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					                                       October 20, 2009

The Board of Trustees of the Northside Independent School District met on October 20, 2009
for a special hearing and regular business meeting to follow with the following members

Clint White, President                          Nathan Christian
Shawn Agnew, Vice President                     Wayne Ward
Johnny White, Secretary                         Jonathon Voelkel

The members absent were:

Greg Thomas, Member

Others present:

Eddie Scheer, Superintendent
V. Ann Wilson, Assistant Superintendent and Curriculum Director
Cindy Riggins, Principal
Mark Potter, Vernon Daily Record
Bill Slavik, Architect
Donna Lee, Business Manager
Melissia Humphrey, Secretary

Clint White called the FIRST (Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas) Hearing to order at 6:37

09-09-005 Welcomed visitor, Mark Potter.

Mr. Eddie Scheer, Interim Superintendent, explained the FIRST rating to the individuals in
attendance. Mr. Scheer explained Northside I.S.D. did well on their scores for school year of
2007-2008. The District had a score of 80 and the required passing score was 55. Mr. Scheer
reviewed the FIRST Annual Financial Report and contract for Northside I.S.D. Superintendent,
Mr. Ed Donahue, and the Board members expenditures for 2007-2008. All expenses were $0.00
in all categories: Reimbursements for Superintendent and Board members, outside
compensation and/or fees by Superintendent for counseling and other personal expenses, gifts
received by Board members, and business transactions between school and Board members.
Nathan Christian moved to approve the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas. Johnny
White seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Clint White called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

09-09-005 Welcomed visitor, Bill Slavik, Architect.
09-10-007 Mr. Bill Slavik discussed possible solutions with Board members on different
avenues to avert flooding on the north side of the gym. Bill Slavick was to call Joe Spoon from
W.B. Kibler Construction and Bud Freeman from Freeman Construction of Vernon to gather
proposals for the flooding issues. Board members would like to see options at the November
Board meeting for least expensive and most effective drainage available.

09-10-008 Tabled W. B. Kibler Construction’s final bill on the new construction.

09-10-009 Johnny White moved to pay the final construction bill to Bill Slavik in the amount of
$3,300.00. Jonathon Voelkel seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Nathan Christian moved
to accept the donation of $1,500.00 given by Bill Slavik to install the glass shelving for the
trophy case installed in the new building and the cost of replacing the door hardware on the
library doors. Johnny White seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

09-10-010 Jonathon Voelkel moved and Shawn Agnew seconded the motion to pay the final
bill owed to Texoma Builder’s Supply for $1,200.00 for re-keying the new buildings. The motion
carried unanimously.

09-10-011 Discussion of the tabled item # 09-09-004 from September 15,2009 meeting was
brought forward to purchase two Trane 2 ton heat pump condenser that comes with a ten year
warranty on compressor, coil, and labor at a cost of $1,975.00 each, with a total of both at
$3,950.00. Johnny White moved to purchase these two units for the administration office and
the unit above Dorothy Reed’s Homemaking room. Shawn Agnew seconded. Motion carried

09-10-012 A. The first consent agenda item was the approval of the September 15, 2009
regular meeting minutes.
 B. The second consent agenda item that was approved was the itemized bill list.
Jonathon Voelkel moved to accept the above consent agenda items and Shawn Agnew
seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

09-10-014 Nathan Christian moved that Northside I.S.D. accept the gift made to the baseball
team in the amount of $1,052.60 from the former team members and the family members of
Terrell Glenn Killian. Shawn Agnew seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

09-10-013 Wayne Ward nominated Greg Thomas as a candidate to serve on the Wilbarger
County Appraisal District. Jonathon Voelkel seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

09-10-015 Shawn Agnew moved that Northside I.S.D. would approve the Check Streaming
imagining machine for Herring Bank to deposit checks. Johnny White seconded. Motion carried

09-10-17 Reports:
       A. Mrs. Cindy Riggins, Principal, reported that she had basketball passes for Board
members. November will be busy with educational trips for the students. A GT trip for 4 th-6th
grade, 8th grade to Career Tech Safari, both in Wichita Falls, and Juniors and Seniors were going
to the College Day at Vernon College. She reported exit retesting was October 20 th and 21st.
Attendance is doing better as weeks have passed. During the week of October 5th -9th, there
were 16-20 students out due to illness. During the week of October 12th-16th, there were 10-13
students out due to illness. On October 19th, we had perfect attendance and on October 20th,
six students were out due to medical reasons other than the flu. She stated that Northside has
lost 2 students and there had not been any new transfer requests.

        B. Mrs. V. Ann Wilson, Curriculum Director and Asst. Superintendent, reported that
Northside School will be taking Gifted and Talented Nominations from November 2, 2009
through November 16th 2009. It will be published in the Vernon Daily Record on November 1st
and November 7th. Testing will be done in the last week of January. She stated that the UIL
events for Elementary and Junior High (second grade through eighth grade) will be held at
Crowell I.S.D. on December 8th, 2009. Student Council Pizza sales went very well. They received
$1200.00 in profit. Nathan Christian requested to see the Student Council representatives at
the board meetings from time to time.

        C. Mr. Eddie Scheer, Interim Superintendent, read a Letter of Recognition in honor of
Mrs. V. Ann Wilson. It was received from Mrs. Missy Mayfield of Region 9 Service Center for
her dedication to the Gifted and Talented Program. Mr. Scheer and all the Board members
congratulated her on her accomplishment. Mr. Scheer, then, informed the Board members,
they were in need of Level II Board training to be in compliance with TEA rules. The date is set
for October 29th, 2009. Mrs. Donna Lee and Mr. Scheer gave a recap of the cash position. Mr.
Scheer has scheduled a cost comparison of pest control services by Miracle Pest Control of
Fredrick, Oklahoma and Orkin Pest Control, of Wichita Falls.

09-10-016 The board went into executive session according to Texas Government Code Section
551.074 at 9:10 p.m. The board came out of executive session at 10:50 p.m.

   A. Salary issues:
       1.) It was moved by Shawn Agnew to add $2,000.00 to the salary of Marion Nix.
Jonathon Voelkel seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

       2.) It was moved by Shawn Agnew to add $1,500.00 to the salary of Blake Kinney.
Nathan Christian seconded. Vote: Yes- Shawn Agnew, Nathan Christian, Johnny White,
Jonathon Voelkel, Clint White; No-Wayne Ward. Vote carried 5-1.

       3.) It was moved by Jonathon Voelkel to add $300.00 to the salary of Anthony Turnbow.
Johnny White seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

      4.) It was moved by Wayne Ward to add $800.00 to the salary of Goldie Voelkel.
Nathan Christian seconded. Motion carried with one abstention: Jonathon Voelkel.
       5.) It was moved by Shawn Agnew and seconded by Jonathon Voelkel to approve
Budget Amendment #1 to increase the expenditures to accommodate the increases in pay
passed in 1., 2., 3., & 4. above.

There being no further business to discuss or act upon, Nathan Christian moved and
Johnny White seconded the motion to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.

_______________________________               ________________________________
            President                                   Secretary

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