminal proceedings?
Methinks, just by his track record, that the M-I-C will find some way to reward her.
Here is where the paranoia creeps in again. (And if you have been a long time reader, you will
know when the Muse says that, what follows gen’ly comes to pass.)
Why not float this trial balloon? Who cares? The administration certainly has given it its
blessing. After all, where was Hank condemning this? Nowhere to be seen to make a Bold
Move. (This is a guy with a lot of Bold Moves. I wonder why? ;))
Given the tacit, at a bare minimum, approval for this, she had nothing to lose. If it backfired
(which it did) they know that they canNOT push the limits that far. Yet. Had it worked, and
were there enough MoveOn, ACORN, PAW and others of their ilk “fired up”, they might have
made a case for it. But, alas, mores the pity, for them.
There is little doubt in the Muse’s mind that given half a chance this administration would limit
speech to only those who agree with this M-I-C. And no matter what, no matter the down-line
repercussions, the useful idiots in the LSM are in goose-, er, lock-step with them.
Now, think about this for a moment.
There were hundreds if not thousands of Tea Parties across the Country on Wednesday. Many
of you attended Tea Parties around the Country. I know this because I have received hundreds
of emails to this effect, complete with pictures and videos in many cases. But, did you know
that that was wrong? You should not have attended them. That is because the Tea Parties were
nothing more than a right wing conspiracy promulgated by FOX, a gathering of “rich people”
or a groundswell of racism!
(Let me say once and for all: “Attention Progressive/Marxist/Socialist Democrats, We the
People are SICK AND TIRED of you calling anything that “offends” you or questions Hank as
racist. You expose not only your ignorance but your racism. When you say that someone is a
racist because you think that they think that they are better than the target, you are projecting
your feelings of racism in that remark. By “reading” our minds you are being racist as you are
spouting your own beliefs on someone else’s words. So, stop the hate, haters!”)
I would wager that the vast majority of local TV stations either did not cover the events in their
area or gave a small lip service to them. And, as far as know (and please correct me if I am
wrong) there were no arrests.
(I did a search on Tea Party and arrests and the only citations that returned either contained the
word “no” before arrests or alluded to arrests at demonstrations conducted by the Loony-Left in
other situations. Of course, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth by the
Birkenstockistas that there were no arrests at the Tea Parties but there were at their little fait-
dodo’s. For some reason the fact that NO ONE COMMITTED any crimes at the Tea Parties
was the major reason that there were no arrests.)
Now, had this been an effort to support, say, Hank bowing down to the king of Saudi Arabia,
or his little chin wag with Raoul Castro or the yuck-fest he had with Hugo Chavez (and one can
only speculate how low he bowed to him), you could be assured that this would have been front
page news, stories equivalent to the Second Coming and any mention of the hordes of arrests
(c’mon, there always are arrests at Left-Wing protests) would be buried in the back of the third
section just after the dog obituaries. Now, THAT is racist.
In case you did not see the CNN (Clinton News Network) “coverage” of one event, it is worth
the time.** CNN “reporter” Susan Roesgen provided what ought to be the Republican Party’s
poster for bias in reporting. Truly, it defies description and you must watch it for the full
impact. Rather than detail this at this juncture, please see my letter to the CEO, et al, of CNN
Of course, any kind of criticism of the Left would not be complete without some vacuous and
wrong-headed statement by Stretch Pelosi. You see, in her mind’s eye, it was not a “grassroots”
movement but “Astroturf.” And that it was led by the “nation’s wealthiest people. Yeah, she is
right, it WAS led by and participated by the nation’s wealthiest people.” I, tho, prefer to call
them “tax payers” and “citizens.”
Not to be out done and completing an Herculean task, former human, Janeanne Garofalo, not
just lowered the intellectual bar of the Left but probably threw it through Rush Limbaugh’s or
Dick Cheney’s window.
You see, all of you who went to or supported the Tea Party are rednecks and ignorant. (And I
am surprised at her. I thought she knew all rednecks were ignorant! I mean, that adjective
always seems to precede the noun when a Liberal says it. Or, am I being “racist?” Or a
Proving that one can actually know less than nothing she went on the brave mission of
appearing on the Keith Olbermann Show. Wow! What courage! That is like a choir director
going to a church! What strength she showed! Imagine that, she on Olbermann’s show! How
controversial! The only controversy that resulted was who hated America more and who could
better convince each other that We the Sheeple were exactly what they were, haters.
Enough for now, but so much more to come. The Sibelius controversy is on the Muse’s mind
and well-known Christian, Hank Obama, made a speech at that one-time Catholic University,
Georgetown. He has become so enamored over our Flag that he had the Crucifix covered up so
he could show off his lovely flag collection. (This from a guy who would not even wear a Flag
lapel pin a few months ago. Or is there a more sinister reason. – I vote for sinister.)
I will leave well enough alone for now. If you think the Muse is being harsh, she is disabused
to entertain that idea. She is clearly pissed at the attacks on We the People and is adamant
about setting the record straight. She welcomes the opportunity to discuss any part of this with
which any one disagrees and especially enjoys the emails that start off: “hey, stupid” or “you
idiot” as she has a soft spot in her heart for people with a soft spot in their heads who are
unable to communicate civilly.
But this administration is drinking too much of their own Kool-Ade and seem only to talk to
their adherents. Much to their chagrin, We the People are finally waking up and doing
something about.
Enjoy your weekend, my fellow terrorists.
T-Minus 564 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1373 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

15 APRIL 2009 - "The Paranoids are Coming!"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Back in March, the M-I-C gave a speech on education. In fact it was delivered to the U.S.
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. In it he detailed a handful if ideas and initiatives that he sees
as improvements in the education of our children. Oddly enough, it was curiously called the
“Five Pillars Education.”
Y’day afternoon I was drawn to the spectacle of the same M-I-C was on the tube making one
grandiose pronouncement after another. Now, I am as inclined to listen to his “ideas” on how
to “fix” the economy as I am wont to take tips from the likes of John Wayne Gacey on how to
run a children’s party. (Then again, to be fair, when he said “fix” I am not sure if he meant in
the sense of repairing, like a flat tire, or co-opting, like an election.) He read very nicely from
one of his favorite TelePrompTers as he listed yet another handful of plans for which he has no
passion for actually doing in the way that he would have us believe. New rules for Wall
Street, investment in education, investment in renewable energy and technology, health care
reform and deficit reductions were referred to in the reading as the “Five Pillars of Economics.”
Now, I am comfortable in my own skin, I am who I am and that which I have done defines me.
I have lived in quite a few places and have travelled extensively. When speaking to British
friends I am comfortable using British terms, CRS and the like. Ditto in the South where there
are treasure troves of idioms and so forth. My cursory understanding of some languages allows
me to interject a word or saying from a tongue other than English to better illustrate a point.
And, when I do borrow or relate terms as I do it is because it is something that is familiar to me
and, again, there is a comfort level in using those words and terms.
You may have heard of yet another quintet of noble ideals: profession of faith, prayers, giving
of alms, fasting and pilgrimage. They are also known as Shadadah, Salat, Zakah, Sawm and
These are collectively known as the “Five Pillars of Islam.”
Sure, there are other “five pillars”, such as the five pillars of success and there is a mechanical
game of the same number of pillars but methinks that the M-I-C was referring to the pillars of
the orthodox Islamic variety.
As comfortable as I am having a chin-wag with my best china about his bins, or taking the
jamjar to the sore loser, or going apple and pears to use the dog and bone that is on the Cain
and Abel**, I am sure that Hank is equally comfortable referring to something that was an
evidently a large part of his make-up.
As a Christian it is not inconceivable that I would make an allusion to a septet of certain
political figures and refer to them as the “Seven Deadly Sins.” I am not saying I would, I am
just saying. That term is one I learned in my youth and one I do hear from time-to-time. No,
my friends, choosing the term “Five Pillars” is not accidental. It was not ascribed to his plans
by someone else and in fact in his reading yesterday at Georgetown University he actually
uttered those words. This is obviously a term that he knows, has used and with which he is
I have written previously of the wonders of the mind. Our ears pick up everything and sends
that data to our mind for it to determine if it is important, critical or just dither. If we hear a
big sound, a tire screech, a gunshot, our ears tell our brain that recognizes that as danger and
puts us on alert.
However, it is also listening to other data out there.
Picture that you are sitting in a crowded restaurant. There are dozens of tables filled with
people having dozens of conversations. You are sipping your espresso and enjoying a Crème
Brule with an associate having a great chat discussing a recent “THE DAILY FISH” (a
common occurrence in your better restaurants. - I am just kidding!) All of a sudden, through
the din and across the room you hear your name, not yelled out, not as if they are calling you
but in the course the tone of a normal conversation. Immediately your ears alert you to this.
Your brain has identified that your name was said aloud and alerted you to this. Is it not that
implausible that the M-I-C is hearing his sub-conscious telling him things with which he is
comfortable? I mean, after all, this is the same guy who said that the United States is no longer
a Christian nation, one who bows to the King of Saudi Arabia, one who sat at the feet of a
radical anti-American racist preacher for decades, one who, despite the resources needed to
locate a car by its license plate any place on the Earth from a satellite in space, canNOT find a
church in Washington DC and we are supposed to accept that he IS a Christian?
Again, I care little if he is or not a Christian, Muslim, Druid, Trekkie or whatever floats his
personal boat, but he IS the President and I am one of those funny citizens who demand that his
leader has the ability to tell the truth, at least about his religion. If he lies about that, what else
will he lie about?
More to come on this as the story develops….
I am sure by now you know that you are a terrorist.
Yes, you are.
You did not know that?
 Well,. Janet Napolitano, SecDHS, sent out a memo to the local police departments around the
Country alerting them to the fact that there are a lot of right-wing terrorists out there (meaning,
in your house, meaning you.) See: ***, for citations, the first has the actual DHS report in it in
PDF form.
You see, there are terrorists, the kind who were in the service of our country who have returned
to the States only to join some ultra-right wing, white supremacy organization (a real bad idea
in my book!) In fact, so far there have been some 23 such cases, or less than .00001%. Now
THAT is cause for alarm.
So, basically since there have been roughly the same number of soldiers who have gone bad
since coming back to the states as Obama has made cabinet and czar appointments who have
either dropped out voluntarily, been asked to drop out or have had tax issues. (So, why are we
not raiding Georgetown?)
For this, all “right wing people” are “extremists” and “terror threats” and Napolitano has
perceived this as such a threat that she has alerted the police.
This include such dangerous people as those who write things that disagree with the President,
who are against such things as abortion, taxation, illegal aliens and gay rights. Yes, if you are a
good person or partly a good person, you are officially a terrorist.
I imagine that going to Church (Hank seems to be safe on this one), saying the Pledge, singing
the National Anthem, being openly-heterosexual are next.
This threat to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights starts off by telling of the potential of
threats but adds quickly that that don’t actually have any proof that there are any threats but,
heck, why wait, then listed is a litany of reasons why they should essentially consider all of us
(except you Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Marxists and Socialists, but I repeat myself.
And DO YOU NOT DARE, anyone from the Dem party claim I am painting with a broad
brush in that assessment until you see the scanty evidence proffered in this memo from
DHS!)enemies of the state.
(As providence would have it, I will be seeing Rep. Peter King this evening, he is the ranking
member of the House Homeland Security Committee. I hope that he will shed some light on
this. More to come soon!)
Friends, I am not even kidding about this and I urge you to read not only the links but the actual
dicta from the Ministry of Love.

T-Minus 566 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1375 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

11 APRIL 2009 - "Gimme that Old Time Relgion! Hand it Over Now!
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

Tomorrow is the holiest day in Christendom. I am not going to preach about that as if you are
a Christian you know all about Easter and if you are not it is not my province to convert you.
To that end as I wished my Jewish friends a very happy Passover, I wish to extend my wishes
to each of you and your families to have a Happy and Blessed Easter.
The Muse is in high dudgeon over a number of things, as usual, and will do her best to get their
point across.
First up, and apropos, is the news that the United States is no longer a Christian nation. You
have to work thru this a little and this is SOP for all the lies coming down the pike. About two
years ago, Hank made the pronouncement that: "Whatever we once were, we're no longer a
Christian nation. At least not just. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, and a
Buddhist nation, and a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers,"
This was said in ’07 and repeated in interviews last year when in campaign mode. Of course
this got very little press as the LSM is with Hank on this and saw no reason to hurt his chances.
This was good news to most of the Marxist-Democrats who saw him as one of their own, as it
this was news to them. In fact, that great bloc of secular Americans, the 14% or so who call
themselves atheists, were catholic in their acceptance of this Good News. (See citations below.)
The genesis went from we are “not just“ a Christian nation but also a “Jewish…Muslim…
Buddhist nation…” To his inauguration speech when he changed the tenor and the batting
order, but just for a minute, when he said we were a nation of “Christians, Muslims and
Jews…” I was confused about this as we have always referred to ourselves as a Judeo-Christian
Nation.** (See my letter to Hank pasted below.)
So after being a “not just” a Christian nation then to a slight backpedal with a faux pas to a
nation of Christians, Muslims and Jews… to his pronouncement that we are not a nation of
Christians, Jews (apparently moved back up in the batting order), Muslims…. but a nation of
Well, slap me naked and hide my clothes! Really. Hank? We are a nation of citizens? Well,
what nation isn’t? (Illegal aliens notwithstanding.)
(Point of info, one of the citations is from a group called “Media Matters” which is a so-called
bi-partisan think tank. When you look at their cast of characters you will see that it is anything
but. Most of the staff boast a “D” after their name, it is run by John Podesta, who was BJ
Clinton’s Chief of Staff and funded by George Soros. Their raison d’être is to monitor the
Media, but only that of the Right for the purposes of discrediting the pundits and with the
ambition of reintroducing the Fairness Doctrine. I chose their citation as proof that they are
anything but bi-partisan but also so you can see the spin on the words that Hank actually said.)
Add to this the bowing to the Saudi King, one of his other slips of the tongue when he referred
to his “Muslim Faith” (and was quickly and helpfully “corrected” by useful idiot George
Stephanopoulos) to more and more attacks on our Judeo-Christian history and heritage and you
can see where people of Faith, all Faiths, are in big trouble.
Here in New York, there is a bill pending that all hospitals will have to provide abortions, even
Catholic hospitals. There is a big uproar over this but Gov. Patterson (Marxist Democrat and
alleged Catholic) is insistent on this and is threatening discreditation of any health institution
that refuses to kill babies.
This is not unique and the fact that the State is making institutions do things that are against
their core values is troubling and in fact downright frightening. What is next, mandating that
pork be served at all Seders? (I am sure that if they would ever deign to do that, there would be
no such plan to do that on any Muslim holiday, you could take that to the bank.)
On the Eve of the Holiest Day in all of Christendom, we are seeing more and more attacks on
our belief in particular and religion in general. The secularization of our Country is an
important part of the plan of Hank and Co. to turn us into a Socialist country. Recall the words
of Marx: “Religion is the opiate of the people.”
It makes us feel good to have a belief in something and over 80% of we Americans do believe.
One of the reasons that the Left is so miserable is due to their lack of faith. They canNOT come
to grips with or have become apostate to the idea of a Supreme Being. Their life, without a
goal, purpose or promise of an eternal life creates a void that is filled with self-hate and distrust
of those who have something that they do not.
I urge and caution you to watch out for more slips of the tongue until he will just say that we
have no claim to religion or belief in America. He is softening us up with these alleged
malapropisms. He knows exactly what he is doing.
Take a look at NEWSWEEK’s last issue. “The Decline and Fall of Christian America” is the
title and how cute of the, the made the words in the form of a cross. (And what timing! What a
coincidence! They chose to run this scatological wish-list in the holiest week of Christendom.)
The Marxists are not content to legislate morality and mores out of the citizenry they are
essentially telling us that we are outdated and religion has no place in the New Socialist States
of America.
It is like a feel-good piece for those described above. Unhappy that they are unhappy they are
hell-bent for leather to tell us that we have no business having faith and that the time for
religion is so passé!
Last on this topic for now, allow me the following, and something that long-time readers will
remember. Marxist/Atheists say that belief is silly and that there is no God. I, for one, believe
in God and perhaps I am just a little selfish. You see, I would rather live my life believing that
there is a God and when I die learn that there is not One than to live my life not believing that
there is a God only to find out that there He exists.
Chew on that for a while.

The other thing about which the Muse is angry is the pirate situation.
I have talked about the mechanics about this in a recent FISH and some of you were kind
enough to write to me. I replied to a few of those emails with the following (in part): “There is
not a person in the Executive Branch, be it Oval Office, State, Defense or whatever who should
be allowed even in an office unless they can quote "On War" at length and after taking the oath
of office on the Bible ought to take an oath to have a pair, sworn on Von Clausewitz's book
under the penalty of death. I think then and only then will we have peace in the world. I am
willing to put my hand on those books and my ass on the line.” (Tho, I do not think I will be
getting any calls soon.)
So, what has the M-I-C been doing about this?
Sweet FA. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Not a sausage.
I may be wrong but in the all too many hours I have had the TV and radio on since this started I
have heard very little from Hank over this. I have not heard him demand anything from the
pirates or anyone else in that region. (I wonder if the fact that the pirates are Muslims has
anything to do with it or perhaps he does not want to hurt their feelings.) He has been out front
with his “economic team” of millionaires who are busy wrecking the economy but nothing
about the piracy and our fellow AMERICAN citizen being held captive.
I do not think even a call has been made to Captain Phillips family from Washington. Call me
crazy but when an American citizen is in the middle of an international incident perhaps the
Big Boss might open his Blackberry and call the wife?
Say what you want about Bush, and I certainly have, he would have been all over the joint
demanding Phillips’ release and acting all cowboy and all. And that would have gotten
someone’s attention by now. Or, perhaps, an insertion by a S.E.A.L. team to take out the bad
guys in the raft. Something, anything, but he would have done something!
And you can bet he would have called on the phone if not in person Mrs. Phillips to offer
support. I mentioned this to someone y’day and they said that Hank prolly did call her but
wanted it on the down-low, Horse hockey. If there was any political capital there, he would
have been all over the airwaves with his ersatz concern.
(Side bet, will bet anyone a dollar that Capt. Phillips is a registered Republican.)

Again, my dear friends and faithful readers, I want to take one more opportunity to wish you
and your families a very Happy Passover and a Happy and Blessed Easter.

T-Minus 571 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1380 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

9 APRIL 2009 - "Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Lite Beer"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

The ROTC has a long and storied past. Preceded by a number of similar efforts dating back to
the early1800’s, the plan was for college students to enroll in military related courses with the
design of being graduated with a commission in our Armed Services. (This is, I know, an over
simplification and not in-depth at all, but shall suffice for the purpose here.)
In fact, many colleges not only hosted an ROTC program but a fair number, including those of
the Ivy League, had this program as a more-or-less mandatory part of their curricula in some
disciplines. This part dates back to 1916 when Harvard formed the first unit of the Reserve
Officers Training Corps boasting some 1,000 students.
Today, if one wished to attend Harvard and wanted to join the ROTC, there would be one small
Harvard cancelled their ROTC program in 1970 in response to their opposition to the war in
Vietnam. The “official” reason had to do with a milquetoast “response to the anti-war
demonstrations”. Rather than just have a pair and simply say that they do not believe in the
ROTC they come up with some lame excuse.
Finally, emboldened by the lapsing morals and decay of patriotism in the halls of academia,
Harvard has not simply cancelled this program, not just “disbanded” this program but has
actually banned it all together.
“Current federal policy of excluding known lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals from
admission to ROTC or of discharging them from service is inconsistent with Harvard’s values
as stated in its policy on discrimination. “ *
Yeah, OK, I get it now. It is far more important to allow “alternative” lifestyles dictate who
can avail themselves to a program that has produced myriad military leaders than to allow them
to follow in their footsteps.
So, what are we supposed to do? Create a regiment of interior designers and have window
treatments that clash with dust ruffles?
What is disturbing about this is the continuing decay of patriotism, in fact there is almost a
pogrom against patriotism in many colleges. There are colleges that offer classes in activism,
but not of the altruistic sort. Some professors will give credit for a class if the “student”
belongs to and is active in groups such as MoveOn, ACORN and the like.
Hearkening back to the ‘70’s when the American Embassy in Tehran was captured, it was
noted that it was done by “students.”
Now, some of these “students” looked like they were well into their thirties. Although with
their unkempt appearances and fear of a razor, it was a little hard to tell their ages with any
great degree of certainty.
Are we now that far removed from that kind of “activism” now by our “students?”
Just a thought and this will be revisited as we go on…

“John” I am often asked, “why do you sign off from all the FISH and your emails “God Bless?”
Sometimes I am not called “John” but other things that are not polite to print in proper
company and words I gen’ly do not use as a rule. Some folks take exception to my sign-off.
Well, for openers, I have said before and openly profess to being a Christian, a Catholic in fact.
I am not embarrassed about my belief and I try my best to live a good life. I do not always
succeed and I have my weaknesses like anyone else.
But that does not bar me for wishing God’s Blessings on you and with whomever I have the
opportunity to communicate. I want us all to live good, happy, prosperous, safe, free and, as
best as we can, moral lives.
If you do not wish God’s Blessings, then you are free not to accept them. Me, I need all the
help I can get and I will accept them willingly and gladly.
We are blessed with certain rights and freedoms and the freedom to practice a religion is one of
them. We are free to say, within reason, that which we wish as we have the freedom of speech.
We are also free not to practice a religion, have a belief, exercise our speech or be forced to
listen to anyone else’s.
As long as I am at it, I wish to take this opportunity to wish all my Jewish friends a Happy and
Blessed Passover.
Thanks, I had to get that off my chest.

While the Yankees cannot seem to win a ball game in the young baseball season, there is no
doubt who is leading the Somalian League.
The Pirates.
I will not wax too long on this topic as I have visited just this sort of thing before and I am sure
most of us have seen at least some of the news coverage of the most recent act of piracy off the
coast of Somalia.
Very briefly for those of you who are new to the FISH, this action is nothing new. There has
been piracy since there have been boats and ships. We have all heard of Blackbeard and all the
other pirates of the days of yore. They were into booty, plunder, rum and women. The better
of them also seemed to sport a parrot on their shoulder but there the distinction ends.
The Barbary Pirates, the Islamoterrorists of their day, pirated ships of our new country as well
as those of England, Spain and France primarily. They would take all the goods and hold the
crew and passengers for ransom or sell them into slavery in North Africa.
Rather than go on in great detail, as space does not allow, let me remind you that back in the
late 1780’s Thos. Jefferson was greatly concerned about the piracy and consulted with John
Adams about this matter. There was discussion about fighting the pirates or giving into their
ransom demands. Ours being a new Country had not the resources at that time to fight the
pirates with any guarantee of success. Sidebar to this was a discussion that Adams had with the
Bey who was the liaison to London at the time. Now, this may come to a shock to you but the
underlying plan was for Muslim domination of the World, just as it had been in the 1100 years
since the inception of the Religion of Peace. It was not simply plunder but terrorism.
It took a few years and we sucked it up until we could provide an effective defense then an
offense against said pirates and we were successful in ending that particular threat in the early
1800’s. You may have heard the old song that contains the line “to the shores of Tripoli.” Our
defeat of the Barbary Pirates predicated that ditty and we all know, Tripoli is in modern Libya
and it was the Marines who did the job to the greater degree.
Now, today, and I mean today 9 April 2009, we are faced with the same threat by the same
adherents, though I am not sure that their propagation of their religion is a major impetus.
There has been much talk about what to do and how to prevent the piracy. Some have said that
running convoys might be an answer, and perhaps that is a good idea. Another is to provide
naval escorts for ships or perhaps have armed guards aboard. When you consider that some
1700 ships per month sail those waters it becomes a logistical impossibility to provide warships
for all and even armed guards may become scarce. (And, who knows who the guards might be.
Perhaps some smaller shipping concern does not hire the right people and they actually put an
armed pirate on the ship they are supposed to defend.)
Somalia, as I have said before, is a lawless, gov’tless free-for-all of a country. The six major
clans all hate each other as do the sub-clans of each clan. Truly all these people hate not just us
but each other. There is no reasoning with them, there is no one to whom you could appeal.
As the majority of the pirates are either Somalian or set sail from that country there is only one
logical solution.
Set a line of Ticonderoga Class cruisers in proximity of the Somalian coast. (They do not have
to be that close in.) Demand that the captain of the Maersk Alabama is set free and the pirates
surrender. There will be one request to do so. Ensure that there is some kind of communication
from the mainland to the pirates. When the request is made and not immediately followed, a
volley of missiles will be loosed on their county. Another request will be made and the inability
to immediately comply will result in another barrage. This will continue until either the pirates
give in or Somalia no longer exists.
I am little concerned about “collateral damage” or, to be fair, I am as concerned about it as the
pirates are. As I have cited Von Clausewitz numerous times, allow me this one more time.
When engaging in any kind of conflict the goal is to win. If that is not the goal, there is no
reason to wage war. But if your goal is to win, one must use “overwhelming” force to defeat
the enemy in as short of time as possible. As I have said back in the early days of the War in
Iraq, there would be far less collateral damage if overwhelming force was used to subdue the
enemy. (I am not going to rehash or do a dissertation on that war at this time.)
If we cut the root of the pirates by destroying their base, if at least this faction of pirates are
decimated, there will be less piracy and less collateral damage, at least on our side, as a result.
Perhaps the dividend will be that other pirates will think twice about attacking our ships. (And
I am aware that there is piracy going on all over the world but none as much as off the Horn of
If this does not sound “Christianlike” you would be correct. (I am going to try to save the
liberals from addressing this.) But, neither is piracy. And neither is murder (the pirates have
killed over a score of crewmembers of late.) It is not a matter of turning the other cheek, as this
is not a slap across the face but this is a rebuttal to a blasphemy perpetrated by the pirates. If
left to an (un)natural conclusion, the pirates, free to plunder, will do just that. More goods will
be seized, more ransoms will be paid (and Lord knows where that money is going, any takers?)
and more lives will be lost until such a time that someone does what needs to be done today.
(Perhaps if the ROTC was still in full swing in more colleges, we would have more military
personal available?)
Cry “havoc!” and let fly the dogs of war!
(I can’t wait to see Hank’s response.)

T-Minus 573 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1382 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

7 APRIL 2009 - "Around the World in 80 Apologies"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
It appears the Muse and I hit a number of nerves with the last two FISH. It was telling when I
had about a dozen people wish to be deleted from distribution. Done, ciao! Virtually all had
signed up recently and oddly enough all cancelled without comment, which is fine. I am
reminiscent of the seed that is sown in stony ground that does not have root and soon it dies.
On the other side of the ledger about twice as many joined as departed. Welcome.
A fair number of emails over the weekend agreed with the assessments and/or added your own
takes, very interesting indeed. This little thing of ours goes to a number of folks, even an
approximation I canNOT cite with any accuracy on any given day. But, what is heartening is
the coming together of Americans.
From the tea-bags, to the letters to the President, to letters to your elected officials, to letters to
the editor, to meet-ups, to the coming Tea Parties, it seems that there are more people who are
as “mad as hell” and they are “not going to take it anymore.”
There is an undercurrent of unhappiness, mistrust and in some cases fear of what is coming
down the pike. It is easy to get caught up in hysteria, too strong a word I know, but it is
important to look at things from all aspects.
For instance, in the papers here in New York, Hank is getting relatively lukewarm to good
reviews. Certainly not raves but neither is he being excoriated. But, grading on a curve and
considering the sources (New York Times, etc) the fact that Hank is not being lauded as the
greatest thing ever to happen to America ought to give on cause to think about it.
On the other hand, commentators such as the Muse and your truly and others like-minded folks
who have been hammering this administration also give a less than balanced account of the
events of the day. I know this and I do this only in the interest of being fair as there are far too
many giving him a break or not-, mis-, or under-reporting the events with some kind of deeper
Oddly enough even my local paper, Newsday, ran a cartoon on the editorial page that while not
directly attacking or supporting Hank made fun of the Europeans. There is a dialog between
and American and a European with the latter making jabs and remarks about our Country. The
fourth and final panel has the American retorting that “we saved your behinds in WWII.”
So perhaps things are not as bad as they appear. Or are worse by the dearth of fact with respect
to certain reporting. More on that in a bit.
What is of some consequence are Hank’s poll numbers. (The Poles being one of the peoples to
whom he did not apologize. Yet.) (Sorry, bad joke.)
After reaching stratospheric numbers after his Inauguration they tempered a bit as he attempted
to take the greatest Country in the world and change it. While still commanding a majority of
positives his negatives were also strong. Going to Europe this past week saw his numbers rise
yet again. I would be willing to let his numbers rise even more if he chose not to return.
However as we speak he is winging his way to Baghdad then prolly back here. (I wonder, tho,
as they call San Francisco “Baghdad by the Bay” do they call Baghdad “San Francisco in the
There is an interesting sidebar to the polls. While enjoying a 60% approval rating and similar
numbers on his handling, amazing as it sounds, of the economy, Iraq, half-court press and most
everything else, all within a point or two of 60% there is a very interesting dichotomy when
broken down by political party.
The PMS Democrats give Hank an 88% approval rating. Yes, 88%! I am sure the brown shirts
are out there looking for the wayward dozen percent so as to reeducate them. On the other side
of the aisle 21% of Republicans approve. (And I think we should send our minions out to find
this dyslectic dozen or at least make them read some real news.)
A 67% difference between support from the various members of the two main parties is the
highest ever. Greater than the difference between Reps and Carter and Clinton and between the
Dems and Reagan, G.H.W. Bush and even G.W. Bush.
As vitriolic as the opprobrium bestowed by the Left against W, there is that much more distaste
for this President by the Republicans. This is heartening to me. If the Left can get their guy in
during the last election, how much easier will it be for Republicans to do in the next,
particularly if Hank keeps up his fire sale on our rights and liberties?
Which leads me to…
Say what you will about former VPOTUS Dick Cheney but he has class and knows protocol.
No matter what the circumstances, in public he always referred to George W. Bush as either
"the President" or "President Bush." I do not recall back in the dark ages of the late 90's but for
some odd reason I do not think even al-G'ore referred to the Prevaricator in Chief as "Bill."
And we can go back from there to a more genteel time when that would not have even been an

The Dumbest Man in the Senate, recently upgraded to the Dumbest Vice President, was, for
some odd reason, in the Yankees radio booth on opening day. The Yanks, losing to Baltimore
in Camden Yards, had their radio booth visited by no less a personage than Joe Bama.

Just in case you thought his dumb act was an act, in a more relaxed atmosphere he removed all
doubt. At one point he paid lip-service to McPalin, and to be fair it seemed almost genuine.
However most everything else he said only bolstered the idea that Hank picking Joe Bama was
a calculated move.

First of all, he referred to the M-I-C as "Barack" or "Baraq" or however it is spelled. Not for
anything and like it or not, and personally I do not, Hank is our President. I am exercising my
First Amendment right to say what I want and call him what I wish, as long as I
can. Nonetheless he is our President and despite my (correct) opinion that most anyone who
can prove that they were born in America is far more qualified to be president, he is
our President and I will kick anyone's behind who does not give him the respect he deserves. (I
am giving him the respect I think he deserves, but Joe Bama ought to make an
effort to give him more.)

So, while Hank is on his "Magical Apology Tour", JoeBama is not exactly giving him the
respect that his predecessors gave their POTUS.

Nor is he watching any news programs of any sort. That is unless Keith Olbermann and
George Stephenofaglus are feeding him talking points.

You see, the VPOTUS said in this interaction that Hank has had a successful visit to Europe
thusfar. Either he thinks sports fans are idiots and do not care about politics or to be fair, Joe
Bama might be behind the times.

You see, in case you room with Osama (I said "Osama" not "Obama") and you live in a cave
you might have noticed the two days of rioting and mayhem in London. But, to be fair, that
was primarily in opposition to the G20 and some of these malcontents have made a cottage
industry of making a world-wide pain in the ass of themselves whenever this ever-expanding
group meets. So, he deserves no more that 5% of the blame based on sheer numbers of
participants and no more than a mere majority if grading on a curve.

However, Hank’s appearance in France sparked riots by his insistence that the French pony up
some troops to fight in Afghanistan (I will wait until you stop snickering). After (un)manning
up and apologizing to the French for saving their derrieres in WWII, he let the matter slide.
The Prague visit (truly one of the more spectacular cities in the world) was met with a more
subdued demonstration but they turned it up a notch in Ankara. But, to be fair, hardly any
President can go to any foreign country without some kind of protest. Yet I am under the
impression that this one was surprised and perhaps his little narcisstic feelings were hurt.
So, Joe, rather than answering questions before they have fully been asked (he cut of the
sportscasters almost every time) perhaps he might want to turn on the tube and check out the
goings on in the world.
Hank further eroded our safety and security again and again by kowtowing to the rest of the
world when not apologizing for whatever and made what I see as a potentially everestally
dangerous proposition by not just wanting to cut the number of nukes but to limit our defense
to them.
This is akin to going on vacation and leaving a sign on the door to inform that you are away
and please do not use the key under the door mat to enter and rob the house.
When W was President, the Iranians more or less knuckled under to a degree. While not
enriching uranium for weapons grade fuel they were building more centrifuges to do so when
the time was right.
Apparently now the time is right and this is fraught with even more danger.
The current administration takes a fairly dim view of our relations with Israel and they do so at
our peril. Israel has seemed to be the one deterrent to the Iranians going full-tilt with their nuke
goals. (Though, in a very interesting note to this, the French said a year or more back that if
Iran had nukes they would take them out. You know you are crossing the line [apparently not
the Maginot one] if you can get the dander of the perennial wartime also-ran to want to
prosecute a war.)
Spending far too much time, money and political currency on currying favor with the
Palestinians, Hamas and other denizens of that part of the world has only increased the
wariness of our long time ally, Israel. It does not take a rocket scientist to suss that these
overtures to Palestine et al are done only to make us look more friendly to Islam and to placate
those who wish to destroy us.
So, welcome back Mr. President. Can’t wait to see what you are going to do next.
To us.
T-Minus 575 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1384 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

4 APRIL 2009 - "Je Regret"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Back in the 1500’s, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (aka Charles I of Spain) said “El imperio
en el que nunca se pone el sol” (“The Empire on which the Sun never sets.) He was, of course,
referring to Spain which was the largest explorer and settler of that age.
In the 1800’s, Lord Salisbury (not the Salisbury of the same name as the steak) made the
statement regarding the spending of defense funds that it was necessary “to furnish an
agreeable variety of solutions to our soldiers, and to indulge the sentiment that the sun never
sets on our Empire.” (There was a Marxist politician from Sri Lanka who added “That’s
because God does not trust the British in the dark.”)
As our Country grew in size, influence and power the same thing had been said us. Not just the
size of the now 50 (or is it 57 or more?) states but our possessions, protectorates and territories,
but the breadth of our military presence in world earned us that recognition.
Having been influential in WWI and decisive in WWII, of course during the Cold War and
since, it is fair to say that the sun did not set over the America in a greater or lesser degree. We
have been a super power since the end of WWII and over the past decade and a half, arguably
the only one left.
That is until this week.
Candidly, and correct me if I am wrong, Obama has done as much if not more damage to our
Country over the past few days than the PMS Democrats have done with respect to our
economy vis-à-vis Fannie/Freddie, AIG, Big 3 Bailout and so forth.
Sorry, if I sound arrogant, I just can’t help it. Besides, I guess I can be as arrogant as I want as
Hank is very busy apologizing for America being arrogant.
You see, over the past few days Hank has been pestering the other heads of state in an effort to
either suck-up to them, apologize for something or both. He waxed eloquently about how
important it is for the US to recognize the importance of Europe. Had he or his fourteen
TelePrompTers (yes, count ‘em) taken a moment to READ a little bit of history, he may have
learned that our Country was settled by folks from that continent who left there for sundry
reasons and we have been doing quite well since then, thank you very much.
Adding that it is important to recognize the strength of the European Union and how they are
united, in an European way I would think, that we must rethink our strategies and priorities and
came just short of draining the Atlantic so we could drive there.
Add to this, useful idiot the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown who had neither trouble
espousing nor was there any back lash to his suggestion of a “New World Order” (yes, those
words) and the table is set for the statists to jump on the bandwagon. (Perhaps the DVDs that
will not play on the PAL system used in the UK that Hank gave him was a generous gift after
Now that there is not a leader of the free and not so free world gives one an opportunity for
pause. Hank and the mighty 500 show up in Blighty and immediately start to sell the company
Say what you will about Bush, he may have been a cowboy and perhaps not the most articulate
speaker in the world but when he showed up the President of the United States showed up.
There was deference despite difference, he was America.
Even B.J. Clinton had much the same effect. He looked presidential and unlike his successor
was pretty good with a microphone. There was no doubt he was the man.
G.H.W. Bush fortunately had only one term but with his long list of bona fides, he was a player
and comfortable on the world stage. From his time in previous gov’t service in particularly the
DCI, he was known and respected by his peers.
R.W. Reagan was the John Wayne president and while he too had his detractors, there was no
doubt that he meant every word that came out of his mouth. He bullied the Soviet Union into
submission and was not afraid to say what was on the minds of We the People. The Reds
blinked, Gorby took down the wall and the Evil Empire collapsed
Hank looks like the kid pledging for a fraternity that he has no business joining.
 As much as admitting that which we now know, that America is no longer the leader in the
free world, he did his best in ingratiate himself with those who would pretend to be our allies.
Turning lemonade into lemons he took the refusal of our allies to commit military to our efforts
fighting Islamofacism, though that word is banned from this administrations lexicon (I think
the new term is “less than nice fellows”, as they do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings)he
basically thanked those countries who were aiding the effort but in less than a strenuous
Essentially, the other nineteen leaders gave him a world-wide wedgie.
But, Hank was not done yet and is still on a roll.
On Friday he essentially apologized to France for Lord knows what. It almost seemed that he
apologized that France got into that little dust up with Germany called WWII and we did not do
enough fast enough. Truly, my head was spinning and from a guy who talks a lot but says little
even this did not make sense to me. If you have any idea what he said, please let me know.
I canNOT understand for the life of me how we can bail the French out time and time again, be
rebuffed by them after 9-11 and we apologize to them? What did I miss? Have I been in a
coma and something happened? The last time two times the French fought and won was
between their own forces and taking a liberty for the second instance, the French Revolution,
which they also cocked up.
There is not a leader of the free world any longer. A dyspeptic reaction towards independence
and freedom has relived the President from the mantle of this post. Too self-absorbed, too
impressed with himself, too excited to meet the heads of state and too eager to turn the keys
over to those who resent us, disdain us and in some cases flat out hate us, he prattles on, in that
charmingly hesitant speech pattern of his that gives my ears whiplash.
No, my friends, the financial mess is small potatoes, his desire to nationalize industries are but
a mere foot note, the threat of a national health scheme is a minor inconvenience, his laundry
list of leftists in his cabinet and advisors (even one who thinks laws of all kinds of countries
and viewpoints, including Sharia law, ought to be considered when rendering our verdicts and
decisions) is not even worth a second thought.
Gordy said it and Hank went after it hook, line and stinker. (I know what I wrote.)
His far left, radical views comport with, hell, reflect, a New World Order. This is what he
wants. He is softening us with some body blows before he lands the knockout punch when we
are no longer the United States of America but part of something else. Be it the North America
Union or some kind of Union of the United World States or some such thing, Hank almost
makes it seem like that is destiny is to subjugate our Country to the whims, wiles and whimsy
of some other governing power.
He has all but said it in context but has already in substance.
Again, he neglects, in fact totally dismisses, the fact that our forebears left Europe (for the most
part) for religious freedom, financial gain, ability to own property, have a say in gov’t, distance
themselves from oppressive regimes and other reasons. That which we and those who came
before us worked, sweated and even died to build our nation out of a wilderness, and has done
a dang good job over the past centuries, might all be for naught if left unchecked the “Magical
Apology Tour” Hank is on.
For crying out loud, like it has been said going to war without the French is like going hunting
without your accordion, and he is apologizing to them?
I am sorry, not really, if this sounds harsh. As I have said from the very first issues of the FISH
I make my assumptions and come to my conclusions based on what is not always overt but
between the lines. Perhaps some of what is going on is just unbelievable that people are
stunned to the point that they canNOT react. I hope and pray it is not too late.
(On a totally unrelated note, if there is anyone out there from Alaska, would you please e-mail
me? I have a question.)
T-Minus 577 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1386 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

4 APRIL 2009 - "One Score and a Few Weeks Ago"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
I am under no delusions that Christopher Reeves could fly. Nor, do I think for a moment that
Alec Baldwin was a spy (or a good actor.) Similarly, I am more than confident that the
Simpsons are not a real family. (Tho, to be fair, upon watching “Full Metal Jacket” for the first
time, I knew R. Lee Ermey WAS a Marine sergeant!) And here in the ‘hood, the thugs are not
choreographing their gang fights or singing in the streets.
“Don’t think we are not keeping score, brother.”
While not as memorable of a line as “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” or “Houston, we
have a problem” or, to the sound of clicking heels “There is no place like home!” this line may
be one of those that take on a life of its own.
Noted bad actor on the world stage, Hank Obama, made that remark to Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-
OR) in a private meeting with the House Democratic Caucus last week.*

Not content to simply beat up on and or dismiss those Republicans who are not kowtowing to
him and kissing his ring, Hank& Co. are now going after those Dems who are straying from the
And, he has help.
The nice useful morons at MoveOn, Americans United for Change, People for the American
Way and even the Democratic National Committee are in on the onslaught. Not content to
have a majority in Congress, not even content to have an almost filibuster-proof edge in the
Senate they want not just more Democrats but more radical Democrats. They are looking to
purge their ranks of those who are not sipping, chugging really, the Kool-Ade of this
The kindly, smiling, cheery public persona of the President devolves into the angry
doppelganger in private. Not satisfied to have career thug, Rahmbo, do his heavy lifting,
ostensibly as a buffer between Hank and the dirty work (think: Erlichman, Hadelman, Colson)
Himself will sometimes step into the fray.
It is a commonly accepted precept that when the Pres reaches out to you, you need to give him
every courtesy and benefit of the doubt, particularly if you are in of the same party. Those
Dems who did not support the alleged “stimulus package” are now given the stink-eye, the
scarlet letter and soon expulsion from their ranks, if the thugs get their way if the subjects do
not come to Jesus.
The President, leader of the once most powerful country in the world is just playing a role for
We the Sheeple and another in reality.
And, Brother Hank, WE are keeping score!
Speaking about bad actors, we were treated to yet another unsophisticated display of pure
chutzpah. Not content to grope the Queen (OK, I know I am being a little unfair as the Queen
did touch M’Obama first, but still, a little respect, please!) she made a speech at a girls school
in Islington in North London, not all that far from where I worked some years ago. (Go
I will ignore the obvious sexism of going to a girls school (oops, I didn’t) but M’Obama made a
stirring speech that brought some of these impressionable little girls to tears. That is
understandable, as most of these kids come from working class families and they prolly do not
get the opportunity to see a real live celebrity. (I am reasonably sure that Madonna would have
adopted one or two.)
She waxed eloquently about how education was far more important that background, speaking
to a mixed group of young ladies, a fair number of which sported head scarves. That was a
great statement and a very accurate one considering the speaker herself is the daughter is the
daughter of a janitor and she received scholarship to college. She mentioned that she liked to
give hugs and she was immediately swarmed by a gaggle of schoolgirls who were shrieking
like, well, like schoolgirls.
I know I am being harsh on the FLOTUS but it is well deserved. Yes, she did make an effort to
be nice to the kids and she was engaging and left them with a memory that may, sadly on a
number of levels, be the highlight of their lives. In that sense, I do believe or at least want to
believe that she was being genuine. But she might have added or at least touched on her
college theses where she blames America for all the ills in the world, in a very liberal
interpretation, you know, in the interest of clear disclosure.
Of course the Brit press has been all over the Obama visit and have paid at least as much
attention to them as the riots in the streets predicated by the G-20 Conference. (And this
travelling circus will come to the Big Apple in September. Too bad, I am getting a perm that
month.) Almost as much attention has been paid to M’Obama as Hank himself and of
particular interest has been her wardrobe.
The wags and fashionistas of the Brit tabloids have covered her like a cheap suit. Except that
her suits are anything but cheap. (Though, also to be fair, she does wear a lot of J Crew which
is fairly moderately priced.) I must admit she does dress well and stands in sharp contrast to
some of the dowdier other First Ladies of the other participants. I do not think she is a
frequent shopper at Wally World for her wardrobe so I wonder where all the outrage is over
what she spends.
One last thing afore the Muse wakes, she was in a foul mood and was mumbling something
about Europe in her reverie. I am certain she will awaken with a vengeance.
We have all heard the one-time respected talking head Chris Matthews admit that Hank gives
him a thrill going up his leg.
Not to be outdone, no less a personage as Oprah herself made the announcement that after
hearing M’Obama make the comment that “while we sleep there, the White House belongs to
the people” that she had palpitations upon entering the grounds of the Peoples House.
Now, I am not a doctor and I do not play one on television but aren’t tingles and palpitations
signs of a heart attack or perhaps stroke? Could this be why Hank has had such a hard time
getting an HHS Sec? (Or is it the tax issues?) Perhaps no one wants the gig as the boss and his
helpmate are health risks.
But that is the lead into the following. No matter what Hank or M’Obama say it is like manna,
like the first time anyone has ever heard those words and truly is pearls before swine. I am
sorry for being distasteful here but I am more than confident that the LSM would wax
rhapsodic about their rest room habits.
I have mentioned this before I think, but one chap was on a radio show, Imus of not mistaken.
He was deifying Hank and allowed that he was the smartest President ever and had the highest
IQ of any of them. When asked what was Hank’s IQ, the chap said that it was off the charts.
When pressed further for something a bit more quantifiable, such as an actual number, he
admitted that he did not know what Hank’s IQ is but nevertheless he is sure it is higher than
any other President.
Look, Hank is a bright guy (smart and clean too, according to Joe Bama) but I hardly think he
could stand with Jefferson, Madison, Wilson or even, and I will hate myself for saying this,
Carter. (Who studied nuclear reactor power with respect to subs, and that was back in the early
Oprah, however, took a page out on M’Obama’s book. You will remember her lovely and
patriotic words of a few months back when the wife of the candidate gushed that “for the first
time in her adult life she was proud to be an American.” Removing her head from the derriere
of the First Lady long enough to say (paraphrased) for the first time I understand what it means
that the White House is really the peoples house.
Gee! What a genius! She FINALLY understood that! Wow! What a grasp! How freaking
intuitive of her!
Yes, indeed, M’Obama IS the first First Lady to say that the White House is the Peoples
House…. Since Laura Bush, who was the first to say that since Hillaroo, who was the first to
say that since Barbara Bush who was the first….and so on and so forth all the way back to,
when, was it Andrew Jackson who was the first to say that some 180 years ago. (I know that
he was not a FLOTUS but you get the picture.)
Further proof the Democrats do not study history and now, the Muse is making noises about
history so I better wrap this up with…
…. the fact that perhaps I shall stop calling the various Progressives, Marxists and Socialists
those distinctions. (With the exception of the M-I-C, for the alternative is not so nice.) As
those of these ilks are all on the same side of the aisle, they are all Democrats.
By calling them Progressives or Marxists or Socialists we are deflecting their true affiliation,
Democrats. Sure, some pyramid hat sporting Birkenstockista would proud to be called any or
all of those names, I posit that the overwhelming majority of Democrats would rather not.
I am not going to go gently into the night regarding my opinion of the very left leanings of the
Party of Slavery nor simply ignore the imprecation of calling them Progressives or Marxists or
Socialists. I want all to know that those who have ignoble plans for our Country are
Democrats first and foremost.
Huh? What is that? Hmmm… OK…
The Muse advises that we must call them Democrats but not at the expense of mitigating their
left-wing radical ideas of Progressivism, Marxism and Socialism. I agree. From now on we
ought to co-opt the initials of the three left-wing ideologies that the Democrat Party espouse
and call them “PMS Democrats.”
T-Minus 578 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1387 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

2 APRIL 2009 - "Little il Duce Coupe"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Sometimes, the best place to start is in the middle.
We already know about Fannie and Freddie and Dodd and Obama, and Gorelick and Raines
and AIG and Bear-Sterns, that was all drill, that was setting the table for the next act. If they
could get away with that then everything else could be easy.
For some reason (and, yes, I know that there are many) the Big 3 auto makers made a deal with
the devil and two of them sold their souls for some multiple of thirty pieces of silver. On paper
and on TV it seemed like a good idea.
But, why the auto makers? Why not electronics manufacturers or textile mills, or some other
entity? (That is other than oil, gas and coal, and don’t think for a moment that Hank and his
crew do not have plans for them, as you will soon see.)
Even the media, particularly the print media, have their hats in hand looking for bailout money,
but so far their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. (And don’t think for a moment that these chaps
are not part of the big plan, as you will soon see.)
The auto makers are critical to the socialization of America. They are one of the largest work
forces in the Country and have staggering large revenues, tho, apparently of late not profits.
They are also the lynchpin to myriad other industries and businesses as I have detailed in the
Add the providers of glass, plastic, electronics, paint and a literal laundry list of other items the
auto makers outsource and the numbers of those involved in the industry perhaps doubles
Then factor in the transportation of the new cars to the various showrooms, the delivery of parts
from the suppliers to the assembly plants and you have another good sized chunk of wage
earners. The trucks need mechanics, they and the trains also need fuel, and now you have an
even larger population of the auto making industry.
These folks have to eat, both at home and at work, so now you add to all the above the
thousands upon thousands of restaurants, taco trucks, roach coaches and the like that feed the
working stiffs in all these industries and all of THEIR suppliers of food, drink, paper goods,
gasoline and so forth and to be honest with you, it is amazing that every American does not
work for or support in some way the auto industry.
But, this FISH my friends, has little to do with that industry per se.
You see, when the CEO’s of the Big 3 did their little dog and pony show, from flying corporate
jets to driving hybrids they embarrassed themselves, their industry and American Commerce
for some perverse reason. (“Hey, CEO, jump through the hoop. Now, higher. That’s a good
exec. Here is martini.”)
The Congressional hearings were little more than a show trial, but in this case the gov’t was
showing what they could do. And very, very, VERY few of us made a mention of that.
Sufficiently chastised, the CEO’s returned to Detroit much the same way that the enemies of
the state of the USSR did in the 20’s. After the show trail, death was almost always an
eventuality. Well, professional death came to CEO Rick Waggoner when he was shown the
door and We the Sheeple took some ownership of the once largest company in the world.
(We are far more civilized now. In the old days in Hank’s beloved Soviet Union, family of the
gen’ly unfairly convicted and executed were sent a bill to pay a few kopeks for the bullet that
killed their loved one. Waggoner received $28,000,000. And, he prolly deserved it.)
Now, on the surface, that makes sense. We the Sheeple give billions to GM, they canNOT
manage to unscrew the pooch and we take partial ownership for our investment. And who can
begrudge the M-I-C from taking over the auto industry? After all he started a company
that….. No, sorry, he was the CEO of a corporation that ….. Er, no. I am sure with his
background in business and his degree from Wharton that he….
( Hmmmmm… I was just told that he neither started nor ran a company nor has a degree of any
kind regarding business. So, will someone please tell me WHY this guy is qualified to make
any kind of business decision?)
Just like any of the Clinton’s enemies back in the good old days (imagine wishing BJ was prez
again!) who were allegedly were gen’ly hastened to their final resting place, Hank & Co are
doing the same to business. They are disposing of that which stands in his way to make
America the “most more betterest country in the world, I am so not kidding, no, really.” As he
said: “America is the greatest country in the world, now help me change it?
Er, to what?
Where one might be excused for thinking that he wants to make it better, he has no such plan.
The Birkenstockistas who fall for his line of scatology read into whatever he says with
complete naiveté and trust.
As Curtis Sliwa would say: “They could not be more hopelessly wrong.”
Let’s speed this up for a change.

Hank & Co make the same “offer” (cue: “The Theme from the Godfather”) to Chrysler, also on
thin ice. Shortly after that there is a larger cash infusion to both companies and soon after that
We the Sheeple are majority shareholders in GM and Chrysler. (And think about this, Hank
said that he will take care of the warranties on these cars. Kinda makes you wonder if he does
not see this as a fait accomplit. I wonder if the Warranty Czar is ASE certified?)
Ford will have to fold like a cheap suit with our tax dollars funding the Ponzi scheme to
nationalize the auto industry. By making GM and Chrysler cars available for at any price they
(the gov’t) cares to set, they can cut off Ford’s legs and bring them into the fold.
Now, We the Sheeple own the Big 3. Forget about anti-trust laws, monopoly prohibitions and
the like. Remember this is the “Gang that canNOT do their taxes straight.” Constitution?
Means nothing. (Don’t believe that? The next guy who prolly has a tax problem itching for a
job, Harold Koh, seems to think that foreign laws have a place in our judicial system, even
Sharia law.) (Parking tickets: stoning. DWI: we will collapse a wall on you. Forget to pay
your taxes, well, here is a new burka!)
This chap is Hank’s choice for State Dept Legal counsel and allegedly he is far enough to the
left that he is a possible choice to get one of those big comfy chairs in the SCOTUS to further
the decimation of the Constitution. He makes Ginsberg, Souter, et al look like Conservatives.
So, all bets, again, off, when it come to the Constitution.
You have Steven Chu, the Energy Secretary who hates energy. Pelosi, et al, who hate drilling
or any kind of oil that her hubby does not make a buck on. There is way too much scuttlebutt
that the oil companies are making too much money (neglecting the fact that they pay more in
taxes than they realize as net profits) and recall Hank’s helpful suggestion that perhaps the
gov’t should take over some businesses BEFORE they falter?
The Trabant was designed as the communist answer to the Volkswagen Bug before production
halted in 1991. The car clattered down East German streets at a top speed of 100 kilometres (62
miles) per hour, trailing a distinctive odour of mixed petrol and oil. Consumers didn't get to
choose their colour, and if you crashed your Trabi you might wind up with replacement parts
that didn't match. Mario Sobotta, a former East German whose company "Trabi safari"
organises tours of Berlin in self-driven Trabis, remembered that "people were just happy to get
a car in the first place." "The other cars that existed during East German times like the (Soviet-
made) Wolga, the (Romanian-made) Dacia and (Soviet-made) Lada were out of reach for
ordinary people who just did not have the money to buy one," Sobotta said. With few other
options, East Germans were willing to queue for a decade to buy one.
Was is lost, mien kinderfolk! We have ways of keeping you at home!
It is not a coincidence that some of the worst cars ever made were made in the Eastern Bloc. It
is also no coincidence that they can also make a superior luxury car, the Russian made ZIL.*
Why make a cheap, crappy car when there are so many other cars from which to choose? Well,
there were no other cars. The State made the car, sold the car, warrantied the car (starting to
sound familiar?) and so forth. It was a terribly inefficient little jitney that spewed a plume of
smoke reminiscent of a pyre of old plastics but without the pleasing bouquet. They had small
gas tanks in which to put the witch’s brew of some kind of petrochemicals, it could not get out
of its own way and was a death trap if involved in an accident, which was something the local
Germans saw as a bonus.
Now, mind you the old East Germany was about the same size as Tennessee (but not as pretty)
and even then the powers that were did their best to do one thing. That being to keep the
people close to their home towns.
When you are the gov’t and make the cars, you control who gets them, when and of what kind
of quality they might be. When you are the gov’t and you own the energy market, you
determine how much gas gets to market, in which markets, at what price and who gets it.
Is this starting to sound a little scary?
One way to subjugate the population is to take away their mobility. If you canNOT drive away,
if you canNOT take a plane, if you canNOT take a train, well, then, you canNOT go to Kansas
City, crazy little women or not. Or anyplace else for that matter.
I am sure that this sounds far-fetched to We the Sheeple. I am sure that a wall around Berlin
seemed equally implausible at the time. I am not suggesting that there will be any walls built to
contain Americans, heck, we can’t even build one to keep out illegal aliens, but if you limit the
ability of people to freely move about the Country, you can more easily control many other
aspects of their lives.
T-Minus 580 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1389 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

1 APRIL 2009 - "April Fool's Day, And The Joke Is On Us"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Well, now excuse me for thinking clearly but for some odd reason I canNOT help but thinking
that there must be an “April Fools Czar” somewhere in Hank’s cabinet, or closet.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me, three, four, five and now
at least six times, well we simply deserve it.
Daschle, Geithner and the other unluminaries and mathematically challenged have either
wormed their way into the gov’t or have been so egregiously blatant about their cavalier
attitude about paying taxes that they did not even get a pass.
And, you know, you almost want to feel sorry for those who did not get the brass ring. Looking
at a absolute miscreant like Geithner, and I mean that in the nicest possible way, who is in
charge of collecting taxes (I am being very liberal in his job description) and is a tax cheat, how
bad must the others have been not to get the gig? What other skeletons or skells were in their
particular closet that they got the bums rush instead of a corner office.
Add to this litany of larceny add the lovely and talented Gov. Sebelius of the Great State of
Kansas. (Hi Mike!) She is the new nominee for HHS, which is another slap in the face of good
people everywhere. I am not exactly sure where the distinction between “health” and “human
services” might be but this unabashed pro-death supporter has apparently found it.
We can go on and on about how eminently unqualified she is on any number of levels. She is,
apparently, anti-Second Amendment as she had vetoed concealed carrying laws, not that
unhappy about giving more visas for “skilled” people to come to our Country, a very large
abortion supporter and more.
Before you are thinking me unfair about bashing her about abortion, what angravates me is the
standard line most of the lukewarm libs says “I am morally opposed to this but I want to make
it safe and rare…”** Again, feel what you want, believe what you want but for goodness
sakes, have the intellectual honesty and gonadature to stand up for that which you believe or
espouse. Otherwise you are exposed for the coward that you are.
Yet more telling than these is what I perceive as a lack of judgment and being a poor role-
You see, her enterprising son, John, has come up with a brilliant idea for a board game! I will
not sully your eyes about this “game” but if you are interested in learning more about the game
that is sweeping the penal institutions around town, the link at the end will give you a small
insight into “Don’t Drop the Soap.” You can guess the rest. *** And, yes, mom and pop are
bursting their buttons with pride!
And that is your HHS Secretary nominee.
Who speaks Urdu here, show of hands, please? Pashti? Swahili? Flemmish? Finnish anyone?
Anyone proficient in Gaelic? Maybe Ido? Hmmm.. I am surprised.
Well, maybe some of you know some bits but for the most part, and sadly, we Americans are
not a nation of polyglots. But, that is not the point.
We learned our Mother tongue by listening to our families as we were coming up. Those of us
whose families spoke another language as well have prolly picked up a second language.
(Quick point, back in the day, if someone spoke another language, you were still encouraged to
learn English first and use it almost exclusively. Today there is less emphasis on speaking the
lingo. One more side note, I still am trying to wrap my arms around the adverts that boast
“Learn to Speak English.” For some silly reason, I am of the belief that if you can read that
sign, you can speak it. )
The point is that we learn by immersion. We learn to speak, or more accurately communicate,
by listening to those around us. Even today we are learning more and even some new words
from time to time. When we were at school we learned by rote, immersion and drill. We
prolly learned how to design disgusting board games based on the moral structure of our
family. Opppss, did I say that?
Where is this going you are prolly asking yourself, and rightly so.
Over the past few weeks the number of letters asking what can we do and why do people
believe the lies in the media have been increasing. Yet, in a Zen like way, one answers the
There is a great brouhaha over talk radio these days especially regarding “right wing”
personalities. Like most things about which the Left rails, they have no clue as to what it is.
 They are told by their “leaders”, MoreOn.Org, ACORN, DSCC, DNC and other career
criminal cartels what to believe and what to say.
Like the child that is immersed in a language, these lemmings speak only “Liberal.”
Unaffected by the truth, disabused by any kind of intellectual curiously and irony-proof, they
accept as, oddly enough, Gospel the talking points they receive as their daily bread. (Perhaps a
quick read of Part 4, Chapter 6 of “The Fountainhead” will give credance and illumination to
this process.) (Wait till you finish this FISH before doing so.) (Thank you!)
So, back to the question of “what to do.” Well, like the sign that say “Learn to speak English”
it can be assumed that they have something to give them a clue as to what the sign means. I am
sure that some of these folks are reprobate and perhaps beyond political salvation. But a large
majority can be reasoned with, can be spoken to, can have their experience as if on the road to
Case in point, as I write this, the peace loving left is rioting in London. Er, kinda an oxymoron
and another example of they being irony proof. I would posit that less than 5% of skivers and
ne’er-do-wells sullying the foot paths of London could rationally and cogently communicate
why they are there, why they are protesting and the attendant financial circumstances that
predicated this display of lawlessness.
Many of them are mere sheep, lemmings if you will. They, like most of us, have a desire to
have a belief in something. Some of us believe in God, others do not, but that is neither here
nor there. But the fact remains that regardless of your personal religious feelings, you still
want to believe in something. For some, sadly, it is the equine scatology proffered by the hate-
mongers, community activists/organizers, Marxists and others of that ilk. They accept this
doctrine blindly, as they know no better, they were immersed, remember?
We need to help them “Speak American” and I am sure we can all help.
When you see someone making a horse’s hindquarter of himself, ask him why. Be nice, be
solicitous and ask them to defend their position. Chances are they will not be able to and will
say something that makes no sense, a non sequitor or blame Bush, the typical responses. Nod
agreeingly and say that you understand then ask them if they had considered something else,
such as the truth as you know it. When they talk about the mortgage bail out ask if they know
that the execs from Fannie and Freddie got millions of dollars in tainted money and not only
made huge donations to Hank but many worked on his campaign. Or if they speak about the
millions given to AIG execs in bonuses advise that Andrew Cuomo is in on it, that Dodd and
Hank got the most amount of campaign contributions from them of all the members of
Congress, that Frank who was stridently screeching about this had been reprimanded by the
House for his past activities, that Dodd not only put in the amendment to the “stimulus
package” to give the exec the bonuses but lied about it then kinda admitted it, and so on and so
It is unlikely that they will believe you. But the more circumspect of them will have their
curiosity piqued and will do their own investigate, if only to prove you wrong. Well, won’t
they be surprised when they learn the truth. And we all know the truth will set you free.
Undaunted by history, Hank has made pronouncement after pronouncement leading us into
socialism and worse. Just in case you might think I am going overboard on this assessment, a
number of European leaders, Vaclav Havel, former president of the Czech Republic and the
European Union made a recent speech where he said that Hank is doing it all wrong, is going to
destroy the American economy and possibly the worlds and is using the lie of “global
warming” to promote his communist views. This from a man who knows communist when he
sees it and I am sure he would be happy to tell you about the “Prague Spring.”
So, Hank has that going for him.
Of course the lib rags are not making a big deal out of this, after all Havel was only a
playwright, discounting the fact that he led his country out of communist rule (the kind folks
who actually had him locked up on a number of accessions) and into a republic (see: the Velvet
Revolution), what could he know! Thank God (can we still say that?) that we have such
entertainment luminaries as Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin and the rest of the Hollyweirdos who
know soooooo much more than just a mere European president.
The Brit papers are making a big deal (not in the good sense) out of Hanks arrival in Blighty,
especially after he gave their PM Gordon Brown the diplomatic version of the old stink eye
when he was here last month. The European papers are chatting about Hank gravitas, that
being none, and international experience, that being less, unless you count shooting hoops in
Iraq, ignoring wounded soldiers in Landstuhl Germany and a beer-fueled rock concert in
Berlin. This guy makes Neville Chamberlain look like a heavyweight. For some reason the
American rags have his arrival akin to the Second Coming. I guess we will have to just talk
their word for it.
Or not.
Keep your eyes on the next week or so with Hank and the G-20 meeting and the rest of his
Grand Tour. (And why does he need over 500 in staff with him? Is this how we save money?
Are they all going there for dental work? Hmmm…..)
T-Minus 580 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1389 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

29 MARCH 2009 - "The Bar Is Now Open"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
The other night I was standing on my deck. It was a not so bad early spring night, chilly but
clear. It was about slack tide time and the few sailboats left in the water over the winter were
noticed by the singing of their rigging as the wind coursed through them.
I was enjoying by last adult beverage of the evening and my post-post prandial nicotine
delivery device. ‘Twas very quiet and I was momentarily distracted by the TV that was on in
the den, if you will. The windows and doors were closed but through the sliding glass door the
TV was perfectly clear but mute.
I have no idea what the show was but it seemed to be some kind of a documentary or perhaps
one of those network magazine shows. On the screen was a woman with some kind of an
infirmity and she appeared to live in not such a nice area in a city in our great Country.
She was engaged in dialogue with a man who I assumed to be the interviewer. Again, I could
not hear the sound and to be candid, and I hope this does not sound terrible, but I had neither
interest in the show nor any content. Yet, I was compelled to simply watch the goings on on
the tube.
The Muse tapped me on the shoulder and said simply: “stop, look and think.”
Being obedient I did just that. Watching the show, it was fairly evident that the woman was
poor and walked with a cane, tho those qualities are exclusive of each other. The interviewer
seemed solicitous but judging by his facial expression seemed to exude a somewhat superior
attitude towards the woman. Her movements were chronicled as she traveled from one place in
her neighborhood to another. From the street to a clinic to a shop to her home, the camera held
her steady although her gait was less so.
After a few minutes, the ciggie extinguished and the bottom of the beer bottle unburdened by
any contents, I was stopped before I could go in the house. “Stop, look and think” I heard once
I watched a few minutes more until that piece was over. The woman had some more dialogue
with the interviewer and at the end the interviewed did a stand up and wrapped up the piece.
I had stopped. I did listen. And now I was thinking.
I have said many times before that communication is not just words (or speeches, they are only
words…) Facial expression, context, body language and other aspects convey far more to
express thoughts than do mere words.
As I did not hear one word from the tube, I could only surmise the content of the dialogue but
from the environment, the body language, expression and so forth, I had a pretty good idea
about what was going on. Regardless of whether I am correct or not is of little consequence.
The words meant nothing so every else meant everything.
It was patently obvious the woman was poor, you could easily see that from her face, her
clothes, her neighborhood, that she went to a clinic and other tells. The interviewer was
obviously trying to elicit sympathy for her plight by pointing out the bleeding obvious. But the
condescension of the interviewer was palatable. He had no use or sympathy for the woman or
her condition, he was simply doing his job.
Funny, really, if you think about it. You see, unbothered by words or rather unswayed or
unencumbered by them, I learned far more about the woman and, more critically, about the
The piece meant nothing but the message was voluminous. It was nothing more than pointing
out, pimping really, those who have less and that something that has to be done about it. But
still, there was a nagging feeling.
I was brought up in a relatively middle-class, working –class environment as were my peers.
Our parents were cops, firemen, office workers of some sort, stay-at-home moms, the odd truck
driver, salesmen and so forth. They worked their butts off to make sure we got what we
needed to succeed in life.
No, we were not wealthy, we were not in a prestigious neighborhood, there were not Cadillacs
parked in our driveways (in the 50’s and 60’s, a foreign car was an oddity) and so forth. The
schools were pretty good, all of them. In fact, there were prayer AND the Pledge in public
schools until the early 60’s!**
What our parents gave us was far more valuable than a new bike or something of the like (of
course, no cable, video games, computers, etc, etc…), nor did we take lavish vacations. What
they beat into our heads was their desire that we do better than they did as they did better than
their parents. (Their parents being either immigrants or one generation removed from the boat,
in my area. Yup, I just got here, howyadoin’?) And they did this by example.
I am sure this is old stuff to most of you but for those younger than me, we had no choice but to
do the best we could in school. If we were an A, B, or even a C- student, God Help us if we got
an A-, C+ or D! We were expected to work to our potential then a little more. If we screwed
up in school, the beating at home was worse than the punishment at school, and our parents did
not go down and complain that we were treated unfairly, picked-on, demand special tutoring,
file a suit against the school, you get the picture.
We were expected to go to college (and I am of the very firm conviction that college is not for
everyone and most certainly it is not a “right”) and pull ourselves up at least one rung on the
ladder. Some of my friends and schoolmates became successful businessmen, doctors, dentists,
military officers, career government service personal and even a few, gasp, lawyers. Some
became salesmen, police and fire men and the like. And, sadly, even some became drug-
addicts, convicts or dead. Bottom line is on balance my contemporaries and I did better than
did our parents. Even though we came from a nice, middle-class environment, some moved up
to very nice, exclusive areas, or for the most part, a step or two up from our humble beginnings.
I truly did not realize what I had as a child until much later in life.
No, we did not have TV in every room or even a phone in every room. We did not have central
air and in fact we had one A/C unit in the living room and, you know, we hardly used it. Even
discounting the conveniences of today and considering those of that time, an electric can
opener was a luxury (and one I have never really seen the use for, to be candid) and we got by
with what we had.
But what we did have was an exposure to a strong work ethic, parental and peer pressure and
an aversion to failure.
Back to the woman.
I could not hear her words, but I would be surprised if she did not blame someone or anyone
else for her misfortune. Perhaps it was the body language when she was talking to the
interviewer, she talked with a sad face and he had a quasi-solicitous look, as he pretended to
care about her plight before he went back to his world.
Maybe ex-Senator Silky-Pony, John Edwards, was right. Maybe there are two Americas. But
it is not the rich-v-poor one as there is a great deal of interaction between the two. It is not the
black-v- white one, as there are folks of all colors and stripes in all the strata of society and
affluence, or lack thereof. In fact, I doubt there are other quantifiable parameters such as
education, intelligence, physical ability, political party (yes, I said that), environment or others
facets of the subsets that comprise our condition.
There are two Americas, indeed, and I think the tipping point is desire and attendant to that the
commitment to make your lot better.
It is just as likely as a person from a background of poverty to overcome their hindrances from
they were born into as a person of privilege as to succumb to a life of degradation and abuse.
However, it is also likely that a person born to poverty will stay there in contradistinction to
one of means.
You see, a person of means (and we are not talking about trust fund babies or the insanely rich)
will have to keep working to maintain their standard of living. There is still a keeping up with
the Jones’s mentality in the “Father Knows Best” and “Leave it to Beaver” class. If that person
fails, for whatever reason, he will not remain in his caste.
A person of poverty need do nothing to maintain their standard of living. The checks will keep
coming in, the clinics will still take care of them, the food kitchens and pantries will keep
feeding them (that is until charitable donations are taxed and that money dries up) and most of
all the other necessities of life are made available to them.
The problem is that when the bar is set low, it is easy to succeed. For some, succeeding is just
simply sustenance. Food, shelter, clothing, TV, that is all they worry about and they do not
have to worry as it is automatically delivered to them. Without an impetus to improve their lot,
they are victims and sometimes I am not so sure that they are totally to blame.
There is no romance with living a better life, there is no fear of disappointing anyone, their
forbearers came from the same stock and lot in life, much like the serfs and peons of ages past.
Sadly, to their credit, they have done the math. Assuming that they live in a poor area, it is
equally plausible to assume that jobs are not plentiful, save the entry level ones or those
requiring minimal skills. To pay for rent, even in their own depressed area, plus food, utilities,
transportation and the other requisites needed to be on one’s own, well, even with a full time
job for two parents at that kind of job level, they may be no better off, perhaps even worse off,
then they are at the present.
They will sit back and say: “Why should I work, I will bust my butt in a nasty job and be no
better off than I am today, forget about that!”
But, they don’t go to the next step, that being that even if they start off in a nasty job, the only
place to go is up. If they could suck it up for a few years, perhaps they could improve their
circumstances. Their kids will see the industry of their parents and emulate that, with hope.
Their commerce will pay sufficient dividends to take them to the next level and their children
will take them even further.
My peers and I adhered to this scenario, subconsciously at times and painfully conscious at
others. It does not mean we are better people, trust me I am proof of that, but we are better off
for the blessings we have received, blessings far better than free food, lodging, clothing and
health care. Ought the public teat dry up, we can still work, we know how to fend for
ourselves, we take responsibility for our situation and we will not allow ourselves or children
slide backwards.
But, maybe I am wrong. Maybe the two Americas are not divided by desire and hard work.
Maybe it is the difference between freedom and servitude.
All things being equal, those who are free to determine where they live, where they work, what
kind of car to buy, where to go out to dinner or a play are in a much different position from
those whose living arrangements, food and so on are dictated by a government agency. Ones
which provides housing, food stamps, clinics, transportation and the like.
Now, we have an administration who wants more people to be dependent on the gov’t. One that
wants to “give” every one health care, foreclosure assistance, determine what kind of energy
we use (and soon how much of it we will be allowed to have), what kinds of food will be
available in the stores, perhaps even the content of the newspapers and TV shows (you are
aware that many newspapers are looking for federal hand outs, right? Meaning the gov’t would
be a de facto owner, meaning that they could have control over content. ) and more.
From a Chief of Staff who boasts that they “never want a serious crisis to go to waste” to the
M-I-C himself who wants to “take over businesses before they fail.”
Are you kidding me?
That is like saying: “I thought he was going to hit me, so I hit him back first.”
These guys are TELLING We the Sheeple EXACTLY what they intend to do, and we are
doing NOTHING to stop them. We are no better off than the person of poverty who just
simply accepts their lot in life and bides their time until it is time for the big dirt nap. THAT is
not living, that is merely existing.
We all have far too much invested in our lives, our families and our country to let this happen.
We must stop them from reinventing our Country from a representative republic to a socialist
Otherwise, we have no one to blame but ourselves. The bar will be not just lowered to
accommodate the least common denominator, but it will be taken away so that none may
If not you, who? If not now, when?
T-Minus 584 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1393 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

28 MARCH 2009 - "Change We Can Believe In!"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Maybe you can help me out. I was looking at my finances and I have some issues and I am
looking for some solutions to solve them. Tell me what you think of my plan.
I have a decent source of income and I was going over my budget to see exactly where I could
save money. In checking my recurring expenses I can see that I have a house payment,
electricity, oil, phone, cable and internet bills. Also there are food bills, clothing, perhaps
medical, gasoline, entertainment, liberal newspaper subscription and more among my monthly
expenditures. Of course I am not ungenerous in my charitable giving. And, there is some debt
to retire from past spending in the form of credit card bills. Then there some discretionary
spending items such as beer, wine, whiskey, cigarettes and the occasional meal out.
Are your expenses that much different than mine?
Now, taking my famous piece of paper and drawing a line down the middle, I listed these
expenditures on one side and my income on the other. Boy, was I surprised when I saw I was
spending more than I was taking in!
So, the Muse and I sat down to talk about this situation. We spent a few minutes looking at the
expenses to see where we could cut corners and save a buck or two. Some things were not able
to modify, such as house payment and the litany of fixed expenses. In reviewing those that
were more of a discretionary nature I noticed that I do not have a car payment. Well, this is a
perfect way to save money. I will buy a new car and then when it is paid off, there is one less
expense to worry about!
Then I looked at my clothing bills. Now, I have more clothes than a reasonable human ought
to be expected to have but I noticed that I could use a few suits in the few colors and patterns I
do not already have. Needless to say, this means a few new shirts for each suit, even though I
have over one hundred dress shirts already, and a few ties for each of the shirts to go with each
of the suits. And, one can’t be expected to wear the same shoes with the new suits, so that will
need to be addressed as well. I figger that when I get finished paying for an addendum to my
already large wardrobe that I will be able to cut costs there as well.
I shifted in my chair and noticed that it wobbled a little, hardly at all really, it being made out
of hardwood. But then again it might have been due to the fact that two legs were on the carpet
and two on the wood floor. Well, dontcha know, a light went off and I saw buying a new
dining room suite as well as fitting out the living room would be a great idea. And, of course, I
would need new carpeting and might as well get the floors refinished as well. I mean, if one is
going to invest in a goodly number of thousands of dollars in new furniture, well, you can’t
have that sitting on old flooring, can you? And besides, when all that is paid off my monthly
expenses will go down even more!
Of course I found a few more ways to save money, for instance a new and much larger wine
cooler and it would be foolhardy not to have it fully stocked to make the cooling more
efficient. You see the bottles also store coolness, that is after the energy is expended to cool
them and maintain that temperature. So, a coupla cases of some various St. Estephes,
Margeaux, St. Emilions, Cabernets, Merlots, Red Zins and some more to round out the
selection made perfect sense. After all, you are not going to spend as ton of dough on a large
wine cooler only to put “Two-Buck Chuck” in it.
So, when I looked at the new list of expenses, boy was I surprised that will all my efforts to cut
costs and expenses, the list on the left was twice as long as before an twice as expensive. Now,
I had to do something else!
I took out a loan to pay for this and I tell ya, I was kinda hoping that the interest would have
been lower, but a man’s gottta do what a man’s has gotta do. But, I noticed that the monthly
payment was lower than before. Of course, instead of paying if off over a few months, I was
spreading the payments over a number of years.
In fact, when I looked at it, I actually had more money left than before at the end of the month!
So I did what any rational person would do. I re-did my deck, helped the guy around the block
re-do his drive way (and was he ever surprised as he did not even know me, I just did not like
the way his drive looked and as I had to pass it every day I figgered it was a good thing for me
if I just paid for it.)
A neighbor was in real bad financial shape especially after losing his job so I figgered I would
pay his mortgage until he got on his feet again. Tho, I was a little disappointed to notice that
not only did he not get on his feet quickly enough but could not get his butt out of bed. I only
learned about this when he and his family started coming over to my house every night for
dinner, he said it was his way of thanking me.
But, looking at the current expenses, new expenses and my largesse to perfect strangers who
did not need or even want my help - the guy around the corner whose driveway I paid for did
not like my choice of pavers but I told him as I was paying for it as it was something that I
perceived as wrong that I had every right to tell him what kind of driveway he could have -
and the five families whose mortgages I was paying was causing my expenses to skyrocket.
(Well, you can’t play favorites and when a few others lost their jobs I had to help them also. In
fact Frank quit his job because he saw it unfair that he had a job when the others didn’t and
now they all can play golf everyday as I am taking care of their expenses.)
I took out another loan for these added expenses but I got stern! I said that even though my
monthly outlay went up dramatically, that I had to borrow tons of money to pay for them that I
would cut my current losses by half in five years! All I had to do was keep borrowing and
spending more than I took in to pay for things I do not need.
That is, in a nutshell, the Obama budget reduced to a personal level.
Think about it.
T-Minus 585 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1394 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

24 MARCH 2009 - "If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
“Here is your paycheck. Kindly step into this cell for twenty hours this week. We will do this
next week as well. In fact we will do this every week until we increase the number of
I am of the opinion that should our employer make such a demand that we would quit our job. I
mean, why in the world would we want to give up half of our time spent at work locked up,
having our time stolen from us.
We simply would not stand for it, perhaps a few would, but even if they are paying us, they
can’t waste our time, steal our time, abuse our time.
Or, you receive your wages in full, nothing at all taken out. Your gross is your net. Would that
be great!
However, on the way to your car you are held up or forced to donate to a cause or concern you
find anathema. Every week. No matter which door you take out of the building there is a
robber or an activist from one group or another demanding you to fork over a large percentage
of your hard earned pay to them, no way around it. Like some kind of horrific financial
Twilight Zone.
You would try to find a way out, or to hide your money or some other scheme to prevent the
fruits of your labor being squandered or applied to some sordid use. Try as you may, switching
jobs only provided an avenue for different highwaymen and activists to mug you week after
After week.
After week.
But, we are fine and dandy with the gov’t taking half of our dough.
Now, I am not suggesting that we stop paying taxes or subverting the law in any way, shape or
form. After all, do you really want to work in this administration?
What I am suggesting is that if you stop and think about it, we are taxed, we pay it
unconsciously and we sit back and as we read the paper about one spending thing after another,
we mumble that the gov’t is spending too much on this or wasted that much on something else.
Well, the next time you read about some boondoggle, insane bill, an insult to your morals,
think about how much you paid in taxes the previous year and what percentage of your time
was needed to pay that debt.
Rather than saying: “Can you believe that the gov’t gave a million dollars to study polar bear
mating habits” and chuckle over the folly of that, think rather that you worked 1,000 hours and
so did another forty guys just like you did to make that study possible.
I like polar bears as much as the next guy, but they do not need my tax dollars to study their
mating habits. They were mating long before and will prolly long after this thing called
When you see money spent on something abhorrent to you or a total and colossal waste or an
entitlement for the unentitled, think about how much of YOUR TIME you have invested in
that. Sure, make it your own pet spending project. When you write your letters to your
Congressmen, Senators or newspapers, make sure to advise them that your “twenty hours spent
this week working to pay for XXXX could be better put to use by YYYY.”
Just a thought.
Now, speaking of stealing, ooops, did I say that, for some odd reason I have a nagging feeling
about something.
You see, the focus of late on the AIG Exec bonuses of $165, 000,000 seems to be one more
smoke screen. (And as a side bar, there was a newspaper article this week in my paper that
showed a bunch of folks in front of a man’s house, milling about with signs that demanded that
he give back his bonus. Point one, how did they know where this guy lives. Point two, how
did they arrange a bus so quickly to get there and who paid for it. Point three, why were these
people not at work in the middle of the week? You don’t think that some radical organization
was behind this, do you? I do.) We are numbed to the numbers now. (Hmmmm... maybe that
is why they are called “numb-ers.”)
$165,000,000. $787,000,000,000. $9,500,000,000,000 (and now that is a “conservative
estimate of the debt over the next decade.) “Words, speeches, it is only words” has become
“Billions, trillions, they are only numbers.”
But I do not think this is the end of it, in fact, quite the contrary, it is the beginning. If we will
let Congress spend our great-great-great grandchildren’s legacy without a fight, well, then we
deserve it. But, this is not the end. It is not just the billions and trillions and how they will be
disbursed but how they will monitor what WE spend and how WE spend OUR money while
WE are not allowed to question how THEY are spending OUR hours.
There is a FISH in the works, or so the Muse says, that paints a rather disturbing picture of the
way money, or rather your financial resources, will be monitored. Scrip and specie will
become relics. This minimization of cash will make the theft of our time that much more
innocuous to us and more difficult to quantify.
By anesthetizing us to billions and trillions as if it was nothing, they are setting us up. Just like
with most anything that comes down the pike, the more we hear it, the less it means. I hate to
keep dredging this up but it is the old, national socialist saw: “Tell a lie that is big enough and
repeat it often enough and the whole world will believe it.” (This is the “big lie” and please see
the link at the end that will lend clarity to this remark and the SOP of a certain administration.)
What I am seeing is the spaghetti method of getting things done. If you throw some spaghetti
on to a wall, some will stick others will fall to the floor. This administration is throwing
economics, civilian service, military involvement, health care, taxes, energy, civil rights,
entitlements, special rights for certain groups, Gitmo, activism and a litany of other things on
the wall. Some of them will stick others will not. The problem is we are only one person, he
has an entire cadre of people who see “America as the greatest Country” and now want “to
change it.”
They can feign crocodile tears when a bill is shot down or a legal case is lost. In reality they
are doing the dance of joy as a dozen other things slid under the radar to rend the morals and
economics of our Country. Again, it is all legerdemain, they are distracting us with the one
hand as they are mugging us with the other.
We can rail against taxes or where to put the Islamoterrorists now currently residing in the
Caribbean, or how they wish to organize and indoctrinate the youth or some other issue, but
can you really take on the entire smorgasbord of threats to our liberties, freedom, economy and
way of life?
I think not.
And we are running out of time.
While it seems like we have been living under this regime for ages now, it has been about two-
and-one-half months. Heck, the paint is not even dry in some offices, in fact, some offices
have not even been filled and already the administration is acting like Berlin in the’30’s.
As heartening it is to see and hear that there are a number of groups, web-sites, Facebook
pages, meet-ups, Tea Parties and more getting into gear, far, far more must be done. This
canNOT be some feel-good, narcissistic exercise so we can hold our heads up high and say that
“we are trying.”
Remember, to a Liberal, “trying” is the same as “doing.” They “tried” and look what they
wrought. We must “do” and do it now and do it continuously. We must support those
organizations that are on the same page as we are, they will join us in other endeavors. We
must barrage our elected officials and perhaps even those from other states when they are in
favor of something that runs contrary to the Constitution (trust me, they may make fun, but
they are counting the call, letters and emails), we must support those who have the intestinal
fortitude to vote the right way and let them know that they have earned our support.
To do anything less would be intellectually dishonest. If you do nothing, do not complain, you
have not earned that right, in fact, you may have caused that which you abhor by your idleness.
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
Lastly, thank you all for the emails regarding my “apology” to the Liberals. Quite the
outpouring, I must say. While I never know how well a FISH will be received, I certainly did
not expect the unanimous reaction that found its way into my inbox. In fact, I became little
concerned. There was not one contrary letter. Not one. Many of you have stated that you sent
it to your “Liberal” friend or friends and some were concerned about potential backlash. But,
unless you have heard anything, it seems to me that either they do not read it, are condemned
by it or canNOT argue the points. If any of you got something of substance back from a
Liberal, if you are interested in sharing it, I would appreciate it.
Well, back to work, with all this “global warming” going on, I need to shovel the robins that
have frozen to death so far this spring off of the walk.
T-Minus 589 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1398 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

21 MARCH 2009 - "Love is Never Having to Say You Are Sorry"
My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
I have been thinking lately about a number of things. Sometimes, when in reflection, some
things come to mind that you realize now that were wrong but only through the prism of time
can you finally see the error of one’s ways.
To this end, I feel I must come clean and try to mend fences with those whose opinions I may
not necessarily agree and whose ardor and passion I may have questioned or simply written off
as pure folly.
I hope if this pertains to you, that you accept it in the manner in which it was meant. So,
without further ado…
Dear Liberals:
I am sorry. Truly, I am sorry. Mea culpa, mea culpa mea maxima culpa.
You see, I can now understand, if only in part, what you have gone through over the past eight
years. You must be made of tougher stuff than I as in a mere eight weeks I think I can feel
your pain.
Many of you, most, possibly all, have had many unsavory things to say about President Bush.
In fact, many, most, possibly all, have suffered from what others have called “BDS”, or “Bush
Derangement Syndrome.”
For the past eight years, I suffered with hearing your complaints about Bush. I could not
fathom why there was such a visceral hate for this man. I listened to the radio bashing him, the
attacks on him by TV and Cable shows and commentators, read many of your blogs and
websites calling this guy every name under the Sun and of course, I have received many emails
from you questioning everything from my heritage to my sanity.
I have tried to deconstruct your anger towards him but I came up wanting. I even tried to think
like a Liberal to walk a mile in your birkenstocks to get a sense as what this man did to earn the
hate of millions of Liberals.
The best I could come up with is that the Liberals look at things differently than do most good
Americans. (I know that sounds unfair, but I will expatiate that in greater detail as I continue
my apology.) You see, when I see the President overthrow a ruthless regime in Iraq, I do not
see it as an invasion but a liberation of 25,000,000 people who are far more better off now than
then. When I see Afghanistan being brought to heel, doing our best to divide and subjugate the
Islamoterrorists from regrouping in order to attack us again, I do not see that as an invasion
When our World Trade Centers were destroyed (the symbol of American Economic might), the
Pentagon attacked (symbol of our military might) and a plan thwarted that most likely would
have destroyed a major building in Washington, DC (symbol of our government), and some
3,000 of my fellow Citizens murdered, I was heartened to see the President act quickly and
No, my Liberal friend, I was not in the mood for discussion with those who killed us, I was not
going to reach out to the murderers in order to open a dialog to perhaps talk them off the ledge
of attacking us again, I was all for the President doing the right thing.
So, I apologize for seeing that way.
But you do not see it that way. You saw it as war mongering, genocide and crimes against
When I saw the President create tax breaks for most Americans, I saw it as a way of putting
more money in the pockets of the wage earners and that was designed to and did stimulate the
economy. When other taxes were relaxed, such as capital gains and so forth I saw it as a way
for those who invested in America to be able to re-invest and create more jobs. When he
mitigated the Death Tax, I saw it as a way for small businesses to be handed down to sons and
daughters and the family farm not to have to be sold to pay the tax.
So, I apologize for seeing that way.
But you do not see it that way. You saw it as “rich” people not paying their “fair share” of
taxes. Yet, you wanted those who do not pay taxes and/or are receiving assistance and
entitlements to get more without contributing to society. You could not see past the fact that if
a company or a farm had to be sold to pay taxes that jobs would be lost. I tried to wrap my
arms around that but I just could not.
When I saw a pro-Life President do his darnedest to protect the unborn, I saw that as a good
thing. When he agreed to not start anymore embryonic stem cell lines, I said that was good
So, I apologize for seeing that way.
But you do not see it that way. You see abortion as a “procedure”, yet I, for some silly reason,
see it as the murder of a child. I have asked you Liberals more times than I care to count as to
when a baby is a baby and no longer a mass of cells. When is that magic moment when the
switch is hit and, viola, it is a baby? I have tried to come to grips with how you could invade a
woman’s womb and destroy a life and I have lost the ability to understand how a baby can be
half-delivered then have his spinal cord cut and brains sucked out. I am sure you have your
reasons but they have not been conveyed to me. As best as I can see it, you justify using
embryonic stem cells for “research” for justifying killing babies. I can see your point there,
guilt is a terrible thing. (Oh, by the way, how would you feel if your mother aborted you?) I can
see why you would insist on trying again and again to use those cells, it would assuage your
guilt. But, I do not understand why you will not come to grips with the fact that while there has
been exactly zero success with embryonic cells there has been many successes with adult cells,
cord blood and more. I will try better to understand.
When I saw a President support the Defense of Marriage Act, I saw a man stand up for family
values, the same kind of values that our Country was based on and had thrived for over two
centuries. When I heard him decry law cases trying to subvert this, I saw a man standing up for
the Constitution. When I saw him appoint originalist Justices to the SCOTUS, I saw that
support for the law of the land once again.
So, I apologize for seeing that way.
But you do not see it that way. You see “marriage” as, well, a sharing of benefits and rights.
Well, it is not that, it is in the strictest sense the union of a man and woman for the purpose of
bearing and raising children. You say that you do not want special rights, just the rights you
deserve. I guess I am missing something and again I apologize for being so dense. I re-read
my Constitution (I carry a pocket version, I guess you do too, right?) and I did not see anything
there that took any rights away from gay people. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. So, please tell me so
that I may better understand, exactly which rights are you not getting? Unless, of course, you
are asking for “special” rights, ones that are not in the law of the land. And, perhaps you can
advise me exactly when we started reading things into the Constitution? When did it become a
“living breathing document” and the “umbrae and penumbrae” of nuance? When did the law
of other countries become a basis for adjudication?
When I saw the President visit Iraq and Afghanistan to visit and offer support to the brave men
and women who are putting their asses, sorry, on the line so that you can make one of yourself
with your hate and vitriol for both our Country and President, I saw a brave man risk more than
one time go to some of the most dangerous places on Earth to show his love for the military.
So, I apologize for seeing that way.
But, you do not see it that way. You see the Bush as a “war monger” and “criminal.” You see
anything he does that is positive as a negative, as if we lived on Bizarro Planet. But, for some
reason, when your choice for and now our current President went there, you were amazed at his
prowess at basketball. But nary a word was said when he refused to visit the wounded in
Germany because he could not pimp the soldiers, sailors, marines and others who were
recuperating from their injuries for a photo op. I guess I must have missed something.
My Liberal friends, I hope that you can accept my apology for not being as bright, intuitive,
sensitive, understanding, prescient and just plain brilliant as all of you, like I said, I apologize
for seeing things the way I do.
And I am going to do my best to do exactly what you did for the past eight years to try to atone
for my sins. You see, I will do all in my power to adhere and embrace to the dicta of having to
criticize the current President every time he does something with which I do not agree.
(This might be tough, as I have full time job plus other activities and it seems to me that the
current President has made his a full time job doing things with which I disagree. But, forgive
me, please, I am new at this.)
I will prolly rail at such silly things, matters of little import that I just do not understand, take
umbrage at remarks that to my limited intellect fall outside my ken and possibly just not take to
heart all the good that you see him as doing.
Please, forgive me in advance. I guess I will develop “ODS”, or “Obama Derangement
Syndrome” as an antithesis to what you suffered.
Please forgive me when I see the shredding of the Constitution as something bad. Please
forgive me when I see him give special rights to those who do not deserve them as an
anathema. Please forgive me for defending life while he sees pregnancy as a “punishment.”
Please forgive me when I get ticked off at his wasting millions, billions and trillions of dollars
on things that will hurt, perhaps fatally economically, our Country.
Please forgive me when I see his appointments to the cabinet and other high positions people of
suspect morals, tax cheats, run-of-the-mill liars and other awful people as an insult to my vision
of America and an insult to every good person who held those positions before. (And, to be
fair, not all were good, that is why I qualified that statement.)
Please forgive me when I see organizations like MoveOn, ACORN, PAW and other groups you
support, agree with and perhaps belong as being the equivalent of the gangs and thugs of
previous repressive regimes of other countries. Please forgive me for all of the things that he
will do or try to against which I will fight to the very fiber of my being to prevent.
Please forgive me when I ask my members of Congress to demand the impeachment of certain
officials and perhaps up to and including himself ought he to rise to that level of danger to my
Country. (Tho, those words will fall on deaf ears in some cases as at least one of them is worth
of impeachment already. Right Senator Schemer?)
Please forgive me if I act EXACTLY as you did for the past eight years from this moment
forward until this President is either voted out or impeached. (And I apologize for suggesting
impeachment, but you have me convinced that is what one is supposed to say as you have said
that for so long.)
Again, I apologize for doing the best I can to live my life in accord with the Ten
Commandments, with the Constitution of the United States of America, with respect for Life in
all of its stages, for respect for man and for the desire for peace, liberty, freedom, and safety
without compromising one for any of the others.
I apologize for not thinking like you do, for not seeing things like you do but I guess when you
get down to it, you prolly do not try to live your life guided by the same things as I try to do.
I hope you can forgive me.
Please pass this on to your Liberal friends, it is doubtful that they are aware of any of this.
T-Minus 592 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1401 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

19 MARCH 2009 - "Let the Games Begin" My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
OK, this is simply getting out of hand.
The AIG bonus issue is absolutely ridiculous and the characters screaming the loudest are the
ones that have created this mess. And, how to they plan to cover their tracks? By breaking the
law or at least subverting the law of the land.
I am going to go into some of the more egregious issues in a moment but the Muse is
screeching like a banshee. For some reason, what she sees as the most corrupt administration
(and in record time, well done boys) has allowed this mess to happen for one reason and one
reason only. As she has mentioned before, this could all be a smoke screen.
Like the magician waving wands and pulling hankies hither and yon, could this all be a
diversionary tactic for what the other hand is doing? And judging by the emails I have received
of late, there are more than a few of you concerned about a plot to suspend certain
constitutional guaranteed rights, a civilian paramilitary corps and other too bizarre to be given
too much credence but with this group you just don’t know.
Let’s look at some of this and some of the players, shall we? Do, let’s!
AIG was given some $180,000,000,000 or more at this point to bail out their sorry tails. I am
not going to go into the fact that some $12,000,000,000 went to Goldman-Sachs or ten-times
that amount, or $120,000,000,000 went to FOREIGN BANKS, but let’s look at who crafted
this GPS of a bailout.
Sec Treas and well-known tax cheat, Tim Geithner was instrumental if not the man who
shouldered most of the heavy lifting in crafting the $350,000,000,000 Wall Street bailout of
which about one-third went to AIG. This was all done prior to his getting his current gig when
he was the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. (And one day, we shall go into
detail how this private bank somehow controls all the monetary supply in our Country. But,
don’t wait for me to tell you, take a few minutes, hours or days as research this shadowy
We can go back even further and look at what caused the mortgage industry collapse and the
downfall of Fannie and Freddie and who you saw years ago you see today. Barney Frank,
Chris Dodd, Harry Reid and the others who insisted that Fannie and Freddie were sound, doing
great jobs and were instrumental in the financial health of the Country were wrong then and
wrong now. Frank, Dodd, Reid, Schumer, Clinton, Obama and more were recipients of cash
for their “campaign funds” from these institutions. In fact, some of the top dogs from these
institutions were major players in Obama’s campaign and advise him still. The aggregate of
the bonuses paid to their principals, the ones who cooked the books and screwed the pooch
exceed the $165,000,000 that the AIG execs are “owed.” Pot, meet kettle.
There is enough malfeasance here alone to warrant a congressional investigation except that
there is a Democrat majority congress and a large number of those to be investigated are on the
panels that would be conducting the investigations and that would not do.
“Barney Frank, I find myself guilty as charged!”
Oh, to dream.
(But, that would not be the first time something like that happened. A blast from the past is
involved in some way this time as well. Jamie Gorelick was the DAG under Reno (stop, no
smirking) who erected the “wall” between the CIA and the FBI so that intel could not be
shared, info that IF shared may have prevented or at least mitigated 9-11. So, who is on the 9-
11 Commission to see just what was up? Yuppers, Jamie Gorelick, the same chick who got
millions from Fannie Mae. It must be awful to have an anti-Midas touch. Everything this
woman touches seems to go horribly wrong. Why was she not chosen to be the VEEP then?)
Anywho, back to the topic.
So, the geniuses who either created or facilitated the financial mess who were then charged
with investigating how it came to be are now screaming over the provisions that they wrote and
voted on. Truly, you canNOT make this up. Seriously, re-read the last run-on sentence and tell
me if I am wrong.
Sen. Dodd, the man who received the most money from AIG for his “war chest” wrote a
provision in the $787,000,000,000 “stimulus package” that would safeguard the bonuses of the
AIG executives as essentially outlined in the deal crafted by Timmy Geithner. And these two
idiots are crying bloody murder over that which they have wrought. (Tho, to his credit, Dodd
is someone more reserved.)
But the rest of them, Frank and Schemer (I love spell check!) who voted FOR the “stimulus
package” that had the provision written by Dodd in it are now very busy trying to make us
believe that they has no knowledge of this deal (I am sure very few did, as Reid gave some 10-
11 hours to read that pile of economic offal before voting on it so Hank could have it on his
desk and sign it, when he got around to it some four days later.)
Schemer is demanding that there be a 100% tax on the bonuses and someone more generous
wanted to cap it at some 91%.
So, let’s recap this bit: There is a valid contract written between AIG and the executives that
specifies certain compensation. A provision was written into the $787,000,000,000 “stimulus
package” to ensure the execs got their do-re-me. Now, the notoriously camera shy Chuck
Schemer is trying to do what he does best, chasing ambulances, and in this case it involves
subverting the Constitution, a cottage industry of the Far Left.
“Ex Post Facto” means “after the fact” and essentially it is a Constitutionally guaranteed
safeguard (Article I, Section 9) to prohibit someone being tried or punished for a crime that
allegedly was committed before the law enacted that made something a crime or punishable
offense was passed. So, these clowns (again, apologies to clowns) want to pass a law to make
those who received a bonus to be taxed up to the full amount of the tax with the possibility of
criminal charges being preferred against those who do not comply. There is also the threat of a
writ of attainder to be applied to those who received bonuses as well. (Prohibited under the
Constitution, Article I, Section 9, Clause 3.)
This is clearly unconstitutional. Here, the recipients are considered guilty without the benefit of
a trial. Without going into too much detail, and I encourage you to read up more on this, it is a
mechanism designed to take away property or rights from certain individuals.
One can also look at most of the more popular Amendments to the Constitution that afford
protection from having your property seized, the right to a jury trial and other safeguards our
Founding Fathers installed for our security and safety.
Do not misunderestimate me, I do not think that all these people who are getting their share of
the bonuses deserve them, but that is not my decision to make, just like it is not Dodd’s,
Schemer’s. Frank’s, Kerry’s, Pelosi’s and more.
It is a freaking contract, entered into legally, passed muster by Geithner, written into the
“stimulus package” by Dodd and signed by Hank. Sorta what I might call an “air tight case.”
To be candid, I do not trust this administration or most anyone connected with it. The fact that
his cabal of cronies can basically stand up and LIE and LIE and LIE and LIE repeatedly does
not sit well with me and to be more candid, and excuse my paranoia, I would not be the least
bit surprised if all of this was a ruse to try to see if they can get ex post facto laws enforced or
writs of attainder implemented so that Hank & Co. can assail more of our rights.
I know it sounds strange, eerie and yes even borderline paranoid, but remember two things:
Even real paranoids have enemies and if looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…
I encourage all of you to contact your members of Congress and demand that those responsible
for this mess, the Gorelicks, Geithners, Franks, Reids and more are the ones subjected to
scrutiny rather than those who may have or will benefit from the bonuses. Even if your words
fall on deaf ears, which they will in most cases, at least they will know that they are being
On a happy and snarky note, let me end with wishing all the 64 teams in March Madness the
best of luck. I am rooting, as always, for UNC but I hope your team does well also.
Hank himself is a b’ball fan as we know (he prolly player “pointless guard”) has his fave as
well but I can’t help but wonder if there was not a Freudian slip when asked who he wanted to
win. He responded “UCONN, man.”
Way to go, You Con Man.
Please pass this on to your Liberal friends, it is doubtful that they are aware of any of this.
T-Minus 594 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.
T-Minus 1403 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (Before noon EDT.)
I am John and I approve this message!
Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)
God Bless

17 MARCH 2009 - "Even St. Pat Could Not Drive These Snakes Out"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

There was always the kid in school that took advantage of the other kids, no matter what he
could always find a mark to pick on. He was rarely a lone wolf but had a crony or two who
always seemed to be with him. You might remember the movie "A CHRISTmas Story" where
there were the two bullies who relentlessly attacked the smaller and weaker kids. This is a
perfect example of this kind of behavior.

Some bullies never grow up or they learn their lesson too late. And what I am seeing of late is
the possibility that our President may fit this description. Or not. Hmm…

He has made pronouncement after pronouncement of the sort that appeal only to the extreme
left of the citizenry. His promises of last year have been left wanting and there is scant evidence
that he is truly sincere about keeping any of those that do not mesh with is goals and ideology.

I have mentioned far too many times already his inability to deliver that which he promised: no
earmarks, transparency in gov’t, no lobbyists, honesty, blah, blah, blah. And what have we
gotten? Earmarks up the wazoo, crooks of various types, lobbyists actually in his
administration, dishonesty, blah, blah, blah.

Yet, is seeing all that he has promised the dearth of that which he has delivered, there is
something that just does not feel quite right, something that just does not jibe, something just
askew enough to realize something is wrong but not so obvious that you smack your forehead
and say, "ah, that’s it!"

Could he be his own doppelganger? Lemme ‘splain.

He is a bully with We the Sheeple telling us what he is going to do to us. As said, his promises
ring hollow especially that which is good for us. Some of the things he has done run
counterintuitive to the moral fabric and the safety of those he swore to lead, protect and defend.

From abortion laws, to wishing to destroy the Defense of Marriage Act, to closing Gitmo, to
ending "torture" of once-called "enemy combatants" (what are they called now? Trespassers?
Interlopers?), setting a time table for the influx of terrorists into Iraq and simultaneously putting
our troops in country in danger and more.

Yet, as awful as this is, it is not enough for him. He wants more.

And therein lies the rub.

Despite having superior numbers in both houses of Congress and despite the LSM in his back
pockets (as well as between them), despite the activities of myriad left wing groups organizing
Sheeple to back the chosen one, he is not getting his own way to the degree that he wants.

He is being out-thugged and out bullied by Reid, Pelosi and others of HIS party. He can say
what he wants and make speech after speech but when the rubber hits the road and legislation is
to be advanced, it has to pass muster with the "Liberal Leadership."

It is an interesting situation and it is not only impossible to figger out the players without a
scorecard but even with one. To me it seems that both the "leadership" and Hank want to
fundamentally change America to a point that would have been unrecognizable even a few
years back. But, they have differing ideas on what the New America ought to look like, yet
neither appear palatable to me. So, while Hank is making pronouncement after pronouncement,
Reid and Pelosi are saying "not so fast, Sunshine."

We will see.

Hank, Geithner, Cuomo and others are bewailing the millions in bonuses that are promised to
AIG execs. They wax eloquently or not over the fact that the bailout money is being paid to
people who destroyed a company.

On the one hand, they are contractually obligated to pay some of these bonuses. Yet, the
rationale sometimes falls flat. These guys directly, indirectly or perhaps by having been forced,
ruined AIG and other companies. Why pay them for their incompetence? Then there is the
specious argument that some of these guys are paid huge sums of cash in order to keep them
with the company.


They destroy a company and they are valuable? Trust me, you could have paid someone orders
of magnitude less and had the same results. And, besides, with other companies having gone
belly up I am sure that there is more talent out there who could do a better job for less.

What is infuriating is the lack of disclosure.

The heads of Fanny and Freddie, Obama cronies all, received as much if not more
compensation based on fraudulent accounting and that led in large part to the debacle of their
collapse. Aided, of course, by Dodd, Frank and a litany of other Dem’s in Congress.

Add to this the caviling and wailing by NY AG Cuomo who is demanding investigations and
stop pays to the AIG execs and more while he, too, is not without sin as when he was HUD
chief he was responsible in part for the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

But, we are not supposed to talk about that.

Or the fact that the boy genius, Geithner, oversaw the bailout of AIG and knew that the exec
bonuses were on the books and on the way.

Then, the M-I-C mimics Bernanke who said that the "economic health of America is sound."

Gimme a break!

This is the EXACT same phrase that Hank excoriated McC for saying during the campaign.

Sorry, boys, you can’t have it both ways.

I have said before that I am Independent but registered as a Republican for the purposes of
voting in primaries. I have also said, and taking a page out of Hank’s play book, that perhaps
we all ought to register as Dems for the same purpose, to try to get people who more reflect our
views elected to Congress, our state houses and so on. Rather than having diametrically
opposed figures running for office, perhaps it would be better for all if there were more
mainstream folks on the tickets.

Seeing the defections of some Republican Senators and the edging away by some Dems as
well, perhaps it is time to rethink political parties.

What is the superstition that we have to have two major parties? Why is it that "third party
candidate" sounds like a pejorative?

Now, I am not suggesting that we have 69 parties running for gov’t seats. We have seen time
and time again in countries such as France, Italy and Israel to name but a few what happens
when there is no clear direction in a country.

Coalition gov’ts need be formed and if you tick off one faction, they can bolt and you could
lose your majority. The election process here is long and arduous enough on a quadrennial
basis, do we need to do it any more often?

Perhaps we can work both ends towards the middle. I am sure that there are some unhappy and
disenfranchised Democrats, as evidenced by Hank’s slipping poll numbers, and there are some
Republicans who would like to see the wholesale erosion of those liberties, freedoms and
safeguards that have stood us in good stead for some 230 years. Perhaps, while not necessarily
a third party, we can gather in the middle under some unifying issue, perhaps the tea-party
thing or something similar?

Last but not least, is it my imagination or has the Obama administration gone off the deep end.
Apparently in their eyes, there is a conservative around every corner.

Treating Rush Limbaugh like Emanuel Goldstein (and isn’t it odd how much this
administration is looking more and more like "1984") is not enough. Sure, he is being vilified
by all the major, such as they are, print media and of course the liberal talking heads, as if he is
the personification of evil (or, as I like to call it, the truth.)

But, that is not enough.

Asked a question regarding former VP Dick Cheney’s remarks on Sunday the poorest excuse
for a presidential press secretary Robert Gibbs made a snarly and smarmy retort that apparently
Rush was unable to make the show so the Republicans sent in their #2 guy.

From an administration that has basically banned any media from assigning any blame on
Hank, that he can do no wrong, that any criticism is seen as a blasphemy, these planks, these
hideous buffoons treat a former Vice President as if he was a thug.

From an administration that has such luminaries as Rahmbo as Chief of Staff and a litany of tax
cheats and other unsavory characters in cabinet and "czar" (and that word is not in my copy of
the Constitution) positions, they are hardly in a position to talk ill of anyone.

The issue as I see it is that they are drinking their own Kool-Ade and are starting to believe the
crap that they expect us to.

But, We the Sheeple are catching on and more and more are seeing Hank as the root of the
problems rather than the answer. He is proving to be a galvanizing figure but in
contradistinction to his own party he is strengthening the opposition.

"Yes we can!" Er, "Oh, no you don’t!"

Please pass this on to your Liberal friends, it is doubtful that they are aware of any of this.

T-Minus 595 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1404 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



14 MARCH 2009 - "Send in the Clowns"

My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:

I do not recall exactly which episode it was but there was a Monty Python sketch where a few
of the lads were involved in a drug bust. As the arresting officers were being interviewed, John
Cleese, if I remember correctly, was the top cop and was retelling how the arrest was made, in
typical Pythonesque fashion.

At one point he was asked what drugs were found and without missing a beat he added that
"the perpetrator forgot to bring his drugs and as a service, we provided some for him." The
interviewer simply accepted this and asked further questions as if that was the most normal
thing to do.

In case you did check out the link for Hank’s report card, much of this will come as no surprise
to you. On Thursday I wrote about a poll taken on MS/LSD or whatever that Obamanatic cable
station is called. I was shocked to see that Obama’s grade was F = 53%, D =11% but his A =

It appears that the Liberals forgot to vote so they had to skew the results to make the answer
reflect their intent.

So, as of this morning the numbers are essentially reversed with F = 29% D = 6.1% and A =
53%. Oddly enough the Newsday poll taken the same day that reflected essentially the same
levels of satisfaction and dissatisfaction as the original MS/LSD poll but did not have a massive
shift by the end of the day.

Could it be that MS/LSD washed the polls and knowing that we good people would not vote
more than once (especially since you have to clear the cookie cache each time you vote in order
to vote multiple times), or a manipulation of the vote where each "F" also registered ten "A"
votes, or that there was a late surge of voters mobilized by MorOn.Org, ACORN, etc or quite
simply just a flat out canard by the station? (1)

Methinks the answer is yes to all the above. But, I am just being snarky.

I posit that the bottom of the barrel is now officially clean.

Looking at the laundry list of ne'er-do-wells, tax cheats, superiorly unqualified and fellow
travelers, I was pretty sure that there had to be a few with some kind of redeeming quality.
Well, I am still going wanting.

If you did not see the "performance" by alleged SecTreas Tim Geithner, one can only assume
that Hank owed him something big for him to land that job. He, to my trained eye, exudes a
level of incompetence rarely found in nature. In an appearance before a congressional
committee this week he was subjected to, and rightfully so, a deluge of questions, a demand for
answers and the suggestion that not only was he incompetent but also responsible for much of
the bank bailout fiasco. Then it turned ugly. He was beat up so badly that at the end of the day
some of his torquemadizers did offer some kind words, but small in comparison to his

So my friends, who better to destroy the economy than one who appears to be patently
oblivious to the mechanics of his position? In fact his incompetence makes Paulson appear like
a wizard in comparison, and he was another definitely working "above is pay grade."

"America is the greatest country in the world and we are going to change it", the M-I-C warned
us, I guess this is just part of his "promise"

"I voted for the $86B, before I voted against it" saideth John F. Kerry. And he was not alone in
his criticism of the bill designed to support our troops and continue the improvement in Iraq.

Others went on to say that the hundreds of billions spent in Iraq were a waste and far more
dastardly things as well. A number of legislators and bloggers did the math and came up with
the inane, perhaps just downright stupid, conclusion that had Bush just given each of the
citizens of Iraq an equal share of the $86B, they would each receive about $3800, about 150%
of the countries per capita gross national product.

Huh? What does THAT have to do with anything?

Did they think that the liberation of a country from a brutal dictator and pal of Sean Penn was a
mere "stimulus package" or an "entitlement program?"

Did they neglect to consider that the money was used to free a country and not necessarily as a
vehicle for an improved financial condition?

And what does per capita GDP have to do with anything? Where does that fit into any

Ignore for a moment that the Liberal leadership (sorry, they are no longer mere "democrats"
and today I am being extra kind as on any other day I would be demanding their impeachment
and prosecution under Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution) have said that the war is lost
(Reid), our soldiers are murderers (Murtha) and invade people’s homes in the middle of the
night and terrorize people (Kerry, part II). Then they make the assinine assertion that by simply
paying the Iraqis a few dinars that all would be well and good. It was not a kidnapping and they
needed ransom, but a regime change to allow people to live free.

The same crowd of chattering cowering cretins who bemoaned the expenditure of agreeably a
huge stack of cash are the same ones now who are not content with a near $800,000,000,000
"stimulus package", passed another $410,000,000,000 and are looking for more in
$3,500,000,000,000 budget upcoming. (BTW, without additional bail outs, "stimulus packages"
and other bribes there is a projected DEFICT from 2010-2014 of $3, 767,000, 000, 000.(2))

Giving some $4,000 to each Iraqi is chump change compared to the $40,000 of debt per
American Citizen from the recent round of give aways and the over $100,000 additional each
we will incur over the next few years, a number I see as being optimistic at best.

Given their genetic disposition both not to think things through and being unfazed by fact, the
Liberal leaderships sallies forth, does whatever they want and expect us to suck it up. Even the
old thought that had LBJ given $1,000,000 to every man, woman and child in poverty back in
his day falls flat. We have seen case after case of someone winning millions in a lottery and
being dead broke a few short years later. As I have said before and I am sure I will be
compelled to say again, if you get something for nothing gen’ly speaking it has no value, you
do not know what it takes to earn that money.

Perhaps we ought apply that to the gov’t. Perhaps they can earn the billions and trillions that
they wish to extort from us. I, for one, would be amenable for getting something in return for
my tax dollars. I might consider it a fair trade if I received honesty from ALL of my elected
officials, if I received respect from ALL of my elected officials, if I received proper
representation (meaning do that which the majority of the various constituencies wish and not
superimpose those of the congressmen, senator, governor and president.) Is that too much to

Something needs be done and it is not too late to start now. We must hold our elected officials
accountable and we need to make sure that they know that if they go off on their own agenda
and ignore the will of We the People, we will vote them out. In fact, the truly reprobate – Reid,
Pelosi, Murtha, Collins, Snowe, Specter, Schumer, Govs Granholm. Patterson, the Governator
and more ought to be voted out even if they come to Jesus.

Done. Basta. Genug.

So, I will let this sit and allow you to cogitate upon it. It is getting curiouser and curiouser.
Some things defy explanation at this point and other are just plain mind-boggling. For instance
Michelle Obama has been given an area on which she ought to concentrate her energies. Her
advocacy as First Lady is the conditions of life for our military and their families.

Now, we know what a gung-ho kind of guy Hank is, how he signed up for a draft that did not
exist (nor get coverage by the LSM for this obvious lie) and that he considered a career in the
military (with about the same amount of likelihood of actually doing that as a small child who
wants to be a police car actually becoming one.) Is it any surprise that his helpmate is equally
up on things military?

She was shocked to learn that there are many military families who are in desperate financial
straits, particularly those whose loved one is currently on active duty. Many of the National
Guard who left their civilian jobs are making significantly less now than before. (And kudos to
those companies who are so proud, as am I, of our brave military who are making up the
difference between their civilian and military incomes) The bottom line is that she was shocked
to learn that many are receiving welfare, food stamps and other assistance just to survive.
Hello? How much do you think our military are paid, particularly the lower enlisted man
ranks? I guess when you are a community activist -who sees poor people all the time, ergo
numb to it, otherwise if the poor might actually be helped, but then there would be no
community to activate (or, is it agitate?), or an indispensible and extremely highly compensated
vice-president of a hospital – a hospital that regularly shuns the poor and whose mid-six-figure
income was justified because she is so bleeding vital and her job so critical that her position has
not been filled, that they, she in particular, can be oblivious to the pain of those putting it on the
line to keep us safe.

I may be wrong and I hope to God that I am not, but the Muse is of the opinion that perhaps,
just perhaps, Mrs. Obama will come honestly and genuinely to see a need for our military
families and champion their needs. I so desperately hope so. My concern is that she will see
this as an inconvenience and a photo-op and nothing more. I hope I am wrong in that concern.

Lastly, finally, I was having my coffee this morning and I noticed a face that seemed vaguely
familiar on the back of my half and half container. I read the description and then realized it
was VP Joe Biden.

I watch a good deal of news and read far too much but I must say it has been curiously
refreshing to be in a Biden-free news cycle. Other than his cursing being caught by an open
mike (and why does that happen to more Dems than Reps?), he has been lying pretty low, even
for a VP. I wondered why he was kept away from mikes and cameras. Check out the link below
for some of his pearls of wisdom that might help explain his exile. (3)

Please pass this on to your Liberal friends, it is doubtful that they are aware of any of this.

T-Minus 598 Days and counting until the Mid-Term elections.

T-Minus 1407 Days and counting till next Inauguration Day. (After noon EDT.)

I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots:
Where to start, where to start…

Some housecleaning first.

I have received a number of mails of late that have asked two questions: what does M-I-C mean
and who is/why do I call him "Hank."

The first is easy and I have stated the term in earlier FISH but it is easy enough to answer.
Simply put, M-I-C is our "Marxist-in-Chief." And if you do not think he is a Marxist of the
non-Groucho variety, I invite you to read Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto.

"Hank", on the other hand, is a tad more convoluted.

You see, back in the campaign it was said that using his middle name, Hussein, was "racist."
Now, for the life of me I canNOT understand how using a person’s name could be racist in any
way, shape or form. It is his name, for gosh sakes. But, it does expose the fear, ignorance and
the racism of the Left.

They figgered, wrongly, that if people found out that Obama had a Muslim middle name that
people would not vote for him out of the same fear, ignorance and racism that the Left
embrace. (And imagine what would happen if they found out that he was not a Caucasian!
Imagine the outcry then!) In fact there were news stories and commentators excoriating certain
pundits on the Right who used "Hussein" as a descriptive of Obama.

So, to epitomize the ignorance of the Left I chose to employ litotes to bring to fore that which
they fear that we would fear. (Does this make sense to you? If so, you may be a democrat.)
Rather than shouting "Hussein" from the roof-tops, I chose an antipodal kind of name. "Bud",
"Bubba", "Earl", "Jim-Bob" and others fit into that mold but do not have that je ne sais quoi of

By using a good ol’ American name such as "Hank" compares and contrasts the name
"Hussein." "Hank", being a quintessential American name of the Good Old Boy sort stands in
stark contrast to a name like "Hussein." Therefore, when I say "Hank" one automatically will
realize that is not his name and give one pause to think. I accomplish that which the pundits do
without the alleged and imagined racism. No, "Hank" is a good name and far easier to type than
is "Hussein."

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

Quite a few of you are up on your gun-ownership laws and that is rather refreshing. In a FISH
of last week, I mentioned a guy I know who was bemoaning the fact that he did not have his
machine gun license. I was barraged by a few dozen emails from you citing chapter and ver